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This question is for Chara. *cough okay here we go*. Chara! If the whole world was made of chocolate, what would you do?


Plans before the world was chocolate: Destroy the world

Plans after the world is chocolate: Eat the world, therefore, destroy the world

Nothing changes

Quick PSA

Since certain people in this Fandom are making people that I really like and respect feel bad for shipping Riarkle. Let me break this down for you real quick.

Shipping Riarkle isn’t racist. Bitch and Complain about it all you want but this is the bottom line. 

Basic Definition of Racist Is: Having or showing the belief that a particular race is superior to another.

It’s funny because someone this is coming from also watches the 100…Where Bob and Bellamy is  Filipino…Hm. Same as Smackle. And considering all that Shit you talk…I can not believe the word ‘Racist’ is coming from you…But I digress. 

You can dislike a Charcater, You can dislike a Ship. No one can force you to ship anything. No one can force you to like anyone. Even if someone did ship Riarkle and didn’t like Smackle as a Character it wouldn’t make them racist unless they are doing it BECAUSE OF HER RACE. Because hello Race does need to be part of the equation if you’re calling someone racist.

Basically much like Pedophilia and Toxic this fandom needs to learn to keep their mouth shut about Racism because you have proven you know nothing about it. And even worse you’re using it to be petty. I am convinced yall don’t actually give a fuck and that is crossing a line.

So unless you hear someone say they don’t like Smarkle/Smackle because of Race. It’s not Racist. It never was and never is. And since you talk all that mess I hope you all like every POC you come across otherwise that would make you pretty big hypocrites.

always you - part 41

[ another life to lose - Greg Laswell ]

‘To cause you harm.’

Jian Yi wasn’t as stupid as everyone seemed to think.

He knew why Zhengxi had stayed home with He Tian.

He knew Zhengxi had quit his job, and he knew why.

How was this helping?

How was keeping him in the dark helping anyone?

It drove him crazy.

Knowing they hid things from him.

Thinking they were protecting his feelings.

When had he developed this reputation as someone that needed to be protected?

There was no point in saying anything.

All they’d do was coddle him, apologize and keep doing exactly what the fuck they’d been doing all this time.

So he did nothing.

To the world, he was as blind as he seemed.

He played along when He Tian had his meltdown.

He played along as Zhengxi told him He’d done something inevitable.


Jian Yi had spent his childhood surrounded by a closely controlled, ever present, chaos.

He’d had his mother.

You’d never think it looking at her, but she was remarkably strong, solid, brilliant, and occasionally terrifying.

He’d always wanted to be her.

Here was his chance.

This fuckface wasn’t going to come around and ruin the happiness he’d waited for for two fucking decades.

He Tian and Zhengxi were both incredibly strong, and fiercely intelligent people.

But they panicked.

They were so similar.

They felt hard and fast.

Immediate information, quick changes, consumed them.

Neither one of them had managed to get any real information here.

Too hot tempered, too quick to plan for the worst at any given moment.

That’s not how this shit works.

This isn’t a fistfight.

It’s a game.


Jian Yi put his headphones in and made the fifteen minute walk to the park.

He found a bench that couldn’t be seen from the sidewalk and waited.

Ten minutes or so later, someone approached him from behind.

The man slid into the bench beside him.

‘I gotta say, I’m not entirely surprised to see you.’


‘Did you come to threaten me?’

‘No. I just came to talk.’

‘Oh yeah? Where’s your weapon?’

‘I don’t have one.’

‘No unloaded gun? No knife you’d never use?’

Jian Yi looked at him for a moment.

He really was very handsome.


‘You weren’t even followed.’


‘And why’s that?’

‘I suppose they trust me.’

A long moment passed.

‘And yet…’

Jian Yi shrugged.

‘Here I am.’

The man smiled.

‘You’re not afraid of me, then?’

‘No, I’m not.’

‘Why not?’

‘Because you’re not going to hurt me.’

‘You sure about that?’

‘There’s no point. You don’t have an audience.’

‘I suppose you think you’re clever.’

‘Yes, I do.’

‘So why do they treat you like a sheltered child?’

Jian Yi didn’t respond.

‘God, I was hoping one of you wouldn’t be a idiot.’

Jian Yi smiled.

