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Do you ever find yourself wearing clothes influenced by Alex? Please tell me I'm not alone in suddenly owning loafers and little scarves?!

Omg anon, of course!! it probably most likely started with the leather jackets hahaha. You are definitely not alone at all. I purchased a pair of loafers this summer bc they were called the Alex Loafers first of all, and second, I thought to myself… I feel like Alex would wear these. As it turns out, loafers don’t look awesome on me? Hahaha but I try. I definitely wore a lot of scarves/bandanas around my neck this past summer, too. His glasses and boots, as well. Honestly, give me his leather jackets, his boots, his glasses, and fucking anything he owns that’s YSL. I wanna wear it all. I once did lettering on a leather jacket modeled after his Ornamental Conifer-designed One for the Road jacket. The man is a trendsetter. No one did the Teddy Boy hair or clothing like him until he started all that. There’s quite a lot of men’s fashion editorials about his style and how to get his look. 

I think it’s easy to want to dress like or emulate musicians because fashion and rock ‘n roll have always gone hand-in-hand. Look at the Stones… Bowie… Joan Jett… Stevie Knicks… fuck, any band from the sixties and seventies. The Beatles. I mean… biggest trendsetters of all time probably. In fact Alex and Miles were dressing like them during The Age of the Understatement era. And you can’t tell me Alex wasn’t channeling like, every great musician ever during all the shows in the Everything You’ve Come To Expect era. John Lennon for sure… Bowie again… 

There’s a reason Alex and Miles and Arctic Monkeys as a band have been in GQ numerous times, same with Esquire, Another Man Mag… they’re fashion icons. Christ, Alex practically owns a closet full of YSL and Miles and him were front row at the Heidi Slimane’s Saint Laurent show back in 2014. He’s got his finger on the pulse. Even those seventies porn-director track suits. Sportswear as everyday wear is an actual thing now. And those idiots were doing it back in the beginning of 2016. 

@theunitedkanedom did a post here about mules being popular footwear at DSW nonetheless and guess who was wearing them before anyone… Miles. 

@teagvn has done some extensive research on the specific labels/designers Alex and Miles wear and I’m super impressed. [x] [x] [x] [x]

Here’s a few more places with Alex Turner fashion mood boards:

Another Man Mag inspired:


A cute little drawing of his YSL pieces:


How to get his look from about 2010 on:


I love talking about his clothes, so I had some of these articles saved, check them out!! We’re not the only ones that want to incorporate his style into our look!!

The Idle Man

This is the same site but they updated his fashion evolution to include the EYCTE era tracksuits: The Idle Man

ASOS they do a number of pieces on him all the time: airport style, his coats back in 2014, his mile-high cool 😏, new retro style, outfit of the day

Off the Cuff

The “power tracksuit” on The Guardian

WhoWhatWear The Give A Damn shirt About which glasses to purchase to look like Alex - this one is great actually

Mainline Menswear


Keep dressing like your icons, love!!! That’s what fashion and music are all about!!

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The Cher ‘Flint’ Lifetime movie is a well-meaning but terrible idea

  • The Flint crisis is a cause near and dear to Cher’s heart. She’s spoken out about it on multiple occasions and donated bottled water to the city.
  •  It’s admirable that, as Americans move on while Flint residents still suffer, she wants to use her star power to keep talking about the crisis.
  • Unfortunately, at least from what we know so far, this project is not the right way to go, despite everyone’s best intentions. 
  • There are myriad reasons for this, including the fact that the crisis itself still rages. But most importantly: This is not the appropriate team for this story. Read more (Opinion)

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This is really strange because there is still no logical conclusion and this story seems to be endless!

Though, maybe this movie will be created in order to help to solve this absurd problem. Because they begin to pay attention to an issue only when some star takes part in a movie!

Anyway, I want to personally thank Cher for standing up for the people of Flint! She is real humanitarian!