noting eighteen

I’m waiting til I’m eighteen 

Then I’ll be free 

Then I can do whatever the hell I want

I can wear what I want, be friends with who I want, date who I want, go where I want. I can be who I am and who I want to be. 

I can get help if I need it. I’ll be free.

I’ll be okay soon enough. I have to keep fighting. That’s my only job. Keep fighting. I’ll be okay. 

FanFic Friday #2 || Weekly Reading List (July 14th, 2017 - July 20th, 2017)

Hello everyone!! :)

Hope you all had a wonderful week! Now lets end it with some wonderful fics, shall we?

Each of these fics are ones that I have read over the course of the week as I perused Tumblr (marked by ♦) and Archive of Our Own (Ao3) (marked by ☼). If I found that a fic was posted on both platforms, links to both posts can be found. You’ll also find that they are sorted by character and ship and most have some detail about what the story contains - mostly if it’s a reader insert, nsfw, or if it features a trope. It’s also very likely that I forgot to give one of those warnings for a fic so please check the writing out for more detailed warnings, the fic itself should have them listed. 

Now I guess it’s time to list the stories ;)

Jim Kirk

☼ The Prince And You || JaneyKatherineHummingbird || Reader Insert

Mrs. Kirk || Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four || @imaginesofeveryfandom || Reader Insert

Happiest Guy in the Galaxy || @iguess-theyre-mymess || Reader Insert

Time || Part Seven || @imaginesfrommetoyou || Reader Insert || Wonder Woman crossover

Taking Care of Kirk || taylorjacksonandtheolympians || Reader Insert

The Bikini Malfunction || @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse || Reader Insert

The Poker Seduction || @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse || Reader Insert

Leonard McCoy

♦ Writing On The Wrist || (Part One) (Part Two) || @janeykath318 || Reader Insert

1000 Follower Ficlet #3 (Shoping(For fun)) || @outside-the-government || Reader Insert

Good Mood || @bu-ckybarnes || Reader Insert


♦ Frustrated || @kaitymccoy123 || nsfw

Double duty || @janeykath318 || Reader Insert

Jaylah and Jim pushing you and Scotty together || @youre-on-a-starship 

Broken || @auduna-druitt || Soulmate!AU

Scotty’s Summer || @thevalesofanduin

Steve Trevor

Your Elusive Enigmatic Soulmate || Part Three || @odr-dc || link to masterlist

Time || Part Seven || @imaginesfrommetoyou || Reader Insert 

half-finished books || @bubble-tea-bunny || Reader Insert

Imagine being the last thing on Steve’s mind || @imagine-upon-a-star || Reader Insert


1000 Follower Ficlet #1 (Nighttime Routine) || @outside-the-government 

♦☼ Scorch My Soul (tumblr) (Ao3)|| Chapter(s): four || @thevalesofanduin 

And thus we half-men struggle || phalangine || Angel!AU || nsfw

1000 Follower Ficlet #5 (Cooking Together) || @outside-the-government 

1000 Follower Ficlet #6 (Double Date) || @outside-the-government || also includes Spuhura 

Drunk and Disorderly || @captainsbabysitter-blog || nsfw

Honey, I’m Good || @auduna-druitt || McKirk x Reader || A/O/B!AU

100 Follower Ficlet #8 (Washing Dishes) || @outside-the-government


☼ And For a Breath of Ecstasy || chapter(s): five || imaginary_golux

☼ without you (there’s holes in my soul || chapter(s): six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve || freedomatsea 

☼ Certain Well-Remembered Lessons || MumblingSage || nsfw

☼ Heavy Lifting || chapter(s): two || kitwit

who knew all it would take was some ice cream (to bring you into my life) || chapter(s): eight || greenarrow12123 

A Road Paved In Gold || Nadin

we’ll tell out stories on these walls || chapter(s): three, four, five, six || doctorsimmons 

the tabernacle, reconstructed || encroix || nsfw

if you had a chance to do it all over (would you change anything) || chapter(s): one, two, three, four || greenarrow12123

I’ve got somewhere I belong (I’ve got somebody to love) ||  greenarrow12123


Star Trek: Age of Wonder || chapter(s): Two, Three || RobinsGirlWonder 


1000 Follower Ficlet #4 (Pets) || @outside-the-government || Diana Prince x Reader

Of Dens And Alphas || @winterassets || Steve Rogers x Reader || A/O/B!AU

Cpt C. Pike and C/ J.T. Kirk’s Pocket Manual of Starfleet Survival Tips || chapter(s): Eighteen || InsaneSociopath 

*note: some of these will show up on future lists due to it being a series/multi-chaptered. I also want to give a huge thank you to all of the writers here for taking the time to give us these wonder works :)*


SUMMARY: With the coronation drawing near, M/C and Drake share one last moment together. For they know that they’ll never be more than a fairytale—one that ends before its happily ever after.

UNIVERSE: The Royal Romance


WORD COUNT: 1400+ words

AUTHOR’S NOTE: For Round Eighteen of #ChoicesCreates by @hollyashton and hosted by @kittenmusicals. The prompt was: ‘We are made of all those who have built and broken us.’ 

A result of this week’s chapter that had my heart breaking to the point where I had to write something angsty to cope with the pain. A possible Part Two to Falling Like Stars. Written while listening to Please Don’t Say You Love Me by Gabrielle Aplin. (Rating: T)

As a young girl, she padded down the hall and into her parents’ room with her squeaky bunny slippers on. She’d tug on her mom’s and push the storybook onto her lap, practically begging for her to read one.

She had always been fascinated by fairytales, by the proposal of a so-called happily ever after that awaited at its end. She had always loved how anything and everything seemed possible, of how even the dreams that were hardest to grasp could come true.

Tales of princesses and dragons, knights and adventures, magic and spells were what her mom would read to her. It was the place where all the problems the little girl had vanished in the flick of a wrist. It was where the hero could fight the dragon and win. It was where she was sure to find a happy ending, even if it wasn’t her own.

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“Rejection”; Chapter Eighteen

NOTES: Get ready for some feels in this chapter, the longest chapter so far to make up for the god-awful wait. Oh yeah, there’s gonna be a few parts where it says “Ex’s Name”. If you don’t have an ex (which I know some people don’t), just insert any antagonist’s name. This is how you’re reading the story, after all! :)

Click here to see my brand-new AU, and here for a fanart that I made for my good friend @vanessagirl286!


When Papyrus was finally done ranting about his input within the Royal Guard, he waved farewell to the monster children of Snowdin and met his brother by Grillby’s. You were there too, but you were a good 5 feet away from Sans, plotting your revenge. Your chest glowed a faint yellow, which you knew stood for justice. Oh, that skeleton was gonna pay for dissing you in moment like that.

