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Summary: “Ohana means family. And family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” Everyone knows that Dan is a Lester and belongs on the family holiday–well, everyone except Dan himself. However, a beautiful seaside walk and a special surprise from Martyn and Cornelia may be just the ammunition he needs to change his mind.

Genre: Pure fluff

Word Count: 2.6k

Warnings: Like 2 swear words but that’s it

A/N: Because we all know there was some soppy convincing needed to get Dan to stay in Florida. Inspired by this ask over @nihilist-toothpaste.
I hope you enjoy!!

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For Us

Happy birthday, Danny Boi! I know it’s already June 12 in the majority of the world, including the part Dan’s in, but it’s 10:00 PM on June 11 where I am sO I’M GONNA KEEP THE CELEBRATION GOING WITH A FIC!!!

Description: It’s Dan’s 26th birthday and he’s feeling a bit existential. But Phil comes along with the ultimate day and the ultimate present to cheer him up.

Genre: Extreme fluff 

Warning: Some potential existential crisis-starting material 

Word Count: 1330

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Ships that pass in the night (Chapter Fourteen)

Title: Ships that pass in the night (Chapter Fourteen)
Tags: Alternate Timeline, AU, Slow burn, strangers to friends, friends to lovers
Words: 3292
Dan and Phil are YouTubers. The catch? They’ve never met, and Phil doesn’t want them to.

Author’s Note: woop. It’s been ages. I know.

A special thank you to my lovely beta @leblonde for all the help with this one AO3 Link]

[Tumblr Masterpost]

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Pool Parties, Booze, and Kids: A Short Story in Domesticity

Summary: After an invitation from one of Phil’s old Uni friends turns out to be a pool party for his 4 year old son, the topic of kids comes up. And neither of them are really afraid to hold back. 

Genre: Domestic fluff

Word Count: 4k

Warnings: swearing

A/N: This idea just kind of came up after a pool party I went to (are pool parties even a thing in the uk idek). Set some time in the summer of 2014, based on the assumption the book/tour was already an idea in their head. First fic so comments are majorly appreciated?? Anyways, hope you enjoy :’)

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The summer that year seemed to be exceptionally – and unbearably – hot.

And Phil was not passing up a chance at a pool.

Phil.” Dan leaned on Phil’s doorway, arms crossed and eyebrows strung up. “I don’t exactly want to go to this ‘party’. Who is it even for anyways?

Phil sat on the carpet next to his bed and groped through his dresser, searching for the swimming trunks that hadn’t seen the light of day in god knows when. “I told you it’s for an old school friend.” He was too focused on finding them to focus much on Dan’s whining.

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Muffs And Puns

I wrote this on my way home so in about two hours so I’m sorry if this is bad but my inspiration is crazy so yeah, a shot one shot based on Dan’s tweet.

summary: Based on Dan’s tweet ‘i ordered a muffin and the punny barista said ‘‘these are so muffIN RIGHT NOW’‘ so i replied ‘‘mmm get muffINSIDE ME’‘ and he just stared back’

or the fic where Phil is that barista but instead of staring back he giggles.

words: 692

no trigger warnings

read on AO3 - (x)

As soon as he opened the door of the café, Dan’s nostrils were invaded by the strong coffee smell, making him inhale for a moment the delicious aroma.

It wasn’t too crowded, but many groups of people were chatting about everything and nothing, meaning there weren’t much seats free to seat on.

He had come in there expecting to work on his next video ideas, get out of his flat for a bit and see if the gods of inspiration englightened him elsewhere.

Dan walked towards the line where two other people were waiting to grab their drinks, thinking what kind of drink could boost his creative juices. A cappuccino? Hot chocolate? Extra large americano?

He took some steps forward as the line got shorter when he noticed the few pastries on the counter.

Oh. Muffins.

They looked good and only three were left. They were a bit pricey but they seemed so delicious… Dan could tell that the blueberry muffin was just asking him to eat him.

‘A talking muffin’ yeah sure. Such a good idea, Dan, it could work in a video.

