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Author: me (honestground on AO3)
Rating: K+
Words: 1,400~
Pairing: BotW!Zelink (postgame)
Notes: Your weekly reminder that I’m actually garbage. Also this could totally turn smutty so if anyone wants to request that I’ll totally do it. Okay, I did it.
Edit: Now on AO3 with the smut attached for convenience. 

He knows he can’t protect her from everything, but Hylia be damned if he isn’t going to try. He asks, “Are you warm enough?”

The winter chill seemed to have settled over Hateno early that year; trees turned bare and wind turned icy, weather swiftly transitioning from cold to colder. It meant more maintenance on the house, and keeping a closer eye on supplies, and Link had about fifty more things to do before the snow really set in, but he couldn’t be happier. 

It was one of their rare weekends off, and while it was too cold out to really get much done, Link was entirely content in doing nothing with Zelda tonight, to listen to her happily thumb through the Sheikah Slate while he cooked them both dinner, the house smelling like good food and comfort and warmth.

“Link,” Zelda calls to him from her favourite chair by the fire. She sounds curious and pleasantly distracted, and Link smiles at her voice, the way his name sounds different, better, coming out of her mouth, somehow. “What does this—”

She’s abruptly cut off, an odd but familiar hum of energy smothering whatever she had been about to ask, and Link turns around just in time to see her vanish in a shower of shimmering blue lights.

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6 Months Pregnant - Jason McCann imagine

Request: ‘Can you do it where y/n is like 6 months pregnant and Jason is all cute about it please ? Btw I love your imagines !!

Warnings: none, it’s fluff

A/N: the amount of times I said said Justin instead of Jason when i reread this is insane


I was currently seated on the couch, watching one of the sitcoms I enjoyed as a child. Maybe the baby would be interested in this show as well. It was 1:32 in the afternoon, and I was awaiting Jason and the gang to return home. They’ve been out since last night and I know not to stay up and wait for him. I received a text from Jason on my phone and smiled at the screen. I shut it off and waited for the front door to open at any moment.

After waiting about ten minutes, I heard the front door swing open and in came Jason and the guys. The door shut and Jason hopped over the couch, catching me off guard.

“Keep pulling stuff like this and I might just give birth on the couch.” I said, annoyed. 

“Please don’t, this shit was expensive.” Jason replied. I hit him in the arm and warned him about his potty mouth. “Sorry babe, how’s the little mini me doin’?” he continued, rubbing his hand on my stomach.

“He’s been kicking all damn day.” I said, resting my hand on top of his. “But he’s been doing fine. How are you?”

“Who cares! All I care about is you and my son, that’s it.” Jason kissed me on my forehead and got up from the couch, going to talk with the boys. Before I was pregnant, Jason wasn’t always one to show his emotions, especially like this. I assumed that since he’s going to be a father soon, now was the best time for him to be more affectionate. I got up from where I sat and went into the kitchen to where the action was.

“What are you doing up? You should be resting.” Jason said, concerned.

“I’ve rested all day Jase. Besides, I want to go baby clothes shopping for our son.” I reasoned with him.

“Fine, we can go. I’ll be done in a second here.”

I walked away from where everyone else was ad grabbed my shoes from the closet, then sitting on the steps to put them on. One of the hardest things about being pregnant was putting on shoes. I couldn’t put them either because of this huge baby bump or my feet were swollen. Right now, it was currently both.

“Dude, you can’t just leave us all alone to do this work by ourselves. We don’t know how to compute all this stuff!”

“Well, fine someone who does! I don’t pay you idiots all this money for nothing. Get it done or there will be problems tonight.”

I heard footsteps walking towards where I was and acted as if I was putting on my shoes, when I was really struggling. I saw that it was Jason and he saw me attempting to put my shoes on.

“You do know that those are mine, right?” He raised an eyebrow. I gave him a confused look and looked down at the shoes.

