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Instagram Is A Tiny Speck In The Ginormous Oil Painting of Life

One topic I think about obsessively: Instagram. More specifically, the psychological effect it has on me.

A while ago I posted a tweet saying I felt conflicted about social media, and the responses I got were surprising. People said that Facebook gave them anxiety, only going on certain sites when their mood was stable, whilst others deleted and re-activated their accounts regularly.

Illustration by Ana Galvan

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with these platforms but they have so many pros that it makes them hard to quit. They connect me to like-minded people, are informative, make me laugh and give me an instant connection to my fanbase. It’s amazing to feel a level of relation in real time. However, in the last year I’ve noticed that every time I go on Instagram I feel kind of flat + zapped afterwards, like somebody has literally sat on my brain for 5 minutes. It’s oddly deflating.

Social media apps are designed to make us addicted to them. Human behaviour is reward based and each time we get a “like” or a message, our brains release a hit of dopamine, which makes us feel rrrreeeeal good (until the dopamine level drops and we feel real bad). Instagram is basically digital meth. So, for the past year I’ve been deleting the app off my phone for large periods of time, then re-downloading it if I want to post something. Interestingly, the feeling I get upon returning is always the same: I’ve missed nothing!

I understand social media’s appeal most when in relation to constructing a fantasy world. I’ve used it as a creative tool on every album I’ve made. Tumblr was key to “Electra Heart” and Twitter was key to “FROOT”. But what at first seemed like an opportunity to communicate our thoughts in an uncensored way has become a vehicle for us to present ourselves in the way that we would like to be seen by others. And this is what makes me feel weird about posting sometimes. A review I read of the film ’Ingrid Goes West’ nailed this feeling: “We use these platforms to lie and intentionally curate our lives”. The curating part hits a chord with me. It makes me feel icky, because I’ve surely, if subconsciously, done this - the majority of us have if we’re using the platform. How do I get around that and use it in a healthier way? Do I just delete the whole thing or do I need to be aware of the reason I want to post something? i.e. Is it to share an image I love, or is to make people think of me in a certain way? The latter creeps me out. It scares me.

Illustration by Allegra Lockstadt

Recently, a friend said he had been going through a difficult period, so he hadn’t gone on Instagram for about a month. “Why would I? Everyone is having such a great time”. Ohhh, the digital illusion of happiness. OK, some people are genuinely having a great time, and they want to share that great time with you, but they’re not having a good time all the time. And that’s the key to remember when we’re embarking on a scrolling spree into the darkest depths of existential hell at 2am. Social media is a tiny speck in the ginormous oil painting of human life. We all have problems. We present the good parts of ourselves because it’s anathema to document the true nature of our lives, which inevitably consist of moments of disappointment, loneliness and embarrassment. None of these things look pretty or cool (no, not EVEN if you put the Mayfair filter on top of them), and I can totally see how it all started out innocently. We all love sharing special moments, but because these moments hold social currency online, we’re now doing only that. It’s easy to see how people can feel disappointed when their own lives don’t measure up in a similar way.

Illustration by Lan Truong

We’re still in the infancy of the internet, trying to navigate technology in a way that is beneficial to our lives, but I sense a shift towards a desire to portray our lives more realistically. I notice more people sharing an experience or story in the caption of a selfie/ photograph that provides more of a picture of their life than the actual photo ever could. But I still wonder how we can evolve online culture into a space that is less image-focused/ self-driven, because I worry about the psychological effects that an image-focused culture might have on a young person’s self-esteem. 20 years ago, posting a stream of pictures of only my face would have been considered borderline narcissistic, but now it’s normal. And I’m not judging this - I’m talking from the perspective of someone who has done this a’plenty and who has been a part of that culture, particularly at the height of an album campaign. Maybe all Instagram has done is magnify what seems to have always been true, that humans value beauty to excess.

Ok, I’ll end this post by saying this: If I never go on Instagram again, my life won’t lack anything because of it. Assuming I use it 20 minutes a day, I’ll get back 122 hours a year - for free! The reality is, I’ll probably continue to use it, but it’s important to me to see these platform for what they are, not what they appear to be. They’re addictive, comparative, take my time and give little back in return.

I’ll leave you with my fave comment which came from @FKASimon.

Quite, Simon, Quite.

