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Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

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IS Daehyun V?

Well it’s possibly still too early to tell, but here are some hints we already have.

These are the solo teasers we have so far and already I spot some differences. Notice how Jongup is holding his rose, Daehyun, on the other hand has his rose in a vase beside him. In V for Vendetta, V placed a red rose on the chest of those he killed to commemorate their death. Jongup holding his rose could mean that he is killed by V. There is also a difference in background. Jongup is in some sort of alley, Dae is inside of a house… that looks sort of familiar.

The gray colored wall paper looks quite similar to the one behind Daehyun, perhaps this is his house? Daehyun’s picture is also cropped a bit, there’s a lamp peaking in the side of his photo but you can’t see it because of the cropping.

Daehyun was kind enough to post the uncropped image on his instagram! As you can see the lamp in his photo is also similar to the lamp in the puzzle, and what’s that? Is that a mask? Well it seems as though the V for Vendetta theme is indeed confirmed, but is Daehyun V? I believe so, but we’ll see what other teasers might tell us.


New teasers! Time for an update!

Alrighty!!!!!! So starting with Zelo’s teaser! Backgrounds might not mean anything, but it does look like his is similar to Jongup’s. Zelo also has a rose, though we are only able to see the stem…I’m not entirely sure why. It could mean something, but it could also be a crappy cropping job. 

And here we have Youngjae, the only one so far not to feature a rose in his photo at all. Daehyun has a rose in his image, but he’s not holding it. Youngjae is wearing red though, much like Daehyun. If Daehyun is indeed V, perhaps Youngjae is someone who helps him, an ally. In V for Vendetta, V finds an ally in Evey, so it’s possible. If Youngjae is the ally character, it could make sense that he wouldn’t have a rose. Evey in the end is the one who makes sure that V’s plan is fulfilled, but roses are more related to V and those in power that V kills. 

anonymous asked:

Would you be willing to share some of your thoughts about Yuri's motivation over the rings, at least? I'd be curious to read your thoughts especially since that scene in particular has a lot of cultural terminology and background that doesn't translate perfectly for International audiences to begin with.

This is a hard one because, as you wrote, I think there are cultural differences especially regarding the concept of “omamori” (protective charms).

First of all it would be very useful to read this interesting and complete post about “omamori”. Although regarding the part about the rings being round and that symbolizing a bond I’m not sure, I think that might be reading too deeply. At the end there’s also my comment on the meaning of the word “omajinai”, which is also not that easy to translate…

This said, the rest under the cut. Of course this is just my personal interpretation based on the Japanese dialogues in the anime and partly on interviews (I think it doesn’t even clash with the “soulmates” thing in the interview from CREA). All quotes from the dialogues are translated by me and do not use the English sub/dub. I am translating “omamori” as “protective charm”.

Warning: it’s kind of long and has pictures because if I don’t explain it thoroughly it might be hard to get my point across.

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94raptor  asked:

Okay so I feel like this has been asked a lot before, but what should we make of the portal [I think from episode 32] that showed Jack as a king? Aku in the most recent episode said he destroyed all the time portals, but does he know about that one? The original show built that one up to seem like a pretty big deal. I always assumed that if Jack makes it back in time, that would be how he would do it.

That’s an interesting question. I think they won’t abandon this plot point from the original series. Like, they will either use it to set something up, or at the very least, they will mention it as being destroyed. The issue is that Jack doesn’t even know that’s his way back. He got knocked out before the portal revealed the image of him as a king and informed the guardian that Jack will have to simply wait. 

Something I’ve noticed in promotional art is the following (from this post):

This bottom picture? That looks eerily similar to the environment Jack walks through to reach that portal with the guardian. See these:

I could be reaching… But if this is true, then we’ll see this portal again in this season. At the very least, as I’ve said, it will be referenced somehow. 

TLJ new designs and some considerations (#reylo)

If you’ve seen the new design for TLJ, you probably noticed that they didn’t couple the characters randomly. What I find interesting is that they seem to have studied similar designs or ‘linked’ designs for the characters who are most probably going to interact a lot in the next movie. Let’s go with order:

Kylo Ren/Rey: well, we all saw this coming. It’s almost a given we will get these two interacting, even if just to fight each other again, in TLJ. 

What’s interesting about this is that not only they put them side by side as they did for another couple (FinnRose) that is ‘supposedly’ going to have an ongoing romance of some kind throughout the rest of the trilogy (hint?), but if you look at the pictures, the first thing that catches the eye is the contrast between the two. Rey, with a white/light background and Kylo with a dark/black backround. Rey, wearing light-colored clothes, Kylo in black. And of course, the lightsabers: Rey with her blue lightsaber and Kylo with his red lightsaber, and not only that, but their weapons are also pointing in opposite directions. Doesn’t this remind you of some other promotional picture?

Right. Veeery subtle. Yin and Yang, anyone?


Finn/Rose: rumors had it these two characters are going to have a romantic storyline of some kind. After seeing this picture, I truly believe it. Not only they are specifically put side by side (it could be Poe or anyone else, really, but they picked Finn), but here too we have similar design and colors. Just look at their clothes: they’re both dressed in shades of the same colors and they both wear similar jackets. These design are definitely not made randomly.


