Concern Meme
  1. ‘I’ve not seen you eat a vegetable in a week. How about I make you a proper dinner?’
  2. 'That does not look like a flesh wound, dude.’
  3. 'Do you actually ever leave your office and sleep?’
  4. 'Sleeping on your desk totally doesn’t count.’
  5. 'I’ve seen healthier looking corpses. You should head to bed.’
  6. 'Keep hydrated! I’m concerned about you in that heat!’
  7. 'Have you practised any self-care today?’
  8. 'Do you want me to run a warm bath for you? We can use your favourite bubble bar.’
  9. 'I’ll hold your hair. Just take deep breaths.’
  10. 'I know there was a story about a girl who lived on nothing but pizza, but I really don’t think you’ll manage to do the same!’
  11. 'You look terrible. I mean, you look beautiful as ever, but also super sick.’
  12. 'Please go and rest? I’m so worried about you!’
  13. 'You need to sit for a while. Please? You’re always on your feet.’
  14. 'All this stress isn’t good for you.’
  15. 'Would you like a back-rub?’
  16. 'C'mon, look at me! Don’t close your eyes, okay?’
  17. 'Wake up! Come on, please! Come back to me!’
  18. 'You’re having a nightmare! It’s not real, I’m here!’
  19. 'What do you normally do to help your anxiety? We can do that.’
  20. 'Would you like me to sit with you while you go through this?’
  21. 'Are you okay for me to touch you? You can nod or shake your head.’
  22. 'Breathe, that’s it. Nice and steady.’
  23. 'I’m right here, I promise. I’m not going anywhere.’
  24. 'You can cry if you need to, it’s alright. No one would think badly of you.’
  25. 'Do you want a hug?’
  26. 'I’ll stay right with you until you fall asleep.’
  27. 'You went really dizzy there for a second. Can you hear me now?’
  28. 'I’ve got you. I won’t let anything happen to you. Just stay with me, please…’
  29. 'Where does it hurt? Can you show me?’
  30. 'I have a first aid kit, I can fix you up.' 
december morning

this is literally nothing, sorry

Winter morning at the Haus. The attic is freezing. Heat rises, but not enough seeps into the attic from below, and it’s a morning where even blankets and sweats don’t do a hell of a lot. Ransom climbs down from the upper bunk and pushes in next to a sleeping Holster.

Holster comes awake at Ransom’s unceremonious dumping of himself into his bed. He groans, stirs. On instinct, tries to get up and stumble to the bathroom. But Ransom catches his wrist with one hand. “Stay,” he mumbles.

“Cut it out, man, I have to pee,” Holster grumbles.

“Fine.” Ransom shivers. “But come right back. I’m cold.”

“Jesus, you’re impossible,” Holster says. But after he’s done his business he’s right back in bed with Ransom, facing him this time. His hand snakes under the covers to catch Ransom by the waist. “You’re warm.”

“I’m not. Freezing.” Ransom curls inward, hooks his ankles against Holster’s. “You’re warm.”

“Hahah.” Holster kisses his forehead, then his cheek. “You’re just here to mooch off my body heat, bro.”

“Yeah, more or less.” Ransom buries his head in the hollow of Holster’s shoulder. “Stay put.”

Holster’s hand drifts over his waist, huge and warm and comforting. “‘m here,” he murmurs.  

They cuddle close, the heat of their bodies together a bulwark against the creeping cold of the December morning. Ransom breathes against Holster’s neck; Holster shudders, but Ransom has a feeling it’s not with the cold.

“You want to go get breakfast?” Holster says after a few minutes. His stomach has a tendency to growl loudly when he needs food, and it’s just made its presence known.


“Of course not,” Holster grumbles. “You want to starve to death.”

“Shut up, just stay.” Ransom runs his hand up and down Holster’s chest. God, but he loves the feel of him, solid and real and right there. He leans in, kisses Holster’s neck.