Love, Marina

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His || Jungkook || 0.18

Member: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

Teaser | 0.1 | 0.2 | 0.3 | 0.4 | 0.5 | 0.6 | 0.7 | 0.8 | 0.9 | 0.10 | 0.11 | 0.12 | 0.13| 0.14 | 0.15 | 0.16 | 0.17 | 0.18

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I tried coloring some lineart form the @voltroncoloringbook and it was surprisingly fun! I tried different shading methods and coloring styles for each of them too, and yes, I gave everybody freckles. Because all of my children deserve freckles <3 <3 will definitely color more art soon

@prinzcake @simple-nd-teal @ackerchou

Edit: Just realized I left this out! When I was coloring the 2nd picture, I noticed how similar Matt’s outfit is to Coran’s, so I may or may not have created this mini AU where Pidge rescues Matt but there’s no other clothes that fit him other than Coran’s old stuff. He looks so different in blue, but I really like it!

grimmjadeskye  asked:

I'm so hyped for V's route, but I noticed something in the picture of the coming soon thing. On the right side of V's face, his hair spikes out... V's hair doesn't do that, his is nice, flat and smooth. But you know who's hair does spike out... SAERAN! So does that mean we get two? If it does end up being V and Saeran. Or maybe it's a story of how Saeran feels guilt over killing V. Or maybe I'm reading too into it and it's just a V route. Who knows :)



DOES V ???

HAVE A  ? ?? ? ?? ??

ROUTE? ??? ??!! !

SnK Crack Theory Week Day 1: Historical Monday

Ymir Fritz, commonly referred to as progenitor of all Titans, is one of the most important characters in SnK. Her actions brought about the story as we know it today. It all started when she came upon “the source of all organic material” and consequently made a deal with the devil, which obtained her the power of the titans. However not much is not about her aside from a short origin story and the fact that she died 13 years after receiving the Founding Titan (this is later named the “Curse of Ymir”). Questions like what did she do in those 13 years before her untimely death, how much of her memories have been seen by the current titan shifters and has anyone actually died from the “Curse of Ymir” have been bothering the fans for ages, and yet  the answer is quite simple.

Ymir Fritz is a lizard.

Now I know what you’re thinking: Bro what? But hear me out.

There are many similarities between the reptiles and Ymir, such as appearance. Lizards have typically long bodies and small faces. And what does she look like, you ask? Well she’s got a pretty slender figure and small face, just as lizards do.

There is however the issue of the lizards’ tail that needs to be addressed, but there is a simple solution to that too. Notice how in all of her pictures she is always shown from the front and never from the back? It’s almost as if she was hiding something. The only picture of her that we have which isn’t from the front is the one above.

See how there is a bit of a bump in her dress right below her back? That is a clear indication that she is indeed hiding her tail underneath her clothing.

To further prove my theory,  the reason why no one knows what she did in those 13 years is because she didn’t do anything. Lizards spend their days sun-bathing on rocks, hunting for food or waiting for it to come their way, meaning she spent her days lounging around and wasting her titan power for hunting dem juicy spiders. Another simple solution to a complicated question is that her death was actually not because of a curse, rather it was from old age.

And in conclusion I present to you photogenic evidence that she is indeed a lizard.

It’s only a matter of time before Isa confirms it himself.

IS Daehyun V?

Well it’s possibly still too early to tell, but here are some hints we already have.

These are the solo teasers we have so far and already I spot some differences. Notice how Jongup is holding his rose, Daehyun, on the other hand has his rose in a vase beside him. In V for Vendetta, V placed a red rose on the chest of those he killed to commemorate their death. Jongup holding his rose could mean that he is killed by V. There is also a difference in background. Jongup is in some sort of alley, Dae is inside of a house… that looks sort of familiar.

The gray colored wall paper looks quite similar to the one behind Daehyun, perhaps this is his house? Daehyun’s picture is also cropped a bit, there’s a lamp peaking in the side of his photo but you can’t see it because of the cropping.

Daehyun was kind enough to post the uncropped image on his instagram! As you can see the lamp in his photo is also similar to the lamp in the puzzle, and what’s that? Is that a mask? Well it seems as though the V for Vendetta theme is indeed confirmed, but is Daehyun V? I believe so, but we’ll see what other teasers might tell us.


New teasers! Time for an update!

Alrighty!!!!!! So starting with Zelo’s teaser! Backgrounds might not mean anything, but it does look like his is similar to Jongup’s. Zelo also has a rose, though we are only able to see the stem…I’m not entirely sure why. It could mean something, but it could also be a crappy cropping job. 

And here we have Youngjae, the only one so far not to feature a rose in his photo at all. Daehyun has a rose in his image, but he’s not holding it. Youngjae is wearing red though, much like Daehyun. If Daehyun is indeed V, perhaps Youngjae is someone who helps him, an ally. In V for Vendetta, V finds an ally in Evey, so it’s possible. If Youngjae is the ally character, it could make sense that he wouldn’t have a rose. Evey in the end is the one who makes sure that V’s plan is fulfilled, but roses are more related to V and those in power that V kills. 

