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Anthems for Logan Sanders

Warrnings: Long, long post! (I understand your possible TLDR) Full of Logan Sanders, love to Logan Sanders, memes with Logan Sanders, paean of praise to Logan Sanders and other stuff like that with no objectivity. And probably very bad English with horrible mistakes. (I’m so sorry Logan! Q_Q)

Lately I saw some posts about that Logan is unappreciated. I love all of Sanders Sides but actually I have no idea why Logic would ever be unappreciated because he is almost my fav. I just don’t know HOW? Well, If someone is daring to say that Logan is underrated, I am going to present my point of view. Subjectively!

Everyone of them have their own music theme. The music which play when Sides show up. Cool music theme! (Roman have „The Blue Danube” MY FAV classical song, oh, boy!!!) but I like the most Logic’s theme because this is as well intriguing as funny! Fit to Logan perfectly. Everytime when I hear that, it makes me a happy human!

He is very elegant. Did you notice he has a two shirts? One with lion logo and one with eagle logo. I love his gesticulation nad his facial expression! Because… You know…

He likes to dress-up! Isn’t it cool?!

Look at him. He is so pleased the first question from Q&A went to him. Adorable! And his favourite book is „The Murder of Roger Ackroyd” by Agatha Christie. Awesome choise! Agatha Christie was great and Hercules Poirot is my fav detective ever ❤ Logan have a good taste! At least for me.

Logan love dogs stoo! I’m 100% sure his love to puppies is equal his love to Patton Patton’s love to puppies. Look at that! Love to dogs is logical so Logan love dogs.

And he love poetry.

Yes, poetry. He can choose the most romantic lyric. „Brush up your Shakespeare” gyus! I love him. If you think that was ‘bout Shakespeare you’re right. If you think that was ‘bout Logan you’re right too.

And since I talk about poetry! He did not let himself be defeated in rap battle. He rules! He was great! Nobody will forget it! Totally badass!

Nobody will forget how he won a debate. He used logical reasoning to show positives. Even without help Roman’s role - self confidence and Patton’s role - optimism. And even if someone use wonderful debate tactic like hissing at people!

The only person he can not beat is Morality. This is only one who can be his rival, they always need to compromise. Morality never wins too he is at the same level. And largely this is the reason why I call Patton my fav character from Sanders Sides. Only one who Logan can’t defeat.

Maybe Logan don’t like the dad jokes but he definitely makes a puns. He makes a lot of puns („terrible humor”, „valorous choice”, „ants, aunts”)  and I realized that first time when I was writing polish subtitles to „Making Some Changes” video where translating all the puns and whole the idioms was a torment. I have a theory Logan is angry at Patton when he’s doing a puno r dad joke because Patton is just better in this „game”. Or because he takes everything literally and that confuse him! But…

He appreciates the role of each part of the personality. When Thomas is worried because the audition Logan offer to call Prince for Thomas’ self-confidence or Morality for Thomas’ optimism. Even if he don’t think Anxiety’s is needed, he knows that he is very important.

Some people just noticed that what I want to write now but this is too amazing! Logan in “Accepting Anxiety 2/2” was freaking awesome! He realized what is happening to them first, he knew that so early!

And that moment when he was screaming „YERKS-DODSON!” and circling in red a word „HIGH” on the chart. With looking at Anxiety who udnderstood him. Logan found the way how to tell something important to Virgil despite his problems with communication! He was GREAT! He was FREAKING GREAT!!!

I admire him, I love him, I’m amazed.

And very important thing. Logan is a Teacher. And role of teacher is teaching.

- He completes my vocabulary (in my mother language AND English!) just using a long, difficult words. If I want to understand what he is talking I must to check it. This is learning by fun!

- He refers to many interesting books like Roman refers to Disney movies and Patton refers to popular songs.

- He taught me a some psychology in “My negative thinking”.

- Finally he taught me last time about Yerks-Dodson curve – I checked it and I started to read about it. That was cool!

Logan Sanders is great Teacher, awesome Side of personality and SEXY BEAST. Tell him it from me Thomas, please. @thatsthat24

…If you wanted I can do anthems for other three. Would you like?

Wanna One as Disney Movie Characters (Hyung Line)

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(I chose this gif because of the fact that it had a Zootopia character is a Disney movie heh)

Hello once again and I am back with my second request which came in from @curryriceu ! Firstly, I would like to apologise that it did take a little longer than usual because I really needed to do some research about the various Disney characters, and especially their character traits. Nevertheless, this was still an interesting request because I don’t think I’ve seen many of this in the Kpop world, or perhaps even none at all! o.o Hence, I would like to thank you guys anyway for sending in such interesting requests because hoorah to having it posted into the Tumblr world! ^^ 

For this, I would be splitting them up into a two-part series and will separate the “Hyung Line” from the “Maknae Line” for easier readability once again. 

Without further ado, let’s get started, shall we? And once again, I wish you all a happy reading experience as I take the opportunity to take you to your childhood in a different light! :) 

Yoon Jisung: Honey Lemon (Big Hero 6) 

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Just like Honey, Jisung is pretty much the male version of her. In the movie, she was portrayed as someone sweet (as her name suggests), sunny, outgoing and cheerful. Furthermore, she was one who always had a positive attitude, even in times of adversity and had an extremely empathetic personality, which allowed her to become the “glue” of the group. Just like how Jisung was in Produce 101, he was always one who encouraged them to push on, especially Hyunbin, whom he had given a pep talk to when the latter had been receiving a whole slur of hate comments from netizens. Honey was also the mother of the group in Big Hero 6 and the same goes for Jisung who took up the position to be the leader of the legendary “Downpour” team and always took care of his team. He was never jealous of their achievements, and instead accepted it with a humble heart and was extremely proud of his members’ achievements. However, let us also not forget that he has an extremely witty side to him, which completes the whole picture of Honey because not only did she know when to be serious, but she also knew how to have fun, and once again, that is Yoon Jisung in a nutshell. Before I forget to mention it, Honey was also intelligent and the same goes for Jisung, especially with his witty replies and comments. 

Ha Sungwoon: Aladdin (Aladdin) 

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For Sungwoon, he is, in fact, the smallest in the band in terms of size with a height of 168cm while the rest of his members tower over him with heights ranging from 172cm (Daehwi) to a whopping 183cm (Minhyun and Guanlin). Hence, I actually wanted to find a small Disney character which was known for having a giant heart, but I could not find one that matched his personality as close as Aladdin did. In the movie, Aladdin was pretty much the optimistic and fun-loving boy who was clearly young at heart with all the antics that he would pull off when he stole something for his own survival. However, he had an extremely kind heart, nevertheless, and was one to give his loots to those who were lesser off than him. Despite these seemingly good traits about him, he was also an insecure character and deemed himself unworthy of Princess Jasmine’s love, and always sought to gain affection and attention from most of the characters. However, he remained extremely brave throughout the 2 movies despite these insecurities. Lastly, even though it took Aladdin some time to accept the fact that his father had left him, it was clear that he did not hold grudges for very long either. At this point, if this does not sound like Sungwoon, I don’t know what else does. To me, he was confident at some points, but did have his moments when things did not exactly go the way he wanted, especially when he was neither given the main vocal position for “Downpour” nor “Never” for the concept evaluation. However, he braved through the odds and soon became the centre of “Super Hot” and becoming a part of the final 11. Furthermore, he held no grudges against the “Never” team for voting him out and remained thankful for the time he had spent with them. 

Hwang Minhyun: Aslan (Narnia)

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I personally was a huge fan of the Narnia series and actually watched all the movies to know that Minhyun pretty much reminded me of Aslan’s characteristics. In the movie, Aslan was intelligent, wise, gentle and was exceptionally chivalrous. Furthermore, he was also one who would have encouraging pep talks with the four children (Peter, in particular) and showed them great care, especially when he was willing to trade his life to spare Edmund’s. From this, it’s probably enough to remind one of Minhyun’s personal qualities. Despite the fact that he (and the rest of Nu’est) were 5-year-old idols, which is probably considered enough to be a respectable senior, they were willing to still go onto Produce 101 Season 2 in order to get a second chance, despite all the hatred that they received from the public, which clearly highlighted his brave attitude and how determined he was, like Aslan. In terms of wisdom and intelligence, it was pretty obvious when he created the legendary “Sorry Sorry Team 2″, which always received its recognition from episode 3 all the way to the end of the show. He did not pick the most popular members, but he picked members with the talent and well-roundedness in order to deliver a good performance. Sure, the team might not have won, but they sure left an impact for the general audience. Ever since his Nu’est days, he was always known to be the most gentle and mature one out of the band, despite being the second youngest, and cared for the well-being of his members greatly; believing in them when they did not believe in themselves and was clearly someone very dependable to rely on. Lastly, he was never the one to show much emotion, but only broke down when his members did not make it into Wanna One with him. Just like Aslan, he only showed his weaknesses and fear on very few occasions, but rose back up to the occasion and trudged on anyway for the sake of the greater good. 

Ong Seongwoo: Flynn Rider (Tangled) 

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In the movie, Flynn was pretty much portrayed to be extremely confident in everything he does and that’s pretty much Ong Seongwoo already because of his savagery alone and how he was aware of how much capability and potential he had to survive the competitive programme. Nevertheless, he never rested on his laurels, despite the fact that he never fell out of the top 11 and was categorised into the A-grade, just like Flynn’s devotedness. Furthermore, Flynn was also known to be quite a comedian and for whoever who has watched anything with Seongwoo in it, one is bound to laugh out loud or chuckle at some point because of his expression and how good he was with his words and actions to bring laughter even in times of hardship. However, on the flip side of the coin, Flynn’s arrogance was instead a defence mechanism and proved to be something which gave him a false sense of optimism in order to hide someone who was actually vulnerable and someone who was actually capable of showing legitimate emotion. Similarly, Seongwoo revealed HERE that he seemed grateful and proud that he made it into the bunch of A-graders, but actually had a hard time fitting in and opening up to his other roommates, and it was pretty clear that he too feared elimination despite his seemingly cool front, because he did tear up when he gave his winning speech to claim 5th place in the final line up. Just like Flynn, Seongwoo indeed possessed a similar personality where he tended to show his stronger and more confident side rather than his more vulnerable and gentle side. However, he has indeed made a good deal of friends from all the teams that he has been in and was then able to show a different side of him, which definitely led to another surge in popularity. He might be deemed “rude” and “unnecessary”, but he has clearly shown that he is just like any of the other trainees, especially in terms of their thoughts and feelings, but chose to remain strong through the competition and always kept his head up. Sure, he too had some issues with Fantagio when his contract was cancelled due to unexplained reasons, but he continued to make a name for himself despite having the odds stacked against him and came onto Produce 101 despite his “coming of age” for a K-idol. Hence, like Flynn, Seongwoo not only portrays the confidence and comedy, but he also portrayed courage, determination and was clearly another loyal and trustworthy friend, despite his teasing tendencies. 

Kim Jaehwan: The Prince (Snow White)

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If anything, Jaehwan’s was probably the hardest to think of. Trust me, he is one of my #1 biases in Wanna One (together with Minhyun heh) but as I did my research, it was actually difficult to associate him with one character alone. I even googled “Disney characters who sing” just to see whether there would be at least one who accompanies his profession and character. After much thought, I associated him with “The Prince” simply because both of them have amazing voices and probably the types to break out into song at the most random of timings, just like how The Prince did an unintentional duet when he heard Snow White sing and how Jaehwan would have his mini karaoke sessions if he had his guitar with him. Character wise, The Prince did have quite a charismatic attitude and despite his simple appearance, he was probably able to sweep a girl off her feet with his soothing voice alone and that was Jaehwan; looking like a simple boy who captivated the hearts of National Producers with with his vocal chops. Personally, one looks best (and actually becomes noticeable) when one does what he or she is truly good at and he definitely did. He was not particularly good looking (no hate here please) but his vocal prowess made him stand out eventually to claim 4th place in the final 11 (a huge jump from all his positions throughout the entire show). Apart from that, The Prince was also said to be brave and devoted (like many of the other characters really) and that was what Jaehwan showed when he came to the show without a company to back him up and worked extremely hard for the re-evaluations in order to maintain his B grade in the dance aspect. All this paid off eventually and he is not only the main vocalist in Wanna One, but has also shown to be surprisingly good at rapping and be able to maintain those high notes while dancing. 

