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My (low-res version) cover entry for @mchanzo‘s #mchanzine is finally here! I had a lot of fun with this one and can’t wait for the final product ^w^

One day I won’t post late at night, one day.

Logan would not describe himself as observant particularly when it came to his emotions, he would, however, describe himself as inventive especially when it came to coming up with reasons why he knew so very much about the fanciful side.

He only knew the exact pose that Roman would pull when he would enter the kitchen in the morning because he did almost every single day so of course he would know the exact angle he had his hands at. He only knew the way the prince would smile whenever he was seen, usually by Logan, doing said pose. He only knew that when Roman was sad half of his actions and gestures would be done without passion and the other half would be done with far more energy than normal in an attempt to appear normal because it was so obvious even if he had only just started noticing it. He only knew the exact smile Roman used when he was truly happy, something he had seen when Roman had first seen himself with purple hair, when Thomas was given the role he had worked so hard for, and when Logan had given him a Disney poster, he’d been unusually happy after that but wrote it off as simply wanting his fellow sides to be in a positive mental state so they could perform their jobs as well as they could.

Of course there was only so long the logical side could remain ignorant of his obvious attraction, or perhaps it was more of a case of there only being so long Virgil could tolerate watching Roman and Logan half flirting with each other all of the time and then dealing with Patton squealing about how in love they were.

Logan was surprised to see a murderous looking Virgil outside his door, Roman was on a quest, Logan hadn’t spoken to him since breakfast, and Patton and Virgil appeared to get on rather well so Logan was puzzled as to why Virgil was enraged, until he noticed that Virgil was…sparklier than normal, which only meant one thing, Patton had found the glitter again, Logan had thought that he’d hidden rather well but apparently not.

“You’re an idiot.”

Logan looked at Virgil confused, it hadn’t been him who’d stayed in the same room as a glitter-wielding Patton so he failed to see how between the two of them he was the idiot.

Virgil rolled his eyes, “Describe what you feel towards Roman.”

Logan was once again confused, what did his and Roman’s friendship have to do with anything, particularly anything to do with a glitter covered Virgil. However Virgil’s patience was visibly shortening, so Logan answered.

“I believe that he is overall a good person and that while he may be arrogant, he is well intentioned. He also gets rather passionate about things, which is rather admirable.” Logan thought back to when Roman had been talking about Disney movies with him, the Prince had an impressive amount of both knowledge and opinions on them. “He cares deeply for people, particularly his subjects and he would do an awful lot for them even if it would negatively impact him, and he sho-”

Logan’s mind seemed to be full of praise for Roman, which he the logical side found rather odd. Why could he think of so many positive things about him? It didn’t make any sense. Roman certainly did have many positive qualities but so did the other sides and he couldn’t list nearly as many for them. Was he ill? Was that what was causing the problem with his thoughts? Could he even get ill?

“Okay, so I understand realising you love Princey must be traumatic and all…”

Logan stopped listening. Was he in love with the Prince? He’d asked Patton what love was once when he was trying to further his understanding of emotions, and Patton’s description seemed to fit what he felt towards Roman.

“I, um, yes, I need to go finish my, uh, yes!”Logan quickly closed the door on a no doubt bewildered Virgil. He needed to sort out his thoughts.

Roman had been on a quest for the entire day, a creature had been attacking a village and he’d had to deal with it, he was now tired and quite badly bruised. All he wanted to do was go to sleep but apparently a hero’s job is never done as Logan was waiting for him outside his room.

“Ah, Logan!  Is there anything you want?” Roman didn’t really want to have a conversation but he definitely didn’t want to do anything to offend Logan and it wasn’t like he was opposed to the company of the logical side.

“I wanted to talk to you about something.” Logan said, uncharacteristically nervous, Roman was becoming worried for him, however he nodded in acknowledgement for Logan to continue. “I believe that I may have, perhaps, slightly, I mean I have definitely developed…some, uh, feelings…for you.”