Just in time, the woman ahead of him took her drink and left by the door, leaving Dan breathless as he noticed the attractive barista in front of him.

Pale skin contrasting wildly with the jet-black surely dyed straight fringed hair. His cheekbones were sharp, along with his jaw, but they most amazing feature Dan was more drawn to were the blue icy eyes that were behind those black framed glasses.

Unconsciously, Dan’s gaze drifted down, checking his thin frame hidden by the yellow coloured apron where a tag was pinned, with the phrase ‘Hi! My name is Phil!’ written.

So, Phil was his name. It suited him. That was a name Dan could picture him saying… and moaning. God, that face and body was to die for. The counter was the only thing stopping him from jumping him right here and now.

“What can I get you?” the chirpy tone from the barista startled Dan, getting out of his daydream to finally order.

“Erm, just a medium sized cappuccino,” Dan said, coughing a bit trying to recover from this weird instant crush.

Phil showed him a smile and was about to turn around when Dan just rembemered.

“Oh, and the blueberry muffin on the counter!” he pointed at the one he wanted, even though it was the only blueberry one left.

“Right up!” Phil said, his smile getting wider, pink lips almost hiding.

Dan followed Phil’s graceful movements, fast but concentrated, following each step thoroughly. He didn’t want to, but Dan’s gaze went straight to Phil’s hips and bum, really appreciating how those blck uniform trousers hugged his assets.

“These are so muffIN right now!” Phil jocked with a laugh, making Dan turn his attention back on those eyes as the barista handed him his carboard cup of coffee and pastry.

Picking his order, Dan laughed with him, staring at Phil’s happy expression, making the barista look even more attractive than before.

God, Dan wished those lips would kiss him all over…

“mmm… Get muffINSIDE me,” Dan said, not realizing how that must have sounded for Phil. He wanted the floor to eat him up and bring him straight to hell.

A now red-faced Dan was about to apologize when Phil giggled. He freaking giggled. Oh my god. Dan was sure that was the cutest sound he had ever heard. How did Phil even manage to be attractive and adorable at the same time? It wasn’t fair!

He watched Phil blush a bit and bit his lower lip as he picked up something from the counter, as if he had forgotten to give something else to Dan, “here,” Phil reached and handed him a folded white napkin, “call me, maybe that can be arranged.”

Phil cheekily winked at Dan before turning his attention to the two teenagers that had been waiting in line, letting Dan reach one of the few free seats where he opened the napkin, scribbled numbers and a name with a drawn heart staring back at him.

Yeah, that muffin was worth it.


Summary: Phil’s thirtieth birthday kicks off with an early present and a whole lot of fluff.

Genre: Reality, Fluff

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1.7k

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“Any time you want to stop with the old man digs is fine by me” Phil flicks Dan on the forehead and settles back down under the covers, a yawn escapes his lips in the process.

“Can I at least carry on until lunchtime?” Dan asks, and Phil taps a finger to his chin.

“Tough decision, truly, but no. Sorry kid” he ruffles Dan’s hair and they share a grin at how they haven’t changed over the years. Dan has a feeling they never will. Eight years is a long time, if anything was going to change, it was only going to be for the better.

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Favorite Record - Chapter 1

Title: Favorite Record

Genre: Celebrity AU, Punk!Phil, Pastel!Dan

Word Count: 2.6k

Summary: Dan Howell is an introverted songwriter who prefers writing emails to actually interacting with people. When he is forced to work with Phil Lester, the lead singer of a popular pop-punk band, he is petrified of screwing up.

Notes: I’ve wanted to write a pastel Dan and punk Phil AU for so long now, and I’ve finally done it! I’m planning on updating on the 14th and 28th of every month. Happy Valentine’s Day, and I hope you enjoy!

He stared as his boyfriend’s pale chest rose and fell. The light from his glow in the dark boxers shone through the covers, but it wasn’t enough to calm Dan’s racing heart.

