notice none have their legs

ok so i have a few troll headcanons

1. trolls have no body hair. none. when they first noticed arm hair and leg hair and whatnot on humans they kinda flipped out like wHY IS THERE HAIR THERE HUMAN WHY

2. troll nipples (yes, damara mentions nipples in canon so trolls have em) are considered obscene on all genders because they are purely sexual. no need to nurture children so somehow they contribute purely to sex and are to be always covered up like we humans typically cover our genitals and such. for example say in a non-sexual situation dave ends up shirtless (idk man just roll with it) and a troll sees him and, once again, flips out because that is so obscene what the fuck man cover that shit up we don’t wanna see it

3. grubscars often aren’t often that noticeable and are considered by troll society to be “ugly.” they’re typically more pronounced on lowbloods and a lot of troll body positivity includes spreading the idea that grubscars are beautiful too

4. following #3, grubscars are more pronounced on lowbloods because lowbloods tend to scar much easier than highbloods