M!A: Ariel [notjustanordinaryboy]

Rose was pacing silently great, just great…I have no voice just lovely! She thought to herself throwing her hands in the air. How am I supposed to do this? This isn’t a fairytale I’ve heard of…ugh! Humans!

Rose ran a hand through her ginger locks unsure of what to do before Liam walked in the room. She smiled turning towards him and hugging him tightly. ugh why is he so perfect? She thought to herself.

Another Familiar Face | Abigail & Liam

Abigail walked around the mall, listening to music in her headphones. She made sure not to sing or hum, just tapped her hand against her legs as she window shopped. She stopped for a moment to look at sunglasses in a kiosk, looking at all the expensive eyewear. When she finished observing, she rose her head and looked to her left, seeing the boy she had met the other day. She tip toed up to him and tapped his shoulder and when he turned around, smiled at him. “Liam, hi!” She said way too loud since her headphones were still in.

In the Street | Liam & Abigail

Abigail had just bought her first car. Nothing fancy; just a used 1998 Toyota Camry. She decided she was going to go and christen the car’s stereo with her friend Liam, promising she’d pick him up once she got it. She drove the city’s traffic for about a good 30 minutes until she reached his house. She honked 3 times, he came out shortly after.

“Hey, man!” She said excitedly, unlocking the door for him to get in. “You ready for this?”

“Definitely.” He replied with a smile, putting his seat belt on.

“Perfect, I have the best song ever, too. You’ve seen That 70s Show, right?”

“Yeah, of course.”

Abigail nodded, driving forward down the street. Just as they were about to turn into the main road, she turned on the CD player, as loud as it could go. A guitar riff with rhythm began playing, the sound growing as the lyrics came on.

“Hell yeah!” Liam yelled over the stereo with a grin.

Abigail tapped the steering wheel rhythmically before belting out with Liam.

“Hangin’ out! Down the street! The same old thing! We did last week! Not a thiiiiing tooooo dooooo, but talk tooooo yooouuuuu! We’re all alright! We’re all alright! HELLO WISCONSIN!” They sang at the top of their lungs, laughing afterwards.

“That was so worth the half hour drive.” Abigail laughed.

The End~