notice how he never takes of the crown

I saw someone else do something similar to this, so I figured it’s cool if I jump on the train. Here’s a whole bunch of prompts I’ve had rolling around in my brain but just don’t have the time to complete myself. Feel free to snag one if it speaks to you, just tag me so I can enjoy it!

Jack and Bitty

  • Jack doing one of those “mean tweets” videos for the NHL. But all the “mean tweets” are from the members of SMH. Jack calls out every single one of them in response and becomes an overnight internet sensation.
  • Times Jack Zimmerman’s Boyfriend Owned the Internet: an article by Buzzfeed. (I tried starting this but got sidetracked and really did not get far at all. Bonus points for fake Twitter posts and everything.)

Nursey and Dex

  • Everything is the same, but Dex works as a model part-time to pay for school. Nursey can’t handle how hot his boyfriend is.
    • Bonus points for a photo shoot involving flower crowns.
  • (NSFW) These two morons totally have a bet going on what they can do to each other in public without their teammates noticing. Spoiler: their teammates notice everything.

Ransom and Holster

  • Med school student Ransom has a tumblr that he goes on to take breaks. He discovers Hockey Tumblr’s obsession with his boyfriend (NHL player) Holster’s relationship with one of his teammates and gets jealous.


  • Soulmate AU where everyone has a compass on their wrist that points to their soulmate. Their “True North.” Confused PolyFrogs because their compasses have never pointed in just one direction.


  • Kent and Alexei flirt over social media so obviously but no one actually realizes they’re flirting.
    • Bonus points for including all social media platforms. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.
  • Speaking on Snapchat…… Kent Parson has a public Snapchat and a private Snapchat. He accidentally outs himself by forgetting to switch over to the private one and posts a “missing the boyf” snap on the public one. (I might do this for Patater week…)
  • (NSFW): Someone tells Kent the best way to build core strength is to take pole dancing classes. RIP in pieces Alexei Mashkov.
the flower collector. [short drabble] Wooshin x OC

She couldn’t tell if it was the perfect plot of the book she was reading, or the cute boy who was sitting right across her with his nose in his novel. Her eyes would wander and somehow let her faze fall upon him, and he would never notice. 

Whether it would be trying to approach him and start a conversation or trying to catch his attention.. she just didn’t know how. In fact, she couldn’t. 

If it wasn’t for her shy personality or the fact that she literally couldn’t speak.

I wish it would be easier if I could just talk to you, rather than admiring you from afar.. 

She cleared her throat, her eyes immediately looking back at her book, nervousness starting to arise within her for getting caught for openly staring right at him. Her eyebrows were starting to knit together, her hands trembling making it difficult to hold the book in a tight grip. Her eyes squinted at the words, pursing her lips into a line and mentally telling herself to keep her eyes on the book and only the book.

Keep your eyes on the book, or else you’ll be dead. She felt herself somehow forget how to breathe, letting out a heavy exhale. Her eyes literally couldn’t contain themselves and started to wander around everywhere but him.

“Excuse me,” she froze, looking up to see the boy who was standing right in front of her. All she could see was his shoes standing in front of her, and as she slowly looked up, she felt the air being knocked out of her lungs just by the sight of the cute boy.

You look even more handsome close up.. She bit her lip to stop the blush that was starting to creep up on her cheeks. 

“Do you know when this book store closes?” He asked, and she felt her heartbeat pick up its pace. He gave her a weird look as she started to scramble through her bag to get a hold of a pen and a sticky note. 

Once she did, she started to make scribbles on the piece of paper, writing the closing times of the book store. Once she was done, she handed the sticky note pad to him for him to remember. 

But as she glanced back up, she felt her eyes slightly widened at the sight of a white lily tucked behind his ear. She nervously gulped, her eyes never leaving the lily that was beautifully and effortlessly hidden behind some strands of his hair. 

Snapping out of her trance, she noticed how he gave her a confused look. She felt herself getting embarrassed at the look he was giving her. If she had the actual ability to speak, then she would’ve answered him. 

He shrugged his shoulders, digging into his pocket to pull out a red pen. He started to scribble some words onto the same sticky note pad, then handing it back to her with a charming smile.

Thank you. She read, feeling her lips tug into a bright smile. She nodded her head in reply and he waved goodbye, walking out of the bookstore and holding his book underneath his arm.

Funny how she read that book and left that lily on the last page she had read, leaving it as a bookmark.

I guess I’m never going to finish that book. Won’t I?

The next few weeks consisted of sneaky glances at the cute boy, who was surprisingly reading almost every book that she had read and left a lily in. But unknowingly, he was also sneaking glances at her too. He was astonished to see lilies in every book that he bought and read from this book store, wondering who had left them. 

He collected and kept the lilies. He was the flower collector.

And she took note of that.