Bendy in the show vs. Bendy in the studio

A thing I’ve noticed that I find very interesting is how much a different vibe Bendy gives off in the animated shorts vs. the vibe he gives off as a cutout and most of the studio depictions.

All the cutouts, despite all the smiles, have an unnerving vibe. Despite how cute the design itself is, there’s something creepily forced about the cheeriness.

Way back when I first discovered this game, my immediate thought was “He looks cute but there’s something seriously creeping me out about him that I can’t put my finger on.”

Now I know why:

He looks so……


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in which enjolras and grantaire are graffiti artists

haha i wrote this last year but i just found it again so here we go! 

-Enjolras graffitis “liberté, égalité, fraternité” on a wall in bright red paint because that is the kind of idelaistic little shit he is

-Grantaire sees that and underneath in dull green paints “beyoncé” because that is the kind of little shit he is and signs his name as R [as you can see, very inconspicuous]

-Enj sees that and is determined to find out who ruined his art

-He declares war on this individual

-They can both recognise each other’s art and both “vandalize” each other’s art when they see them

-They consider it “improving” 

-Enj insists that it doesn’t look good unless he has “improved” upon it

-“improvements” usually consist of adding words in weird (but usually funny) places ®, and red paint over intricate portraits (bet you can guess who that is)

-They have never actually met One day enj thinks he sees a boy with a mop of dark unruly curls on his head (turns out to be R but shhh enjy doesn’t know that yet), painting over R’s art and gets triggered and starts ranting to him that graffiti is art too and that it shouldn’t just be cleaned off like bird shit on a car

-R just keeps painting

-Enj thinks he is cleaning the wall because that is what the city makes people do for community service hours, but sometimes, if he rants hard enough he’ll scare them away and he would like to save R’s art if possible because (shhh don’t tell anyone) enj kind of likes it and kind of has a crush on this graffiti artist.  Don’t ask him how he knows, he just loves the style he works in and he’s seen pictures of what he thinks are self portraits maybe? Usually they are in shadow and all he sees is a beanie and cigarette smoke and lots of alcohol.  Enj finds it kind of hot. he’s dying to find him at some point)

-“Currently unnamed black-haired curly boy” is wearing a red and black paint-covered flannel with a dark green t-shirt, black paint-covered skinny jeans, and an old grey beanie

-Enj doesn’t notice the similarity to the artist because he’s in his rant mode and he has barely given the boy a second glance

-R keeps painting because he is just creating a clean canvas to redo a commission

-Enj keeps ranting because he doesn’t think that “currently unnamed curly-black-haired boy” is disrespecting him and ignoring him

-Once R actually starts painting the actual piece on the wall enj recognises the style and his voice crawls into his throat

-Then he takes a better look at the boy whom he realizes isn’t a just boy after all

-It’s R

-“Do you still believe i don’t think graffiti is art?”

-Enjolras is still tongue-tied (because of reasons stated earlier)

-R holds out his paint covered hand and properly introduces himself as Grantaire

-Enjolras does the same and R’s eyes widen and he blushes

-Enj becomes shy again and R insists that they go out for coffee

-They become close and work together on commissions and  they become some of the most famous and talented graffiti artists in town

-Obvs eventually start dating and they’re too adorable and always covered in paint 


my tie die fren


Ok. Call me crazy, but I think Shandra Jimenez is Tambry’s mom (Now this is just what I believe. So, if you for some reason don’t like or believe this just don’t hate). Look at the first 2 pictures. Notice that the designs on Shandra’s and Tambry’s shirts. Notice how they are both some form of electronic. Shandra’s says ‘I ❤️📺", and Tambry’s has a telephone on it that looks like this ☎️. Ya see how the tv and telephone and look somewhat similar? I think that sense Shandra has a weird thing for electronics, so does Tambry, and that’s why she’s always on her phone. Now take a look at the bottom 2 pictures. Please tell me I’m not the only one that at least sees some kind of resemblance, because, not only do they both have an extremely similar skin tone, they just both kind of look alike.

anonymous asked:

Would you be willing to share some of your thoughts about Yuri's motivation over the rings, at least? I'd be curious to read your thoughts especially since that scene in particular has a lot of cultural terminology and background that doesn't translate perfectly for International audiences to begin with.

This is a hard one because, as you wrote, I think there are cultural differences especially regarding the concept of “omamori” (protective charms).

