notice how little they have interacted since

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Is it possible for Jon to have a little, just a little, crush on Sansa? In my opinion, the way he looks at her is a brother looks at his sister. I mean, 3 years have gone by, Sansa is the only family member he has right now. But, their interactions are not really brother-sister. Maybe on Sansa's part they are, but Jon...Sansa has also grown very much as a person, she has become a gorgeous girl, he likes redheads, so who the hell knows?

I’m not going to offer false hopes re: how things could go in canon (because now more than ever I don’t see anything romantic happening between them either books or show wise) so please don’t take my answer that way… but in all honesty, this reading makes A LOT of sense to me. I’d be surprised if Jon isn’t at least a little bit ~confused~ about Sansa right now. She burst into his life, beautiful and vulnerable but also icy and strong-willed and inaccessible again, and I dare ANY young man not to find that mix fascinating. She’s completely different from the girl he used to know, and at the same time she looks and act so much like Catelyn, the woman who used to hold his whole life in her fist when he was a boy. We see how Petyr projects his unresolved feelings about Cat on Sansa, but what if Jon does too, to a smaller extent? Of course Jon’s feelings about Catelyn are very different. He was terrified of her, but also craved her attention and envied the love she granted his trueborn siblings, as she was the only mother figure available to him. It’s not unrealistic if he feels a degree of attraction mixed up with conflict and emotional distress for Sansa, who has now fully grown into her role as “lady Stark”. 

Their interactions in the show make much more sense if you see them in this perspective. There’s unresolved tension about Jon’s bastardy, which both of them still feel acutely despite Sansa’s claim that it no longer matters; there’s Sansa watching her mother’s worst fears of Jon “stealing” her children’s birthright become reality, knowing that she partially contributed to that; there’s Jon sort of walking on eggshells around Sansa, acting awkwardly, quietly observing her when she doesn’t notice, studying her. She’s clearly not an easy person to be around, not only for the personal relationship they used to have (or didn’t), but for the social role she now embodies, a role Jon learned to be wary and lowkey afraid of since he was little. 

And yeah, Jon has an ongoing narrative of being paired up with redheads, and Sansa… Sansa might be the one who closes the circle (because c’mon, who originated it if not Catelyn).

And tbh I wonder how their interactions could have been if Jon had learned his parentage before reuniting with Sansa. I’m curious to see how the whole thing happens in the books, timing-wise especially.

Jared and P&S campaign

Hi Sera, hope you’re having a nice Easter! I’ve been having some hatty thoughts today and thought I’d get your opinion. 

Scrolling through IG and Twitter, its apparent that there’s been a real swing in who is promoting the P&S campaign, and who is putting the effort behind it.

Since the initial push at the end of March, it’s been almost entirely Jared’s social media pushing the campaign. G has not posted anything about the campaign since 5th April on her Twitter and 3rd April on her IG - despite pretty much daily posts about other stuff (that’s more than 10 days ago in a time-limited campaign!). While its almost certainly not Jared himself posting on his accounts, they’ve been used to promote the campaign almost daily through either posts or IG stories. He’s also the one that’s signing the hearts, which is also strange: I understand that he is the bigger name, his signature has more value, but surely as a joint campaign to mark their daughter’s birth they could both sign?

That all leads me to some speculation: the charity element of the campaign is Jared’s, or at least the charities are his preference. Despite both Js general lack of political statement, they strike me as charities that Jared would want to support (didn’t he donate to Obama? and he immediately wanted to support LGBTQ charities after the tragedy at Pulse). They are definitely the kind of politically controversial charities he would not be allowed to support in his own name at the moment (SPN is in the top five programmes of both Republican and Democrat supporters). I’d therefore suggest that we are starting to get an idea of the deal that was made here: Jared’s support for Gs new blog and what will presumably be ongoing, non-charitable collaboration with P&S, in return for Jared’s choice of charities, but helpfully for TPTB purposes under G’s name. As a result, we’re seeing little bits of Jared interacting with fans in ways he’s always seemed to value - through seeing people’s pics with the hearts, signing things to send out and taking pics at cons, so hopefully something positive is coming out it. 

Sorry for the long post but would be interested to get your thoughts!

Hello, dear Em!

Thank you for messaging me, this is a very interesting angle you’re presenting! I hadn’t even noticed how the promoting of that campaign had shifted from both of their social medias to rely on Jared’s. Truth be told, I have mostly just ignored the campaign since the launch.

Your speculation makes sense to me. Wasn’t G donating money to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign back in the day? I’m definitely not claiming to know what her political stance is these days, but that tells me she wasn’t always so liberal. Maybe Jared picked the charities indeed? We’ll probably never know. I agree that the network would probably not want him directly owning up to that, even though they let M be open about his political stance.

I think Jared’s signed hearts might be because the campaign doesn’t seem to be doing so well. When it was launched three weeks ago, G’s caption said “They are super limited edition so will run out quickly!” So, they are either not that limited or they’ve greatly overestimated the demand. I wonder if G is not signing any because it would be a hassle to arrange for them both to sign or whether she realises her current lack of starpower.

What I find strange about this campaign is that they’re seem to be willing to sacrifice Jared’s social media following in the benefit of G’s. Or at least it looks like that, considering “Jared” is doing the marketing as of now. It was puzzling how the man failed to mention the campaign at Seattle con. I had already thought that maybe he wasn’t much involved in it, so his silence somehow spoke volumes to me. Is Jared’s following “expendable” because he’s planning on retiring from showbusiness after Supernatural ends?

I’m uncertain about whether or not Jared is looking at the purchases fans are making. It would be lovely if he did, but the sceptic in me protests - he did undermine the campaign somewhat by spilling the news of O’s birth to a bunch of fans in Austin. I don’t know if that affected the campaign at all, but it looked to me like an act that defied G’s big plans.

I’m sure that after the end of this campaign, G will soon follow with some sort of commercial activity. She already did that with the birthing tea and eyelash thing at least, so it really wouldn’t surprise me if she kept doing little ads like those while aiming higher.

Urgh, I’m sorry this turned out so long, dear Em! I hope your Easter went well, too. Mine was slow and relaxing, just what I needed to fuel me for another two weeks on the road. Have a very lovely week!

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joestartsu replied to your post: “Watching Yuzuru and Evgenia interacting with each other during gala. I have been blessed.”

I need a full report! please!

Evgenia is the cutest girl ever. She posted on twitter how much she liked Yuzu’s programs, and even stayed behind really late to watch him. Someone snapped a photo of her sitting on one of those empty seats. lol

Gala was the cutest though. I wasn’t really paying too much attention to her since Yuzu just appeared with his new EX outfit. *__* My friend noticed that she kept turning her head to look at him (briefly though; she wasn’t staring). Little girl couldn’t help it. lol At some point when all skaters were just skating around, the was behind him then purposely sped up in front of him to do a crazy jump combo. Yuzu saw that and he laughed. That’s how the jump battle started. lol They did that 3 or 4 times. When Evgenia left the ice, she bowed to the audiences. But when she turned to the side where Yuzu was standing, she bowed to him to and he bowed back. It was so freaking cute omg I can’t take this!