Kang Daniel: Li Shang (Mulan) 

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Hmm… Where should I start? To begin with, Li Shang was known for being someone who was extremely intense and despite the fact that most would be shocked by this statement (especially for Daniel’s case because he is a peach irl) but I only got into Produce 101 Season 2 in episode ¾ and my first impression was that Daniel was one who would definitely catch the eye of National Producers, just like Li Shang over how he was known to be dashing and captured the people’s attention. Like Shang, Daniel did not speak very much in the beginning of the show and was known to have either little screen time or a little more on the socially awkward side. However, he opened up (no pun intended) eventually towards the end and became quite endearing after showing more sides towards his subconscious hilarious antics. However, there were also times when Li Shang was not always perfect. He had his moments of doubt and fear initially, but came back again to be deemed as heroic, bold and daring and this pretty much screamed “Daniel Kang” to me. As you would all have known about his infamous social media scandal, he was extremely apologetic and probably doubted his abilities at one point because he was given a song that he felt no confidence in doing. Despite this, he overcame the odds and eventually became the leader of the “Open Up” team, who claimed victory at the concept evaluations and eventually claimed the #1 spot to become the centre of Wanna One. To come this far is really something to commend, because he did not start on a “popular footing” at the beginning but eventually rose the ranks to become a better version of himself, especially when he was able to showcase his stable vocal chops despite having trained as a dancer and a rapper. Furthermore, he had become more confident in his abilities and was unafriad to show it, which definitely captured the attention of viewers. Hence, it’s pretty clear that Daniel came a long way to become who he is today and the same went for Li Shang, who was only known to be strict and incapable of fear and emotion, but it was later shown that he soon developed himself to become a character who was willing to help Mulan (despite his anger when he discovered her to be a woman) and someone who learnt the importance of teamwork and learnt to work together with his fellow comrades to save China. Yes, their developments are different, but the extent is pretty much the same and this is the reason why I would associate Daniel with Li Shang of Mulan. 

And that is all for today! I’m sorry @curryriceu that you had to wait so long as I’ve been busy prepping for my school’s Choir performance. ;; I’m currently in the midst of writing this for the Maknae Line of Wanna One though so do look forward to the second part! ^^ And yes indeed, this is my longest post ever so thank you to everyone for reading all the way up to this point omg, you guys are great and I am thankful for everyone’s support! ^^ 

P.S. I’ve reached a 161 follower count and a 632 note count from likes and reblogs. ;; Never expected to come to this point, especially with so many other good blogs out there so once again, thank you all and I will keep working hard to bringing you guys smiles and laughter with my scenarios and imagines! ^^ Hope this one took you back to your childhood and that you guys had fun actually imagining the Wanna One members as these Disney movie characters! ^^ 

So goodbye for now and I will see you guys again in Part 2! ^^ 

A Spider Sense

Pairing: Peter Parker X Reader // Sam Drake X Reader

Fandom: Uncharted x Spiderman: Homecoming crossover

Word Count: 2,575

Warnings: None?

Summary: You, a straight A History student, just got kicked out of the popularity clique (Liz, Flash) due to your sudden interests in comics and geeky stuff and has a meet up with the biggest geeks from Midtown High (you know).
Also a handsome new History teacher (YOU KNOW) asks you something that will change your life forever.

Notes: Okay. Here it is. I wrote this super quickly, because I have a flight to catch. This idea has been in my head for a while and I really wanted to start writing this before I leave. I’m really nervous about posting this…
Hope you guys like it! UPDATE: Planning on writing a part 2 on this one when it reaches 100+ notes!

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Star vs The Forces of Evil: The “Movie”

Okay, it’s actually the first four episodes of Season 3, but then, several Disney Afternoon shows did multi-episode stories back in the day, so it’s kinda a welcomed return. But anywho, it’s time for…


And no, I am NOT recapping this again when it’s aired as separate episodes next week. What I AM going to do, though, is say…

…Wow, am I mixed on this right now. I mean, it wasn’t a BAD season premiere, but… I’d be lying if I said that this would’ve been better either as the Season 2 finale or an actual movie. Which is not to say is wasn’t good, by any means, what I mean is– Okay, let’s look at the two-hour event.

Of course, being a two-hour event with 6 11-minute segments and one 22-minute episode, I feel the best way to do that is to do it in bulletpoints, or Acts, with some of the most important parts of what happens over the episodes, so forgive me if this seems a bit rushed.

In Act I, Star and Moon go to a mystical place where they can rejuvenate the Magic High Commission, only to find that the magic has been replaced with black slime. In Act II, we flash back to after Moon’s mother was murdered by Toffee, and she became the Queen of Mewni; after which, she went to Eclipsa for the Darkest Spell, and with it, she blasted Toffee’s finger off, and because of the… (clears throat) darkness of said spell, it is no longer able to rejuvinate. In Act III, Ludo, who wants to write about how he defeated the Magic High Commission, gets fed up with the Book of Spells and kills Glossaryck by burning it in the fire pit, as Toffee had not anticipated but nonetheless rather needed to convince Ludo to hijack Butterfly Castle… which he does at the ending of Act IV after Marco convinces River to be more of a king and he shoos a giant monster away. In Act V, Star takes Moon to Yvgeny’s place where he and his tadpoles live (and yes, I know he’s alright with people calling him Buff Frog, but I’ve just grown to calling him that) and sneaks out after Yvgeny and Moon play a hilariously bigoted board game and introduces us to that fact that there are board games in this universe that, if these kinds of games existed in real life, would be beyond offensive no matter the time. Act VI comes, and Marco escapes to get the dungeon key with help from Ruberiot, Fool Duke and a mime, which River rejects, accepting his fate of being levitato’d into the sky, and in the final two acts, Star confronts Ludo and tells him that Toffee is controlling him through his hand-wand, and then…

…we have a great ending to close it all out. Not exactly the way I would’ve done it, but… it brought me back to when it got real in Storm the Castle or Starcrushed, but in a really damn good way.

Now, as for the thing itself, Daron Nefcy said that the movie was really the first 4 episodes connected into one story arc, as we all know, and it definitely shows. As a four-part season premiere, it’s a good opening to a long-awaited third season. But as a movie, the pacing, even if you didn’t compare them to the Disney Afternoon series premieres, is really abysmal. The episodes are indeed connected, but they feel kinda slow. I mean, they’re not pointless overall, and they piece together with each other very well… except for “Marco and the King”.

I really wanted that first segment with Marco and River to have more of an impact on the overall plot, like maybe they were gonna go and find Star and Moon after Marco convinces him they could be in danger, which gives River both the motivation to gather a force to help them on their quest (after a bit of convincing) and a chance for River to bond with Marco more. But no, instead we have a plot about him being more kingly for the residents, and after all that’s said and done, Ludo comes in with his rat army and takes over. This was the most boring part of the special, and while I knew Ludo was gonna attack at the end, I wish it was better-executed than this. And I understand if you like it– It’s still got a good opening and it’s nice to see River have his own episode to himself. –but, man, it could’ve had more of an impact than how it turned out.

But with that said, the rest of the event holds up pretty well, despite its flaws. There’s a lot of humor, and most of it hits bullseyes (particularly Moon and Yvgeny playing that bigoted board game, and Ludo trying to open the book repeatedly, to no avail); the intense moments here are really intense in a good way, especially for a Disney show– Hell, especially for ANY animated show, for that matter; the characters are still their likable and popular characters; and while I wish it was the Season 2 finale, I’m glad this was how they were starting out the season: It ends one or two story arcs (okay, ONE), and signals the beginning of a brand new one, promising to be bigger and darker than the last.

So, do I have problems with it. Yes? Do I wish it was a lot more cinematic than what we got? Absolutely. But for what it is, it’s a fine way to come back to Mewni and be reunited with our favorite characters. I think we’ll have better episodes as the season continues, but it’s unfair to simply label the premiere as a whole as a waste of time. We DID learn a good deal about Moon’s past, and there WAS a satisfying conclusion to wrap things up.

I enjoyed watching it from beginning to end, and here’s to the new season of Star vs the Forces of Evil, where we’ll have a lot more weirdness and wildness to look forward to over the next few months.

And if you’re still here wondering how the whole thing ends in case you haven’t seen it yet…

…then let’s just say I have the “Keep Reading” bit underneath that for good reason.

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anonymous asked:

RFA + V finds out ur a really good singer?


  • You guys are super open about everything, so he didn’t really think there was anything about you that could surprise him
  • but one day while you were gaming with him, someone on the voice channel started playing Britney Spears and you got super into it 
  • singing, dancing, imitating her facial expressions
  • the whole shebang
  • he thinks it’s hilarious that you’re so into it
  • but
  • holy shit???? why do you sound so good???
  • like, you’re goofing around, so why does your voice sound so pretty????
  • after the song is over he just kinda looks at you
  • “since when can you sing???”
  • he’s not really all that surprised because he thinks you’re great at everything but it was still sort of a shock to him
  • you’ve gotten really comfortable singing around him and you do it all the time now
  • in the shower, fixing lunch, in the car
  • and he just sort of smiles whenever he hears you 
  • because you’re just so amazing how the heck did he manage to date you
  • why did you agree to date him
  • like, the only talent he has is having a really strong prescription for his glasses
  • and you have enough talent to cover 20 people
  • it just makes him really happy because he loves you and you’re great


  • basically, you had a little bit too much wine while you were waiting for him to get home
  • y’know, it was one of those nights where he had to stay back to finish up a project
  • usually you’ll pour yourself a glass of wine and wait for him, but you sort of went overboard
  • he comes home after what might have been your fourth glass, but that didn’t mean much because you weren’t really paying attention to how much counted as “one glass” 
  • you just kinda poured wine until it felt right
  • this poor guy
  • you’re laying on the floor with Elizabeth 3rd in your arms
  • she’s not having fun, but it’s quite obvious that you are
  • you’re singing her a lullaby, and every time she lets out a displeased meow you just start laughing
  • it’s really strange because your words are slurred and you don’t really know what you’re saying, but you still sound pretty decent
  • “Okay. Honey, let Elizabeth go. Let’s get you to bed”
  • “But Jumin I was singing her a lullaby. What if she can’t sleep now??”
  • “She’ll be able to sleep just fine but I would absolutely love if you sang me a lullaby.”
  • your eyes light up and you just kinda stare at him and immediately push yourself up to walk with him to the bedroom
  • Elizabeth fucking books it
  • Jumin hadn’t planned on actually falling asleep but you’re playing with his hair and singing in your sweet little voice, he just can’t resist
  • He starts dozing off, but he hears you go silent and it makes him a little bit sad that your voice wasn’t the last thing he got to experience before he fell asleep
  • but he just sorta cuddles you until he falls asleep
  • he doesn’t mention it until a week later when he’s stressed tf out
  • he thinks that your voice might soothe him
  • he was right


  • Okay so how it happens is he catches you singing in the shower
  • you usually shower while he’s at class so you never have to worry, but his last class of the day got canceled so he’s home early of course
  • so he throws his bag to the ground and walks to the bathroom to do his after-school-business 
  • and he’s all “o she must be listening to the radio while she’s in the shower omg that’s so cute!”
  • but when he opens the door he doesn’t hear any actual music
  • just you singing
  • the poor boy is in awe
  • like, omg he never knew
  • he just sort of stands there in the doorway listening to you sing whatever disney princess song popped into your head until you turn the water off
  • then he starts panicking because “did she not want me to know?? I just listened to her take a shower, that’s so creepy! I’m creepy!”
  • But then when you walk out and see him standing there, your face just goes pale
  • actually, first you almost fall because holy shit theres someone in the bathroom
  • oh wait its just Yoosung how’d he get in here
  • he just sorta walked out, so you were a little scared that he thought you were bad, but later that night while he was cooking dinner you asked him why he wasn’t listening to music like usual
  • he wanted you to sing for him and be his music while he cooked omg
  • you were still sorta nervous so you suggested turning on some music and said that you might sing along if you were feeling it
  • he still won’t stop telling you how beautiful your singing voice is
  • like seriously every time he hears you even humming he gets so excited
  • and every time he gets the chance to encourage you to sing, he does
  • it’s so cute, he’s just completely blown away every time you sing
  • this kid is so in love with you it’s unreal


  • you guys usually go do something fun on the weekends
  • even when there’s no actual plans, you’ll at least go to the park or go see a movie or something
  • but at 2 pm on this particular Saturday, neither of you had the will to even put real pants on
  • so you both just sort of sat on the couch in your undies while you flipped through the TV
  • one of the channels was doing a “throwback to the 90′s” thing where they play all the top songs from the 90′s
  • “oh my god Jaehee I loved Justin Timberlake SO much”
  • basically, you end up downloading like five albums and its strictly NSYNC and Backstreet Boys
  • you both remember almost all the words
  • it turns into a “sing to your heart’s content and talk about your 90′s celebrity crushes” event
  • she notices halfway through that you actually sound really good
  • like, it doesn’t really take a lot to sing these songs well, but you just sound really nice.
  • so afterwords, she puts in the DVD of your favorite of Zen’s musicals and she’s singing some of the parts, encouraging you to sing as well because it actually takes some effort to sound good while singing these songs
  • oh my god
  • you sound great
  • why didn’t she know before??
  • you guys sing along to these musicals all the time, how had she not noticed????
  • now she just pays a lot more attention to when you sing because she really likes hearing it
  • she thinks you’re better than Zen


  • somehow, he got you totally hooked on broadway musicals
  • like, that’s all you listen to now
  • you haven’t heard an actual current song in months because you’re still listening to Chicago
  • you’ve never wanted to sing in front of him because he’s so good and that’s just so intimidating
  • but you’re goofing around one day singing to “Popular” from Wicked
  • you’re being totally dramatic and goofy, playing with his hair and feigning disgust with him on certain lines
  • and then when that song’s over, you’re feeling hyped so you just keep going
  • you guys end up singing duets and its just really cute
  • but he’s so surprised
  • “I’m literally a musical actor why the hell didn’t you tell me you can sing?”
  • he ends up wanting you to audition for musicals with him
  • you’re totally against it for months but you figure that if he thinks you’re good, that definitely means a lot
  • he actually manages to convince you to audition for Heathers at your local theatre
  • but on the way to the audition you get super anxious and shaky
  • “Zen I can’t do this take me back home”
  • “babe you’re fine” 
  • “I have such bad stage fright I don’t know how I managed to overlook that. I’m not doing this”
  • he insists that they’ll love you and you should just do it
  • but then he thinks you’re about to cry so he takes you home and doesn’t try to push it again
  • he likes to get you on snapchat sometimes though and put it on his story because his fans compliment you and he really wants to boost your confidence
  • he still wants you to be in a play with him but he’s chill with taking baby steps


  • You’d heard him listening to classical and opera a couple times, but you couldn’t really get into it
  • When the two of you hung out, you’d usually listen to something a little more modern, but there were a few opera-ish songs that you enjoyed
  • you didn’t really know what they were saying, but you recognized  the songs whenever you heard them
  • one day you get in the shower and you forget to change the music before you hop in 
  • omg it’s that one song you know
  • you kinda hum along. it  makes you feel a little dramatic as you shave your legs
  • V accidentally left his phone in the bedroom, so he comes to get it, but he laughs when he hears you mimicking the song
  • you hit one of the notes
  • y’know those notes where it sounds so pretty but they’re just so damn hard to sing??
  • yeah, you do that PERFECTLY
  • you hold the note and then you just kinda stand there for a second, majorly impressed with yourself
  • he’s equally impressed, if not more so
  • “holy shit, how did I even do that??”
  • he laughs again and you hear him that time
  • you’re so embarrassed, like,
  • can you drown in half an inch of water on the shower floor?? lets find out
  • he just sort of bombards you with compliments on your voice for the rest of the week
  • but then he lets everyone know in the RFA chat 
  • now you have everyone begging you to show them
  • every time V brings it up you die a little bit 

Warning: This has spoilers for The House of Hades by Rick Riordan.

