notice how the pictures are similar

Some Fun Things I Noticed in Today’s Episode

“Aw geez! How does she get her legs to do that?!”

“Carabiner! Carabinerr!!”

Pearl messes up sometimes, but she’s trying so hard.

“I’m sorry, we didn’t want you meetin’ us here like this!”

Pearl’s always the one who suggests the getaway.


Amethyst to Peridot “Uh, if you’re trying to flush yourself down the toilet, it won’t work! Trust me, I tried.”

Greg’s family member, Andy, looks similar to Marty.

Greg looks sadly at a picture of Vidalia, a young Sour Cream and Yellowtail, a picture without Marty. Greg hangs out at Vidalia’s a lot, which suggests moreso Greg’s family connection with Marty. Or he’s sad because he’s envious of their family, because Rose isn’t around anymore.

”“Oh, He’ll need it.. in the future.”

An Important Announcement!

Hey guys, since I have seen some confusion in the fandom I felt the need of making things correct about the map of SnK World.

If you are familiar with ours, meta writers’ metas, you also have seen some of us are using  the map below as SnK World map.

But this map is definetely a crack map. It is not canon nor confirmed by Isayama in any way.

Using this map run to our minds when we noticed the similarity between Madagascar and Paradis Island. 

Here is Africa map.

And here is the canon map we have in SnK.

Isayama once stated that SnK world is a mirrored one to us and the sun rise from West, not from East. So to help you guys picture the world or sometimes writing crack, we catch the similarities between Madagascar and Marley map and start to use the mirrored map. We also don’t know how the actual map is, we are using it because it helps us to picture things better.

Sorry if this made you think it is the canon map, it is definetely not!

Hurray if you already knew this is not the canon map, here, have some candies 🍬 🍬 🍬 

Okay so Kirishima coming into school after going to Bakugou’s for the first time and everyone’s interested to know what it was like because Bakugou’s so damn secretive about himself and all he says is

“Bakugou’s mum is so hot.”

And everyone’s kind of taken aback like Kirishima what??  Then Kaminari gives him a high five while everyone’s in uproar but he gives him a look that says ‘Dude you have a crush on a guy and his mum?’ And Bakugou is swearing at Kirishima and everyone else who dares to look in his direction to ask to see a picture of her will not survive so no one notices the blush that’s mixed in with the angry red on his cheeks.

And Midoriya just knows but he keeps quiet because Bakugou (and maybe even Kirishima) will kill him if he mentions how similar those two look so he just sinks down in his chair and smiles to himself.

Stealthic Hairs

Some of my all time favorite hairs to use in The Sims are cc by Stealthic from The Sims Resource . With really beautiful colors and very unique styles between them, I completely adore these (I only took the pictures in brown just so you could see how they all either match or are very similar). I recently have checked back at his profile and saw that he has added a bunch more since I originally got these (or i just never saw them lmao). They don’t glitch (for what I have noticed) other than if you make your sim’s breasts too big the hair will literally go through them. All the ones I’m showing you here are female hairs. I have a good amount here so get ready for a little download spree if you enjoy hair. Links will be above each photo, just click on the name of the hair :) 

Stealthic - Sleepwalking 

Stealthic - Vanity

Stealthic - Eden

Stealthic - Solace

Stealthic - Heaventide

Stealthic - Captivated

Stealthic - Vapor  literal bae

And that’s it right now for hairs from Stealthic! All of these hairs have been in my game at least once, so they should work fine for you. I also run every mod or piece of custom content that I download through my computer’s anti-virus before even putting them in the game. The creator is one of the featured artists on TSR and I can’t wait to download some more and then post some for you!


The sim in the pictures above is not mine, but one that I randomly chose from the gallery. This is Scarlett Layton, who I found was perfect for all of these hairs! Scarlett was created by moondust4ash, so if you would like to use her in a game, you can search for the creator in the gallery (they have many families, so even if you don’t like this sim, you could probably find at least one you enjoy).

Okay, so am I the only one who notices the similarities between Hiro Hamada and Nico di Angelo? I mean, they both lost their parents, and then their older sibling in a tragic accident. They both end up spending a lot of time with a big group of friends they share their biggest strength with: Hiro with science, Nico with being a demi-god. Also, the way I picture Nico is actually really similar to how Hiro is depicted, Nico is just Italian and doesn’t have the cute little gap between his teeth. They’re also both fuckin’ adorable and I really just wanna wrap ‘em both up in warm blankets and snuggle them. >w


Anyone notice how Bob never has his jacket on set that he wore in the finale?

And how Eliza is holding a jacket similar to Bellamy’s in the last picture?

Please tell me he didn’t give Clarke his jacket for some cute reason, because I don’t feel like dying today.

My Bias Wrecker List

As a general rule I do not look at these guys for the sake of my own sanity but for the purposes of this list I will make an exception. So let’s get broken together, shall we?