They took a selfie together at the Kiss & Cry at the end of Gala. Yuzu did a “Tokyo Ghoul” hand sign. lol I didn’t know they actually get along that well. It as pleasant watching them. <3

TsukkiKage moment

I wouldn’t call myself an avid TsukkiKage shipper if I don’t point this out 

This shows the first three people outside the court to have noticed Tsukishima’s injury from both the anime and manga.

Again, it’s like the animators hate for me to go and fangirl how my otp interact because if they follow the manga, Kags was the first person to have noticed Tsukki’s injury which gonna make this rant a little bit easier for me. But, since they didn’t I’ll have to make do.

One of course, the very loving brother Tsukishima Akiteru because okay when you have a sibling who plays against the strongest team in the prefecture, your eyes are always gonna be on him/her, and that’s exactly what we see here. We’ve seen how he noticed every single expression his brother makes, and even before this scene he was amazed by how concentrated his brother is during this match, by just looking at his moves.

Next is Yamaguchi Tadashi, the always loyal best friend who has known Tsukishima longer than anyone else in the team. So, it also made sense that he noticed Tsukki’s changed expression. Even during the training camp, he knows Tsukki doesn’t hate volleyball, it’s just that his best friend was too afraid to get hooked on something then to have his heart broken by it. He basically can read Tsukishima like an open book.

Then, we have the king of the court himself paying attention to commoner. Well let’s point this out the most platonic way possible, he’s Kageyama Tobio, he is always attentive towards his surroundings, and he always know when Tsukishima is trying to avoid doing the run up or jump if the setter was only going to use him as a decoy. And we know, how perceptive Kageyama is about volleyball when he knew that Tsukishima was actually waiting for Shirabu to screw the toss to Ushijima.

After that move he started to see the potential behind this middle blocker, so it could also be the reason why he was paying slightly more attention Tsukishima and happened to notice that his teammate was in pain.

So, this is when I’m gonna start making it sound like they aren’t that platonic and if you don’t ship and aren’t that open with this pair, I suggest you stop reading and scroll past this post. 

Okay, so Kags sounded so worried when he pointed out that Tsukki was hurt showing that he genuinely cares for that tall blonde despite them being on each other’s throat most of the time, and let’s be real, when you watch a match, any game whatsoever, your eyes will always follow the ball and to the ref, so if you’re from the sidelines, or the bleachers, you rarely see the player’s expression. Only when the team members gather around someone is that when you’ll know that something was wrong. 

Kageyama I’m sure will also react the same way as others, but the one possible reason to why he noticed Tsukki’s pained reaction first is if either when the ball was announced out of bounds or when the R1 overruled it, Kageyama was looking back at Tsukishima. Probably because he’s proud of him or because he wanted to make sure that Tsukishima wasn’t beating himself up when Shiratorizawa gained the point due to his touch. 

Now tell me why exactly would he looked back at Tsukki, when he could be like everyone else questioning the ref’s decision or disappointed when they lose a point? Still, just my opinion and yes I’m crazy about this pairing. 

roguewarrior replied to your post “Hi im new to the show and i wanna ask how did the jongmin/joonyoung…”

i’m just grateful this jongjoon couple get some light tho. Like I always try to notice the little things about Jong Min since I love him so much but I never would have noticed all of jongmin/joonyoung interactions… I’m rewatching old episodes randomly these days and I keep noticing something I never would have caught and probably brushed it aside if that incident didn’t happen haha. Like the little things they would do for each other, giving little support, & many more

Yeah I love seeing the members being so supportive with each other ^^ They’re always hugging each other and linking arms lol. I was watching the Hangover Race episode two days ago, and I thought the way Joonyoung was sitting with Jongmin’s legs between his was so cute. Not to mention how they were talking to each other when they were drunk :D

(enjoy my blurry screencap i just took)

clvireredfield replied to your post “season 5 is the best because it’s the point where sweets and hodgins…”

this is 2 true they fucked up hodgins’ relationship with a lot of people. like honestly after s2 (besides s5) they gave hodgins nothing but like angela. the only real relationships they let him have were with like cam or wendell. they did him so dirty. they confined him mostly to angela and it’s sad

yeah i mean i like how he interacts with the interns and i do have a pretty big soft spot for his friendship with wendell but it’s worth noting that a lot of the depth their friendship gets comes out of them both having dated angela which is…a little odd in itself tbh.

i think it’s also a little bit more noticeable since every other main character (aside from sweets, whose backstory issues are. a whole other vent entirely) has at least one important family member in the recurring cast–hodgins does have his brother, but they do very little with him after he’s introduced. and that’s not to say that he needs to have family members bc he doesn’t, but i think it definitely doesn’t help make him feel less isolated when the writers don’t put much energy into portraying his social life.

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Maybe this is crazy but I'm currently reading tokyo ghoul before everything that happened in :re and I just noticed something: why did Ishida introduce takizawa's dog before the last arc? Like?? What does that brings to the story to know he has a dog? I mean I know Mado has a cat for example but Maris Stella has been in for a few jokes and comic moments so she serves a purpose while Takizawa's dog is just seen once and I don't get why? Sorry this is probably stupid, but Ishida makes me paranoid.

Awww, it’s such a cute question somehow (I love animals) and don’t worry, I understand the feeling, Ishida makes me go paranoid too! :)

I had honestly never given it much thoughts but now that you ask…

It’s true the dog literally appeared for just one panel haha.  

Honestly, I think this little moment was just a way for Ishida to illustrate the dynamics between Seidou and Akira, since they often argued up to this point in the story and also as you said, Maris Stella had been introduced already.
So I’m pretty sure Ishida wanted to say: “you know how these two always bicker? Well, that’s no wonder considering she likes cats and he prefers dogs”.
Aaah the famous dog vs cat conflict! ^^

This is really the only explanation I can find, since this chapter was at the beginning of the Anteiku raid arc, an important arc when it comes to the development of Seidou’s relationship with Akira since, after they finally stopped arguing at work about every little things… 

  • he finally ackowledged her fully and trusted “her intuition”
  • he went to search for Amon for her sake, since she truly believed he was hurt but couldn’t leave her post as the squad leader supposed to lead the reinforcements
  • he also basically admitted to :
  1. having this huge crush on her since their days at the Academy
  2. wanting her to notice him (and she did son, you just didn’t know
  3. being probably a little jealous of Amon’s relationship with her  

Yeah, um… I seriously have no idea how this answer became full of SeiAki feels but basically, I think Rocky was introduced because Maris Stella was as well, because Ishida thought it would be fun to illustrate the interactions between Seidou and Akira using the dog vs cat thing. 

There you go, I hope it answers your question! :)

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Hii what do you think of Namseok? Idk why but I've never seen much of them being close together~ what do you think?