Holster’s body ripples with a shudder. “Oh well,” he says, tilting his head to catch Ransom’s skin under his mouth. Soft kisses land on Ransom’s jawline, his cheek – his soft, sleep-slack lips. Holster’s breath is toothbrush-fresh. Ransom’s has to be terrible, but Holster doesn’t seem to care. “Kay,” he murmurs, “okay, I’ll stay.”

“Good, stay,” Ransom mumbles, pressing his arms around Holster, his body tight into him. “Stay with me forever.”

“Okay,” Holster murmurs, tucking his head close to Ransom’s. “Okay, man. Anything for you.” In spite of the snow-bright sunlight streaming in through the little round window, they drift off again, dozing together in the quiet cold of the morning.

Overwatch Reaper76 ABO.  

I thought there was going to be more to this, but I can’t make it happen so I think I give up.


When Gabriel finds him, Jack is curled in on himself on the cot, shaking in his sleep.  

They’re not…together exactly.  They’ve touched, they’ve kissed, there’ve been hands and orgasms.  But every instinct in Gabriel’s alpha body says that he can’t leave this man, his intended mate, to suffer his way through a heat by himself, cloistered away alone in some room with nothing but a vibrator and his own hands.  That’s fucking cruel.

A deeper, darker alpha instinct whispers, What if he doesn’t stay alone?  You just gonna let someone else have him?

He meant to do this the right way.  He honestly did.  Wake him up, ask him to make this official.  He’s wanted it for a while, and he thinks Jack does too.  But Jack is naked and flushed to an alluring peachy blush, with a sheen of sweat highlighting the muscular curves of his body.  And he’s wet as hell; his thighs gleam with it and Gabriel can smell him, ripe and sweet and musky.  There’s a toy inside him, holding him open and vibrating inside him on a low setting Gabriel can just detect at the lower edge of hearing. The fine muscles of Jack’s rim and lower body flutter periodically, responsive even in sleep.

Still, still he almost manages to keep his head, but as he watches, Jack’s trembling crescendoes into an orgasm that ripples through his body.  He arches and moans in his sleep, a sound like he’s taking a dick already.

Gabriel inhales raggedly and his vision goes white.

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We spent every day doing nothing, talking about nothing and everything, all the things we didn’t understand, all the things we never would. We woke up every morning with nothing to do, and didn’t sleep till the sun was rising again. We watched our youthful innocence melt away in the summer heat, rising from the ground in shimmering waves. We kissed goodbye to world we knew, and turned to the one we had yet to explore.

I will never regret a moment of that summer we wasted away together. We ended in dust as the leaves fell from the trees, but you taught me how it feels to love and be loved, and I will never stop being grateful to you for that.
—  EMJ // Under Midnight Suns And Satellites

The inside of Shawn’s Jeep was warm, a little too warm. It hadn’t been this cold outside in a while, and you were too lazy to take off your jacket so you turned off the heat as you screamed out the lyrics to Mercy as it played on the radio. Shawn’s left hand was on the steering wheel and his right was on your leg. You and Shawn had nothing better to do, and Shawn knew you always had lots of trouble sleeping, so he suggested to take you on a drive. You had been driving around now for 30 minutes and you were getting bored of all the same songs on the radio.

“I’m thirsty. Can we stop somewhere?” You turned off the music and looked at Shawn, grabbing the hand that was on your leg and intertwining his fingers with his. His hands were stone cold but you didn’t mind. It felt nice against your warm skin.

“I don’t think anything is open babe.” Shawn said but kept his eyes on the road. You loved driving at night, when everything was lit up and the things you see in everyday life like stop lights, just seemed prettier. The green light shining from outside the car window was glowing on Shawn’s face, lighting him up.

“Stop and Shop is, I think. Just take a left on Center Street and it’s in that weird plaza.”

Shawn eventually found his way into the plaza and soon enough, you were in the parking lot of Stop and Shop making a list of things you wanted.