“OK!! NOW THAT I FINALLY GOT ALL MY FANS OFF MY BOOTS, WHAT SHOULD WE DO FOR DINNER?” Papyrus asked, not minding the fact that you still wore his scarf around your waist. You shrugged, not caring as long as you ate something. “Dinner? What about lunch? Or breakfast!” You moaned, stomach growling at you with such an anger you felt like you were gonna pass out.

Sans didn’t give any suggestions; his eyes closed tiredly. “I KNOW!! HOW ABOUT SOME PASTA?!” Papyrus’s eyes bulged, while Sans and you snapped “NO!” at the same exact moment. Paps looked slightly hurt, but just crossed his arms. “YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH SPAGHETTI.” He grumbled, and you replied with your signature catchphrase without thinking.

“Debatable.” You said, putting your hands inside of the big blue coat you were wearing. Sans chuckled, and gave you a pleased look. You grinned, while Papyrus opened up his mind for more suggestions. “WELL THEN WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO EAT, (Nickname)?” Sans stared at your eyes, expecting you to come up with some genius solution.

Rather, you froze and suddenly felt very pressured. “I-I dunno! S-something besides pasta.” Sans clicked his teeth, and rolled his pinpricks. “so picky.” You glared at him, and even dared to flick him on the side of his skull. “ow!” He muttered, rubbing the spot where you had made contact with his head. You stuck out your tongue, and he made a gesture by hooking a finger around his eye socket, similar to pulling it down.

“WHATEVER YOU TWO WANT TO DO, YOU CAN FIGURE IT OUT. I’M GONNA GO HOME AND PREPARE THE LAST ‘HUMANS VS. MONSTERS’ GAME!” And with that, he marched off proudly to his house at the opposite end of Snowdin. Your stomach barked loudly, and you doubled over from the pain. Sans watched carefully, and sighed.

“c’mon. i’ll take ya to grillby’s.” He said, and walked towards a small tavern not too far away. “Hey! Wait up!” You called after, sprinting next to him. He calmly stepped one foot in front of the next, snow underneath crunching softly. You took a moment to enjoy the quiet and think to myself.

Back there… back in the alley… was that a moment between me and Sans? Or was it really just an accident? I mean, look at me. I’m having a great time outside today, where I’m probably gonna catch a cold, but… Shouldn’t I be mourning over my confession to him back in the real world? Your mood instantly dampened; you closed your eyes, reimagining the scene that played out about a week ago. Before you fell into the game of Undertale.

Sans… He was just threatening me yesterday afternoon. And now look at me! I’m already jumping to stupid conclusions. Like, how the fuck you could want to kiss someone when you just met?! You never did believe in true love. Or at least, you used to. Before he played your emotions like a guitar, before he made you fall in love with him only to be rejected coldly. On the inside, your brain was telling you that you were just overreacting and that the “break up” wasn’t even as harsh as you think it was.

But you can’t just get over someone breaking your heart when you honestly thought that they loved you back. When they text you “I love you, sweetheart” every single night, until… They just stop. It was like what happened to your best friend. He left you all of a sudden, out of jealousy from the relationship that you had with your parents and friends. Boys are assholes… You thought cruelly to yourself, frowning in disgust.

Now look at me. I’m completely dissing the male gender, over a couple of boys who broke my heart. I mean, look at Papyrus! Yes, he’s a skeleton, but he’s more of a gentleman than those to jerks will ever be! And Sans… Your frown disappeared, replaced by a bashful grin. Your cheeks had faded in color about 10 minutes ago, but here they were turning pink again.

That guy has been through a lot of trauma. Heh, I’m over here in depression from losing of my two best pals. Sans had his entire family, race, and kingdom killed by Chara. No…by me.

Your heart stopped, and you stopped walking. Guilt surged up through your veins, and your eyes widened. Sans stopped as well, gazing at you with surprise. “hm? what’s up, (y/n)?” He asked, but you didn’t reply.

Flashes of going through the Genocide Route streaked across your vision; the feelings of utter sadness slaughtering the skeleton brothers pulling at your heartstrings. Sans gazed down at your chest, and took a step back. You didn’t know what he was seeing, but it must have been your soul.…NO… How could I ever think Sans would like me?! I…I killed- I KILLED HIM AND PAPYRUS-!! You began to hyperventilate, clutching your skull in your hands.

Sans was frozen with terror. (Y/N)’s soul had began to float out of her chest, and it was a color that Sans never thought he’d live to see. Her soul, like a wormhole in space, was as cold and emotionless as Sans’ current eye sockets.

Her soul was a pitch black.

Sans always thought a black soul meant hatred; but now, he wasn’t so sure. What was (Y/N) feeling or thinking about to make her soul turn into this ugly and horrifying hue?! not even chara’s soul was black… Without really thinking it over, Sans rushed next to her and grabbed the sleeves of his blue jacket wrapped around the frigid human’s arms.

“(y/n)?! what the hell’s the matter with you? you’re scaring me! snap out of it!” Sans shook your arms, but you weren’t paying attention. Your lip quivered harshly, and tears formed in my eyes.

You remembered how you murdered Toriel, Undyne, and Asgore. You remembered how you shoved MK off a bridge, to which Undyne dove after and saved him. You remembered the feeling of that cool gun, the warm gloves, and the sharp but-oh-so-natural feeling of the knife in your hands as you slashed Sans straight across the ribs in the Judgement Hall.

You wanted to believe that it was all fake; that it was merely a game where no true emotions would ever haunt you like they currently did. You knew that the only way to end your suffering was to confess your sins to somebody, anybody, that understood you.

And that person was Sans.

But, on the other hand, you could never tell him. He would hate you with all of his being; he’d probably kill you right on the spot.

If Sans ever found out what I did to Papyrus… to all of monsterkind… he would have my head. Literally. You shivered at the thought, while Sans seemed to relax a little. Your soul had started to fade from that hideous black to a pale yellow in fear. Sans studied the color change, and sighed. “are you still cold, bucko? we’re almost at grillb’s. let’s get ya inside.” And with that, he took your arm and lead you to the pub.

Even the touch of his skeletal hand against the blue coat that you were wearing didn’t calm you down enough. You still felt guilt, and hatred towards yourself, but regardless you bit back the tears.

Sans is going to find out at some point…for now, I should make the best out of him not knowing of my previous actions. If he wasn’t already suspicious, then I may as well keep that piece of information to myself. For now. You pondered silently, staring intently into the snow.