Warning: This is old news. I don’t care.

Going into the Percy Jackson series, I knew that Nico di Angelo was gay.

It’s very difficult to remain spoiler-free on the internet, even when it comes to a series you don’t particularly seek out. My friends were reading the books and I caught the snippets of fan gossip. Even before I picked up The Lightning Thief, I knew that a character named Nico got a romance with another male character named Will. And I knew that he’d had unrequited feelings for Percy, too.

So I wasn’t surprised in the slightest when it came up at last in House of Hades. There had been little hints that I noticed throughout the previous books. Aha, I’d think; here’s another little bit of subtext. I even was starting to regret that Percy and Nico would never make it onto the page as a romance, seeing their interactions and the untapped potential for an interesting dynamic. When Zephyros and Jason both started making noises to cue in the reader, I leaned forward and waited.

And then Rick Riordan hit me with an emotional sledgehammer for which I was not prepared.

I was not prepared for a heart-wrenching, climactic, terrifying confession of love- certainly not when it involves the titular, main male protagonist of the first five books. I was not prepared for the thoughtless, overwhelming, unconditional support from Jason- who was so uncomfortable with Nico only minutes before. I was not prepared for Nico to play the role of every scared queer teenager opening their mouth and admitting the truth for the first time.

I was not prepared for the realization that kids and teens EVERYWHERE had read this scene… a scene that would not have been remotely possible in a popular children’s series (published by Disney, no less) when I was Nico’s age. This is a book that sold 350,000 copies in the first week and who knows how many since. This is a book with a large, dedicated readership with a long-standing series loyalty.

As a queer man, I’ve had my share of frustrations and disappointments with the media. I have grown sick of arguing with people about the lack of representation we get in fiction and television and movies. People are so quick to point out all the examples we do have, and I am forced to sit down and explain: We don’t get to be the main protagonists- unless it’s on, say, Logo. We don’t get important love stories, especially not between two men. We don’t get as many on-screen kisses or love scenes as straight couples. We don’t have many characters of color who are also queer. There are still so many terrible tropes associated with gay characters (such as making male villains effeminate and sexually ambiguous to enhance their “creepiness”). I am used to seeing things played down, even left to subtext entirely, rather than getting the spotlight. I am used to queer characters earning a content warning or being played for laughs. I am used to gay men and boys in particular being reduced to bit roles, to being flamboyant stereotypes, and never ever having romantic inclinations for a main character unless it’s a joke at his expense.

And the thing is that even going into a book knowing that a character is revealed as gay, I am so used to this that I don’t expect more.

On a subconscious level, my mind had scripted what would happen. Nico would be put in a position where he’d have to admit to being gay; his crush on Percy would only be implied. “If not Annabeth, then… Oh” or “Wait, did you say you like HIM?” Cue awkwardness or embarrassment, with the other characters acting flustered, and then everyone moves on.

Nico isn’t the main character. He doesn’t even get his own POV in the series, like Annabeth or Frank or his sister Hazel. He’s a white male with no disabilities, so he’s not breaking any new ground in terms of variation for queer rep. His crush on Percy is unrequited. And yet, this scene moved me in a way I can hardly express because it was still more than I thought we would get. It was still a tiny, brightly-burning victory. And not only because of Nico, but because of Jason. Because Rick Riordan chose to show acceptance as the immediate response, in the most amazing way:

Whether Nico had really given up on Percy or not, Jason couldn’t imagine what it had  been like for Nico all those years, keeping a secret that would’ve been unthinkable to share in the 1940s, denying who he was, feeling completely alone—even more isolated than other demigods.

“Nico,” he said gently, “I’ve seen a lot of brave things. But what you just did? That was maybe the bravest.”

I am not ashamed to admit that as I sat there thinking about how many kids are reading this- and about how it would have felt to read this when I was in middle school- I was almost reduced to tears.

Thank you, Rick Riordan. Some might say that you haven’t done anything heroic or praise-worthy; you’ve simply done what ought to be the norm. But the truth is that it isn’t the norm. Not yet. But thanks in part to you, someday it will be. And to everyone who has ever been like Nico- scared, lonely, and staring out at a sea of people wondering how will I ever belong- that means the world.

Edgy Kingdom Hearts Theory Time!

EDIT: this theory was made before Ephemer told us about the worlds. This theory still holds water at its core, but a couple of things here were disproven. Just take note of that.

So let me start this off by saying, that I’ve been playing the shit out of Kingdom Hearts X, and I noticed something weird. 

The game is supposed to be a super-prequel, right? the events take place before the Keyblade War, before KH1 and BBS and all that nonsense. 

But if this is the case, then… what the hell is happening with the timelines of the disney worlds? It seems like absolutely no time has passed between Kh X and the other kingdom hearts games. 

You have no idea what I’m talking about? ok, 

here’s a cutscene from Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

and here’s a cutscene from Kingdom Hearts X

It’s the exact same scene. The exact same moment of time in the exact same world, with the exact same people in the exact same place. 

Generations in the future, an entire war has torn the multiverse in two, people have literally grown old, had children, died, and whole cities have completely rearranged themselves, 

and the queen is still talking to the mirror. the queen is still ALIVE. 

and this is far from the only world where this happens. Literally every single world is like this. We’re not even getting into the apparent continuity errors that show up. Terra was sent by the queen to kill Snow White. Where the hell is he, while your self-insert is off fighting heartless? Ventus was with the dwarves, so where is he, when your self-insert is rescuing them from the mines and from the swamp? I haven’t even begun to explore the continuity errors in the other, more “official” games, but there has to be at least some, considering how many times we’ve visited the same worlds. 

At the least, you’d think that the residents of these worlds would recognize a keyblade wielder or the heartless after the third or fourth time. 

Hear me out. 

There’s a very real possibility that almost all the Disney worlds are taking place in some sort of groundhog day loop, that begins at the start of the movies they’re based on, and ends at the conclusion of their “story.” 

Which is honestly kinda creepy if you think about it. 

Still, this edgy as fuck theory actually sort of explains exactly why these world-hoppers are supposed to keep the existence of other worlds a secret. 

Imagine if Aladdin left his world near the end of the time loop, and it reset before he returned. 

Can someone say, time paradox? 

Obviously, it can’t be every single disney-based world that’s all weird like this. We know for a fact that Disney Castle, the world that Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, etc. come from, has a perfectly normal timestream and no set “storyline,” 

….which is probably what allows its residents to leave

The same principles are most likely in place regarding locations such as Radiant Garden, the Land of Departure, Twilight Town, etc. 

It’s all fairly intact and consistent, except for one little complication: 

Destiny Islands.

I mean, no one on Destiny Islands was ever really aware that other worlds existed. Kairi was the only hint they ever had, and even she didn’t remember where she originally came from. As far as worlds go, Destiny Islands seems to operate more like Agrabah, and less like, say, Radiant Garden, which has a broad history involving multiple people, spanning literal generations. 

So, did Destiny Islands have a time loop? and if it did, then how in the world could Young Xehanort, someone who came from Destiny Islands, ever leave? 


that question can be answered with,
who took Xehanort out of Destiny Islands? 

Xehanort did.
That is to say, Xehanort’s future self took him out of Destiny Islands, so that he could become a keyblade wielder and get the time powers necessary to visit himself in the past, 

a mindfucky gambit that’s just slightly reminiscent of the sort of bullshit that went on regularly in a particular webcomic that will not be named. 

What I’m trying to say is, it’s already established that Xehanort’s exit from Destiny Island was solely due to a time paradox, so it’s reasonable to imagine that said time paradox would uh… be a time paradox. 

And thus, it would have probably fucked up the timeline of Destiny Islands, potentially breaking that world’s time loop. 

So ultimately, this would be yet another case of “it’s Xehanort’s fault.” 

And there’s another thing. 

Pretty much every single world that isn’t based on Disney has a connection to the darkness, if it wasn’t directly affected by Xehanort himself.  

  • Destiny Islands was Nort’s birthplace,
  • Traverse Town is made from remnants of worlds that fell into the darkness,
  • Radiant Garden was the homeworld of Ansem the Wise (the actual Ansem), and became Hollow Bastion after a catastrophic Heartless attack. 
  • The Land of Departure was nearly destroyed after Xehanort summoned the darkness to swallow it, and ended up surviving as Castle Oblivion, a hubworld for Org XIII
  • Twilight Town is apparently the place where all human-form Nobodies are born. 
  • The World That Never Was is another Org XIII world, and it’s literally crawling with Nobodies
  • the Keyblade Graveyard…. need I say more? 

One would almost wonder if there’s a connection here…. 

In conclusion, I theorize that the apparent continuity errors throughout the Kingdom Hearts franchise are due to there being a literal groundhog day loop in nearly every single world, and that the only worlds with an actually linear timeline are worlds that have been touched by darkness in some shape or form. 

Of course, one of you chucklefucks is gonna say something like “or maybe a continuity error is just a continuity error, this is just a lazy oversight on the part of Nomura, stop overthinking shit.” 

to which I say, 

what a fucking boring way to look at life. 

Phil started making videos in 2006. He made videos with friends and they had a lot of fun acting in them. He soon had a thousand subscribers and his numbers kept growing. He noticed a fan of his who commented on his videos and replied to all his Tweets. He reached out to him and soon enough they became friends. They began Skyping. They decided they wanted to see each other. Dan met Phil. They made a video together. Dan was shorter than Phil. He looked up to him. Phil was Dan’s role model. They become good friends. Phil gets his own flat. Dan goes off to Uni. Dan begins to feel horrible and like he can’t deal with life anymore. Phil was always there. He was the one who let Dan hug him. He reassured him that everything was okay. Then Dan took a break from Uni. Phil supported him. Dan’s channel began to get more popular. They moved in together. They were now best friends. People began shipping them under the name of “Phan”. Dan was still shorter than Phil, but not for long. Dan began to change. Like HUGE. He suddenly shot up a few inches. His face began to take shape. They both had over 100,000 subscribers. They moved to London. Dan hit 1,000,000 subs. Phil soon followed. They shared each other’s clothes. They watched Anime in the morning. Phil stole Dan’s cereal. Dan sung in the shower. Now 2014 has ended. They both have 6,000,000 subscribers combined. It’s now 2015. They have 10 plaques because of YouTube. They have their own Radio Show. YouTube is their job. They’re in a Disney movie. These two British men came from self-conscious little teenagers who hardly knew how to work a camera. If Phil hadn’t touched that camera. If Dan hadn’t found Phil. Everything would be different. If 2009 Dan and Phil could see themselves now they wouldn’t believe it. But it’s real. It’s true. Dan found the best friend he’s needed for years, and Phil has found his best friend as well. They have saved countless lives, including mine. I love Dan and Phil. They’ve come so far. I’m so proud of them. Now do you see why I cried?

Colors- Part 2- Indigo

Colors 2

She feels like she’s just seen heaven as Harry presses his forehead against hers. She’s never really had a kiss on the first date, even though this wasn’t really a date.

“It was absolutely incredible,” she breathes slowly, a small smile forming on her lips.

He was a damn good kisser. She assumed he had more experience than her, but she was still impressed.

She shyly speaks her thoughts, “you’re…you’re a really good kisser…”

Harry had had his fair share of kisses, but never one like that. That kiss shook him to the bone and he felt it in every muscle and every inch of skin.
“So are you.” He said a bit shyly.