“Soda. Chips. Popcorn.” You listed off all the things you were craving. Shawn cut you off and said, “Muffins, and water.” You rolled your eyes and laughed. “Is there ever a time when you don’t want muffins?”

“Nope.” Shawn leaned in to kiss you quick before you got out of the car and into the cool air. The wind tossed around your hair, messing it up. You hugged your jacket, pulling it tighter to you keeping in as much warmth as possible. Shawn must’ve noticed you were a little cold, because he came up behind you and literally swept you off your feet. He was now carrying you into the store, and normally you wouldn’t allow things like this but it was late and no one was around. He put you down once you got into the store and he kissed you hard as soon as your feet were back on the ground. You were both considered adults, but you felt like teenagers in some kind of puppy love.

As you walked through the store Shawn held your hand tightly and kissed you each time you put something on your list into your basket.

“Attention customers, Stop and Shop will be closing in 5 minutes.” You heard a booming voice throughout the store.

“What!” You looked at Shawn and he laughed as he started running out of the aisle you were in. You still had 5 minutes but it felt like you had to be quicker than that. You both were now running around the store grabbing everything you wanted as fast as you could. You eventually made it out of the store without being kicked out, and you sat in Shawn’s Jeep with a bag of snacks and drinks.

“My heart is beating really fast and I don’t know why.” Shawn said as he took a soda from your bag.

“That’s how you should feel your whole life!” You said quoting one of your favorite books Paper Towns. It was true. It was incredibly lame, and innocent, but the excitement of rushing through a short shopping trip was fun. And whenever you were with Shawn, you were having fun. That’s how you knew you wanted to be with him, forever. Before you met him, you had certain good days and certain good moments, and those moments were what was keeping you alive. Those fun moments that happened every once in a while was what you loved. But with Shawn, you always had those moments. You had moments of excitement with Shawn almost everyday. He made you happy to be alive. Even though you were both tired, and your bodies were exhausted from the long day, you felt emotionally awake. You felt yourself falling in love.

Could you open this for me?

Joker x reader It was a rainy night in Gotham and usually the Joker would be looking out his window laughing at all the people running from the water, but he was in a sour mood. A deal had gone south when Batman had showed up, so he was forced to hide out until the heat died down. He growled as he turned from the window he was bored and had nothing to do, which wasn’t a good combination for him. As he was walking to his room to lay down and sleep the night away he was stopped by a knock at the door. “It can’t be Frost he would’ve used the key, so who could be at my door wishing for death”, he thought as he grabbed his gun and stormed towards the door. He yanked the door open and aimed the gun ready to pull the trigger, but he was stopped by a woman’s voice saying" Excuse me I usually don’t really bother my neighbors but my boyfriend broke up with me and I need help opening this jar.“ He looked at the girl and noticed she was holding a pickle jar in her (s/c) hands, he locked eyes with her and looked for any fear in her (e/c) orbs but there was none. Instead she looked like she was getting impatient holding the jar up for him, so impatient that she had to ask again to make sure he heard her” Could you open this for me?“ The joker was at a loss for words this girl had came to his door asking him to open a jar and even with a gun pointed at her face she showed no fear, how could this be? ” You know what I’m going to just go break it since you seem busy being a statue and all.“ She said as she was walking off, but she wouldn’t get far oh no she had made him curious and she could even make this night more enjoyable. “Well anyway bye- Hey wait a second let me go who do you think you are just dragging a girl into your place like you own her!” “ Look here doll you’re going to be my entertainment for the night until it’s safe for me to leave you got that?” He said as he dragged her to the couch so that they could sit down.“I ain’t nobody’s entertainment, I just came here to get this jar opened not to get rubbed on by a clown.” “Oh fierce I like it so tell me doll why did this boy toy of yours leave you to open your own jars?” “Don’t call me doll and if you must know I caught him sleeping with someone else, so I kicked him and her out.” “That’s all you did oh come on doll, no cutting off his little friend and slapping the girl around for a bit that sounds way better than just putting them out.” He said with a loud obnoxious laugh. “Unlike you I’m not a criminal so no I didn’t do anything that could get me locked up, if I can’t open a jar by myself what in your crazy sadistic mind makes you think I could survive prison life and you still haven’t opened this jar.” “The jar can wait we got all night for me to open the stupid jar, I’m talking about you right now and that untapped potential you have inside you.” They continued to talk and argue about what she should have did and how he would have broken her out of prison until they both fell asleep. The next morning (y/n) woke up to find the joker gone and a note on the table: “Hey doll if you’re reading this I decided not to kill you in your sleep and have made my mind to keep you as my personal pet, I’ll come and get you later today make sure you have everything you want packed up when I get there.” (Y/n) set the note back down on the table and that was when she noticed her pickle jar sitting there with a smiley faces drawn on it, she felt some hope build in her as she reaches it and twisted the lid. That hope soon melted away to be replaced by rage and sadness as she realized he didn’t even open the jar. “ I guess I’ll never get to eat that sandwich.” Well that’s the end I hope I did well considering I’m doing this on my phone and this is the first story I’m uploading on here so anyway sorry for any mistakes and I hope you guys enjoyed the story.

