notice how louis is touching harry

Capt’n Styles, are you certain of this? They be attracted to man-made light.“
"What is? Sharks?” The young blonde asks in terror.  
“Worse than sharks, lad. There’ll be flesh eating mermaids upon us in minutes, mark my words!” Paul huffs as he continues to wave the bright lantern in front of him, “And Captain Styles here, has us bait!”
Or: The Pirates of the Caribbean inspired au where Harry is a fierce pirate who holds the heart of a beautiful merman.

“You tired or you wanna watch another?”
In lieu of replying, Harry twisted around to press their lips together; slowly, lazily, and Louis responded in kind. Harry sighed quietly, no heat behind the kiss but neither of them were in a hurry to stop.
“Mm.” Louis hummed contentedly, pulling away. “I could kiss you all night.”
“Maybe you should. Love being with you.” Harry mumbled, wondering somewhere in the back of his mind if that was a bit much. “Yeah, let’s watch another film.”
Harry meets Louis while working in theatre and struggles to keep their relationship as casual as Louis would like.

  • Heart of the sea (63k, chaptered) - past relationship au, blonde!harry, surfer!louis
Crashing out in Indonesia had brought Louis back to reality with a hard and painful collision. Not only did he wipe out in the most spectacular of ways-getting caught up in an undercurrent and slammed against his board hard enough to rip his shoulder from the joint and a few tendons with it- but he’d learned in those long moments that he’d spent underwater fighting for breath and life that he’d made the biggest mistake of his life.
He’d let Harry go.Since moving out of his mum’s house with his baby daughter, it’s always been just Harry and his little Luna Flower; dad and daughter against the world. Things are just fine and Harry doesn’t think he needs anyone – and that could have had to do with the fact that he doesn’t think there’s anyone out there good enough. But, with a leap of faith and some unexpected twists and turns, maybe he might just prove himself wrong.
Or, the one where Harry is a single dad and gets more than he bargained for after a one night stand of sorts.Louis rides a BMX and works in a diner all the hours god sends to keep his little brother Alex with him. Since their parents died, Louis has become mother and father to his sibling but he’s missing out on love.
Harry is a motorcycle gang member with a mysterious past but his vulnerability soon becomes evident as the two men’s worlds collide.
Louis becomes embroiled in a more-dangerous way of living but he helps Harry finds what he’s been missing all along- a place to call home."You kind of have to be a little bit dumb to decide to climb Everest, I think,” Harry says. “Like at some point you should probably say to yourself, ‘Hey, this is really dangerous and expensive and stuff, and maybe I should just, like, become an architect or something.’”
Louis cocks an eyebrow. “An architect, Haz? Is that your secret dream? You want to build –”
“Shh,” Harry says, holding a finger up to Louis’s lips. “I’m trying to make a point. Just that, like, at some point, we all make a stupid choice to put our lives in danger, but that’s just part of why climbing this mountain is such an accomplishment, right? Because most people aren’t dumb enough to try.”

Or: An Everest AU where Louis sets out to climb the tallest mountain on the world and meets a curly-haired guy named Harry who worms his way into Louis’s life. It’s not long before reaching the summit becomes the least of Louis’s worries.When Harry moved out of Doncaster at the age of 18, he left behind way more than a box of memories buried in his backyard. Fast-forward many years and he’s happy again in Los Angeles. And he’s got things figured out. And his life is complete. And then he sees Louis again, which may change things a little bit.
This is not a story about not getting over your high-school boyfriend. This is a story about moving on, about knowing that your first love can be just that- your first love. But it’s also a story about falling for the same person again - at a different age, at a different time, in a different circumstance. Simply because it’s meant to be.harry plays football in a small town in west texas. louis might be the only person that doesn’t give a damn. au.The long-haired man grips his arm tightly. “You’re not going to say anything.” It’s not a question.
Louis shakes his head, his body twitching. It hurts.
“Fine.” Large eyes survey him before letting go. “It’s cold. Take this. Wear it.”
Louis can’t help another flinch as the man’s long scarf is wrapped round his tender neck. It’s still warm. Louis touches the soft material. “Thank you.”
The man bears his teeth. “Don’t thank me. Don’t ever thank me.”

Dystopian AU. Louis has been alone for too long to remember how not to be, and Harry has too much to worry about to deal with a scrawny, wild, stranger.“If you hadn’t noticed, I don’t have many friends,” Louis whispers, the blossom of insecurity in his stomach unfurling and clawing its way into his throat.
Harry is silent for a long time, and then he speaks; a soft, slow uncurl that makes Louis’ stomach shake. “I’ll be your friend.”
1970’s AU. In a tiny town in Idaho, Louis’ life is changed forever by the arrival of a curious stranger.
Xfactor Video Diaries MasterPost

So yesterday I made a master post (kind of) and I dunno it was fun to make so I am making another one today, this one being about the XFactor video diaries (Larry Stylinson moments)

Side note: I’m going to try to make one of these every day so if any of you have any suggestions as to what you want to see on one of these master posts (preferably Larry Stylinson) then send me a message telling me a particular theme like video diaries, sign language etc and I will try to do every one of them. 


Okay so this was just the start of their blooming romance and what was soon to become the greatest love story of all time. Even though they didn’t interact much during the first week it was clear that there was a huge amount of fond between the two. 

It was only a few seconds into the diary and Louis was already touching Harry. 

Look at that, the way Louis just caresses Harry’s face and curls because I am like 100% sure that Louis had some crazy fetish for Harry’s curls. 

I noticed that throughout the whole of the week one video diary, Louis is constantly stealing glances at Harry and its clear as fuck how much Louis is in love with the younger boy. 

Also we can’t forget this beauty


During week 2, again they weren’t sat together and nothing much happened except Louis saying that ‘Harry’s the flirt’ and Harry saying that ‘Louis’ the leader’.

Also there were a few not so subtle glances and teasing. They are clearly in love already. 


Okay this was when all the action started and I think if you weren’t in love with their relationship by the end of this video diary then you were clearly oblivious because seriously, did neither of them understand how completely not subtle they were being. 

I mean, 

This literally is probably my favourite Larry moment because just look at them, Louis is watching Harry with such lust and love that like, just WHAT? How is it not obvious to some people by this point. 

It was aware that Harry had been ill that week and I guess this was just Louis being a caring boyfriend. Side note: The hair grab is definitely some dirty kink between the pair. 

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This is a PREQUEL to THIS story. You don’t necessarily have to read either for one to make sense, so do whatever you want with that info.

