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Batman v Superman Costume Analysis: Lex Luthor

Lex just keeps getting better with each viewing, I’m kind of obsessed with him at the moment. Anyway, here’s a costume analysis:

Lex’s look in the film is very casual and modern, which is perfect for a millennial CEO of Synder’s real world setting. His look is also partly inspired by young Lex in Superman Birthright (the stringy hair and trench coats) and overall his costumes serve to distract from his true motives, emphasize his feelings of powerlessness, and differentiate him from the other male characters. Let us begin:

Mad Scientist, Evil Genius…Satan?

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You’re Strangers and Kiss

MUST watch this first to know what this is inspired by.

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Harry: “So…um…do we just like…” the confused curly haired boy fumbled as he nervously bounced on the heels of his feet. “Oh, you’re British” you mumbled to the stranger in front of you. His head perked up, eyes meeting yours when he heard your voice. He smiled and nodded his head, showing off his dimples. “Yes, I am. Uh…do you just wanna like…” You couldn’t help but giggle because he was so nervous and it was adorable really. “I think we just kind of let it happen” you said, trying not to focus on the camera watching you but the handsome man in front of you. He smiled sheepishly and took a step towards you. Your palms started to feel sweaty and your cheeks were surely flushed at this point. His hands tugged on your shirt, pulling you closer to him. It was very awkward but also a little exciting. He cupped your cheek and you couldn’t help but chuckle. “You have big hands.” He grinned and bit his lip, looking from your eyes to your lips before he leaned in. His lips were gentle and warm but it didn’t take long for it to become more passionate, letting his tongue slip past your lips. You were sad when he finally pulled away but he kept his face close to yours, still cupped in his large hands. “So…you’re British?”

Niall: “Whoa…” he breathed out when he first walked in. “W-What?” you asked nervously. “Nothing you’re just…really pretty.” He kept making jokes and laughing loudly which made you feel more comfortable. You really did luck out because you thought he’d be some middle aged, hairy man. “I like your accent” you told him, trying hard not to blush. He laughed again and the obnoxious noise actually brought butterflies to your stomach. “Thanks. M’Irish” he said, doing some weird hop in the air that only made you laugh with him. His hand reached out and poked your side with one of his fingers, making you squeal and jump back. His eyebrows furrowed together and a mischievous grin spread across his face. “Ticklish, huh.” He started poking your sides and wiggling his fingers on the side of your waist. You were giggling uncontrollably and he couldn’t help but feel all weird inside because the two of you had literally just met but he knew there was something special about you. He didn’t want to wait any longer, so just as you were calming down from laughing so much, he moved his arms around your waist and crashed his lips against yours. Your eyes widened in surprise but you slowly melted against his lips, letting your arms encircle his neck. He pulled away with a big smile on your face and pinched your side.

Liam: “Hi, I’m Liam” the handsome boy said, holding out his hand. “Liam Payne.” You smiled at the stranger and shook his muscular hand. “I’m um…(Y/N). (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” He noticed your hesitation and smiled. “Nervous?” You nodded your head, shyly playing with the ends of your hair. “We could just talk for a bit” he suggested, looking over at the lady filming. “That alright?” She nodded and said it was fine so he turned back to face you. “Where are you from?” he asked. “Not too far from here actually” you told him. “Just a few blocks down.” He nodded. “I’m actually just passing through” he explained. “You travel a lot?” He nodded again. “I really like to see different places. I don’t like staying in one place too long.” You were intrigued by his words. “How come?” He shrugged his shoulders. “Experience new things and meet new people.” “New people” you repeated. “Yeah…you never know who you’ll meet.” His voice lowered and he slowed down his words, getting lost in your eyes. “Who will…catch your eye.” The two of you both took a step towards each other, instantly wrapping your arms around each other as your lips connected. You could feel his body heat warming you since your bodies were so close to each other. It was heated and passionate, making the kiss definitely one of the best you’ve ever experienced. 

Louis: The first thing you noticed about him was that he was wearing an Arctic Monkeys shirt. “You’re an AM fan?” you asked him. He looked down at his shirt then back up at you, nodding his head. “They’re fucking sick. Just saw them in concert the other week” he explained. “Oh my gosh that’s so weird. I saw them at the O2 last week too” you told him. “Wow, and now here we are. It’s like fate” he teased making you smile and bite your lip. He was really cute and funny which made you thank God that you agreed to this ludicrous experiment. “Oh yeah aren’t we supposed to be doing something” he chimed in, knocking you out of your thoughts. You blushed realizing that there was still a camera watching the two of you waiting for you to kiss the cute stranger. “What?…right I forgot about that” you chuckled nervously. “S’alright” he said, leaning closer to you to whisper. “Don’t worry, I’ve been told I’m a phenomenal kisser.” You gave him a weird look but couldn’t help but giggle. His arms gripped your waist and he leaned in slowly. You close your eyes expecting to feel his lips on yours but instead they press to your cheek. Your eyes opened giving him a confused look. “Just teasing, love” he grinned before giving you a proper kiss.

Zayn: “I’ve never done something like this before” you admitted. He looked like the complete opposite of you. He had tattoos and pierced ears and looked all mysterious while you were standing there in a floral dress with your hair in a perfect braid. You were completely flustered at this moment and a part of you wanted to run away because you would surely embarrass yourself in front of this ruggedly handsome stranger. “I’ve actually never really done this before.” Okay, now you wanted to go crawl under a rock and die. “I mean I’ve like…I’ve kissed guys before” you tried to make clear. “Well, it was really just this one guy but it wasn’t very…good.” The expression on his face was unreadable but you knew that yours looked like an absolute tomato. “If you like, don’t want to do this we don’t have to” you just kept blabbering. “I mean not that I don’t want to kiss you because I’m sure you’re a very good kisser but I just- you don’t have to do this if-“ he finally cut off your babbling with his lips that were so soft it left you dazed. He pulled away after what felt like forever of making out, taking your bottom lip in between his teeth with a wicked grin spread across his face. “Hope that was to your satisfaction.”