I’ve been waiting for a Namseok ask, they are literally my brotp. Why does no one ship them? Yet at the same time the t̶h̶r̶e̶e̶  people who do ship them get it, they understand why they are such a special pairing. 

Namjoon as a whole isn’t very skinshipy, hes up there with Yoongi for how little physical contact he initiates. So unless your really looking for the Namseok you don’t really notice it, but since I give m complete focus to Hoseok and his surroundings during every videos he’s in I notice his interactions with the other members. And his ones with Namjoon look so natural and friendly, for me they are one of the ships that I’d like to observe off camera, they seem close in the way that you don’t have to be talking to them to know they care, who could just sit in a room doing there own thing and be completely comfortable. And when you think about all the hours the rapline in particular must spend recording and writing its highly likely they do. 

Though most of there moments together were pre/early debut, they can still be found today. Some early stuff

Rap Mon and Jhope Log 

Curious cute Rap Mon and Jhope

They tease each other first and foremost, not as much as Yoonseok do but its definitely there. The 2nd anniversary video is one of my favourites,  and makes me endlessly wish they stood/sat next to each other more because every time they do its gold. From the Up and Down dance and Namjoons imitation to Hoseok teasing Joonie for the members forgetting about his wish. If you watch it just focusing on the two it great.

Another good example was the I Need U naver starcast broadcast and Namjoon trying to make Hoseok say brassier again. It won’t let me link it but search on YouTube and it will come up. 

And the Go BTS in the US is wonderful from Hoseok sleeping on Namjoons shoulder to Joonie being disappointed that he couldn’t scare him and the whole thing at 37:32 :)

Next Namjoon is literally Hoseoks biggest fan when it comes to his dancing b̶e̶s̶i̶d̶e̶s̶ ̶m̶a̶y̶b̶e̶ ̶T̶a̶e̶h̶y̶u̶n̶g̶ . This was one of the first times I really noticed the Namseok love but in this compilation alone of Hobi dancing Namjoon may as well have pom poms and a cheerleader outfit, hes loving it. He also really wants to see his abs again. I don’t know what his deal is but he’s all about Hobis muscles in the Thailand dinner show V app broadcast

 And recently I don’t know but I feel like they are around each other more, they look at each other while they are laughing, and are, not ignoring the other members, but look like they have been spending more time with each other off camera. Starting from the MAMA awards behind the scenes. (Like I said before these are pretty little things but they show a certain closeness. We have to rember that besides Yoongi and Namjoon these two have know each other the longest.) I cant find the video but in the MAMA video where Hobi asks Namjoon to do the syllable sentence thing, you know what I mean right, and they are both embarrassed at his weird answer. Or in Jins birthday prank from mnet, beofre jin and MPD nim go on their date Namseok are cuddely, and after they come back they are again. And again in The Show behind the scenes, the back hugs and the not leaving Hoseok alone to film. They seem really close, but not in a Hoseok x maknae line skinship fest like we re used to.

This is just a quick little compilation of some more noticeable Namseok for people who have never really noticed them, not a lot of people ship them because they don’t have huge monumental moments y̶e̶t̶ but feel free to ask me again, I have a load more, they are my brotp.

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I should probably clarify: I am politely and /legitimately/ interested in why people view Marichat as the sinship and a open to conversion. :3c

To answer you, I’m only going to use references from the episodes from the Korean timeslots ( Stromy Weater to The Evillustrator plus The Mime).  Below are is a list of why I believe there are a few reasons why MariChat > Ladrien:

1.Civilian x Superhero (CivilHero will be used for reference) wasn’t much of a thought for our Love Square ‘til we actually had an interaction between Marinette and Chat Noir in The Evillustrator.

  Here we see a stray cat trying to impress a princess. She’s not impressed.

2.Since MariChat was the first CivilHero pairing that we saw of the Square, I believe it opened the gateway to Ladrien.

3.Up until The Evillustrator, we saw Chat Noir/Adrien only ever show romantic interest towards Ladybug. We never saw him flirt either as a hero and/or civilian with any of the other  civilians and villains, so when Chat Noir suddenly started flirting with Marinette via both verbal (Calling her Princess or Little Lady)  and physical (We all saw how you tugged her closer by her hips and carried her bridal sytle, Chat), we all became a little excited from the thought that Adrien actually seemed to take notice of Marinette. To put the cherry on top, we saw that Adrien wanted to know how Marinette  felt about him as Chat (which we never have seen him do prior or since then with anyone else).

The stray tries to sway the princess with a smolder.

Next the cat tries to rub his scent on her to ward off others.

He’s ready for the wedding.

The cat to just making sure his scent is still there. 

4.I think everything I wrote in Point 3 helped us know how Marinette and Chat Noir would interact in canon and fed our imaginations.  

5.He’s wearing black leather…I think that speaks for itself.

6.Once we actually DID have a Ladrien moment in The Mime, we only have Ladybug and Adrien looking star-struck with each other; we didn’t have them interact, otherwise. Once we do, I’m sure we will have an explosion of Ladrein fictions.

Lastly, I’m going to look at least two fan fiction writers:

@zenwisterias and her Heartstrings :  With how popular Heartstrings is andthe fact the main pairing was MariChat, I believe this really helped increase the popularity of the said ship; though the story is far from being “sinful”.

@clairelutra: This is really just me kinkshaming Puppeteer. While not every one-shot of this is NSFW nor is it the most sinful series of the ship, I do feel that it helped greatly with making MariChat the more lemony side of our Love Square. 

I’m almost out of time at the library, and I need to head off to work again, so I’ll leave this at that. ( I can’t correct any of my spelling errors; I’ve had to rewrite this several times).

SideNote: I realized this became less of “Why is MariChat more sin-considered than Ladrien” and more of “Its more of the sin ship because I think its been around just a tad longer and we had canon interaction”. 

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HC: Adrien finds out Marinette is Ladybug but he doesn't know how to tell her he knows, so in the meantime he's observing her and noticing all her little quirks, getting all riled up, jealous and possessive of Marinette when she interacts with other guys

Days. It has been days since the blond boy had found out the truth. What truth? Oh just the fact that his classmate Marinette Cheng just happened to be one of Paris’ greatest hero, Ladybug! How could he have not known? When you compare the two, they have the same body type (something Adrien hadn’t noticed) their hair styles and eye colors were practically the same. Scratch that. THEY WERE THE SAME! Sure not personality wise, but they were the same person regardless. How he had found out was a coincidence. Nights before, the two were patrolling the city as per usual, and Ladybug’s transformation was about to wear off, so she called it quits for the night and left, leaving Chat alone on the roof of a medium sized building. Not knowing Chat Noir was looking in her direction after she transformed back into Marinette, and continued in the direction back home. That’s when he made the connection and to be honest, he was in shock. So here he was a few days later, shock still very much there and it hasn’t worn off yet.