Niall knew that his family was poor. 

It wasn’t exactly something that could be hidden, despite his father’s attempts to prove to Niall’s mother that they weren’t in major debt with the London mafia. Niall’s parents didn’t really get along. Niall didn’t fully understand the things that they constantly screamed at each other, but it definitely had something to do with money. 

The day Niall’s mother leaves, no one is surprised. 

Niall cries anyway. 

It doesn’t really make sense that he would cry, seeing as he had never had an authentic relationship with either of his parents pretty much ever, but he cries nonetheless. 

That day is also the first day Bobby hit Niall. 

He didn’t do it often, usually only after he had downed a couple of beers and gambled a little too much. Niall can testify that the knowledge of this doesn’t soften the punches.

8 months after Niall’s mother leaves, four men in black show up on their doorstep, completely changing the blonde boy’s life forever.

* * * *

“Um, hullo.” Niall mumbles softly to the tanned, dark haired man in front of him. There’s a confused, intrigued look on the man’s face as his eyes roam over the blonde’s lithe body, and Niall feels an instinctive smile grace his face. 

“I’m sorry,” A nice, deep accent replies. The man’s amber eyes are soft now, and there’s a charasmatic smile on his face. “I thought this was Bobby Horan’s residency.” 

Niall blushes, nodding. “It is.” 

The man looks back towards his colleagues, each of them shrugging in response. “Well, you’re not Bobby Horan.” The man exhales, raising his eyebrows. 

Niall can’t help but let out a little giggle at the man’s obvious statement. “Well, duh. I’m Niall, his son.” 

The men in front of the blonde practically melt at the adorable sound, grinning in response. “Niall, hi, I’m Zayn Malik, a… friend of your father’s. These are my colleagues, Harry Styles-” Zayn gestures to a tall, curly haired man, “Louis Tomlinson-” He points at a boyish looking man with a mischievous smile, “And Liam Payne.” Finally, he nods over towards a muscled guy with big brown doe eyes. “Do you mind if we come in to speak with your father for a bit?” 

Despite the man’s convincing smile, and the attractiveness of all four of them, Niall takes a step back, beginning to close the door. “My father doesn’t like strangers. I really shouldn’t even be talking to you.” The Irish boy stutters. 

Just like that, the men are back to business, and the large muscled guy, Liam, places a hand on the door, forcing it open. “Sorry, love, this is a really important talk.” The blue eyed one says lightly as the four push past Niall. 

“No!” Niall begs. “I’ll get in so much trouble if you go in there, please.” 

Zayn turns, eyes hard and angry, “Harry,” He addresses, then leaves the room, Liam and Louis following closely as the tallest of the group stays behind. 

“Hey,” Harry says softly, rubbing a hand down Niall’s shoulder. Obviously the more approachable one of the group, Harry sits in the hall with Niall, comforting the boy as he cries, terrified of his father’s reaction when he finds out Niall was the one who let them in. 

45 minutes later, the three men return, this time with a bruised Bobby stumbling behind them. Niall gasps at the sight of his father, but doesn’t make a move to leave Harry’s side. 

“Niall.” Bobby acknowledges with a nod of his head. “You… you won’t be staying here anymore.” He says blatantly and Niall’s jaw drops. 

“W-what?” Niall says softly, voice barely even understandable. 

Bobby has the decency to look embarrassed as the four men in the room regard him icily. “I… I have some debt-”

“-A lot of debt.” Louis chimes in mercilessly. 

“A lot of debt… with these men here.” He tries to explain, not yet looking his son in the eyes. “And because I can’t pay them back with money… they.. you…” 

“What your father is trying to say, Niall, is that in exchange for his debt, he has decided to gift us with you.” Zayn says painlessly, and Niall feels tears come to his eyes. 

“I dont… understand? Gift?” He says shakily, finding comfort the feeling of Harry’s warmth beside him. 

Each of the men in suits grin at him a bit devilishly. “Sort of like… a pet, yeah?” Louis tries, smirking at he sees Bobby flinch. “Oh Bobby, what’s your problem? Not like we’re going to be hitting him like you’ve been.” He rolls his eyes. “Honestly Niall, I assure you that life with us will be 100% better than what you’re getting here.” 

It wasn’t that Niall would miss this life. He might not be super smart or anything, but he understands that his father is an asshole. He understands that this could potentially save his otherwise terrible looking life. He also understands that these guys could be even worse than his father. 

“I.. I-” Before Niall can even respond, Harry and Liam have teamed up against him, pulling him up and pulling him towards a large black range rover in his driveway. 

Tears have sprung into his eyes by now, but Niall doesn’t bother struggling. He knows his fate has been decided as they place him gently in the backseat in the middle of both of them. Harry is talked animately, mostly about how fun they’re going to have, probably just trying to stop Niall’s tears from falling. Surprisingly, it’s working, seeing as Niall is actually trying not to laugh rather than cry, as Harry chokes out one lame joke after another. Niall is so caught up in the calming touch of Liam, who is playing with the hair on the back of Niall’s neck carelessly and giggling at Harry’s stupid jokes, that he almost doesn’t notice as they pull up to a massive mansion estate. 

They pile out of the car and into the house, Zayn and Louis joining them from a separate car, and move into the house, a few men dragging out a small suitcase that must be filled with some of Niall’s things, something that Niall didn’t notice before. 

The five boys go directly into a large and lavish living room, where a huge polar bear fur-looking rug covers the floor, surrounded by a large black L-shaped couch and a few leather chairs to match. Immediately, Zayn softly pushes Niall to the couch, and the four men stand in front of him, looking very intimidating with crossed arms and black suits. 

“Listen, Niall.” Zayn orders, “I am going to start off telling you that we will not hurt you here. This is- mostly- a safe zone for you, unless of course you break the rules, which will result in punishment.” 

Niall’s bottom lip quivers. “Rules?” He asks timidly. 

Each of the boys nod. “There are only a few.” Liam tries to reassure the blonde.

“Most importantly, you will always obey us. If one of us tells you to go to bed, you go to bed, If one of us tells you to roll over, you roll over. Understood?” Louis says softly. Niall nods. His jaw tightens as he continues quickly. “When you are spoken to, you will always respond with ‘Yes, sir’ or ‘No, sir’.” 

“Yes, sir.” Niall says meekly. Louis grins happily, carding a hand through Niall’s soft blonde hair affectionately. Niall smiles back at the unexpected gesture, leaning up into the hand. 