1.Bobby (iKON)

Originally posted by ygboys-ot11

Oh Bobby. He’s probably the main reason I’m terrified to get more into iKON than I already am. Like I own a lot of their songs and watch the MVs on their official channel to give them the support but this child scares me. Partially because I didn’t notice him at first. I saw myself as more of a Hanbin girl until one fateful day I saw a picture of Bobby with his eyebrows filled in and I knew I was in trouble.

Now I’m gonna do something I normally avoid which is compare two artists but it helps put into perspective how I see Bobby. To me, Bobby is like a young Jay Park. They have a similar charisma that just attracts people to them. Both have a snarky, fuckboy side but an equally strong compassionate side to balance it out. You can tell just by watching Bobby interact with his members that he adores them. And he and Jay both have such great smiles that are plastered on their faces almost all the time. So it’s like you get all the benefits of Jay’s personality without the same level of intimidation (for now).

And jfc can we talk about the fan service? Not afraid to stop and listen to fans or slip off the stage into massive crowds just to be nearer to them. *insert obligatory comment about his abs* It’s like he’s accomplished so much at such a young age (winning smtm3 for example) but he’s still amazed that people would call themselves fans. He’s got this ingrained humility that shows through despite how much he hypes himself up.

It may only be a matter of time until Bobby makes a spot for himself on my bias list. I’ve heard before that anyone that’s into iKON is a “Bobby girl” whether they admit it or not and I’m beginning to think that’s true. But for now I hope wrecking my life from the periphery will suffice.

2.Kihyun (Monsta X)

Originally posted by shooomabrown

My darling sass mom of Monsta X. I fell for this boy when I watched his performance of “Hyeya” during his rookie days. He may be small but his voice and personality more than compensate. Confidence is one of the sexiest things about Kihyun because it’s the right kind of confidence. You can tell be looking at him that he’s just so sure of himself, that he knows his strengths and has an ego when it comes to his singing, but that his love for his members keeps him from being overbearing.

And this boy is just so savage. Like I would pay good money to have a bitch-fest with Jinyoung and Kihyun. Maybe over mimosas and a pedicure if we’re feeling especially “suburban mom” that day.

It’s so easy to picture Kihyun cooking or cleaning the dorm but sassing everyone in the process. But the majority of the time he does it, it’s actually an expression of his love. Like don’t even try to take the cooking duties away from him because he needs to be sure that his children are properly fed.

And therein lies the side of Kihyun that qualifies him as a member of my bias wrecker list. Because it’s no surprise that this boy is a romantic but there is also a fierce intimacy to his relationships. Like he puts up a front when he’s in public but his significant other is the only one that gets to see the emotional side of him. The only one that gets to see him raw and unfiltered because it takes a lot of trust for him to let his guard down. It adds so much strength to the relationship that you would never have to question his feelings. Because he shows his love through actions more than words. And please believe he’s the type that says “I love you” a lot.

3.Wonho (Monsta X)

Originally posted by kaisanity

Nothing makes me say, “not today Satan” more than this jellybean. Gold star to anyone that can explain to me why Wonho insists on being so extra. He’s just unnecessary 75% of the time but I still eat it up because I’m weak.

But that’s only surface level Wonho. In truth, he’s one of those people that’s very sensitive to those around him. He notices the hard work and sacrifices of others and he goes the extra mile to ensure that the people that support him know how much he cares. I think half of the reason he enjoys being the abs of the group is because it solidifies his popularity which in turn helps him pay off his family’s debt. His family is one of the biggest motivations behind his work ethic in general.

Wonho also does a lot of behind the scenes work for Monsta X. Composing and choreography being just a few of the things he dabbles in. And no one, absolutely no one, reps Monbebes like Wonho reps Monbebes. He probably calls himself a Monbebe without a single trace of sarcasm which is so endearing. The memory of being poor and unknown is something that will never cease shaping who he is which makes him incredibly grateful to every single fan.

Thank goodness for Changkyun being so secure at the top of my bias list and saving me from the constant torture to my nerves that Wonho could be.

4.Simon D (AOMG)

Originally posted by youngkaezy

First of all, let me just apologize to Simon for putting him so low on this list. I’ve seen how he handles being fourth and it’s not pretty. But I already have Jay and Gray to deal with so I had to be ruthless when making these lists.  Please don’t make my dear Sunghwa mad at me.

Now let me start by saying that Simon was not an immediate attraction for me. None of his hairstyles seem to fit him quite right but I much prefer what he has now as opposed to the 90s kpop hair he used to rock. Add that to the obvious ego and certified playboy status and I was like, “That’s one member of AOMG that I’m gonna make sure stays in his lane.”