An uncomfortable silence followed. Part of Logan wanted to leave but he knew that he was going to have to face the consequences of what he had said eventually so he may as well deal with them as soon as possible.

Roman finally processed what he had been told and his face broke out into a smile, he was about to say something but the sounds of Patton squealing stopped him. Patton was doing small jumps up and down in excitement and Virgil was looking at Patton with concern. Roman noticed that both of them were covered in glitter.

“I’m so happy for you two. You finally did it!” Patton stopped jumping at least temporarily, which Virgil seemed pleased about. “I need to go get the card!” Patton ran off dragging Virgil with him.

Logan watched the two leave and was then pulled into an embrace with Roman. He supposed he wasn’t very observant when it came to the feelings of others either.

The Memories Of You

Characters: reader, Dean, Sam, Rowena

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: little angsty, bit fluffy

Word count: 3013

A/N: based around the episode: Regarding Dean

You couldn’t believe your eyes as you looked over at Dean, you were so angry that you thought steam must have been coming out of your ears and your face must have been bright red. Sam tried to calm you down in the bar, but all you could think about was that stupid bitch with her hands all over Dean. It’s not like he tried to stop her, you didn’t even want to watch more after it looked like she was about to lean in and kiss him.

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the hair is pink again.

Moxiety: Christmas Movies and Cuddles

Hey guys! This is just a random fic I suddenly thought of when I was suggesting a art piece for a friend to make. I think this turned out pretty good! I really hope you guys like it, so please, enjoy! <3

Ever since the new game from the Pokémon franchise came out, Virgil has not left his room until he was done with the game…however that didn’t stop him from trying to get the legendary Pokémon he’s heard so much about in the ultra-wormholes part of the game. Getting through ultra-space was getting easier since he was able to switch it to the stick shift, and he was getting better at dodging the electric balls that slowed him down. Letting a triumph grin cover his face as he finally caught the last Regi, Regirock, Virgil quickly saved the game, and turned off the device. It was time to rest since his eyes were starting to get tired from staring at a screen for so long…and his thumbs were aching from spinning the joystick so much trying to avoid the evil electric balls. Stretching out from his hunched over position, Virgil cracked his knuckles and fingers, before he got up off his bed, and cracked his back. Letting out a yawn, the Anxious side creaked towards his bedroom door, and opened it, peering out. It was honestly quiet. No signs of Roman singing Disney songs at the top of his lungs, no sign of Logan either. Frowning, Virgil stepped out of his room, and slowly walked towards the stairs to the mindscape. Hearing the sound of the television playing, the Anxious side let out a sigh of relief, and descended the stairs.

                       “Hey Kiddo! It’s about time you came down! Have you been playing that new games of yours in the dark again?” Patton asked, smiling happily as he noticed Virgil walk down the stairs. Nodding slightly, Virgil glanced around and furrowed his brow. Where was Roman and Logan? Shrugging, Virgil gazed at the television, and noticed that, ‘A Christmas Story,’ was playing on the television, and the smell of hot cocoa, and cookies hovered in the air. Patton grinned when he saw Virgil sniffing the air, and the sound of the side’s belly grumbling filtered the air. “Yes, I made cookies and hot cocoa! Come on! I was just about to start, ‘A Christmas Story’! Come get some cookies, and I’ll make you my special batch of hot cocoa!”

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Princess - Joji

Request in which a chubby!reader feels sad that Joji can’t carry her like normal girls. Rather short, so sorry about that. 



“There!” Joji snaps you out of your reverie and you jump a bit in your seat, looking at him rather confused afterwards. “There it goes again!” he adds after seeing your expression, as if that was enough.

Solved nothing, though. You were still confused as to what he was referring to. 

“What is?” You ask for explanations, toying with the straw in your drink, stirring the rest of your unfinished lemonade, bored. No—bored was not the perfect word to describe the thing that was bothering you. You were sad. Distracted from the date you and Joji are on and were supposed to enjoy the time spent together. Today you didn’t felt like being happy. Something was on your mind. And Joji noticed, despite you trying to cover it—he saw that you were rather out of it and wondered why.