“Next, you will be expected to finish out your high school term. Any extra schooling after that will be decided later. You will be taken to school everyday, and picked up from school everyday. No extra circulars, no socializing with anyone that doesn’t live in this house.” Zayn adds. “And Finally,” He smiles reassuringly as he pulls out a leather, black dog collar. “You will be expected to wear this at all times. If you feel uncomfortable wearing it in public, then we will discuss it, but if you are in this house, it must be around your neck. Are the rules clear?” 

Niall nods, not verbally responding at all, making Louis roll his eyes disappointedly. “And that takes us right into our next subject. Punishment.” Louis sits next to Niall, pulling the boy over his lap, making the boy squeak. Louis pulls down the loose joggers that the blonde was wearing, smacking his brief-clad bum three times in a row. Niall’s breath leaves him quickly as he gasps in surprise. The smacks didn’t hurt, only surprised him. 

“Remember, Niall, always respond when spoken to. What do you call us?” 

“Si-sir…” Niall sputters, eyes wide. 

Each of the four boys smile at him as Louis allows him to sit up once more. “Good boy.” 

“And that’s our final subject.” Liam smirks as Niall’s eyebrows raise. “Rewards.”

Each of the men look excited at this part, making Niall shiver. “When you’re a good boy, meaning you listen to the rules, or do something really really good for us, you will be rewarded.” 

“How?” Niall asks, intrigued.

Zayn smirks. “Well, it could be something as simple as a cookie after dinner.” He sits down next to Niall, breath close to his ear, “Or it could be something as rewarding as a blow job, or if you’re really lucky, maybe one of us will fuck you.”

“Or all of us.” Louis coughs conspicuously. 

Niall’s eyes are wide and his pants are suddenly a bit tighter than usual. 

“Oh, I think he likes that.” Harry teases, smug smile on his face. 

Zayn, Louis, Liam, and Harry each smirk at the irish boy, who suddenly feels like squirming. “Looks like somebody has new incentive to be a really good boy, huh?” Liam says, biting his lip.

Niall nods enthusiastically. “Looks like it.” He pauses, “Sir.” 

* * * *

In retrospect, Niall probably should’ve stayed as he was that first day; excited and ready to please his new masters. Well, two years later, Niall had a little bit of a rebel mentality. Despite this new rebelliousness that had struck Niall, he never would intentionally hurt or worry one or any of his sirs. He loved them, after all, and he knew they loved him back. Which is why everyone should really understand that he honestly didn’t mean to forget to tell his masters about his field trip. He just… forgot. He also, conveniently, forgot to charge his phone the previous night, meaning he had no way to call for a ride when they had returned to the school.

So, as he’s riding the bus (something he hasn’t done in years, by the way) to the nearest stop to their mansion, he’s biting his nails at the hiding he knows he’s going to receive. He’s nearly crying by the time he gets off the bus, knowing that either Zayn or Louis would absolutely murder his behind tonight. He trudges towards the house in the cold air, tapping in the code to their neighborhood reluctantly. He waves at the security camera that he knows is stationed in the gate, knowing that the guards would be around to pick him up soon. 

Just as he suspected, a black range rover is waiting for him at a stop sign at the nearest neighborhood, and Niall clambers in, exchanging hellos with Paul, one of the boys’ drivers. 

Paul eyes the blonde, pity imminent in his eyes. When Niall enters the threshold of the door, he’s greeted by… no one. He sends a confused glance to Paul, who sighs, “They’ve been out since 15:20 looking for you. I notified them the moment you crossed the gate, they’ll be home shortly.”  

Niall’s school got out at 15:15 and it was currently 20:53, meaning the boys had been out for over 5 hours looking for him. Niall sighed heavily. He was going to get it tonight. 

Paul peeks his head back through the door, muttering, “Mr. Malik has ordered me to order you to wait in the living room, you know what to do.” 

Niall did know what to do. Exhaling dejectedly, he kneels down on the fur rug, placing his head on the couch comfortably, counting the seconds until he heard the fo’otsteps. 

“Niall,” Zayn’s voice echoes through the room, making Niall shake in fear. 

Niall’s head lifts accordingly. “Look at me.” Zayn orders, and Niall’s meets his eyes hesitantly, not expecting the relieved and red-rimmed eyes that he sees. “Come here.” Zayn orders, arms open wide and Niall wastes no time jumping up into the warm embrace of the tanned man, moving on as Zayn pushed him into Liam’s, then Harry’s, then Louis’. Each looked exhausted and  surprisingly happy as Zayn sat Niall down onto the chair, standing in front of him in a familiar position. 

“Now,” He says softly. “Do you mind telling us where the hell you’ve been and why the fuck you thought it was a good idea to put us through that torture?” He shouts suddenly, eyes turning hard and angry quickly. 


“No!” Zayn silences. “You will sit here, silent, and listen, as we tell you, in great detail just how much bullshit we have gone through today.” He seethes. 

And Niall does, as the hours tick by, Zayn, Harry, Liam, and Louis  each scream at him in different octaves, each yelling about how worried they were and something about kidnappings or death and other serious stuff that made Niall tear up. He had blocked them out a long time ago, when fingers snap in front of his eyes. “Are you kidding me, Niall?!” Louis shouts earnestly. “You’re lucky we aren’t locking you in the isolation room right now!”

Niall makes a low whining noise. the isolation room (a.k.a. a blank room with nothing but a bed where Niall has spent only a few, painful and terrible hours) was by far, the worst punishment there was. 

“God!” Louis shouts angrily. “I just can’t believe how- how fucking stupid you are!” 

Niall’s mouth pops open at this statement, tears already rushing to his eyes at this one sentence.

“Like, you’re the one who’s pushing us, trying to convince us you’re smart enough for college, yet you do something this fucking dumb?” Liam agrees, making Niall want to curl in on himself. 

“I can’t believe you’ve been this idiotic, Ni-” Zayn begins-

- Before Harry decides, at this point, to stop the blasphemy. “That’s enough, guys. Stop.” He orders, recognizing the look in Niall’s eyes. 

The three boys, who were previously blinded by their worry and rage slowly begin to recognize the mess in front of them.

Harry has already moved to Niall, gathering the quivering mess of the blonde boy into his arms, whispering sweet nothings as he glared at the other boys. 

Zayn, Liam, and Louis each make eye contact, guilty looks on each of their faces. “Niall-” Zayn starts, apology cut off as Niall sniffs. 

