5 Tips for Public Speaking

1. Practice Out Loud. I cannot stress this enough. Don’t just read over your notes or imagine saying it in your head, actually SPEAK THE WORDS over and over again. This will make you feel so much more comfortable when you’re in front of everyone. Also, once you think you’ve practiced enough, do it three more times.

2. No One Cares. No one cares if you mess up a word or totally blank on part of your speech. Think about how many times you’ve zoned out or not even paid attention to what was being said? You guessed it, everyone is doing the same to you. We’re always hypercritical of ourselves, but no one else really cares. This applies to most things in life.

3. Drink/Eat Before. Especially if it’s a morning class! Make sure you’re well hydrated and not hungry. Nothing’s worse than feeling like you’re going to pass out from nerves and/or hunger while you’re standing in front of a small gathering of your peers.

4. Go First. And if you don’t go first, try to at least go before the fifth person. This may seem terrifying, but the longer you sit there, the more nervous you become. Knocking it out first will help you calm down and just get it over with, so you can relax the rest of the class.

5. Dress Comfortably/Style Hair. Make sure to wear something comfortable and that you won’t fidget with. Even if you have to dress up nicely, still wear something that you’ve worn a couple times before and feel really confident in! Also, a tip for anyone with long hair, try to style it out of your face, especially if you’re the type of person to constantly mess with it. This extra distraction might make you lose focus and forget what you’re trying to say during your speech.

Bonus Tip: Follow the instructions! I know it seems simple, but in my COLLEGE level speech class, so many people did poorly on their speeches just because they didn’t include everything required of them. Double check to make sure you have added everything, like sources, works cited, etc. depending on what your teacher assigns. This is a great way to get easy points, so you will have a higher grade, even if you do mess up the presentation part of it!

Just a little update!

I’m really happy about this, so I want to share it with you guys. Last week I got my acceptance letter from university, so this September, I’ll be starting on a bachelor called “natural resources” which is an education in sustainability, solutions to climate problems, management of natural resourcers and the like.

One and a half years ago, I made the best decicion of my life to quit university when I was studying Japanese and Business. I had been clinging to a dream I had when I was 16, and I had a hard time realising that I just didn’t have that dream anymore and it was scary and unpleasant to drop out and not knowing what to do, but ever since I heard about this natural resources bachelor, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. It was a really big leap but now I am so happy I follwed my heart and examined my innermost feelings. Nothing would have been worse for me than to continue what I was doing back then.

Sometimes following your heart is the best thing to do.

anonymous asked:

Where did you get your pendulum? I want to start using one and I was also wondering if you had any tips one using one

Hey anon!

I actually got my pendulum at a local shop here in town. But I know there are plenty of fairly cheap and well made ones on Etsy and the like.

As for tips….

  • Be nice to your pendulum. There’s nothing worse than accidentally slighting your pendulum and having it be snarky as fuck for the rest of the day/week.
  • Find the best position for your arm. However you find your arm is most stable, do your readings that way. 
  • If you do get a new pendulum, sleep with it under your pillow for about a week, that way it gets in tune with your energy.
  • Every couple of times you work with your pendulum make sure to ask it which way is ‘yes’ and which way is ‘no’. Mine doesn’t do it often, but sometimes they will change which direction means which. Best to stay on your toes with them. 

And that’s really it. Hope I helped a little, and good luck with your own readings!

there’s nothing worse than the feeling you get when you think there’s a movie on netflix that you own so you’re so ready and comfy and excited as you search for it only to discover it’s not there anymore and that you now have to move your lazy ass to get the dvd and put it in

Nothing worse than when an awful patient tells flat out lies

And your main person doesn’t have your back.

and he KNOWS it isn’t true, but “I’ve gotta play the game”

and THIS is why people assault their nurses verbally & physically and get away with it.


vehlr asked:

“Please tell me you forgive me!” - Cass/Varric

i live for angst and i’m not sorry about this at all (aka i’m a horrible horrible person)


When he was a young man, Varric decided that nothing would hurt worse than when Bianca left him.

But…how did that saying go? With age comes wisdom? Varric wasn’t sure if he was wise but he was certainly smarter now. When Bianca left, he moved on. When Cassandra left, it was as if she took him with her.

And that hurt a hell of a lot worse than Bianca.

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