After another minute of walking or so, you arrived at the front steps to Grillby’s. By this point you had calmed down somewhat, but the uneasiness lingered. The urge to just get it out already was eating itself out from within your core; you took in a deep breath, and decided that you would tell the skeleton about it after you ate.

Sans smiled lazily, and walked up the short steps. He reached a hand out and opened the door for you, and gesturing inside. “after you.” His inviting, hooded eye sockets made you feel a little better, but not for long. You accepted the kind offer, and walked in. The doorbell chimed from above, slightly startling you. Sans must have noticed, because he snickered and walked past you while saying, “take it easy, kid. no need to be wound up.”

You narrowed your pupils at him, and scoffed. “Was that supposed to be a pun? Because it didn’t make sanse.” He stopped in his tracks, and spun around hesitantly. He glared at you, but smiled anyway. “wow, (nickname). i would’ve said that was a sansational joke, but it was horrible. in fact, it was painful. so painful, that i would ask you to carve me a tombstone and have it say, ‘rib in peace’.”

You opened your mouth to retort an excellent comeback, but none came to mind. Instead, you frowned, and pouted childishly. Sans was grinning, but his permanent smile faltered into one of concern. However, it lasted for only half a second as his laid back demeanor returned and he began walking towards the bar across the room.

You followed him, eyeing some of the monsters in the booths beside you awkwardly. All of them greeted the skeleton as he strolled past, some simply saying hello or addressing him directly. “Heya, Sans!” “How’s, it going, Sans?” “Hey there, Sansy~

At the last comment, you whipped your head towards the direction from which it came from. It was muttered by none other than the drunk bunny near the front of the restaurant, who of which was now giving the skeleton a foot in front of you a seductive grin.

The vicinity of where she sat reeked of alcohol, causing you to screw up your nose with distaste. Sans nodded his head respectfully to his fans sitting in seats around him, but just merely waved a hand backwards at the animal who had tried flirting with him as soon as he stepped in the building. She sighed heavenly, and fell out of booth as if she had been struck by an arrow from Cupid. You rolled your eyes and whispered “so dramatic,” under your breath.

Sans sat down on a stool at the bar; and you followed suite. Grillby was standing right next to Sans behind the counter, wiping a glass dry that seemed perfectly clean. You were a little stunned by the heat radiating off of the bartender, but nearly died when a loud fart noise sounded from underneath your butt. You shot up from your seat immediately, and fell onto the floor clumsily. Your face turned beet red from embarrassment; when Sans started howling belly laughs.

The entire restaurant was staring, who had been apparently waiting for the skeleton to pull his famous whoopee cushion trick again. When they saw your reaction, everyone whooped like apes (although most creatures at the bar were dogs), and banged fists on their tables. you began laughing too, shaking off your embarrassment and reminding yourself that sometimes you just had to be a good sport and laugh at yourself every once in awhile.

Sans pound his hand on the counter, and Grillby made a noise similar to chuckling. But, in reality, it was only the sound of fire crackling. Sans looked down at the girl on the floor by his feet, seeing her shock and blush from being humiliated. Part of him was scolding his little trick, saying that the girl was just about to cry and now you’ve gone and worsened her mood. This downed him a little, until he saw how she was going along with it and the crowd.

Upon seeing her laugh at herself with that laugh he woke up to this morning, Sans’ soul sighed a wave of relief throughout his body. He didn’t remember the last time he’s had the whole pub join in on him for one of his pranks; his victim laughing at it even more so. Every moment Sans spent with this human, he was growing more and more fond of her. It was actually frightening; but thrilling as well.

You got off the floor, cheers starting to die down. A monster in the back shouted “Encore!” for no reason, but it got you thinking. Sans watched you curiously as you stood up, rather than taking a seat beside him. Impulsively, you grabbed everyone’s attention once more. “Hey, everybody. My name is (Y/N).” Most monsters happily greeted you with a “Hi, (Y/N)!” at the same time. Some just rolled their eyes, and barked (literally), “Are you a human?”

You gulped, but nodded confidently, swallowing down your nerves. “Yes I am. And apparently, a funny one too! Since I fall for pranks easily; am I right?” You shrugged, smiling lazily to the crowd. Most people laughed, except for Sans. He actually looked confused. “What can I say? We are made up of skeletons. And water.” Monsters whistled, and laughed hard.

You took a seat next to Sans, while he had an annoyed look on his face. “did you just call me stupid?” He asked in a monotone voice, making you chuckle. Punching him gently in the shoulder, you reminded yourself of his 1 HP. “Heh, I guess I did; didn’t I?” He groaned, but grinned anyways. “you knew that, and it was intentional.” You looked away, focusing back on the bartender. Sans dropped the bickering, and made a gesture to introduce you, although you already knew who Grillby was.

“(y/n), this is grillb’s. he runs this bar here, and he’s the best cook in all the underground.” Grillby held out his hand, fixing his small glasses. You brought up your own, but recalled how he was made of fire. Recoiling hesitantly, Grillby crackled a soft chuckle. “he don’t bite, (nickname).” You gave Sans a bewildered look. “But he’ll burn me.” You retort, sweating nervously.

Sans grabbed your wrist, and placed your hand into the bartender’s, who was waiting ever so patiently. You yelped, but was surprised when the only thing you felt was a warm surge shiver up your arm. You beamed brightly, and your eyes widened in awe. “Wow! How is he doing that?” You asked Sans, while giving Grillby a strong shake.

His glasses rose up in a manner that you could only guess that meant he was happy to see your fascination. Before Sans could answer, you heard a quiet voice come out of nowhere. “I can control whether or not I burn people. You seem like a good friend of Sans, so of course I wouldn’t hurt you.” You spun your attention back onto the flame man, wondering how he talked if he had no mouth.

“actually, we just met.” Sans snickered, and you agreed. Grillby raised a brow, which was non-existent like Sans’. “But Sans…? You seemed like you’d known each other for years when you walked in.” You laughed nervously, and rubbed your neck. Sans gave you a knowing glance, and covered for you. “well, it happened in the forest. she was coming from the ruins, and hurt herself. so paps and i took her in; fixed her up a bit.”

You smiled at him, glad that he was keeping your little ability a secret. The one where I know everything. If I even have any other “powers”… Grillby nodded approvingly, and set the glass down. He stepped aside, giving you a full view of his alcohol selection. You looked at all the pretty colored liquids, but made no attempt to ask for one. You were only 16, after all. Sans gave you a weird look; but it didn’t last long as he changed his mind to bother Grillby for “the Sans Special”.