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OB & FT: Importance of Rainbows

(AO3 )

“Great job you two. Your help got this akuma caught quickly,” Ladybug told them, patting both Fox Tail and herself on the back. Juleka couldn’t help to be pleased. Here she was no just a super hero herself, but helping Ladybug and Chat Noir. It wasn’t even something in her wildest dreams. The best part though was the small blonde standing beside her.

“I have a question,” Fox Tail asked as one of the Miraculouses beeped. “About secret identities…?”

Ladybug deflated from her jovial mood at bit. “So, it is important to keep anyone from learning about our identities.”

Both her and Fox Tail nodded. After all it was something Pollen had mentioned soon after meeting the kwami. Fox Tail pressed however. “But between us?”

“To keep our families and friends safe, it’s best we don’t divulge our identies even to each other,” Chat Noir said in a firm tone. Ladybug looked at Chat Noir like he’d insulted her. He shrugged at her, narrowing his golden eyes. “Don’t you agree Ladybug? It was originally your idea.”

Ladybug huffed. “Yes it was, but…” Another Miraculous beeped. “We should all get going,” Ladybug said. “Thanks again. It’s nice to have new partners!”

And then both Ladybug and Chat Noir lept away, obviously to get to a safe spot before their transformation dissolved. Just as Fox Tail was about to do the same, Juleka put her hand on the new hero’s shoulder. She then pointed. “Look at that. Think that’s a promising omen?”

That was a rainbow over the city, now that the rain had passed. Juleka felt Fox Tail relax as she looked out at the rainbow. “Yeah, I think it is.”

Foxtail looked up at Orchid Bee and smiled, then looked back at the rainbow. Together they watched the rainbow. Juleka put an arm around Fox Tail’s shoulders and the blonde leaned into her. For a moment they just enjoyed being before obligations to keep their identity a secret forced them apart.

Juleka was walking down a sidewalk, conversing quietly with the kwami hiding in her long hair. It seemed Pollen wanted something to eat now that the battle was over, not that Juleka blamed her. She’d just gotten what her kwami would most want to eat when she hear a familiar voice.

“Juuuleeeekaaaa,” called the voice that belong to only one person. Her Rose. Turning, Juleka smiled and walked over to meet up with Rose. She noticed the small blonde was soaking wet.

“You’re drenched,” Juleka said in a no nonsense manner even though she was concerned.

Rose just smiled up at her. “Yeah, I got caught up in the akuma battle while it was raining.”

Juleka was sure that was the truth, and inwardly smiled at how Rose was avoiding saying why she didn’t end up getting back home like she should have been able to.

“Here,” Juleka said before taking off the sweatshirt she was wearing. When she had gotten home she had changed into sweats to warm up after being in the rain herself. Now she didn’t mind being in sweatpants and a t-shirt, even if normally she wouldn’t be out in public in such attire.

Rose took the sweatshirt with a grateful smile, even if the mirth seemed suspicious. Juleka didn’t mind however. In fact she wasn’t sure she cared about certain rules, but she’d hold back for now. “Mind if I walk you home?”

Rose shook her head, her smile settling into something warmer. A smile she had just for her. “Not at all.”

Juleka took Rose’s hand, and then pointed with her free hand. “I think that’s a promising sign for things to come.”

Rose squeezed her hand, and when Juleka glanced over she noticed the sweatshirt half covering Rose’s face, though she seemed happy. “Yeah, I think it is.”

Jackson ‘One-shot’

Summary: Life with Jackson

AN: I wrote this at 1am, it is a pile of shit, you have been warned.

‘I can’t do this anymore’

‘I can’t do this anymore.’

You’re keeled over and coughing your lungs up as sweat runs down your back, looking up to see Jackson turning around to look at you, beaming and bouncing on the spot in his trainers and his sports gear as he waits for you to catch up to him on the hiking trail.

'Come on, Jagi, just a few more-’

'No, Jackson! I cant do this anymore!’ you shout again, hoping he could hear you properly this time.

