#LivingColour live at NED (Switzerland) 2004 - CollideØscope tour #Nothingess

Everythingness and Nothingness

As a group we have come up with a few ideas and concepts on the prompt “Everythingness and Nothingness”. The one that stood out the most was The 5 senses.
How our senses are everything to us, it allows us to experience the environment around us and interact with the world. Without our senses we wont be able to see, smell, touch, taste and hear the things around us and therefore will experience NOTHING.

Therefore we decided to look on Sensory deprivation.

  • Anechoic Chamber: 

- Quiet, Stillness and Empty

- Sound of Silent “Never truly Silent”, the quieter the room the more things you’ll hear.

- Playing white noise

- Social Experiment

- Hallucinations can occur. Losing your mind.


  •  Ganzfeld experiment:

- deprive senses

In the evening, that’s when everything is still and silent. I’m normally able to hear the rain hitting my window, but that’s only on a rainy night. On a dry night, a night like this…if I listen very carefully, I can hear my slow and steady heart beat. I can hear each breath that I take in and each breath I take out. Sometimes I can hear my dog, I can hear him sighing and rustling in his bed. I love the stillness. That sound of nothingness. Nothing but peace. It’s beautiful, so beautiful that when I close my eyes and see nothing I feel in awe. A small white light will slowly appear on my third eye and flicker ever so slightly. As my heart continues beating gently, I focus on that small white light that represents serenity. I inhale the silence and allow my shoulders to relax, for my legs to stretch. I keep my eyes closed and let the white light gradually grow bigger and bigger. Just peace and serenity. 

Demon Au

There was complete darkness. Not a single hint of light in the inky black abyss of nothingess that was once called a room. Normally containing life, it was void of that now. The only thing left was the shell of a college student with brown hair. His normally well kept locks were tousled, clothes disheveled over his limp body that hung lifelessly off of a sorry excuse for a matress. Body askew in a very unnatural position, the corpse slowly moved- a low, sickening ‘pop’ sound being the only audible noise as the male slowly slumped forward, it easy to tell that the new owner to this body wasn’t used to a human body quite yet. Head still slack, the demon gave a low groan before whipping his head up, bright violet/pink eyes now helping to light up the room as luca sneered at his newest play thing. “My my, and what brings YOU here…?”

One day everything will cease, your heart, your mind, your body, the only way to get through is to remember those moments in childhood, no not the horrible ones, the ones where you felt like you mattered. So many people dont realize what they have done to me, like do any of you get it? You stole my heart, my mind and my body for your own pleasure then hurt me because I take it away? Thats the definition of control. You give someone everything you are so they can destroy you piece by piece then burn the rest when you try to limp away, I cant fix everything, but I can say one day you will all wake up and everything you controlled will be gone. Nothingess, even the ashes wont remain. Then you will hate me even more because I left without saying goodbye, when I didnt have time to.. All Im saying is realize that everything you do influences another in a big way, and then youll know the true pain Ive felt for so many years. I wish the world understood someone like me, but the world never wanted me, only what I could give them. One day Ill be gone and I pray now to God to make you all strong enough to carry on without me. And to take care of you as I would.


I think Edvard Munch’s work is very personal for me. Through his pieces I find an expression I can identify with, which is literally creating an image from reality to figure out identity of self through the differences. I guess he is able to represent depersonalization well. In that state everything just is including the mind; a feeling of nothingness and failure to see the individual within. Existential nothingess– a fear beyond physical threat. A shapeshifting delusion of life where perception of self is warped including the internal physical image of the body inhabited: “The Scream.” The fear of fear.