“I know- I know I’m not the smartest person ever.” He whimpers. “But I’m not stupid.” He defends. “I’m sorry I forgot to tell you that I had a field trip but it was honestly just a mistake.” He cries, muffling himself in the crook of Harry’s neck. 

Each of the boys rush to the couch, mumbling their immediate apologies of “No, no baby.” or “It was the heat of the moment, I’m so so sorry” and “Of course you’re not stupid, baby, mistakes happen.”. 

Niall’s cries slowly diminish into small snuffles and Zayn takes the smaller boys hand into his own, muttering softly. “Baby, I’m so sorry. We didn’t mean any of it, alright? We’ll make it up to you, yeah? Anything you want, you got it.”

Niall perks up a little bit at this. Hurt eyes brightening slightly. “Anything?” 

The boys nod in unison. “Anything.” Louis agrees.

“Okay. I want to finish my schooling. All of it. Because I’m smart enough to and I know I can. And I know my supportive masters will be so supportive of me.” He says cheekily, smirking with narrowed eyes, obviously challenging the boys.  

Realizing that they had just been duped, Louis, Liam and Zayn narrow their eyes as well. “Why you little-” 

“Excuse me?” Harry glares.

“No- Harry, listen, he-” Liam tries to explain but Harry isn’t having any of it. 

Harry growls. “No, no, you hurt my little baby, he gets what he wants. Now, pinky swear.” He orders, obviously not going to take no for an answer. 

Zayn glowers at the curly haired man but sticks out his pinky anyways, and Niall links his pinky smugly. 

After Harry is satisfied, he picks Niall up, heading towards their bedroom. “Well, you all can meet us in the bedroom when you’re ready to be decent human beings again. Meanwhile, this little genius and I are going to lay down, yeah?” Harry asks, completely oblivious to Niall’s trickery. Niall nods, sweetly kissing Harry on the cheek as he innocently smiles at the other three boys. 

Shaking their heads as Niall and Harry walk away, the three wonder what they’ve gotten themselves into.

Ew I don’t think i think this i’m so sorry. I’m tired so that’s my excuse. I love you and thanks for reading. 

Prompts are open! I do any Niall centered relationship including OT3, OT4, and Zianourry. You can see my previous writings here and my master post here.

Husband Reacts to 1D: Iconic “Larry Stylinson” Moments 20-11

In honor of Louis filtering out “Larry” from his Instagram comments, it’s time for Part 2 of Husband Reacts to “Iconic Larry Stylinson Moments.” This was a frequently suggested topic, and Hubs already tackled Moments 30-21.

I dunno, honestly, Hubs thought this was stupid and stopped paying attention about halfway through. I totally agree with him, but I’m super busy with moving these next few weeks and didn’t feel like putting too much effort into a post, so here’s his sarcastic reactions to some stupid “Larry” moments. I’m sorry I just couldn’t take this seriously.

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anonymous asked:

You've probably gotten this many times, but what moments made you think Larry/Ziam are obviously real?

Actually, I’m not sure anyone has asked me XD  

The reasons I’m 99% sure are different, but I feel like this was meant as a more fun question than that, so I’m going to use gifs of the things that made me wonder at first or that I just see as ridiculously blatant instead.  If you actually wanted a different type of answer, please come let me know.

For me, the big Larry moments were:

the way Harry gets clearly possessive and Louis’ face in that last one when he starts wondering how much trouble they’re going to be in,

and the way this can’t be anything but romantic intimacy unless it’s a joke, but Louis’ face really doesn’t say joke in any way,

and the way Louis’ face just quiets so suddenly as if he’s briefly enjoying and then calculating about whether Harry touching him is going to have consequences,

and the way Harry draws back as if he’s not allowed to touch even though that makes 0 sense unless a relationship is being hidden.  

These things are what made me keep wondering even when I was only 50% sure they were real and struggling with it.

For Ziam, I first noticed when I saw a post about how Liam’s face fell at the mention of Perrie during the Ellen Show appearance for FOUR promo.   I don’t have a gif for that one.  

There’s also:

the way Zayn just stared at Liam so intently on so many occasions since the very beginning,

this hug where Zayn refuses to stop cuddling Liam for as long as humanly possible,

and this gif because really?  Really?  Who does that with dolls of themselves and their platonic friends?

I know I’ve been very Zayn loving Liam focused, but it’s so so mutual. They’re talking with their eyes alone and you know it.

Why do I believe in Captain Niall you ask?  Well I’m glad to answer XD

This is a huge moment in my opinion.  Just about the only time we were ever allowed to hear one the boys verbally fonding over one of the relationships. We’ve gotten shade and jokes since then, but this one was completely sincere and nothing else imo.

He just chills out at close range and watches it all play out with glee.  You know he knows what’s going on.

For heaven’s sakes, he shoves Liam and Zayn together with no indication of an intention to join their hug and then goes for both Harry and Louis at once, not one or the other.  Niall ships it hardcore and he’s selfless enough to fully support it without showing any hints of bitterness at being left out.  

Captain Niall is a gift.


Wishing On a Wishing Star

Third and Last part of ‘He’s The Reason’.


(part 1)
(part 2)

Maybe time will heal me, I thought everyday as I woke up and stared at the ceiling that shone in white colors when the sunrise appeared somewhere over the tall buildings and houses that surrounded me. Maybe all I need is time.

Maybe all I need is him.

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Secret Touches - Larry and Ziam

So for almost EVERYONE I know, THIS was their ‘AHA moment’ about Harry and Louis:

NO ONE thinks this is fan service. EVERYONE agrees this is a secret touch just meant for each other. 

Now guess what. Zaynie and Liam have an identical moment. What’s that I hear, claims it’s fan service?! But how can it be a private moment for Louis and Harry and not mean the same thing for Zaynie and Liam. Is that your BIAS showing?

I know, enough talk, here’s the moment:

Notice how Zaynie goes to grab Liam’s fingers and then has to restrain himself cause they are in an interview, but he can’t help the need to hold his boy’s hand…and Liam goes and moves his fingers towards Zaynie’s before pulling away…another couple in the band do identical things, don’t they.

One Word: Mine.

Niall’s being possessive.

Niall woke up, seeing Harry laying next to him. He smiled wrapping an arm over Harry’s torso, pulling him closer. He mumbled a little bit, then burried his nose into Niall’s chest. Niall smiled down at him, even after six months of being out, Niall still can’t believe he gets to do this every single day. Niall let his eyes flutter close, and he soon fell back to sleep. Soon he was woke up with someone jumping on his chest, he gasped, and his eyes flew open. He screamed, and pushed Zayn off of him. Zayn groaned when he hit the floor.