You’re too busy staring at the floor trying to get your breath back to see the way his face drops completely and his chest deflates as the air rushes out of him. He quickly jogs back to you and helps you to stand up properly, encouraging you to lean on him for support and even going so far as to hug you to him, rubbing your back soothingly as he kisses your shoulder- the action making you slightly confused.

'Its okay, Jagi. Come on, let me carry you back.’

And then you climb onto his back and he carries you almost two miles back to the car, making you laugh the whole time…smiling because you were smiling.

'I can’t do this anymore!’

You shout the words angrily but then immediately regret them when you hear the familiar sound of Jackson’s heavy footsteps thundering down the stairs, his quick pants reaching your ears before he did, and he ends up bulldozing into you, pulling you fiercely against him and knocking the knitting you’d been doing out of your hands.

'Hormones again?’ he asks quietly in your ear, rubbing your back calmingly and making you hum as you bury your face in his shoulder.

'Yeah.’ you mumble, tying your arms around his neck and smiling when you feel him press a kiss to the skin below your ear, lingering as he slowly slips his hands down to your butt for a cheeky squeeze, which makes you chuckle, before he backs you into the lounge and sits you down in the big comfy chair, making sure you were propped up comfortably, with the remote and a book, before kneeling down at your feet and leaning forward to kiss your belly.

'Only a few more months, Jagi.’ he murmurs, looking up at you with warm, happy eyes and you see the little crows feet appear at the edges when you smile back at him, reaching your hand out to cup his face and seeing his shoulders untense as he leans into your hand.

'I can’t do this anymore.’

The words are an aggravated sigh when you say them, sitting back in your chair and rubbing your eyes tiredly as you stretch your neck, jumping slightly when you feel lips suddenly descend onto yours but quickly recognising them as Jackson’s and kissing him back gratefully.

'Whats up, buttercup?’ he asks, continuing to rub your shoulders as he leans over and rests his chin on your head, eyes scanning the computer in front of you where you’d been trying to work out your taxes.

'Its these taxes-’

'You know what? I dont think we’ve had a date night in a while!-’

'Jackson, we literally had date night, yesterday-’ you go to argue, but he’s already pulled you up from the chair and dropped a kiss on your lips, before quickly sliding to the coat peg in the hallway and throwing you your coat with a smile.

'And?’ he asks, your favourite toothy grin on his face as he slips his own coat on and opens the door, standing to the side to wait for you, his face slightly worried as he waits for you to stop staring at him disbelievingly- the expression turning to relief and happiness when you shake your head happily incredulously at him before skipping out of the door.

'I cant do this anymore!’

He’s there before you even have a chance to break down in sobs, his arm wrapped firmly around your shoulders and when you look up at him, you see him nodding reassuringly as he watches you with sparkling eyes that looked like he might cry at any moment.

'You’ve done this before, Jagi. I know you can do it again.’ he says, pressing a forceful kiss to your forehead and pressing another to your lips, before shuffling you into a more comfortable position and crouching down beside you, offering you his hand and the scared grimace on his face changes to one of quiet exhilaration when you grab it.

'Okay, push.’ the midwife commands, and even though you feel like your insides are trying to be ripped out of you, Jackson murmuring unhurried reassurances beside you manages to calm you enough that you hardly feel the pain because within minutes you’re looking up at him handing you your second child and when you take her from him and end up crying happily, you dont notice the look of unparalleled happiness that covers his face at the sight of the love of his life with his child.

'I can’t do this anymore.’

You watch him tiredly as he looks up at you from where he was sat beside your bed, his walking stick beside him and his eyes as bright as ever, shining out at you from his creased and tired old face.

'You know, you’ve said that to me so many times over the years…and every time I believed you-’ he mutters, his voice now gravelly and croaky as it rumbles from his ancient voice box, his hand holding yours tightly despite his frail frame.

