Turns out that thing I kept mistaking for love
was just an old Victorian when the lease ran out.
All chipped paint and peeling wallpaper.
Empty as the day it was built,
just older.
Turns out,
I only called the creaking stairs a symphony
so there would be something there
to sing me to sleep, at night.
Desperation flayed the skin from my bones;
And somehow,
I thought squatting in a place with no bed,
no heat,
might still be enough to keep me warm.
I never saw your arms for what they were:
skeleton rafters that couldn’t hold me right.
I put out pots to catch the water dripping
from the patchwork roof
and convinced myself that it was just something
everyone had to do.
Four in the morning, and I am made of nothing
but text messages I wish I’d never sent.
You looked like home when my apartment didn’t.
You opened my chest and I swear, I couldn’t feel the draft.
Okay, so I didn’t delete your number,
but that doesn’t mean I still love you.
I still love you.
I still love you.
I still love you.
Call me back.

The “For Sale” sign in the yard was the best thing I ever did.
And for once, I didn’t look behind me.
I don’t know who will love you next
but I hope she fixes the roof
and pays the electric.
I hope she stops trying to call you
when you, inevitably, stop calling her back.
—  Halfway House, by Ashe Vernon
Happy birthday || Calzona & Family

Callie and Arizona were in bed. They actually ended up sleeping in the same bed, but still no touching. The next morning Callie laid there for hours while her wife slept. She wanted to make today the best it could be knowing how much her wife hates her birthday. She decided not to take her pain medication so she wouldn’t be doped up for Arizona’s birthday. She could ignore the pain. Callie watched her wife sleep. She always woke her up with a birthday kiss. She could do this. She carefully leaned over, took a deep breath, and kissed her wife. Nothing like the usual heated one, but definitely more than a peck. “H-Happy birthday.” She breathed out, ignoring the shaking in her hand.

okay but you and michael would’ve just had your lil baby only weeks ago and oh boy was he excited to finally get some action in the bedroom because ‘dammit its been months, y/n’ and his hand just isn’t doing the job anymore so when you finally manage to put the 2 month old baby down to sleep one night, you mention how you’ve been okay’d by the doctor and honestly you don’t even remember how you got to the bedroom because michael cannot wait another second to be intimate with you in this way again. Unfortunately for him, as he kisses down your body while murmuring sweet (and occasional dirty) nothings on your skin, beginning to create purple marks down your chest, he forgets in the heat of the moment what your breasts are actually for. Fair to say the moment is ruined after you both can’t stop laughing, as one passionate suck on your nipple is all it takes for him to realise, with a mouth full of milk, that these don’t just keep him happy but feed mini Clifford too

plus size series: calum

He approached the bar, phone in one hand, empty beer bottle in the other. It had been approximately 9 weeks since his breakup, and he was still drinking himself to sleep almost every single night. The thought of her was everywhere and it made him feel weak in the knees. There was nothing his friends could do for him, he would just get angry and throw a fit, then get wasted and pass out. This was becoming a regular thing for him, he would go to his favourite bar, drink until he could hardly stand, and take a cab back home and sleep the entire next day. That was until he met her. She was laughing and pouring vodka into a martini shaker, her chubby cheeks rosy from the pure heat that radiated through the bar. Calum swore he had never seen a girl with a prettier smile, or a nicer rack if he was being honest. He slid into a seat at the bar and tapped anxiously on the counter waiting for her to come over.

“Hi, what can I get ya?” She smiled and flicked her ponytail back behind her.

“You’re new here.” He said and brushed the hair out of his face.

“You’d be correct. Started last night.” She picked up a glass and started drying it with a hand towel, he watched her hands maneuver around the glass, cautiously. “So? Beer? Scotch? Vodka? What’s your poison?” He was too entranced by the colour of her eyes to even speak, her long eyelashes fluttering ever so delicately. He found her nametag that was placed right over her right boob, Y/N. He repeated the name over and over in his head.

“Beer please. Corona?”

