I meant to post this like an hour and a half ago but I got distracted omg 😂

I was tagged by the ever fabulous @marcusflintwood​ (aka gizelle the gorgeous) to do the screenshot challenge (lockscreen/home/most recent music/most recent selfie).

Some say sitting in the dark with just a computer screen ruins your eyesight. Jokes on them, mine’s already ruined ha (aka best time to take selfies apparently lol, my light is literally within reach but no, people get these shadowy af shots of me instead xD).
The rest seems pretty self explanatory really, I think it’s evident how far HP has enveloped my life at this point.. and DNCE, well, I just kinda dig their music hardcore y’all, no regrets. 😜

  I’m gonna tag (totally optional): @pomonasprowt , @riddle-d , @edmundqevensie , @ff-sunset-oasis , @longbottomed , @flintwoodandco (bc peer pressure, jkjk :P)


I was tagged by the lovely natalie ( @fjrebolt )(thank you bb!!) to do the screenshot challenge (lockscreen/home/most recent music/most recent selfie) soo - idk i’m a pretty boring person tbh haha

but I’m sure you’re all much better at this than I am, so I tag (if you’d like to do this ofc!): @flintwoodandco @lepetitcomte @septimvsmalfoy @owvlery @deanthomasfinnigan @marcusflintwood @dracolucivs @pctter and anybody else who’d like to (tag me so I can see ayy)

tagged by the the most adorable and lovely @ff-sunset-oasis

Rules - copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in your own. when you are done tag up to 10 people and also tag the person that tagged you….most importantly, have fun!

a / age - 20

b / biggest fear - My mother passing

c / current time - 19:48am

d / drink you had last - orange juice

e / everyday starts with - looking at my phone for the time

f / favourite song - Rn… who knows haha. I can’t honestly think of one.
g / ghosts are real? - I believe so :)

h / hometown - A girl’s gotta have some secrets ;)

i / in love with - I mean.. too many fictional characters probably haha.

j / jealous of - non-procrastinators and people who write 40K+ fics.

k / killed someone - no

l / last time you cried-  I don’t actually remember?? I don’t cry all that much ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

m / middle name - A girl’s gotta have some secrets ;)

n / number of siblings - A girl’s gotta have some secrets ;)

o / one wish - To be happy and feel accomplished in my life (lame ik), but also really, to finally finish the 379387438 fics I have waiting in the wing (I am the worst literally).

p / person you last called.texted - a friend, we’re participating in a gif war.

q / questions you’re always asked - When’s your next class? (bc my friends like to drag me shopping with them all the time– it’s like a part time job lol)
r / reasons to smile - Every reason under the sun, and it’s lovely out toda :)

s / song last sang - We’re not going to to ask why, it’s a very long story… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYivGrFkgIk

t / time you woke up - 10:22am (I just… sleeping in is so nice when I don’t have to be somewhere by 8am)

u / underwear color - Navy blue

v / vacation destination - I’d really love to go to South Africa, New Zealand, England, and Finland some day.

w / worst habit - I can’t help starting fics but rn it’s a struggle finishing them, like for real. And also procrastination… It ruins so much of my life ugh.

x / xrays you have had -   Arm (broke that), chest (kinda broke my body temporarily, turns out it was just super aggressive hives– also okay, weirdly I was surprised to have the doctors tell me I was completely healthy. Like I always low key think I’m gonna keel over and die at any moment despite being pretty damn healthy like all the time???)

y / your favourite food - Today its creamy cheesecake~

z / zodiac sign - Scorpio

tagging (no pressure!): @prcfessorlupin , @theunrealinsomniac , @shriekingshxck , @chaselikewolfs and @quillandwand + whoever wants to do it :)


infinite list of favourite people - troye sivan

I don’t know what I would have done had I not found the Internet. I found a community of people who I really liked and who I felt got me. I remember the first time I ever watched footage of the Pride parade, or the first time I started discovering music. It formed who I am as a person. I always felt different in a lot of ways and didn’t really know how to express that.

ahhhh thank you guys so much for 1.5k and maybe comment what you’d like me to do for it(if you even want to celebrate with me lol) ( e.g. like fandom family, blogrates(I suck at blogrates I haven’t even finished the last ones I’m a horrible person) network, follow forever, edit request things, whatever lol)

Omg so I’ve started this new show Murdoch Mysteries on Netflix and i love it - if you like historical fiction and crime shows then you’ll love it. It’s about this Canadian detective set at the turn of the century (1890s-1900s) and there are 10 seasons and its still going on. Only 7 seasons are on Netflix tho which is sad but ill find the rest somehow lol Some of you might know it as The Artful Detective, since it changed like tv channels/management so they changed the name.