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plus size series: calum

He approached the bar, phone in one hand, empty beer bottle in the other. It had been approximately 9 weeks since his breakup, and he was still drinking himself to sleep almost every single night. The thought of her was everywhere and it made him feel weak in the knees. There was nothing his friends could do for him, he would just get angry and throw a fit, then get wasted and pass out. This was becoming a regular thing for him, he would go to his favourite bar, drink until he could hardly stand, and take a cab back home and sleep the entire next day. That was until he met her. She was laughing and pouring vodka into a martini shaker, her chubby cheeks rosy from the pure heat that radiated through the bar. Calum swore he had never seen a girl with a prettier smile, or a nicer rack if he was being honest. He slid into a seat at the bar and tapped anxiously on the counter waiting for her to come over.

“Hi, what can I get ya?” She smiled and flicked her ponytail back behind her.

“You’re new here.” He said and brushed the hair out of his face.

“You’d be correct. Started last night.” She picked up a glass and started drying it with a hand towel, he watched her hands maneuver around the glass, cautiously. “So? Beer? Scotch? Vodka? What’s your poison?” He was too entranced by the colour of her eyes to even speak, her long eyelashes fluttering ever so delicately. He found her nametag that was placed right over her right boob, Y/N. He repeated the name over and over in his head.

“Beer please. Corona?”

“Coming right up.” She flashed that perfect smile and spun around, he couldn’t help but stare at the shape of her body, the hips, the rolls on her back, the tightness in the back of her jeans. He bet that she looked amazing naked. She popped the cap off of the bottle and slid it across the bar, straight into his hands. “What’s your name?” She asked, leaning on her elbows.


“Famous rock star. I’ve seen you kill it on the bass. My sister is a huge fan.” His heart fluttered in a way that it hadn’t in months.

“That’s sweet.” He smiled and sipped his beer, trying not to make it too obvious that he was dying inside at the thought of her in the crowd, watching him be a dork on stage. “If you knew my name, why ask?”

“I was being polite. Starting a conversation, what normal people do.” She chuckled and Calum’s heart stopped, her laugh, it was soft, yet unique, like music to his ears. “And just cause you’re a rockstar doesn’t mean that’s on the house.” She smirked and swayed back towards the other end of the bar, grabbing drinks for the dirtbags that were licking their lips at her. She leaned over the bar and hugged a frail old man and his wife, before whispering something which made the two of them start laughing. He watched as she refused their money and pulled some out of her own wallet to put in the register instead. The night went on and the bar started to get less and less crowded, by midnight it was just him and her, she had her hands in the sink, rinsing dirty glasses and drying them, placing them on a wobbly rack. After a while, she walked back over to him and leaned over. “So, what’s got a young, cute rockstar like you in a shitty old bar like this all alone?” His heart pounded, he didn’t want to think about her especially since he hadn’t been ever since he layed eyes on this goddess in front of him.