Poe/BB8: here come the best buddies. Of course, in the case of Poe and BB8, we can exclude the romantic intention of the design. But it’s interesting to notice how Poe’s clothes remind of BB8 bright colors: orange and white. 

Of course, Poe was dressed very similarly in TFA too, but by seeing this picture you get the feeling that it was totally made on purpose so that the pilot and the droid would match. It’s a given that this has to do with the fact that not only they’re work partners, but will hopefully be seen together a lot more in TLJ than they were in TFA. What if this applies to the other ‘couples’ too? 


R2D2/Chewie: again, we can expect no romance between these two characters (lol). But we know they were both with Rey when she left for Ach-To and we know Rian asked to change the script so that R2D2 would go with Chewie and Rey, instead of BB8. This tells us that maybe our two old friends are going to have some important part in the next movie, or at least that they will be seen together in most of their scenes. Notice also that the backgrounds of both characters look very similar. Once again, certainly not a random choice that of pairing them up.

Why am I stressing this point? Because I’ve seen talks of Kylo Ren being only in a short part of the movie and that he and Rey would not interact much if not for a few scenes on Ach-To, supposedly. But this new leaks tell us that they studied the designs with a purpose and that they certainly did not match these pictures randomly. That’s why I believe that – given that Rey is the main character and that apparently it’s very important for the SW crew to show in every possible subtle way that she’s connected to a certain warlord – we will see not only a lot of Kylo, but also a lot of reylo interactions/parallels in TLJ.

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is dirk a canon horse furry?

You probably weren’t expecting an essay length answer to this question. So like let there be no doubt at all from this point onwards this is exactly the kind of content you can legitimately expect from this blog. This is who I am. I’m sorry.

Also, you’re welcome. 

Yes, Dirk is a furry. And his relationship to furries shows us a lot about his parallels and similarities to one Rose Lalonde. Who is also a furry.

Let’s get into this. 

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How to not white wash

Okay so I’ve noticed this thing based on my own drawings as well as others.

I’m using this drawing of Gabe I’ve done as an example. I recommend actually eye dropping directly from reference if you have trouble picking a skin tone. 

That looks good so far! The color I’ve picked is similar to value to the reference pictures. 

However, if you put a darker background against it… 

Uh oh. He suddenly looks very pale. Don’t worry! There’s an easy fix to this. 

Image -> Adjustments -> Hue/Saturation. (Or Ctrl/Cmmd + U) 

Play with the hue/saturation until you get something that looks good. 

If you take away the dark background, you get something that looks way too dark so I would suggest always putting a background color down first before coloring. This is especially important if you wanted a dark background color. 

I’ve done the thing where I colored an entire drawing on one single layer like I tend to do and then put a dark background behind it that fucks it all up. 

I hope this helps people out a little bit! 

(If you want to see the finished drawing here it is.

I group my followers into 10 little circles and it almost never fails and I want you guys to see if it’s accurate or not so tag yourself with which one you fit into:

1. The Hamilton Circle (such pure blogs tbh)
2. The YouTuber Circle (usually Dan and Phil or Markiplier) I have so many phan blogs following me hello there
3. The Political Circle (usually have the words conservative, Texas, or anti blank pro blank in their username) have a lot of discourse
4. The Brandom Circle (yall are great)
5. The Edgy Circle (usually post pictures of Nazi flags but they’re usually pretty dormant hi guys)
6. The Emo Bands Circle (almost always twenty one pilots, my chemical romance, panic at the disco, etc.) (very similar to #2)
7. The Aesthetic Circle (you guys come out of nowhere I love you but how did you find this blog)
8. The Steven Universe Circle (bleeds into #9 a bit I’ve noticed)
9. The I’m Just Here For The Memes Circle (pretty self explanatory)
10. The 18+ Circle (yall are pretty chill but sometimes I’ll see one of you liked my post so I’ll go to your blog and BAM a penis)

If y'all don’t fit in any of these just tag yourself with 11 (miscellaneous)

we can’t have a story || part 2

Author: @dylanobsessed
Prompt/request: if you haven’t read part 1 yet, click here for that and enjoy this second installment !!!!
Warning: swearing 
Pairing: stiles x malia, stiles x reader
Notes: listen i was shook that people even asked for a part 2 to this so i was more than thrilled to make it because i loved the entire prompt. i hope y’all enjoy it as much as the first !! also tagging @sincerelystiles in this for being such a gem && always lifting my spirits when it comes to my writing. also feedback would be greatly appreciated on this so I know if I should keep this going or not !!
Words: 2,892

I’ll use you as a warning sign

That if you talk enough sense, then you’ll lose your mind

And I’ll use you as a focal point

So I don’t lose sight of what I want

I’ve had my head hung low, avoiding eye contact with anyone who felt the need to add their two cents in on what happened between Y/N and I the other morning. I wish I knew what to say to change the situation and make it better, she is my best friend after all and it’s no surprise that I miss having her around but I knew time is what she needed and I had to respect that. No matter how much I didn’t want to. Of course I still felt like the biggest jerk on the planet for it but I couldn’t help that my heart pathetically belonged to a girl who probably didn’t seem as anything more but another member of the pact.

