Second City (5)

Of course he has a girlfriend.

In a leather jacket similar to the one she first saw him in, long luxurious hair that has probably never been victim to a split end, and a perfect smile that reveals pearly white teeth worthy of toothpaste commercials. They’re laughing about something, insecurity stabbing away internally, that it’s about her.

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I'm sending a 😱 for Ruki (Because I am sinning-- in a both good and a bad way stop me HENE)

(Mun: Ruki 6 votes woop enjoy–)

Send 😱 and my muse will describe how they would torture yours

Ruki: My my, so eager to get violated by my hands, are you? Just like the shameless garbage you are. You want me to torture you, Livestock? I wonder if that’s the case: would you honestly be able to withstand the horrors I’ll put you through? I would certainly teach you manners for being such an indecent being, slapping that face of yours until your nose bleeds and your legs give in. Don’t think I’d be done with you, no. I’d crouch to your petty level and grab that filthy hair of yours, squeezing your neck tight and have you beg for it, obviously for nothing else than my own amusement. That’s right, be grateful that someone like me would degrade myself to your pathetic level like that. Ah, but squeezing the life out of you wouldn’t be enough, now would it? Tearing your clothes into disposable pieces is the least someone like you deserves, let alone a cruel session of spanking from your Master. Everytime you let a scream, I’ll smack that rear harder, harsher. If you even dare to beg for mercy, I’ll tear those bruised and reddened cheeks apart. I certainly am not joking around, Livestock. How about I’d hold a knife on your throat as well as I spank the misbehavior out of you? It’s better not to move around, otherwise you might get cut. And that would be none other than your fault, now would it? Now… would you perhaps want your Master to show you your place immediately? Or shall he punish you even more cruelly for declining the offer?


For anon…enjoy!

You grinned as you walked in to the old building. You nodded kindly toward some of the people you had begun to meet. You broadened your expression when you noticed you boyfriend, and his partner sitting at their desks. You were relieved you hadn’t missed them.

Sam was the one to spot you first. You placed your index finger on your lips, asking him not to say anything. He obliged by returning his gaze back to his partner. You quickly ducked behind a pillar, thinking Callen would look anyway.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” Callen reiterated to Sam, “You always do that dramatic stare even if nothing’s there.”
Sam shrugged, amused. “Something’s there. You just gotta pay attention.”

Callen rolled his eyes while you stepped from behind the pillar. You inched your way closer to him as quietly as you could.

“Please. I pay plenty of attention to the area around me.”

You pecked Callen’s cheek with a smirk. Being a bit caught off guard, Callen jumped away. He shook his head in amusement.

“Apparently not enough,” you teased him before sending a wink to his partner, “Thanks Sam.”
“No problem, Y/N,” the man replied, “I think I’m gonna go grab some coffee.”

As he left, you twirled into your boyfriend’s lap. He chuckled before looking into your eyes. You grinned knowing he wasn’t going to verbally ask his question. You wiggled your eyebrows before holding up a paper bag.

“I brought you some lunch. It’s a double double with fries.”
His eyes widened excitedly. “Really? I love you so much.”
He kissed your cheek as you chuckled. “I threw in a couple suckers in there too.”

He smirked when you placed the bag on his desk. He gripped you to him tightly. You slowly spun to your feet. He stood with you just as you caught sight of Eric heading toward the stairs.

“Looks like you’ve got a case,” you murmured, “Good luck and be safe.”
“I’ll see you at home,” he reassured you, “Promise.”

Mouthing the words ‘I know’, you gave him one last peck on the cheek. You waved goodbye while pulling away from him. Sam was heading toward Eric too. He smirked.

“Take care of him, Hanna,” you jested.
“No worries, Y/N. I got him.”

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Today in vague Critical Role spoilers
  • Lux:Omg no the Chroma Conclave is suuuuch a good storyline wow
  • Lux:It reminds me of various things I did in the Scarlet Empress campaign I'm gonna be honest
  • Lux:Like not that it exactly mirrors anything but like. I get Matt's mix of giddy GM glee and weird cathartic sadness at doing THE THING.
  • Chirp:You did horrible things in SE
  • Lux:I did
  • Chirp:You killed everyone
  • Lux:I did do that yes.
  • Chirp:Like all of the Sidereals. Like all of them.
  • Chirp:And you blew up like eight cities
  • Lux:Those are all things that I did yes


« Why would I look at the stars if your eyes shine brighter than them? »

“All that glisters is not gold,” he quipped without missing a beat (a borrowing and not a theft, for surely Shakespeare intended his words to be shared). “Besides, have you seen the Pleiades on a clear night? No comparison.” Circling her slowly, patiently, without removing his gaze as if trying to work out a weak spot, he then went in for the kill. “I could prove it to you sometime.”


