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You can bet your ass the day Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle bless Gotham City with a daughter it’s a fucking event. Fireworks for an entire month, pink balloons released in parks all across the city, flowers and gifts sent to Wayne Manor from well meaning citizens. And that’s all without her name ever being released. Once Wayne Enterprises releases a statement saying Bruce and Selina named her Martha everyone loses their shit (naturally her middle name is Maria for Selina’s mother but not many notice that as quickly). Magazines and newspapers analyze the meaning, people take old footage of Bruce’s mother and mix it with what little there is of his daughter to create YouTube tribute videos. The city is obsessed with a child that hasn’t even seen her first month of life yet.

And this makes the third generation of Waynes that Alfred has lived to know. He can only hope baby Martha meets a kinder fate than her namesake. Of course he spoils her, everyone does. He worries though. He worries because he knows Martha is truly her parents’ child. She’s Bruce’s ferocity and intelligence. She’s Selina’s cunning and endurance. But Alfred doesn’t dwell on that for too long. No, he just loves her and treasures her like the miracle she is.

As much as Bruce would like to pretend otherwise, Martha is also Batman’s daughter which puts her at a level of danger most horror movie writers can only dream of. He has nightmares of the Joker holding his daughter above some acid pit, of the Penguin kidnapping her right from her crib. He always expects the worst which is why he immediately jumps for the closest weapon when he comes home one night to find Martha cradled in Harley Quinn’s arms. Selina has to coax him down, reminding him that yes Martha is Batman’s daughter, but she is also Catwoman’s daughter. And with that comes Aunt Harley and Aunt Ivy who are already completely wrapped around Martha’s tiny, chubby fingers. Bruce decides if Selina’s friends get to play family, so do his. Clark and Diana are at the Manor before the phone call is finished.

Portrait of actress Carolle Drake. Label on back: “Carolle Drake, soon to be seen in "Band of angels,’ a Warner Bros. production.” Stamped on back: “Photo by Bert Six, Warner Bros. License to reproduce with copyright notice granted to newspapers, magazines and other publications.” Handwritten on back: “Drake, Carolle, actress.”

  • Courtesy of the E. Azalia Hackley Collection of African Americans in the Performing Arts, Detroit Public Library

速水誠一郎  // 1 - 11 

  • 5sos: *communicates with mark hoppus over twitter*
  • 5sos: *is friends with all time low and has written songs with them*
  • 5sos: *writes with the lead singer of sum 41*
  • 5sos: *writes with Pierre and chuck from simple plan*
  • 5sos: *is noticed by rock magazines as a good, quality band*
  • 5sos: *does a quality cover of american idiot that was posted on green days facebook*
  • teenage white boys: *still refuses to take them seriously bc girls think they're attractive*

Okay, because I watched this episode for the Farkle Bear theory, I noticed the magazine that Farkle picked up while Riley and Maya were giving Auggie advice. This scene is right after Topanga notices that Farkle came in through the bay window. And Farkle tells Auggie that if he likes Ava, she must be really something. The next post is their dialogue, which is pretty 👀.
Anyway, the magazine reads:
Game Night has met its match.
In this issue:
What’s happening to me?
Why is this happening again?
When will this stop happening?

Then we have silhouettes of what look like an older Riley, and possibly an older Farkle sitting at the Bay Window.
Farkle’s got his head in his hands, and he looks conflicted. Riley’s either looking at a phone or holding her hand up.
Anyway, considering the dialogue that came next after this it’s no coincidence.


I guess I started noticing how much better I liked recordings that people did on tape more than I did recordings that people were making when they started doing them on computer. I started asking questions and reading books, and magazines and noticing that the whole approach to recording in the ‘60s and the early '70s was far superior to the approach now - both in terms of fast execution, producing records, being able to make a record quickly and being able to come up with a good sounding record - at least in rock music. Electronic music is the only thing that’s flourished in the digital age. It seems like you don’t have people making rock records that sound as good as Master of Reality of Led Zeppelin II or things like that - there’s a warmth there and an atmosphere there that you just don’t get. Ryan and I read something by Joe Boyd (Tape Op 60) where he was saying that a big part of the reason that recordings had so much atmosphere and vibe in the '60s, was thay they’d have the people all playing in one room / they wouldn’t be playing in isolation booths. With the microphones placed right, the bleed in between the instruments was what was creating the atmosphere and what our ears register as being the cibe. That’s something that’s lacking when everybody is recording everything separately.” 