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ASTRO Reaction To You Being In Need Of Comfort And Support

I’ve got a reaction request for ya, if you’re up for it. I’ve had a shitty couple of days–like the kind of days where everything goes wrong and you just want to avoid everyone and just sleep or cry or both. So how about a reaction to being in need of comfort, support, or cheering up? For any of your groups (unless I have to pick)

BTS Version, GOT7 Version


Originally posted by starryeunwoo

When you were unusually quiet at dinner, Jinwoo would immediately know something was up. You didn’t like wasting the little time you got with him complaining, so you decided to keep your bad day to yourself. But he was able to open you up, and the evening evolved into you ranting about whatever was bothering you as he listened.

“I don’t want you to keep these things to yourself, okay? You should be able to lean on me. I don’t care how I spend my time, as long as it’s with you.”


Originally posted by syairasaad

He’s not the group’s mood-maker for nothing. Just from the tone of your voice he knew you were upset, but he didn’t push it. A little while after your nightly phone-call had ended, your phone blew up with pictures from Myungjun. He wouldn’t say anything about your mood directly, but you knew he was trying to cheer you up.

“Don’t forget to smile today, Y/N~ I love you!”


Originally posted by moonbinny

Eunwoo would be similar to Myungjun’s, where he’d notice but not directly say anything. He would love to hug you and make you feel as loved as possible, but he couldn’t do that threw a laptop screen. But you can bet that the next few days you’d find random bouquets of flowers at work/school, and even your house.

“Did you get another bouquet today? Send me a picture, I wanna see you holding them.”


Originally posted by tomatono

Your mildly-aggressive entrance into the apartment had caught him off guard, and he just listened as you snapped at one of your coworkers/schoolmates over the phone. Once you hung up, you felt his arms wrap around your waist and his hands finding their way beneath your shirt so he could rub your stomach. He’d only talk if you wanted to, just resting his chin on your shoulder.

“Oh, that’s who you were talking to? Yeah, they’re a bit rude. No wonder you got so upset.”


Originally posted by astroyals

I don’t know whether or not Minhyuk would notice right away, especially if you’re good at keeping your emotions bottled up and he’s busy. He’s so hardworking that he seems to get a bit of tunnel-vision every now and then when it comes to what he does. But I guarantee the second he noticed he’d be doing everything to make you feel better - he might even do aegyo if you were feeling particularly awful.

“You want me to…what? Aegyo? …Fine, just for you. No pictures!”


Originally posted by sanhapup

Unless you explicitly told him about how bad your day was, he wouldn’t notice. But there would be days when he didn’t even need to notice, just being around him would make your bad mood disappear. If you did tell him, he’d do whatever you ask to make you smile and laugh.

“C’mon Y/N, take a picture with me! Look how cute we are with this filter!”

Please send in requests, everyone~

Some Fun Things I Noticed in Today’s Episode

“Aw geez! How does she get her legs to do that?!”

“Carabiner! Carabinerr!!”

Pearl messes up sometimes, but she’s trying so hard.

“I’m sorry, we didn’t want you meetin’ us here like this!”

Pearl’s always the one who suggests the getaway.


Amethyst to Peridot “Uh, if you’re trying to flush yourself down the toilet, it won’t work! Trust me, I tried.”

Greg’s family member, Andy, looks similar to Marty.

Greg looks sadly at a picture of Vidalia, a young Sour Cream and Yellowtail, a picture without Marty. Greg hangs out at Vidalia’s a lot, which suggests moreso Greg’s family connection with Marty. Or he’s sad because he’s envious of their family, because Rose isn’t around anymore.

”“Oh, He’ll need it.. in the future.”

Chameleon [part 6]

Synopsis: [still in construction]
Requested: not at all
Pairing: Bucky×Reader
Warnings: nudity

Preview: Part 4; Part 5/ Masterlist

A/N: After quite long, I’m back. Enjoy!

It felt like hours until the door was finally open, but in reality it took only mere seconds for the Winter Soldier to do so. You were now facing the gorgeous man that was Bucky and if you could, you would just dive in his eyes that, for the most cliche that it could be, were just like two oceans. You hated how much cheesy and at the same time true this affirmation was. 

He had a no-feelings expression except he was actually feeling a nervousness run inside his stomach just from seeing you. And he knew it wasn’t for nothing, but for the simple fact that it was you. He still didn’t know if the thing in his stomach was good or bad, he only knew he wouldn’t be the first one to talk. 

Your mind was still trying to absorb so much realization since you talked to Vision and apparently you knew how important this would be to try showing Bucky how much of a human you still felt like. You had to remember multiple times that you were a good person, and you should just let him know your true colours. Maybe not at once but slowly as you had planned from the beginning for everybody else.

Certainly that he wouldn’t say anything until you did, you decided to start speaking. It was the moment you should use your best communication skills and talk to the man visioning the best situation possible.

“Hi.” good start, Y/N. “I wanted to talk to you if that is okay.”

“Sure.” He said but didn’t move an inch from the door to let you in. You could barely see what was behind the man.

“I am sorry.” his eyes were glued on you, they wouldn’t move until you were done. It seemed like he was examining all your expressions. “I didn’t mean to hold your hand to-”

“I felt violated.” His deep voice was being harsh on you. But he had a point to be like this towards you, no?