It was hard for him not to stare at her any chance he could get. And a good 90% his best friend Nino would catch him staring which made it a lot more embarrassing and awkward.

“If I catch you staring at Marinette one more time, I might just have to tell her you have a crush on her.” Nino laughed, obviously catching his friend staring at the girl again.

Adrien looked back at his friend, his emerald eyes meeting and narrowing at the others chocolate eyes

“You wouldn’t.”

“Oh, you’re right. But I can always tell Ayla, and then we can see where that leads to.” he smirked looking at his best friend sigh softly.

“You do not say anything, please. If anything I can talk to her by myself.” he said quietly since they were gaining attention from the other classmates.

“Well you better hurry up. Especially now, she’s talking to Nathanaël right now.” Nino pointed out. Marinette and Nathanaël were talking by her locker. He seemed a tad too close to her and the look of disgust was very invisible on Adrien’s face but in his mind it might as well have been the color green. If he were able, he’d throw a lot of dirty looks towards the red head, but he had to keep his emotions in check. He knew Marinette didn’t have any feelings towards Nathanaël like that, only because while watching the two, her mind seemed to be somewhere else and she wasn’t particularly paying attention to whatever Nathanaël was talking about in his sketchbook. He calmly walked away from the situation and on to his next class. But in reality, he wanted to confront them. He wanted to be able to walk away angry without anyone questioning. But he had to remember he was Adrien Agreste and not his alter ego, Chat Noir.

As the bell rang for their next class, he saw the two again walking into the classroom and talking. But this time Marinette seemed to be really interested into whatever Nathanaël  was talking about it. The two were laughing and smiling all until their teacher came into the class. But even then their eye contact and sharing smiles was too much for Adrien to handle.

That was it.

When the final bell rang, he remained sitting, slowly packing up his stuff and waiting outside of the classroom for the black haired girl. When he saw her he gently grabbed her arm and looked at her deeply into her beautiful blue eyes.

“My Lady, we need to talk.”

To be continued … ?

(I’m sorry if this seems a bit rushed. I’m still trying to gain my own writing style but if you guys like this enough I may continue this!) 

Jimin: Titleless Chapter 6 (Series)

Chapter 6

Chapter 1 HERE | Chapter 2 HERE | Chapter 3 HERE
Chapter 4 HERE | Chapter 5 HERE | Chapter 7 HERE
Chapter 8 HERE | Chapter 9 HERE | Chapter 10 HERE
Chapter 11 HERE

A/N: LOL whoops, it’s been like 4 thirty minutes, got carried away at the party. And I still can’t believe this was originally a one chapter scenario.


“YAAAWWWNN!!” you stretched your arms out. The sun showered your room with light. You don’t remember opening the blinds. Oh that’s right, you fell asleep while watching that movie with Jin. He must have carried you into your room, which explains why the curtains are still opened.

“Good morning ______!” Jin cheered as he entered your room with Taehyung following soon after. You groaned and covered your face from the sunshine. “Come on ______! It’s already later than usual!” Taehyung exclaimed as he stood next to the bed where your head was.

“Stop being such a baby _______, are you feeling better?” Jin asks and you feel the bed dip down. He was sitting next to you on the edge of the bed.

“Feeling better? What happened?! Are you sick ____!” Taehyung asks concernedly.

“No, she’s just tired,” Jin answers Taehyung, remembering the conversation last night was just between you and him.

“Well, I hope she’s okay, it’s usually her that calls me up,” Taehyung says.

“If I didn’t force you put of bed this morning, you’d be snoring until 3!” Jin shouts jokingly.

“Yah! You two are so loud!” You whined uncovering and covering your head again.

“Aw, someone’s pulling a fussy fight,” Jin teases you.

“Whatever, this room is boring anyways. I’m going to check on Jimin now,” Taehyung sighs and leaves your room.

“Are you going to get up?” Jin asks you again. Your mind wind was already swirling after hearing that name coming from Taehyung’s mouth. ‘Jimin.’

“Ahhhh! I want to sleep!” You complained.

“Okay, okay. But weren’t you awake before we came in here anyways?” Jin asks, narrowing his eyes though you couldn’t see him cause your eyes were covered by the blankets.

“I suddenly want to sleep again!” You lied a bad lie. It was too early for you to think.

“Okay sleepyhead,” Jin says, patting your covered head before leaving you alone in your room.


[next door: Jimin’s room]

“Get up you sleepyhead!” Taehyung growled, battling Jimin to get the blanket off of him.

“Let me sleep!!” Jimin yelled.

“You bothered me all night last night and now you want to sleep?!” Taehyung asked.

“Yah! I’m your hyung! I have the right to do that!” Jimin shouted, using the ‘hyung’ respect to defend himself.

“You’re only three months older, it doesn’t even count!” Taehyung tried to prove a point.

“I’m still older!” Jimin yells back. Jimin only used the ‘Hyung’ argument when it was in his benefits.

“You and ______ are both the same! A bunch of lazy bums!” Taehyung joked.

Jimin threw a little stuffed panda laying next to him and threw it at his friend. “Yah! She’s your noona! And you’re just being cocky because it’s the first time you ever have to wake me up!”

“She’s not even a week older, stop making excuses. Already defending your girlfriend before she’s your girlfriend,” Taehyung teased. “And it’s not the first time!”

“Yah! Okay! I’ll get up! Just get out of my room!” Jimin cried, this time throwing his spare pillow at Taehyung.

“Don’t have to be so mean. Jeez, lovesick people are so violent,” Taehyung grumbles.

Jimin sits up and grabs his alarm clock, pretending to throw it at his childish friend.

“I’m going, I’m going!” Taehyung scurries out the room.


[your room]

“What the fuck?? I’m not getting up!” You grumble to yourself when you look at the clock. It was only 10:13.

You drag your body up, though you said you were doing to get up.

“Hey ______.”

You look up to see who wants to bother you this time.

“Hey Yoongi.” You murmur, rubbing your eyes.

“Are you feeling okay?” Yoongi asks.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, Jin was making honey citrus tea, and Rapmon asked who it was for. Jin said you weren’t feeling well, so I quickly came here to check it out,” Yoongi explained.

“Oh, I’m fine. Just sleepier than usual today,” you tell him.

“Oh, okay. That’s good,” Yoongi sighs but he doesn’t leave just yet. He sits on the bed in front of you and pulls you into a hug. “If you ever need anything, you can always come to me,” Yoongi whispers into your ear.

“Mm…. Why are you like this Yoongi?” You ask, he wasn’t never this sensitive. “Of course I will, you’re my best friend!”

“Hmm…” Was his only reply and he got up and left the room.

After reassuring that no one else was going to bother you, you drop your body back on the bed and set a thirty minute timer before dozing off again.


“Hmm! The breakfast is always so good over here! I should come more often!” You heard a familiar voice cheer, not coming from any of the members belong under this roof. It was Jaeni’s, the best friend you least wanted to seer right now.