'Every time, I’d always make sure i’d change your mind or make you feel better, because I was too scared to see you give up on yourself, to see you lose faith. And after i’d make you feel better, you’d have accomplished the thing you said you couldn’t do within a few hours.’ he chuckles, having to stop to cough harshly, before looking back up at you with a crooked grin, the expression still being 'Jackson’, despite the few missing teeth and the slightly droopy cheeks and eyebrows.

'But I dont want to believe you now.’ he murmurs, his hand shaking slightly as he holds tightly to your fingers, his thumb brushing over your knuckles lovingly as a tear escapes his eye and rolls down his greying cheeks before he can wipe it away with a trembling finger.

'You can do this, Jagi…you can…because I will help you-I will always be here to help you…’

'I can’t do this anymore.’

He whispers the words, as he reads them off of the grey slab, watching as a bird perches upon the soft mossy bed in front of it and pecks gently at the moist earth.

The sun was shining on the grave and the sky was blue above him, and it was all the evidence he needed to know that his words had been heard, the smile growing on his face as he looked to the matching grey slab beside his mother’s grave, laughing as he reads the little message at the bottom of his father’s gravestone that followed on from the slab beside it.

'If she’s out, so am I.’


That Should Have Been Me (Tony x Reader)

(f/c)-Favorite Color
(f/n)-First Name
(l/n)-Last Name
(e/c)-Eye Color

The mission was pretty simple. You needed to get into a party and get information on your target so you could make sure he had the info SHIELD needed. If he did, you’d follow him after he left and secure him. If he wasn’t, then you’d carefully exit the party and return to the hellcarrier.

Your partner in their mission was Steve. He was chosen because a.) Clint was on a mission b.) No other qualified male agent was available and c.)Tony, your boyfriend, was too recognizable as an avenger. He pushed to go with you instead of Steve but Fury wouldn’t let him. After a while though, he just gave up and let it happen. You don’t know why that hurt a little. It was obvious why he couldn’t, but you really wanted to go with him.

It was too late now. The mission was already started. You and Steve were in a cheap hotel getting ready for the party. It was a couples only thing so you and Steve had to go together. Apparently the host had a small thing for bondage, because couples would be tied together by their wrists for the entire party. It was supposedly fun.

You rolled your eyes just thinking about it as you put on your dress. It was a long, (f/c), ball gown style dress with long sleeves and a sweetheart neckline. It fit you flawlessly and went well with the heels you were given. You hair was in a simple, but elegantly styled and you had expensive jewelry to match. This party was more upscale than most. As soon as you were finished you knocked on the door of the bathroom where you were getting changed. You didn’t want to walk in on a naked Steve.

“Are you dressed in there?” You asked.

“Yeah! You can come out.” You unlocked and opened the door before walking out. A smile came to your face as you looked at Steve. He had on a nice tuxedo that clung to him like a second skin. You did admit to yourself that he looked sexy. He was no Tony, but he did look good.

“Looking nice Steve. I haven’t seen you in a tux before.” You said while giving him a once over. He looked like a different man with the black wig and temporarily dyed eyebrows. The most you had seen him in was his Captain America suit.

He blushed and looked at you. You look beautiful (f/n). Tony is one lucky man.” That made you blush a little as well and look away.

“Well there’s only one final piece to our cover.” You reached into your bag and pulled out the ring boxes. You handed him his ring box and opened yours. The ring was beautiful. It was a ring you could see Tony buying you. It was big and heavy and just wonderful. You wouldn’t say it was your style, but it was something Tony would get.

You stopped thinking about it and slipped it onto your ring finger. You briefly imagined doing the same with Tony’s ring and smiled. You grabbed your comm and put it in your ear and watched Steve do the same. They were just in case either of you got separated. “Can you hear me?” You whispered. He nodded and put his own ring on.

“So, are you ready to go Harold Mason?” You asked with a smirk. He smiled and held his arm out for you to grab.

“Only if you are Cynthia Mason.” You both left the motel and got into the fancy limo that SHIELD had provided. It was nice and went well with your cover. If anyone asked, Steve was an owner of a very expensive and fancy antique store while you were a lawyer. You already knew everything a lawyer knew so it really wasn’t anything different.