But as it turns out, Simon cannot be bothered to stay in his lane. That binch doesn’t even take a second glance before driving into oncoming traffic just because he can. As it also turns out, I don’t mind him doing so. In fact, I kind of adore it because it leads me to believe that if Simon really had feelings for someone then he wouldn’t back down; not even for another member of AOMG. And I want someone that’s willing to stick it out for me because I would do the same for them. Like his rap is incredibly sexy with that deep voice of his but that’s child’s play. I wanna make that binch beg.

And though he plays it off, I think Simon is such a sap for family. He’s at an age where what he’s looking for in a relationship is a bit more serious. Yeah he likes having flings but he also hates wasting his time more than anything. He’s a very intense person after all which just makes it funnier when he lets loose. Just look at his friendship with Gray if you want a glimpse of what dating Simon would be like. Teasing. Inside jokes. Lots of affection. Bring it on.

5.JB (GOT7)

Originally posted by defsouljb

Last but most certainly not least, we have the fearless leader of GOT7. Everything about Jaebum is painful; face, body, and personality. He has the trifecta that will not leave me be. But we all know I’d be lying if I said that I wanted JB to leave me alone.

And I honestly don’t notice him that often because the other members do a great job at distracting me. But just when I think it’s safe his smolder catches my attention out of nowhere it’s like BLOODY HELL WHERE’S MY BIGBANG CONCERT FAN CAUSE I’M FEELING THE VAPORS!

The thing about JB is that he’s the protective kind of affectionate which is easily misinterpreted as him just being angry. Sure, he lets his members get him worked up, but no one loves his boys more than he does. And it’s those moments when he can’t hide his affection for them that really gets me. Like I’m pretty sure that he would treat his significant other like absolute royalty and the other members would follow suit.

However, like with Giriboy, Jaebum finds himself at the bottom of my list due to our similarities. Arguing with JB would probably be a complete disaster because I don’t think he censors himself in the heat of the moment and neither do I tbh. I foresee a lot of stubborn sulking before one of us gets over their own pride enough to apologize. But it’s that loving smile of his, the one that touches his eyes so you know he’s looking at something that he absolutely treasures, that keeps me coming back.

anonymous asked:

I don't know what is with him and that awful stache. I wonder if someone told him he looked good with it and now he wants to keep it. Also is that Mark next to him? I notice he also has a similar awful mustache. I also checked out the guy whose wedding they attended and he has one although I think it looks good on him. Maybe this is a thing right now?

I don’t think anyone has told him it looks good, I think he’s either (1) lazy about shaving (2) he’s single and DGAFOS about it (3) he’s just not shaving it because he’s being stubborn about it because he saw a tweet or some random comment about how he SHOULD shave. LOL

Mark is to Calvin’s right in the picture, yes, holding Charlie’s feet.  I’m not sure if the moustache is a thing right now. It’d be one thing if Calvin was growing a full-on bushy beard, but he seems to have trimmed his beard but not his mousache? I dunno…..I don’t mind full beards on guys with the right look, but Calvin’s right now just looks…no bueno. 

Sherlock: The Abominable Bride

This was a great episode. Seriously, it covered a huge range of topics that made it amazing. In the brilliance of it all, just a few things I noticed/ want to clear up:

1. This episode starts off with a drugged Sherlock Holmes. He is imagining a crime that is similar to how Moriarty died, concerning a bride. He then comes back to the real world, only to fall back into a drugged state. Sherlock pictures himself waking up again and chasing the case of the bride in real life, when that proved to be the figment of his drugged state also. In the end, he proved to himself that Moriarty is dead, but somehow his gang still exists. Or something like that.

2. Women Empowerment. This was a huge deal and severely bashed Sherlock and the people in general for demeaning women and not respecting them. This conveys a message to not underestimate women. And it’s powerful.

3. The direct quotes from the books really pleased my inner nerd, and this was a great way of paying homage to Doyle.

4. Sherlock does admit something about the speciality of his relationship with John during the scene in Reichenbach. “Elope already” Yes, that could be Sherlock presuming something about Moriarty’s character, but bear in mind, it’s still Sherlock’s mind.

5. I’m not getting any sleep tonight.


Has anyone noticed the similarity between these two pictures!?

Not to mention the connection between these two pics!

Lemme explain:

Okay, we know that in the picture with Lacie, it’s after Lacie brutally kills the human traffickers who tried to kidnap her. Now, when Jack looks up, he sees Lacie dancing and singing in the rain and blood of the men she killed. Jack looks like as if he was in a daze, just simply staring at Lacie as if in a trance, then proclaiming on how he will find her again, showing his infatuation with Lacie.

Onto the scene with Alice. Alice is seen to be playing in the rain, and in the page, Oz starts to notice Alice’s beauty. 

Now we know that Jack and Oz share the same body, right?

I just had this thought in my mind.

What if the reason why Oz found Alice so beautiful in the rain is because of Jack who was reminded of the time he saw Lacie singing in the rain?

This just blows my mind for a moment. I just had to share.