“Coming right up.” She flashed that perfect smile and spun around, he couldn’t help but stare at the shape of her body, the hips, the rolls on her back, the tightness in the back of her jeans. He bet that she looked amazing naked. She popped the cap off of the bottle and slid it across the bar, straight into his hands. “What’s your name?” She asked, leaning on her elbows.


“Famous rock star. I’ve seen you kill it on the bass. My sister is a huge fan.” His heart fluttered in a way that it hadn’t in months.

“That’s sweet.” He smiled and sipped his beer, trying not to make it too obvious that he was dying inside at the thought of her in the crowd, watching him be a dork on stage. “If you knew my name, why ask?”

“I was being polite. Starting a conversation, what normal people do.” She chuckled and Calum’s heart stopped, her laugh, it was soft, yet unique, like music to his ears. “And just cause you’re a rockstar doesn’t mean that’s on the house.” She smirked and swayed back towards the other end of the bar, grabbing drinks for the dirtbags that were licking their lips at her. She leaned over the bar and hugged a frail old man and his wife, before whispering something which made the two of them start laughing. He watched as she refused their money and pulled some out of her own wallet to put in the register instead. The night went on and the bar started to get less and less crowded, by midnight it was just him and her, she had her hands in the sink, rinsing dirty glasses and drying them, placing them on a wobbly rack. After a while, she walked back over to him and leaned over. “So, what’s got a young, cute rockstar like you in a shitty old bar like this all alone?” His heart pounded, he didn’t want to think about her especially since he hadn’t been ever since he layed eyes on this goddess in front of him.

“I think too much.” He said and took a swig from his bottle.

“Hmm, looks like heartbreak to me. You know one is on the house after all.” She bent down and grabbed a bottle from a mini fridge. “I get first sip though.” She put the bottle up to her pretty plump, pink lips and took a long sip. He watched her lick the beer off of her lips and he pushed against his crotch.

“You know, you’re like, really beautiful for a-” Calum began to say but she snorted, cutting him off before he could finish his sentence.

“If you finish that with ‘for a fat girl’ I’m going to make you pay for that second beer after all.”

“I was going to say for a bartender.” He smirked and she blushed, cracking her knuckles.

“Well played Mr.Hood.” She raised her hands up in defense.

“Most of the bartender’s here are greasy old men. You are quite the change of scenery.”

“I know the kind of girls you go for, I am definitely not one of them.” She giggled and sipped on a glass of water.

“I go for beautiful girls. And you most definitely fit into that category.” He swallowed a lump in his throat, he wanted to jump over the bar and run his hands over her body right there. A dorky grin spread across her face and she took the last sip of her water before tossing it in the sink. “What time do you get off?”

“Half an hour.”

“Want to go get Thai food? I know this awesome little place not too far from here.” He felt like his heart might fall out of his ass, waiting and studying the look on her face, trying to gage her reaction.

“Are we going to get mobbed by teenage girls?” She raised her eyebrow and popped her hip out, resting her hand on her side, folding her arm across her chest and chewing on her red polished nails.

“Haven’t you heard? Everybody hates me.” She watched as the look on his face turned from a cheeky grin into a frown, his deep brown eyes looking too sad for her liking.

“Well that isn’t true. I don’t hate you.”

“Not yet.” He mumbled into the beer bottle, taking a long sip.