“I am sorry, Bucky. It wasn’t my intension, I just wanted your support.” in contrast with his voice, yours was low like a whisper. You just went there to make him believe you but you just realized how bad of a persuasive girl you were.

“Why would you want to hold my hand anyways? To give you moral support none of this was needed and still you had to copy my DNA or whatever is this thing you do.” Bucky barnes was getting mad but above that he was sad. Lucky you he doesn’t turn into a green massive creature when something get to his nerves.

“I can’t control it. I don’t know how to block my powers and stop copying combinations.” you told him and you notice some agents passing by the corridor where you were both talking. 

Bucky also noticed the movement and didn’t want to have anybody else participating the conversation. He finally opened the space for you to pass and enter his room. Your reaction was confused but once you got inside, you noticed how similar to your room was his. Nothing was in there, the walls had nothing hanging on them, there was no pictures on the shelves, the blankets were purely white, his clothes were all in the closet… It was lifeless. Completely lifeless just like your room.

“Bucky…” the soldier turned around to face you and you had no choice but feel overwhelmed at this moment. You didn’t know how to react anymore because now you were the one who had a million questions to ask. “I wanted to hold your hand.” the lump in your throat was present now. It meant you were nervous and were afraid to make this situation even worse. “I got here and everybody looks at me with their judgemental eyes. And I thought I could never fit in, that I could never make it right or the way Fury wanted me to do it. But then you were there and smiled to me as if you knew me somehow…” you stopped. A small laugh of self pity came through your nose and you couldn’t help but feel ashamed of how much of a loser you realized you were right then. 

“It was just a small gesture that made me notice how hard it was for you as well. And still you made it. I need your support because you were in a similar situation before. I didn’t think about your DNA, your skills, your brain. I just wanted a hand to hold.” he was impressed. You had convincing words that was making him believe in you. You hoped it really had worked because that was the pure truth and if not, there wouldn’t be a thing that would make Bucky Barnes smile to you again. 

“I also want you to know that I will never clone you in respect to you. I know you felt violated but it wasn’t my intension. I know now it is too late and all I can do to compensate is to never turn into Bucky Barnes.” 

Said that, the soldier didn’t reply. He had things to say, of course, but he was still trying to organize his thoughts. He took too long to say anything, so you decided to just leave. There was no use being there anymore because you didn’t expect Bucky to speak again. His silence could mean two things and none of them were good. They still meant silence and it was something you didn’t like because you had experienced silence before, and it hurts because it screams the truth. You had your hand on the doorknob when you heard Bucky object.

“Wait!” you turned around and saw the face of a miserable man. It was curious. You pulled your hand back and waited as he asked. “I need you to do something for me.”

A favor. You didn’t expect Bucky to ask you for a favour but he did the moment he realized you could actually, for real, clone him. And by copying his DNA, when your body turned into him, it would be the pure and raw James Barnes, the one from the 40′s. Bucky had not think about it until then, until hear what you had to say and promise to do the right thing. But for now, one minute after your promise, he wanted you to break it. He wanted you to do what could really upset him if done in any other circumstance. 

“I need to see you in my skin.”

“What? No, Bucky, no. I just said I wouldn’t do it.”

“I am asking you to. I need to see it.” he walked closer to you and now you felt like his proximity wasn’t because he forgave you but because he wanted something from you. 

“Why?” you shouldn’t have asked. Bucky would feel like humiliating himself if he answered. You notice how tense he was now and his hands were in fists. You took notice of his metal arm and your mind clicked instantly. You debated about it in silence whether or not to do what he asked you to. You didn’t know what impact it would cause into him. But you looked back up into his eyes and saw how much he wanted and needed to see good old himself again.

You looked down at your clothes and knew how it wouldn’t fit for this moment. You turned your head to look behind you where was Bucky’s closet and pointed to it. “Can I?” he didn’t answer but you already had walked over the closet’s door opening it and looking for just a pair of pants a shirt. You didn’t bother going to the bathroom to change, you just did it there in front of Bucky as if you had nothing to hide. And you didn’t. As you were getting rid of the clothes quite slowly, Bucky was frozen on his spot just watching you not knowing for what he was more nervous about. 

When you finally got completely naked, you put on the pants and the shirt your chose from his small variety. You turned around to face again the man in the room. His clothes didn’t fit you but it made you look adorable anyways and Bucky took notice of it hoping could remember you in this condition. He smiled. It was all you wanted, a smile. It gave you the motivation to keep on going and finally do your thing. In mere seconds, your body was changing, was changing form completely in such impressing way that Bucky had his mouth partially open, completely amazed. 

You were taller now. You felt your body heavier and larger. Whenever you turned into a man was always hard for you to get used to the new shape. But it wasn’t the main issue now. You were facing Bucky looking like him and the way he checked you up and down was heartbreaking. He was nostalgic and sad. 

You decide to approximate your figure so he could see it from close. You lost your balance almost falling still not used to his stature and weigh. He got you before you smashed your face on the floor. When you went back to you posture, Bucky touched both your arms. He was so scared but amazed at the same time that he didn’t even know how to react. He was seeing himself from about 70 years ago and it was crazy! 

“Aren’t you gonna say anything?” your voice came out sounding just like his and it made him take a step back scared of it. 