“I think too much.” He said and took a swig from his bottle.

“Hmm, looks like heartbreak to me. You know one is on the house after all.” She bent down and grabbed a bottle from a mini fridge. “I get first sip though.” She put the bottle up to her pretty plump, pink lips and took a long sip. He watched her lick the beer off of her lips and he pushed against his crotch.

“You know, you’re like, really beautiful for a-” Calum began to say but she snorted, cutting him off before he could finish his sentence.

“If you finish that with ‘for a fat girl’ I’m going to make you pay for that second beer after all.”

“I was going to say for a bartender.” He smirked and she blushed, cracking her knuckles.

“Well played Mr.Hood.” She raised her hands up in defense.

“Most of the bartender’s here are greasy old men. You are quite the change of scenery.”

“I know the kind of girls you go for, I am definitely not one of them.” She giggled and sipped on a glass of water.

“I go for beautiful girls. And you most definitely fit into that category.” He swallowed a lump in his throat, he wanted to jump over the bar and run his hands over her body right there. A dorky grin spread across her face and she took the last sip of her water before tossing it in the sink. “What time do you get off?”

“Half an hour.”

“Want to go get Thai food? I know this awesome little place not too far from here.” He felt like his heart might fall out of his ass, waiting and studying the look on her face, trying to gage her reaction.

“Are we going to get mobbed by teenage girls?” She raised her eyebrow and popped her hip out, resting her hand on her side, folding her arm across her chest and chewing on her red polished nails.

“Haven’t you heard? Everybody hates me.” She watched as the look on his face turned from a cheeky grin into a frown, his deep brown eyes looking too sad for her liking.

“Well that isn’t true. I don’t hate you.”

“Not yet.” He mumbled into the beer bottle, taking a long sip.

“A little pad thai outta cheer you up.” She leaned over the bar and grabbed his hand, squeezing it tightly. He immediately squeezed it back, the pure warmth and softness of her hands made his vision blur. She hated the look on his face, she wanted to make his sadness go away, she knew about all the things that they said about him in the magazines and on twitter and she knew it wasn’t true. She ran her chubby fingers over the callus on his thumb and he flinched, he hadn’t been touched that tenderly for years. Not even she ever touched him that way. “Meet me out front, I gotta go in the back and do some paperwork, then I’ll change. 25 minutes.” She smiled and let go of his hand, he automatically craved her touch the instant her hand was gone. She disappeared behind a swinging door and he started to get jittery, anxious, waiting for her. He slung his jacket over his shoulders and pushed out the front door, pulling a cigarette from his pocket and using his favourite red lighter to light up, instantly sucking in a huge breath and inhaling the sweetness. He blew the smoke up into the air and leaned up against a brick wall, girls passed by him and snickered to themselves, he simply rolled his eyes and took another puff. He repeatedly took his phone out to check the time, tapping his foot on the pavement. Something inside him believed that maybe she wouldn’t come out of those doors, that he would be standing here in the cold all night wishing he could just see her face again. But minutes later, he saw her, a leather jacket wrapped around her body. Her hair was down and she had changed into an Iron Maiden tshirt and light  blue skinny jeans that hugged in all the right places. The streetlight shined on her pink cheeks, the lipgloss wiped off her lips and replaced with red lipstick. “Hood.” She smirked and grabbed the cigarette from my lips and placed it inbetween hers. He stared at her, his whole body heating up with pure lust.

“S-so thai then?” He stuttered and internally facepalmed.