“A little pad thai outta cheer you up.” She leaned over the bar and grabbed his hand, squeezing it tightly. He immediately squeezed it back, the pure warmth and softness of her hands made his vision blur. She hated the look on his face, she wanted to make his sadness go away, she knew about all the things that they said about him in the magazines and on twitter and she knew it wasn’t true. She ran her chubby fingers over the callus on his thumb and he flinched, he hadn’t been touched that tenderly for years. Not even she ever touched him that way. “Meet me out front, I gotta go in the back and do some paperwork, then I’ll change. 25 minutes.” She smiled and let go of his hand, he automatically craved her touch the instant her hand was gone. She disappeared behind a swinging door and he started to get jittery, anxious, waiting for her. He slung his jacket over his shoulders and pushed out the front door, pulling a cigarette from his pocket and using his favourite red lighter to light up, instantly sucking in a huge breath and inhaling the sweetness. He blew the smoke up into the air and leaned up against a brick wall, girls passed by him and snickered to themselves, he simply rolled his eyes and took another puff. He repeatedly took his phone out to check the time, tapping his foot on the pavement. Something inside him believed that maybe she wouldn’t come out of those doors, that he would be standing here in the cold all night wishing he could just see her face again. But minutes later, he saw her, a leather jacket wrapped around her body. Her hair was down and she had changed into an Iron Maiden tshirt and light  blue skinny jeans that hugged in all the right places. The streetlight shined on her pink cheeks, the lipgloss wiped off her lips and replaced with red lipstick. “Hood.” She smirked and grabbed the cigarette from my lips and placed it inbetween hers. He stared at her, his whole body heating up with pure lust.

“S-so thai then?” He stuttered and internally facepalmed.

“Thai.” She nodded and started walking down the pavement, the soles of her converse tapping against the concrete. He walked closely beside her, the cool night air engulfing them as they approached the restaurant. She talked about her day at work and how she had to call for security because a few guys were harassing her. His blood started to boil at the thought of anyone talking bad about her, because to him, right now, in the middle of a cold night, she looked like an angel. He watched her talk, the way her lips moved, the way her eyes widened when she talked about something she loved. It was true that she didn’t look like anyone he had ever dated before, or even liked. But she was different, she was genuine, smart, funny, kind and amazingly beautiful.  People would talk if they saw them together, but he didn’t really give a fuck. They took a seat at the table by the window, tugging off their jackets and slinging them over the back of the chair. He watched her run her fingers over the menu, he felt like he couldn’t take his eyes off of her, everything she did entranced him. The thing with Calum was that he had a problem controlling his hormones, his palm was twitching, he wanted to feel every part of her.

“You’re making me nervous.” He said and laughed awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck.

“I make you nervous?” She laughed and wrapped her lips around the straw stuck in her drink, he squeezed his thighs together in some sort of attempt to decrease the raging boner in his jeans. “Calum Hood? Rockstar? Performs in front of thousands of people everynight?” He couldn’t help but stare at the lipstick stains on the straw and wish they were on his cock.

“F-fuck stop.” He groaned.

“Stop what? I’m not doing anything!” She raised her hands up in defense which got him a good glimpse of her chest.

“Just everything. Stop being so cool, and beautiful and jaw droppingly hot at the same time.”

“Comes naturally baby.” She winked and leaned back in her chair. “Though flattery and indescribable charm only gets you so far.” Calum twitched in his chair, he’d never wanted somebody so badly in his life. 

“Would it be totally offside if I asked you to come to my place right now?” 

“Hmm I don’t know..what’s in it for me?” She smirked, leaning forward, her sweet perfume combing with the smell of cigarette smoke. 

“Anything you want.” He spat out, instantly regretting it, feeling like a huge loser.

“Anything I want?” She licked her lip and his stomach churned, leaning in closer and closer by the second. Calum thought he might pass out. 

“Y-yeah.” He stuttered, not quite being able to control his speech at this point. 

“You.” She brushed her thumb across his lips and he shivered at the touch. He leaned forward to kiss her and she giggled, sitting back in her seat. “But patience is a virtue Mr.Hood. The night is still young.” 

He realized this was the first time in a long time that he had felt alive. And it was because of her, this gorgeous goddess sitting in front of him. He couldn’t wait to see what the rest of the night had in store for them. 

OKAYYY I FINALLY POSTED ONE. Let me know what you guys think?? It’s not super specific, just details that I think make it a little more personal?? Please give me feedback and if I should post the other guys ones later this week!

