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It's pretty neat that Jungkook is your motivation for getting good grades. We all need an extra push sometimes. Is there anything in particular that he said or did to motivate you?

its really just how much he (and the rest of bangtan) have worked so hard to get where they are right now and i want to have that kind of accomplishment in my own life not necessarily how they have experienced it but you know what i mean haha

and there are actually quite a few things he’s said that’s motivated me but it’s this quote in particular that motivates me the most

“Effort makes you. You will regret someday if you don’t do your best now. Don’t think it’s too late but keep working on it. It may take time, but there’s nothing that gets worse due to practising. So practise. You may get depressed, but its evidence that you are doing good.”

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I- I made you some fanart and I'm kinda scared to submit it........ Since I'm bad at drawing and all... 'Sigh'

Heyo anon my man my art is the worst

Nothing can possibly be worse

Children, be curious. Nothing is worse (I know it) than when curiosity stops. Nothing is more repressive than the repression of curiosity. Curiosity begets love. It weds us to the world. It’s part of our perverse, madcap love for this impossible planet we inhabit.
—  Graham Swift, Waterland

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Arien: Oh Zeus! Are you okay? What a dumb question, If You're okay why The heck you will be in a hospital?! Lore's already there? Fine, I'm going. – Winterfell: WHAT?! ARE YOU KIDDING? NO! WHAT HAPPENED?! CALM DOWN! I AM GOING!!

“Calm down pls… I’m kinda alright… I told you about how I felt ill every morning duringthe last week? And how I couldn’t eat a thing but uncooked spaghetti? And that I’m a bit late for ‘that time’ of the month…?
Well I had a lil collab, nothing worse but… Now I know why I got all these symptoms…
Please don’t tell Lore! I won’t keep it anyway! At least I think I won’t…”


A Star Wars Holiday Special… because flower wreath crowns and terrible Christmas sweaters are universal X)

Happy holidays friends, and may the Force be with you! :D <3