You turned to face the skeleton, resting your hands on your lap. Grillby spun around, and began concocting the drink. That was never mentioned in the game. “What’s that?” You asked, and Sans’ gazed at you, confused. Then, his face contorted into one of shock. “holy cow. you don’t know something for once in your life?” You rolled your eyes, and raised a hand to your chest accusingly. “No, I don’t. I don’t understand what you’re ‘special’ is, why my soul does what it does, and why you-”

You were cut off from your accusation on his actions back in the alley of the Snowdin Square by the bartender sliding the short stack his beverage. You stared intently, waiting for him to open his mouth to consume the drink. But, like before at dinner the previous night, it just slid through his teeth and invisibly down his throat. He set the glass down, and wiped his mouth with his arm. “you really gotta stop doing that.” He says, smirking at you. You shrugged, and looked away.

“Can’t help being curious.” You replied, but he just chuckled back an old saying that made you cringe. “curiosity killed the cat.” “Are you implying something, Sans?” You snickered, and it was his turn to divert his eyes elsewhere. “i’m just saying. no need to be so nosy.” You flinched; your mind lost in thought again. Memories flood your brain of him yelling at you for being too nosy, and how you were such a pest, and-

Sans fumbled with the shot glass in his hand. why is she so curious about how i work as a skeleton? jeez, some things ya just gotta let go- what? Sans drew his attention back to (Y/N), who had that same blank look on her face as before.

when she was thinking hard to herself outside before her soul started to….rot. Sans set the glass down, and swiveled to face her in his chair. He snapped his fingers twice, but she didn’t respond.

Concerned, he waved a hand quickly in front of her face. “(y/n)? howza ‘bout you order somethin’?” She blinked, and the warm brown in her eyes returned. He’d never noticed that she had brown eyes before. They were like Toriel’s; but more dazzling in some sort of weird and unknown way. “Hm? Did you say something, Sans?” She asked politely, her entire demeanor changing. He didn’t like that; not one bit. He liked it when she was cracking jokes and sharing stories, not being so professional and they just met or something.

Sans smiled, and offered her anything to eat again. Her stomach growled on cue, very loudly to say the least. Sans chortled, and she grinned with embarrassment. “Yeah, totally. I am starved! Literally!” He called Grillb’s over again, and got her a order of burg and fries. The cook went away to the back of his kitchen, and the skeleton took the opportunity to talk to (Y/N) about her troubles.

“ok, bucko. now tell me what’s been eating at ya all day.” You giggled at his pun, if it was even that; but you sighed sadly soon after. “Alright. Where do I start?” You looked up towards the ceiling, listening to the music from the jukebox not far away. It was playing the song that you’d normally hear whenever you encountered Sans whilst playing Undertale. “how about yesterday? we can start off as to why you were bawling your eyes out. it was tearing me up.” He cringed at his own pun, and you did too.

I guess…I’m gonna finally tell someone about him. Here goes nothing. You took in a deep breath, and rest your arms on the table. “Okay. So, back on the Surface… or, rather, the real world… there was this guy.” You started off uncomfortably, but Sans was still listening. “His name…was (Ex’s name).” Sans snickered, and scrunched up his nasal cavity. “wow, his parents must be proud of their decision.” You glared at him, but he apologized and dropped his grin.

“I…I loved him. With all my heart. We were best friends; we knew practically everything about each other. We always worked together on projects in school, and even had our own little secret hangout times at lunch for a couple of months. We watched movies at those times; bringing snacks in and everything. Like it was a real movie theater.” You talked with your hands, and could feel Sans watching in wonder. It’s an Italian thing.

“During these movies, we… We held hands, we rest our heads on one another. I thought this was a sign that he wanted to date me. Which I was thrilled about, since he was always saying at night that he loved me and that I was his sweetheart.” Sans’ expression remained unfazed, but in his eyes you could see him waiting for a “but”. You groaned, your sadness washing over you like a tidal wave.

“Finally, a few days before I fell into the video game of Undertale, I had the nerve to ask him.” You went silent, but Sans urged you onwards with a roll of his hand. Your eyes widened, and you held your breath. “I was going to ask him to be my boyfriend.” Sans sucked in some air through his teeth, and winced;  you kept going. “Let’s just say… It didn’t go well.”

i knew it… Sans thought angrily, and listened to the end of the poor girl’s story of heartbreak. “He rejected me, full-on; not only refusing, but also pointing out everything he’s ever thought bad of me.” (Y/N) began listing off some of the terrible things this “(Ex’s Name)” guy said about her, and the skeleton was appalled. were humans this evil on the surface? in the “real world”? “He said that I was too nosy. That I was always shoving it where it didn’t belong. He said that he only called me ‘pretty’ and ‘his sweetheart’ because he felt bad for me.”

“felt bad for you?” Sans repeated, and (Y/N) hung her head solemnly. “Yes. He said that he only watched the movies with me because he knew I had no friends to hang out with at lunch. I don’t understand why… I thought… I…I thought he loved me. Like, really did! He would always joke about kissing me, but was it really a joke?” Sans felt awkward all of a sudden, and coughed under his breath to help ease the tension. “have you, uh, ever kissed a guy before?”

(Y/N) didn’t look at him, facing the opposite direction in shame. “No.” She simply muttered, and Sans was surprised. In a way, he was also relieved. He didn’t know why; it was like a protective shield activated when she started mentioning (Ex’s Name). It made him wanna kick the shit outta the punk. He’d thought that (Y/N) would’ve done something like kissing already on the Surface, considering the way she was acting back in the alley-

“But it doesn’t matter.” Sans snapped out of his stupor, gazing at her softly. Her eyes were filled with a depressing hatred, but to whom he couldn’t tell.

“Who cares about kissing? I just wanted someone to fill that hole in my heart….that pit of loneliness. That abyss that was created by no one ever being able to understand me, nor anyone wanting to understand me.” Sans scoot off his seat a little in attempt to get closer to her. “why? you seem like you’re always willing to hear about my personal crap.”

(Y/N) chuckled under her breath, but there was no amusement behind it. “That’s just who I am, Sans. People always rely on me to hear their drama, but no one cares about my own. Which is frustrating, since I get emotional over the littlest things. Like…like listening to a sad song, or..” Tears spilled from her eyes, and Sans stood up. He slammed a first down on the bar counter, which stunned her greatly. Sans placed his boney hands on her cheeks, and wiped away the wetness carefully.