“Jesus…” his eyes wide open clearly showed how weird was being this situation. Much more than it was with Natasha. Maybe because she was much colder than was Bucky. 

And suddenly look down at yourself, you saw the complete imagine of Bucky, the one you haven’t met. It caused you a headache as if your brain could remember, through your powers, things from Bucky’s past. It wasn’t much and the memories weren’t clear at all but you knew how much this view of your body was affecting your memories. You knew your power could bring some memories with it, of course. It brought personality, skills, and a little bit os basic info. 

He didn’t know what you were feeling, Bucky didn’t know you were quite capable to do much further than just cloning. But there were you, feeling a little bit of Bucky’s emotions and getting scared of maybe knowing or feeling too much. You changed your focus from “your body” to the soldier who still looked shocked.

“How are you feeling?” you asked carefully not to scare him again. 

“This is insane.” he said. “I… I miss my old self.”

“Is it okay if I turn back now?” you asked feeling uncomfortable under his skin. It was being too much for you to participate of such intense moment.

Gladly Buck nodded and you did as you wanted, quickly going back to your original form amazing the man one more time. He looked at you back in his clothes and the purest look in your face, he knew how much it also had touched you but you could never, ever, ever, feel what he felt looking at the past right in front of his eyes. 

“Thank you.” he said in a whisper. 

Of course it wasn’t anything usual to happen and you both decided to keep it as a secret. To remain the good relationship growing between the two of you, it would be your little secret, your shared moment that nobody would ever know about. And because it wasn’t any ordinary thing, you decided to move on from it. The less you thought about it, the best it would be to maintain yourselves healthy and safe. 

-Pearl Writer

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Blogs of Morrowind
  • Vivec: Former shitposter extraordinaire who used to bait people for funsies and who deletes their blog and remakes every few months.  Previously known for their lurid, neon layout, habit of reblogging bizarre hentai, and selfies, Vivec has decided that they are now beyond all that and have moved towards a minimalistic theme.  Now they mostly talk about books and philosophy and pretend they’re above everyone else.
  • Almalexia: Ayem has 10,000 followers and a redux theme edit in gentle, soothing colors.  Her icon is her face.  Although her blog may initially seem to be a great resource on parenting tips, political commentary, self-image, and life advice, you become more and more uncomfortable with the fact that blogs she disagrees with seem to just…deactivate.
  • Sotha Sil: A few years ago, Sil used to be so active that people joked about how he never went to sleep, but something happened between him and Almalexia and Vivec and now he never makes text posts anymore.  Once posting about tech news, disability, and transhumanism, he’s now an aesthetic blogger that only reblogs a lot of monochromatic pictures of machinery.  A few months back, he deleted every picture of himself he ever posted but recently, he posted a picture of his computer where you can kind of see his reflection.  He looks ill.  You are concerned but he turned off his ask box.
  • Nerevar: No one talks about him or even mentions his name anymore.  Almalexia deleted all her posts about him and Vivec’s gone through five blog changes since then, but you can find some posts about him if you dig through Sotha Sil’s archives.  He posted gym selfies, inspiring quotes, and about politics, though some his opinions were misinformed.  He hasn’t posted since 2012.  You’re worried something terrible has happened to him.  Recently, a new blog has been gaining in popularity and you can’t help but notice that they type in a very, very similar manner.
  • Dagoth Ur: You stumbled on this blog after reading through Nerevar’s archives and seeing all the asks and replies they once exchanged.  Voryn reblogs pictures of other people’s living rooms, body horror, and How to Basic videos.  You feel like these are somehow related.
  • Dumac: Another victim of 2012.  He posted about computers, politics, and the occasional shirtless pic where you can see that he was fucking ripped.  He and Nerevar had a falling out due to some anonymous hate, but some speculate in secret that the true identity of the asks was none other than Vivec.
  • Azura: Her main blog is devoted to pictures of roses, the sky, and her cats, but she runs a sideblog where she reblogs every single post that Vivec and Almalexia make and rips them apart.  Her morality is very black-and-white and it’s easy to get on her bad side, but many people feel like her hate towards them is deserved.  She hasn’t mentioned Sotha Sil in ages.  You’re not sure why.

2017 Follower Favorite: ENFP Winner
Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Aang has won! He has won an in-depth profile and has now joined Javert in the 2017 Follower Favorite Chart. 

Read from followers like you and learn why Aang has won the 2017 ENFP Favorite:

I really just spent longer with Aang than Moana, so I have a stronger sense of attachment that demands he has a victory in any competition.

He’s funny and relatable and he is always ready to help others

Because he’s a good round about character that often comes up with fun games and unconventional solutions, not to mention he is able to bring other people out of their shells.

I love ATLA

ATLA came out years ago and seeing Aang in the finals is a true testament to how much he is loved and adored as a character.

He’s a really lovable character and the way he matures throughout the series makes you love him more.

He is just the best thx

He begins the series through an Ne state of wonder and curiosity and at every chance he has he simply wants to share that moment with his friends but later on we see a lot of inner turmoil through his realization of how torn the world around him truly is and he soon begins to confront his Fi. Sorry I’m pretty incoherent and all over the place. My point is that he shows an exciting transformation by the end of the series as he comes into his own.

