noting eighteen

I’m waiting til I’m eighteen 

Then I’ll be free 

Then I can do whatever the hell I want

I can wear what I want, be friends with who I want, date who I want, go where I want. I can be who I am and who I want to be. 

I can get help if I need it. I’ll be free.

I’ll be okay soon enough. I have to keep fighting. That’s my only job. Keep fighting. I’ll be okay. 

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Yes the bitch is necessary.

And my “Jason in a bank during a robbery” headcanon in all it’s horrible glory is right here!

On The Road || Ty & Aedan

The rest stop along the California Interstate was relatively empty on the late afternoon when Tylene stopped to stretch her legs and grab a snack from a vending machine. The white SMG Mercedes, yet another ‘I love you’ gift with a twist of ‘tell no one and your mom stays happy’ tainting, she was sure had some sort of tracking in it and that before she knew it wherever she tried to take herself either Scott himself would show up or some goon he paid to bring her back home. Ty slammed the door with frustration and folded her arms across her chest as she made he way to the vending area between the bathrooms. She took note of the two eighteen wheeler trucks in the truck lot when she looked around once more before fishing some dollar bills from her wallet. Her hands smoothed down the white Chanel dress as she looked over the selection in the machine. The escape had happened during a brunch being held at the fancy Saratoga Hills estate owned by the man her mother had been madly in love with for roughly ten years, and in turn was absolute hell for Ty. She’d been driving south all day long and was finally near the Arizona border when she stopped.

Unable to make a decision, she decided to slip into the bathroom and drain her bladder first. After she did her business, flushed and closed the lid, Tylene sat up on the top tank and rest her feet on the lid while she checked her phone and rolled her eyes at the texts and voicemails from you know who. Internally she was swearing up a storm at the messages of his disappointment that she skipped out on what was a big deal to him. Peeking through one of the slits in the stall she eyed the person that came in and looked at the girl a moment before going back to her phone. It was only a minute, maybe two later when the door opened again. The girl had just flushed and was leaving the neighboring bathroom stall when the deep voice of a man sounded into the room. Hairs on her arms and the back of her neck stood up and she peeked out again to see an overweight, hairy, ugly ass truck driver looking type looking at the girl as though he’d just found a nice meal and talking to her as such. Barely a few words in and he was trying to coax and sweet talk her and Tylene was having none of it. Hopping down and unlocking her door, she slammed it open and stepped out to glare at the ugly bastard. “Get the fuck outta here you disgusting shitsmear… this is the women’s room,” she snarled at him and stepped next to the girl protectively. The guy had a few choice words for Ty before he shoved her to the side and grabbed the girls arm. Immediately Ty yelled, “HEY! YOU LET GO OF HER YOU NASTY SON OF A BITCH!” And kicked the guy several times in the leg and swung her purse around to whack him in the head. Obviously her attack didn’t do much to help, the lithe brunette only seemed to piss him off more but maybe she could focus him on her and the girl could get away. “Run, baby, run!” she hollered before she got a backhand to the face that tossed her into the wall and knocked to the floor.

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[MYTHOLOGY MEME] 4/6 Myths - The Destruction of the Niobids

In Greek mythology, Niobe was a woman cursed for her hubris. During a celebration of Leto and her children (Apollo and Artemis), Niobe came forward to boast about the fact that she had far more children and was thus the more impressive mother of the two. (The number of her children is usually twelve, but is alternately noted as fourteen, eighteen or twenty.)

Furious, Leto sent her children to punish Niobe, with Artemis killing her daughters and Apollo killing her sons. (In some versions one daughter escaped/was spared.) The children’s father, at the sight of his dead sons, either killed himself or was killed by Apollo when he swore revenge. With nothing, Niobe fled to Mt Sipylus where she was turned into stone, her weeping continuing forever. (The rock formation associated with her since ancient times seeps rainwater through its porous limestone.)

Fate brings you together, fate pulls you apart, fate teases you, and fate rewards you, as long as you are willing to go along for the ride.

Riley meets a Cowboy, and Lucas meets a City Girl, but will they meet again and when?

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Sixteen going on Seventeen | Seventeen going on Eighteen 

Author Note: You guys are all amazing with the reviews, comments, reblogs etc. thank you so much! Also who just wants to give Zay a hug and tell him it will be okay?

Oh, What A Night

Eighteen going on Nineteen

Zay was enjoying the unseasonably warm December afternoon now that he was done with work and classes for the day. He was sitting on the steps of the Met watching a group of girls try to do their best imitation of Blair Waldorf while he drank an iced eggnog latte.

He was scrolling through his phone when he looked up and saw Riley pacing around the steps, she didn’t even have a jacket on as she looked around for someone. Her face lighting up when she saw someone.

Oh shit.

This was it.

Zay realized Riley was about to have her yearly date with Mr. Once-A-Year.

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Noting Eighteen: Player of the Week #25

Denver quarterback PEYTON MANNING led the Broncos to a 37-21 victory over Oakland on Monday night, completing 32 of 37 (86.5 percent) passes for 374 yards with three touchdowns and zero interceptions for a 135.8 passer rating.  

Manning now has 12 touchdown passes in 2013, surpassing TOM BRADY (2011) for the most touchdown passes through Week 3 of any NFL season. 

