another xmen au hc dump which has a lot of angst oops (it all gets slowly resolved tho bc i can’t hurt my kids lmao). some bits and pieces are taken from the xmen plots bc why not

  • jeremy is the only mutant in his family and when his wings first started to grow, he was terrified. he hated his wings and still does to some extent because he has no way to hide and is always in full view and attention of everyone around him. 
  • as a child, he was so ashamed, he attempted to cut off his wings before they could grow but they healed and kept growing regardless.
  • michael and jeremy grew up together and knew about each other’s mutations instantly. however, jeremy was always jealous of michael being able to conceal his. he’s never expressed this to michael, though.
  • michael seems very indifferent towards his mutation in his teen years and rarely uses the electric manipulation side of it. he’ll occasionally mess around with the technopathy, jumping into people’s phone/tv screens for a laughs and that’s it.
  • his attitude mainly comes from the fact during childhood he had accidentally hurt another kid when he had less control over his abilities. it wasn’t severe, the kid was merely shocked but it left michael pretty shaken and he doesn’t use his powers to harm unless absolutely necessary.
  • rich’s mutation began appearing a little later into his early teen years. the discovery was quite catastrophic as he set fire to his own home. thankfully, no one was severely harmed. however, rich was thrown out by his parents and he was forced to turn to xavier’s school. 
  • due to the trauma and rejection he’s faced, rich is pretty fearful of letting his emotions get the best of him again and hurt someone. he puts on a facade of confidence and tries to be somewhat distant from people. (this changes later on when he befriends jake and the squad.)
  • jake’s mutation started becoming more and more apparent as he grew and in his teenage years, he developed blue skin and a prehensile tail. his ability to teleport didn’t fully develop until puberty.
  • jake was pretty much abandoned since early teens. both of his parents are a part of the brotherhood and ended up being on the run. with the way he looked and having no one else, jake turned to xavier’s school too.