Aesthetics (Heartbeats) Olicity, One-Shot, Explicit

For the Fuckening Fic Drive - based on an anon request for Oliver worshipping Felicity’s glorious ass in bed! (Tagging the glorious olicitykisses, fuckyesolicity smoakinamell - if you want to be tagged in fic posts, or a specific story/collection, please let me know!)

Summary: He had always loved a woman’s ass, but Felicity’s was in another realm.


“Oliver, what are you doing?” she asked, her voice raspy with sleep and overuse.

“Nothing,” he replied, eyes drifting back to her ass. Her very, very beautiful ass that was all his. He ran his hand over each round cheek and she let out a little laugh.

(Part of my Heartbeats collection)

You can also read at AO3 |

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Setting Summer Goals

It’s finally here: summer, the time of watching movies till midnight, sleeping till noon and generally wasting the days away in a sweet nothing. It’s fun and it’s easy, I get it. But you should think twice if that’s really what you want to do this year. Research has shown that completely slacking off during the holidays causes a summer learning loss that equals at least one month of instruction. What’s more, if you do nothing for three months you are also going to lose your motivation and discipline, which could be fatal especially if you’re starting university in autumn.  So here are some tips for setting summer goals and not letting your brain rust in the heat!


Summer is the perfect time to devote to your health. You will find that you have much more energy if you don’t sleep away half of the day, because that makes you sluggish. Try getting up in the morning, even if it’s hard. You’ll be grateful for it. I personally aim for the 8/8/8 rule: 8 hours sleep, 8 hours “work” (studying and educational reading) and 8 hours fun. Another great rule for summer is “no zero days”.
You could also try eating clean (great tips here) and exercising, ideally every day. Remember, you never have as much time as now!


The end of the school year naturally means getting rid of text books, notes and other stuff you don’t need anymore. Go through your school stuff and clear out all the rubbish while carefully putting in order the rest. Cleaning your work space from all the stuff that’s been collecting there is important as well. And you should declutter your wardrobe, especially if you’re going away to college. While we’re at it, try to prepare for moving into halls in good time, even if it seems like the summer is going to be endless. (Great lists here and here!)


Holidays have always been the time for pleasure reading, however,  if you want to become a truly educated person you should think about creating a reading list (or finding one online) instead of just going through all the Nicholas Sparks novels you can lay hands on. I promise you that reading classic literature from Austen to Zola is both an entertaining and rewarding experience, and indispensable if you want to become a sophisticated adult.


Prevent yourself from forgetting everything you worked so hard to learn by not completely shutting off your brain. Try to find a reading list for the classes you will be taking in autumn and get a head start! Or search for academic books that interest you and relate to your area of study. For example, instead of ploughing through a dry text book on WW II I am reading a Hitler biography to find out why he turned out to be the person he was.

It is especially important not to slack off completely if you’re learning a language: watch movies, listen to music or read books/journals in a foreign language. You could also try writing a (travel) diary or translating your favourite songs if you feel like you need some more practise.

But most importantly: don’t overdo it. Summer is a time for having fun. If you feel annoyed or stressed, take some time off. if your friends ask you to go to the beach, don’t tell them you can’t because you have to study/work out/practise etc. 
Remember: we work hard, we play hard! Have a great summer!

Lost And Found || closed

{ musesoflegend }

Crowley had had it all. A name for himself, a company, money, his own mansion, he’d had all there was to have. 

Well, at least he’d thought he did. He probably should’ve gotten himself some sort of bodyguard. If he had, he wouldn’t be sitting in front of his house, well his former house, hurt and broken, sitting on and leaning against a pair of suitcases. That’s all there was left. 

He’d lost his pride, his job, his mansion and his name all in one night. He had nothing left. Fortunate as he was, he was sure his bad luck would continue in a month’s time by his heat taking a break. He really didn’t know what to do, or where to go. 

Crowley just wanted to sleep. Today had been the worst. He’d come to work, barely keeping on his feet and was greeted by pictures of himself spread all over the building. The Board had taken everything he lived for and all he could actually do was hope for his Alpha to come and at least offer a roof to sleep under. But, since he knew the whole thing had just been to achieve exactly this, Crowley was sure nobody would come. Not that he wanted him to. If he ever saw Peter Hale again, he’d rip his throat out. 