“Thai.” She nodded and started walking down the pavement, the soles of her converse tapping against the concrete. He walked closely beside her, the cool night air engulfing them as they approached the restaurant. She talked about her day at work and how she had to call for security because a few guys were harassing her. His blood started to boil at the thought of anyone talking bad about her, because to him, right now, in the middle of a cold night, she looked like an angel. He watched her talk, the way her lips moved, the way her eyes widened when she talked about something she loved. It was true that she didn’t look like anyone he had ever dated before, or even liked. But she was different, she was genuine, smart, funny, kind and amazingly beautiful.  People would talk if they saw them together, but he didn’t really give a fuck. They took a seat at the table by the window, tugging off their jackets and slinging them over the back of the chair. He watched her run her fingers over the menu, he felt like he couldn’t take his eyes off of her, everything she did entranced him. The thing with Calum was that he had a problem controlling his hormones, his palm was twitching, he wanted to feel every part of her.

“You’re making me nervous.” He said and laughed awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck.

“I make you nervous?” She laughed and wrapped her lips around the straw stuck in her drink, he squeezed his thighs together in some sort of attempt to decrease the raging boner in his jeans. “Calum Hood? Rockstar? Performs in front of thousands of people everynight?” He couldn’t help but stare at the lipstick stains on the straw and wish they were on his cock.

“F-fuck stop.” He groaned.

“Stop what? I’m not doing anything!” She raised her hands up in defense which got him a good glimpse of her chest.

“Just everything. Stop being so cool, and beautiful and jaw droppingly hot at the same time.”

“Comes naturally baby.” She winked and leaned back in her chair. “Though flattery and indescribable charm only gets you so far.” Calum twitched in his chair, he’d never wanted somebody so badly in his life. 

“Would it be totally offside if I asked you to come to my place right now?” 

“Hmm I don’t know..what’s in it for me?” She smirked, leaning forward, her sweet perfume combing with the smell of cigarette smoke. 

“Anything you want.” He spat out, instantly regretting it, feeling like a huge loser.

“Anything I want?” She licked her lip and his stomach churned, leaning in closer and closer by the second. Calum thought he might pass out. 

“Y-yeah.” He stuttered, not quite being able to control his speech at this point. 

“You.” She brushed her thumb across his lips and he shivered at the touch. He leaned forward to kiss her and she giggled, sitting back in her seat. “But patience is a virtue Mr.Hood. The night is still young.” 

He realized this was the first time in a long time that he had felt alive. And it was because of her, this gorgeous goddess sitting in front of him. He couldn’t wait to see what the rest of the night had in store for them. 

OKAYYY I FINALLY POSTED ONE. Let me know what you guys think?? It’s not super specific, just details that I think make it a little more personal?? Please give me feedback and if I should post the other guys ones later this week!

7. “You make a good pillow.”  

with Loki

It was so hot in the Avengers Tower you thought you were going to evaporate any second now. You hated summer, who could stand this heat anyway. Tony had promised to repair the damn air conditioning days ago but nothing had happened till now and you were seriously getting annoyed. You walked back to your room, passing Loki’s and you suddenly had an idea. Why wait for Tony when you had your very own Frost Giant around. You knocked and walked in when he called.

“I know that look, what do you want?” He asks suspiciously.

“Why do you think I want something maybe I just wanted to stop by, catch up and…-”


“Can I sleep with you tonight? I uh mean…just beside you.” You stutter when you realize how strange that sounded.

“That’s an odd request.”

“You’re so cold.”

“That just seems to be in my nature.”

“No, no I mean you’re literally cold and I’m going to burn to death if nobody does something against this heat soon.”

“Very well…” He says with a raised eyebrow. You walk over happily, jumping onto the bed and resting your head on his shoulder while your arms were slung around him. You immediately felt better as the cold began to spread on your skin.

“You make a good pillow.” You tell him and he smiles slightly.

The Terminal XIX

You’re here forever and you’re by my side
I’ve been waiting all my life.

Previously on The Terminal

The heat hung heavy in the night, not bothering to slumber as the moon made its way across the sky. The breeze was stagnant, nothing more than the shuffling of the leaves on the tress, doing nothing at all to ease the suffering of those trying to sleep in the summer night. The curtains breathed, sighing slightly  as the windows let in as much relief as they could. Fans sat against screens and ushered in  air that was not any different than the air in the house, but still, they tried, humming along to their own little lullabies across the neighbourhood.