  • Manning’s 86.5% completion rate was a career high
  • It was also a Denver Broncos record
  • NFL record 25th offensive player of the week award
  • 14th consecutive regular season win is a Broncos record
  • 157th regular season win(2nd all time Brett Favre,186)
  • 60,630 passing yards (3rd all time, Dan Marino is 2nd 61,361)
  • 5,171 completions (2nd all time, Favre 6,300)
  • 448 Touchdown passes (2nd all time, Favre 508)
  • NFL record 75th 3 touchdown game
  • NFL record 75th 300 yard passing game
  • Well on his way to an NFL record tying NFL player of the month award. Currently has 5(Tom Brady has 6)
  • NFL record 78th game where he completed higher than 70% of his passes
  • Broke his own NFL record with a 16th consecutive game with a 90.0+ passer rating. Manning had 15 such games in his record breaking 2004 season in Indianapolis


Noting Eighteen: Player of the Month #7

The National Football League has announced that Denver Broncos Quarterback has been named the AFC player of the  month for September. This is the 7thtime in his career Manning has been named the AFC player of the month breaking a tie with the New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady.


During September Manning:

  • For the month, Manning completed 117 of 156 passes (75 percent) for 1,470 yards with 16 touchdowns versus zero interceptions and a 138 passer rating as he helped the Broncos to a 4-0 record in September.
  • Through Week 4, Manning leads the NFL in completions (117), completion percentage (75.0), passing yards (1,470), touchdown passes (16) and passer rating (138).
  • His 16 touchdown passes are the most through the first four games of a season in NFL history. 
  • On Kickoff Weekend against Baltimore, Manning tied an NFL single-game record with seven touchdown passes and joined Pro Football Hall of Famer Y.A. TITTLE (October 28, 1962) as the only quarterbacks with seven passing touchdowns and no interceptions in a game. 
  • In Week 3, Manning completed 32 of 37 passes (86.5 percent) for 374 yards with three touchdowns and no interceptions for a 135.8 passer rating in the Broncos’ 37-21 win against the Oakland Raiders on Monday Night Football. His performance marked the sixth game in NFL history in which a player passed for at least 350 yards and three touchdown passes with a completion percentage of 85.0+.
  • In his 16th season from Tennessee, this is Manning’s seventh career Offensive Player of the Month Award, surpassing TOM BRADY for the most AFC Offense Player of the Month awards since the accolade was instituted in 1986. Manning most recently won the award in December of 2012.
  • Tied an NFL record 7 touchdown passes in a game.
  • Had the most touchdown passes ever through weeks 1, 2, 3, & 4
  • Had a career high 86.5% completion rate in week 3.(also a Broncos record).
  • Won his record breaking 24th & 25th  AFC Offensive  Player of the week awards.
  • Won his 15th consecutive regular season game which  is a Broncos record.
  • Won his 158th regular season game(2nd all time Brett Favre,186).
  • Finished the month with 60,957 passing yards (3rd all time, Dan Marino is 2nd 61,361.
  • Finished the month with 5,199 completions (2nd all time, Favre 6,300).
  • Finished the month with 452 Touchdown passes (2nd all time, Favre 508).
  • Has 6,129 yards & 53 TDs, most ever by player in 1st 20 games w/ new team.
  • With the win at the New York Giants, tied Denver Broncos record for longest road winning streak with 7(1976-1977).
  • Led the Broncos to the most points in franchise history with 52.
  • Had his NFL record 76th 3+ touchdown game.
  • Had his NFL record 24th 4+ touchdown game.
  • Tied an NFL record with 7 5+ touchdown games.
  • Had his NFL record 3rd 6+ Touchdown game.
  • Had his NFL record 76th 300 yard passing game.
  • Tied an NFL record of 16 touchdown passes without an interception (Milt Plum 1960).
  • Had his NFL record 79th game where he completed higher than 70% of his passes.
  • Set an NFL record with back to back games where his completion % exceeded 80%(60/71 84.5%).
  • Broke his own NFL record with a 17th consecutive game with a 90.0+ passer rating. Manning had 15 such games in his record breaking 2004 season in Indianapolis.
  • Had his best 4 game stretch(qb rating) 138.0, bettering his 133.5 & 131.2 4 game stretches he had in Indianapolis. 

Noting Eighteen:

In 2014:

  • Manning needs 18 touchdown passes to surpass Brett Favre (508) for the most all-time. In 16 seasons. Manning has 491 touchdown passes.
  • Manning needs 5,036 passing yards to join Brett Favre (71,838) as the only players with 70,000 career passing yards.In 16 seasons, Manning has 64,964 passing yards. 
  • Manning needs two 400-yard passing games to surpass Dan Marino (13) for the most all-time. In 16 seasons, Manning has 12 400-yard passing games.
  • Manning can increase his NFL record total of 300-yard passing games. In 16 seasons, Manning has 84 300-yard passing games.
  • Manning needs 4,000 passing yards to become the first player in NFL history with 14 4,000-yard seasons. Manning is the only quarterback to accomplish the feat in 13 seasons.
  • Manning can increase his NFL record total of four-touchdown passing games. In 16 seasons, Manning has 31 games with four or more touchdown passes..
  • Manning can become the first player to lead the league in touchdown passes five times in his career. Manning is currently tied with Drew Brees, Len Dawson, Brett Favre, Johnny Unitas and Steve Young (4) for the most such seasons in NFL history.

Noting Eighteen: Fastest to 50

With the opening drive touchdown pass to Wes Welker, Peyton Manning set an NFL record when he threw his 50th regular season touchdown pass as a member of the Denver Broncos.  This is his 20th regular season game. The previous high through 20 games was Dan Marino(Miami), & Kurt Warner(St. Louis) with 47 touchdown passes in their first 20 games.