“What the hell Niall?” He grumbled picking himself off the floor.

“You can’t just fucking jump on me man,” Niall yelled.

Zayn simply rolled his eyes, and pointed at him, and Harry.
“C'mon you twats, we have practice,”

Niall glowered at Zayn till he left, keeping an arm around his Harry. He stroked Harry’s back and peppered his face with light kisses.

“Hey hey c'mon Bee, wake up.” He wasn’t sure why he called Harry Bee, he just did. Harry grumbled, pushing against Niall tighter. Niall chuckled, and pushed his hair out of his face.

“C'mon Bee, want to see those pretty eyes yeah?” Niall said softly.

Harry blushed, and peeked open one eye.

Niall smiled down at him.
“Hey Bee,”

Harry shyly leaned up, giving Niall a soft kiss. Niall melted into it, and Harry tucked himself back under Niall’s arms.
“Wanna stay here with you,” His voice thick with morning sleep.

“As much I want to, we have practice Bee,” Niall kissed the top of his hair, and moved from the bed. Harry whined, making grabby hands at him. Niall chuckled, and picked him up, front piggy back style carrying them to the bathroom. Harry giggled, rolling his eyes at Niall. Niall gently put him down, and turned on the water. Harry started to graab his soap, but Niall quickly stopped him grabbing his wrist.

“Want you to smell like me today Bee,” Niall said, plucking the soap from him and replacing it with his wn. Harry didn’t ask, just simply did what Niall said, after a shower and a blowjob, they stumbled into the room.

Niall pulled a few things out and tossed them at Harry.
“Wear my clothes today Bee?”

Harry nodded, and pulled them on. Niall didn’t know what it was today, but he wanted people to kow Harry was his, and his only. The day started out okay, the boys practicing for their up and coming show, Niall narrowed his eyes when he saw Liam whisper something into his ear, other days Niall could’ve igorned it, but not today. Instead he stormed over to where they were, and pushed Liam back.

“No,” Niall said forcefully. Liam looked bewildered,
“No?” He asked with his eyebrows scrunched up.

“No, mine.” Was all Niall said, before dragging Harry away.

The next time something like that happened, it was Louis, him and Harry were getting to friendly, in the touching department. Niall slammed down his water bottle, and stalked over to where they were.

“Fuck off Lou,” Niall growled, standing in front of Harry. Louis looked shocked.

“Um, Niall?” He squeaked out. His eyes wide.

“Don’t fucking touch my boyfriend!” Niall roared, he’d feel bad if he wasn’t seeing red. Louis quickly nodded, before reteating to where Zayn was.

“Hey, hey Niall. I’m here focus on me okay?” Harry rubbed at his chest, and Niall slowly calmed down. He hooked his arms around Harry bringing him close enough, so he could suck a lovebite on Harry’s skin. Harry gasped, and rock against him softly. Niall was murmuring Mine the whole time.

The boys finally noticed how Niall was acting and left Harry alone, even Louis who would cause mischief kept his distance, because once in a while Niall got like this, and they knew better then to provoke him. Niall kept Harry tucked into his side all during the day after that, glowering at anyoone would even come six feet near his boy. Harry didn’t mind, he pranced around Niall all day, keeping him laughing. the boys shook their heads at them, seeing Harry and Niall just beam at each other like no other people were in the room.

Sadly the poor waiter didn’t know that, it was after the practice Harry and Niall wnet out to dinner, the waiter came back and licked his lips looking at Harry. Niall growled, clenching his fist tightly. Harry slotted his fingers through Niall’s trying to calm him down. Niall silently counted to ten, and looked up again. He caught the man’s smirk, and growled again. The bastard was doing this on purpose.

“I’ll have a coke with rum,” Niall said stiffly. The man nodded before turning his eyes on Harry.

“How about you princess?” He smiled at Harry who shifted uncomfortably. That was it. Niall shot up from his seat,

He grabbed him by the collar.
“Don’t you ever call my boyfriend that you shit. If I ever see your face again, I’ll make sure you can only see out of one fucking eye, got that princess?” He hissed out. The man quickly nodded, and hurried back to the kitchen, Niall sighed deeply watching him go and sat back down. Harry grinned at him shyly, tracing one of Niall’s tatoos.

“You probably made him cry.” Harry said amused.

Niall twisted one of his studs earrings.
“He shouldn’t be looking at what’s not his,” Was all he said.

Harry grinned snuggling into his side loving when Niall got like this. He felt secure and loved, evryone thought that after Niall Horan the sweet blonde of One Direction, got his ears pierced and got hundreds of tats, and dyed his hair lilac again, only this time permentally, he was a bad boy. No, he was still the same sweet guy from Mullingar, he simply changed a bit that’s it. And when he was feeling like this he didn’t want anyone looking or touching his Harry.

“I’m yours.” Harry said locking their fingers.

“And I know you are mine.” Niall whispered, brushing his lip ring arcoss Harry’s forehead.

Harry grinned, knowing he was where he belong. He connected his lips wiht Niall, confirming he knew this a well. Niall pulled back, still kepping his hands cupped around Harry’s face.

“I love you Bee,” Niall said. Harry blushed,

“Love you forever Irish.”

Do you ever wonder if Harry and Louis have fought about things we’ve noticed?

One thing I never noticed until just now is how when Harry moves his hand to Louis’ knee, he kind of bumps his hand a couple of times. And it isn’t softly either, it would have been quiet noticeable for both of them. And you know what else? Louis doesn’t move his hands away. They are touching Harry the whole time.

I have been in the One Direction fandom for a week, and having read up about the history and the media narratives and coming from outside this fandom, and after listening to that total lack of confirmation on Good Morning America this morning, can I say how much this situation reminds me of the Haylor narrative?

Especially in terms of how they are confirming and denying what is going on, the answers are always very noncommittal and indefinite. And after it had ended, didn’t they start saying that, well, there was ‘speculation’ that Harry and Taylor were a couple, ‘rumored’ exes Harry and Taylor, that it had never actually been confirmed.

What about how miserable Louis looked during those few weeks, and how quiet and tired Harry was this morning on Good Morning America? Like there are all those interviews during the Haylor era where Louis says nothing and doesn’t touch anyone, and people have noticed that Harry is being deliberately physically separated from the other boys while on tour.

None of this even considers the fact that if one of the boys did get someone pregnant, there is literally no reason that story would ever need to see the light of day if their people wanted to keep it quiet. There is no reason this had to be reported unless their team wanted it in the press, so many celebrity fathers keep their children under the radar until after the child is actually born.