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avengers academy starter meme.

dialogues by daredevil, ms. marvel, squirrel girl, spiderman, spider gwen, taskmaster, and black panther.

❝well, it’s easy being good when things are going good.❞
❝i heard that.❞
❝you’re no match for my tiger style.❞
❝i cannot believe it!❞
❝i’ll take a stab at it.❞
❝this place is buzzing.❞
❝remember me?❞
❝i’m here to take out the trash.❞
❝nothing to fear.❞
❝super villains are lame.❞
❝i’m here to kick butts and eat nuts.❞
❝who are you calling itsy bitsy?❞
❝i approve.❞
❝how come….you don’t….return my text?❞
❝do not wake a sleeping panther.❞     
❝can i have your autograph?❞
❝squirrels are a girl’s best friend.❞
❝don’t move….this is going to be the perfect shot.❞
❝if you can’t take the heat….❞
❝*sighs* i have terrible tastes in women.❞
❝hahaha! i knew you’d do that!❞
❝i do everything you do….only better❞
❝i might be a zillion miles from home, but I’m….still in charge.❞
❝i try not to think about the whole ALT universe thing.❞
❝with great power, comes great responsibility.❞
❝i do not like fighting, but i do not lose fights.❞
❝i thought manhattan was crazy.❞    
❝i’m the only master here!❞
❝the things i do for friends i can’t stand.❞
❝why is every universe filled with jerks?❞

i don’t wanna be morbid but i’m going to anyway…. ya ever wake up in the morning feeling ice cold and even with heating on and swaddled in clothes…..nothing you do will warm you up…..and you start worrying you died in your sleep and now you’re some kinda gosh dang haunted-ass poltergeist….

Groovy like a drive-in movie

[The Bellas try to go to the drive-in. The girls find out Beca and Jesse broke up. Chloe wants to talk about it. 

Word count: 3.8 k]

The idea started out simple enough. The girls were sitting around the house one particularly sweltering southern day, doing just short of nothing. Well, actually, they were almost all sprawled out in various positions on the living room floor with several window fans on full blast. Jessica and Ashley had fallen into a simultaneous heat induced sleep, so hot that not even their fingertips were touching for once. Chloe wasn’t far behind them. Flo was hanging upside down off the back side of the couch, practicing touching her tongue to her nose. Lily was lying on her back, completely stiff but with her eyes wide open. Cynthia-Rose had resorted to sticking her head in the freezer, despite Aubrey’s constant nagging saying that she alone would be paying the electric bill this month if she didn’t knock it off. Emily, being the youngest, had been sent to get more ice from down the street. Beca and Amy were lying in the center of the room and their constant groaning and complaints were getting to the better of everyone, though making Aubrey particularly testy. Stacie was seemingly unaffected by the heat, though extraordinarily bored since no one else in the damn house would move. She refused to spend the night like this too. Suddenly, she decided she would take no more, pulled out her phone and did a quick Google search of ‘drive-in’ movies. Thankfully for her, the one not more than twenty minutes away by foot, and much less than that by car, was open. Not to mention they were playing that new superhero flick she’s been dying to see. Stacie was absolutely determined to get the Bellas out of the house and to that movie by sundown. The issue would first be convincing almost all of the Bellas to agree to even get up, and then to employ their efforts to make Beca agree. Though hell, once Chloe’s on board, swaying that little issue should be no problem at all. 