First of all it would be very useful to read this interesting and complete post about “omamori”. Although regarding the part about the rings being round and that symbolizing a bond I’m not sure, I think that might be reading too deeply. At the end there’s also my comment on the meaning of the word “omajinai”, which is also not that easy to translate…

This said, the rest under the cut. Of course this is just my personal interpretation based on the Japanese dialogues in the anime and partly on interviews (I think it doesn’t even clash with the “soulmates” thing in the interview from CREA). All quotes from the dialogues are translated by me and do not use the English sub/dub. I am translating “omamori” as “protective charm”.

Warning: it’s kind of long and has pictures because if I don’t explain it thoroughly it might be hard to get my point across.

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When Their S/O Falls Asleep On Them

This was a super cute request and I enjoyed writing it, so thank you! 




Jin wasn’t paying much attention when you had fallen asleep, watching the other members mill about and mess around. When he turned back to you to ask you something he saw your breathing had slowed and your eyes closed. He heard the silence from the other members and turned his head, suspicious, to find the younger members silently clapping their hands together and taking pictures.


  Namjoon’s heart soared when he saw how comfortably positioned you were in his lap, sound asleep. He was as gentle as possible with you, trying to shift slowly so you wouldn’t wake. Completely focused on the task, he hadn’t noticed that the other members were teasing and borderline fangirling over the situation. 


  With a smile directed to you and your dreaming state, he stroked your hair fondly, not noticing that the other members were practically squealing until you shifted in your sleep, almost awoken by the noise. Looking up, he couldn’t erase the smile from his face, trying to threaten them that waking you up would result in a similar reaction as if it was he who had been awoken, although the smile was hardly intimidating. 


  It wasn’t J-Hope who had realized you had fallen asleep on him first, but his members, who started to take pictures and make remarks about how cute the two of you were. When J-Hope looked down to see your sleeping form on his lap, his smile was hidden behind an embarrassed hand, but his mind raced with how cute you were. 


  He would be fangirling along with the rest of the members, just not as mobile. He held you in his arms, his boxy smile forming broadly and his laughter painfully soft as he tried not to wake you up. He asked the others to send him the pictures they had taken of the two of you, hoping to savor this moment as much as possible. 


  Probably the cutest reaction to both you falling asleep on him and the boys showering him with awes and playful teasing. It seemed only a moment before he was having a conversation with you, your sleepy voice just as cute as your soft breath and murmurs. His smile would envelope his whole face and he would try his best not to move so he wouldn’t wake you. 


  When he had originally realized you had fallen asleep he’d only had a soft smile grace his features, but as soon as his hyungs started to coo and pester him, his bunny smile appeared as did a blush that brushed across his cheeks. He had tried to keep you asleep as he held in his laughter, but the movement caused you to wake, sleepy and snuggling closer in order to go return to your previous state.

How to not white wash

Okay so I’ve noticed this thing based on my own drawings as well as others.

I’m using this drawing of Gabe I’ve done as an example. I recommend actually eye dropping directly from reference if you have trouble picking a skin tone. 

That looks good so far! The color I’ve picked is similar to value to the reference pictures. 

However, if you put a darker background against it… 

Uh oh. He suddenly looks very pale. Don’t worry! There’s an easy fix to this. 

Image -> Adjustments -> Hue/Saturation. (Or Ctrl/Cmmd + U) 

Play with the hue/saturation until you get something that looks good. 

If you take away the dark background, you get something that looks way too dark so I would suggest always putting a background color down first before coloring. This is especially important if you wanted a dark background color. 

I’ve done the thing where I colored an entire drawing on one single layer like I tend to do and then put a dark background behind it that fucks it all up. 

I hope this helps people out a little bit! 

(If you want to see the finished drawing here it is.