‘Lucky you.’

‘So, why are you here?’

‘Because it’s your move.’

‘This is a game to you?’


‘What if it’s you? What if you’re my next move?’

‘I’m a little old for you.’

The man laughed, buying himself a moment to think.

‘Your confidence is refreshing.’

‘I bet.’

‘You know I know your father.’

It wasn’t a question.

‘Give him my love, will you?’

Another moment of silence.

‘They haven’t told you, have they? About any of this?’

‘No. They haven’t.’

‘Why aren’t you on my side. Jian Yi? It’s a lot more fun.’

‘Because I don’t enjoy torturing people.’

‘So it skips a generation.’

Jian Yi shrugged.

‘Maybe so.’

‘How’s your mother, by the way?’

‘She’s doing great, thank you for asking.’

‘You know, I can’t decide if I like you or not.’

‘You have plenty of time.’

The man moved closer.

Jian Yi didn’t flinch.

‘I’m not afraid of you, ghost.’

Jian Yi leaned forward, placing a gentle kiss on his dry lips.’

‘I’m sure we’ll talk soon.’

Jian Yi stood, leaving him speechless for a moment.

‘What, you’re not going to threaten my life?’

‘I don’t make threats, sweetheart.’

‘And when I tell them about this?

With that, Jian Yi put his headphones back in.

‘They won’t believe you.’

In the middle of the river, with the shoreline out of view, the raft begins to disintegrate. We find ourselves with absolutely nothing to hold on to. From our conventional standpoint, this is scary and dangerous. However, one small shift of perspective will tell us that having nothing to hold on to is liberating. We could have faith that we won’t drown. Holding on to nothing means we can relax with this fluid, dynamic world.
—  Pema Chodron, from The Places That Scare You
Many people are attracted to meditation and a so called spiritual life, provided it feeds the ego, and empowers another new identity, but this is not our way.
Our way of Pure Dhamma is to become less and less until we are like the wind in the trees or the ripples on the water. In reality only a beautiful movement of love, compassion and joy seeking nothing for itself but serving the world with kindness.
Letting go of the ever demanding ego (self identity) is the greatest gift we can bring to our own life and the life of all beings.
The less of ‘you’ there is, the happier you will be.
This is how to be no-one, going no-where.

​Michael Kewley - Being no-one.

May all beings be happy.





My heart is breaking for all those innocent dogs who want nothing more than to be loved and all the world is going to give them is a needle in the arm. 

My heart is breaking for those owners who can’t afford to pay the fee.

My heart is breaking for those owners who are being forced to put a muzzle on their dogs which will only perpetuate the stereotype that they are dangerous.

My dog is 80% staffordshire terrier. Aka, a pitbull. I cannot imagine this happening and yet, here it is.

Decisions based in fear never yield a positive outcome. Just ask every persecuted people ever. Now they’ve just moved onto dogs because they can’t as for help.

Wook vs So

I’m loving how much more poignant Wook’s betrayal is next to So’s unflinching loyalty. At first I sympathized with Wook more simply because he has more to lose. He is responsible for far more than his own life and he has always been held to certain expectations, so he can’t afford to act rashly or do as he pleases. In comparison, So only has himself to worry about and no one has ever expected him to be anything.

However, So’s sacrifice for Soo is love in its purest form because So has had nothing in the world to value but his own life for a very long time. He has had to fight so hard for survival over and over again. The fact that he was willing to throw away that struggle, that will to endure that has been the one thing he has clung to, to protect something even more important to him is precious.

Although he knew he had a bit of tolerance to poison, he was completely prepared to die alone with his sacrifice unrecognized. He told Soo to hush and leave, still protecting her in what could have been his last moments. If she had done that and if Yeon Hwa hadn’t stepped in, he would have died right there. And let’s not forget the lovely poetry in that he took the poison poured by Hae Soo herself. His eyes taking in her face for the last time and saying a silent goodbye.

Now back to Wook, the man of many empty promises. I’m going to have to side with Court Lady Oh on this one. He will regret this moment of cowardice for the rest of his life. Even without the added complication of his responsibility to his family, he simply isn’t willing to risk his life for Soo the way that So is. Again as Court Lady Oh said, he should have tried to save her even if it would cost him his life. If he really loved her, he would have taken the risk. Wook even said it himself, all that calculating and deliberating accomplishes nothing and does not protect Soo.

