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The resurgence of ass-old Harry Potter wank on my dash right now is mostly just reminding me that I still, to this day, despite making every effort, reading the fanlore entries, and asking people who helped invent the term, do not understand what “intellislash” is. 

Titus has probably known Lexa for most of her life, and has been with her through all her ups and downs as she continued to grow. Now imagine a young Lexa insecure about her abilities to protect her people, and imagine a younger Titus standing by her side and assuring her that she was special, that she was chosen by the Commander’s spirit for a reason. That she was going to be the one to change the world. Now imagine as young Lexa listening to every word he said with wide eyes and a open heart. She would never forget his words because they would be always in her mind as she grew into the role of the Commander. She believed in his words just as much as he believed in her. 

Now imagine a growing Lexa with Titus still glued to her side, as he continued to stand by and watch this proud Commander do just what he thought she would - and he is proud of her, and he cares for her. He is going to protect his Heda not just because she was chosen, but because she is something dear to him. He has watched her grow into this amazing person who has done more than anyone has ever done before. He is like a proud father, watching his child grow stronger and stronger. 

Honestly, he could be her most loyal friend. 

I Regret Everything, Yet Nothing (Part 2-final) (Steve Rogers/Tony Stark x reader)


Part 1

“(Y/N)?  Answer me,” Tony pressed.  “how do you two know each other?”  When you still didn’t immediately reply, he took a step back with an expression of shock, pain and anger all together, and it only made your anxiety worse.  “He’s the guy that you said you’d never get over, isn’t he?”

You pushed past him and sat down in a chair again, leaning forward to rest your head in your hands, trying to calm both your nerves and your stomach.  “Tony,” you sighed, “please, let’s not get into this right now.”

“Yeah, well we’re going to.”

You could feel the tears beginning to build, but you fought them back, certain that you would be able to hold them in for only so long.  Your boyfriend of a mere six months was now standing over you, looking like he had no idea who you were; it already felt over before it had barely begun. “Yes, it’s him.  But that was years ago, and he doesn’t even know.”

“That doesn’t matter. I only care about what you feel.”

“It doesn’t change how I feel about you.”

He dropped himself down into the chair next to you, leaning his elbow on the table and resting his chin in his hand as if deep in thought.  The chair swiveled slightly beneath him and his gaze was lowered to the table top as he considered his position with you, and what he wanted to say. This was more than he was ready for, and he didn’t think he could compete with something that had lasted so long. “I have to be number one.  You know that, sweetheart.”

He was letting you go easily.  Putting this on himself to spare you.  “Tony…”

“Hey, that’s what you get for dating an egomaniac, right?  It’s been wonderful, (Y/N), really,” he said in a quieter voice with a tremble in its tone, “but I’m not about to come in second to Grandpa America.”

“You’re not, Tony. You couldn’t be second to anyone.”

“Right,” he sighed, slapping his hands down on his legs definitively and standing, reaching his hand down to pull you up to him.  Your eyes met for only a few seconds before he brought you to his chest in a tight embrace, breathing you in as if he didn’t want to forget.  “It’s okay, (Y/N).  Go tell him.”

As he began to release you, you brought your hand to his face, holding him gently as you gave him a final kiss before leaving.  “You’re a good man, Tony.  I know you don’t believe it sometimes, but you are.”  He nodded slightly as you walked away, not looking back as you shut the door behind you.

“Yeah, that’s the problem,” he whispered to himself, sitting back down to stare out the window at the busy city.  “You were the only one who saw it.”

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Mad-Eye Moody’s House

Mad-Eye Moody. Alastor. One of the singular most kick-ass and brilliant characters in the HP series in my humble opinion, and after much consideration do you know what’s even better?

I genuinely cannot for the life of me figure out which house I think he would have been in? I actually think a case could be made for him being in any of the four, which is just fucking ace.

I mean, there’s categorically no denying the man’s ballsy. Brave. ‘Daring and nerve’ undoubtedly apply to him. So Gryffindor is a definite possible.

He’s also unquestionably smart. Setting aside even the academic success required to even qualify for bothering to apply to the Aurors, it’s made very clear how few of them are taken on. They don’t accept morons, not in any sense: even decent grades aren’t enough on their own—you have to have a level of out-of-the-box thinking, of wit and the ability to think fast and on your feet. And Moody wasn’t just any auror—he was widely accepted as the best of the best. He’s definitely got a hell of a lot going for him in terms of making Ravenclaw.

And Slytherin. Cunning and ambition. I’m willing to bet it takes a fair amount of ambition in your work to gain the reputation of being THE SINGLE GREATEST EXAMPLE of a presumably ancient profession. And he’s provably, canonically cunning. The man’s a tactician. He plans, he’s fucking clever at figuring out how to get shit done. The Seven Potters? Clever. Cunning. Ruthlessly ambitious. Did people (he) die? Yes. Did he know that was possible? Yes. Did he recognise that it was a war, there might be casualties, but they had a goal and shit to get done and that was what mattered above all else? Yes, yes he did. He was incredibly cunning and ambitious in his determination to protect Harry and win the war. He’d make a fabulous Slytherin.