Blogs of Morrowind
  • Vivec: Former shitposter extraordinaire who used to bait people for funsies and who deletes their blog and remakes every few months.  Previously known for their lurid, neon layout, habit of reblogging bizarre hentai, and selfies, Vivec has decided that they are now beyond all that and have moved towards a minimalistic theme.  Now they mostly talk about books and philosophy and pretend they’re above everyone else.
  • Almalexia: Ayem has 10,000 followers and a redux theme edit in gentle, soothing colors.  Her icon is her face.  Although her blog may initially seem to be a great resource on parenting tips, political commentary, self-image, and life advice, you become more and more uncomfortable with the fact that blogs she disagrees with seem to just…deactivate.
  • Sotha Sil: A few years ago, Sil used to be so active that people joked about how he never went to sleep, but something happened between him and Almalexia and Vivec and now he never makes text posts anymore.  Once posting about tech news, disability, and transhumanism, he’s now an aesthetic blogger that only reblogs a lot of monochromatic pictures of machinery.  A few months back, he deleted every picture of himself he ever posted but recently, he posted a picture of his computer where you can kind of see his reflection.  He looks ill.  You are concerned but he turned off his ask box.
  • Nerevar: No one talks about him or even mentions his name anymore.  Almalexia deleted all her posts about him and Vivec’s gone through five blog changes since then, but you can find some posts about him if you dig through Sotha Sil’s archives.  He posted gym selfies, inspiring quotes, and about politics, though some his opinions were misinformed.  He hasn’t posted since 2012.  You’re worried something terrible has happened to him.  Recently, a new blog has been gaining in popularity and you can’t help but notice that they type in a very, very similar manner.
  • Dagoth Ur: You stumbled on this blog after reading through Nerevar’s archives and seeing all the asks and replies they once exchanged.  Voryn reblogs pictures of other people’s living rooms, body horror, and How to Basic videos.  You feel like these are somehow related.
  • Dumac: Another victim of 2012.  He posted about computers, politics, and the occasional shirtless pic where you can see that he was fucking ripped.  He and Nerevar had a falling out due to some anonymous hate, but some speculate in secret that the true identity of the asks was none other than Vivec.
  • Azura: Her main blog is devoted to pictures of roses, the sky, and her cats, but she runs a sideblog where she reblogs every single post that Vivec and Almalexia make and rips them apart.  Her morality is very black-and-white and it’s easy to get on her bad side, but many people feel like her hate towards them is deserved.  She hasn’t mentioned Sotha Sil in ages.  You’re not sure why.

94raptor  asked:

Okay so I feel like this has been asked a lot before, but what should we make of the portal [I think from episode 32] that showed Jack as a king? Aku in the most recent episode said he destroyed all the time portals, but does he know about that one? The original show built that one up to seem like a pretty big deal. I always assumed that if Jack makes it back in time, that would be how he would do it.

That’s an interesting question. I think they won’t abandon this plot point from the original series. Like, they will either use it to set something up, or at the very least, they will mention it as being destroyed. The issue is that Jack doesn’t even know that’s his way back. He got knocked out before the portal revealed the image of him as a king and informed the guardian that Jack will have to simply wait. 

Something I’ve noticed in promotional art is the following (from this post):

This bottom picture? That looks eerily similar to the environment Jack walks through to reach that portal with the guardian. See these:

I could be reaching… But if this is true, then we’ll see this portal again in this season. At the very least, as I’ve said, it will be referenced somehow. 

Unstoppable (4)

Genre: Romance, Angst, (future smut)

Length: 1,2k

Characters: Kim Jongin, Oh Sehun, OC

Part: 4/?

Summary: “When you felt your world tear apart, prince charming came to your rescue”

The guy you thought you would never ever see in your life again was right in front of you. 

He was wearing a button up shirt that had small flower patterns around it without leaving a space clear, it was divided into three different colors the first color was light blue, in the middle it had a white stripe and the end was black, along with some tight black jeans.You recalled that he was wearing a similar shirt yesterday, maybe he was into a summer style. His shirt had the first two buttons open letting you see part of his colorful tattoos making you wonder how many more he had under his clothes. You didn’t noticed it yesterday because of your drunkenness but now you were fully aware of those details.  

“Take a picture doll it’ll last longer” he chuckled lightly giving you smile causing his eyes to look smaller. 

A small blush crept to your cheeks since he caught you red handed checking him out, but you quickly recovered, you got up off the ground and approached him, stopping in front of him in a considerable distance. “Are you following me?!” You exclaimed ignoring his previous words, furrowing your brows at him and crossing your arms over your chest. 

“No i actually…”

Yixing turned his gaze at both of you in curiosity, completely forgetting about cleaning the shelves “Oh you finally came for your dog, Sehun” and left to untie the dog.

You looked at the dog and then back at him, the dog was so cute and fluffy, you imagined the owner would be someone soft and friendly… not him who was totally the opposite. He didn’t have the aspect of someone who would have the time to own a dog.

“Now i know why the stupid name” you murmured. 

“What?” He got to listen what you said and raised his eyebrows at you. 

“What kind of person names his male dog with a girl name?” You rolled your eyes snorting humorously. 

“What kind of person decides to get drunk publicly?” Your smile fell and he chuckled.

“Here is your dog Sehun, he’s really a playful one” Yixing smiled at him clearly not hearing your words from earlier he has always been a clueless person, giving him the dog leash that was holding the dog. “By the way how do you know Y/N? For what i know she only has one friend” just great, he was now going to add ‘loner’ to the list of things he knew from you joining it with drunk and abandoned.