Aang had to go threw a lot. His culture being destroyed by the fire nation and he still has to save the world on top of that, being at a super young age. The best part is that he goes about fighting the fire nation without killing them. He turns a few enemies into allies.

For me, Aang symbolizes an ENFP to the dot. He seems the youngest of his friend group and yet often has this old soul feeling about him. He tries to inspire and gets excited easily and it is so beautiful to watch. As a person who’s friends with many ENFPs, who have often been conditioned to control this eager, happy side of themselves, it is also emotional. Also, Aang takes his ideals very seriously, best example when he tried to get Katara not to take revenge on her mother’s killer. He is a quintessential ENFP.

Aang is, above all, a character who looks for balance. Throughout the show he holds true to his ideals and his enthusiastic, childish nature despite living through some of the most difficult things a kid can experience. In the end he achieves victory by doing what he knows is right, rather than what is easiest.

Aang’s character has more screen time to be developed. We see more situations that could challenge or invigorate the ENFP mindset. We get a lot of different reactions from him in this way that paint a picture of his core preferences, and even better we see how over time his maturity and increased understanding means different approaches when dealing with similar circumstances.

He’s curious, introspective, and very active, and i can notice it more easily

I really like both of these characters but the reason why I chose Aang is because I used to watch Avatar the Last Airbender as a kid and I loved the show. Although I did like Moana, Aang brings back warm childhood memories for me. Sorry that my choice doesn’t have anything to do with their mbti type 😅

Seeing his struggle between being a peaceful non conflict type of person and have to take down the firelord was great.

Aang embodies the free-spirited ENFP! He’s very compassionate, energetic, as well as harmony-seeking.

A fun loving character, Aang expresses some of the best parts Fo NE creativity with his philosophy. A deep character that also struggle with his past life, but he still stay true to who he is and his morals

Waking up after being asleep 100 years in an iceberg would usually terrify a child, but Aang quickly adjusts and is actually excited to explore the world with his new friends. He is enthusiastic and wise, and like many ENFPs would rather use his (bending) skills to make others happy than for violence.

Least Obvious/straightforward ENFP among the ENFP characters that have made it to the finals. His enthusiasm is that of a stereotypical ENFP, but the rest of his personality isn’t as straightforward as I initially thought.

He’s able to balance responsibility and fun

He’s so fun, and even though Aang acts goofy, in the end he developed as a character and was ready to deafeat the firelord in his own, Fi approved way. :)

Aang’s Ne is EVERYWHERE to explore and find new things and DO YOU WANT TO GO PENGUIN SLEDDING WITH ME while his Fi guides him down his own path to NOT kill Fire Lord Ozi while literally EVERYONE else tells him it’s what he’s gotta do.

I grew up with the show and Aang always makes me happy. XD

I suppose I am a little bias because I haven’t seen Moana. I know she is a lovely, lovely character and reminds me of my sister but Aang is my homie.

Next will be ISTP! Stay tuned and keep voting! :)

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anonymous asked:

What is the difference between a sea lion and a seal? The one you posted was described as a sea lion but it looks like a seal

The English names aren’t properly distinguished. In fact, seals and sea lions are two separate, actually not very closely related, families. But the term “seals” is commonly used as an umbrella term for both families, including the family to which walruses belong.

Now, “true” seals and sea lions are also respectively called earless seals and eared seals, which again contributes to the confusion in their names.

Biology-wise, one of the most obvious differences is of course that sea lions have external ears, which earless seals lack. 

A bigger, more visible and recognisable difference between the two is in the front legs.

This is the common seal (Phoca vitulina). Notice how their front legs are evolutionary completely reduced. It’s unable to stand on them, and it’s difficult for them to move across land. They mostly shuffle over their belly. You can also se why they’re earless seals, you see the “hole” behind its eyes, which is their ear opening.

Here you see the California sea lion (Zalophus californianus), similar to the one in my picture. Do you see the difference? They can sit upright thanks to their strong front legs, and they can walk in a much more “normal” fashion. If you look closely, you can also see their external ear in this picture.

So, long story short, a seal and a sea lion are biologically very different, but in the English language, the border isn’t very clear.

SVTFOE Headcanon Theory #1: Toffee is Eclipsa’s Apprentice

Remember, this is a headcanon. Feel free to agree or disagree, I don’t really care if you don’t agree because this is headcanon. If it’s true though, then wow I’LL BE SHOCKED. Oh and keep in mind that I have inspiration for this headcanon of mine from reading other SVTFOE theories

Okay so you all know who Eclipsa is and you all definitely know who Toffee is so I’ll just get straight to the point. In the series Toffee has been shown to be very intelligent and cunning for a monster, at least the ones we have seen. We know that he has a history with the Butterfly family as shown in ‘Into the Wand’…

Originally posted by hazystrangers

But the thing that’s been bugging me since this episode came out is this…

Originally posted by hazystrangers

He and Eclipsa are connected somehow, and I honestly doubt they are family (remember though, this my personal headcanon, so it’s just for fun). Okay, first things first, we know from this episode that you can essentially look inside the wand. Then we know that inside it, there can be things and memories from the previous queens life, like Lil’ Chauncey. Based on the episode ‘The Hard Way’ we know that it can also contain a consciousness of someone as Toffee has proven by him possessing Ludo…

Originally posted by hazystrangers

Then we continue to him talking with Glossaryck about how he’ll never get him (most likely Ludo) on his side. In this he called him an old man, and Glossaryck just greets him like in an emotionless way. But, this may not be the case.