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April Fools Fic

Summary: This whole thing started out as a joke. Phil hadn’t meant any harm. He just wanted Dan to know that he could also pull a cheeky prank..
Genre: Fluff + Tiny bit of Angst (if you squint)
Word Count: 6,994
Reading Time: 00:25:46
Disclaimer: Characters are works of fiction and no copyright infringement is intended. I do not own Dan or Phil and as far as I know, this will never happen. <3

So Ao3 is down until 3:00pm…RIP.

I’ll post it here when it comes back up, but for now, happy April Fools Day folks. This thing was totally not planned so I’m sorry if it’s kind of meh. <3

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Us, As Told by Other People

Written for the 28+ Phandom Meetup, this fic grew too long for me to finish in time. But here is it. 

(~8k, pining, smut, getting together, friends to lovers) | [AO3 Link]

Big shoutout to @killingmeitsso2yearsago​ and @adorkablephil​ for listening to me rabbit on about this one. And to @cosmicphandom2k16​ for hosting the meet up that inspired me to write this. 

Summary: People make a lot of assumptions about Dan and Phil, but what happens when Dan starts believing some of them. You can’t actually ship yourself with your best friend, can you? 

Or: the five times Dan was guilty of over-thinking things, and the one time he wasn’t.

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Phil-sized ~ Phan

Someone suggested I should do a fic about their height difference and I can’t remember who it was, sorry about that but thanks a lot for the idea! 

Edit: thank you @plaidphan for the idea! :D

Word count: 1.292

Warnings: negative self-image 

Phil was stood in the lounge with a pout on his lips as he looked through the pictures they’d taken for their book. 

He’d always been a bit insecure about how awkwardly tall he was, until he met Dan, who, even though he was a bit shorter than Phil, was just as awkwardly tall. He started to like being taller than Dan. He could rest his head atop of Dan’s when they hugged and Dan was usually the little spoon and Phil loved feeling like he could protect Dan. 

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completelyphansexual-deactivate  asked:

Can you do pastel!dan and persistant/rebel!phil?

OHMYGODYES It’s long but I promise it’s worth the read. I’m super proud of this one

- Dan spends every lunch period in the library sat in a comfy chair by the big corner window, a book in hand but not really reading, just observing, watching life happen around him. One day, Phil is serving a detention during that period and sees Dan. He’s immediately infatuated.

- Phil starts going to the library every day for lunch. He just can’t get that gorgeous boy out of his head. He looks absolutely ethereal sitting in the soft light.

- Every day, Phil finds something new to complement as he passes Dan on his way, his colored hair, his shoes, even the glow of his perfect skin.

- Dan looks forward to his daily compliment from Phil, not only flattered but completely infatuated with the boy with the heavy leather jacket, lip piercings, and sparse tattoos peeking out from under his sleeves.

- Every day, the conversations get longer, branching first into how classes are going and personal interests. Soon, they’re spending every period just sitting and chatting, falling harder for each other by the minute.

- One day, Dan brings up that he’s always wanted a nose piercing, and Phil offers to do it for him.

- That Friday, they’re sitting in Phil’s bedroom, piercing supplies laid out on a small tray. The room is pretty close to what Dan expected, sparsely furnished with pictures and posters tacked to the walls, but cleaner than Dan had imagined. It smelled slightly of weed but Dan barely noticed, too focused on Phil’s face, inches from his own.

- Phil places his thumb on Dan’s cheek and pulls slightly, stretching the skin of his nostril. 

“Here right?”


Dan can see every speck of color in Phil’s eyes.

“You know,” Phil pulls his thumb further back on Dan’s cheek, supporting the boys chin in his hand, “I think dimple piercings would be adorable on you.”

Dan smiles slightly, breath catching as Phil leans closer.

- The kiss is slow at first, their lips pressed together and moving in unison. Taking a chance, Phil flicks his tongue over Dan’s bottom lip, and the boy opens his mouth with a tiny gasp.

- Soon they’re a mess of passion, teeth and tongues clashing, hands running through hair and gripping shoulders. Phil lays Dan down on his bed, reaching toward the button of his jeans and looking up for consent. Dan nods, and Phil get’s to work undressing him.

