T h a n k  y o u
Here’s a Shy Guy dump for yaaa
alSO I’m so glad!!! you like them in my style!!! oh my gosh!!!

also I drew your Candy bab Rose hope ya dont mind

I needed a change of pace from OC October, and to take a breather in general… So here’s a little bit of fanart for SugarScript’s game, Cute Demon Crashers.

It’s a visual novel about a succubus and a few incubi who crash your house (hence the title) and stay for a few days. You can choose to have fun with any of them, none of them or all of them. Whatever you choose, the interactions are always positive. You can even opt out at almost any point of your intimate times if you’re uncomfortable. The whole point of the game is to promote safety, honesty, consent and comfort between partners. They also challenge stereotypes that people might have about certain aspects of sex.

The characters are all sweet and well thought out, on top of various other aspects of the game. The art is nice, the voices are excellent and they even included a dyslexic font.

If you have the time I’d definitely recommend giving it a play. Even if you’re not into porn games, it’s still fun and sweet and I’d totally recommend it. They took something that could have turned into just another fetish fuel game and turned it into a gem.

just drawing one of my fav octps being intimate don’t mind me 😭

late valentines art because i injured my hand. character on the right belongs to my friend but idk what their blog is lmfao



I feel bad for posting nothing but OC stuff for so long, but I’ve honestly not had any time to do any fan art while I’ve been preparing portfolio stuff, so… here are some old super unfinished Les Mis doodles and a few rough Philip Quast studies from my trash sketchbook XD I will have time again… someday…

Also it may be of interest to note: The ink sketches of Javert and Valjean were my first concept of what they looked like. Although I had just seen the musical in London for the first time, our seats were super far away from the stage, so I could barely make out what the actors’ faces looked like. On the plane home I downloaded the original London cast to listen to, so those drawings are what I visualized them to look like based on what I could remember from the stage + Roger Allam and Colm Wilkinson’s voices.