notice how haru looks like he was itching to touch his face :')

Challenge: Watching
User: merinxd / merinxdboyslove
Rating: nsfw
Series: Domestic Nights
Staff Beta: Anilinsan 
Summary: Makoto and Haru are dating and learning as they go along. Sometimes the best way to do things is to simply watch. (Also a fill for marukaprompts) Title: Learning the Ropes

“Makoto.” Haru states as he places the controller on the floor. His tone is no nonsense and holds an air of expectancy. It puts the sleepy teen on edge and Makoto feels wakefulness returning to him. It’s a Friday night and swim practice was hard that day. It had been a hard week all around but it was also the best week of them all. Yes, it was a bit (a lot) embarrassing having his boyfriend catch him with his pants down and occupied. Nevertheless, the results proved fruitful and he wouldn’t mind touching Haru like that again. 

They used to kiss a little bit after holding hands for even longer. Then the kisses became stronger and more urgent, though sometimes the touch was languid and drawn out as they drew into deep strokes of tongue and mingled hot breath. 

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omg sakura-rose12 angel!au rinharu sex

Publishing my 30daysofrin submission on here now :D

I’m in love in sakura-rose12’s angel!AU, so I really hope this does it justice :) It helps the reading a lot if you’ve checked out the background info on the AU and other comics of hers :D I couldn’t make it another PWP out these boys’ tragedy in the angel!AU, so there’s a fair bit of emotion to dig through ^_^ it made me cry and i don’t usually but hey i’m just a lil nerd that loves these guys XD

rinharu under the cut, NSFW at the end. On AO3 as well

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