I’m not saying that Danny Zuko is bisexual, submissive, and attracted to every single other character in the show except that’s exactly what I’m saying


i drunkenly sent dan a message on younow and WWAIT WAHT he ended up reading it out and replying with “hi imakedoodleslol” and then smiling/laughing.,,, i am still sahkgingfing

ty for all the people who sent me messages about me getting noticed ily


Avatar the Last Airbender really developed the characters personalities to match their element, and I never even noticed.

Toph is Earth as fuck, stubborn, kinda indulgent and lazy, but tough as shit and gets shit done when it’s necessary, Aang is optimistic, positive and whimsical, really good at solving people’s problems and reaching compromise and tries to keep things light, Katara is emotional and cares intensely about her loved ones but she isn’t weak and rolls with the punches and adapts to difficult situations gracefully, and of fucking course hothead Zuko blows his gasket ever so easily and he won’t stop at anything to get what he wants and he’s really intense and impossible to ignore

and Sokka… uh… just keeps comin’ back no matter how many times he gets thrown. Boomerang power.

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Are you reading any Reylo fanfics? Have any recs if you are?

I get a little picky because a lot of new writers don’t know the SW universe and fall flat with their jargon and vocab. It pulls you out when your nerd brain starts going, “glass windows? wtf glass windows on a flagship are you insane its a viewport–”

However Forms is fucking beautiful. And the writer knows their shit.

I also like this (mmm gimme them oc planets and rapt combat descriptions) and this (darkrey? fuck yes)

And if you are special trash like me and don’t mind Kylo/Rey/Hux, this is precious.