“I’m going to sit here today Taehyung!” She exclaimed. You just walked out of your room but you didn’t need to be in the kitchen to know where she would be sitting. Taehyung’s spot, to the left of Jimin. You were surprised you didn’t take your spot since you sat to the right of Jimin.

“Uh… Okay…” Taehyung says cluelessly. “Oh hey ______!” He’s the first one to notice your entrance. “Oh, look who decided to get up,” Namjoon teases.

You take your seat to the right of Jimin as you listened and greeted the rest of the company. Jin set a cup of honey citrus tea next to you. “I made it special so you wouldn’t crash later,” he smiles.

You nod and thank him. Thank god you had him or ou wouldn’t know what to so with yourself.

“Oh, I forgot ______ sat there! I would’ve taken her seat instead of yours Taehyung Oppa!” Jaeni whined.

“It’s just a seat, who cares where you sit? Unless you have another reason,” Jungkook groans, annoyed that she was being so whiny because of a chair.

“You don’t have to say it like that,” Jaeni says.

Taehyung’s eyes from Jaeni to you and to Jimin and back to Jaeni as if he knew her plans. He sighs and continues eating.

“Why is there so much sighing in this house this morning?” Hoseok notices and complains. First Jin, Namjoon and Yoongi, then Jimin now Taehyung too?“ He hadn’t even heard you sighing yet, he would be complaining even more since you probably sighed more than any of them combined.

"It’s Monday, what do you expect?” Jungkook points out and adds a fake sigh at the end of his statement.

Right, it was Monday. Thank goodness you had afternoon classes, you felt so lazy right now.

“Jimin! Eat more bread! You look like you’re losing weight lately!” Jaeni says. Though she was just saying so, it was true. He was losing a bit of weight lately but his muscles were doing the complete opposite, just saying.

“Mm… Uh thanks,” He says awkwardly as he looks at the toast your best girl friend just placed on his plate. He didn’t really like having more than one slice of toast a morning and he already had his toast. He’d rather have one toast and then other versions of carbs.

He takes a gulp of orange juice and notices you haven’t pick up any food and you loved toast it the morning. You loved having a simple breakfast and you were just sipping your tea. He knew your stomach would start acting up if you didn’t have food with your tea.

He picks up the toast and spreads butter over it. “Here you go ______, you can’t have tea without food,” Jimin smiles and places the buttered toast on your plate.

“Yah! I was making her toast! Why are you copying me?!” Jungkook whines like a second year old.

“Copy? I gave her butter toast, you have strawberry jam. And _______ doesn’t even like strawberry jam,” Jimin says cockily.

You never told him you didn’t like strawberry jam, he just watched you and noticed. It was ironic because you loved anything else strawberry, just not the strawberry jam you put on bread because it was too ‘sour’. You even ate the strawberry jam that was topped on shortbread cookies.

You laugh, “it’s fine, I’ll eat it too!” You reassured Jungkook.

“Aww it’s okay, you don’t have to if you don’t like it noona,” Jungkook says, looking at the toast in dissatisfaction.

Jimin rolled his eyes, “here, I’ll eat it!” He offers, he always knew Jungkook didn’t like fruit jams but only because he was always a drama queen about it, even if the toast wasn’t for him.

“Oppa… You wound me…” Jaeni says when Jimin bites into the toast, “you gave ______ my toast but you eat Jungkook’s?”

You looked at your partially eaten toast and to Jimin, then Jaeni. You hadn’t even realized she gave him the toast you were eating.

“He doesn’t like two slices of toast,” Namjoon jumps in.

“But that is his second slice!” Jaeni complains.

“I’m sorry Jaeni, it’s only because I didn’t want it to go to waste and I was to lazy to pour myself some cereal,” Jimin lies, he was just trying to save you since he knew you would be nice and eat Jungkook’s toast anyways, despite how much you hated strawberry jam on bread.

You didn’t even realize you were staring at Jimin until his eyes caught yours and you instinctively look away. No one notices the little interaction you two have going on.

Jaeni sighs, “Oppa! You owe me now!!” And without a single word, Jimin takes some toast and spreads butter on it and gives it to Jaeni.

“What are you doing,” she asks.

“You said I owe you right? I’m just paying it off before I forget,” Jimin replies.

With a disappointed look, Jaeni cries out, “Wow! You’re so thoughtless Oppa! You could have at least asked what I wanted on my toast! And plus, when I said you owe me, I wasn’t asking for another piece of toast.”

Jimin cocks his head in confusion. “Then what?”

“Lunch Oppa, you have to fix my broken heart with lunch,” Jaeni suggests.

Those words made you turn your head at her. She wasn’t going to give up, and you knew she wouldn’t. Even if he rejected her, she’ll probably continue to flirt with him.

Jimin looks at you then at the orange juice and then back at you, trying to find an answer.

“Oppa! If you don’t take me today, you’ll have to take me twice!” Jaeni clarifies.

He sighs, “okay, okay, we can have lunch today…”

“You’re the best Jimin Oppa!” Jaeni exclaims.

He’s been waiting to hear that forever. ‘Jimin Oppa.’ Except, he only wants to hear it from you.


“Can you believe all that started because a single slice of bread?!” Jimin exclaims and tossed his tank off.

Taehyung laughs, “Welp, looks like you got a cockblocker to worry about now too.”

“I was planning to ask ______ out after class but now I have to go to lunch with her best friend!” Jimin says in frustration, “and all because a stupid slice of toast!”

“Yeah, and Namcy just told Jin that here class got cancelled today too, she’ll be extra lonely,” Taehyung says.

“Are you serious?! I could have spent the whole day with her!”

“I guess it is what it is bruh,” Taehyung says shrugging his shoulders.

“What the fuuuuucccckkk…”


You lay in bed, not having a clue on what to do.

“What the fuck… Great day to cancel class,” you sigh. You’ve been home alone for over three hours now. Taehyung and Hoseok were on a field trip for class again, Jungkook was out playing basketball, Yoongi was studying at the library with Namjoon and Jin was in class.

“Why do you have to be such a bitch Jaeni, we could be hanging out right now….”

You hear the front door opened and you dashed out the room.

“Jin Oppa!” You cheered happily, there was finally someone to accompany your boredom.

“Were you home the whole time?” He asks.

You nod in reply.

“Are you hungry?” He asks and pours himself a glass of water.

“Hmm… Are you?” You ask back, “I am if you are.”

“Okay, let’s go eat then,” he says and rinses his cup and returns it to the rack.


You wait for Jin to send a quick text to someone before he drives off. Usually he would ask you to eat but he hasn’t yet, but it didn’t matter since you didn’t really care. You both carry a silly conversation.

Stopping at a red light, his phone beeps and he reads the text message.

“Oppa… you know you aren’t supposed to text and drive right?” you ask from the passenger seat.

“I know, but it’s a red light. Plus this is important,” He replies cheekily.

“It better be, you always lecture me for texting and driving,” you joke.

“Oh believe me, it is,” Jin reassures you with a smile.

