notice how i have no pictures

i love how the first few pictures are of victor lingering in the back??? like he noticed yuuri having fun being wild at this prissy party and was like ?? shit shit SHIT HA i really wanna dance with this boy! and he got out there and tried to get yuuri to notice him and yuuri was receptive to him and swept him off his feet and they hAD FUN!!

i cant believe viktor fell for yuuri because yuuri was fun and beautiful and brought light and realness into his life? and yuuri fell for viktor because viktor made him comfortable and confident??? #healthiestpurestcouple2k16 #healthiestpurestcoupleofalltime

I was just watching star trek the motion picture for the first time ever (I liked it! it was slow but interesting! totally saw the ~~twist~~ coming from lightyears away but that was alright!), and you know how there’s this scene where they have the different enterprise evolutions drawings in the background: 

And I noticed this one in particular: 

This is the USS-Enterprise XCV-330, for those of you interested. 

So I thought “huh, that looks familiar, actually”. And it is, because quite recently NASA unveiled concept art for their first ever warp-capable ship (once they figure out how to do warp safely), and it looks like this: 

It’s called the IXS Enterprise. 

NASA once again confirmed for being giant nerds. 

i want someone to know me. not like “oh yea i know her” but actually genuinely knowing everything about me. i want someone to think of me and instantly know that i hate peas. i want someone to know the way i usually hold my pinky up when drinking (only) cold things. i want someone to randomly hug me even when it seems like im holding myself up, just because they know im not really okay. i want someone to know how i twirl my hair constantly and how i have to wait for my food to cool down before eating it. i want someone to know when im walking toward them just by the sound of my footsteps. i want someone to notice the way i push my glasses up and i want someone to automatically ask me “you gonna take a picture?” before i even reach for my phone when we see mixed colors in the sky or things i feel the need to take pictures of just because they know the types of things i photograph. i want someone to know that my favorite cereal is frosted flakes and when i go on car rides i always forget to put shoes on because i love to walk around barefoot so much, its become a bad habit. i want someone to know that my absolute favorite animal is elephants and i want someone to look at my handwriting and know instantly that its mine. i want someone to know and understand the way that i am because sometimes i have no idea why im this way myself. i want someone to want to know what goes on in my mind. i wanna be so close with someone that they know every goddamn fact there is to know about me.

Super Money Sachet 

I had a really cool experience with this sachet! Until now, this sachet has been charging in a black drawstring bag with money, corresponding tarot cards, and an enchanted devil’s shoestring (so charging for about 3~4 days). Today, when I decided to use my tarot cards and check on the sachet, immediately after opening the black bag & smelling the sachet, I noticed a gold coin on my floor (the one pictured)… I have never owned  a $1 James Monroe coin before and I had just vacuumed so I have no idea how it got there! Immediately, I knew I had to share!!! I was going to wait until I had used it in my new serving job, but this was way to cool! It smells amazing and has lots of strong energy~!

  • Chamomile : Money
  • Patchouly : Money
  • Basil : Wealth
  • Elder : Prosperity 
  • Lemon Balm : Success
  • Bay Leaf : To write your sigil

Enchant all of your herbs as necessary. On a bay leaf, create a sigil or write out intention. I personally created a sigil based off the intention. “I will make good money.” Burn the bay leaf and then add to enchanted herbs. Place into sachet and DONE! 

To make this sachet more effective… 

  • Bind with green ribbon/lace
  • Burn a green candle while creating this Sachet 
  • Charge appropriately

How I charged my sachet…

I think how I charged this sachet largely influences its energy! I placed my sachet in a black drawstring bag (you could also wrap in cloth or put in larger jar) with the following items: 

  • Money (I just put $2) 
  • King of Pentacles
  • Ace of Pentacles
  • VII of Pentacles 
  • Page of Pentacles
  • X of Pentacles 
  • IX of Pentacles 
  • Enchanted Devil’s Shoestring 

The longer you charge your sachet, the more effective it will be! I hope everyone has positive results!

