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there was this theory I've read on the vld live blog on tumblr? that Lance will pilot black lion and then return to blue cause water cycle.

Honestly?? I’m very torn about black paladin Lance. On one hand, heck yeah, I’d love to see that. He has proven that he can be an amazing leader if he has confidence in what he’s doing. It would probably help his self-confidence if he succeeds (and absolutely destroy him if the pressure is too much) and maybe his teammates would listen to him more.

On the other hand, I don’t want to make Lance’s self-confidence dependent on which lion he’s piloting (which he has done in s3e2). Can you imagine how much more powerful his journey of discovering his self-worth will be if he learned it all on his own? The only reason Lance wanted to become a leader for was to prove that he was capable of it. Which isn’t wrong, per se, but he deserves better than that. He also deserves better than having his teammates listen to him just because he pilots the black lion.

It’s like, idk. It would be amazing if he ended up piloting Black and I’d be super proud of him. And he’d be so happy, I cry just imagining it :’D But I certainly wouldn’t complain if he never ended up like that either. I am so torn between these possibilities, you have no idea,,,

In the end, I guess you could say that I see Lance as the heart of the team, not as the head - but who’s to say that the heart can’t make decisions for the head sometimes? The heart and the head won’t change positions but that doesn’t matter. Neither of them is less important than the other and a decision solely made by one of them is a bad decision. 

So yeah, no matter what position Lance has on the team, he will never be more or less important :’)

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ive been waiting 4 you to update that fic for AGES and I'm not disappointed holy fuck!!!!! stiles being so turned on by his own gluttony is high on the list of hottest things ever

ahhh thank u so much bby i’m glad you liked it 💕💕💕 also i agree lmfao 

just…be nice to each other…okay. there’s enough terrible shit going on around the world right now. if you don’t like the way someone writes, or formats, or does their icons, or whatever, just….leave them alone…. be kind. it’s so important to be kind. 

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GIF set anon: like an au set I was thinking but it doesn't have to be. With writing for example I've seen ppl write about sth that happened to them in real life, or something they're feeling atm. Really open ended, just trying to get to know ppl through diff mediums of expression :)

gotcha! a very cool idea, I’ll definitely try to think of something :)

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Any possibility of a second season of the anime?

Unbiased answer:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Who knows.

Biased answer: Uhh, no… no chance. 

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It is normal to feel pressure on your body when you are having sleep paralysis. I've had them at least 4 times and in all of them I felt as if someone was sitting on top of me, as well as hearing weird noises, sometimes even voices. All of this is normal though. You can get them because of many factors like sleeping on your back, change on sleeping hours, lack of sleep, stress etc

ohh… if its just sleep paralysis then thats good


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Unpopular opinion, but nothing will happen to sanvers. The guy starting drama is known for being a troll and doesn't have any source for sg anymore 💀💀

he is a lowlife but from what i remember, the only time he was really wrong was when he (and his wife) mentioned that something was hear-say. and this time he stated it as a fact, i believe? 

but in any case, i’m going to wait for the actual episode or for news from the set when they’re filming. sanvers is still endgame and they’re still soulmates, that’s not changing 🤗🤗

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hey that mario drug post you just rb, babylonian is nick robinson who was recently fired from every company he works for because women came forward that he's been harassing them for years so idk if you want to like.. remove his comment? but he's awful

that post was actually queued from before the whole thing happened so sry abt that i guess? i know abt the drama w nick

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Hmmm interesting timing for the release of this photoshoot.... me thinks it's even more likely now that he's dropping Just Like You very very soon! Also, Louis on the cover of a luxury menswear publication!! And look at all the brands they list that he wore!! AAAAHHHHHHH


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thanks for nothing

I mean why do you keep vagueing at me around 9 to 11 GMT, that’s the real question. Keep it up and I’m afraid I’ll have to install a tracker because I know it’s just one person that’s just d y i n g to send me shit on anon.

That’s weak shit, anon. That’s weak.

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its so crazy that retrograde motion will be over in like three weeks :o its like my favorite fic though so im excited to see how you'll finish it

i hope i have it finished sooner than that tbh. i’m committed to published the chapters whenever i finish the final edits on them so.