F2F|| Settled-16/04/15-

Santana had settled into her new home and her job looking after Lily. The little one was getting more comfortable around her, sometimes even comfortable enough to cuddle into her and get comforted by her. She’d gotten into a routine with the night feeds, almost always getting them so that Dani got to get a full night’s sleep. It was nice and she wasn’t feeling too run down. She’d established her responsibility, almost always preparing food and also helping out to clean up the house and do laundry, just so that Dani could spend any of her free time with her daughter. Waking up, she headed down and made poached eggs and bacon for her and Dani, expecting she’d be down after feeding Lily. Tidying up, there was nothing really for Dani to do beside spend the day with her daughter. Keeping the food under the heat lamp to keep it warm, she sat and waited for Dani to wake up, watching some TV.

Vikings - 2.07 - Blood Eagle

I hate giving my opinion, but I’m going to do it anyways.

That being said - I do respect everyone’s right to an opinion, so with that in mind - here goes.

I don’t think this scene was at all “rapey”.  I think there’s better words to describe this scene.  For instance, the sex was aggressive and rough.  In the heat of the moment, he became angered by his thoughts.  *shrugs*  He chose to choke her as a method of fear - and succeeded, sort of, though she did bounce right back up again like nothing had happened - But yea, I don’t think he was going to go full on death grip.  You guys have to understand (which I assume you do, cause you guys are smart), Rollo was pissed off at the woman who he had given his heart to in the last couple of episodes - only to find out she had betrayed him by sleeping around with Horik.  Also, you have to keep in mind, this new Rollo has stopped sleeping around with other woman - from what we’ve been shown so far - so in a way, he expects the same from her.  Which is ironic coming from him, cause he got a piece of his own medicine!  HA!  Come to think of it - Siggy probably had that in mind when she slept with Horik; Rollo wont mind he always sleeps around with other woman. Eye for an eye.  They’re both even - Rollo and Siggy.

Also, I’m not trying to justify the hurting of the female characters - I don’t like that - but that being said there have been parallels (in a way) with Lagertha and Ragnar being agressive/rough with each other in past arguments.  This isn’t new in the Vikings’ world.

Anywho.  *End of opinion*

P.S.  What’s the design of Siggy’s back tattoo?  a Snake??

Home Is Wherever I’m With You

She glared furiously at his back.

His all tensed up, bunched up back that was an indicator of his wakefulness.

“I know you’re awake James.”

He said nothing. He just continued to let his back speak to her.

She hated his back, because it means he’s facing away from her instead of holding her in his sleep as was his usual.

She hated his back because she loved his chest. She loved to press her cheek near his heart and hear it beat. To know that he’s alive and safe and beside her.

And now she can’t do that because she was facing his back.

She glared at it even more, hoping that the heat of her stare can melt the iceberg that is her husband’s anger.

The hard thing about fighting with James is that he never wants to say anything that can hurt her.

His anger is like fire and ice. She knows deep down he’s burning with rage but he never shows it, preferring instead to keep it in a simmer to himself.

He lashed out at her yesterday. “I hope it was worth it.” He grunted under his breath. “I hope it was worth the dress.”

And his sarcastic remark boiled her own temper to boiling but by then James had himself under lockdown, not speaking to her at all.

Which was even more annoying because she wants to scream it out with him but he wants to simmer in his silence alone.


She reached out and poked his back, the tense muscles bunching under her finger. He moved a smidgeon away from her and that was it, the end of her tether. She couldn’t take it anymore.

She launched herself against his back, wrapping her arm around his stomach and raising herself on her elbow, rested her chin on his tense shoulder and laid her cheek against his.

“James, come on.”

She hefted herself over him, forcing him to open his arms and let her snuggle into his chest. 