Glossaryck knew Toffee, as if they had met before. But the vibe that I’m getting from just the words they exchange is that they are similar to how Master Shifu greeted Tai Lung in Kung Fu Panda.

In the episode where they were watching Mewnipendence Day or the Great Monster Massacre, notice that the book Toffee is reading contains a picture of a wand, most likely the Royal Magic Wand. How could he have a book about the wand when the knowledge about it has never been recorded except in the Book of Spells?

Simple, he learned it from someone. Hear me out on this, Toffee knows what spell to destroy the wand as seen in Storm the Castle when he said this.

Toffee: “It’s the first spell your mother taught you.”

Toffee puts his soul, basically, into the wand. The green half. There is no way he could have known how to do this if he didn’t have a history with the Butterfly family. He and Moon might not have been just enemies…

Her face is showing too much emotion in the tapestry to indicate that. So she was once friends with him, to the point of best friends like Marco and Star. The only thing to indicate that he’s the Immortal Monster is his ability to regenerate. I mean, have you watched the episode Heinous? Rasticore is part-lizard yet he can regrow his body from JUST HIS ARM, in fact, it is already beginning to regenerate. This is why Moon had to use her Darkest Spell on him. Now from what I have seen from Toffee’s reaction is this, normally monsters would scream in terror if they’re being blasted by the Royal Wand. Look at Toffee’s face. He is showing PURE TERROR because he KNOWS what spell Moon is using. He knows what it’s going to do to him.

So how could he have known all of this?

Let me answer that question with this. Queen Eclipsa Butterfly has been associated as the Queen of Darkness. You cannot tell me that in the span of her life before being crystallized by Rhombulus, as seen in the episode Crystal Clear, that she has not basically tampered with dark magic like putting souls in the wand. Of course she wouldn’t have to use it, only create it and record it in the Book of Spells. We have not yet seen what is TRULY inside the Eclipsa chapter of the book because her magic is basically powerful dark magic that is so evil in its nature that it’s locked away. But there is no way Eclipsa didn’t found a way to basically pass on what she learned.

Before she was crystallized she could have put a sort of ‘consciousness’ in the wand somewhere or even in the book because in the episode Page Turner and The Hard Way we discover that there is a page where it can basically summon a darkness to, or taint, the one reading it. Let’s not forget that the gem in her wand specifically is cracked…that means that she has split the wand to two pieces, one she gave to her monster husband to be pass down to someone worthy.

My headcanon is that in the course of their friendship, Moon and Toffee began to read the Book of Spells together, because she trusts him enough with it like Star is with Marco. They came across the Eclipsa Chapter. Toffee was then corrupted from the page I mentioned before, but it didn’t summon his dark side, it summoned the knowledge Eclipsa had of everything she had learned.

Overwhelmed by this, Toffee wrote what he learn in a book we saw him reading while watching Mewnipendence Day. He discovers the missing wand in the shape like Ludo’s wand…

…only it was black and there were four skeletal-like fingers holding each sides of the diamond where the gem is. Through the wand, Eclipsa’s consciousness appears and began to taught him everything he would know about the wand, the spells, Book of Spells, the secrets. He became her apprentice, in a young age of course (14). He could also have sneaked around and read the Book of Spells to learn more from Glossaryck. He saw potential in the monster boy, he taught him about Eclipsa as well. He grew fond of him, despite the fact that Toffee was a monster. He believed that Toffee and Moon’s friendship would result in the peace that the Monsters and Mewmans have had back in the beginning before the Mewmans banished the Monsters out. But it did not end well.

Somewhere along the lines Moon discovered what he had been doing and felt betrayed that Toffee would keep it a secret from her. But Toffee couldn’t have told her about it, because she wouldn’t agree with him. He had found the object needed to put Monsters back in Mewni, and he wanted them to be at peace with the Mewmans. But their argument turned to a full blown fight and Toffee escaped feeling betrayed and angered that Moon would not listen to his reasoning, because Moon would have agreed with him had she been in her calm state of mind, but she would’ve begun to hear her other family’s warnings and scoffs of how could she befriend a Monster.

Eventually they fought in a war-ish battle of Monsters and Mewmans, resulting in the wand Toffee has to be recombine with Moon’s wand, and thus he was defenseless to the Darkest Spell…but Moon had a betrayed look, if you see closely in her eyes, when she cast her Darkest Spell so she missed at the last minute to lessen the effects of the spell…

…now, this spell might have also caused Toffee to be incomplete. What I mean by that is his missing finger. He was once powerful because of the teachings Eclipsa gave him and so without his finger, he couldn’t use his full potential even if he had his wand. Ludo can use the wand fully because Toffee lets him, but what if it’s still not his (Toffee’s) full potential?

