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Salt & Pepper

“See you’re getting pretty ‘distinguished,’ Wayne,” Jim motioned at his own hair to clarify.

“Ha, I can’t deny it.” Bruce ran a hand over his hair. It was more salt than pepper now. He didn’t mind the remark from Jim, who’d been snowy white from a young age.

“Bet you can pin each one of those on us,” Dick challenged as he strolled up in his tuxedo. Damian trailed along behind him, bored by the function.

“Please, you and Jay account for the entire sides, those started to go first.” He turned to Jim with the posture of a parent about to really relish embarrassing his kids.

“The temples,” he gestures with two fingers, the rest were holding his glass, “The first time I noticed grays there was after Dick came to us. I couldn’t find him one afternoon, spent two hours panicking before he popped up, covered in dust and yawning. He’d climbed on the stacks in the library and fallen asleep, up where I couldn’t see him.”

Dick smiles, not really embarrassed at all. The story was true, but it’s not why Bruce is grey.

Bruce could go on and on with public-approved stories about the kids causing his grey hairs. The time Jason ran away (he’d really wanted a book they didn’t have at home and it didn’t occur to him to wait until they were free to take him). The only fight Tim had ever gotten into at school. When Cass had donated a shocking amount of her trust fund to an aged ballerina with no support network. Damian and nearly every time he’d brought an animal home.

The truth is he had only noticed one or two grey hairs as young adult. Until Dick had struck out on his own. That year there had been a definite upswing in silvery strands at his temples.

The truth is the real turning point had been Jason’s death. Several months later Diana had been shocked on a rare day when he’d taken his cowl off on the Watchtower – his hair was noticeably grayer than she’d seen it last. Immortals had the irritating habit of noticing things like that.

The truth is the revelation of Damian’s existence had shocked and angered Bruce and it was months before he’d been able to see the boy for himself and not as an extension of his mother’s betrayal. And in those months the lower half of his hair had given up on producing melanin.

And Bruce knew that there was no scientific evidence that stress could cause premature achromotrichia, but there was no denying that periods of worry and regret over Stephanie, Tim, and Cassandra had seen similar decreases in the ink black hair on his head.

Dick suspected all this. But he was glad Bruce had never said it. Not to him, or any of the kids.

The truth is they all knew it anyway.


Partly inspired by a comment @batwayneman left on a fic of mine, except I made it depressing. As one does.

Feelings - Castiel x Reader Request

Request: Hi there. While looking at your master list, I couldn’t help but notice there was no Cas. May I request one? flirty!Dean and CasxReader in which Cas is trying to figure out why the flirty (but innocent) relationship between Dean and Reader bothers him. 

A/N: Somehow this is over 1000 words I’m sorry omg 

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After mixing the drink, Willa slid it expertly across the bar and perched herself on the stool beside her guest. 

“Thank you.” the woman said, sipping contentedly at the beverage. She hummed happily at the taste before turning back to Willa. “So, I had the privellege of meeting your daughter earlier. She’s beautiful.” 

“Oh, wow, thank you,” said Willa, taken slightly off guard. “I didn’t know she was roaming about. I really should keep more of an eye on her…” 

“She’s just lovely, Willa.” 

And Willa didn’t notice at the time that the woman somehow knew her first name. “Thank you so much. She’s everything to me.” 


Time for a heacanon

After the Normandy explodes, Ava Shepard is unable to wear a helmet. She didn’t admit it at first and hid it from her brother and her crew. The first time she really noticed that was when she had to wear that helmet on Haestrom to get to Tali. The claustrophobia of that helmet, mixed with the constant sound of her shield malfunctioning reminded her too much of the time she suffocated to death. She sucked it up, being too proud to admit that the great Commander Shepard may have one weakness and suffered from the flashbacks she had everytime it got a little too hot under the helmet. Of course, Miranda noticed and quietly replaced the heavy black helmet with one of her breather masks.

bless this Guy

Sasako…wearing glasses…

The Missing Link?!

Well maybe not a missing link, but a detail that could weight a lot if you think of it! 

I was using the official McCree gun reference for the comic and suddenly a detail popped into my eyes! An ornament detail which is also present on Reaper’s guns, very alike in design.

Is this the real life?! Is this just fantasy- I mean.. Theory?!


some seamless tinyDragon patterns for your seamless tinyDragoon patterning needs 

please note that the dragons on the last one are transparent

watching Skam in real time

so I’ve come to notice that this will be a lot of people’s first time watching Skam through the full real-time experience so I wanted to break it down and try to explain how it will go down, cause it took me a while to understand last season:

for those of you who don’t know, episodes of Skam come out in short clips throughout the week, not just as one full episode on Friday (although that is a possibility if you don’t want the full experience). The clips are released exactly when they are expected to take place. Season 4 episode 1 will begin on Monday at 13:28, which means it’s a clip of Sana in the middle of the school day.

An episode’s week starts from Saturday and ends on Friday. This means that the first clip of an episode could be released on Saturday, and the final clip that ends that episode comes out on Friday. There is always a clip on Friday, and it’s usually the longest and the most dramatic because it ends the episode. But as for the rest of the clips, we have no idea when they will be released. The first clip is usually around Saturday or Sunday, but sometimes we may have to wait until Monday if there’s nothing important to mention for the weekend. For example, we got a lot of Isak and Noora’s clips that started on the weekend so that we could get more Kollektivet action, but a lot of Eva’s were during weekdays because she would be at school or hanging out with the girls. The first episode of season 4 will begin on Monday, and will end on Friday. 

The length of the clips kind of depend on how long the episode will be. Usually we find out beforehand how long the episode that week will be, but it’s not always accurate. (I’m thinking back to when it said the final episode would be like 50 mins long or something….wow rip we really thought) The clips that get released in the beginning and the middle of the week are usually short, maybe about 3-4 minutes long. Friday clips are much longer and can range from like 7-15 minutes. 

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Our commander on the Kerberos mission is the smartest man I ever met