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okay but you and michael would’ve just had your lil baby only weeks ago and oh boy was he excited to finally get some action in the bedroom because ‘dammit its been months, y/n’ and his hand just isn’t doing the job anymore so when you finally manage to put the 2 month old baby down to sleep one night, you mention how you’ve been okay’d by the doctor and honestly you don’t even remember how you got to the bedroom because michael cannot wait another second to be intimate with you in this way again. Unfortunately for him, as he kisses down your body while murmuring sweet (and occasional dirty) nothings on your skin, beginning to create purple marks down your chest, he forgets in the heat of the moment what your breasts are actually for. Fair to say the moment is ruined after you both can’t stop laughing, as one passionate suck on your nipple is all it takes for him to realise, with a mouth full of milk, that these don’t just keep him happy but feed mini Clifford too

and I will go where you go

solavellan ffx au; companion to (walk with me) to the end of all dreams, because this idea won’t let me go



His stay in Llomerryn thus far has been little more than endless meetings and overseeing the temple attendants do jobs they could manage in their sleep – most of them fretting so much at having a Maester nearby, Solas half suspects they’d be more productive if he kept his distance.

It’s been a tedious affair, but there are some pleasures to be derived from his visit. The view from his rooms is nothing short of breathtaking – a crystalline coast, stretching beyond the sprawling town of red-tiled rooftops and markets, and a thick haze of humidity lies draped over the island like a veil, buzzing with heat. His chambers provide a much needed relief from the stifling climate, spheres suffused with temple-magic ensuring the tiles stay cool beneath his feet, although he eyes the horizon with a wistfulness that surprises him. It’s been ages since he last walked on the beach.

“Maester Solas?”

Lifting his eyes to the priestess in the doorway, he finds himself surprised – so caught up in his own reminiscing, he hadn’t heard her approach. “Yes?”

“You wished for me to inform you of Lady Lavellan’s arrival,” she says, and he feels his interest pique, sandy beaches quite forgotten. “The SS Wycome has just been spotted approaching the south wharf.”

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Dreams [OQ]

Missing year. Blue-verse. For emily31594; this is why we’re here (this is what is true).

He whispers to her belly, the skin there kissed tender and warmed with sweet nothings when she wakes.

“Robin.” Amusement carries her voice forward while lingering sleep weighs it down, scratching its underside. “What are you doing?”

He has a smile, though not for her. “Wishing my love a good morning.” Thusly resumes his murmuring; she catches strains of a story, theirs, retold in terms of hidden looks she’d never known of, and how she’d had him at Your Majesty.

Her hand tells his all she can’t aloud, solid heat shared in touches too real for dreams alone to claim.

Aesthetics (Heartbeats) Olicity, One-Shot, Explicit

For the Fuckening Fic Drive - based on an anon request for Oliver worshipping Felicity’s glorious ass in bed! (Tagging the glorious olicitykisses, fuckyesolicity smoakinamell - if you want to be tagged in fic posts, or a specific story/collection, please let me know!)

Summary: He had always loved a woman’s ass, but Felicity’s was in another realm.


“Oliver, what are you doing?” she asked, her voice raspy with sleep and overuse.

“Nothing,” he replied, eyes drifting back to her ass. Her very, very beautiful ass that was all his. He ran his hand over each round cheek and she let out a little laugh.

(Part of my Heartbeats collection)

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Lost And Found || closed

{ musesoflegend }

Crowley had had it all. A name for himself, a company, money, his own mansion, he’d had all there was to have. 

Well, at least he’d thought he did. He probably should’ve gotten himself some sort of bodyguard. If he had, he wouldn’t be sitting in front of his house, well his former house, hurt and broken, sitting on and leaning against a pair of suitcases. That’s all there was left. 

He’d lost his pride, his job, his mansion and his name all in one night. He had nothing left. Fortunate as he was, he was sure his bad luck would continue in a month’s time by his heat taking a break. He really didn’t know what to do, or where to go. 

Crowley just wanted to sleep. Today had been the worst. He’d come to work, barely keeping on his feet and was greeted by pictures of himself spread all over the building. The Board had taken everything he lived for and all he could actually do was hope for his Alpha to come and at least offer a roof to sleep under. But, since he knew the whole thing had just been to achieve exactly this, Crowley was sure nobody would come. Not that he wanted him to. If he ever saw Peter Hale again, he’d rip his throat out.