Even sweet Jung who cares about his Nui was willing to step forward and risk his own life for hers. He is younger and more naive, mind you, but he has the bravery that Wook lacks. Combine that with the lust for power his sister has been so determined to unleash and Wook’s facade will crumble. I’m actually looking forward to watching how many times Wook will turn his back on Soo since the previews hint at this happening more. To see that light in Soo’s eyes slowly dim as she watches the man that she loved, trusted, and held on a pedestal deny her repeatedly will be agonizing and beautiful because we all know So will step up to be the man that she needs…Even when she’s still in love with someone else.
Screw Off, Feminists: An Open Letter To Men From A Real Woman

A heartfelt and inspiring letter that all boys/men should read.

Dear Men,

Everyday there’s news/outrage about the latest female tragedy, the “war on women” the #SJW feminist women, the body-shaming women. Then there’s “rape culture” and “male privilege,” and “micro-aggression.” Seems to me, if you’re a man in this world, there’s nothing you can do right. If you tell a woman to smile, you’re a sexist. If you tell a woman she’s pretty, you’re reducing her to just her looks. If you tell a woman she’s smart, you’re a sexist for being surprised that she’s smart and more than just her body. If you vocalize that you think a hot woman is hot… oh geez. Bar and lock the doors, the feminists will stab you with their steely knives.

Well as a woman (yeah, it’s Courtney Kirchoff here, not Steven Crowder), here’s something you need to know: women love men. For being men.

Okay, several feminist keyboards have been reduced to dust. Chicas are hammering their keys like the old cavemen hammered their women before dragging them into the cave. Oh that right there? Joke. I know you feminists don’t think it’s funny. Nothing to you is funny. That’s why it’s funny.

Yes, I know you’re out there, SJW feminists. You’re going to call me a bitch. You’re going to call me a sell-out. You’re going to say I’m an ignorant this, that, and plenty of other four and five letter words because I dared to write “women love men,” despite the glaring proof women do love men. Proof? The perpetuation of the species. You know, men and women getting together, doing the deed, having and not aborting their babies. I can hear you all yelling, “PATRIARCHY” and “RAPE,” out there. Yell and scream and stomp all you want. I don’t care. Background noise.

This letter is for the men who go out and do. Who build, who create, who pursue excellence, who make the world a little better by being unapologetic MEN. I’m not talking to the jerks and the creeps. They get too much attention and they do NOT represent all men. Okay? Okay.

Sorry guys, I had to address those harpies first, because they’re shrill and annoying. Where was I? Right, women love men.

Millions of women, myself included, celebrate you guys for being dudes. We may joke about how you annoy us with your one-thing-at-a-time focus, but we love that too. Life is simpler and better with you in it. We love how you say what you mean. You’re uncomplicated, straightforward, and easy to talk to. And we usually don’t have to issue disclaimers before we do speak with you…so thanks for that.

We appreciate that you want to protect women. Despite what all the feminists say, millions of us know you care for women. We know you would pound a punk into the ground if he tried messing with us. We know you love children and want to protect them. We know you want to call your daughters “princesses,” and you’re not being patriarchal when you do.

We celebrate your ambition. One of my favorite qualities in a man is his drive to be his best. He likes to take risks because he likes to push his limits and test his strength. He likes to be challenged both in his career and in his personal pursuits. Every day he is working to better himself to be a greater man than he was before.

We love your competitive drive. Women might mock you for needing to “out do” the other guys, but *this* woman at least, enjoys it. What’s life without a little competition? Thanks for the sarcastic back and forth, for trying to one-up your buddy at the gym. Rock on. We’ll watch and cheer you on. But you better win…

We love your self-deprecating humor and how you want to make us laugh. This one should be self-evident, but sadly it’s not. Even when we don’t want to be cheered up, you still try. You’re a soldier who loves his woman. Even if your woman gives you “the look” I’d like to think that deep down she’s not plotting to smother you with a pillow when you snore; she’s appreciating your good humor. Okay, maybe she wishes you didn’t snore so much. Hey, she’s human, too.

