#LivingColour live at NED (Switzerland) 2004 - CollideØscope tour #Nothingess

Everythingness and Nothingness

As a group we have come up with a few ideas and concepts on the prompt “Everythingness and Nothingness”. The one that stood out the most was The 5 senses.
How our senses are everything to us, it allows us to experience the environment around us and interact with the world. Without our senses we wont be able to see, smell, touch, taste and hear the things around us and therefore will experience NOTHING.

Therefore we decided to look on Sensory deprivation.

  • Anechoic Chamber: 

- Quiet, Stillness and Empty

- Sound of Silent “Never truly Silent”, the quieter the room the more things you’ll hear.

- Playing white noise

- Social Experiment

- Hallucinations can occur. Losing your mind.


  •  Ganzfeld experiment:

- deprive senses

In the evening, that’s when everything is still and silent. I’m normally able to hear the rain hitting my window, but that’s only on a rainy night. On a dry night, a night like this…if I listen very carefully, I can hear my slow and steady heart beat. I can hear each breath that I take in and each breath I take out. Sometimes I can hear my dog, I can hear him sighing and rustling in his bed. I love the stillness. That sound of nothingness. Nothing but peace. It’s beautiful, so beautiful that when I close my eyes and see nothing I feel in awe. A small white light will slowly appear on my third eye and flicker ever so slightly. As my heart continues beating gently, I focus on that small white light that represents serenity. I inhale the silence and allow my shoulders to relax, for my legs to stretch. I keep my eyes closed and let the white light gradually grow bigger and bigger. Just peace and serenity. 


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This is the first day I participate in Royed week (and it seems like most of you have already gone onto day for what the actual fuck people i cant keep up with that) and since the promts are ANGST/HAPPINES (and I don’t do happines lmoa) have some ANGST


20…He counted the holes in the ceiling once; there were 421 in total.

21… He counts them one more time, just to be sure.

25…Maybe if he tried reading for a while, the pictures in his mind would be replaced by alchemical theories.

26… He still hears the screaming in his head, even after covering his face with a pillow and forcing his eyes to say open and coercing himself to avert his thoughts to something else. Anything.

30… He still sees the blood and the ashes and the nothingess; still smells the death in his lungs; still feels the darkness grabbing and pulling at him.

34… Maybe he needs some help after all.

Edward had never been one to ask for help, even when he knew he needed it. He had never been one to show his vulnerabilities to anyone. But ever since he and Roy got together, he allowed his shell to crack, little by little, in certain places, and he had let Roy in. And Roy had been more than happy to show the younger man that there was nothing to fear - he had offered advice and a shoulder to cry on and sometimes even played the role of a punching bag.

Roy knew, even before the two started sharing a bed, that Ed rarely slept through the night. Roy knew, even though Edward had never said anything, that the Alchemist of the People was most frighened of the dark, when there was no one to reach for and no one there to hold the shadows away. Roy knew, without having been told, that Edward always woke up a crying, trembling mess at aproximately the same time evey night. He also knew how to ease the wrinkles out of his brow and wipe away his tears for the night.

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Miracle Of Sound - Wake The White Wolf (Witcher III Song)
Keen to the scent, the hunt is my muse
A means to an end this path that I choose
Lost and aloof are the loves of my past
Wake the White Wolf!
Remembrance at last 

Totalselfhatred - Totalselfhatred
Rip my heart to pieces, tear my soul down to the ground,
For I am no more
Rip my lifes to pieces, see the circle’s now done,
I float and I’m gone …

Swallow The Sun - Giant
Climbing up from this nest of nothingess
My faihthful steps behind me
Marking my trail with circles, a path for you all
We’ve been ripped out from the womb
Through blood and pain into this life, and we cry
Ripped out, given, but made to be taken away

Dark Funeral - 666 Voices Inside
666 voices inside, telling me who’s about to die.
They are in control of my mind.
666 demons inside, to kill them all only one must die.
It is a shame it must be me…

KISS - I Was Made For Loving You
I wanna give it all to you
In the darkness
There’s so much I wanna do
And tonight
I wanna lay it at your feet
Cuz girl I was made for you
And girl you were made for me

Eluveitie - The Call Of The Mountains (MULTILINGUAL)
Was isch das drängeli stürm i üsem innerste?
Was isch das plange wo euse blick gäg ufe zieht?
Was isch de klang wo dur die schwarzi wulche bricht?
Was verspricht mir de klang vo däre harfe? 

Thrawnsunblat - She, Arboreal
And though I’ve seen her aflame in the sun,
just as I have in the gloom of the rain,
and as I have in dead winter days,
her beauty abides in all her shades.

The Mahones - Is This Bar Open Till Tomorrow
Is this bar open till tomorrow?
`cos if it is I’ll drink right here
Looks like a good place to drawn your sorrows
Bring me whiskey bring me beer,
Bring me whiskey bring me beer
So bring me whiskey bring me beer
So bring me whiskey bring me beer

Three Days Grace - Chalk Outline
You left me here like a chalk outline
On the sidewalk waiting for the rain
To wash away
(Wash away)
You keep coming back to the scene of the crime
But the dead can’t speak and there’s nothing left to say anyway
All you left behind
Is a chalk outline

Woods Of Ypres - Move On (The Woman Will Always Leave The Man)
You may come together, in the lust of summer,
And she may stay with you, to see the autumn colours,
And love you through the winter, in your warm and cozy home,
But by the time that spring arrives… she’ll be gone…

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