With a grumble, he lifted his arms and wrapped it around her back, pulling her away from his chest and glaring down at her.

“What do you want.”

“You can’t be seriously mad?”

“Lily you screamed at me in front of many people.”

“You sniped at me first, and all because what?”

“Your dress was showing your butt and you and I both know it yet you insisted on wearing the bloody thing. We were late to the Order meeting.”

“You know that this is my only chance of wearing that dress as I will be as big as a house soon!”

“So that should be a sign! Mothers should not wear dresses like that!”

“What! Can you hear yourself right now, you’re being unreasonable. AGAIN! Over a dress James. A dress!”

“You could have not worn it.”

“You could not have overreacted about it.”

They were both wrong and petty and they both knew it.

It must be the fatigue that lead them to snap at each other over such a trivial thing. 

He glared at her. She glared right back. 

His lips twitched. She pressed a kiss to his nose despite his protests.

He sighed and pressed a kiss to her lips.

“On three?”




“Sorry.” They both simultaneously grumbled at the other before breaking out into grins and snogging as if their life depended on it. 

'Bump In The Night' Family Firsts (3) - A 'One Shot' Series
A series of one shot’s, celebrating some of the ‘Family Firsts’ in an AU Hartbig relationship. 

I will aim to post every Monday around late afternoon/ early (sometimes late) evening GMT


Bump In The Night - 1,759 words

Now at 35 weeks, Grace had hit a grumpy phase. She was uncomfortable, she wasn’t sleeping properly and was just generally annoyed at anything and everything. Hannah had of course taken the brunt of Grace’s grumbles, yet she still found her incredibly adorable and couldn’t help but smile when she was getting shouted at for being too warm when they were cuddling on the couch one night. 

“Grace… there is nothing I can do about my body heat babe”

“Urgh” Grace huffed as she sat up and shuffled her way to the other side of the couch. 

“Do you want me to get you a cold drink?” Hannah asked.

“I don’t want a cold drink Hannah, I want you to be cooler" 

Hannah got up and started rummaging through her bag, pulling out her sunglasses, she put them on and sat back down on the couch “How about now?” she said trying her hardest not to laugh. 

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and I will go where you go

solavellan ffx au; companion to (walk with me) to the end of all dreams, because this idea won’t let me go



His stay in Llomerryn thus far has been little more than endless meetings and overseeing the temple attendants do jobs they could manage in their sleep – most of them fretting so much at having a Maester nearby, Solas half suspects they’d be more productive if he kept his distance.

It’s been a tedious affair, but there are some pleasures to be derived from his visit. The view from his rooms is nothing short of breathtaking – a crystalline coast, stretching beyond the sprawling town of red-tiled rooftops and markets, and a thick haze of humidity lies draped over the island like a veil, buzzing with heat. His chambers provide a much needed relief from the stifling climate, spheres suffused with temple-magic ensuring the tiles stay cool beneath his feet, although he eyes the horizon with a wistfulness that surprises him. It’s been ages since he last walked on the beach.

“Maester Solas?”

Lifting his eyes to the priestess in the doorway, he finds himself surprised – so caught up in his own reminiscing, he hadn’t heard her approach. “Yes?”

“You wished for me to inform you of Lady Lavellan’s arrival,” she says, and he feels his interest pique, sandy beaches quite forgotten. “The SS Wycome has just been spotted approaching the south wharf.”

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Tired with Michael

I feel like when you’re tired Michael would listen to what you want and do it. You’d be under your duvet, cuddling into Michael’s side, trying hard to keep your eyes open. Anything Michael said you’d respond with one word answers, but he didn’t mind. He would soon realise how tired you are and would stop talking to let you get some peace. He would become quite agitated at doing nothing so would try to leave the room, but you’d trap him with your arm. “Just go to sleep Mike, it’ll do you some good.” Michael would take off his top, settling behind you being the bigger spoon. He was always be a good source for heat in the winter. Michael would sort everything out so that you could go straight to sleep, he knew you so well so even if you didn’t want to go to bed Michael would make you. It wasn’t often that you were tied because you’d always sleep in when you could, but Michael would always care for you when you were.