Now don’t be coming at me with any ‘Hufflepuff’s are all cuddly and friendly—he’s too grumpy to be a Puff, there’s no way’
Actually bollocks. Hufflepuffs are loyal and hard working. Mad-Eye is both of these things HARD CORE. Like do I even have to point out how diligently, constantly, unwaveringly loyal he was to the cause? Mr ‘If someone dies just fly the fuck on Harry is the one who can save us ergo he is what matters. Above anyone else’s life, Harry (aka saving the wizarding world) is what matters.’. The man lost an eye and a leg, and he’s still like ‘Right let’s go catch some more bad guys’. His commitment and loyalty to what he sees as right, to the cause, is fucking solid. And hard working? He put away more Dark Wizards than any other auror. His work was his life. He could so easily have been a Hufflepuff (I’m absolutely rooting for Hufflepuff Mad-Eye, I think it’s the absolute best and such a rocking example of how people can both exemplify their house and go against all the preconceived notions and stereotypes at the same time. Come on guys, let’s make this Fanon.)

So yes. Mad-Eye Moody. Absolute freaking hero, incredible guy and a sterling example of every single house.

Mad-Eye deserves more attention and more love.

(And though they all work, he is a Hufflepuff goddamn it.)

@protectnevillelongbottom (saw your post about people being shitty about your house and it got me thinking about my fave headcanon!puff—care to weigh in?)

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And no, I'm talking to you all because everyone in the industry knows you are the only group that supports these boys who will listen. We need to know that if we send out things, people will pick up on it. You all are those people. You've picked up on everything else. And I don't mean to creep anyone out by saying this, but all of you have been monitored for a long time now.

So, about secret William.

Am I writing a Baby Mama Drama post? I really am, aren’t I? Sigh. Okay. Here we go.

At this point, I think I’m one of the few people who actually doesn’t have that big of a problem with the Baby Mama storyline. And I’m going to tell you why:

This storyline, the reveal of it and the aftermath is going to serve for huge character development. For both Oliver and Felicity.

Anyone who knows me and how I fandom, knows that I never shy away from some hardcore angst. I blabber on and on about my black angst-heart, and my muse for graphics often sputters back to life when things are starting to get real nice and angsty. 

You know why? Because I have a positive outlook. Because the journey towards the conclusion of the angst, the way that the characters start to “see the light” - so to speak - is the most rewarding thing for me on a tv-show. It proves that these characters I love so much are learning. From their mistakes, from the darker path they were going on, from decisions they’ve made. It proofs that they now see a different way and they actively choose to follow it. (Does season 3 ring any bells? Remember that, folks? Angsty McAngst galore.) It’s why I love darker shows, it’s why I love dark backstories. It’s why I don’t necessarily mind a darker turn to a plot.

Enter William: long-lost child and, oh, a secret.

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The sixth step of manifestation involves a reflection or inversion. Up until now all creation was occurring spontaneously. It followed Process and Pattern through to manifest Intent and then Will, and yet it all seemed to happen separately. The next step is the emergence of an agent. An organized design built of Intent and Will. Will is now the Will of an Agent. Intent is now the Intent of an agent. Later, as we have emergence of Sense, Thought and eventually Awareness and Self, the Agent will be understood as what some systems call the Holy Guardian Angel or the Daimon. We use the term Agent as it also captures the concept of simpler sorts of agency such as described in artificial intelligence. At this point this is a blind Agent, only capable of acting but not sensing. As the tree unfolds further we will find a progression of sense, thought, awareness, and modeling of objective reality, then meta-processing, and self-reflection.

The paths 6 and 3 follow the emergence of the Agent, detaching from raw Chaos. Now all that happens has an agent. For every event a causal agent can be discovered. The center path, previously 3, is now reestablished, numbered first as 8 from its splitting from Chaos. Paths 9 and 10 are numbered in ascending order to match the number of the sphere.

hue circle with my art! harder than i thought it would be. reminded me of how much i don’t work with greens. still won’t lmao! i lost the link but if anyone has it i would love to link you to it

Okay after reblogging that otpprompt with all that stuff i’m pretty sure i’ll work some more in that NaLi gem AU but the problem is, I don’t know much about gems and I suck at choosing them for this stuff. I’ve been looking at a gem website for almost five minutes just kind of staring and vibrating nervously and not really doing much progress.

So basically, if anyone have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to shout them at me.

Actually, just feel free to shout about any NaLi AU at any time to me, I’m here for this.