You know what I noticed.....

Some TB will be buy into baby mama drama  and confusion but will NEVER request songs, never show that they buy the albums, or never vote for Chris in any contests. And I notice some people will retweet or reblog shade or lies towards Chris wanna sing his praises or thirst over him when they take pictures with him. FOH with the BS.

Robert Carradine

After watching the final episode of King of the Nerds on TBS, I notice a get-well message that was posted after the initial episode. It was addressed to the one and only Robert Carradine (referred to as Bobby), who is the co-host of the show alongside Curtis Armstrong. Now, I sit there strictly mortified as to what specifically happened and the heath status of our beloved host Bobby. So, I quickly mass search on my friend the Internet and find (courtesy of Inquisitr) that Robert Carradine had a head- on collision with a semi-truck on Thursday, March 5. Reports confirm that Bobby passed the dividing ling of a highway in Colorado moments after slamming into the semi-truck shortly after 2:00 p.m. Pictures taken at the crime scene display that Bobby’s car is completely destroyed. No alcohol or speed substance was found within Bobby or his wife, Edith who was in the passenger seat of the car. It is predicted that they both will suffer from serious injuries, although Sgt. Saunders confirmed what truly saved their lives: their seatbelts.

If you are like me and would like to invest yourself more into what specifically happened try this:

Best wishes to Robert and Edith Carradine