After quickly replying, he drops his phone back down and looks around the roads.

“Hmm… this way…” he mumbles to himself and quickly changes lane when the light flashed green.


Jin turns into a little cafe that you generally liked, it was Jaeni’s favorite place to eat for any normal occasion. Speaking of Jaeni, you remembered she was off on a “date” with Jimin. ‘I wonder how they’re doing,’ you couldn’t help but wonder. You looked at your clock, 3:27, just about the time Jaeni and you would have lunch, after class.

“You’ve been here right ______?” Jin asks when you both get out the car.

“Yeah, it’s Jaeni’s favorite place to eat,” you answered.

“Great, that’s means we’re at the right place,” Jin says.

You look at him in confusion but don’t ask him what he meant, you probably find out anyways since it’s “here.”

Jin holds the door opened for both of you. “Hmm…” he says, looking around. “Ahh! There they are!” he says excitedly when he spots what he was looking for. “Who’s the-” “Come on, let’s go ______,” Jin cuts you off and pulls you in the direction he was looking.

“Oppa, what is-” you were caught in your statement when you looked to see Jimin and Jaeni sitting across for each other at the other end of the cafe. Jaeni looks overly excited while Jimin fakes a smile.

Jin pretends to sit at a table close to Jimin’s then “notices him” as the both of you were sitting down. You had no clue why but you just went with the flow.

“Oh, Jimin! Jaeni! I didn’t see you guys there!” Jin exclaims, Jaeni and Jimin, who is smiling broadly now, looks over to you and Jin at the same time.

“Oah! Hyung! Are you and ______ here for lunch?” Jimin asks, his face full of amusement.

“Yeah, ______ was bored at home and I got hungry so I wanted to come here. It’s been awhile,” Jin replies, “Mind if we join?”

Jimin’s face brightens even more, “The more the merrier!” he exclaims and gestures you and Jin to sit down. Jaeni’s facial expression clearly states her disappointment.

“Hey guys,” you greeted awkwardly late, since only Jimin and Jin were talking. You pull out the chair next to Jaeni and Jin does the same with the one next to Jimin.

“You don’t have class ______?” Jaeni asks, obviously a bit irriated that her plans were ruined. You shook your head, “I have morning class today but they were cancelled because the professor was sick.” Jaeni shrugs, “Wow, I actually thought I could have Jimin to myself today, guess I shouldn’t hold such high hopes.”

Jimin laughs awkwardly, “Yah… Jaeni, what are you talking about,” you could almost see a slight blush on his cheeks. “I’m serious!” Jaeni clarifies. You start shivering and rubbing your arms.

“_______, are you cold?” Jin asks, immediately noticing your chills. He looks up and sees the air conditioning above you, “Hey switch spots with me, there’s no air vent up over here.” Without waiting for you to agree, he gets up and help you move over next to Jimin. “Thanks Jin,” you say quietly. You were one of those people who loved the cold and could wear shorts around the house in the winter but when it came to public places, just the slightest coldness made you shiver.

You notice Jaeni’s eyes on you, you could feel them. “What??” you ask her, laughing a little. “Oh nothing, just I’m kind of upset I didn’t take that seat first.” You smile awkwardly, “Oh… okay.” You would offer your new seat to her but you were selfish now and plus her reason wasn’t even legit enough.


The food finally came out and all for of you were just enjoying yourselves amongst your verbal exchanges. You tried to have little exchange with your best friend, in fact, you didn’t really feel like talking at all in this weird situation. Jaeni was obvious moe flirty when she spoke to Jimin than she was to you and Jin. It kind of pissed you off how she used such a middle school/ high school method to flirt.

“Goddang, it is cold in here,” Jimin points out.

“It really is,” Jin agrees. Both Jin and Jimin look over to you and notices you hugging your arms close to yourself. “You must be extremely cold _____, I would offer my jacket, but I don’t have one,” Jin says.

“Here, you can wear mine,” Jimin takes off his coat and puts it over you. 

“Hmm, thanks,” you try hard and force yourself not to blush. Shit, he was really making you fall for him.

“Yah! Why is everyone paying attention to _____?! You all live in the same house! You should pay attention to the guest here!” Jaeni complains.

“Oh sorry Jaeni, are you cold too?” Jimin asks to be polite, “_______, is just really sensitive to the air conditioning so…”

“Hmm… it’s alright, just make it up by giving me a ravioli from your plate,” Jaeni says.

“I could order you a whole nother plate of ravioli if you want!” Jimin answers. You didn’t know if he was purposely pushing her away or was really completely oblivious of her  hints.

“Yah! Oppa! Why are you being like this?!” Jaeni shouts, which was completely unnecessary.

“What do you mean?” Jimin asks.

“When a girl says she wants to eat something off your plate, you just give it to her!” Jaeni explains to him.

“Oh, so do you want only one ravioli then?” Jimin offers.

“Not anymore! You killed the vibe!” Jaeni cries.

Jin laughs, completely understanding why Jimin had text him to join lunch with him.


After lunch, all of you head out of the cafe, your arms wrapped around Jin’s while Jimin walked extremely close to you. (You always wrapped your arms around Jin’s, it was normal for you and your friends to do that. You’ve done it with all your Bangtan Boys except for Jimin.)

“Hey can you take Jaeni home hyung?” Jimin asks. “Yeah, sure, why though?” Jin asks. “I want to take _______ out somewhere,” Jimin says, you were taken by surprise. “Yah! What! You’re going with ______?!” she asks Jimin, shockingly. “Yeah…” Jimin replies. “What?! You didn’t tell me _____!” Jaeni exclaims, turning to you. “I- I didn’t even know…” you stutter, still in confusion.

“Alright Jaeni… If it’s okay with you, I’ll take you home, I parked over there,” Jin says pointing to the left of the parking lot.

Jimin pulls you over to the to the right, “Let’s go _______!”


Chapter 7 tomorrow? If I’m not to lazy.

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imamitalejosworld  asked:

How is the relationship of Rosi and twins with the baby Jiro?

Mikey: Well she’s pretty much back to normal with the twins, has the same relationship she’s always had with them. And as for Jiro

She’s warmed up to him from what we can see, she’s starting to interact more with him since she’s going to have a little sister soon.

Rosie: *notices he won’t fight back from her poking*

Pre- Christmas 2019

A sequel to Thanksgiving 2019

There was a loud thunder, followed by a bright lightning that stroke the californian sky. Taylor startles all of the sudden, grabs the laptop on her lap and places it on the coffee table in front of her again. She was so lost in answering her emails that she didn’t even notice the weather changing, until now. Still in her comfy clothes, she places both feet on the floor and slowly gets up. A hand lands, as usual, on top of her grey sweater right over her bump while she slowly trots towards the big window- front. She stands there, looks outside their huge backyard. The rain is pouring down into her and Adam’s pool. It looks kind of sad, how all palms are moving vastly with the wind underneath them. It’s simply a sad atmosphere surrounding their heavenly property. Just as if paradise would be destroyed soon.