When I was collecting screenshots I happened to glance to the background of this shot of Yuuri choosing his eros costume and look what’s between them 

look at the framed picture. 

I was like, wow, that looks fucking familiar now doesn’t it, victor???

and now I have this headcanon that Victor found the posters pretty early on and he started slowing putting them in frames around his own room to see how far it could go before Yuuri noticed 

or, you know, it could be that the onsen is littered with posters of Victor and from Yuuri’s fanboying and Victor decided not to take it down

either works 

Happy birthday, nerds.


tonsils are a vestigial organ meant for preventing disease from entering the body, and we never noticed how sick we made each other in the winter; our pillows covered in germs that meant really well, and for a week my throat is covered in scabs i have to learn how to swallow. For a week, I throw up all of the painkillers; I send pictures to my friends of all the progress. Sometimes, the body wants you to feel everything and then show it off.

but maybe i’ve been thinking of the wrong organ. maybe love is a vestigial organ, something we should have grown out of a long time ago, something we all have anyway. something that makes us gasp for air in the middle of the night, something that always hurts us on the way out.

cannot stop watching this.


one thing I noticed about civil war was this cut where they were all suddenly dressed in their suits so i can only assume

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“Imagine confessing to liking Mark.”

It turned slowly, almost taunting you and everyone else in the circle. As it began to stop, you noticed how it was coming closer and closer to you…

“Y/N!” Jack cried out, “You’ve been chosen! Truth, or dare?”

Sighing, you mulled it over for a moment, before choosing Truth. After all, what was the worst that could happen?

“Okay, I got this one.” Mark reassured them (Jack and Wade), “Who, do you like?”

“Do I have to?”

“Yep, no backing down from this, Y/N/N.”

You paused again, taking a deep breath and…

“IlikeMarkandIdon’tknowifyoulikemesoInevermentionedit, okay?” Somehow, everyone seemed to catch and you carefully watched as Mark processed the information.

“You like me?”

YOI Week: Day Seven

Match Made By Phichit

Pairings: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov, Ji Guang-Hong/Leo de la Iglesia, Michele Crispino/Emil Nekola, Mila Babicheva/Sara Crispino, Yuri Plisetsky/Otabek Altin, Phichit Chulanont/Seung-gil Lee

Rating: T

Word Count: 4,116

Summary: Five times Phichit plays matchmaker for his friends and the one time they play matchmaker for him.

*Option A. I was actually just going for doing whatever I wanted on this day, but it ended up being an AU. Great how that turned out! This has been a fun seven days. I had a blast exploring so many different characters (anyone notice I focused on a different person(s) each day?) and worlds. I hope you all enjoyed them and that you enjoy this one!

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possessive pharaoh  : ahkmenrah x reader

It was a chill night at the museum and everyone was doing there own thing. A soccer match was taking place, Larry and Nick were playing fetch with Rexy and you decided to show Jed and Octavius the ins and outs of facebook with your profile as an example.

“So if you click here on photos you can ‘creep’ through pictures people have taken over the years.”

“this term creep, does not signify that I myself am a creep does it?” Octavius asked whole heartily.

You couldn’t help but giggle with how concerned he was. “No oct, doesn’t mean you are an actual creep.”

You decided to show them some pictures of your profile since they asked. A picture of you in a bikini popped up.

“woah woah woah, that’s you!” Jed said surprised.

You blushed a little nodding.

“wooo wee Ahky, you’ve got yourself one mighty fine babe!” Jed called as you noticed Ahkmenrah walking towards you three to stand behind the computer.

“tell me something I don’t know.” He smirked coming up behind you to plant a kiss on your cheek. You giggled turning away from him but immediately turned back to look into his soft eyes.