- It feels like hours that they spend just kissing and grinding in their boxers, hushed moans and gasps escaping both, and yet they never want it to end. Phil reaches Down between them, pushing their boxers away and taking both their dicks together in his hand. Dan is overcome with pleasure. He has to take a few moments to just look down at Phil’s hand running over their length, to make sure it’s really happening. The sight elicits a moan from him.

- Dan is so pretty when he comes, his head rolling back, shiny lips slightly parted, eyes fluttering closed, and the sounds he makes, beautiful sounds somewhere between a moan and a sigh. It’s enough to bring Phil to his own climax, choking out a built up moan as he releases onto Dan.

- Dan looks like something right out of Phil’s dreams, flushed and panting and covered in cum.

- After cleaning up, Phil lays beside Dan, pulling him into his strong arms. Dan ends up staying at Phil’s and showing up to school Monday not with a new nose piercing, but with quite a few hickies hidden beneath his scarf.

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Oxymoron(ic) (4/4)

Summary: “Hey I have to photograph someone for class will you be my model?”
((In which Dan hates contrast and Phil is a walking oxymoron))

Genre:  fluff and traces of angst (probably who knows these days)

Warning: swearing and some mentions of self hatred/self criticizing

Words: 4k

A/N: sorry yhis took so long, i’ve had a super busy 2 weeks but HERE U GO. this is the first fic i’ve ever finished I’m well chuffed

Previous Chapter

Dan flipped through the script Jack had printed out for him. It wasn’t as long as he was expecting- he suspected PJ had cut out the majority of the dialogue to try to tell a story through colours and images- it shouldn’t be too hard to learn. He sat on one of the tables in the Film classroom- his laptop perched beside him, trying to memorize his lines for today over the noise of Jack and PJ discussing shooting orders, and Phil constantly playing annoying beeping sounds to help with the synchronization of audio for Jack and PJ to edit.

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Summary: Dan and Phil being adorable during their vacation.Inspired by Ed Sheeran’s Tenerife Sea and Phil’s side channel video that made me feel too many things.

Genre: fluff fluff fluff fluff

Warnings: one or two swear words. slightly implied smut but it’s barely there.

Word count: 1145

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Summary: Dan makes an online dating profile, attracting all sorts of strange people. He nearly gives up altogether before he receives a message from a man that he never would have expected to be a match for him. The man is adorned with pastel colors and a sweet demeanor, and is he really about to go on a date with someone that’s arguably his exact opposite?

Words: 3,655

A/N: am i really posting something after a month? well shit, call me dan howell i guess. it seems we’re on the same uploading schedule jesus christ i apologize

Warnings: swearing, innuendos

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Just Like Dad

Summary:  While Dan is in Berlin, Dil asks Phil if he can get his ears pierced to be like Dan.
Word Count: 1109
Warnings: none
A/N: yes, you have seen this before. it was posted on my old blog which unfortunately got deleted.

Phil led his four year old son, Dil, down the streets of London, looking for a Starbucks. The two were spending a papa-son day while Dan was in Berlin filming a documentary. Phil knew that Dil was feeling kind of sad without his dad around and so he wanted to cheer the boy up, and Starbucks was just the way to do that. Even though Dil was only four, he already shared the love of coffee that his fathers had. Decaf coffee, of course. Phil wasn’t that horrible of a parent.

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An Ocean Away

Genre: Pure Fluff with a bit of sad Dan on the side

Summary: Phil is gone on holiday in Florida and Dan breaks down because he misses him, but Phil finds a way to make Dan feel better even if he is an ocean away (heh my title actually makes sense this time wow)

It’s been five days. Five whole days since Phil left for Florida and as humiliating as it was, Dan was going through withdrawal symptoms. It was this painful empty feeling in the pit of Dan’s stomach that settled in the moment Phil left for the airport. Their flat was scarily quiet and Dan on multiple occasions yelled Phil’s name to show him a funny gif on tumblr or ask for editing advice, only to hear the echoes of his own voice. 