“stop it, (y/n). beating yourself up over something stupid that another guy did is bullshit. i can’t believe he did that… calling you such disgusting names when you are such a beautiful young lady. but now, we have to move on. you’re here now, in the underground, with friends all around who understand you and are willing to be there for you if you need a shoulder to cry on. you have papyrus, myself, toriel, frisk, and plenty others that i’m sure you already know but haven’t formally met yet.”

(Y/N)’s eyes widened, and the tears slowly stopped spilling down her cheeks. Every time a droplet did sneak its way down, Sans would clean it off immediately. He didn’t care that he might’ve totally embarrassed himself by calling her “beautiful”, or that he could be blushing as deeply as his jacket’s cobalt color. The important thing right now was consoling (Y/N); telling her she was safe down in the world of monsters, where human boys and their horrible words would never reach her. Where her mysterious and outstanding soul could shine in front of him… where it could belong to him.

“‘sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me…’ that’s a phrase i thought you humans lived by up until you told me your story today, (y/n). not only are you learning from your past mistakes of giving trust to the wrong people, but i’m fixing my automatic assumptions about humans too.” Sans smiled sadly, to which (Y/N) gave him a bleary, confused look. He reached across the bar for a napkin, and continued drying off her round face.

“yesterday, i immediately assumed that you were a psychopathic murderer who had the power to destroy everyone’s hopes and dreams within seconds. like frisk, or chara. but now i know that not all humans are like that; because i am getting to know you, (y/n). if anything, this ‘rejection’ has made you stronger; ya know why? because in order to fall into a videogame, i think one’s soul would have to rival the power of a god. normal people don’t just meet talking skeletons and bartenders made of fire everyday, kid.”

Sans chuckled deeply, and finished cleaning the human. She gazed up into his eye sockets with big, brown eyes, and his soul fluttered. they’re gorgeous, he allowed himself to think, without shooting it down out of anger.  He could feel the magic pulse within him surging faster every second he wasn’t losing himself in speech, which was completely nerve wracking. “so please, don’t get upset over that douchebag anymore. we’re all here for you, and he is not. anyone who has ever beaten you up literally and figuratively is gone, and now it’s just you and me.”

He risked brushing his left hand off, and taking her hand in his. He squeezed it reassuringly, then let go so it wasn’t like he was trying to be suggestive. “‘kay, (y/n)?” Sans smiled broadly, genuinely, and (Y/N) could see that. Her cheeks lit up from joy, and before he knew it, he was tackled back into his seat with a big hug from the human girl that he secretly was admiring more and more every passing minute.

She wrapped her arms around his back, and buried her face into his neck. “Alright, Sans. I got it. Thank you….thank you so much…” She whimpered sadly, but Sans just shushed her and returned the embrace. He brushed some of her hair back comfortingly, playing with its softness without her knowing. He shut his eyes, and rubbed the hand that was placed on her spine soothingly. She sighed contently, and so did Sans. glad that we finally got that awful issue out of the way. it was like (y/n) was hurting physically from her emotional burden.

You pulled away from Sans, and took your seat again. His words were so kind, so encouraging, and so meaningful; in the moment, you felt like your soul had no other choice but to lurch out hug the small skeleton with all you had. You wondered if he’s ever been through heartbreak, or if he’s ever been in love at all. In this timeline, at least.

You didn’t really know where to pick up the conversation after all that, so you just stayed quiet until Grillby came out with the grub. Thankfully, that was about 10 seconds. The two plates clattered down in front of the two of you, and you dove right in without waiting. As soon as you took a bite of the burg, you swooned. “Oh my God. This….this is freaking amazing. Kudos to you, Grillby.” You always liked telling the chef they did a great job whenever you went out to eat; you thought that it would always make their day a little better.

Grillby nodded, and bowed. The flames on his head almost hit your hair as you were hunched over wolfing down your fries, which should have concerned you more than it actually did. Sans chuckled, glad to see that you weren’t one of those kind of people who would only eat a salad or very little in public around their friends. The truth is, you were, but Sans didn’t make you feel awkward. Or like you should watch your weight. So, you just inhaled the fast food like any normal person would.

Sans began to eat his burger, while you ignored the urge to glance over at him while ate. Skeletons need privacy too. You’d cleaned your plate in three minutes flat; you thanked the bartender when he came back with a toothpick. He placed the dish down in a sink below him, immediately starting to scrub off any remains of the ketchup you’d had on your burger. Unpacking the stick from the package, you pulled it out and poked at your teeth.

Sans finished his food rather quickly too, and burped obnoxiously. You sent him a questioning glare, and he responded with a casual “‘cuse me.” You smiled at his manners, and got out from your seat. “Hey, mind if I take a look through the jukebox?” You asked him, and he waved a skeletal hand in the air dismissively. “‘course not. have fun.” You left, and strolled over to the brightly lit music player.




Chapter Ten (Where all the chapters before that are)

Chapter Twenty (Links for Chapters 11 –> 19)

Chestnutfest Day 2: If I could be a superhero...


AU/Cosplay (Both)

Rights to Dragonball and other properties are held by their respective owners. No infringement is implied or intended.

If I could be a superhero…

By koinekid

“Krillin, this is stupid.”

“It’s supposed to be fun, babe.”

“Why do I have to ‘dress up’ like a cyborg? I’m already a cyborg.”

“But you don’t look like one.”

“How do cyborgs look?”

“You know, metal arms and glowing eyes and stuff.” He gestured to her current costumed appearance.

Eighteen grumbled, “These contact lenses are uncomfortable.”

“We’ll only stay a little while, and you can take them out once we meet everyone.”

“Fine.” Eighteen tried to cross her arms, but her costume’s bulk prevented her. With a few notable exceptions, said costume didn’t look all that different from her normal attire. Her jeans were black instead of blue, and for her top, she had ripped off and discarded the striped sleeves from one of her old black and white tees. She had also tied back her hair—not in the pony tail she frequently sported while chasing their energetic eight-year-old around the house—but with pins, the goal being to make her look as if she had cut her hair short. She didn’t like it.

By far the most annoying aspect of the costume were the fake cybernetic arms: store-bought gray silicone rubber pieces designed for someone with much thicker arms than her own. They flopped around every time she moved.

And the contacts made her eyes appear black with yellow pupils.

Krillin said she looked great, but he was hardly an unbiased observer: He’d tell her she looked fantastic wearing a sack and be completely genuine while doing so.

To keep their makeshift costumes looking their best, they took an air car, but finding an open area to land in this unfamiliar city proved a challenge. In the end, they had to touch down several blocks away, and now would probably be late.

Krillin rubbed her back as they walked. “I’m sorry you’re uncomfortable, babe, but if we want to break into the superhero biz, we have to network.”