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so i was thinking (as i sometimes like to do) about the way humour has evolved over the past few years, and how radically different our generation’s humour is to pretty much anything that’s gone before it. so i decided to make a list of trends that i’ve noticed, because i have too much free time, and here it is

  1. The Rise Of The Shitpost. in the past few years, there’s been a huge uptick in “nonsensical” humour - and it’s not the same as the “lol random!!!1! xD tacos” style of humour that populated the internet around the early 2000s. it’s almost dadaist in its utter refusal to make sense. show a baby boomer a blurred picture of a bird in sunglasses on fire with the caption “KISAAAMA” and watch them stare at you blankly. go on. do it. and yet that exact post has over 100k notes on tumblr and has been reposted multiple times on facebook, twitter and instagram. go figure. 
  2. Distortion Of Language. just look at the “doggo” meme (”father pls stop yuo are doing me a frighten”), the “good shit” emoji meme, the mixing up of words in common phrases (”never gift a horse in the mouth”), those posts that use ridiculously complex and ill-fitting words to say mundane things (i.e. that one about coffee that’s like “BEAN ROYALTY! i must have looked like such a rube. such a fool”). it kind of ties into the “nonsensical” thing, except in this case the humour comes about specifically from turning something comprehensible into something incomprehensible.
  3. Fatalistic Humour. y’all know this one. pics of bleach bottles with a straw sticking out the top. jokes about throwing yourself in a ditch and slowly sinking into the mud, or paying somebody to murder you. casual references to therapy, suicide, self-destruction and coping mechanisms. that kinda thing.
  4. “Pure” Humour. this is kind of the opposite of the previous one, weirdly enough. in the past couple of years, there’s been a rise in humour that’s just genuinely sweet and nice. people like bob’s burgers because it’s harmless and cute and centres around a family where everyone genuinely cares about each other and gets along. people like lazytown and steven universe for similar reasons. there are hundreds of facebook pages dedicated to memes about supporting/loving your significant other, or pictures of cute animals cuddling up together
  5. Backlash Against Self-Conscious Humour. on the whole, people no longer like jokes that are obviously jokes. if a joke comes in like “hey! look at me! i’m a joke! aren’t i hilarious?”, people aren’t going to like it. that’s why sitcoms with canned laughter are going out of style, and why movies that make fun of themselves are more popular than movies that try, unironically, to be funny. that’s also why the “lol random” humour died a slow death. at its core, it’s the same as shitposting, but the difference is that shitposting just exists, whereas “random” humour is a deliberate attempt not only to be funny, but to make the op seem unique and special in their “randomness”. there’s a great post about it here

this being said, here are my theories for why this might be:

  1. fatalistic humour most likely stems from the fact that our generation is so fucked (economically, politically, socially, and any other kind of -ally you care to imagine) that we turn to black humour to make ourselves feel better. our current situation has also led to a documented rise in mental illness, which - coupled with growing social awareness of said mental illness - makes jokes like “heres a fun life hack: pay attention to me so i dont feel empty inside” relatable to pretty much everyone
  2. this might also explain the rise of absurdist memes - basically, nothing makes sense any more, and so nor do we. it might also be a form of backlash against the stereotypical view baby boomers have of millennials. developing a style of humour that is incomprehensible to anyone who isn’t a part of the online community functions almost as a way of shutting out people from older generations. of saying, “you think you understand us? you think we’re just empty-headed egomaniacs who like smartphones and emojis? well you’re WRONG”
  3. this is also why people laugh at “moms on facebook” - because they’re in the right place, but not using the correct lingo. essentially, young people on the internet have developed their own language and way of communication that is nigh-impossible to imitate if you’re not part of the online community yourself
  4. and i think that’s actually kinda awesome

idk why I needed to even make a post for this but here is a small and cute feature that I noticed some while ago and it’s super cute to me ok

Jun has cute:
Small moles c:

Ok but don’t hit that exit button yet
Hear me out

If you couldn’t find any more features to find cute about Jun hERE YOU GO

ok so y'all probably don’t see it because of white-washing or something but like lOOK AT IT



in some pictures they are hella obvious but in others you have to zoom in super close and put a magnifying glass because the foundation covers it up sometimes

But in the pictures where you can’t see them, such as the one where he is doing a peace sign (which has a heart sign hidden inside the palm oHO) the moles are just burrowing in their holes lmao

Get it

No ok

Ok I had to stop myself before I went too far whoops

But take a moment to look at this beautiful man 

Please don’t sleep on him

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Of course Jun is way more than his looks, also, never forget that, his soft and sweet voice too, his abilitY TO DO ANYTHING LIKE WHAT-, his confidence, etc. etc.