Over the years, Dan had just gotten so used to having another human being there with him 24/7, so an absence of company was pretty noticeable.

Out of ideas and tv shows to divert his attention, Dan ended up going into the depths of his computer where all of his old pictures from his previous iPhone were stored.

Not quite sure of what he was searching for, Dan just ended up scrolling though the pictures and noticed that (with the exception of a few unexplainable pictures) they were all of him and Phil. Their previous VidCon shenanigans, pictures with other youtubers from multiple events and times, and just adorable selfies of Phil when he had taken Dan’s phone without him noticing. Each old picture was just another stab into Dan’s heart. Every picture had a story, a memory, and a tie to their relationship.

His eyes started to get tears built up as Dan continued to scroll through all the pictures of him and Phil experiencing wonderful things that were now some of Dan’s fondest memories. 

Slowly, tears slipped down his face. Why couldn’t Phil be there so they could make more memories instead of just looking at the pictures? As the tears started to blur his vision, he wiped them away shakily with the sleeve of Phil’s jacket (which he may or may not have borrowed) that was pulled over his hand.

Right as he was hitting the 2012 era pictures, Dan’s phone started buzzing in the waistband of his sweatpants. 

As soon as he glanced over the contact name his face broke into a smile. Without a second of hesitation, he slid the lock screen to accept a call from Phil. 

“Hey bear!” A slightly crackling voice said. The background was extremely noisy, but Dan could recognize the voice on the phone anywhere.

“Hey Phil!” Dan said, trying to return the same energy that Phil had given to him, but there was an issue. Dan had been so caught up in the pictures and emotions that came with them that he didn’t even realize how his voice would react from the tears and well, it sounded like he had been sobbing pretty hard. Obviously alarmed, Phil lost all interest in the conversation he had originally called Dan to talk about and just jumped in the matter at hand.

“Dan? Dan are you alright? Have you been crying? What’s wrong?” Phil said, his voice full of fear. There were few times when Phil couldn’t physically be there to consult Dan in real life, and this was one of those times. “I’m…. fine Phil. Don’t worry about it.” Dan replied, tears streaming down his face once again. Dan wasn’t sure whether he was trying to avoid the embarrassment of explaining why he was crying or just the fact that he didn’t want to speak the words out loud, therefore accepting them.

“Dan please stop bullshitting me. I know you’re not alright. It’s my job and my responsibility to help you as much as I can from across the ocean. Please, I don’t care what is it, just tell me what’s wrong.” Phil said, meaning every word.

“I just… miss you…. a lot.” Dan replied, his voice not any better. 

“I miss you too Bear. I really do. I wish I could be there to cuddle with you and to call you cute names that make you all embarrassed and I wish more than anything that I could just be there with you, but I can’t exactly do that right now,” Phil said, his words dragging out the emotions he was feeling right now. “I’m sorry Dan.”

“I understand.” Dan said defeatedly. 

“Would it help to just talk for a while? I can go back to the hotel so you can properly hear me.” Phil suggested. 

“Mhm.” Dan replied while sniffling, the aftermath of emotions crashing over him and draining all his energy.

A three hour phone call, an overly large order for chinese, and one plane ticket from Florida to London later, Dan was laying in Phil’s bed where he was completely cocooned in a mountain of blue and green blankets at an ungodly hour (4:30 am to be exact) when he heard the lock to his front door open. Terrified out of his mind, Dan stayed as still as he possibly could as he was convinced that the person trying to unlock the front door was a murderer. For a whole minute, Dan was motionless until he heard an all too familiar voice from outside the door. 

“Dan? I’m ah-”

“PHIL? PHIL HOW DID YOU- WHEN DID- WHY WOULD…” Dan questioned, not sure what to ask first. Hundreds of emotions ran through his head all at once, confusion, excitement, but more than anything, pure joy

“I can explain a lot better if you’d unlock the bloody door you idiot!” Phil jokingly as he knew that Dan was always terrified of sleeping alone and that was guaranteed to lock the door when Phil wasn’t there with him.

