nothing happened anon

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pardon, about your rusame post does it happen recently? or is it outside tumblr? i just want to know whether im missing something important on tumblr

Nothing happened recently, anon. No worries.
It’s just been happening a lot all around the last 2 years or so is all and I wanted to slap my two cents on the table.

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I don't think that Saturday affected him at all. He's just continuing to act the way he normally does. Like yesterday after school he asked me how my test went and told me what's going to be on our psych test. It pisses me off a bit. I really can't act like nothing happened though. Ugh

Anon, if you can’t act like nothing happened, then don’t. What happened was fucked you guys talk to one another, help each other out, you don’t do that. If you can’t hold it in, then I say speak up and let him know. Maybe there was some misunderstanding, maybe he didn’t realize that what he did was messed up and you guys can talk about it. 

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hey Cierra don't listen to that anon nothing happened with mel. all she did was jokingly call her ex a fuckboy understand a friends pic with him in it because later on they were all hanging out at 1oak. As rihanna fans we all know how rihanna and her friends talk to each other and jokingly cuss each other out. This anon is clearly reading too much into it.

Her ex, Samir? It’s not false but ok lol