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Kira, the INFJ

Kira, the INFJ

This has been a topic that has been floating around in my mind for a while now, and I’ve finally decided to write about it and share it with my fellow seestras. As an INFJ, I am able to sniff out my fellow INFJ’s (whether they are real or fictional) like a bloodhound. By the end of the first season, I knew Kira was different and special for a variety of reasons, but something about her personality really hit home with me. While she is only 8 years old, she is an old soul, wise beyond her years. Apart from the fact that she’s physically pint-sized, she resembles an adult more than she does a child (something I strongly identified with throughout my entire childhood). So I thought I would spend this post breaking down Kira’s personality and why she is most definitely an INFJ.


INFJ stands for “introverted, iNtuitive, feeling, and judging” and is the most rare of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types. INFJ’s are found only in about 1-2% of the total population and are generally not very well understood. Kira is already developing as a classic, textbook INFJ at age 8, and for me, she is one of the most interesting characters on the show.

Kira is an introvert (I) rather than an extrovert (E). This is shown by her generally quiet demeanor and ability to say the most profound, albeit surprising things when she finally does open her mouth to speak. She reminds me a little bit of Effy Stonem from Skins in that regard (another classic, textbook INFJ).

An example of this is from the most recent episode, “Mingling Its Own Nature With It” where Kira immediately processes and understands that Sarah, herself, and Uncle Felix are on the run from someone evil, and thus cannot be tracked in any way, shape, or form:

Kira: “When are we gonna get breakfast?”

Sarah: “We’ll get you something now, yeah?”

Felix: “Well I’d have happily taken us to that last greasy spoon, but mummy threw my Visa card out the window.”

Kira: “Because they might track us.”

*followed by shocked and slightly horrified looks of surprise on both Sarah and Felix’s faces*

As defined by

 “As an INFJ, your primary mode of living is focused internally, where you take things in primarily via intuition”

Kira tends to make grand, surprising statements that come out of nowhere. She doesn’t need to talk things out with Sarah, Felix, or Mrs. S in order to understand things and how they work. She understands how and why things are intuitively, and comes to these conclusions internally, making her a classic introvert.


The next facet of the INFJ, which is perhaps the most important and defining characteristic of an INFJ, is the “N” standing for “iNtuition”. Individuals, who are of the “N” variety rather than of the “S” variety, tend to take things in primarily via their intuition rather than literally through their senses. Again, as defined by

“(Sensors) take things in via your five senses in a literal, concrete fashion”

….while those who are intuitive like INFJ’s, take things in primarily via their intuition, rather than coming to concrete, logical conclusions like sensors do. 

Again as defined by

 INFJs operate within themselves on an intuitive basis, which is entirely spontaneous. They know things intuitively, without being able to pinpoint why, and without detailed knowledge of the subject at hand. They are usually right, and they usually know it.”

(Sorry, I couldn’t make these come out in their original, gorgeous GIF form! Anyway, credit for these lovely images goes completely to felicities-smoaks. You can find the original posting HERE)

As seen above, without any prior knowledge or information about her father from Sarah, Kira immediately comes to the conclusion that Cal is her father. From what we have seen thus far, Sarah has always kept Cal’s identity a complete mystery to Kira, Mrs. S, and even to her most trusted of confidantes, Felix. Despite having ZERO knowledge of the subject (i.e. her father) beforehand, Kira intuitively knows upon first sight that Cal is her dad. This is seemingly shocking and strange to everyone involved, as seen by Felix’s surprised expression and Cal’s skeptical one at Kira’s words. Cal even goes on to question the legitimacy of Kira’s words to Sarah, attributing them instead to a part of one of Sarah’s usual scams, because really, how the hell could Kira know that just by looking at Cal??? It is much more likely to him and any third party watching, that this is yet another one of Sarah’s grand schemes, rather than a mystically told truth by 8-year-old Kira.

(Complete credit for these hilarious GIFs goes to thornsandwolves.The original posting can be found HERE)

Again, as seen above, Kira is distrustful of her faux mother, played by Auntie Alison. Though Alison seems to fool Mrs. S, Kira is immediately skeptical that the woman standing before her is really her mother.

The fact that Alison looks exactly like Sarah Manning, coupled with the fact that Kira knows absolutely nothing about the clones or her mother’s lineage, makes it absolutely amazing and downright creepy that Kira is able to immediately pinpoint this woman as an imposter. Despite the fact that the overwhelming evidence in front of her says the contrary (Alison is identical in looks to Sarah, talks like Sarah, acts like Sarah, dresses like Sarah, and Uncle Felix presents Alison to Kira as Sarah), Kira knows, via her intuition that this woman is a forgery of her mother. She knows she is right, despite the fact that all of the physical, logical, and concrete facts says that she is not.

She is a classic INFJ, “They know things intuitively, without being able to pinpoint why…..They are usually right, and they usually know it.”

Even when Alison continuously reassures Kira that she is Sarah, Kira does not take the bait. She knows she is right, and demonstrates this by replying to Alison by crossing her arms and skeptically eyeing her, while continuing to question her legitimacy. 

(Again, could only get an image format. But the GIF credit goes to the lovely cniehauses. The original posting can be found HERE)

After almost a year apart, when Kira finally does come into contact with Sarah, she immediately knows that she is her real mother. Despite the fact that she was unsuccessfully duped in her last encounter, Kira is not skeptical of the fact that the woman standing in front of her really is Sarah Manning. She immediately knows that it is Sarah, even though she’s dressed in a way that is very much the opposite of how Sarah Manning usually dresses. This is astonishing, because Kira dismisses Alison, even though she is in Sarah’s common “punk rock ho” get-up, while immediately embracing the oddly fancy-dressed Sarah. Sarah comments on Kira’s observant abilities by saying “You don’t miss a thing, do you?” No Sarah, Kira most definitely does not.

“INFJs have uncanny insight into people and situations. They get “feelings” about things and intuitively understand them. As an extreme example, some INFJs report experiences of a psychic nature, such as getting strong feelings about there being a problem with a loved one, and discovering later that they were in a car accident. This is the sort of thing that other types may scorn and scoff at, and the INFJ themself does not really understand their intuition at a level which can be verbalized.”


Kira demonstrates the above INFJ quality perfectly in season 1 episode 10, “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”. In the beginning of the episode, Kira comes downstairs to talk to Mrs S. Seemingly upset, Mrs. S asks Kira what is the matter. She replies in the most foreboding, ominous way,

Kira: “I think something bad is going to happen again.”

 Within the next 2 minutes, the police raid Mrs. S’s house, point a gun at Sarah and announce that she is under arrest; all the while Kira is slightly watching on the staircase. Without any knowledge beforehand, without any insight whatsoever, Kira had a strong, almost psychic feeling that something bad was going to happen. There was no concrete reason for Kira to feel like this, especially since she survived her accident and knew that Helena did not mean to hurt her. Thus, it is incredibly perplexing, and slightly creepy, how well she is able to predict awful things before they happen.