He definitely could see himself kissing her. He could kiss her a lot, actually. For a whole day, and probably never be tired of it. She had warm and plump lips that fit perfectly between his own and the little noises she made were the sweetest things he’d ever heard.

Harry took her hand and lead her over the small couch, sitting closer than he normally would. “You’re truly amazing, you know that? Beautiful in your looks and in your personality as well.”

She leans into him, it’s nothing compared to their mouths being pressed together so she figures it’s okay.

“Mmm, thanks. I don’t really try that hard, I just…I don’t know. I do my own thing. And I guess that it works, well with you at least,” she grins.

She plays with her hair before she speaks again, “if any of the girls in our class found out about our kissing, they’d surely have me be killed,” she chuckles softly.

“The girls in our class are a bit… Intense.” A small chuckle broke through his lips. “they throw themselves at me in such an inappropriate way that I’m not even turned on by it. Leaving panties in my backpack or trying to crawl in my lap, but I’ve never ebb spoke to them before.” He spoke as he recalled thee weird incidents.

“That’s why I’ve always been so interested in you. You smiled at me and waved, said the occasional hi… But you never tried to get with me for money or popularity. And that made me attracted to you the most.”

Jolie scrunches up her face in distaste, shaking her head.

“Wow. I mean, that’s definitely way too far. I’d never in a million years even ever think of doing that. That’s just…it’s not me,” she shrugs, “then again, the only thing I have in common with those girls is that we’re both girls,” she laughs softly.

Jolie kicks her shoes off but makes sure to put them near the couch neatly, before tucking her feet under her bum and resting her chin on her hand.

Jolie had a cute little way of sitting, Harry liked it. The more time he hung out with her, the more positions and ways he imagined drawing her. She was versatile in that way.

“I want to know more about you.” He blurted out. “I mean, I want to know what your favorite books are and your favorite colors and foods, and what things you absolutely can not stand.” Trying to clarify, but Harry’s words always got a bit mixed up when talking to her.

She smiles a little and raises a brow before softening it, grinning from ear to ear.

“Mmm. Yeah. You do? Really? Well, I mean…my favorite books are all of the classics. I read a lot because it enhances my writing skills. Foods…I love Italian. All things Italian. Favorite color would be green maybe, and I can’t stand girls who talk behind each other’s back. It’s happened to me before and it’s not fun.”

She was perfect. They seriously had so many things in common. From food to literature, to pet peeves.

“I feel the same on all counts… My favorite would have to be chicken parm though. And My favorite book is the Great Gatsby. I don’t like talking badly about other people because I don’t really love when people do it to me. And I hate when people do it to make themselves look better.”

They seemed to be a match made in in heaven so far. Could she get any more perfect? He wasn’t even sure.

“Favorite way to have a night in?” He questioned raising his eyebrows

She was so relieved that they had /so/ much in common. Never in her life has she had anyone who she was this similar to, a male especially. She has a few close friends who are like her, but that’s about it. Harry is the only one besides them.

“Hmm…probably eating good food, maybe Chinese, talking, making a fort out of blankets maybe, watching a shared favorite movie…” She trails off, picturing how incredible that would be to have with Harry.

That all sounded incredible. Especially with her. Laying around under fluffy blankets, lazily kissing all night and having her pressed up against him… Shit. He would love that.

“I love that. But what movies?” He questioned with a raised eyebrow. “This is a critical question, Jolie..”

Jolie giggles and nods, “but of course. Movies are a very important topic. But let’s see…I appreciate all genres of movies, but my favorites are romance and comedy. I can watch romantic comedies, which is like the perfect mix, for the rest of my life and never get tired of the genre. I like a lot of Disney movies too, surprisingly enough. When I was younger I became so interested in them that I’d google what era each princess movie was set in and I’d research which country it was in. Apparently Sleeping Beauty was based in France because a few observers noticed french architecture in the movie, d'you know this?”

Jolie could definitely be a nerd. She researched a lot, and was always curious. She wrote a lot about her curiosities as well, and she had a whole separate journal for her daily thoughts about things she couldn’t explain or didn’t know the answer to.

“I didn’t know, but I would love to hang out with you and for you to educate me on the subject…” Harry brought up the topic of hanging out more smoothly. Since it was Friday he was hoping to plan something for the weekend.

He would love to be cuddled with her, listening to her talk about different Disney princesses and their time frames and settings. While he had never really thought about it: it would be interest to know. He definitely was going to put one of the Disney princesses in the background of her collage.

One of the other incredible things about Harry was that she knew he was genuinely interested in everything she was saying, which made her so happy. It wasn’t just him nodding along and not really caring what she was saying, only focusing on the way she looked. He looked her in the eyes as she spoke and he showed a keen interest in what she was saying.

“I would love that as well,” she smiles, cuddling into the couch even more, “I mean…we totally could. I don’t really make plans very often, so I’m usually pretty free…” She trails off, hoping to not sound /too/ available.

“We could tomorrow? If you’d like? I have a new tv I bought and a bunch of nice fluffy blankets and we could get take out?” He spit out before cringing. “I don’t want to come on too strong but.. I’ve always wanted to get to know you and now I’m kind of jumping at the chance.”

The chance of hanging out with her and knowing her secrets and the thoughts of more kisses and maybe a cuddle were making him giddy and happy. He had daydreamed about hanging out with her and knowing even the smallest details about her would make him smile.

Tomorrow sounds incredible to her, because it’s so soon, and the sooner she can be with him again, the better.

“No, tomorrow is absolutely perfect, the sooner the better,” she speaks her exact thoughts, blushing a little at how eager she sounds as well. They’re both eager though, so there’s really no shame in it. No shame at all.

“I really want to spend time with you, Harry. I want to get to know you better. I hope you know that…” She trails off, reaching out to touch his hand.

The warm hand touched his and he immediately took it between his own. It felt amazing to even just be next to her, but to have her touch him made him feel warm and tingly. Just like the movies said it would.

“I’d love to spend time with you too, love. I’m really, really happy we got partnered for this together. ”


The next day Harry was pacing about in his apartment. He had ordered the Chinese food to be delivered about 20 minutes after she was set to arrive. The freeze was stoked with ice cream and the living room was properly cushioned and surrounded with blankets and fluffy pillows. His hair smelled of coconuts and he used lotion to make sure his hands were soft if she wanted to hold his hand and the entire day he had used Chapstick to make sure his lips would be enjoyable if he kissed her again.

He had never, ever been this nervous about hanging out with someone before but this was Jolie. This was his muse and the girl who made his heart pound just by walking past him.

Jolie has never been this nervous whilst getting ready. She debates whether to curl or straighten her hair, arguing with herself. If she left it curly it may look like she tried too hard, but if she straightens it it might look dull and boring. Jolie naturally had straighter hair with waves. She decided to let her hair air dry, she had to worry about makeup.

She had another battle with herself on how much or how little she should put on. She looked in the mirror for at least 20 minutes before deciding on some mascara and a little bit of lip gloss. She had an outfit already picked out so she didn’t have to argue with herself about that. A cute romper that was easy to slip in and out of and was relatively comfy. Her hair and skin smelled of vanilla from her shampoo and perfume.

Jolie sends Harry a text before heading to his place. Once she arrives, she heads into his complex and up to his floor, taking a deep breath before knocking.

The knock on the door started Harry from his pacing, snapping him out of his worried trance. She was here, and he would have to deal with it.

Walking to the door, he took a deep breath and straightened his shirt, before opening the door.

She looked absolutely gorgeous. Her hair was shining and her eyes looked wide, a bright sparkle in them he had only seen after he had kissed her. She was wearing a cute dress or shorts thing? He wasn’t sure what it was but it hugged her in the right places and he wouldn’t be surprised if he had started drooling.

“Come in, come in.” He said as his eyes snapped back to her pretty face, taking her bag from her and bringing her into a hug. Yesterday he had sent her off with a gently kiss on the cheek and a smile, but now he wanted to try the hug. It was a good call.

Her body felt warm and soft against his own and she smelt of vanilla, a smell he always adored. She was taller than an average girl but the perfect height for him to rest his head on hers.

Letting go reluctantly, he lead her inside. “You can take off your shoes and get comfortable, the food should be here soon.”

Hugging him felt like everything negative in this world vanished and it was only the two of them standing under a ray of sunshine. She closed her eyes and inhaled his scent, which she loved, sighing happily as he hugged her tightly.

Once she’s led inside, she carefully takes her shoes off, leaving her in some fuzzy socks. She places her shoes neatly by the door before walking over to his couch and taking a seat.

“I’m so happy to be here,” she grins widely, settling into the sofa as Harry follows, “thank you for ordering food. Next time it’s on me, yeah?”

She was happy to be there? Well Harry had to have been ecstatic. He could barely sleep last night from excitement, half the night spent in his studio where he drew her even more.

“No, of course not. I like to be a gentleman, so food will always be on me.” That was something Harry always prided himself on. Regardless if he liked the girl or not, he was always a gentleman.

“Those are some cute socks. I e got my own pair of fuzzy socks but I have no idea where they disappeared to so I just wait the plain black ones.”

“Yeah? Well they’re sexy,” she blurts out, her whole face reddening now as she admits it. Any part of him is sexy to her, if she’s honest. But now he knows that and she didn’t exactly want him to.

“I mean…well, yeah, can’t really get myself out of that one, can I?” She laughs softly, covering her face with her hands and giggling into them.

Harry’s eyebrows raised at the words she blurted out but he loved it. She thought any part of him was sexy, and he loved that.

“No, but it’s okay. I think every part of you is absolutely gorgeous.” His eyes wandered around her body, her cleavage slightly slowing and her long legs stretched out and resting on the ottoman.

Jolie could feel Harry’s eyes on her and she absolutely loved it. She definitely dressed in a bit more of a sexy way than usual. But even this wasn’t as bad as some of the other girls at school, who wore short skirts and showed basically all of their breasts, had them on full display.

“You’re too sweet. Seriously. It’s so sweet that I can’t even,” she giggles, using some slang she’s picked up with the ‘I can’t even’.

“I’m just stating the truth, love.”
Jolie deserved to be showered with compliments all the time, until they believe them. And even after that. He wasn’t just saying that she was beautiful because he wanted to be with her, he was saying it because it was 100% the truth.

“Every time I tell you something, it’s the truth. Not to get too deep, but I genuinely do think you are the most beautiful girl I’ve seen.”

Jolie wasn’t aware as to how she should handle this. Her smile grew with every single one of Harry’s words, as well as the blush on her perfect cheeks.

“Wow I…I’ve never been complimented like this before. It must be really nice,” she giggles a little, smiling before tucking more hair behind her ear, beginning to play with it.

Jolie leans closer to H, but the doorbell rings with the Chinese.

Damn it. It was so close, he could almost taste it. Harry had been waiting to kiss her again, and though it had only been hours he felt as if he needed it.

Huffing, he got up and grabbed his wallet before opening the door. After paying the man, he closed the door and threw his wallet on the table near the door and brought the food to the small coffee table near the couch.

“Im pretty sure I ordered what you texted me, but I got some extras just in case.”

Jolie was disappointed that the take out came, as she was sure she and Harry were about to have a moment together. She craved the taste of his lips since they kissed the previous day, and she’s been dying to taste them again. Even more this time.

She grins at Harry as he comes in with the food, heading to the small coffee table.

“Thank you so much. I love Chinese. It’s my favorite kind of take out, honestly,” she grins.

Jolie took a seat, putting her hair back so she could eat as she took out her chopsticks. She made a grasping motion with them, making them move as she giggles.

She was the cutest god damn thing he had ever seen in his life. The little motion and giggles melted his heart, making him freeze and just watch her as she picked up her container of food.

She gave him a curious look and he snapped out of it, smiling shyly at her before grabbing his own food. “I can’t eat with chopsticks, I’m boring with my plastic fork.”

She laughs softly, as she caught him in a bit of a trance. He made her feel so confident and beautiful; how most men should make her feel, but don’t.

“I can’t either, really. I just pretend to. Watch,” she laughs, trying to pick up rice with her chopsticks and watching it all fall back into the box.

She shakes her head, “I guess rice is a bad example, but honestly…it’s really awful. I can’t eat with them for shit, but they make eating fun because it’s like a new challenge and adventure,” she giggles

“Well, I admire you very much for that. I try chopsticks every time I get Chinese but give up after 3 tries. It’s jut not meant to me.” He laughed, showing her how he tried to pick up things with chopsticks.

“See? It’s useless for me.” He hugged after the 5th time trying to pick up his sweet and sour chicken. His heart swelled when he saw that he was able to make her laugh. Her head thrown back and her cheeks pink, little crinkles by her eyes.

He must have stopped breathing for a second, as he watched her laugh. She truly was amazing. He didn’t realize he was staring (again), until she gave him a questioning glance. “M'sorry, but you’re just really beautiful.”

It seems to Jolie that anything she does, Harry will smile about it, which makes her unbelievably happy. She’s never felt so alive, felt so loved, felt so happy before in her life.

“Did you know that you’re very charming and that you make me smile? I literally haven’t stopped smiling since I was over yesterday. I’m a perpetual smiler,” she giggles, slapping her knee as she lays her chopsticks down on top of her chicken.

