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Princess - Joji

Request in which a chubby!reader feels sad that Joji can’t carry her like normal girls. Rather short, so sorry about that. 



“There!” Joji snaps you out of your reverie and you jump a bit in your seat, looking at him rather confused afterwards. “There it goes again!” he adds after seeing your expression, as if that was enough.

Solved nothing, though. You were still confused as to what he was referring to. 

“What is?” You ask for explanations, toying with the straw in your drink, stirring the rest of your unfinished lemonade, bored. No—bored was not the perfect word to describe the thing that was bothering you. You were sad. Distracted from the date you and Joji are on and were supposed to enjoy the time spent together. Today you didn’t felt like being happy. Something was on your mind. And Joji noticed, despite you trying to cover it—he saw that you were rather out of it and wondered why.

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You have a nice smile | Sirius black


It was a friday night and you were currently curled up in one of the armchairs by the fire. Your week had been dull, boring and it seemed to go on forever. As you turn another page of the book you currently reading you heard three paires of footsteps run heavily down the staires and burst into the common room. Before you, stood your three bestfriends. Remus, who by the looks of things didnt want to be doing what ever the others had planned, James who looked exited with a smile on his face cluthing what seemed to be cans of beer and then Sirius. Your crush, he looked perfect like usual, his hair messy and his eyes sparkling with mischief. They looked shocked once they had noticed you but looks of happiness and exitment soon covered their faces once more, James and Sirius’ at least.

“Get out while you can (Y/N)” Remus smirks at you knowingly before Sirius shushes him.

“Fancy joining us for a drink by the black lake (Y/N/N)?” Sirius asked with a beaming smile on his face.

“How can i refuse” you laugh standing up and slipping on your shoes.

I mean really though, how could you?

“How are we going to sneak out?” You ask curiously.

“My cloak of course” James laughs as if its obvious

“And how do you expect all four of us to fit under it?” You laugh raising an eyebrow.

“James will turn into his animagus while you squeeze inbetween Remus and i” Sirius smirks causing James to glare.

“What!? But mines a stag, yours is a fucking dog, you can do it” James protests crossing his arms.

“James, you’re doing it” Sirius replies

“But its my cloak!” James’ groans but agrees anyway.

Arriving saftly at the black lake, you sit in your usual spot, under a large tree that you had all claimed your first year.

James passed around the drinks and you all began your evening.

It was going great, you had bewitched candles to hover above creating a warm light.

You were all chatting and laughing when James suddenly announces he wants to go swimming, you giggle as you watch Remus giving James a piggy back into the water.

“Coming for a swim princess?” Sirius asks, his lips forming into a smirk.

“Why not” You declare following him, even though you and Sirius hadnt had an awful lot to drink, your staggered down to the lake rather than walked.

You began to slip of your your clothes in which according to sirius mind, was in a painfully slow manner.

He was in before you, watching as you unhooked your jeans from your ankles.

As you entered the water you winced that the coldness against your soft skin.

“Need help with that?” Sirius laughs walking towards you before lifting you into his strong arms and running into the water.

“FUCK THATS COLD” You yell, but you’re not paying attention the freezing water anymore, you’re paying attention to how warm Sirius’ body feels against yours, how he can lift you so easily.

“You’re so beautiful” He suddenly says without thinking, both his and your cheeks turning red.

“So are you” You smirk causing him to laugh.

“What?” He asks noticing the way you’re looking at him.

“You have a nice laugh” you giggle, maybe you did have more to drink than you thought.

“Oh yeah? You have a nice smile” He laughs again, you had a fluttering feeling in your tummy and no matter what, it would not budge.

“Can i tell you something?” You whisper feeling him lean his head closer to yours, your foreheads now touching.

“Always” He says just as quietly as you.

“I like you, like a lot” you say causing him to crack one of his award winning smiles.

“I like you too (Y/N/N), you know that”

“No, not just like, i mean i think i might be in love with you”

He didnt have to say anything, you could tell by the look on his face, the way he held you tighter, and then they way he pressed his lips onto yours.

Kissing you with so much love.

“Why didnt you tell me?” He says breathlessly as he pulls away.

“I was scared”

“Well i’m glad you did because i think i might be in love with you too” He laughs before pressing his lips onto yours once more.

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