He smirked towards you “Oh actually the way we met is quite interesting i found her comple…mph” You fastly covered his mouth with your hands before he could finish, if Yixing found out about yesterday you were going to be literally dead, he really didn’t tolerate those kind of actions.

You let go of his mouth slowly realizing it would look weird to Yixing “Oh, you had something in your mouth” You laughed nervously, and turned to look at a curious Yixing waiting an answer “W-we met at a concert, right Sehun?” you pushed his shoulder in a playful manner hoping he would go along with the lie. 

“Yeah we met at a concert” You sighed in relief thanking him internally “We actually got pretty close before the concert” He added, you noticing the suggestive tone slip from his tongue “We are really close friends, right?” he pulled you towards him hugging you from the side, his grip tight around your hip. You widened your eyes in surprise but composed fastly before Yixing could start to doubt. 

“Yes we are!” You put a hand around his shoulders or at least attempted since he really had wide shoulders so you just placed it at only one of his shoulders. 

“I’m glad to know that she’s starting to get more friends” Yixing smiled sincerely.

“Well i’m happy, i got to see you Sehun” you said sarcastically “But you got to get going right?” You raised your brows at him waiting for his answer.

He looked back at you and gave you a side smile “Actually i’m not in a rush i can stay a little longer” 


“Hey Y/N i know it’s a lot to ask for but can you go buy dog food? It’s almost over” 

“But i can’t drive and the store is really far from here”

“I can take herhe said at Yixing, giving him a full smile. 

Double asshole.

“If you even offered yourself to bring me at least help me” you said angrily to him since you were holding a too heavy sack of dog food painfully and slowly dragging your feet towards his car. He looked at you and shrugged getting ahead to his car.

You opened your mouth to complain about his rude behaviour, but that’s when you felt your world stop.

There he was getting out of his car and quickly going to the other side to open the door for someone else, a female, of course it had to be her

Your heart clenched at the sight, he grabbed her hand softly helping her out of the car she giving him affectionate look and smiling at him in return, she was beautiful, she had such perfect features her skin was almost like porcelain, tall and a slim body she looked almost as if she was a model, besides her you felt like nothing. 

You let the sack of dog food hit the ground occasioning the sack to break and let the croquettes scatter over the floor. People turned to look at your sudden action, including them. 

Their attention now completely on you, Jongin gulped looking at you in pity not knowing what to do on the other hand she looked at you fiercely almost in a threatening way.

Once the first tear broke free, the rest followed quickly one by one.

Sehun looked at you and saw the scene of you dropping the sack, noticing you were crying but no because of him, your eyes weren’t on him anymore. He turned to see at what were you were staring or rather whom, and that’s when it all fitted. 

You felt your heart hurt screaming in agony, you couldn’t bare seeing them anymore but your gaze was fixed at them as glue, you were in shock, your lips and body started to tremble, you were already taking hard breaths, you were destroyed. 

You suddenly got pulled from them and your empty eyes were now meeting his intense ones. His arms around your waist holding you strongly in place.

“I already told you he isn’t worth it, beautiful” and kissed you for the second time, this kiss was so different from the first one, it was slow and full of emotions, it felt comforting in ways that words couldn’t explain, his thumb caressing your cheek delicately wiping your heavy tears. 

In an instant he could be the world’s biggest asshole and then become into your prince charming to the rescue.

a callout post for kimmyko, shadzter, and all adults involved with encaged-au

This is a callout for a group of adults working on @encaged-au, a Sonic torture comic that features and centers around the torture of a character who is 15 years old, for working on such a concept and endangering minors in other ways as well. Particularly it centers on kimmyko and shadzter, two very prominent figures in the sonic tumblr scene, both of whom are 18+.

Again, this callout is only for the adults working on the comic.

Warnings for mentions of and images depicting the torture and sexualization of minors under the cut.

Update: shadzter and xyheir, another adult mod for encaged, have drawn incredibly sexualized pictures of characters who are minors

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anonymous asked:

is dirk a canon horse furry?

You probably weren’t expecting an essay length answer to this question. So like let there be no doubt at all from this point onwards this is exactly the kind of content you can legitimately expect from this blog. This is who I am. I’m sorry.

Also, you’re welcome. 

Yes, Dirk is a furry. And his relationship to furries shows us a lot about his parallels and similarities to one Rose Lalonde. Who is also a furry.

Let’s get into this. 