AH GOSH OH GOSH THATS WAY TOO SWEET JESUS Q///___///Q Thank you so so much!! I’m not as great as you say I am really, I just adore seeing other people’s art, and fanart is even more wonderful for me, it’s absolutely amazing to think that people would spend their time drawing my characters, like it’s insane 8//m//8;;

And yeah I agree though, sometimes AUs or art styles really look like their creators!! Theres this amazing post where everyone kept reblogging a picture of themselves and one drawing they made, and you could only notice how similar they were *//__//* It was a fantastic post!! (Almost added mine, but… I changed my mind at the last minute. I’m too shy haha //nervous sweating)


Aww… Thank you so so much. See, turning off asks and submissions is already a huge HUGE relief. I was very very afraid that it would cut the link I have with you guys, but look at all the adorable messages I got?? I mean, I’M AMAZED BY HOW SWEET YOU GUYS ARE???? You’re so supportive and nice and absolute cutie pies, and gaaaah I always have a wonderful (now ordered) time <333

Your support is sooo appreciated dear, really. Thank you deeply, you understand so perfectly!! q//v//q ALSO YEAH OH GOSH MY FOLLOWERS ARE WAY TOO CUTE I JUST SAID IT ABOVE BUT I LOVE YOU GUYS ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY.

And aaaah, oh mi gooooosh of course!! Please design as much as you want, the guy wears anything!! <333 (also nice icon o//^//o)


Aaaah thank you I’m glad you like it! <3 I honestly really really enjoy working on this comic. It makes me practise, I’ve never done comics so detailed before, or I stopped afer like 4 or 5 pages because it didn’t interest me anymore. (Gotta say, thanks to CQ who is my main inspiration to keep going right now! It’s really pleasant :D)

I am never going to give specific dates about the Ink comics updates, because I’m a student and work is more important than anything <3 Besides, I owe art and also want to draw my OCs more, I got a personal project started >//v//< <3 For now Update 3 has its storyboard done! Now I need to write the text in details. I gotta say it didn’t progress much for now, sorry! D: But hey, one more month and I’ll be free to work on it without any problem >://3c

(We’ll see if Ink makes it… oops did I say that loud)


Mi god you brought so many memories to me just by saying the name of this song. Now I have it in my head. ;____;

ZT!Gaster is the ultimate goop manta. He is the Golden Goopster yes



Originally posted by mermaid-sundae

I love my babies alothhhhah… I’m so glad you like them too!!! 8//m//87

//wiggles// Mweeeh

My main OCs for now are Meke (the jellyfish girl), Soar (the muscled creepy guy who’s missing an eye and is a total sadist/masochist/cannibal but I love him anyway) and Aherän, the Angel, the cute the pure cinnamon roll WHO WILL GET FCKING DESTROYED.



WELL FUNNY YOU SAY THAT Because I just got a hair cut, my hair is short and curly again now!! :DD It was starting to get way too long and I really didn’t like having it. I’m sooo happy now it’s all beautiful and shiny ^////__////^<33

I’m small with brown eyes and brown hair (I’m original ye). I’m

very small. //sobbing



Aww I took a random theme and fucked up the code. ._.


I’m not an expert at coding but I know the very very basics concerning it’s visual aspects, and coding is reaaaally relaxing to do. That’s why I change my dA page design from time to time. (actually I should change it again when I have the time, it’s getting a bit old D:)

Aaaah je suis ravie que tu aimes mon fiston <333 Et je t’en prie viens squatter, y’a encore de la place :DDD //pointe une des 9500 chaises (déjà bientôt les 10k AAAAAAAAAAAA)


Awwww thank you so so much I just had to put this question in it was too cute <333 Thank you a lot, I hope the arting is going well!! >//w//<9



//sobbs on the floor caressing a drawing of him


HAHAHA HUEEEEE IM SO GLAD YOU AND YOUR FRIEND LIKE THEM! ////v//// Yeah Holiday seems to have alot of success <3 Just take him he’s yours //hands him over and keeps Heats close

I’m very happy you guys like the Uwa!!trio, I love them too alot <333

(i cant find them a specific tag though… Q//___//Q i guess uwa!!sanses or uwa!!trio but I’m not sure…)



I wanna see more ideas like that so yeah <3333 IM VERY HAPPY YOU LIKE THEMMM SQUEEEE

OH MY GOSH REALLY??? I’m so happy you like my blog, that’s so sweet of you!! Q///v///Q <333 YOURE THE SWEET PERSON HERE JESUS

And nooo ah, I don’t have a Wattpad sorry!! 8//m//8 For now I’m only active on deviantART and tumblr!!

Since the Clowns came back in :Re... (Clowns/Pierrots thoughts)

Below are all the times they’re mentioned in TKG. Actually they’ve been mentioned quite a lot but I guess we didn’t notice how important they were before chapter 143 because they were always spoken as if belonging to the past.

