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I just REALLY want to request a Jun one for some reason. but okay I guess an imagine where you and Jun (you're really good friends but have like secret feelings for each other ohoho) go to sing karaoke together and like Jun had always made these exaggerated cliche "oh because i love you" or dirty jokes to you but you slid them away because you thought he's joking anyways but at the karaoke he goes actually serious about all those cheesy romantic things (?) something like that please(?) haha

oooooh goodness I never know how to extend these karaoke ones so no promises this will be any good lmao

It was well past noon by the time you rolled out of bed - a telltale sign of summer. No school, no work, nothing - your obligations were rather limited for a few months, and you chose to spend the free time similarly to many others, of course, by sleeping the scorching heat outside away. There were a few days on which you wished that you could do a bit more with your time - maybe wake up before the sun had already reached its peak, maybe go out and about with some friends instead of sitting in front of the TV all day. At the same time, however, you certainly appreciated the time spent simply lounging about, so you continued on with the same routine of sleeping in and watching whatever was on from day to day - after all, you didn’t get many chances like that during the rest of the year. You might as well make the most of them, you thought. 

That day, of course, was no different at the beginning.

Glancing at the clock once you had finally managed to free yourself from the covers of your bed, you soon discovered that it was one in the afternoon - a bit later than you usually slept, but it was no matter. You didn’t have anything planned for the day anyway; it wouldn’t have mattered if you had slept straight through until six p.m.

Filing the thought away in your mind to try for another day, you trudged out of your bedroom, shuffling into the kitchen and helping yourself to what you weren’t quite sure whether to call breakfast or lunch.

It wasn’t until after you had finally settled yourself in front of the TV, unknown meal in hand, that you thought to check your phone which had been resting in your hand, ignored. 

Naturally, immediately upon seeing the mass amount of notifications all from the same person, you regretted your decision. 

Jun, 10:46 a.m: hey baaaaaaaaaaaabe I’m bored

Jun, 10:46 a.m: come hang out with me

Jun, 11:23 a.m: are you ignoring me?? :’( how could you hurt me in this way my love

Jun, 12:34 p.m: no but really do you want to hang out

Jun, 12:35 p.m: we could have so fun ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

Jun, 12:35 p.m: just kiddiiiiiiing~

Jun, 12:35 p.m: but seriously though I want to see you today

Jun, 12:41 p.m: if you don’t answer me like right now I’m just coming over

Jun, 12:47 p.m: I’m on my waaaaaay wait for me my love~

It was all that you could do to groan, bringing your hand up to your face and staring down at your phone with a tired look in your eyes and your cheeks a bit too hot for your liking. Leave it to Jun to start with his antics before you even woke up. You had been looking forward to a day of just relaxing, but judging by the time the last message was sent, it would only be a matter of minutes before Jun arrived - he didn’t live all that far away. 

Opting to push the way he had called you ‘babe’ to the back of your mind, you stood from the couch almost as soon as you had sat there, figuring that it’d be best to wear actual clothes as opposed to just your pajamas wen Jun was around. 

Your timing was impeccable, it seemed, because as soon as you got your shirt over your head, the doorbell rang.

When you opened the door to find Jun posed as dramatically as he possibly could be, a smug grin on his face, you jokingly made a move to slam it in his face - he, of course, yelled out in indignation, sticking his foot in the door so it couldn’t shut and prompting you to open it all the way once more.

“Are you ready to go?” He asked expectantly as soon as he could fully saee your face, and it was all that you could do to cock your head at him in your confusion. 

“Go where?” you asked. “I thought that you were just coming to hang out over here.”

“I changed my mind,” he answered simply, and it was all that you could do to sigh.  He was as eccentric as ever, of course, far too much of a handful for you to deal with so soon after waking up. “We’re going to karaoke.”

“Gee, thanks for asking my opinion on it,” you quipped, stepping aside to allow him inside nonetheless. 

“I’m always thinking of you, babe,” he said with a wink as you headed back to your room to slip on a pair of shoes, going along with his plan without question. You rolled your eyes, choosing not to think about the way your heart skipped a beat in your chest.

“What’s with all the jokes today?” You questioned as you came back out. “You’re being more ridiculous than usual.”

“I’m not joking,” He said, that heart-stopping smile of his on his face. “It’s because I love you.”

You scoffed, nudging him with your shoulder as you brushed past him and out the door, heading straight for the car. “Try to contain yourself, lover boy. We’ve got some karaoke to sing.”

Of course, Jun followed happily after you. 

It was hardly the first time that you had gone out to karaoke with Jun - in fact, it was a favorite pastime for the two of you, something that you regularly did when you spent time together. Somehow, however, something felt different that day. There was a certain sort of uneasiness hanging about the air, and you wondered if Junhui could feel it, too, but you chose not to say anything about it - maybe it’d go away if you just ignored it, you thought.

Of course, that method had never really worked too well for anyone. 

It was relatively normal in the beginning, the two of you both picking the most hyped up, energetic songs that you possibly could, all but screaming until your throats began to hurt. You knew that something was up, however, as soon as Junhui went up for his turn and selected a ballad. 

He sang beautifully - you found yourself closing your eyes and swaying along, simply getting lost in the sound of his sweet voice. It was when you opened your eyes only to find his locked onto yours, however, that you froze in your spot. You realized then that this wasn’t just any usual karaoke song - it was a confession.

Even once the song finished, Junhui didn’t take his eyes off of yours. 

“You weren’t joking,” you breathed, unable to form any other coherent sentences at the moment. Your mind was in disarray - it was hardly as if he had been secretive about it, so why hadn’t you noticed until then? 

“I wasn’t,” he agreed, still watching you with bated breath. 

It was silent for a few moments, you still trying to sort out your own thoughts and Jun still awaiting your answer.

“What do you think?” He asked finally, unable to wait any longer.

“I think,” you said, lips curving up into a smirk, “that I wouldn’t mind if you kept calling me ‘babe’.”

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44, 100, 140, 141 😊🤔

44. Trip to outer space or bottom of the ocean?

Outer space for sure! The sea is beautiful, but space is incredible..I get lost in its beauty all the’s a dream of mine to be able to “swim” through a nebula and bask in its beauty, were I ever able to Haha XD

100. How are you feeling?

My head hurts a little, I haven’t been sleeping well for days. I’m also bored and looking for something fun to do.

140. Summer or Winter?

I’m going to say winter, for the purpose that in the heat without an air conditioner there is nothing you can do but bare it. Winter time you have the option of wearing warm clothing and heating up to hot cocoa. Also, I love love Christmas and snow is beautiful!

141. Night or Day?

Both, waking up early has my brain at it’s optimum, but come late night time, it’s when I’m most creative and active and comfortable. :)

Thank you so much once again!!~