“My mum said that I was too charming, charm the socks of anyone I choose to talk to.” He teased lightly. Being chosen for Harry to talk to you actually is a big deal. He didn’t really like talking to many people, so if he made the effort you had to be pretty special.

They finished eating their food and Harry for up to turn off the lights, only the glow of the fairy lights and few scented candles as well as the TV lit up the room.

“What movie would you like? It’s your pick.”

Jolie has always been somewhat innocent and never had dirty thoughts, or hoped that something would go down. But tonight, Jolie was definitely into the idea of she and Harry getting a bit more than just cozy in the blankets.

“Anything with romance and comedy. We could watch an oldie? Do you want to watch 50 First Dates? Or something neither of us have seen?” She asks, as she makes her way to the living room and sits down on the blankets.

“Why don’t we choose a random one of Netflix in the romcom category?” He was slightly aware that they probably weren’t even going to watch the movie, more likely to talk and hopefully kiss a little bit.

When she nodded, they randomly chose one that he honestly forgot the name of, and didn’t care much about it. Getting cozy under the blankets, he lifted his side up slowly and gave her a inviting look.
“You can get closer, I don’t bite… Unless you ask.”

Jolie didn’t intend on paying much attention to the movie. All she wanted was to be able to get cozy with Harry under the blankets and hopefully kiss him a bit, but she didn’t know if this was /that/ kind of date.

“Mmm…okay,” she says, humming softly before crawling under the blanket he’s holding up for her, coming into him.

Their bodies are now pressed together as the movie begins, and all of her excitement is going towards Harry rather than the movie:

Once she was settled under the blanket, he slowly wrapped his arm around her shoulders and brought her a bit closer. He liked having her pressed against him.

“Nice and warm, yeah?” A large grin was on his face as the movie started, though he wasn’t looking at the screen. She was warm and soft next to him and he had the urge to pull her into his lap and squeeze her tight, but he wasn’t sure they were at that level yet.

A little bit into the movie, she shifted a bit to get comfortable and once she settled Harry saw it as an opportunity to place a small kiss to her temple.

She smiles and blushes a little once Harry presses a soft kiss to her temple, moving her hands to rub against his arm gently as they cuddle.

The movie seems completely boring and irrelevant to her, now that she has Harry here with her, cuddling her, and she’s anticipating another soft kiss, maybe one that can develop into a deeper one.

“I liked that…your lips are warm,” she whispers, looking up to him.

Another soft kiss was pressed to her forehead before he nudged their noses together. Jolie had him under a spell.

“Yeah, they are.” He whispered before connecting their lips again. The kiss started off slow and sweet, Harry smiling lightly against her lips while trying to keep them connected. Her Chapstick tasted like strawberries and it fit her perfectly.

Pulling away slightly he hummed and licked his lips. “So are yours… But yours taste better.” And with that, he connected them once again.

Jolie was in a trance, she couldn’t help herself. Harry’s lips were irresistible and her’s couldn’t get enough of them.

Her hand moves up to cup his cheek as they kiss, holding his face as she feels his tongue slowly enter her mouth. She parts her lips for him, and sighs into the kiss.

Her leg slowly moves to wrap around his, her foot running down his leg as she becomes more comfortable.

Kissing her again felt even better than the first time. They were much more comfortable with each other, the touches lingering and their bodies closer than ever.

He leaned into her more, swirling his tongue around hers, moaning softly against her mouth. She just tasted so good and smelled so good and felt so good, he was going to explode.

Jolie has only kissed a select couple of guys like this, and it was never even this good. Kissing Harry was like making art. A mixture of her writing and his drawing skills, an absolutely perfect mixture.

“Such a good kisser,” she moans softly, moving her leg fully to wrap around him, her body moving slowly on top of his as the kiss deepens.

Holy fuck. Holy, fuck. His muse, the most beautiful girl he had ever seen was now on his lap with her hands in his hair, kissing him deeply.

He struggled to control the contents of his pants as she pressed her warm body against his. His tongue flicked against hers before he pulled back a bit to nibble on her bottom lip.

Jolie felt a bit of moisture between her thighs beginning to form as she and Harry kissed deeply. Her hand cupping his cheek moves up to his hair, gripping onto it, making aroused noises softly. It really does feel amazing to be kissing him like this. And she doesn’t know when it will stop.

Her lips work against his in a sloppier manner as seconds tick by, she hears a throaty moan, a soft one, fall from Harry’s lips and she hums in approval.

Hands travel down to hold her hips, the kissing only stopping for a moment to catch their breath. Harry had made out with a couple of girls before but this, this was a whole new level.

Jolie was a bit hesitant in some of her actions but Harry loved it, he loved how she let him lead the kiss a bit before taking over control once she got confident. It was fucking sexy.

His lips detach from hers only to start kissing down her soft jawline, soft pecks turning to little nibbles.

She lets out a sigh of pleasure as Harry begins nibbling on her neck, her eyes fluttering shut. She thinks he’s absolutely incredible with kissing, knows exactly where to touch a woman to truly make her tick.

“You’re so incredible…” She breathes, her eyes still closed. She loves the feeling more than anything else in the world and hopefully she’ll be feeling a lot more than his lips tonight.

She gets a bit brave by running her hands up Harry’s shirt, humming.

Her small hands were a bit cool, making Harry shiver as they touched his warm skin. Jolie was blowing his mind already, and they were barely even touching yet.

His lips trail down to her neck, leaving open mouthed kisses down the skin. His mouth explored until he kissed a spot that had her shivering, and a small smirk formed on his face. Lips attached to the stop and bit gently, before starting to suck on the patch of skin in hopes of leaving a mark.

The heat between Jolie’s thighs were making her want to squirm, she was certainly wet between her thighs at his point. She was hoping Harry would possibly touch her skin on skin, in her more preserved and private areas. She wanted his hands on her breasts and bum, she had never craved something, or someone like this before in her life.

Jolie finally lets out a soft moan as Harry begins to suck on her neck, tugging at his hair and subtly moving her hips against his.

Jolie didn’t know much about Harry’s sex life, but she assumed that he was relatively experienced since he knew which places to kiss on the neck, but all will be revealed if they get their clothes off.

The small moan leaving her mouth and the Rock of her hips were enough to make Harry’s dick twitch. The moan was soft but lustful and he wanted to hear more of it, he wanted to hear her moaning his name over and over while he pleasures her.

He was sure that she could feel his erection from that rock of her hips and tug of his hair, and he took it as a signal to touch her more. Hands slowly slide to cup her ass, squeezing gently to test what she liked.
“You’re driving me mental, baby.” Harry whispered into her ear, nipping her softly.

She knew she was extremely aroused by this point, and she wanted him so bad. She moves her hands on his bare lower abdomen after running her hands up his shirt.

She arches her back so her ass curves into his hands more, giving him more of a firm grip. Jolie dressed quite modestly, so not many knew that she had an incredible and nicely shaped ass over her normal clothes. Harry was quickly finding out, however.

“You’re so sexy…” She breathes

Her ass was round and a perfect fit for his hands as he squeezed it. Even with his hard study of her, he never expected her ass to be this nice.

“Fuck, baby… So are you.” He murmured against her skin. Jolie’s hands moving up his chest made his breathing deepen, his whole body felt on fire.

“You can take it off, angel. Go ahead.” Harry said referencing his shirt. Jolie’s hands were warm and had almost an erotic feel while they trailed his stomach.

Jolie is extremely excited as Harry says that she can take off his shirt. She pulls it off of his body with his help, and her lips bravely move to her neck.

She wants to make him feel as incredible as he does her.

Her lips move down his collarbones and to his chest, her breathing indicating how hungry she is for his beautiful skin, to trail kisses and bites all over it.

Hot lips move up his skin, causing a shiver to run down his spine. A slight dig of her teeth encourages the moan moan that had been building up in his throat to release, gripping her ass tighter.

“Fuck, Jolie… That feels so good.” Harry whispered breathlessly, watching her as she kissed and sucked and nibbled on his skin, leaving red marks in her path.

It felt like it was a dream, the way her hands and lips worked him making him feel absolutely wrecked already. “You’re so good at this, making me feel good.”

She’s never been like this with any man before, never this bold, so it’s definitely a lot for her to do this. She continues working her mouth against him, kissing down his stomach and back up again, as if she’s afraid of the private region.

She would love to get in his pants, but has no idea how that may work out. Maybe it will only go as far as this? She really hopes not.

He can sense the hesitation, but he didn’t want her to be scared. He was already so comfortable with her, he didn’t want to stop.

Taking her hand, he took it and slowly trailed it down, pressing it against his erection. “You can touch, baby. I promise I love it.” The whisper came out breathlessly, the pleasure of even her hand through the fabric of his pants a bit overwhelming.

Jolie’s small gasp was practically inaudible. The fact that she was able to do this to such an incredible man who has girls lusting after him was insane to her.

But at the end of the day, she knew him better than all of them. This was /her/ Harry, not the Harry that these girls have built up in their minds.

Her hand pressed against his erection through his jeans, she makes sure to feel around everywhere to get a good estimate of what she can expect, and after a few nice pat downs, she can tell she’s working with a big one.

Harry moaned as she felt around his hard cock, small hands grabbing and squeezing. He was in heaven.

“Oh god, that feels so good… Unbutton them baby, touch me, please.” The request almost came out as a beg. He was desperate for more touch, more feeling, more Jolie.

She nods quickly, her fingers shaking a little as she goes to unbutton his jeans. She’s never been this excited before, in every interpretation of the word, and she doesn’t know how else to act but let her body take charge and show her emotions.

Once she’s got the zipper down, she begins pushing them down his legs, and leaves him in just his briefs, observing the tent in them.

“Oh god…this is so hot…” She whispers

The way her eyes widened and the biting of her plump and swollen lip made Harry want to flip her over and just slide into her. But, he knew he needed to take this somewhat slow as not to freak her out.

“See what you do to me? You did this…” He whispered grabbing her hand again and letting it grasp his hard cock on top of his boxers.

His words reinforce her feelings and she breathes slowly, in and out before looking at her hand on top of his boxers.

Not worrying about anything else, she slowly begins to work them down his sexy thigh thighs, gasping a little as he comes into view.


He’s huge.

Harry smirked slightly as her eyes widened even more as she took the boxers off of him. He was aware he was bigger than average but to see her react like that had his chest full of pride

His own hand wrapped around himself, giving himself a couple of strokes. “You did this to me Jolie… Such a sexy girl.”

She never expected this to have happened with Harry, the handsome artist in class who she was simply assigned as a partner to.

“Wow…” She breathes slowly, looking back and forth into his eyes and down at his hard length.

Carefully, she reaches out and pokes the head, seeing as it moves slightly but bounces back into place, making her giggle a little.

“I can’t believe I did that,” she admits, moving her hand to grip the base

“You did, love.” He smirked and watched her touch him experimentally. It was adorable, and fucking sexy all at the same time.

“You have free range, baby. Touch, feel, whatever you want. Trust me, I will not object.” He assures and rests his head back as her hand begins to stroke him.

Harry leans back to relax and watch the show; of Jolie playing with his dick. She’s not as nervous anymore after Harry’s words, she’s loosened up a bit and she’s smiling, happy as can be about it.

Her smile fades as she tries to become more sexy for him, she leans down and presses a single kiss to the head before beginning to slowly stroke his shaft.

“Oh fuck…” He hissed, the light kiss making his legs shake a bit. He wasn’t sure where she learned that but he was definitely sure he wanted more.

“there we go, that’s so nice…” He cooed and reached over to brush the hair out of her face. He wanted to see that beautiful face while she played with him.

Jolie was taught to never give a man a favor before he gives her one, but she couldn’t help herself with Harry. Pleasing him would please her.

She moves her mouth all of the way down and wraps her lips around his dick, closing her eyes briefly before she starts to move her mouth up and down, getting his shaft covered in spit, humming to send pleasurable vibrations.

He was shocked on how quickly she took him into her mouth, even more so that she tried to take all of him. “Oh my fucking god, yes… Just like that baby girl.” He growled as he tugged the hair out of her face.

The warmth of her mouth and the suction and vibrations had him moaning loudly as she pleasured him, his hands rubbing her head softly. “That’s so good, Jolie. You’re making me feel a-amazing…”

She supposes this is one way of completing an art project, since head is its own form of art…

She jerks his base as she moves her tongue up and down his shaft, concentrating. She pulls her mouth off with a pop and pumps his dick repeatedly, before moving her mouth back down, making loud slurping noises.

She was an angel, he was convinced. Her mouth was heavenly, moving up and down his dick with the perfect a mouth of suction and warmth.

He was close already. It had been a while, and to have the girl of your dreams sucking you off didn’t really help that fact either.

He quickly pulled her off and flipped her to lay on the couch, his lips meeting hers once again as his hand slides down to apply a bit of pressure on her clothed clit.

Jolie was surprised as he pulled her off, but was obviously very pleased once his lips hit her now swollen ones again.

She whimpers into his mouth at the application of pressure to her swollen clit, gripping onto his arm and digging her fingers into it.