Actually all those moments can help us learn a little more about who they are/were. (Pictures are in order: ch 30, 61, 78, 86, 90, 109, 111, 140 and 143) It’s rather long, sorry.

Hide, a human and that ghoul “expert” know about them, which means they were rather famous.

They were strong/cunning enough to interfere with Yamori and his people (Naki) and he ended up captured by the CCG and tortured because he had information on them.

Hi you two, Itori’s little helpers: Nico to Aogiri and Souta to the ghoul restaurant. You’ll notice she never goes and observes herself, she, as well as Uta, mostly stands in the background and watches or waits for the tale. I doubt the clowns have a true hierachical order, they seem rather free of their moves, so I wonder whether or not Nico and Souta went of their own accord out in the front  or if Itori and Uta still have a “higher rank” and told them to…

Introduction of Roma who was in Kokuria until now, so she definitely belonged to the gang before her arrest and was captured during “the Clowns’ annihilation” by the CCG (otherwise why call her a clown?).

So Arine, Houji, Arima and Hirako are all mentioned having taken part in the « Clown annihilation » but Arima didn’t take them down, since his fight with Yomo was interrupted by Yoshimura so the counter attack with Houji and Arine probably happened a little after.

By the way, Arima was 19 years old “10 years ago” when he fought against the Owl so it makes him 29 by the end of TKG and 32 in :Re. So since he’s 22 in the picture above, then the “Clown annihilation” roughly took place sometimes around 7 seven years ago (by the end of TKG).

I don’t think I have to remind you what Uta and Itori looked like when Arima came to the 4th ward and fought with Yomo, they were teens, probably between 16 and 19 years old.

They’re behind the accident with Rize (no kidding) and started the whole mess with Kaneki. Notice the checkered pattern on Souta’s shirt, same as Uta’s floor and Director Washuu’s. I don’t know if that means anything for the CCG Director but I felt like pointing it out.

Special theory of mine: Rize had a rather distorted sense of humor, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she knew about the Clown gang, or was even a part of it. She traveled a lot, from ward to ward, leaving when it became annoying (example: the 11th ward) like Nico, Roma and Souta. She probably was independent and not really on the Clowns’ side, otherwise why choose her to be in the accident if she was their friend? But I’d bet you she knew them, otherwise why the victory sign and why does Souta stays behind after the accident, as if he wants her to see him and to realize what happened to her?   

I realized recently that all the masks behind Uta are probably the masks of all their former comrades that were killed/captured during the “Clowns’ annihilation”. It makes sense when you realize that each time they were mentioned, the speaker also mentioned “power”, “gang” and the fact they were hard to destroy, which means they were a famous and big gang.
What’s interesting is that everybody in the CCG (+ that ghoul expert) think the Clowns are really destroyed while 5 of them are still having fun behind everybody’s back.

To avoid being chased by the CCG again, they are acting in the shadows, not making any claiming about their actions which means nobody out of Rize (who saw Souta on the day of the accident) and Kaneki (since Itori mentions a clown when she saw Roma’s name) know they exist (maybe Yomo and Yoshimura do but that’s not even sure).
Uta and Itori are seven years older so maybe they gained a little more of maturity and decided it was better to keep a small gang in order to have fun for a longer time.   

I believe the Clowns are Kaneki’s personal nemesis actually. They created the half ghoul, Shiro!Kaneki tortured by Yamori and even Sasaki Haise (since I think they’re behind Anteiku being found out by the CCG (strangely the manager tells Roma Kaneki will come back to Anteiku and a page later, the CCG found out about them) and we all know what it lead to in the end…).
Because of them, Kaneki/Sasaki has been through numerous ordeals but he also has seen all the sides of Ishida’s world (human, nice ghoul, crazy ghoul, CCG investigator). He enjoyed his life as a human, but because of them he also found out he could enjoy a ghoul life (with Anteiku and Touka, Hinami), and now Sasaki seems to have found some happiness with his CCG coworkers (Akira, Suzuya and the Quinxes).I don’t think there will be an end to this story before Kaneki confronts them and he’ll have to choose which life to live.

Final thoughts to keep in mind: we know nothing of the Clowns’ abilities except for Nico’s fast recovering capacity.
About Uta: we never saw his Kagune/Kakuja and he still remains a very good fighter without it. He seems to like cannibalism (so why not the Kakuja form) and he has a weird habit of eating eyes (and dicks) while his own eyes are always on Kakugan mode (someone once mentioned that maybe he tore his own eyes out which is why he has some sort of fascination about eyes?). He managed the 4th ward as a teen because he was the strongest around so I’d say either a SS (since he could take Yomo on) or SSS rank (because if he’s the main villain he’s definitely one of the strongest ghoul of the story; I can totally see him having a double/triple Kagune, like Hinami actually).