So he put soul in the wand so that he can use the body of the one who found it, then he would regenerate (somehow) to his full form but still missing his finger. He would not need his skeletal hand of the wand, because that is clearly his hand, for he would regenerate fully. All he needs then is his finger…which is still in Star’s room. It’s kinda like Sauron with the One Ring sort of way mixed with Voldemort’s Horcruxes…

So that’s it for my headcanon, what do you think? Good? Make sense? Sort of? Meh? But anyway…


Levi’s Burgers

Heyyy, I’m back again to make another post about some levihan ‘similarities’ to other shows. This time, it’s *drumroll* BOB’S BURGERS!!

This time, we also have an additional members to these ‘similarity’ posts of mine. As you can probably tell, Linda and Bob will be Levi and Hanji, while the Belcher kids will be Armin, Mikasa and Eren. 

Originally posted by fudayk

First things first, the Belcher kids and the trio.

I can probably see some similarities between Tina and Armin, as both individuals are smart as you can probably tell. 

Not only that but also similar hairstyle? and maybe how both are mostly on the neutral side when Gene/Louise or Mikasa/Eren argues…? (idk)

The last two Belcher kids reminds me of Mikasa and Eren. The similarities that I found for Mikasa and Louise is their special piece of clothing. Which is Mikasa’s scarf and Louise’s hat. Also, both characters are probably the strongest out of the trio? (maybe?yes?no?) 

I’m not really sure about Eren and Gene similarities, but maybe Gene’s strong desire for making music and maybe Eren’s strong desire to kill titans? LMAO I don’t really know. HOWEVER, notice Gene’s mask on the episode, ‘Beefsquatch’

Does his mask reminds you of anything???  (◕‿◕) 

Okay, maybe the similarities are more towrds Zeke, but Zeke and Eren are step-brothers anyways so…I guess that works?  ( ̄ω ̄;)

Last but not least, the Belcher parentals and Levihan. 

I really don’t know how but I imagine Hanji being like Linda on an au, LIKE IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY and obviously, Levi being Bob on an au too. 

Also, notice Bob and Linda’s picture above and take a look at the picture below  (◕‿◕)

NOTICE ANYTHING? Aha, similar hugging-kinda scene? Also, I found both couples to have similarities with Levihan. Coincidence? I really think not.  (─‿‿─)

Now, we just need mama Hanji and papa Levi to do this pose too  ( ◡‿◡ *)

Anyone wanna start a petition for levihan to make this pose on the anime/manga?  (ノ´ з `)ノ 

Cause I know I do  ヽ(♡‿♡)ノ 

Even without this hug pose tho, levihan will always still be adorable in their own little ways  ♡( ◡‿◡ ) 

Originally posted by sookashira

shybabylovestmnt  asked:

How would the turtles react to seeing their girls getting kissed on the cheek. Not knowing it's the girls older brother or cousin. Thanks for answering this. Leo's my favorite turtle~ lol love your blog!


For the most part, we don’t think this would be too big of a deal for the turtles (the exception being Raphael of course XD).


He would be a little shocked at first; however, he would be the most trusting and understanding out of the four. After all, it was hard enough to get into a relationship with him in the first place; he wouldn’t have even bothered with you if he didn’t trust you and your decisions whenever you were up on the surface. However, that wouldn’t stop him from asking who that man was.

Once you explained to him that it was your brother, any fears he might have had would wash away entirely. Then he would ask about your family more, now feeling silly that he had no idea you had a brother in the first place.


He would be upset; out of his brothers, Raphael was the most insecure. So to see a human boy kiss your cheek sent his mind reeling. Did you have a second life on the surface? Was he just there for excitement? Of course when he sees you again, he won’t bring it up; instead he’ll be very passive-aggressive about everything. He’ll give you the cold shoulder and keep himself closed off anytime you try to get it out of him.

Finally, once you’ve had enough of his silence, you’ll snap at him and that’s when he will finally reveal what he saw. Hearing the problem would just make you more upset, since it was such a little thing, and you’ll reveal to him it was just your brother. He’ll immediately feel ashamed for thinking you would cheat on him and even stupid for getting mad about it. It’ll be days before he finally stops apologizing for his irrational behavior.


Initially, he would be a little hurt; however, he trusted you to do the right thing most of the time and felt like there was an explanation for this. Not to mention something about the situation felt a little off. Other than the fact that someone else was kissing you, there was something about the man that, oddly enough, seemed familiar.

He would take a picture of the stranger and stare at it. It would be then that he began to notice a couple of things. The two of you had the same hair color, your facial structures were eerily similar, and your smiles were the exact same…

Once he put all the pieces together, he would mentally slap himself. It was a relative of yours, of course! He would immediately feel silly for ever thinking you would do wrong by him. The next time he sees you, he would ask you about your brother and how your family was doing. Never again would he think you would do such a thing to him.


At first he would try to ignore it and try to convince himself that you would never do that to him. After all, the guy could have just planted one on you without your permission. The more he thought about it, the more paranoid he got. His thoughts would get to him and he would even cry a little at the idea that you would hurt him like this.

The next time he sees you, however, he’ll act like nothing’s wrong but you’ll know something’s up. Michelangelo might think he’s a good liar, but you can see right through him. Eventually, he would bring it up as casually as he could and you will tell him that it was just your brother. You’ll insist that you’ve told him about your family before and even whip out a picture on your phone.
He’ll be relieved, but he will also feel like an idiot and try to play it off as if he knew that all along.