“Harry…” She breathes, squirming a bit

Lips kissed her lips and moved to her chest while his fingers still played with her, loving how responsive she was.

Her hips were bucking up into his hand, searching for more friction and pressure, and he would be happy to give her just that.. But he wanted to hear it from her.

“ask me nicely baby, and I’ll give you whatever you want.”

Jolie was beginning to realize that Harry is a bit of a teaser, a sweet talker if you will in the bedroom. Her heart was beating out of her chest as she pulled away to look into his eyes, hers wide and full of lust.

“P-Please touch me. Not through my pants…skin to skin,” she begs quietly, running her hand gently up and down his arm.

Her chest was rising and falling, clit throbbing as she studied his gorgeous features. Man, was he gorgeous.

Harry nodded and slowly started to remove her clothing. The thing she was wearing was a bit difficult to remove but he figured it out and in almost no time it was on the floor.

He never could have imagined how beautiful her body actually was. She was absolutely perfect, and all for him in this very moment.

Kisses were left down to her breasts, and he slowly moved down the cups to kiss at her nipples. “Mm, gorgeous.” He commented before sucking of her nipples into his mouth.

Surely no man has ever done /this/ to her before. She moans softly, rolling her head back in pleasure before bringing it back up as she decides she would like to watch Harry suckle on her nipples.

She hisses softly at the feeling, her breasts are sensitive and her nipples are very hard as Harry suckles them into his mouth. She moves a hand down and fists it through his hair.

“God, you’re so hot…and that feels so good…” She praises him.

Harry smirked and moved to the other nipple, giving it attention. The tugging on his hair only made him harder.

Fingers finally slid down and to the place he knew she wanted to be touched the most. He groaned against her skin as he felt the damp fabric of her panties. She was already soaked for him, it was a dream come true.

“You’re soaking for me, angel.” He cooed and applied a bit of pressure before rubbing slow circles over the fabric.

The warmth of Harry’s fingers felt incredible, even through the fabric of her now ruined panties. She knows now that this is going exactly where she wants it to, nothing more and nothing less.

“I am…God, you made me so wet…” She hisses, bucking her hips up slightly, wanting more relief. She would appreciate foreplay, but she doesn’t know if she’ll need it.

She takes another look at Harry’s massive erection. Yeah, she’ll need to be stretched out a bit…

Taking the buck of her hips as a hint, her slid her panties down her legs and let them join her outfit on the floor. Immediately her let his fingers touch her bare, wet core.

“Fuck.” He hissed and released her nipple, feeling around her wetness. “So warm and wet, just for me.” He moaned, positioning himself between her legs so he could get a good look at her.

Jolie was pink and wet and gorgeous, one of the most beautiful he’s seen. It took him no time at all to slip one finger inside of her.

Jolie felt as if she was about to die, of course that’s dramatic, as Harry spread her open and studied her beautiful pussy. She always kept it groomed but that wasn’t in case she got laid, it was because it made her feel better about herself. Although, she’d never admit to spending a little extra time shaving for tonight.

Her head falls back as a finger slips inside of her and she arches her back a bit. Jolie is tight, extremely tight, and her pussy fits around Harry’s finger, hopefully it will be able to stretch around his dick.

“You’re so tight…” He says in awe, slowly thrusting his finger inside of her. Harry had to hold in a loud groan as he imagined how she would feel on his cock as he thrusted inside of her.

He kissed up her stomach and up to her mouth, slipping his tongue in her mouth as he inserted a second finger inside of her.

Jolie welcomes his mouth, moaning into the kiss. Her toes curl and she grips onto his hair as he kisses her while curling his fingers inside of her. It feels so good to her. So damn good.

“Feels…so…amazing…oh god,” she breathes, spreading her legs farther apart so he has more access.

Fingers thrusted slow and steady, making her feel his thick and long fingers to get her ready for what very well could be the best sex of their lives.

“Do you think you’re ready, angel? Do you want me to fuck you? Mm, push myself inside of you and fuck you nice and slow and deep?”

She nods quickly, her brows furrowed as she was just concentrating on watching his fingers.

“Y-Yeah, baby…please…” She whimpers, gasping softly. She wants H to destroy her, maybe…she doesn’t know just how destructive his penis can be.

Harry slowly took out his fingers, looking her in the eye as he raised his fingers to his mouth, sucking off her wetness.

A soft hum left his mouth at the taste, her tasting a delicious salty but mostly sweet. He couldn’t wait to bury his tongue in her one day…

But now it was time to finally do what he had been dreaming of for months. Carefully he took his cock and rubbed it up and down her slit, collecting the right amount of wetness.

“Do you want it baby?” He whispered teasingly into her ear, but mostly to make sure she really was ready.

Jolie had never seen anything more erotic in her whole life as Harry slides his fingers into his mouth and gently sucks, his eyes burning into hers. It’s killing her that he’s not inside of her yet.

Jolie inhales slowly as Harry rubs his tip up and down her slit, very slowly. She nods, looking up into his eyes.

“I-I want it. I want /you/…” She trails off, “please,” begging, she gives him pleading eyes.

That’s all it took for Harry to sink into her.

A long, loud moan left his mouth as her tight walls surrounded him. She was tight, and wet, and Harry had never felt something so amazing.

“Oh my god baby, you’re so tight.” He whispered into her ear. He was hovering over her, face scrunched in pleasure before he opened his eyes to look down at her.

She didn’t even fully comprehend what was happening. It was too good to be true. She, Jolie, one of the most underrated girls on campus, was having sex. With someone she really liked; someone who multiple girls swooned over. She knew they made up fantasies about him in their head, however.

“I-It feels so good,” she breathes, moving her hands to grip onto his arms as she wraps her legs around his waist.

The long legs around his waist motioned for him to move, which he happily did.

Slow, languid thrusts started as he buried his face into her neck as he fucked her, the legs around him tightening as she wanted him deeper.

“That’s my girl, you’re taking me so well. Fuck, your pussy feels so good.” The groans were a bit muffled against her skin but Harry was a sucker for dirty talks, and once he got in the mood it was almost like he couldn’t stop.

At first it was definitely uncomfortable just because of how damn big Harry is, but it’s starting to turn into just pleasure and all pleasure as her legs stay wrapped around his waist.

“Oh god…feels so good. And your mouth…it’s so dirty,” she whimpers, moving her head up to get a glance down and to watch his dick entering in and out of her.

“Mm, you like that baby?” He smirked as he began to thrust a bit faster into her. She felt fucking amazing and Harry wasn’t sure how he had gotten this lucky.

“You like my dirty mouth when I tell you how much I like to fuck you? Well I do baby, you’re already making me feel so….fuck, so good.”

“Uh huh baby, I fucking love it,” Jolie curses, her pussy beginning to tighten around Harry’s cock. It feels so good, she doesn’t know how she’s never experienced anything like this before. She never knew sex could be /this/ good.

Harry gets a particularly good angle inside of Jolie, making her grip onto his shoulders and cry out, “FUCK! Yeah, right there baby…r-Right there…”

A hiss spilled out of his gritted teeth, jaw clenched as he fucked her at the new angle. Nails digging into his shoulders and her head tipped back in pleasure, this was something Harry could definitely get used to.

“Is that your spot baby?” He smirked, moving his hips faster. “I love fucking you, best I’ve ever had.” He grunted.

Jolie looked beautiful underneath him. A light sheen of sweat, swollen lips and dark lustful eyes looked back at him. Absolutely stunning.

“You’re so fucking beautiful, you drive me crazy… I’ve been dreaming about this for months. To hold you, to kiss you, to touch you… To make you cum.” He whispered into her ear, nipping her earlobe

Jolie felt a wave of confidence spill over her as Harry confessed that she was his best. She surely wasn’t expecting that, but she was definitely extremely flattered by it.

So many thoughts were racing through her mind, but all she wanted to focus on was Harry’s dirty words and the way his muscles were flexed, the way he was hitting her G spot perfectly.

“Pound that shit, right there baby. You’ve got it…” She pants, her pussy clenching around him even harder

Those words released Harry’s restraint, finally beginning to truly slam into her.

“Yes baby girl, such a tight little cunt.” He growled as his cock pounded into her. Jolie’s hba moved to his hair and began to tug harshly on his hair, one of his biggest turn ons.

“Oh my- shit, just fucking like that! Pull my hair while I fuck you nice and hard, Jolie… Come on.”

Jolie continues tugging at his hair and attaches her mouth to his, moaning into it as she sloppily kisses him. Their tongues collide, her toes curl as her pussy clenches around him still.

Harry repeatedly hitting the sponginess of her G spot made her body feel like it was about to explode. No man had ever found it before Harry, she’s never had an orgasm during intercourse.

“Fucking hell…I-I’m gonna cum,” she pants, pulling her mouth away and rolling her head back, crying out as she spills over the edge.

The beauty that was Jolie when she came was far beyond what Harry could have ever imagined. The noises, soft whimpers and then broken moan, the shape of her lips as the sounds came out, her messed up Hair, flushed cheeks and scrunched eyes all made it a bit too muchZ

Harry had been holding on, knowing he wasn’t going to last long. So when Jolie came around him, he wasn’t far behind. “I’m gonna, I’m-” he whimpered before the long broken moan of her name came out. “Jolie! Oh- FUCK!”

Cumming hard, deep inside of her, his hips stuttered as he fucked them through their orgasms. As soon as they calmed, Harry collapsed on top of her.

“Holy… Shit…”

That was easily the most intense orgasm Jolie had ever experienced in her life, and during intercourse too. Her chest rises and falls, matching his as his sweaty naked body rests on top of her petite one.

She closes her eyes briefly, humming as she allows herself to bask in the incredible, sated feeling after her orgasm. Her pussy is still tingling a bit and she’s on cloud nine.

“Yeah, holy shit is right…” She trails off, humming softly. She wishes she could stay like this forever…

Maybe she can spend the night?

Harry was on cloud nine, laying on top of the girl he’s half in love with after finally getting to touch her the way he had been wishing to.

After a few minutes the stickiness got a bit uncomfortable. “Do you want to go shower and maybe like… Stay over?” He asked nervously.

“You don’t have to, but like, I figured it’s late and you can wear one of my shirts, and I… I’d really like to hold you.”

Jolie was so pleased to hear the invitation. She really was hoping that he’d ask her, and now that he has…it’s even more like heaven.

“Yeah, I’d absolutely love that…” She says softly, moving her hand up to play with his hair. She loves him, and his sexy curly hair so, so much.

“You make me so, so happy…” She admits, “and you make me cum like never before,” she adds with a giggle, her nose crinkling up.

“You make me so happy as well, darling girl.” He said softly, looking up at her with a gentle smile.

“It’s weird because I imagined this a million times but I never in a million years thought it would actually happen… Look at that.”

Harry was absolutely elated, and couldn’t wait to get to know her. He knew this was more than just one night, their connection was too intense already to try to drop.

“So about that shower?”


Jolie’s feelings for him only grew with each minute that ticked by. She feared she’d fall too hard for him and get hurt. Artists, and Aquarians for that matter, liked their own space and disliked clingy people, liked to do their own thing. Also, Harry can get any girl he wants, as see in class. What if he eventually gets bored with her?

His husky voice snaps her out of her thoughts and she nods, “yeah, of course. This stickiness is starting to get to me,” she laughs softly, getting up with him and holding his hand.

He could tell the change in her emotions as they got into the shower. She seemed to be thinking a lot as they soaked themselves under the water.

“Babe, are you okay?” His voice laced with concern. “You aren’t… You aren’t regretting it, right?” The nerves built up in his stomach

Jolie was saddened to hear Harry’s assumption. Why would she regret it?

“No, no baby,” she promises, wrapping her arms around his bare torso as she looked up to him. Harry was several inches taller than Jolie, so she had to look up to him.

“It was the best thing I’ve ever done. And definitely the best sex I’ve ever had, with the most incredible guy…” She trails off, smiling gently before kissing his chin

A rush of relief could probably be felt throughout the room. His hands grasped her and smiled down as she kissed at his chin, making him chuckle and lean down so she could get at his lips.

“Sorry I just… I really like you? And I know that’s a bit weird to say but.. I want to make sure you’re comfortable and happy hanging out with me.”

All he wanted truthfully, was her. Even only after getting to know her for 2 days, he felt closer to her than anyone else.

“How is that weird to say?” She questions, looking up into his eyes as they hold each other. The warm water feels incredible on both of their skin, but they can’t just stand here forever, or else the heat will fade away.

“You’re very special to me, Harry. I know it’s not been very long but you make me feel so happy and confident, how a man should make a woman feel. I /really/ like you,” she admits.

A bright smile grew on his face and he leaned down to kiss her yet again. “Mm, I’m glad sweetheart. I really like you.”

The continued to shower, slowly washing each other’s bodies with shy giggles and occasional kisses. Harry’s shower gel smelled spicy and he strangely liked it on her.

His mind was almost spinning with inspiration, and he knew she was going to draw this sight eventually. Her body was gorgeous. She had the ocassionsl stretch mark and scar, but those made her even more beautiful. Even more real.

Jolie was using Harry’s men’s body wash, but it made her happy to see that he had no women’s things in here because that tells her he rarely has anyone else, or girl, stay over and have to take a shower. It was like a definite note that he doesn’t have sex with anyone else very often, or at least stays the night with them.