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You have a nice smile | Sirius black


It was a friday night and you were currently curled up in one of the armchairs by the fire. Your week had been dull, boring and it seemed to go on forever. As you turn another page of the book you currently reading you heard three paires of footsteps run heavily down the staires and burst into the common room. Before you, stood your three bestfriends. Remus, who by the looks of things didnt want to be doing what ever the others had planned, James who looked exited with a smile on his face cluthing what seemed to be cans of beer and then Sirius. Your crush, he looked perfect like usual, his hair messy and his eyes sparkling with mischief. They looked shocked once they had noticed you but looks of happiness and exitment soon covered their faces once more, James and Sirius’ at least.

“Get out while you can (Y/N)” Remus smirks at you knowingly before Sirius shushes him.

“Fancy joining us for a drink by the black lake (Y/N/N)?” Sirius asked with a beaming smile on his face.

“How can i refuse” you laugh standing up and slipping on your shoes.

I mean really though, how could you?

“How are we going to sneak out?” You ask curiously.

“My cloak of course” James laughs as if its obvious

“And how do you expect all four of us to fit under it?” You laugh raising an eyebrow.

“James will turn into his animagus while you squeeze inbetween Remus and i” Sirius smirks causing James to glare.

“What!? But mines a stag, yours is a fucking dog, you can do it” James protests crossing his arms.

“James, you’re doing it” Sirius replies

“But its my cloak!” James’ groans but agrees anyway.

Arriving saftly at the black lake, you sit in your usual spot, under a large tree that you had all claimed your first year.

James passed around the drinks and you all began your evening.

It was going great, you had bewitched candles to hover above creating a warm light.

You were all chatting and laughing when James suddenly announces he wants to go swimming, you giggle as you watch Remus giving James a piggy back into the water.

“Coming for a swim princess?” Sirius asks, his lips forming into a smirk.

“Why not” You declare following him, even though you and Sirius hadnt had an awful lot to drink, your staggered down to the lake rather than walked.

You began to slip of your your clothes in which according to sirius mind, was in a painfully slow manner.

He was in before you, watching as you unhooked your jeans from your ankles.

As you entered the water you winced that the coldness against your soft skin.

“Need help with that?” Sirius laughs walking towards you before lifting you into his strong arms and running into the water.

“FUCK THATS COLD” You yell, but you’re not paying attention the freezing water anymore, you’re paying attention to how warm Sirius’ body feels against yours, how he can lift you so easily.

“You’re so beautiful” He suddenly says without thinking, both his and your cheeks turning red.

“So are you” You smirk causing him to laugh.

“What?” He asks noticing the way you’re looking at him.

“You have a nice laugh” you giggle, maybe you did have more to drink than you thought.

“Oh yeah? You have a nice smile” He laughs again, you had a fluttering feeling in your tummy and no matter what, it would not budge.

“Can i tell you something?” You whisper feeling him lean his head closer to yours, your foreheads now touching.

“Always” He says just as quietly as you.

“I like you, like a lot” you say causing him to crack one of his award winning smiles.

“I like you too (Y/N/N), you know that”

“No, not just like, i mean i think i might be in love with you”

He didnt have to say anything, you could tell by the look on his face, the way he held you tighter, and then they way he pressed his lips onto yours.

Kissing you with so much love.

“Why didnt you tell me?” He says breathlessly as he pulls away.

“I was scared”

“Well i’m glad you did because i think i might be in love with you too” He laughs before pressing his lips onto yours once more.

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supersquiddy  asked:

Happy Ace story. I noticed that my sketchbook cover had all the colours of the Asexual flag. (I had the sketchbook before I realized I was Ace.) So I told my close friend about it before I had to go back to my seat. (She didn't know what Asexuality was.) A few minuets later she came over to my seat and showed me a picture of my favourite Supernatural character,Castiel, drawn with the Ace flag colours. I was so happy that she accepted me being Asexual.