But of course, as Jaycie pointed out to me, this publicity stunt has totally worked, and I am evidence of that. After I heard the baby rumors, I looked into One Direction, because I really only knew about Harry Styles, I downloaded their music, and all of that was a few days before “Drag Me Down” dropped. So this stunt is working to generate interest in them and create new fans after Zayn left.

In summary, Babygate has totally worked to get people like me to listen to this band, but it has also made me into beautiful Larry trash.
Because You're My Sleeping Beauty - 4k - [AO3]

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik
Additional Tags: Smut, larry - Freeform, larrysmut, bottom!Louis, Top!Harry, Somnophilia, Gay Sex, fingering, Weird?, sorry if it’s not your thing, (not sorry), (but it’s not as weird as worm kink I’d say), (that really disturbed me), (but let’s not focus on other people’s beautiful works), (that puts me down), HAVE FUN READING THIS SMUTTY SMUTTY SMUT THING, Body Appreciation, /worshiping

The one where Harry can’t resist touching Louis in his sleep. It escalated rather quickly.

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My (first) concert experience:

Harry: HE IS A GLORIOUS BUTTERFLY WITH LONG LIMBS AND BAMBI LEGS. He is amazing, such a good, good performer, and his vocals have really improved. I screamed like crazy when he hit his high notes THEY WERE SO GOOD. He had a bit of a raspy voice (so did Louis *coughs*), but his solo in SOML and his high notes were overall AMAZING. He is a ball of energy and he bounces and prances around all the time - watching him makes you want to jump high as well. Also, HIS GLORIOUS HAIR, GOD BLESS HIS LONG HAIR, LONG HAIR DON’T CARE. My favourite moment was when he called out for the dads. He suddenly went, “Where are the dads?” and I was confused for a second before I realised he was just showing his dad kink once again, bless his soul, so he was like, “Dads? Dads? Oh, there’s a dad and - oh, heeeelloooo, Dad!” when he found a particularly hot dad. Ialready mentioned that, but one of the dads in front of me jumped on the seat, opened his arms in a “my body is ready” position and screamed “I AM HERE HARRY, C’MON” at the screen while his daughter looked at him like that gif where of the blonde girl whose sister is going to Disneyland. Harry loves dads, but dads love Harry back.

Louis: My baby boy. MY BABY. I just — I love him. He had a bit of a raspy voice as well, like Harry (what else is new), and whilst he hit some notes amazingly, he missed others. He covered Zayn’s solo in one song (don’t remember which one, sorry) and he did great. He was probably jetlagged, but he managed to be bouncy as well and smile and wave and look really engaged with the crowd. He looks great. He’s always looked great, but he looks more healthy now, and I’m glad. I’m also glad that they’re letting his voice shine more by giving him more verses because HE CAN DO IT. They all need a good vocal coach, but Louis doesn’t have a weak voice - he has a voice that wasn’t trained properly. I noticed that he had a lot of screen time, but maybe it was just my Louis-centric mind playing tricks and confusing my reality. (Also, he grabs and touches his bum a lot. Which. I understand the sentiment. Same.) (I could also write poems about his biceps and his fringe but this is not the time for that.)

Liam: If I could marry Liam’s vocals, I would. HIS FALSETTO. HIS DANCE MOVES. HIS EVERYTHING. As always, perfect voice, and he was born a performer. His energy is different than Harry’s, I can’t even explain how properly; if Harry is a ball of light bouncing around, Liam is a continuous wave of energy. There was a bit of an awkward moment when he asked the public which song was our favourite, and of course the whole stadium chanted NO CONTROL. He kind of became that gif of Mariah Carey putting on her sunglasses, “Suddenly I can’t read,” and said, “My favourite is GIRL ALMIGHTY SO LET’S DO GIRL ALMIGHTY.” ALSO: I LOVE LILO. LILO IS EVERTHING. LILO IS LIFE. SO IS NIAM. Which leads me to…

Niall: I fucking seriously wish they would give him more HIGH NOTES. He is the fucking best on high notes, I swear to God, it was like pure adrenaline injected in vein. I’m not much of a Niall girl but JESUS HE WAS GLORIOUS YESTERDAY, and I’m bitter that we needed one member of the band to go before Niall could show how much he can do with his voice. I wish they would let experiment with note changes and stuff because they do great with those (and there were many of them). His speech before DFWYB was kind of moving so we were all a bit teary-eyed when they started singing. Also, his accent. 

Harry and Louis: I don’y know if it was caught on camera, but it looked from where we stood that during one of Girl Almighty’s “I get down on my knees for you,” they looked straight at each other in the eyes. Then, the WMYB moment which PUMPED ME FOR ANOTHER FUCKING 84 YEARS. LOUIS’ FACE WAS SO SMUG OH MY GOD LIKE A 3-YEARS-OLD DOING SOMETHING HE SHOULDN’T AND DON’T GIVING A SINGLE FUCK. I HATE HIM. I LOVE HIM BUT I HATE HIM AND HE IS THE REASON FOR MY TEARS. That said, when he went for a wee, I think Harry went to check on him? I saw Harry walk up the stairs, look behind the scenes, and then Louis came out a few seconds later. As always, tey gravitate around each other a lot. What else is new. It’s true that they don’t interact much, but Harry doesn’t interact much with the others either. Also during fan signs time they zoomed in on a sign that said “HOW’S YOUR BUM” which LOL.

Overall feeling: I felt a bit bitter about the setlist, but I can’t let it ruin my first One Direction concert, so I’m going to say: I loved it. People there had lots of fun. Unexpectedly, the younger kids were kind of tired after half an hour already, so it was their parents who enjoyed the show the most. AND THE DADS WERE SO 1D AS FUCK YOU HAVE NO IDEA. This other dad in the standing area had his One Direction t-shirt on and he kept dancing the whole concert, bless his soul, and we kinda shared a moment before the concert itself, during the macarena and all those songs, because we were dancing like crazy and we looked at each other and he pointed at us, gave us a thumbs up and went YEEEAAAAAH. During the concert I noticed he kept looking at us smiling, like, in a very nice way, because we are maybe a few years older than his daughter (who was there with him, his other daughter, and his wife), and yet he watched us because he liked that we were having so much fun. And so did he! Adults enjoying this kind of things - I LOVE IT (Also, the kids were kind of terrified because we all screamed louder than them. LOL) So, yes, I’m disappointed for the setlist, but it was a great concert to attend, and you could see that people were having fun. I now we are, like, really *in* the fandom, so we know all the shit that is going on, but I feel like the other people - the parents, the friends, the cousins - walked out of the stadium with a great feeling, and that’s important, too, because maybe they’re going to say to people, “You know that band, One Direction? I know people make fun of them, but I was at their concert and they’re actually pretty great.”