“Oh… sorry about that….” Dan said, getting up to unlock the door. He was immediately uncased in Phil’s comforting arms, and damn, Phil’s hugs hadn’t felt that good in a while. After holding each other for a minute, curiosity took over and Phil had to explain why he wasn’t on a different continent at that moment.

“i felt bad about leaving you here, so I took the first flight I could get to be here with you,” He said quickly.

Shocked, confused, and most of all grateful, Dan thanked Phil in the fastest way he could. Placing his hands on the back of Phil’s head, and pulled him into a kiss.

anonymous asked:

Little!dan getting hard in public while he's in little space and at the park. He starts crying because he doesn't know what's going on and it hurts and he's embarrassed . Daddy phiwww to the rescue

This is so cute oml


-At the park, Dan is sitting in Phil’s lap as he colors, Phil on his phone, surfing through tumblr, which Dan occasionally looks over at. In the middle of a picture of raccoons, Dan glances over to see a post featuring a faceless twink riding someone, skin littered with pretty bruises. Seeing it sends a thrill of arousal through Dan’s stomach, accompanied by a lingering strange feeling in his crotch, making him whimper, but he continues coloring nonetheless.

-By the time Dan finishes his picture, the strange feeling is borderline painful, so he glances down to notice a tent in his shorts. Hurting and now embarrassed, Dan starts to cry, which Phil notices immediately. “Danny, what’s wrong?” Phil asks, moving Dan so that instead of sitting with his back to Phil’s chest, he’s facing Phil.

-”Hurts,” Dan whines, burying his face in Phil’s shoulder.

-”What hurts, baby?”

-”S-special parts, Daddy. Felt funny when I saw the p-picture on your phone, a-and now hurts,” he explains, not seeing Phil raise an eyebrow.

-Scooping all of Dan’s things into his backpack, Phil realizes he’ll have to carry Dan, since there’s no way he’ll be able to get a needy and embarrassed Dan to walk on his own. He manages to get the backpack on and lift Dan up, carrying him to the Underground. “When we get home, can I help you feel better?” Dan nods into Phil’s shoulder, and then just continues to cry the whole way home while Phil comforts him.

-Inside of their house, Phil sets Dan on the couch and tosses the backpack into the corner. Phil sits beside him and pulls Dan into him so that Dan’s in between his legs and his back is flush to Phil’s chest again. Slowly, Phil peels off Dan’s shorts and boxers, and takes off his shoes, leaving Dan in his soft tee shirt and thigh high socks. A quiet whimper escapes Dan’s lips when Phil wraps a hand around Dan’s half-hard dick, stroking him and kissing up the side of Dan’s neck.

-”Daddy,” Dan sighs, tossing his head back and shutting his eyes, grabbing onto Phil’s wrist with both hands.

-”So pretty, you’re so good for me, Danny.” He speeds up slightly, noting that his words make Dan moan louder, and smirks against Dan’s neck. “Bet you’ll look amazing when you come, baby boy. My pretty Dan.”

-A soft cry tumbles out of Dan’s mouth and he spills over Phil’s hand, not lasting long after having been hard for half an hour. “Sleepy,” he mumbles, and shuts his eyes, going limp against Phil, one hand drifting up to his mouth.

-Softly laughing, Phil wiggles out from under Dan to clean his hand off, ignoring how hard he is in his jeans- he can jerk off in the shower or something, but he has to take care of Dan first. He replaces the thumb that Dan’s started sucking on with a pacifier, and picks him up bridal style to bring him to their room. Phil tenderly tucks him under the duvet, and kisses Dan’s forehead.


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Vidcon Isolation

“Don’t forget to tell everyone I’m sorry in person.”

“I know, I will.”

“And let them know I’ll be making a video a bit later today.”


“Also, make sure they know I’m literally miserable being here and that I’d rather meet them. And—”

“Dan! I know! I promise I’ll do all those things, okay? Now put your eye drops in and get some rest.”

“I’m not tired,” Dan mumbled, watching Phil smile at him while making his way around the hotel room, getting ready to meet the fans waiting for them at VidCon.

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