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“Sam and I have a very similar sense of  h u m o r  which is probably akin to five year old’s.”

“We laugh at nothing. Nothing amuses us. We’re like the Seinfeld episode. We don’t need anything actual to happen; we just  a m u s e  ourselves anyway.”

“Caitriona just every time was just corpsing and  l a u g h i n g  the whole time… And she doesn’t help me at all. She just stands there openly laughing in my face and it’s difficult to work with her, so I’m gonna get her sacked.”

“I think everyone knows she’s got a terrific sense of humor. She’s a terrible giggler, she corpses all the time and it’s got to the point now that if I want to get out of a scene or just, you know, make it stop I can just give her a little look and she’s gone. She’s  g r e a  t   f u n  to work with. I’m so lucky.”

A few people tend to get my name wrong.  Anyone who speaks Russian, for example.  Nothing wrong with it, bit amusing really.  Explains some confusion I’ve had with passports and the like.

patches of light

I miss you.
How can I miss you when
I talk to you daily?

Yesterday, I had breakfast with Albert and
Jean-Paul Charles Aymard Sartre.

War or love.
War or love.
Other than that,
we spoke of nothing.

JP refused to be amused when Albert,
adorned as a still life with sunflowers,
mimed a bull dance while
dressed in the common man’s
traje de luces.

I gathered each fallen seed.
So, when the ground thaws,
maybe we can meet and
plant them together.

I see us now.
We’re sitting by a creek,
our feet are wet.
You’re making a daisy chain for my hair.
I’m happy.

darkthebluekitty  asked:

What if I jokingly ship you with an actual cookie... ;3


Wait cookie or Kookie? Because I totally ship myself with food. LOL

Jokes aside, Kookie’s like my kid brother that I can totally see myself playing games/doing stupid shit/meme with LOL


in a shocking turn of events:

when I am too much in my head and feeling that sweet sweet crippling insecurity about my art and my life choices, it turns out that talking with people about those things does wonders!


“Carrie, I hear you down there telling good old Harrison Ford stories. Give me a better one.”

favourite scenes (1/?): you DO NOT mess with a pirate's lemons

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