About Itori: Yomo told us since the very beginning that there was no way to describe her as well as the fact she likes to use people (and that himself was used once). There are no honorifics between her and Uta (hell, he’s the one calling her “Itori-san” but he also calls Touka that so…) and since Uta said managing the 4th ward was boring, either they’re both leading the Clowns, or she is the one with the most power. However, since she has the 6 tarot card number on her collarbone in chapter 143 as well as the Ying and Yang symbol in her glass, Uta and she are probably equal.
Also, we’ve never seen her fought or her Kagune form (I’d say Ukaku since she always wears shirts/dresses showing her shoulders and scapula in the manga but that’s really guessing with no other hints) and she showed only one Kakugan (chapter 34).
Of course it was when she mentioned the one eyed King the very first time and she showed only one kakugan by closing her other eye. I’m not saying that she’s a half ghoul, but both in the manga and anime she showed to be rather melancholic when she explained about “a human and a ghoul falling in love and their child rarely being able to live” so actually who knows? So does she have one or two Kakugans, I can’t say, but the topic of half ghouls made her melancholic the two times they were addressed. Let me add that it’s almost the only scene they kept similar to the manga whenever Itori was concerned in the anime. I think it means something.

About Nico: amazing recovering capacities (he’s a rinkaku), wants to see something beautiful and was disgusted by Yamori’s violence on the mother and child in the Aogiri arc.

About Souta: he’s the only one we’ve never seen the face of, so I’d say we’ve met him without his mask without knowing it was him (you know that guy Touka mistakes for Kaneki at the university? Well he has a similar haircut in my opinion -> I’m pretty much suspecting everyone right now).

About Roma: enjoys violence and tragedy, and Yoshimura didn’t mention her to Yomo when he entrusted him with Nishiki, Touka and Rize in the last arc, so either he knew about her or he deemed her to be strong enough to take care of herself (at the same time, if he knew about her why letting her work in Anteiku?).

Done. :) At this point, I can’t think of anything else about them. (Feel free to leave some thoughts if you want since we’d rather be ready for whatever jokes they’ll plan in :Re in my opinion…)

Edit: Roma is indeed a rinkaku with 8 limbs (Tg:Re chapter 21), she reminds me of Rize, using her fake frail appearance to get investigators into a trap.

So about that picture...

So, about that picture from the sneak preview.  This picture:

There has been much speculation that the man could be Dr. Edwards.  He looks very similar to Dr. Edwards.

Note the glasses, which are identical.  The beard.  The color of hair.  The bone structure of the face.  Etc.

Now look at this:

Someone actually asked Erik Jensen about the picture.  What did he have to say?

But also notice how another account chimed in and said something about Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde.  And notice how that is the tweet that Erik Jensen replied to, not the original tweet with the picture…

Lets spot how many similarities we can find between Steven Universe and Homestuck!

First of all, we got Kanaya and Pearl. Both impaled in the lower stomach, both wearing fabulous ribbons, and both extremely gay for a rose. We’ve all established that.

Next: Lapis and her eyes when she was still “cracked”. Remember how her eyes were empty/blank? While she wasn’t necessarily dead, do you notice how the dead homestuck characters had white/empty/blank eyes?

Also, didn’t Rebecca Sugar draw that picture of Dave and Kar? Or was that a fake? Because if the sugar lady knows of homestuck, it would explain so much.

Is there anything else?

I kind of find it interesting how similar Beth’s season 5 official picture is so similar to Rick’s season 6 official picture. 

They have the same pose.  And Beth was the only character to have a pose anything like that in the official character portraits for 5a.  I thought it was weird, but now I think it’s even stranger…especially given all of the Beth/Rick parallels in season 5.

Just kind of curious if anyone else has noticed this?

bethgreenewarriorprincess (tagging you, because you are extremely knowledgeable on all things Beth Greene and TD)

So has anyone noticed the most blatantly obvious clue in Gravity Falls yet? No? Take a look at the picture above? Notice how the local geography of GF resembles nothing found naturally occuring in nature in any of the geologically similar places? I mean, take the crack in the cliff, the steep cliffs, the strangily placed waterfall, the odd lake, the very different geology behind the cliff, … Something’s not right here - and I think I know why.

What if, years before the founding of Gravity Falls, before the colonisation of the USA, an UFO had crashlanded here, breaking through the cliff, driving itself into the ground & at least partially exploding, causing the steep cliffs, the crack, the anomalous geological features all together.

What if the Author, on his quest to explain the origin of everything weird happening in GF, stumbled upon the remnants of this UFO, beneath the current location of the Mystery Shack? I mean, the show has shown the author being the one building or at least owning the Mystery Shack prior to Gruncle Stan’(s current ownership.

What if the Universe Portal itself is either an alien artifact or a human invention made from alien scrap? I mean, take a look at the strange design & symbols upon the Portal.