Oh SJWs, give it a rest. Are all men like the ones I’m describing? No. But a lot of men are, and not everything is about you and your micro-aggressions and fat-shaming. Stop taking up all the attention, this shouldn’t be about you.


We love how you pursue us when you like us, and we like you. Three feminist’s brains just exploded right there. Yes, men, we LIKE IT when you call us. We like it when you show us how much you care for us by actively pursuing us, even when you have us (7 more feminist brains have exploded). We like it when you open the door and treat us like queens. We like it when you make the plans, when you have direction.

So guys, when you’re constantly bitch-slapped by the loud, modern feminists for “man-spreading,” or whatever other new term they’re going to pull out of their uptight butts, know that millions of women cherish you for exactly who you are: Men. The world is a better place with men in it. Yes. I WROTE THAT. Millions of us support you. We support your careers. We support your choices. We love you for being masculine, and we celebrate you for it.

Now go chop some wood and make us a fire.

~Written by Courtney Kirchoff

Progression of Worlds

The story of the twelve sphere tree is one of progressive emanation. While breaking the tree into four sets of three spheres is somewhat useful, following a natural progressive sequence produces even better results.

If we overlay the Fibonacci sequence onto the tree it suggests five worlds. This sequence is produced by successive adding of each two previous terms. Let’s start at 0+1 = 1, then 1 + 1 = 2, 1 + 2 = 3, 2 + 3 = 5, 3 + 5 = 8, 5 + 8 = 13, 8 + 13 = 21

The first world is pure Chaos, the raw force created by the instability of non-being constantly churning out new random worlds from the void.

The second world is the interplay of process and pattern weaving worlds together through processes of change and persistence. This is the fundamental dance of any reality flow that is neither static and dead nor too chaotic to hold together.

The third world is the world of the emergent phenomena, the Agent. It is the mechanism within the world that has its own definition by which it appears to act with Will as a coherent unit with accomplishing some end or Intent.

The fourth world is the world of the mind within the Agent, including Sense, Thought, Desire the content of that mind which conceives of reality as Object and the Subject self as a part of that objective world.

The twelfth sphere does not participate in this progression, but may be thought of as the zero or leading one that initiates the sequence. After all, in a base twelve mathematical system it would be written as 10.

Another overlay of the Fibonacci sequence would be to group the spheres by counting numbers such that the first world would be just (Chaos), the second (Chaos + Process), then (Chaos + Process + Pattern), then (Chaos + Process + Pattern + Intent + Will) etc. This gives another interesting and equally valid perspective.

There is no objective truth to which grouping or analysis is best. Each provides a different way of working with the tree. The layout of the tree itself is proving quite adept at elegantly reflecting quite a few different numeric progressions. What these mean is ultimately determined by what is useful.

Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.

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in a way i kinda think reigen and mogami are like mob's two opposite teachers, one tells not to use his power for bad and to live for your own worth while the other tells him that the world is nothing but a toy when you have psychic powers.

basically! mogami is the Bad Vengeful mentor and this wouldve been a very different story if he was mob influential adult

Second Chances

He is found, but none beyond his brother remain. His brother stays by his side as he remembers. But it does not matter, because he’s fallen. He failed, and he brought the world down with him. Nothing is the same, will never be as it was before the war. And it’s all his fault.


Post-WWII Luciano struggling to cope with his guilt, and the reality that he’s just as vulnerable as everyone else.

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there is nothing nothing nothing nothing in the entire fucking world that makes me more angry than someone telling me i cant be sad because “think of how many people have it so much worse” i will fucking cut you

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I think you're overestimating how much the public is going to care. Nothing Harry said really goes against his public image. Most of the world is going to see him exactly as they always have. Or they'll see him as a little pretentious and trying too hard.

Obviously, this is a uk art & fashion magazine so People and the Mirror readers aren’t going to suddenly be all “wow! Harry’s not a womanizer after all!” And tbh they never will because they don’t care that much anyway. And I’m not saying the world is suddenly turned on its feet by this spread. But it’s laying the groundwork for harry to build on from here. Which is all he can do really. he’s got a titanic of a ship to turn around in terms of certain parts of his image so it’s not going to be overnight. But I don’t think the regular readers of Another Man will find him pretentious at least. It’s a start is all I’m saying.