I don’t want anybody to choose between me and somebody else.

I don’t want to be with somebody who will forever wonder if they made the right decision.

Go choose the other person.

Go wonder if you should’ve actually chosen me.

I don’t want somebody being with me and doubting about that decision.

I want things to be pure.
I want honesty and reality.
I don’t deserve constant doubt and trust issues.

I know how it is to trust somebody and regret it afterwards.
Do I really look like I would treat somebody in that way.
That’s fucking terrible.

—  Me to the world.

when will i ever stop being so emotional about star trek? never. 

My main source of frustration.


the author probably ships this.

the studio ships this.

heck, even characters ship it
(once again I’d like to point out how Mika never said anything about when Ferid mentioned how he was so “into him” and also about Yuu being his “princess)

Besides, they’re practically canon already (at least in my heart they are.) 

While I was in the shower I came up with a reason to discredit the becky/Sam episode from canon.

Sam is legally dead. Sam can’t be legally married. He has no papers.

And I’m still convinced Becky is jewish and she had to convert to something for Sam but I don’t think she got the right religion anyway. Or that she went through the trouble of conversion.

But mostly Sam can’t be married. Sam can’t be identitified as a Winchester. When they went to that reunion people should have been freaking out that Sam Winchester was on a card when he was all over the news the week before.

This was all an extended dream by someone. 


{ ♔ } Nothing was going to help anymore. The more she talked to him the more he started to believe. He was just a useless little brat born from some whore. In truth he wasn’t really having any rights to be here right? The broken boy continued to let his tears roll of his cheeks. Just as if he wasn’t even realising it himself. Kouha never really wanted to be a bother. But he had been in his brothers way. Maybe if he wasn’t there they would be a lot closer to their goal. So he just agreed with her.


      What a pathetic and weak boy. Did he honestly cried because of what she just said? Caused these mere words such a huge impact on him? Gyokuen couldn’t believe it, but the result could be seen before her very eyes. She had what she wished to accomplish as she had planned everything in the start to make him suffer from the very well reason he was just childish, annoying, disgusting, and filthy.

     Once again she wiped the tears away that streamed down across his cheeks with her two thumbs. Caressing his cheeks whilst a sneaky smirk was plastered across her features. “My, my, why are you crying so often, dear? I thought you told to yourself you want to be strong, but in reality the only thing you do is whine, whine, and whine. Now I understand why you’re only just an obstacle to everyone,” she said, as her voice held a tone filled with amusement.