Jaal would totally adore cats and nothing you can say will ever convince me otherwise. End of discussion.

Having said that, I’m sitting sick at home and when I’m sick my brain comes up with weird art ideas, so here you go. AND I STILL HAVEN’T PLAYED THE GAME. *SCREAMS* I’m waiting for all the patch work to be done, I’d like for it to be May now plz.

I’ll get u all the cats, Jaal, buddy <3333




in which hanamaki is surprisingly the one making sense


mattsun made sure all 4 of them are available on makkis bday this year so they can meet even tho theyre all in diff unis

he also made sure to give makki a very memeingful bday

god that was awful

( ah, iwa+oi got the drinks and creampuffs) 



In the future you know Ed and Os relationship is gonna be like

Oswald: I’ll buy your way out of Arkham if you go on a date with me.

Edward: Oh my god, you ask for that every time. You know I have resources, right? Technology? Contacts?

Oswald: Well, if you’d rather spend an additional month listening to the screams of the insane…

Edward: Fine, but we’re going to a restaurant I like this time.

anonymous asked:

Dex and a compilation of all his best chirps

Dex’s Favorite On-Ice Chirps:

  • “keep shooting right at the breadbasket, man, i’m sure it’ll go through him eventually”
  • “yo, stripes, does your wife know you’re screwing us?”
  • after literally anyone touches bitty or nursey: “do it again and be ready to drop your fucking gloves, you fucking duster”
  • “hey tendy, we’re not playing dodgeball, buddy.”
  • to a fourth-liner before a faceoff: “hey, does your coach know you’re out here?”
  • after someone dives: “hey buddy did you just trip over the blue line? fucking bender”
  • also he has absolutely called someone a pigeon and then cooed at them à la claude giroux
  • he only uses these chirps when he’s not actually that mad. when he’s really mad it’s all just “fuck you” and the occasional “drop your gloves, make my fucking day”
    • no one ever fights him bc he looks fucking crazy when he’s mad
  • he’s only ever gotten in one fight, actually, and the dude dropped the gloves on him bc he skated over to him after a shift and just laughed and said “bro, you’re terrible at hockey”
    • ransom and holster put it on the wall in the basement as the simplest and most effective chirp in SMH history

Parents who aren’t cishet are so strong.
People who give birth or carry a child and aren’t women are unbelievably brave and capable.
Nonbinary parents are incredible and just as capable of raising a child of any gender.
Mothers whose partner carried their child are so beautiful and amazing.
Same/similar gender parents are fantastic and loving and able to be just as awesome as different gender parents.
Fathers who carried their baby are unbelievably awesome dads.
Parents who have a surrogate baby for any reason are just as much their child’s parent as they would be if they had/had been able to have the child just between them.
Parents who adopt are so beautiful and kind and are the parent that the child needed, and are just as worthy as parents who don’t adopt.
LGBTQ+ parents are the best and nothing will ever convince me otherwise.