Eighteen sighed, noting in appreciation that he avoided pointing out it was her idea for them to become superheroes in the first place. Now that Marron attended school and Krillin had a few years’ experience as a cop under his belt, Eighteen decided it was time to take his law enforcement career to the next level. To be frank, she also missed fighting alongside him and felt it would bring the two of them closer together as a couple. Since her unthinkably cruel comment at the tournament, they desperately needed it.

She closed her eyes, willing tears not to fall. Krillin said he forgave her, but it would be a long time before she could forgive herself.

“And we network at a costume party while dressed as other heroes?” She spoke more calmly now, deliberately forcing any harshness from her tone.

Krillin shrugged. He wore a frumpy yellow jumpsuit with a white cape and red boots and gloves. “Apparently it’s a big thing among their crowd.”

They were nearing the house hosting the party, and Eighteen wanted to hug him in apology for her bad mood, but those silicone arms were in her way, so she settled for gently teasing him.

“You look funny in a bald cap, husband.” She called him that whenever possible to try and associate the word with positive comments once more.

“Only because you wouldn’t let me shave my head.” His hair started growing back after the tournament, reminding her how attractive it made him.

Matter-of-factly, she stated, “I’m not losing that gorgeous hair of yours because of a costume party.”

He grinned. “Gorgeous, huh?”

She nodded. “Sexy, too.”

“I thought we were fighting.”

“We were. Now we’re making up.”

They reached the door, but before he could ring the bell, she leaned down, grabbing him as best she could in her rubber arms and kissing him hard. He threaded a hand around her neck and pulled her down for more.

One of them must have leaned against the doorbell because it suddenly sounded. Neither of them paid attention until the door opened.

“Huh,” a voice said. “Ever think you’d see the two of us making out, Genos?”

“Not outside of those online fan arts.”

“You visit those sites?” Saitama raised a brow.

“To find and correct those disrespecting you, Teacher.”

Eighteen blinked in surprise. In the doorway stood two of the heroes Krillin told her he most wanted to meet—Saitama, the so called Caped Baldy, and his student, Genos, the Demon Cyborg. She and Krillin had come to the party dressed as them.

And it was like looking in a mirror…sort of, a cracked mirror to be sure, but a mirror nonetheless. Saitama was dressed as a taller version of Krillin—complete with magic-markered moxibustion burns and the traditional orange uniform of the Kamesennin school.

Saitama extended his hand to Krillin. “We’re big fans.”

“Of us?”

“Yeah. Who wouldn’t be? You guys are Earth’s Special Forces.” Saitama pointed to the insignia on his chest. “Is the kanji right? I had to copy it from one of the plush toys, and it might have been a knockoff.”

Eighteen didn’t catch her husband’s response, because she was busy eyeing Genos. His outfit was a mockery of hers: blue jeans and one of the black-and-white long-sleeved tee shirts she had ruined to put together her own costume, except his obscenely large arms stretched the sleeves so far they looked like they might tear at any moment. He also wore a blonde wig that got the length of her hair right but not the style. He didn’t bother wearing contacts to hide his eye color, though. His was a “natural” black with yellow irises.

She was about to ask him a question when she noticed his eyes lower to her chest. Ordinarily she would be put out and balling up her fist ready to strike—or expecting Krillin to do so. So, what if she could defend her own honor? It was her husband’s responsibility! But then Genos spoke.

“You’re a—a woman.”

She planted her hands on her hips. “What gave it away?”

He nodded toward her chest, and she rolled her eyes.

“Teacher,” he said, “You told me I was dressed as the male cyborg.”

“Did I? Must have mixed up the numbers. Hey, you two, come on in. There’s a lot of people itching to meet you. You’re going to fit in around here just fine.”

Before following Krillin and Saitama inside, Eighteen fixed a glare on Genos. Leaning in, she said. “I just want to know one thing.”

Genos shifted subtly into attack mode. “Yeah?”

“Where…did you get that shirt? The stores back home stopped selling them, and I can’t find replacements anywhere.”

“Oh, a—a place downtown.”

“Good,” she said. “Remind me to get the details from you later. For now, I’ll catch up with my husband. It’s going to be a long night.” And with any luck, she thought, an interesting career.



Note: I wrote this pretty quickly. Apologies if it isn’t very good and if the OPM characters are OOC (I’m sure they are). I’ve never read or watched OnePunch Man, but since I heard the creator was a DBZ fan, I couldn’t resist writing this as an answer to the AU/Cosplay challenge.


Thanks once again, @deadlybeautydbz and @chestnutisland

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Hey how do we know the fanfic is with pregnancy? Did you post something? I luv the 12 floor actually kudos on a job well done!!

Thank you, first of all! 

I included some description/news in my author’s note for chapter eighteen of The 12th Floor, which is how everyone knows what the new fic will be about, but I’ll copy n paste it here in case anyone would like to scope it out:

“For those of you who have been wondering (or even if you haven’t heard): It’s no longer hypothetical, and I’m certainly writing another AU. Before I explain what it’s about, I’m going to be straight-up and say that, unlike my previous stories, I don’t think the new fic can be labeled “drama” or anything relatively dark. In fact, if you’re looking for a harsh-sailing Emison storyline, the upcoming fic is not in that ballpark. For anyone who’s been with me since I first started writing, y'all know I love drama and making people feel heavy things, so this is going to be a change. It’s primarily fluff, some steamy moments, comfort, learning about people, etc.; I’d say it’s an overwhelming amount of positivity in a knotted situation. With that being said, I’ll obviously have to throw in at least one moment that makes you tilt your heads to the side, or stir with conflict, but it’s mostly a story of coming together ━ and soul mates, if you believe in those.

This may be the part where some of you (if you’re like me) make a face: there’s pregnancy involved. You see, over the past however-many months coping with Alison’s on-screen pregnancy (because, honestly, I have such a large distaste for the idea and a massive fear of childbirth), I’ve also realized that the fandom must’ve missed out on some notable milestones in her development with Emily when it comes to nurturing their unborn child(ren). Let me restate that I’m not a fan of pregnancy, and I’m normally the first to turn away or grimace at the concept (not in a rude way, but something about it just makes me feel… odd), plus I also didn’t want the baby storyline to dilute Emison, first and foremost, as a couple, however I do think that them making a family is something positive, so I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone to take on a story that could bring all these fluffy (yet sometimes disturbing) instances together. I’ll give you a heads-up now: we’ll only endure the first few months of it, for the most part, because it’s still focusing on Emison coming together (after all, they’ll be strangers at the beginning of the story), but I’ve written eight chapters so far and I’m very pleased with it.