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Clumsy (Arkham! Jason Todd x Reader)

     "Is the shipment ready?“.  A gruff, male voice reached your ears, and you felt your muscles tense. It had been what…three hours since you’ve been cramped between these boxes? Steadying yourself, you bit your tongue so as to keep quiet. All you wanted was a damn picture. Was it so hard for  you to stay alive for a picture? "Yeah, the shipment is here. Boss already took care of it.” Something clicked in the distance, and you bit your lip anxiously. Was that a gun? That sounded like a gun. You palmed your camera as if it was a child, jiggling your leg softly to keep it from falling asleep. If you don’t get a promotion or a pay raise after this rig, your boss was getting an earful.

     Cue the record scratch. How did you get here? Why are you doing this? It felt like one of those sitcoms where it was your cue to look at the camera, stare at the audience, and ask how they probably were wondering how you had managed to get yourself into this situation. To be it shortly, you were a fresh faced reporter with a hunger to play with the big dogs. As a woman, it was difficult to be noticed as people went straight to the looks–it irritated the hell out of you, and resulted with you asking to only be put on to professional interviews or leads. Your boss had laughed at this, daring you to find the most dangerous lead you could find on your own. Something in the back of your mind rang ‘STUPID CHOICE’, but impulsiveness won over. It had been three weeks since you’ve been following a certain looming threat unknown to the public, although you had never expected it to have gotten so far.

“Well Butch, I’m leaving. No one’s gonna be in this warehouse anyway, and I need a drink.”

     A quiet sigh of relief left your lips, and you arched against the stacks of boxes to peek over it. Finally. The pair of men let out a bark of a laugh before exiting, and you absently thought of their arms could probably easily snap your neck. Legs wobbling, you managed to stand up and took a long look at your surroundings. Your camera snapped a few times, and you began to breathe more freely upon realizing you were alone. “And they thought I couldn’t get a story.” Shifting a few boxes away, you carelessly tossed a lid and ignored the noise. A huge smile crossed your features as you eyed the piles of guns, most likely illegal–I mean who does business in a warehouse that isn’t shady, and snapped a few photos before coughing due to the mustiness. “Idiots. Should have never underestimated me anyway…I’m not a little girl. I can take care of myself on my own–”. Feeling something stub your toe, you tripped over something wooden and collided with the ground with about as much gracefulness as a chicken. You let out a long “ow” as you felt blood fill your mouth, sticking your tongue out like a dog. Tears itched your eyes as the irony of your confidence simmered, and you wobbled your way back up towards the exit.

     Going towards the back area of the warehouse, you were just as glad that no one saw your lackluster fall as you made for a quick getaway. Shoving the camera into your jacket pocket, you rubbed dust from your leggings before blowing a few strands of hair from your face. “And to think I almost got caught.”

“You’re gonna have to take that last comment back, sweetheart.”

     For a second, you paused. Were you imagining things? Turning around, you saw no one in front of you. “Up here, princess.” Was that a robot? Sensing someone indeed above you, you stared at the figure standing on a few crates looking below at you. Air caught in your throat as you stepped quickly backwards, falling backwards before skidding onto your back. A deep laugh erupted from your watcher, though it sounded altered and menacing. “Oh my god, that was priceless. How the hell haven’t I noticed your clumsy ass before?”. Glaring, you checked your camera’s wellbeing before your own, making sure now to wince at the gravel that was sticking to your skin.

“Who the fuck are you?”.

     The man sobered down, the laugh halting as he jumped down. His strides were long, so it didn’t take him long to get to where you were before you even had a chance to scramble away. You were sure that your heartbeat was clearly audible as he bent down, tilting his head so that his helmet was close enough to hit your nose. “You shouldn’t be rude to someone who outpowers you.” A well built arm hoisted you up, though you were quick to shake off it’s assistance once you were standing. “I think the question you asked earlier is towards the wrong person.” Your muscles tensed as something cold pressed against your neck. “How the hell did you get past my men?”.

Is this how you were going to die? By the hands of a well built, robot looking man? You noticed the similarity to Batman from enblem on his chest, but didn’t bother to ask.

     "I-I’m j-just a reporter. I was taking a few pictures, I-I don’t want any trouble.“ Although his grip loosened, he only tilted his head like a puppy confused. What an innappropiate time to have such thoughts. "I’ve only been following for a few weeks. I-I just needed the story, my boss said I couldn’t do the same leads as the men and I wanted to prove him wrong and I’m really sorry Mr. Boss man and–”. He held a gloved finger to your lips, and although you couldn’t see his facial expression, you could hear a smirk in his voice.

    “That’s all I needed to know. My question was how did you get past my men? And more specifically, how did you manage to stay alive all this time after evacuation in Gotham?”. You explained with a mumble of how you had just avoided the buses and that since you lived innercity in a pretty run down place, no one was interested in even nearing your location.