See how odd it is? A human mind would not design such a powerfull machine like this. He’d build it with a strong foundation, secure grounding into the bedrock. Also, the symbols, representing starsigns, are a more obscure astrological symbology & could easily fit into this alien theory. But more importantly, what if the Author’s discovery was recognized by another very interesting figure? Someone like…

Yes, Bill Cipher. Bill Cipher is a demon, the journal says so which implies the Author figured out as much. If Bill is a demon, than - so traditional demonology says us, he should have a True Name. A name by which he can be summoned, banished, used as a tool or weapon against his will.

If so, if the Author figured out Bill’s True Name, than the Author will most assuredly have taken measures against Bill - which would explain why Bill can not appear at will in the laboratories & outposts build by the Author. He simply is unable - as appearing there would instantly banish him back to his own dimension. 

I think there’s a lot of things we have missed that shall appear as blatantly obvious whenever this series has been concluded & right now I think we should starts focussing on those anomalies that would not be recognized as anomalies unless seen by experts in their fields. We’re talking Hirsch here - we’ll be sure to miss a lot.

Anon Request 1: pt. 1

A/n: I got the prompt kinda wrong okay. It doesn’t happen on the same day. FORGIVE ME.

Arizona leans closer, squints her eyes, and stares.

Sofia looks nothing like her.

The photo is framed and glossy under the living room light. Pretty and glimmering in its glass covering. It is Arizona’s favorite picture.

It was summer, she remembers. They were in their old living room in pajamas, and Sofia wouldn’t stop talking. It was all unintelligible for the most part. Toddler babble that slipped from English to Spanish whenever it so pleased. Callie was staring at Arizona with a tiny, exasperated smile on her face, and Arizona was looking back at her with a similar expression.

Arizona leans closer to the photo. For all the times she has seen it, she has never truly looked at it. She has never truly noticed how out of place she looks.

There’s Sofia, all brown eyes and big cheeks and brunette hair. Her eyebrows are thick and bushy and her skin is smooth and tan. And then there’s Callie, much the same. Some older, maturer replica.

And then there’s Arizona.

Blue eyes and blonde hair. Fair skin and thin eyebrows, Slender cheeks. Slim pouty lips. If she hadn’t known any better, she’d mistake herself for a family friend.

Arizona tilts her head. This is her favorite photo. And now, for the first time, she feels herself overwhelmed by it.

“Sofia is mine,” she reassures quietly to herself before setting the photo down on the coffee table. She tries determinedly to block out all the self-doubt suddenly arising.

“No, you don’t get a say. This is my family. I’m the father. I’m the father! You’re not anyth—You’re nothing.”

“S-Sofia is mine,” she repeats this time more unsurely. She closes her eyes tightly and tries to remember all the good she has done with her daughter. Her daughter.

“Just to be clear, Dr. Sloan and Dr. Torres were Sofia’s parents, and then… you came around.”

Arizona’s eyes fly back open at the memory as she clenches her fists painfully. Her gaze flicks back down to the photo.

Sofia looks nothing like her.

“Her last names are Sloan and Torres.”

“Sofia is…she’s mine…”

Something wet slides down Arizona’s cheek and then her chin before falling lightly onto her hand and Arizona shakes her head, wipes her eyes, and quickly flips the photo frame over.


Arizona knows what she is going to do. Her shoulders sag. Her palms sweat. Her eyes glisten with unshed tears.

The courtroom is tense and buzzing with anticipation. Callie is exchanging heated whispers with her lawyer while Penny sits behind them, fidgeting with her dress skirt. The robust bailiff keeps shifting back and forth on his feet, running his gaze from one ex-spouse to another.  Webber and Bailey are exchanging predictions out of the sides of their mouths, every now and then throwing each other knowing glances.

They are all still waiting for the declaration. For the climax. Oblivious to the fact that it has already happened. That it is already done.

Arizona knows what she is going to do.

Finally, the judge returns to the bench and sits down, a heavy sigh escaping her lips. “Please be seated.”

She looks up at the two women before her, disappointment etched into her features.

“Well folks, let’s get this show on the road,” she mumbles, steeling herself. “I’ve taken all testimony and evidence in this matter under submission, and after careful consideration, my ruling is as follows: I hereby grant sole physical custody of Sofia Robbin Sloan Torre—“

Suddenly, Arizona stands up, a tentative hand in the air. “Um…” she stumbles a bit, glancing at all the shocked faces, “That won’t be necessary. I withdraw myself or…” she looks around loss for words, “um whatever you do in these things.”

“Dr. Robbins?” the judge looks absolutely nonplussed.

“I just,” Arizona waves her hand about, searching for how to phrase what she can’t even explain to herself, “I thought that I was co-parenting all this time. I thought that there was Sofia. And then there was Callie, her mom. And Mark, her father. And then me…her other mom. But I um,” the blonde pauses, realizing her vision is blurring. She swallows hard; she doesn’t want to cry. Especially not in front of Callie. “I realize now that my involvement in Sofia’s life, as far as Callie was concerned, was always…negotiable.”
She folds her arms, clenching them together tightly, protectively. “I should have known, but I d-didn’t. I always…” Arizona shakes her head, breathing harshly, and the judge clears her throat, also unsure of what to say.

