notify me who the cosplayer is


Hi friends, so some people still don’t realize that I said we’re on a hiatus and are still sending threats and hate into our inbox. I used to get notified by e-mail, but now I’ve disabled it. Still, since a lot of people seem to not want to let it go and think we’re making up being bullied, here is evidence of death threats being posted to me. I know that ignorant people will still twist my words and ignore the proof, and I’m not saying that these people are sent by those cosplayers - this is just proof for people who think we’re making up being harassed and asking for evidence, so here you go. PLEASE NOTE: The “anti” account has already been deleted, but this screenshot is just showing how far this has escalated beyond tumblr and beyond control.

At first, I was just planning on taking a hiatus from tumblr, but ever since I left here trolls and bullies have been targeting my Instagram and Facebook page as well, so I’ve been forced to leave all social media. I apologize for those who want to contact me. We’ve already left everything, deleted all posts mentioning them by name, and stopped posting, yet their fans still harass us. So if you are one of them and are choosing to attack us even after we’ve declared a break, please realize it is /you/ who is furthering this “drama” and not us or them.

We are sorry that we were unable to complete our final project for our fans, because I received over 20 threats that morning, so it dissuaded us from presenting all of our hard work that I had been planning for you guys for weeks. We ended up not cosplaying and have not touched any of our SasuSaku cosplays since. Perhaps we may still be able to post it later on as a final farewell until further notice. We hope to return one day when people who are telling us to "let it go” let it go themselves and stop leaving hate in our inbox. Thank you to those who have been patient and continue to support us! 

♪ So long, farewell, to you my friend. Goodbye, for now, until we meet again. ♪

[[ “Kill Your Double” - Kevin ]]

Portrait practice in art class (12.1.14), we were asked to bring portrait photos that we took, and this one sure turned neat :)

I DON’T KNOW WHO THE COSPLAYER IS! I took this picture at the London MCM May Expo, pretty sure there was a matching Cecil too
If you ever see this know that your cosplay was terrifingly awesome and a lot of fun to draw! :D

THIS COPLAYER IS THE VERY TALENTED COTINO! (thank you holloweyedradiohost for notifying me :D )