     "As for getting in here, I heard one of your men one day talking about some 'equipment’ shipment a couple weeks ago when I was trying to go outside. I figured that would be my oppurtunity to do the story.“ You were much more relaxed upon seeing him put the gun away completely, crossing his arms and listening intently to your words. "I would just walk after them and take pictures. Sometimes I would have to climb through vents or hide in the boats they would use to find out what was going on.” Having finished your explanation, you looked at him eagerly, hoping this answer would suffice to his question. You were shocked to find him turning around, shaking his head.

     "You tripped over a damn lid and were loud enough to the point where I’m a little disappointed no one caught you yet.“ Biting your lip, you frowned at the teasing tone. "Although…I have to hand it to you. You sure as hell a lot braver than a lot of people I’ve met.” He lumbered back towards the warehouse, leaving you stooped and confused. You shouted after him, almost tripping as you paced yourself towards him.

“Wait! Where are you going? Aren’t you going to…”. He stopped, barely looking over his shoulder.

     "I’m feeling nice today. You’re lucky.“ He made a "come here” gesture with his hand before making his way back into the warehouse. You followed warily, still confused with what was going on. Was he still going to kill you? Who even was he?

    “The Arkham Knight.” You stared at him, eyes widening. Shit, did he have mindreading powers? “I figured you would ask eventually, so that’s what I am.” As you made your way by him, a moment of silence passed and you felt as if you would burst. Who exactly did he think he was?

“Where are you taking me?”.

     He didn’t bother slowing his walk. “To base, obviously.” You squinted your eyes at him, opening your mouth to ask why. He beat you to the punch, looking down at you. You could only imagine the shit eating grin on his face and you had barely known him for five minutes.

“How are you supposed to get your story if you don’t have the details?”.

TLJ new designs and some considerations (#reylo)

If you’ve seen the new design for TLJ, you probably noticed that they didn’t couple the characters randomly. What I find interesting is that they seem to have studied similar designs or ‘linked’ designs for the characters who are most probably going to interact a lot in the next movie. Let’s go with order:

Kylo Ren/Rey: well, we all saw this coming. It’s almost a given we will get these two interacting, even if just to fight each other again, in TLJ. 

What’s interesting about this is that not only they put them side by side as they did for another couple (FinnRose) that is ‘supposedly’ going to have an ongoing romance of some kind throughout the rest of the trilogy (hint?), but if you look at the pictures, the first thing that catches the eye is the contrast between the two. Rey, with a white/light background and Kylo with a dark/black backround. Rey, wearing light-colored clothes, Kylo in black. And of course, the lightsabers: Rey with her blue lightsaber and Kylo with his red lightsaber, and not only that, but their weapons are also pointing in opposite directions. Doesn’t this remind you of some other promotional picture?

Right. Veeery subtle. Yin and Yang, anyone?


Finn/Rose: rumors had it these two characters are going to have a romantic storyline of some kind. After seeing this picture, I truly believe it. Not only they are specifically put side by side (it could be Poe or anyone else, really, but they picked Finn), but here too we have similar design and colors. Just look at their clothes: they’re both dressed in shades of the same colors and they both wear similar jackets. These design are definitely not made randomly.


Poe/BB8: here come the best buddies. Of course, in the case of Poe and BB8, we can exclude the romantic intention of the design. But it’s interesting to notice how Poe’s clothes remind of BB8 bright colors: orange and white. 

Of course, Poe was dressed very similarly in TFA too, but by seeing this picture you get the feeling that it was totally made on purpose so that the pilot and the droid would match. It’s a given that this has to do with the fact that not only they’re work partners, but will hopefully be seen together a lot more in TLJ than they were in TFA. What if this applies to the other ‘couples’ too? 


R2D2/Chewie: again, we can expect no romance between these two characters (lol). But we know they were both with Rey when she left for Ach-To and we know Rian asked to change the script so that R2D2 would go with Chewie and Rey, instead of BB8. This tells us that maybe our two old friends are going to have some important part in the next movie, or at least that they will be seen together in most of their scenes. Notice also that the backgrounds of both characters look very similar. Once again, certainly not a random choice that of pairing them up.

Why am I stressing this point? Because I’ve seen talks of Kylo Ren being only in a short part of the movie and that he and Rey would not interact much if not for a few scenes on Ach-To, supposedly. But this new leaks tell us that they studied the designs with a purpose and that they certainly did not match these pictures randomly. That’s why I believe that – given that Rey is the main character and that apparently it’s very important for the SW crew to show in every possible subtle way that she’s connected to a certain warlord – we will see not only a lot of Kylo, but also a lot of reylo interactions/parallels in TLJ.