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What's your analysis for what a feeling? You mentioned it in your tags

Anon!!!! Thank you for indulging me!!!!!

Okay, my usual disclaimer that this is interpretive work and therefore complicated and murky etc. etc.

I have so many feelings about this song! I find it so comforting! Alright I’m pulling myself together. Now clearly there’s a lot about separation here, a juxtaposition of holding close vs watching from afar and different circumstances in which that’s allowed. It’s that general sense that leads me to think about the closet when I’m doing a close reading of the lyrics.

The first thing I noticed when I started putting the song on repeat was “But you’ve got stars, they’re in your eyes/ and I’ve got something missing tonight.” This is actually a very sophisticated move, so excuse me while I get super highbrow for a minute. The philosopher Sartre suggests that (among many other things) that a nothing, a lack of something, an absence, can be itself an entity. For example, not turning in a paper is itself a response to an assignment and is graded as an F. “Something missing tonight” then becomes a third entity here. In these lines I read it as someone who has the something as a characteristic, “stars in your eyes” and someone who is in proximity to a third someone without that characteristic, “I’ve got something missing tonight.” This configures to reflect what it might be like for one of them to be out stunting with a girl, their supposed significant other who pales in comparison to the reality of the situation.

(Tell me if I need to explain that bit further. I know, who ever thought a One Direction would turn into a philosophy lecture.)

That was the first thing I noticed. Next my attention was caught by “through the wire,” repeated however many times. At first glance I took it as like a barbed wire fence, which fit the whole separation theme. But once I started thinking about the song in terms of the closet, I was reminded of another “wire,” the newswire. Tabloids! By which the closet of a celebrity is enforced! This also made more sense, since it’s “watching” through the wire as well as not being able to “hold too close.” You can’t hold at all across a physical fence and sad-puppy-eyes staring through one seemed … odd. But a nonphysical barrier of public news makes much more sense. How many times has that been the cause of their separation? How many articles about their partner with a woman have they had to read?

“In her eyes there’s no lies, no lies/ there’s no question, she’s not in a disguise.” (In a *shocking* twist I’m ignoring the pronoun. Sarcasm. Capitalism requires some marker of gender.) The second reference to eyes revealing truth, while there’s pervading sense that the person watching and missing them does not have that. I’ve made it clear that I think Harry was purposefully allowed to publicly read more as queer in the last two years, while Louis was further silenced. I think this is a nod to that. “Somehow I wish I could be there [a king beside you] now,” speaks to that as well. Equals, in the public view, like they are in private.

“With no way out and a long way down” is fascinating to me, as it always is when they get intratextual. The first clause should be simple to relate to the closet; but “long way down” just so coincidentally (more sarcasm) happens to be the title to another song. In all the words in the world they accidentally pick these again? No. The song “Long Way Down” to me reads as a reflection on the difficulties the band has faced, disillusionment about plans for what they want going exactly right as things have not gone how they pictured before, resulting in a potential long fall down. Applied to “What a Feeling,” the juxtaposition leads to a combination of foiled dreams: “with no way out and a long way down.” But! “Everybody needs someone around” and they do, and they have someone, for they do know “what a feeling to be a king beside you, holding you in my arms,” they know the feeling, have experienced it, they just can’t do it out in the open yet.

“When the air ran out and we both started running wild/ The sky fell down” is such a good line. It also reminds me of Ready to Run, which also describes “a lightning in your eye,” and which I very much equate with coming out. The air running out, of course, sounds like a very literal interpretation of suffocating in the closet. “The sky fell down,” the huge consequences of a monumental occurrence – but those stars are now in his eyes. Harry’s got one toe out the door and they can both see how good it’s going to be.

There’s anxiety in the second verse – “am I too late?” – that they’ve felt since I’m certain they both thought they’d already be out when this was written in Spring 2015. The reassurance comes instantly in the bridge, and notice that it’s Harry singing, Harry who has just that one inch more than Louis but is waiting with him all the same: “whatever chains are holding you back, don’t let them tie you down.” (And yes I am reminded of Harry’s chains tweets here as well.)

The song is beautiful and yearning and touching. At the heart, the two people are equals, know it themselves and love that feeling, love their love (waves to “Olivia”). They’re just waiting waiting waiting, through disappointment and unfairness, to take up their rightful place, each and together, publicly as they truly are. And even better, the melody and production are calm, measured, soothing: they aren’t frantic or going mad, no frenetic energy or discord here. They are waiting, patiently, together, reassured in who they are and in their love. What a feeling, indeed.

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I was at the last concert in Sheffield, and something everyone could notice is how, after the hug, Harry and Louis couldn't really let go of themselves??? They were literally always touching, it's obvious why they avoid contact, because once they touch each other it's impossible for them to stop. Even my friend, who wasn't a fan until Sheffield, said the same thing.

The way Harry and Louis interacted in that dodge game is so telling, in my opinion. They were comfortable and looked like they forgot there were cameras at times - you just can see the way they’re aware of each other and how they seek one another all the time, how they touch and talk in such a natural way. Their relationship is simply amazing, fireproof indeed.

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except for a few glances in eachother's direction louis and harry haven't interacted at all since like mid-tmh tour. it's only recently they've been standing next to eachother (rather awkwardly at that) and that's literally it. also, harry's out here writing these super sad songs and spending literally all his time off on another continent with new people. so yeah, imo they have shown signs of a breakup

You understand the purpose of the closet, right?

They have interacted in the past month and on WWA more than they interacted on the entirety of the TMH tour.  And you don’t see ‘literally all his time off’ - you see 5 minutes to an hour of his 24 hour days, you don’t know that Louis isn’t there, and he doesn’t always need to be either.

Here they are with their arms interlocked in South America after their rough breakup.


Whoops bumped into the ex, let me caress his arm full of (new) tattoos that (still) match mine.

That’s a fucking caress okay.

*SO PROUD MUCH PATTING* whoops not allowed to touch that much on tv *slides off*

After you. God what a horrible break up they must have had, giggling and playing chivalrous games.