Heaven knows what overcame her to say such words. Could touches of a playful smile explain? And what banter even over such trivial matters! 

« Doubt thou the stars are fire? » she giggled, « Perhaps so, perhaps not. Even when certain sightings is as a minstrel who cannot read music…well! Is it no less admirable? »  Pride wouldn’t allow her so suddenly to succumb to prey, even after already discreetly disclosing a minor ignorance. Her searching gaze was equally unsurrendered. But even amusement can grow helpless to surprise. Had he just…? Desperately concealing a stronger reaction (& the heat from rising to her cheeks), she inquired « Is this a considerate offer? » 

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❝ It must really suck to have to be you all the time. ❞ ( from sophie sRY )

the originals sentence starters  || @yournewaddictiion

                 excuse me?

         nothing about him is amused, clearly by the look upon his features as he tries (and fails) to not glare at her. giving in all too soon. even if, somewhere inside of him, he might think she has some point. one he refuses to admit. his siblings leave a lot to be desired and cleaning up their messes is all too exhausting, even for someone who believes in blood bonds being the most important thing to hold one faithful. still, nothing about he and sophie remain on the same line, not truly, not when he looks at her with narrowed gaze, more so than before, letting go any semblance of  politeness. 

                            “  tell me — are you fairing any better? ” 

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Today had been a long and uneventful day.  Children came, children left, a party or two happened, messes and memories were made– it was just like any other day.  Which meant that Toy Freddy was bored, and on the prowl for anything to provide him with amusement, and nothing was more amusing to him than picking on his subordinates.  His feet led him routinely around the restaurant, eyes scanning maliciously over every room for any sign of those filthy older models being outside of the Parts and Services area so he could rip them for breaking his rules and being where they weren’t supposed to be.  Metaphorically rip them, of course– programming prevented him from bringing harm to company-owned property.  But no, to his dismay they were all holed up where they were supposed to be, frozen the way they had been the last time he had seen them– but he would get them one of these days, and when he did, was really going to let them have it, but for now, his attention was focused on a small, crying boy who was present and trembling before him in the room.

The animatronic blinked once in surprise, quiet as he came to the realization that the boy was alone, and that it was after hours and he wasn’t supposed to be here, in this room or the restaurant period.  He quickly pieced together what to say before he brought an endearing smile to his face and knelt as low as he could to the child’s level.

“Hi there, little friend!  ‘Ya mind telling me what you’re doing back in here by yourself?”

Theres nothing that amuses me more than like

Sol being this big noodle dragon, laying on the ground, and then all the dragons with wings stomp to him and climb on top of him. And compared to Sols big form they look like babies, so they just lay there making noises while having a dragon pile.
And sol just allows it cause he likes being the big dragon dad.

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Those aren't even directly related. She liked the tweet cuz it was amusing and that was the fans interpretation so lay off the ignorant comments smartass

listen anon, right now camilizers are driving camila’s group members to the point where they feel they can’t even be on social media anymore because of the discrimination they’re facing. there’s nothing to be amused by right now. so if we want to express our anger over that and dissatisfaction at her forced words that could use some improvement, we will.


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If you receive this message you are a BAP centered or BAP supporting popular blog and we kindly ask you to warn BABY fandom: A group of a certain other fandom is planning to go on a BABY attack spree for the upcoming comeback of BAP to engage BABY fandom in fanwars rather than voting for BAP and watching the MV supporting BAP's comeback. Their goal is to keep BABY fandom busy and frustrated during the important voting period. We apologize in advance for it and for sending this anonymously.

Hello, thank you kindly for this message and thank you for the warning.  A small opinion?
Please ignore these people.
These people wish nothing more than to find amusement in the rage and other emotions we display towards their jokes and harmful words towards our boys. Let’s us simply continue to support them with everything we got for this comeback and many more to come, let’s not stray because others try to make us do so, BABYz are stronger together! We simply need to stay together to show B.A.P our love and support.