He wasn’t just going to the book store to read books anymore, it was more of a mission to find out who were leaving fresh lilies in books and also to admire the beautiful girl sitting across from him, reading away.

In a split second, he thought of an idea. He looked into his bag and took out a sticky note pad, along with his pen, and started to write something to ignite a conversation with the shy girl.

He slid the sticky note pad towards her direction and it perfectly hit her foot, catching her attention. She looked at the sticky note and as their eyes met, he flashed a toothy smile. Grabbing the sticky note, she also took out her pen.

You really don’t talk much, don’t you? She started to write a reply at the bottom of his scribbled question and slid it back towards him.

Take note of the fact that the book store manager was amused at how the two of them were having a cute conversation through paper and pen, none of them having the courage to speak to the other.

No, not really. I can’t. He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, and he scribbled something, sliding it back to her.

Why not? She smiled sadly, writing her reply and sending it back to him.

I’m mute. His eyes slightly widened, and he looked at her with a shocked look. She nodded her head as he wrote something.

I don’t mind. Let me be your voice, if you don’t mind. She felt her heart soften at his words and looked up at him, flashing him a reassuring smile and two thumbs up.

You never really told me your name.. Mr. Voice. He chuckled, and his laugh rang through her ears.

It’s Wooshin. She nodded her head, wondering how it would sound if she spoke his name out loud. She looked down and scribbled something, then sliding it back to him.

You seem to be a huge bookworm. He smiled, shrugging his shoulders. And she smiled back.

Is it that obvious? I’m pretty easy to read, but do you wanna know what I’m thinking about right now? She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion, writing a reply.

What? He grinned, hesitatingly writing down his thoughts.

You have a beautiful smile. You should smile more. It works wonders in making someone’s day. She felt her eyes slightly widened and she couldn’t help but smile even wider.

Shut up. She slid it back to him and he burst out into laughter, catching the book store manager’s attention. The two of them noticed and then stifled some laughs to hide the embarrassment.

And if things were bound to get better, she already felt herself getting more comfortable with Wooshin. He seemed to enjoy her presence just like how she enjoyed his. 

The two of them would end up going home late because the two of them would talk about their favourite genres, the books they’ve been recently reading, and more. But the more they spent time together, she was starting to fall in love with him and how he accepted her even though she couldn’t speak. 

It was rare to find people like him.

One day, he came to the book store and placed a flower crown on top of her head. She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion and took it off, noticing how it was a lily flower crown.

She smiled, it’s a flower crown made of all the lilies that I left and he found.

He plopped his butt down onto the carpet floor and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, taking the flower crown from her hands and placing it back on her head where it belonged. 

“You know, you never really told me your name.” He began, and she gave him a surprised look as he nodded his head. “I know, it’s pretty shocking, huh?”

She turned towards her bag and started to look for her sticky notes, only to stop and think of a better idea to tell him. She faced him, taking the flower crown off her head and giving it to him.

“You don’t like it?” He asked as she shook her head vigorously.

She pointed at the flowers, hoping that he would get what she was trying to get across. He looked at her confusedly and she smiled, ruffling his hair. “Is the flower crown too big?”

She shook her head again, sighing in defeat, taking the sticky notes and writing her question down. You wanted to know my name, right?

“Of course I do.” He replied and she pointed towards the lilies that created this beautiful flower crown. “Lilies?”

She nodded her head, a huge smile spreading across her lips. He gave her a funny look, only to gasp. “Oh! Your name is Lily? Right?”

She nodded her head in reply, and he chuckled. “Well, Lily means innocence and beauty.. and most importantly, hope.”

So? She spoke to him through her mind and he looked away from her, anywhere but her. He avoided her eye contact and he bit his lip.

“Well.. I was hoping that you’d go out on a date with me.” She looked at him with a dazed look, completely surprised that he would even say such a thing. 

She pointed towards her, giving him a questioning look. Me? 

He nodded his head, “yes, you. I really like you, Lily.”

She smiled, pecking his cheek and nodding her head in reply. Wooshin tilted his head to the side, surprised as well because he wouldn’t think she would reply with an agreement.

She took out her sticky note pad, writing something and he leaned in to read what she was writing. 

I like you too. And I’d love to go on endless dates with you.

A/N: I honestly.. don’t know. I was literally watching UP10TION videos and just.. Wooshin has captured my heart in a matter of two seconds. He is literally me, I can relate to his personality on ten different levels.. I am not even joking. 

This was just a short drabble mainly because it’s a Thursday night and I completely have no time to write a full length scenario, so I thought, ‘hmm.. might as well write a short drabble.’

But then again, whenever I would look back at this it seems more of a medium length drabble. Whatever LOL.

But this is the result of putting Admin Zxmin and a whole list of videos of UP10TION to watch. 

Anyway, hope you liked it~

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