She cleans off her body, getting into her privates before they take turns under the water for shampooing.

“I can’t wait to spend the night with you. I really like you as well,” she grins.

Harry couldn’t wait to cuddle and wake up with someone, more specifically Jolie, in his arms. He had never had someone stay over at his house and sleep in his bed, and he always felt a bit lonely.

Once they were showered and dried, towels wrapped around them, Harry threw Jolie one of his shirt to put on while he just put on a pair of loose sweats, and hopped into bed.

“C'mere babe.”

Jolie was more than Happy to star one of Harry’s shirts to bed. She grins, climbing into his bed before she lies next to him, cuddling into him.

Their legs and feet tangle together as she rubs her hand gently up and down his arm.

“You’re so handsome…” She hums, studying his features. She feels like the luckiest girl.

Jolie was more than Happy to star one of Harry’s shirts to bed. She grins, climbing into his bed before she lies next to him, cuddling into him.

Their legs and feet tangle together as she rubs her hand gently up and down his arm.

“You’re so handsome…” She hums, studying his features. She feels like the luckiest girl.

“Why thank you, pretty lady.” He cooed and bopped her nose playfully. It still felt surreal to have her right in his arms, tucked into his side.

“You though, are so much more beautiful than you, or I, can even comprehend.”

Jolie silences him with a slow kiss on the lips, humming as she moves her hand up to cup his cheek. She had incredible sex with this gorgeous man, and now she can’t stop kissing him. She loves this.

She runs her foot slowly up and down his leg, to remind herself that his legs are there; that he’s there, even though their lips are touching.

“Your lips are so soft,” she hums, pecking them slowly again and again

A soft smile formed on his lips as they kissed, her compliments reminding him that yes, this is really, truly happening.

“Yours are perfect. It took me a while to perfect the shape, they’re beautiful and plump and the shade of pink isn’t a color that comes in a tube of paint, I have to mix it.” Harry whispered as his thumb gently rubbed against her bottom lip.

Her breath hitched, she was in a trance. Under his spell, but she didn’t mind. It felt amazing. Her eyes closed briefly at the faint feeling of his thumb rubbing against her plump bottom lip.

“I think it’s incredible, what you do. It’s the most romantic thing ever. It’s…it’s something out of my journal, where I write about love. What love should really be like. And if it was in my journal, it would be my greatest piece,” she whispers.

“But…it’s not in my journal. It’s in my reality. How lucky am I?”

“I think I’m the lucky one. I’ve actually got my muse stood right in front of me, letting me touch and taste and feel every inch of you…” He whispered into her ear as they cuddled under the warm blanket.

“And you’re not just my muse anymore. It’s grown from just a crush… I can’t explain it fully, words are more your things.. But I know I will be painting this scene in many ways and people will feel almost everything we are right now… Except we’re the ones living it.”

His words were enough to make her tear up a bit. She reached out for his hand and laced their fingers together, wanting to be completely connected to him before they slept.

She felt herself falling for him. No, not just infatuation anymore. She was getting to know the real him, and she was in love with everything she was hearing, seeing, experiencing.

He could be the great love of her life. The only one. The one who is buried next to after death. She just felt something different in her bones, she wanted all of him, and was willing to pour her soul into him.

She wasn’t going to admit that she was falling in love with him, as it probably sounded like it was going too fast. And that’s the thing about falling in love. Everyone does it at his or her own pace, yet people still seem to judge by how long it takes.

“No one ever clued me in; that this is how great life could really be,” she whispers back.

He held her closer to him, nuzzling his nose against hers. This was out of his dreams, and now it was really happening.

Harry had been through a lot of shit, and to finally have a taste of true affection and happiness made his heart warm.

“Me either. How about we learn together?”

(Hello all :) this is the second part of the 'Colors’ series! This is co written with @isabelleintheam :) there will be plenty more smut and fluff in this series. Make sure to message me what you think!)

Sweet, Warm, Perfect (Wonwoo)

❄️ So like, I was supposed to go in order with this countdown but I didn’t finish S.Coups so we are going to start with Wonwoo! That boy is going to slay us all with his voice. Happy Holidays, Carats 💌

❄️ D-25 

Sleigh bells tinkle together as you enter your favorite café, happily greeting you like an old friend. Mrs.Kim, the wonderful old woman who owned the place, waves at you from behind the counter. You grin and wave back, walking up to the register to order. 

“Hello, Y/N! What will my favorite customer be having today? The usual?” Mrs.Kim questions with a friendly smile as she whips out her notebook. You laugh lightly at the title she gives you. 

“Yes, with a funnel cake too, please.” You answer. Since discovering the place last month, you found yourself always coming back. You visited so many times, Mrs.Kim was practically a family friend. She always treated you like you were her granddaughter and perhaps it was her hospitality that always encouraged you to come over. 

“Coming right up. Do you mind if Wonwoo does it? I’ve been training him.” Mrs.Kim says to you before leaning over the counter slightly and calling said person. You turn your head to see a tall young man you’ve never seen before look up from the table he was cleaning. “Could you make order #8, please?”
Wonwoo, as she had called him, nods and walks over to the counter. He was probably your age with pale skin and dark brown hair spiked up over intimidating brown eyes. His looks reminded you of a runway model, either bored or serious. You were surprised when you heard what Mrs.Kim called him next. 

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Svtfoe Friendenemies Thoughts/Recap

{{Please watch the episode when it airs new on Disney XD in your timezone}}

Back at it again with Marco trying to buy some tickets to an 8 hour marathon of his favorite actor’s movies. Disney XD shows sure do always have the sold out concert/ticketed event episode (Svtfoe, phineas & Ferb, Gravity Falls), not that I mind, just pointing it out.

Hey Marco~ Can I get your help with something?

Star, baby doll, how did you do that to yourself. Oooo~h I gotcha! Starco Trash Brain says that you were tangling yourself up so Mr. Diaz here could untangle you……I’m done. She probably genuinely got herself tangled in them, but what was she doing with them in the first place? Unlike how I originally thought, it wasn’t decorating, but we never really get any form of explanation.

So, Mackie Hand’s name, punny as it is, is probably a reference to Jackie Chan

However the mention of how he died could be a reference to Brandon Lee, martial artist, actor and son of Bruce Lee, who passed unfortunately do to a tragic failed stunt while filming a movie.

Marco describes Mackie Hand very similarly to how Star worshiped Mina Loveberry

Anyway poor Marco, of course the tickets to a popular event would be sold out on the day OF the event. 

Don’t worry, I’m sure there’s still a chance you could get a ticket.

Good things don’t happen to me.”

*scoffs* Ahem, A LOT of good things happen to you. Is that a challenge, Mr. Diaz because look who came a-fire burning on the dance floor to put a stop to them fighting words. Tom, how are you not melting that ice cream, bro? 

Nice of you to pop in, you don’t even knock? Star knocked. 

Thanks to the recent online promo and synopsis from way back when, we already know Tombone here ain’t back from Daisyland and wanting to hang out with Miss Butterfly. The honor goes to Marco, who was bewildered by the very idea- what, no every time I see you you threaten my life with fire and stuff mentality- until Demon Boy flashed his pearly fangs and tickets to the only thing that will make happy at the moment.

Tom, don’t be flashy

Star starts to chew her way out of her light restraints, while Tom apologizes for every temper tantrum he’s had thus far and promises to be good, Marco detects a whiff of bullpucky and asks Star what his angle is. Star says he’s trying the “Bury the hammer”  [hatchet] and suggests he go with him. Good on you Star, rational thinking. I like it. The final deciding factor is that Tom decided to throw sparkly pixie dust on the tickets to make them extra tempting and Marco falls for it: Hook, line, and sinker. 

I hope they untied Star before they left because that is the last we see of her for the rest of both episodes. Bye Star.

Entering TOMCO Territory, are you ready?

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DreamWorks Ladies vs. Disney Ladies (Part 1/?)

By now we’re all familiar with the debate of Disney samefacing the leading ladies in their animated films and whether or not feminists need to take issue. In these debates you find a lot of comparisons to DreamWorks characters.

Well, I found a special little post that made a friend and I say “yeah, hold the phone there.” You’ve probably seen it. I’m going to talk about some DreamWorks characters as a result.

I find this chart misleading for a number of reasons. The point of this post is to obviously show Disney up, Disney which has lately been under scrutiny for having similar looking leading ladies. But hold up - this DreamWorks graphic shows a number of different kinds of females, not just female protagonists. Disney also has diverse female sidekicks, minor characters, villains, mothers, grannies, just like in the chart.

So if you wanted to just pit DreamWorks female protagonists against Disney female protagonists, the chart looks more like this:

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anonymous asked:

May I ask what you consider examples of the opposite of sameface? What kind of changes and differences are you looking for when it comes to Disney and their females? What films and companies do you consider have done what you want Disney to do?

First of all, thank you for your patience in waiting for me to answer this question. Now, in light of Moana proving that Disney has figured out how to vary bodies but not faces, I present to you…

Turbomun’s Comprehensive, Not-Too-Long Guide to Avoiding Sameface (featuring Straw Men Based On Things I’ve Actually Been Told)

DISCLAIMER: This guide is mainly focused on faces, not bodies, which are a related but whole separate issue.

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Greg and the One POC

I’m not even going to TOUCH the Matt Damon being cast in a movie called The Great Wall right now. I’m instead going after the upcoming Laika film Kubo and the Two Strings, or as I have decidedly renamed it: Greg and the One POC

I recently went to the movies to watch Star Trek Beyond and I came across this poster for Kubo and the Two Strings

Let me begin by saying that when I originally saw the trailer to this movie back in February I was really excited. An animated coming of age film about an androgynous Japanese kid? Like, it looked really cool and the animation looked beautiful and colorful, and most importantly, it stared an Asian protagonist!!! 

But there is something very wrong with this poster that made me pause. 

Why is it that there is only one Japanese actor on the poster?

Geroge Takei is the only Asian American actor listed on the poster. In fact, after a quick IMDB search, I found out that fucking Art Parkinson is playing the protagonist Kubo. SOME WHITE KID FROM GAME OF THRONES. Really Hollywood?? AGAIN? 

I’ve noticed that there hasn’t been a whole lot of talk about this issue online, especially in light of travesties like The Great Wall and Doctor Strange and Iron Fist, but this is yet another example in the ever growing chain of Asian erasure and whitewashing in Hollywood. 

Like seriously people, how hard can it be to find a Japanese American boy to  play this role? Pixar fucking did it! Remember Russell from Up? He was voiced by Jordan Nagai. Disney even managed to get half white, half Japanese actor, Ryan Potter, to voice Hiro in Big Hero 6. These boys are living proof that talents like this exist and are looking for roles. 

While I continued down the IMDB list for this film, I noticed that after initial six leads, quite a few of the other characters are voiced by Japanese American actors which shows that Japanese American actors auditioned for these roles and weren’t chosen. Cuz clearly small time actors like Charlize Theron and Matthew McConaughey need more roles to bolster their resumes. Like of course. 

I appreciate the efforts of Laika to get a film with an Asian protagonist out there, and I appreciate that the majority of the voice cast seems to be Asian American, but good intentions or no, the fact of the matter is that the starring roles were all given to white actors and the Japanese American actors were thrown the scraps, to once again be ornamental in a story about a Japanese boy in ancient Japan.

I feel like a broken record but why does this keep happening? 

Even in the widely popular Kung Fu Panda which takes place in China, there are far more non-Asian actors than there are Asian ones! And the protagonist is voiced by a white dude! And then Asian acting legends such as Jackie Chan, Lucy Liu, and  George Takei are given smaller side roles. 

I was once excited to see Kubo and the Two Strings and now I’m forced to be content instead with Greg and the One POC.

fortdevereaux  asked:

#and watching drunk Sophie ranting about Doctor Who // oh my god, i have a mighty need.

Assuming Sophie grew up in England and was born in the later part of the sixties, Romana was her Doctor. And Four. But Romana and her sharp mind and sense of fashion primarily.

It’s something Hardison has been suspecting for some time; he assumes she’s British, of course, and was a kid when it was still airing, but it’s mostly the distinctive “not being annoyed at the mention of the show unlike everyone” that gives her away. She doesn’t ask for explanation. Granted, she could be ignoring him. But Sophie rarely passes an opportunity to be a princess. And princesses don’t watch Doctor Who. (Princess Leia probably would)

The first time the team gets drunk together, Hardison notices something about Sophie. The drunker, the nerdier. Could be literature, could be art. Theatre, cinema, fashion and, oddly, television. She’s name-dropping, and not the high-brow stuff. She’s babbling about Robin Hood (the first Disney movie she remembers), about Aragorn (she imagined him with her uncle’s face, dark and tall with the saddest eyes), and about that time an alien pulled the Mona Lisa variant (she’s ruthless in her criticism of his skills; it’s still her favourite episode).

It takes Hardison by surprise, the details she remembers, the lines, the clothes. She goes on and he wonders: if this was her childhood, how come it’s still so vivid in her memory? Does she know a reboot exists? Does she follow it? He nearly spits his soda when he tries to picture Sophie in a stinky Russian hotel room, slipping in a designer’s gown while trying to catch the latest episode of Who on the TV just before she leaves for a party that will pay for her next pair of $1,500 shoes.

