notice the dan and phil picture on phils face


Dan is in 41% of Phil’s videos (you can see him or hear his voice)

Dan is mentioned in 19% of Phil’s videos (he is referred to or you can see him in a picture)

Phil is in 48% of Dan’s videos (you can see him or hear his voice)

Phil is mentioned in 15% of Dan’s videos (he is referred to or you can see him in a picture)

This is only their main channels.

This means that Dan influences 60% of all of Phil’s videos, and that Phil influences 63% of Dan’s videos, in a way that we can notice.

And yes, I watched every single video to make this. It took a while.

This was made when the last video on Phil’s channel was THE FACE SWAP CHALLENGE  and the last one on Dan’s channel was Dan and Phil USA Tour!

did you ever notice how when dan and phil take pictures with each other, they literally mirror each other?

like think about it like this: dan smirks to the right, and phil smirks to the left. dan has his fringe going to the left and phil has his going to the right. dan normally faces left in pictures, while phil faces right.

idk i just happened to notice this.

Why do I feel like Phan is finally ready to open up to us

(Note: Remember Phan isn’t real, obviously they are just brochachos being cool together cause fuck yeah, best bros 4 life….obviously)

I’ve noticed that they are more comfortable with each other than usual. Like usually Dan would hesitate to compliment Phil but now he is like “HELL YEAH Phil is adorable af PHIL TRASH #1 RIGHT HERE!!” And Phil use to hardly mention Dan but now he is taking tons of pictures of him and tweeting all about their convos and experiences.

Also when they record they seem so chill now. Back then they seemed really nervous and Dan would constantly make a face when Phil said something that sounded even the slightest bit dirty or weird. Now they seem more relaxed and playful about it, Dan laughs at all of Phil’s jokes and he makes dirty comments about things himself (I swear he is trying to kill us with that sexy wink he does) although they do still get a little annoyed with each other here and there, they seem much more happier to be around each other and have more casual chats while recording.

I feel like each day we learn a little more about them through their tweets or live shows or new uploaded videos. They’ve also been overcoming a lot of their insecurities too. Phil is more social now and has been doing a fuck load of collabs and Dan is being himself more now, he doesn’t really mind fangirling in front of us and he is finally accepting the fact that he may have a baby crush on Haru. They have also been so nice and playful towards each other that it puts other bestfriends to shame.

Maybe it’s cause of how well the Phandom has been acting lately. After I made the whole “the fact that I have to make this post says a lot about the Phandom” thing, we have been getting a lot better. I don’t really see that much Phan spam in their videos and people have actually stopping looking for “Phan proof”. Although I still do see a few bad eggs here and there, a lot of the Phangirls do come up to them and point out that what their doing is wrong instead of just attacking them and you do not know how much it makes me proud.

However, this isn’t just an invitation to starting going wild and make fuck loads of Phan spam on them, if anything this should make more people want to join in and help clean up the community more. At this rate, the Phandom will be a(n almost) pure and welcoming community for everyone. I’m sure this makes Dan and Phil proud ^__^