- John Frusciante [ Tape Op (USA), September/ October 2007]

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charlie and nat being noticed by people magazine omg i feel so conflicted about this people(.)com/tv/stranger-things-natalia-dyer-charlie-heaton-spotted-jetting-out-lax-together-after-golden-globes/?xid=socialflow_twitter_peoplemag

the headline is ridicule :P
i feel conflicted as well… i don’t want them to be annoyed by paps or gossips. i mean, yeah, they are celebreties so they know it’s part of the deal but, i want them to keep having a normal life, simple pleasures, like a nice walk in the streets in peace… i just hope that they are happy no matter what.

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oh my goodness. Ikkipin! I just noticed that odd magazine in your new post says "first time?" SCREAMS ヽ(;▽;)ノ vat is the implication of this

(    ͡°   ͜ʖ  ͡° )


                                      El Cheapo Tactical Pt.2

                                DIY Magazine Assist / Magpul

So as I was trying stuff out with my SADF pattern 83 rig, I noticed that AR-15 magazines sit way too far down in the pouch to get out quickly. The only problem is that Magpul magazine assists are $10.00 for 3 + shipping. No bueno. 

I got some 100 mph tape in the mail (at least that’s what it was sold as, idk if it’s legit), and with that and some old nylon webbing I can make dozens of these on the cheap. I decided to go with the webbing over para cord because the nylon keeps its shape rather than flopping around, which hopefully will reduce the amount of fishing I have to do with my finger. Lemme know what you think peeps


So I got to be a model for a day, and these are the unedited picture I liked the most

Photograph: Charlotte Arbez ( Spatule )

Model: Ethan Lleres Farkas ( Ethanosaurus )

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I think the big gossip websites and magazines have noticed that Taylor disappeared. Maybe they have started to research why she is so quiet. They probably have many sources, we only have sightings/candids and the jets. And I am sure Perez Hilton and Lainey both know about the TnT rumors.

Possibly. Guess we’ll see.


You returned from your morning training to find an envelope on your bed side table, you looked at it questionly but decided to open it. The letter read ‘Your legs must be tired because you’ve beening running through my mind all night’ you smiled and chuckled. Tony must have been telling Steve cheesy pick up lines.

The tower was now finally clean 'A nap wouldn’t hurt’ you thought so you collapsed on the counch and turned to face the room and slowly you closed your eyes as you were finally able to relax- wait. Your eyes snapped open and looked towards the pile of magazines and noticed there was a corner of something sticking out of the pile that shouldn’t be there, you stuck your hand out to grab it and took it out of the pile. It was another envelope exactly like the other ones you found through your cleaning spree, a smirk appeared on your lips as you thought of what kind of cheesy pick up line there was.

'There are people who say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. Apparently, none of them have ever been in your arms.’

A giggle escaped your lips as you read the note,
“Okay, what’s with the giggling?” Tony asked as he walked out of the elevator.
“Oh nothing” You waved as you tried to take your nap. The sound of shuffling feet made its way towards you then the sound of paper sliding against another piece.
“Not bad spangles not bad” Tony said proudly as if a father being proud of his son.
“Hmmm? Didn’t you help the dorito?” You questioned, Tony looked down at you with a playful smirk and winked,
“Maybe, maybe not.” A very visable blush appeared on your face as you remembered certain notes.

“../n)…(y/n)..(y/n)” You slowly woke up to someone shaking you.
“Mmmm..” You sleeply responded and you rubbed your eyes as they slowly opened. You blinked a few times as your eyes adjusted to the light and noticed Steve was standing above you.
“Oh hey there casanova” You smiled,
“You’re so beautiful that you made me forget my pickup line”