I just noticed now how Lauren’s crotch is covered with blinding light as if it was blessed by Allysus herself, and holier than the second coming of Christ.

This picture is Lauren saying in her raspy voice, “I bless you my dear jauregays and chickens, drink from my sacred chalice, and I promise you will never be thirsty. Feel the throbbing in your hearts as I grace you with my presence. Smell the fragrant scent of divinity, and taste the holy essence of your faith in me. There’s more to come. Have faith in my sacred 😸.

I honestly feel like David is one of the best actors in the show. He makes Raphael. If you read the books, I wouldn’t have every really imagined Raphael this way. David goes above and beyond. He does a certain walk as Raphael, he even has a voice that he does. If you notice he has weird movements he does. He doesn’t just play the character with his voice or his face. He uses his whole body. And tbh, it’s impressive af. I felt like all the characters, beside Jace and Raphael, are exactly how I pictured them in the books. Which is fine but I am surprised and happy with the way Raphael and Jace turned out. And even though I’d like to see Raphael every episode, I get that by putting him in only half the episodes makes fans look forward to seeing him. I think Raphael is so fun because you can’t always tell how he fits into the story. I think we can all imagine how all the other characters will act and where there stories will go. I can predict exactly what all the other characters will do but I can’t always predict what they will make Raphael do and that is why he is such an important character.

Lifting once doesn’t mean I’m too dumb to know how to conceal without getting caught, it means I’m smart enough to know my limitations and avoid getting fucked because I got cocky thinking that grand theft larceny was nbd because some talented lifter on Tumblr made it seem that way.

I’m Black. I have no car. I live in a small town. I have very noticible features. I’m over the age of 18. Five. Fucking. Strikes. If a video clip of me lifting were to show up on the local 10'oclock news, everyone in a 200 mile radius would know who I was and I’d be sitting in jail right now getting fucked with a broom handle.

I’m going to take the advice of lifters who have been lifting for years, the ones who haven’t been caught. Its really weird how people are simutaniously criticizing me because I don’t have pictures of risky $2,000 hauls with descriptions of how an SA ran out after me screaming and snapping pictures with a $3,000 Canon while re-blogging posts about how lifting isn’t a competition.

So yeah, as much as I’d love to say fuck a wig, fuck a car, fuck common sense and hop the bus to steal $1,538.57 worth of foundation and primer from an Ulta 50 miles away I know that my ass would be grass.

So yeah. I still plan on lifting. But getting caught is not an option, and I know that I’m too inexperienced to pull off any significant haul without getting caught and looking like a fool.

I didn’t join this community to impress anyone or tear anyone down, I joined because I’m a cheap anti-Capitalist bitch and ya’ll seemed like cool people, and that maybe if enough of us bounced ideas off of each other we could seriously fuck over rich white white men.

I don’t know. Just too many conflicting messages I guess.


books read in 2015:   I ‘ L L   G I V E   Y O U   T H E   S U N   by Jandy Nelson

She scoots over so we’re shoulder to shoulder. This is us. Our pose. The smush. It’s even how we are in the ultrasound photo they took of us inside Mom and how I had us in the picture Fry ripped up yesterday. Unlike most everyone else on earth, from the very first cells of us, we were together, we came here together. This is why no one hardly notices that Jude does most of the talking for both of us, why we can only play piano with all four of our hands on the keyboard and not at all alone, why we can never do Rochambeau because not once in thirteen years have we chosen differently. It’s always: two rocks, two papers, two scissors. When I don’t draw us like this, I draw us as half-people.