“I fell in love with Callie,” Arizona tries to explain herself, making sure not to look at her ex-wife. It seemed so embarrassing admitting that now after all these years apart from each other.“And because of that, I fell in love with Sofia, so I-I guess you weren’t really wrong about that. I didn’t want children. And the only person I could imagine having them with was Callie, and even that, I thought would be a few years down the line at least. When I found out Callie was pregnant, I was angry and… and hurt and afraid. I didn’t want to be a mother. But I loved Callie so much that I would have done anything to be with her.”

Arizona unclenches her arms letting them fall against the wooden table as she ignores the harsh glare her lawyer is shooting her. “It wasn’t until the ultrasound that my love for Sofia became a thing on its own, and I…I guess that’s a bad thing…that I didn’t love her from the start like Callie. And I guess, that makes me not really her mom, but I—I feel like her mom, you know. I feel like something was taken out of me to make her, and I always thought of Sofia as…” for the first time since she began her speech, Arizona glances over at Callie. The brunette’s expression is one of pure devastation. “ours. Both of ours.” Arizona finishes.

Suddenly, Callie stands from her seat, muttering, “I can’t. I can’t do this”, before walking out of the courtroom.


Hello! I’m Peter Lee, a designer in R&D for Dungeons & Dragons at Wizards of the Coast. Welcome to what I think is the penultimate article chronicling my progress on painting Gale Force Nine’s red dragon miniature. Last week, I painted most of the dragon’s body. Today, I finish painting the tail and forearms.

The tail of the miniature has a set of frills that look similar to the dragon’s head. Here’s a picture of the head to remind you:

Notice how I painted the frills to fade from red to black. I was to do a similar effect on the tail. This is what it looks like when I started.

The first thing I do is outline the frills with dark red.

Using five or so shades of red, I blend the colors from light red to dark red.

Here’s the other side. Note that I’m just working on the skin between the spines; the spines themselves will be done in just a bit.

Now I start working on the rest of the tail. There are deep ridges near the base of the tail, so I first outline those in dark red.

I shade the rest of the tail in several shades of dark red, applying the darkest shades on the bottom. This is also the point I work on the spines along the back of the tail.

I finish up the tail with red highlights. (There is a chance that I’ll do further highlighting once I’m done with the entire dragon and can take the whole thing in at once.)

Now for the forearms. I start with the right forearm. When I attached the dragon to the base, I needed a small amount of green stuff to hide the gap. I paint over that with dark red first.

Next, I paint under the plates on the forearm with dark red.

I paint over the paints with a few shades of dark red paint.

Once I get the overall color dark enough, I highlight. Once I finish up the right arm, I start on the left arm, painting in the sides of the plates with dark red.

Here’s more of the left arm in progress.

I finish highlighting the left arm, completing my work on the dragon’s body.

Here’s a view of the whole dragon!

That’s it for today! Next week, I plan on finishing up the miniature by completing the wings.  In the meantime, feel free to watch my progress on twitter by following @minipete. Thanks!

Re: Losing Followers Post: Although it sucks,...

Earlier I saw a post about simblrs losing followers when posting anything non-cc related–for the life of me, I can’t find it again.  

I agree that I’ve noticed a similar trend with my simblr, which is primarily used as a cc resource. 

Whenever I post pictures, thoughts, non cc items, I lose followers.  At the same time…I also gain followers who like those things. I think it balances out.

I suppose what I mean to state is: Although it sucks to lose followers, it’s okay, too, right? Everyone has the right to follow/unfollow.  Still, it can be disheartening to see that you’ve lost followers after posting something.

Here’s how I look at it:

  1. I also follow and unfollow, so everyone has the right to do that. My reasons for unfollowing usually involve seeing too much of things that aren’t relevant to me, or that upset me. 
  2. I created my simblr for myself…not to gain followers.  Of course, I am super-happy and grateful to have followers and hope that more people will find what I post useful/interesting
  3. What I choose to post is for me, not for other people.  It’s a fact. I post what interests me. I’m wicked glad and grateful that others find it useful.  At the end of the day, though, it’s still my personal simblr. It’s not a business. So, if I want to post things about my personal life, or conversations with other simblrs, pictures, videos, etc…I can. :) 

So, this is what I remind myself of whenever someone unfollows me. It helps, I think. Please, don’t go away from the community just because you are losing followers due to what you post–you will gain them back! :) 

The Simblr Community is wicked huge. Every day I follow new simblrs (now following 4000+), and I know that that is only a small percentage of the simblrs out there. Try to remember that there are many simblrs out there who have just a few or no followers.  So, be grateful. 

Wish good for both those who follow and unfollow.