Nico discovers the world of ‘American Cooking’ (fried butter) and wants to see how deeply he can immerse himself in this before it kills him. (Dad’ll just bring him back after, its just a fun little experiment)

Three weeks in he starts to feel a little iffy so he goes to the doctor to see how it’s coming along. His arteries are completely clogged, like, there is nothing going through that in the least, and according to his doc here he should have been dead months ago. 

Turns out, factoring in stress, bad eating, not sleeping, he should have died at least six or seven times from that alone, but Hades -really- did not want an impromptu visit from his son and just kinda…. put it off so they wouldn’t have to speak for more than just holidays. 

Their World

Hannibal sat in his office chair, observing the organised chaos around him. Tobias and Franklyns bodies were still laying where they had fallen Crime scene officers were picking at his office. He was far more careful these days than when Miriam Lass had come calling. They would find nothing untoward but did it even matter if they did?

Will was dead.

Hannibal had only himself to blame. He had send Will into the lion’s den, curious as to what would happen.

They’ll send men to investigate and I’ll kill them.

I hesitate to tell you this as it borders on a violation of doctor patient confidentiality.

I just killed two men.

He had killed Tobias too swiftly for his actions. The man should have suffered, for days, weeks, months. He had taken Will Graham from this world, from Hannibal.

For the first time in a long while I see the possibility of friendship.

He should have carved the mans heart out with his bare hands and feasted upon it raw for what he had done.

Hannibal looked up as Jack Crawford entered the room. He should have known the man would make an appearance here. Come to overlook the crime scene and tell him of Will’s death.

Hannibals mouth felt open when Will appeared from behind Jack, instantly scanning it for Hannibal himself. Their eyes met and Hannibal let out a  breath he had had been holding since Tobias announced himself a cop killer.

Hannibals gaze softened as Will walked closer. He opened his mouth several times to speak, unsure of what words he wanted to choose. When he was close enough, Hannibal could smell that atrocious aftershave that, for the time being, didn’t smell so bad. Will was alive.

“I thought you were dead.” Hannibal finally uttered, his fingers twitching to reach out and touch him. He needed physical proof this wasn’t a dream. That Will was really alive and standing before him.

“WHAT?” Will shouted with a confused look on his face. Hannibals eyes widened in surprise and everyone in the office turned to look.

“Will?” Hannibal’s face matched WIlls in his confusion.  Will frowned again and shook his head, pointing to his ears.

“WHAT? I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” Will shouted at him again

“He can’t hear a thing. Gun went off near his ear. He refused to go the hospital until I brought him here. To you.” Jack looked between the two. “I’ll give you two a minute. I have some questions and you both need to go to the ER.”

“I CAN’T HEAR YOU. THERE’S RINGING IN MY EARS!” Wills looked apologetic and Hannibals lips twitched in the slight absurdity of the moment. He took in Wills cuts and scrapes and was yet again displeased he had killed Tobias so quickly.

Will picked up some gauze from the desk as he perched on the edge. He dabbed gently at the blood on Hannibals forehead. Wills fingers brushed against his skin and another breath caught.

“I’am glad you are here Will.” Hannibal looked up at him, gaze warm as he drank in the sight of the man before him.

“WHAT?” Will frowned again and Hannibal gave the slightest shake of his head but was smiling.

The pair sat there staring at each other until Will shattered the silence.“I FEEL LIKE I’VE DRAGGED YOU INTO MY WORLD!”  

“I GOT HERE….” Hannibal paused. “I got here on my own but I appreciate the company.” Not surprisingly Will looked as confused as ever. Instead of wasting time with words, Hannibal reached out and put his hand over Wills, giving him a warm smile. Will understood, returning the smile and gave his hand a squeeze back.  

Everything was right again in their world.


Thank you @slashyrogue for reading this and the words of encouragement. After watching Fromage again, I really feel Will would have had at least temporary significant hearing loss after the gun going off so closely to his ear so this is how this drabble was inspired. 

Heaven Sent - If you think because she’s dead I’m weak, then you understand very little. If you were any part of killing her and you’re not afraid, then you understand nothing at all. So for your own sake, understand this: I’m the Doctor. I’m coming to find you. And I will never ever stop.

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my head, my dead bodied fire

hot summer like deep inside slumber we tear ourselves open: we’re narrow smoke! you know, benjamin, my whole head caught on fire? flame’s still here but the doctor said no, no. i am still proud of my ability to go so far in the wrong direction it doesn’t bother me that you’re nothing more than my head. my head, my dead bodied fire, my skull with it’s magnificent vacuum. i’m mad. stone cold rage flame. benjamin stop reminding me about god stop standing at the riverbank saying god god

are we pure? stop talking are we really? i’m talking yelling and everything that comes out is dirt. it was a sick ugly time do you think about god? god as the director of a clinic? god as the light around you in the clinic? you know where i mean right? the hand that comes into the room first. the hand the fist the god the light. my eye was wet, a stranger holds my hand close close close,

close soft image of a tooth, handless image of gauze. LIGHT THAT SPLITS LIKE THREAD. have you heard enough? teeth hold better than pink apple palms. teeth can be grey or yellow and teeth can tell you if i have been taking care of myself or not.

forget that. it’s too hard. my eyes got too empty and they overtook my face. skull vacuum crushing bones splintering all inside as the air splinters outside to keep me in. nerves claimed as a contained burn. brain reflective, vacant. that is not being in love. love is supposed to save humankind. i love you in some sort of twisted forest way, benjamin, but i am not redeemed.