She never talks about her past specifically, but if you get her really, really drunk, she will wax poetry about what Hardison guesses are her passions. And Doctor Who is one of them. Buried deep under the art, and Shakespeare, and languages. It’s probably her oldest obsession as well; that’s why it’s buried so deep. But very much alive.

Two glasses and she argues about post-colonial UK and its manifestation in popular culture, such as in Doctor Who. Four glasses and she’s all about “that girl Coleman’s delicious diction”.

Hardison is suddenly much, much more interested in knowing about wines. The ones that get Sophie to talk about the Master, or Nyssa, or Turlough’s shorts.

He knows she’s one of them when she does the Pandorica speech on beer.

(Next goal: Star Wars. He knows he can sneak in the topic, sober, using Carrie Fisher’s accent as an entry point.)

(Imagine tiny Sophie bouncing around the house in her school outfit and a straw hat on the head, her little brother with a scarf around the arm as a leash. He’d rather she stopped acting like the show is called “Romana Who”, but it’s difficult to refuse her anything when she lied for him about the cake business from last Wednesday that nearly got him grounded. She managed to convince Mum that a cat, pursued by a bear, had made it fall. She is that good.)

We all need it.


The talented Mr. Hiddleston - The tall lean one with the beautiful eyes.

Character actor or sex symbol? The Brit Tom Hiddleston hasn’t decided yet. After being the vampire in Jim Jarmusch’s Only Lovers Left Alive and the super villain Loki in the Marvel-productions he has once again accessed a handfull of very different roles - one of them in Guillermo del Toros new horror movie Crimson Peak.

This is a very nice portrait that gives someone who doesn’t know him a good insight, but doesn’t add anything new (beside the stunning cover ;)). 

They talk about how stars have a certain something and that you notice it when Tom looks at you with his big teary eyes. That is is so noticeable in all of his movies, that he might have it as part of his contracts. They talk about his upbringing as a rich kid, how he is something like a new modern version of a gentleman, who isn’t stiff and reserved, but has good manners, is polite and kind, but also has a certain savoir-vivre and is always up to some mischief. That he has this aura of a privilegued certainty and “Britishness” that he also brings to his roles and that he is a dream for PR and journalists. “You can very well imagine that he will stand in front of the queen one day to get knightes, in a sharp-tailored suit and a nice smile. And then he will show of his coolest dance moves or he sings for the old Lady the Balu-song from the Junge Book.”

They then go on to describe some of his roles further - who they are in the movies and what makes them unique -, how he showed of different facets in those (British Gentleman in Return to Cranford, young sexy lad in Unrelated, uncertainty in Archipelago, anger in The Deep Blue Sea) and they spent a bit of time to talk about how Joanna Hogg helped him break through. How Adam might have been a bit of a stretch for him. They also talk about how he is comfortable in arthouse movies and blockbusters. Then there is a part about Loki and how he brought a sensitivity to this role that you wouldn’t expect. 

They also talk a bit about how that brought him popularity on the internet, especially with female fans. They describe the fandom a bit, how they create works and explore the comics and the old myths and add them to it. Everything is very benign. 

They then go on how he is a certain type of more intellectual guy or geek compared to the hunks in Hollywood and how that are two contrasting sexsymbols at the moment. 

Another paragraph talks about the controversies regarding the number of upper class British actors in the UK and in Hollywood.

The article ends with a short outlook on his next movies and how he will show once again new sides of his acting and that his interpretations of the characters were so far well received at festivals.

Oh, and then there’s a part about the “mewling quim”-line and that it is the meanest that was ever said in a Disney movie, but he is so charming that he gets away with it and it got turned into a meme.

All in all it is all very nice and focussed on his work. As you’d expect from this (epd is Evangelischer Presse Dienst - not hardcore Christians or anything, but certainly not a gossip rag or known for sensationalism.)

Celebrities really suck, and here's why.

Before I go any further, I’d just like to say that I definitely enjoy movies, television shows, and music as much as everyone else. The actors, musicians, artists, and performers who contribute their time and energy to these aspects of popular culture are inarguably talented, and the content they create is (to put it simply) awesome. I’m not trying to undermine the value of their work by any means, and I’m not trying to put any of them down as individuals. This post isn’t intended to demean celebrities as people, it’s simply meant to express my confusion and frustration with the fact that most people voluntarily place themselves at a lower “tier” than a very small faction of the population for literally the worst reasons. It’s extremely unhealthy for both groups, and honestly needs to be changed. Hopefully, if anyone even reads this, I can sway at least one viewpoint on Hollywood. 

I don’t get the hype with celebrities. To say people put them on a pedestal is a huge understatement. The way they’re talked about and treated annoys the living hell out of me. These are human beings, and people act as if they’re demigods. Biologically and behaviorally speaking, they’re exactly like everyone else. The only difference is that they appear on TV or in magazines, etc. Because of this reason alone, society has literally placed a higher value on them than other “average” people. Their lives matter more than yours or mine, and I think that’s complete bullshit.

If you think that’s an exaggeration, look at the Paul Walker crash. There was another living, breathing human being in the car who was killed in the exact same way. Can you tell me his name? I highly doubt it. Where are his thousands of tweets and Facebook posts? And if you’re thinking that the only reason for this was because Paul Walker was an actor and therefore was widely known, then why were there shockingly more posts after his death than after Nelson Mandela’s?? The latter literally changed lives, and some people didn’t even know who he was, nor did they care. Paul Walker was good-looking, rich, and appeared in movies that lots of people watched. People who had never met the man acted as if they had lost a lifelong friend. I can’t even tell you how many posts I saw that mentioned how great of a guy he was. How do you even know? You never knew him. He might have been the best person ever, but you have no basis to say that since you’ve only seen him in interviews or in movies. The line has been sufficiently blurred between the persona an actor takes on in movies, television, etc. and their real identity as an individual. 

Does anybody realize that by placing so much value on these people, you’re giving them immense amounts of power over you? By making Kim Kardashian famous for literally just being good looking and rich, you’re doing nothing but solidifying the idea that people who meet certain standards of beauty or who have huge amounts of money are actually worth more as human beings. The average young adult could tell you more about Josh Hutcherson’s life than they could about the bills being passed in Congress right now. People have stopped caring about relevant things because everywhere they go, they’re bombarded with the idea that the only thing that matters is being rich and beautiful. People are so enamored with trivial things that they can’t be bothered to think about things that genuinely matter. We’ve developed a shallowness and vapidness as a society that Huxley would scoff at.

How many of you could tell me who wrote Game of Thrones, Marvel Comics, etc? A number of you could name those people easily, but the vast majority of people enjoying these stories give no notice to those who actually created them. There are no t-shirts or posters of JRR Tolkien, Gene Roddenberry, Stan Lee, or George R.R. Martin.. However, I could find five websites in under a minute that have pictures of Chris Evans shirtless. If him and Stan Lee were standing in a room, people would be flocking to take pictures with Chris Evans and would be competing to get a chance to talk with him about how much they “loved Captain America” while completely ignoring the brilliant mind responsible for creating the character in the first place. 

People who are good looking are better than you are because society has made it that way. Hardly anybody cares who wrote the stories they love, they care about who looks good acting them out. We’ve placed creators underneath actors, and that’s baffling to me. 

Why do people wait for hours outside of Justin Bieber’s tour bus in hopes of even getting a glimpse of the guy? Is he really so high above you that you’re willing to waste huge portions of your time in order to hopefully get even a millisecond of his? Why do young girls make Twitter pages dedicated to the guys in One Direction and post tweets begging them to follow back? It’s just degrading and humiliating, to be honest. You don’t know anything about these people. You just like them because they were fortunate enough to get good genetics and a record deal, and those are no reasons to literally grovel for them to tweet you back. 

On top of this, famous people are scrutinized relentlessly. Being famous both adds and, in my opinion at least, severely detracts from their quality of life. Those who fall into this category can hardly leave the house without the Paparazzi in their face or fans flocking to them for autographs. I’m sure Emma Watson doesn’t appreciate going to the grocery store in sweat pants and then seeing a picture of her show up in the next issue of People magazine under some ridiculous caption like “Is Emma Watson Letting Herself Go?” Why are we so fascinated with everything these people do? Shouldn’t we be more concerned with learning about the world we’re living in than we are with finding out who’s dating who in Hollywood? Why should pictures of celebrity weddings sell for thousands of dollars? Why are we, as average citizens, surrendering our own value by placing so much more on celebrities? 

This close attention gets especially harmful when these people (emphasis on the fact that they’re people) make a mistake. They mess up once (as human beings are wont to do) and suddenly it’s front page news and the world is analyzing every detail of what they did. They have to sit there helplessly while thousands of strangers make horrible comments and pass judgement, sometimes even going so far as to blame them for being a “bad influence.”

Take Dylan Sprouse for example. So he took naked pictures and sent them to someone. I hate to break it to you, but tons of people do that literally every day. Why is it such a big deal when he does it? The guy’s what, over 20 years old? Who are you to judge him and to blame him for “being a bad role model” for your kids?? Why don’t *you* be a good role model for your kids instead of putting that responsibility in the hands of a stranger who happened to be on a TV show they liked? “But since he’s famous and popular with a particular demographic, he should know that his actions are judged more heavily than those of an average person and should act accordingly,” you might say. That’s the most bullshit rebuttal I’ve ever heard, no offense. Because he enjoys acting and was successful in Hollywood, he now owes it to you to be on his best behavior at all times since your kids look up to him? The entitlement in that argument is baffling, and yet I’ve heard it so many times. You should teach your child that television stars are just people. You should also teach them that one should choose who to emulate based on qualities that are more important than just looks and fame. I’m sure Dylan Sprouse would probably agree, as would all of the other “horrible Disney stars” that got older and did things that older people tend to do. How dare they?

I don’t know about you, but when I eventually/maybe have kids, I’m going to make sure they understand that people in Hollywood are human beings, just like us, and are therefore no better than us. I’m going to do my damnedest to teach them that there are much more important things to value in yourself and others than just looks. I’m going to teach them that there’s a difference between a character someone plays and that person’s real identity. I’m going to do my best to get them to see the value of literature, of learning about the world, and of caring about things that matter in the grand scheme of things. I want them to know who Nelson Mandela was and why it was such a tragedy that he passed away. I want them to know to model their behavior after the behavior of people they *actually* know. I hope that they would get more excited about Neil DeGrasse Tyson following them on Twitter than Miley Cyrus, for the reason that maybe they could discuss ideas with the former and learn something from him. 

I just feel like this obsession with celebrities is distracting and is one of the factors that’s “dumbing down” society. It’s created this barrier between the “average” person and famous people, and has made people okay with the idea of placing themselves beneath someone else. If young people looked up to teachers, parents, politicians, or authors the same way they look up to celebrities, our country would be in a completely different place and our generation wouldn’t have the reputation that it does.

Obviously I can’t do much to change the situation, but if anyone actually read this and understands where I’m coming from, then that’s good enough for me.

Words Unspoken

Summary: They both thought it would be fine, just two strangers communicating with a bunch of post-it notes. Exchanging words and emotions written in words. It would be harmless and nothing is going to happen. Oh how wrong they are.

Will’s post-it notes

Nico’s post-it notes

Regular talk

There it is again. A random post-it note that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. Okay, it’s posted on the exact same spot as before but still. Will Solace, rolled his eyes -a gesture he barely does out of being a generally happy person- at the small piece of paper. As if it had been the bane of all things positive and beautiful.

Seriously, had people stooped so down low with laziness that they can’t possibly discard a measly piece of paper with something quite depressing written on it. Towards a trash bin. Preferably one with the recycle logo? And save mother earth on their own little way?

Wait. Back track to a certain previous thought.

There had been something depressing written on it.

-I’m breathing but I’m barely alive. I’m alive but I don’t exist. I exist but I’m not exactly breathing.

Okay, wow. That was really pessimistic and a whole new level of depressing.

And that made Will really concerned.

Now Will felt rather stupid. How come he didn’t pay attention to it earlier? Those other post-it notes he had oh so conveniently thrown into disposal. Had it been written with words too?

Turns out, it does.

-Who made it so that people should be obliged to wake up with the sun? Oh yes, someone whose not much fond with the idea of sleep. I really don’t care but who made law that you actually need to drag other people with you? I don’t even like sunrise nor sunset for that matter. At least not anymore.

-“I am going to be okay” good lord, how many times have I repeated that to myself? And yet, I’m still not okay.

-Can’t the world just shut up for once?

-There’s enough happiness for everyone. People just need to share" Yeah? So where’s my share?

-It would have been really nice to know how it feels to live and not just breathe.

-The world is wide and beautiful and I just want to exist.

“You’re starting to become obsessive with those notes, Will” Kayla sat beside her half brother and stared disgustingly at her school cafeteria lunch. “Ugh. Thought we’re supposed to go healthy?”

“I am not” Will defended himself but made no move to pry his eyes away from the bundle of post-it notes he was holding. Reading the written words over and over again that as if by doing so, he’ll be able to figure out something.

Maybe the identity of the person who had been writing them.

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