In addition, there are three of other things I have noticed that add to Kira's mysterious intuitive nature. 


After interacting with Kira and unsuccessfully duping her, Alison tells Sarah,

“Well she’s a special little girl. I can tell, you’re very lucky.”

After only one brief interaction, Alison can tell that Kira is a special, unique girl. The combination of Kira’s ability to see through Alison’s disguise, as well as her promise to keep Alison’s secret in front of Mrs. S by hugging her and saying “By mommy”, shows how intuitive and intelligent Kira is. She knows just the right way to act and the right things to say to keep her mother’s and Aunt’s secret. Most 8-year-olds would not be so calm and “cool” under such a strange circumstance. 


In addition, even the promo posters for season 2 show Kira in a different light than the other characters. Save for Kira, all of the other characters are either looking directly at the camera (Sarah, Alison, Felix), at one another (Delphine to Cosima, Rachel to Sarah etc), or at an object (Cosima towards the scientific article in Delphine’s hand, Art towards his police badge). Kira is the only one who happens to not be looking at the camera, an object, or another person. It appears she is looking past everything in the photo to something that we, the viewer, as well as the other characters, do not have the privilege or possibly even the ability to see. Again, this points towards the notion that Kira is special and different, and is able to see “pass the veil” and uncover the truth, as Toto does in the wizard of Oz. This ability to see things coming down the road, where others are merely concerned with the present, is a hallmark of the INFJ.


In the latest episode, Sarah remarks to Cal that she believes Kira got her intuition from him. It is extremely telling that Sarah has picked up on this unusual trait that, at 8-years-old, her daughter already possesses. 


Now we come to “F”, our third letter in the INFJ acronym, which stands for feeling.

“Thinkers deal with things rationally and logically.”

 While Feelers, like Kira and fellow INFJ’s, “….deal with things according to how you feel about them, or how they fit in with your personal value system.”


An example of Kira’s strong “feeling” ability is demonstrated many times throughout the show. Most recently, in the last episode, Kira states to Sarah that while Mrs. S seems a bit shady, she knows Mrs. S wants to help them,

Kira: “She protected us though, didn’t she? Even though she was lying?”

While thinkers may immediately dismiss Mrs. S as untrustworthy and shady (a point with which I don’t blame them for), feelers use their external knowledge of people and their motives to see the complex layers that others may miss. While Kira admits that Mrs. S was lying and shady, she still recognizes and understands that at the end of the day, Mrs. S just wants to protect Sarah and Kira.

Another example of Kira’s strong “feeling” side is shown during her interaction with Helena.

(GIF credit goes to orphanblack and inspiration for the GIFs goes to alderaantimesalderaanplaces. You can find both original postings HERE and HERE)

 “But the INFJ is as genuinely warm as they are complex. INFJs hold a special place in the heart of people who they are close to, who are able to see their special gifts and depth of caring. INFJs are concerned for people’s feelings, and try to be gentle to avoid hurting anyone.”


Most regard Helena with a mixture of horror and confusion. Why is this crazy Shakira-haired “angry angel” going around, killing her fellow clothes, looking as though she just escaped from a mental institution? Helena’s behavior mystifies her fellow clones, but Kira is able to look past the crazy, rough exterior, and sees that Helena is really just a young girl in need of help and lots of love. She touches Helena’s face upon meeting her, asking her quite plainly, why she is the way she is. Unlike most others, Kira does not immediately judge Helena as crazy and terrifying, but seeks to understand who she truly is. She wants to know why Helena is hurting, and what she can do to help. She shows genuine affection and warmth towards her, something that Helena has never experienced. 

(GIF credit goes to sarfatiandberry and the original posting can be found HERE)

Even when Sarah tells Kira that Helena is sick in the head, and that she wants to harm them, Kira rejects this. She sees Helena for who she truly is and can understand that Helena is just a broken soul, and is not a “real monster.” She goes on to tell Sarah that Helena just needs some help. Where others see Helena as something irrevocably broken, Kira sees the kind, sweet, person beneath the scary exterior. Kira not only sees the “real” Helena, but also comes to the decision that Helena is a person worth loving and fighting for.


 And now we come to the last letter in the acronym, “J” which stands for judging.

In contrast to “J’s”, “P’s” known as perceivers,

“A Perceiving (P) style takes the outside world AS IT COMES and is adopting and adapting, flexible, open-ended and receptive to new opportunities and changing game plans.”

…..while “J’s” like Kira,

“A Judging (J) style approaches the outside world WITH A PLAN and is oriented towards organizing one’s surroundings, being prepared, making decisions and reaching closure and completion.”


For example, Kira understands the implication that Mrs. S may be shady due to the fact that she caught her rummaging through Amelia’s things in “Endless Forms Most Beautiful.” A perceiver would take that information, and would often bring it to the attention of another right away. But like the classic “J” that she is, Kira files this information into the back of her mind, and brings it up at the most perfect time- when Sarah is questioning Siobhan’s motives in “Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion”. She takes the information she has learned, files it away for later in order to plan to bring it to light at the exact appropriate time.

Thus, this includes my “Kira, the INFJ” post. Hopefully you guys will enjoy this as much as I did writing it! 

Also, this is a post from my personal blog, my OB blog, which I will re-blog this on is:

To khunfany shippers and whoever is saying this around

Sorry to break it for you, but locksmiths aren’t the only people who don’t like your Thai Prince.

If our only reason to dislike him was that he is “dating” Tiffany, don’t you think we would hate, as you say, Baekhyun too, since he is dating Taeyeon?

What makes people dislike this gentleman Nichkhun are his ACTIONS.

I personally dislike him since his drunk driving incident. I don’t like drinking and I think that any reckless asshole that decides to drive under the effects of alcohol should be in jail for the rest of his/her life, since they put innocent people in danger. But, well, these are my personal beliefs.

I dislike him even more since his scandal with Fany and hope they are not real or else I’d pity this girl, because this “relationship” is obviously a PR move for him. I’ve always known this little man was hungry for the spotlight. Have you ever noticed how he always finds a way to mention this “relationship” everytime he can? How he tried to interact with her during their comeback? He even keeps mentioning her on SNS. It’s pathetic and just SO obvious that what he wants is attention. And no, this is NOT flattering the relationship or love. Have you ever seen Lee Seungi mentioning Yoona like this? Or Kyungho talking about Sooyoung like this? No. Because they know SNSD are idols, they have to be very discreet about their love life. So yeah, it’s pretty obvious how he is using SNSD’s Tiffany to promote himself. And I don’t like this. And the last thing I got to know was that he was being immature fighting fans on SNS and encouraging fanwars. For gods sake. I don’t even have the words. And people still question why can’t everyone love this perfect angel.

So do you realize now that i have my own reasons to dislike Nichkhun? It’s not simply because he is breathing.