Dreams [OQ]

Missing year. Blue-verse. For emily31594; this is why we’re here (this is what is true).

He whispers to her belly, the skin there kissed tender and warmed with sweet nothings when she wakes.

“Robin.” Amusement carries her voice forward while lingering sleep weighs it down, scratching its underside. “What are you doing?”

He has a smile, though not for her. “Wishing my love a good morning.” Thusly resumes his murmuring; she catches strains of a story, theirs, retold in terms of hidden looks she’d never known of, and how she’d had him at Your Majesty.

Her hand tells his all she can’t aloud, solid heat shared in touches too real for dreams alone to claim.

fic: not getting married today

swan queen week, accidental marriage prompt, 5k, r:T

Emma wakes up in Regina’s bed, matching gold wedding bands on their fingers and someone’s got some explaining to do.

Emma twists around in her bed, kicking at the sheets until they’re bundled down at her legs. The nearly summer heat has been intense and relentless the last few days, and sleep has been hard to come by. She’s in nothing but cotton underwear and a tank top, but even that feels like too many layers. The fan whirling above her only seems to be moving the hot air around, rather than cooling her. Emma frowns, she doesn’t have a ceiling fan in her room. She rolls over and her arm swings out, grabbing at sheets but connecting with someone’s body instead. Confused, Emma pats around until someone smacks her hand. Emma finally opens her eyes, and lifts her head up, blinking blearily at the sunlight pouring through the windows. There’s a brunette in her bed, she makes out that much. Emma’s first thought is Henry, maybe his room was too hot, but then she remembers he was sleeping over at Regina’s.


Emma sits up. Regina is in her bed. Or, Emma glances around… she’s in Regina’s bed. “Oh shit.” Emma mumbles, and she pulls her hand back as Regina’s eyes blink open. They just lie there staring at each other in confusion for a moment or two until Regina’s head snaps up and she glares at Emma.

“What in the hell do you think you’re doing in my bed Miss Swan?”

“Uh… I was gonna ask you. I—did I sleep here last night?”

“You don’t know!”

Emma huffs at Regina’s indignant look, “well do you?” she snaps back. That seems to make Regina pause, her eyebrows narrowing in confusion. “Did we get like, super drunk or something last night?” Emma asks.

“I highly doubt it.” Regina says, and sits up, resting back against the headboard. “I wouldn’t get drunk with you, and I most certainly wouldn’t allow you to sleep over in my bed.” She pauses, “anyhow, I don’t have a hangover. Do you?”

Emma frowns and rubs at her temples a little, “no… I don’t.” That’s good news at least. “Well, then why can’t we remember anything?”

“I have no idea. Get out of my bed.” Regina orders, and pushes at Emma’s shoulders. It’s then that Emma notices a golden ring on Regina’s finger. Emma grabs at it, “Stop touching me.” Regina says. Emma ignores her and yelps when she sees a matching ring on her own finger.

“What the hell are these?” Emma asks, and holds her hand up to Regina’s.

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Continued from: x with @vermiillion

❝ Exhausted is ACCURATE, actually. ❞ There was no attempt to try and fight it because Keith was well aware of how he looked right now and that would be TERRIBLE. He’d always had trouble sleeping but lately it seemed to only get that much worse.

❝ I’ll sleep if you stay with me. I don’t… like… being ALONE…


    Lance blinked at the request, but he honestly had nothing he would rather do then stay with Keith. A smile working his way onto his features as he nodded a bit, kicking off his shoes before making the way to the bed.  ❛I think I can find some room in my very busy schedule.He teased lightly before laying on the bed, patting the space next to him as he let out a small yawn. 

    ❛Plus, I could always use more sleep, and maybe just maybe I like to cuddle with you. I mean, body heat does make this bed warmer.He continued on before grinning lightly at the other as he pulled up the covers for him, patting the space again eagerly.