I’m sure a lot of you are already squinting and theorizing about the story, especially how Alison became pregnant since (spoiler alert) we’re thrown into the story when she’s already two weeks along, but I can give you two hints: 1) like in this story, not everything is clear-cut, and 2) her pregnancy isn’t a result of anything sinister, I promise; Alison and Emily, in the upcoming story, are very much optimistic about life ━ though that doesn’t mean there’s nothing missing.”

[MYTHOLOGY MEME] 4/6 Myths - The Destruction of the Niobids

In Greek mythology, Niobe was a woman cursed for her hubris. During a celebration of Leto and her children (Apollo and Artemis), Niobe came forward to boast about the fact that she had far more children and was thus the more impressive mother of the two. (The number of her children is usually twelve, but is alternately noted as fourteen, eighteen or twenty.)

Furious, Leto sent her children to punish Niobe, with Artemis killing her daughters and Apollo killing her sons. (In some versions one daughter escaped/was spared.) The children’s father, at the sight of his dead sons, either killed himself or was killed by Apollo when he swore revenge. With nothing, Niobe fled to Mt Sipylus where she was turned into stone, her weeping continuing forever. (The rock formation associated with her since ancient times seeps rainwater through its porous limestone.)

Fate brings you together, fate pulls you apart, fate teases you, and fate rewards you, as long as you are willing to go along for the ride.

Riley meets a Cowboy, and Lucas meets a City Girl, but will they meet again and when?

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Sixteen going on Seventeen | Seventeen going on Eighteen 

Author Note: You guys are all amazing with the reviews, comments, reblogs etc. thank you so much! Also who just wants to give Zay a hug and tell him it will be okay?

Oh, What A Night

Eighteen going on Nineteen

Zay was enjoying the unseasonably warm December afternoon now that he was done with work and classes for the day. He was sitting on the steps of the Met watching a group of girls try to do their best imitation of Blair Waldorf while he drank an iced eggnog latte.

He was scrolling through his phone when he looked up and saw Riley pacing around the steps, she didn’t even have a jacket on as she looked around for someone. Her face lighting up when she saw someone.

Oh shit.

This was it.

Zay realized Riley was about to have her yearly date with Mr. Once-A-Year.

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I'm hella late but ereri and "are you flirting with me?" pretty please?? &lt;3

The only one that’s hella late is me, alright?

Stupid tumblr. Distracting me from writing… (as usual)

But here you go!!

(Note: Levi is eighteen years old)

Pairing: ErenxLevi

“I swear to God Eren, if you dare to step foot outside the den or your room, I will murder you,” Isabel hissed to her older brother, who was overlooking the room of senior high school students.

    The twenty year old man rolled his eyes at Isabel. “Listen, Sparky, mom and dad said you could have a party on the condition of I do the chaperoning. There’s no way I’m going to excuse myself while all of you trolls from Hell fuck the house up.”

    Isabel’s fists balled up at her sides in frustration. “Eren just his once do me a favor.”

    “Sorry,” he sang. He pushed off the wall he leaned against and started in the direction of the kitchen, ruffling Izzy’s hair in passing. The girl’s nose scrunched up, keeping a small string of curses carefully locked in her voice box. Her cheeks puffed out for a split second before it changed to an evil grin. She whirled around and sprinted out of the room and up the stairs.

    “Levi!” she called over the music someone just decided to put on the stereo. She skid into her room where she knew the boy would be. “Levi.” She found him crouched by the shelf she kept her movies on.

    “What?” he grunted. His finger glided over the selection, looking for a suitable movie for the night.

    “I need your help with something,” she told him, coming further into the room. He made a sound of acknowledgement, so she continued. “Eren plans on sticking around for the entire night.”

    “So?” Levi asked, glancing over his shoulder to the redhead.

    “So he’s going to be playing the chaperone who’s not going to let the girls get within seven feet of the guys!” she exclaimed. “I need him gone.”

    “So what am I going to do about it?” the short teen asked as he pulled a movie off the shelf and stood up, brushing himself off with one hand.

    “Keep him occupied! I don’t care if you tie him up and shove him in the kitchen cupboard!” with that final order, she turned on her heel, her hair flicking out as she spun to leave the room. Levi’s eyes rolled almost of their own accord and he followed after her.

    They went back down stairs and to the living room to find it deathly quiet. The teens (a collection of ten. Five girls and five boys from various classes Isabel had) sat silently under the gaze of the man leaning on the doorjamb. Eren’s eyes narrowed before he switched to look at Isabel and Levi. “Great, you got the movie,” he smiled. “Give it here, I’ll put it on.” He started forward, hand raised. Isabel shot Levi a look and the boy sighed silently. He glared at Izzy as he moved towards Eren, taking his outstretched hand and dragging him backwards into the kitchen.

    “Hey,” Eren huffed as he was dragged into the kitchen “What are you doing?”

    “Cookies.” Was Levi’s only reply. He let go of Eren’s hand when they were in the kitchen area and went for the cabinets.

    “We don’t have any.” Eren informed him.

    “Then we’ll make them.”

    If Isabel wanted Eren distracted, she’ll get it, by God.

    “Add the flour,” Levi instructed Eren sometime later from where he sat on the counter, scrolling through the baking directions on his phone. Levi snorted at the little side note on the recipe. A little ribbon ran down the side of the screen, showing off a cheesy food related pick up line. “Are you a fruit?” he read aloud.

    “Huh?” Eren shot him a confused look over his shoulder.

    Levi smirked, near laughing at the awful line. “Because honeydew you know how fine you look right now?”

    Eren cocked his eyebrow. “Are you flirting with me, Levi?”

    “As if,” he scoffed. “It’s a pick up line from this website. Too stupid not to share.” Eren nodded, going back to the dough. Levi quietly laughed at the next line that popped up. “Did you sit in a pile of sugar? Because your ass is the sweetest I’ve ever seen.” Eren laughed along.

    “Boy, I’ve just got what my mama gave,” the college student replied, popping his hip while he picked up the dough bowl, still stirring. Levi’s eyes watched the small movement with interest. He switched to read the next line. Eren turned and hopped up on the counter opposite of Levi, the bowl in his arms. He took the spatula and tossed it into the sink and dipped his finger into the chocolate chip dotted dough.

    “Baby, if you were a fruit, you’d be a fineapple,” Levi said. He glanced up in time to see Eren stick the finger in his mouth. His eyes widened as Eren slowly sucked the sugary treat off his finger. His head shook at Levi.

    “If I were a fruit, it’d be a passion fruit.” He said around the finger.