“Aunties, this is Louis’ ex boyfriend, Harry, they absolutely hate each other but I invited him to the wedding anyway and thought you’d like to be introduced.  He’s going to wear the wedding wristband for WEEKS just to be a dick. Hahahah.”

Well isn’t this not awkward at all, leaning into eachother and shit.

And did you notice Louis very gently brushing his thumb over Harry’s?  

Lol ‘Hey Lou remember how everyone thinks we hate each other?  I’ll serenade you now okay?  Don’t fall in love with me again though we are OVER.’

The hatred.

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there was a cute larry moment in what makes you beautiful. when it was harrys solo, all of them went closer to harry but louis was the quickest one to get there and touched arms with harry for a few secs before realizing that liam and niall went behind harry not next to him, so he went to stand with liam and niall. it was cute how louis' mind worked, he wanted to touch harry and didnt really notice where liam and niall went. i think i have it on a video :)

Please upload the video i need this

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Hi, Gabi) I also think that HL are going to come out in late april/early may. Can you share your thoughts about how exectly are they going to do it? Thanks:)

What’s this question really? Too early anon or too late. 

I don’t want to think about the first pics when they’re papped solo, the first official HQ’s when we can see them walking next to each other, Louis wearing one of his cute lil jumpers and his blue Nikes, Harry wearing his beautiful hair in a bun, some amazing floral shirt and blue jeans, tattoos showcased. I don’t want to think about the shock we would feel when we zommed in on Harry’s right arm, noticing his first tattoo on his Things I can arm. I’m a crying mess thinking about how they would walk next to each other, bodies/hips occassionally touching, legs and hands hanging in sync, both glowing, the dimple Louis grew for Harry present on both of their beautiful happy faces. GIDDY, IN LOVE. We think Louis and Harry are glowing now? We are not ready for that kind of glow that would surround them after they are out.

I don’t want to think about the HL picture which Harry posted on his IG with the caption: “Still the One” and a bazillion of hearts, I don’t want to think about where the heck I would be: office, home, travelling??? I don’t want to think about the tears rolling down my face by thinking about how damn happy they are, I don’t want to think about what their moms would feel, their sisters, family! I don’t want to think about those deathly hugs ot3 would give them and cry with them together, making a pile of silly boys and I don’t want to think about nIALL going all sentimental and asking for a fucking selfie while literally everyone’s eyes are full of tears. I don’t want to think about the tweets, the IG posts, the HQ pictures, I don’t want to think about them going to shows, giving interviews, conqueering the entire world, changing the LGBTQ views of so many people, I don’t want to think about all the people whose LIFE would be changed and be proud of who they are or who they aren’t.

I don’t want to think about how they will stop telling each other: soon baby soon and hug each other, dreading the next stunt/bearding day.

Can you imagine how amazingly free they will feel when they can finally hold hands in public? When they can SHOW the world that this man next to them means the world? When they can give honest answers about Strong/Happily/RTR etc being their favorite songs instead of Best song ever?  When they can finally open up about songwriting and say this was written because I felt trapped or that was written because Ii wanted to show him how much I loved him? Or this was written because we needed an anthem to Harry and Louis so we wrote Through the Dark?

When they can just laugh at the girlfriend questions and look at ot3 because they sure are not requied to answer? When they will talk about the songwriting process and these 2 just look at each other giggling with fond? When they talk about holidays and family and they don’t have to deny they are part of each other’s family? When they will go to holidays in whatever places of the world and some nice fans catch them and take a picture where they are hugging and the fans pretend to be annoyed just for fun but then make a normal picture and do the thumbs up because they really are not annoyed with Harry and Louis ‘cause they are so proud of them? When they will get questions about future? Like Barbara Walters type of questions? When they can say it again they want to marry each other and have kids? And Harold being cheeky and adding “even as young as we are”? And basically reenacting that interview… Can you imagine how disgusting their twitter (@Louis_Styles_Tomlinson) will be with selfies and food and how much sassiness will Louis give to his spouse over social media? Like it used to be. Can you imagine their selfies? Can you imagine how colorful Harry’s (and Louis’ new IG) will be? Can you imagine how we will be busy making masterposts of coming out reactions sooner than later? How people will share their stories of how much HL mean to them and how happy we are for them, how brave is to come out at such a young age. Can you imagine how damn busy we will be with reblogging tweets from a massive amount of supporters who do sports, acting, music… etc. Can you imagine their moms, how they would feel? Because I can certainly see the sisters, moms and family just crying on each other’s shoulders from happiness. They were as much closeted as HL was. Can you imagine their pictures about Harry and Louis? We would cry our eyes out for the mom’s tweet or insta pic of how much they love them and how proud they are. We would not see a thing from the tears. Can you imagine all of this? Really, can you?

It will be insane!! Their story is so real, and when Harry at age 17 said FAMILY home when asked if they move into a bachelor pad. Family! Seventeen! Fucking seventeen!!!! Then the interviewer asked back: bachelor pad? NO, family home. Harry corrected again. Crazy. This is not even Disney. They can hide i the nearest corner. This is some Notebook level shit! And Notebook was based on a partially true story and Sparks made some changes to make it more romantic. But these two… The thing that gets to me most is that Tom Dailey or NPH&Burtka were not working together. These 2 are. They were there with/for each other when the band was created and when they heard from Simon he would sign them. They live every fricking moment together and not only that but they fell in love in the process and with all the shit and banning we have recently heard they still decided it was worth to fight.

How desperate those times were when they knew it was still years till they were out of modest’s hands??! How can you go to sleep and wake up with an emptiness in your heart that this closeting will go on for fucking years??! Yet they just looked at the body sprawled next to them and decided it is so worth it. T-H-I-S is what gets me the most. Hiding is one thing but fighting against the most brutal closet is the biggest fucking revelation of love!!!!

What the hell will we do when they are papped solo?????? REMEMBER LAIRPORT???? And when they touch? And when they CO on insta cause I swear it has to be a cute selfie otherwise I will demand an explanation for the B/W no face no colors pictures!!

What will we do when we see the first headlines confirming they are together? What will we do when all those famous people will tweet their support? What will we do when they go to a serious late night talk show to make it official? Holding hands? Maybe answering FIRSTS questions? “First I love you” or “first kiss” and whatever.

What will we do when they will talk about each other with that fond on their faces? And the other will look at the talker as if he hung the moon? What will we do please tell me because it would be nothing like these Des HL dinners, or lairport or when HE GOT THE DAGGER. No, it will be INSANE. I N S A N E.

Drops mic. Drops dead.