    Levi’s eyes darted back down to his phone. “Uh, back to baking the cookies.” He said, slightly stammering on the first part of the sentence. “We’re supposed to,” he looked up to Eren at the sound of the bowl getting placed on the counter and found Eren standing. “Scoop the dough out, and–“

    “Hey Levi,” Eren interrupted. He crossed the kitchen in quick strides until he was standing right in front of where Levi was perched. He leaned in closely to the boy until their faces were but inches apart.

    “What?” Levi asked in a shakier voice than he would have liked.

    “Why are we really baking cookies?” Eren asked, his head cocking. “You couldn’t make decent cookies for the life of you and I know you’d probably much rather be in there with the rest of the kids… so why are you in here?’

    The words caught in Levi’s throat. “I wanted-“ the words stopped when Eren closed a bit of the space between them.

    “Don’t lie, Levi. Tell me the truth.” He breathed.

    Levi silently cursed at their mingling breathes.

    Honestly, how long had he wanted to be this close to the lips that belonged to Eren Jaeger? How long had he wanted to claim those lips for his own and run his fingers through that untamable hair?

    Jeez. He had a purpose here. He couldn’t be thinking back to those desires still fresh in his mind.

    Keep Eren occupied. That was the mission.

    But his mission already failed if Levi couldn’t keep his head straight.

    Besides; he’d rather be forced into watching an awful movie, crammed in a room with a bunch of teens than be trapped in the kitchen with Eren any longer, with the man so close, yet so fucking far out of his reach.

    “Isabel wanted me to distract you from your chaperone duties,” Levi finally answered. Eren pulled back a bit with a smirk on his face.

    “I knew it.” He chuckled. “There was no way you would willing volunteer to baking.” Levi grunted, trying to scoot back on the counter away from the older male. His butt didn’t get far before his head smacked into the bottom of a cabinet. With hissed profanity, his hand shot up to hold the spot he hurt. He glared at the same small gap between his knees and Eren’s legs that didn’t grow or shrink.

    Would he move off already?!

    Eren’s hand came into his field of vision suddenly. It moved at a moderate pace until it caught Levi’s chin and tipped it up a bit so the younger male would have to look up at the man.

    “Surely you could do better at distracting someone than merely reading them shitty pick-up lines,” he taunted. A playful twinkle on his eye. Levi’s frown lasted all of six milliseconds before the corner of his lips turned up in a smirk.

    He threw his arm around Eren’s shoulders and pulled him down the short distance to Levi’s awaiting lips. After a few seconds of the simple lip lock, Levi pulled back.

     “Of fucking course I can.”

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hey that 'how to design a good ___ character' post is really problematic, it uses the terminology 'same sex', equating sex with gender which is really wrong, and the transgender one says 'give them a different gender at birth' which is just... a rlly useless concept bc it still has the idea of there only being two genders and that u are born with a gender (when u are actually just assigned one), and it uses transgender and transsexual interchangeably. i'd recommend u delete that post tbh

Ignoring for a moment that we can’t actually “delete” this post, because it’s a reblog? I mean, I’m flattered you think we can rack up eighteen thousand notes in less than a day, but we’re nowhere near that big.

Is that really what you want? I mean, honestly. Are you that eager to throw the baby out with the bathwater, because you don’t like the word choice?

That’s not a rhetorical question either. It’s easy to point at something and say, “you used a word I didn’t like and I’m offended.” It’s an easy, knee-jerk reaction, and we’ve all been there. But, it’s just as easy to completely miss the point, get caught up in the semantics, and never see what was being said in the first place.

The post is about viewing your characters as people, instead of stereotypes. It’s not saying there’s only two possible genders, that’s not some kind of malicious omission. It’s saying, again, that people (fictional or otherwise) are human beings first. Male, female, heterosexual, homosexual, transsexual, and/or belonging to another ethnic group as a distant second.

It’s about viewing people without labels, outside of boxes, and away from genuinely harmful cliches.

This is about providing information. You can always contribute. That’s an option available to you. You can say, “there’s more here than just two states.” That’s fine, that’s constructive, and honestly, I encourage you to do so, if you feel it’s appropriate. But, in saying, “no, burn this whole thing down,” you’re encouraging a situation where writers will create more hurtful material with the best of intentions.

Take this dev blog from Bioware’s Patrick Weekes about the character of Krem in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Emphasis added.

On the writing side, I wrote Krem as best I could, and the editing team looked at every line and cleaned up dialogue and paraphrases that could give the wrong impression. I then passed him to two friends in the GQ community… at which point they showed me where I was absolutely messing things up and gave me constructive feedback on how to improve. In the first draft, Bull was the one who brought up Krem’s binding as a friendly joke. My friends pointed out how incredibly hurtful such a callout was for many trans people in real life (“Hey, by the way, you’re actually a woman, just wanted to remind you!”) and that it made Bull into an incredibly offensive jerk. This was not at all what I wanted—people playing now will note that Bull and Krem give each other grief about little things all the time, but never attack truly sore spots—and I rewrote the scene so that Krem is the one who brings it up first. This makes it clear that Krem is comfortable discussing being trans, and the player will not be offending Krem by asking questions about it.

In the investigate hub where you can ask Krem about his past in Tevinter, the first draft had him deserting after fighting off someone who discovered his secret and tried to assault him. My friends noted that this played directly into the sad “attacked trans person” cliché, and while it was plausible, it was an ugly event that could well trigger trans people who have experienced harassment in real life. The goal was for Krem to be a positive character who was living his life happily now, and I revised his departure from Tevinter accordingly.

This is the result of someone trying to be progressive. But, without access to anyone in the community, and without access to any good resources, making mistakes like this is unavoidable.

So, if you want to contribute your observations, please, do. But, you just want it all to go away because you disagreed with one part of it, that’s actually a very bad idea, and it works against anything you could be working for.


Chapter 30 [Part Two]

My first night in my apartment was cool. We all sat around and ate junk food until the wee hours of the morning. Chris was the first to knock out on my living room floor. Colin was on the couch, Raegan was curled up on the opposite end of Colin, and I was hugged up under Chris. 

I slept fairly comfortably on the plush shag rug, but the comfort was soon ruined when Chris was up promptly at 6:15 the next morning.

He’d told me last night that he’d gotten a call while he was out saying that he needed to come into work the next day for a meeting. It was kind of strange to me, considering he never worked on Saturdays as of recently, but I agreed to watch Colin and Raegan for the day while he was out.

I watched him as he tugged on a pair of dress pants and a lavender button-down, which was making things that much more weird. Chris worked construction, and was always leaving the house in old jeans and a t-shirt, even if he went in early for meetings.

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