“Oh, there are yours. My bad,” I said in embarrassment. I began getting up to get my shoes but, Jason offered to get them for me. He gave them to me and I gave his back in return. “You know, you don’t have to come with me. I could call one of my friends to go with me.” Jason was a busy guy and it made me feel sort of guilty for taking him away from his work. 

“Absolutely not {Y/N}. The boys are acting as if it’s the end of the world. They’ll be fine. As for you, the love of my entire life, you could drop the baby at any moment and I’m not risking not being there. Now, let’s go, yeah?”

We went into Carter’s to look for clothes and other baby necessities. This was our first kid and we wanted everything to be perfect for him, even if it meant spending an arm and a leg on the best things. Jason did most of the looking, while I took a load off my feet. He seemed to enjoy running around the store like a mad man. The sales associates was probably getting tired of him at this point. he picked up some baby onesies and asked for my opinion on them. 

“They’re cute but, don’t you think it’s a little—”

“A little what? What could it possibly be {Y/N}? Is it ugly? Tell me!” He cut me off, not giving me a chance to finish my sentence. 

“N-never mind. I think they’re very appropriate for our son.” I replied. “We almost done here?”

“No.” He walked away from me and began looking for more clothing and furniture for the nursery. “Hey babe, what do you think about this crib? Think it’s cute?” Jason called to from across the store. I pushed myself up from the seat I was in and waddled my way over to where he was. 

“I love this one actually. Please tell me we’re getting it.” I begged. 

“I guess,” He said. “Hopefully the little man will like it.”

After hour upon hours spent inside Carter’s, we finally finished. Jason paid for everything and we went on our way back home.

“I’m starting to think that it’s you carrying the baby rather than me.” I joked around, lying next to Jason. 

“I must be doing one hell of a job then.” he chuckled. “You’re going to be an amazing mother {Y/N}.”

“And you’re going to be an amazing father Jason, even though I don’t agree with everything you do.”

!!! i drew levyaku for kageyameha in exchange for some fic ehehe // aw this was the first time i’ve drawn either of this kiddies too even though they are my faves *//v//* (thats absolutely trans yaku by the way. just needed to. mention that) 


so turtles is out

and i preordered it

but apparently that preorder won’t be here until next monday


i may go buy another copy

Fic: Pax Romana - James Madison/Alexander Hamilton

Spawned by a conversation with dezzie-chan and requested by major-jamie-hill. Sorry it isn’t smutty, I honestly tried, but James Madison is too pure, too innocent. (And I am too asexual, too gay.)

Instead, have asexual (and maybe aromantic??) James Madison having a gossipy sleepover with a randy Alexander Hamilton while trying to write the Federalist #18. Rated PG-13 for sexual discussions.

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When you wake up to find your boyfriend’s side of the bed empty and realize he isn’t actually home… Probably for the best, means I actually got things done today…  cause I am getting nothing done tonight, and likely half of tomorrow.

On a side note, who the hell he leave my little man with? I was planning on taking him to lunch with me, but Mama Puckerman doesn’t have him. 

nim-lock  asked:

OMS, Starfleet Academy Instructors: Spock is slightly thrown off by a student comment, Kirk makes it better.

A/N:  Thanks for the prompt!  This is about 600 words, Kirk/Spock, Star Trek TOS

A Night For Staying In

Spock let himself into the small apartment that he and Jim shared and set his satchel of instructor materials on the entryway table.

Hearing no greeting, he assumed Jim had yet to return from his tasks at the campus.  Normally in such a case Spock would proceed to the kitchen to determine what comestible items they might utilize to prepare their evening meal.  But this evening he paused, remaining where he stood without any clear purpose.

So lost in thought was he that he did not take note of the door opening behind him until Jim said, “Brrr!  It’s getting chilly out there; did you bring your gloves to work with you?” by way of greeting.  

“I thought we might have some leftover stew,” Jim went on cheerfully.  "Or if you don’t mind heading back out into the cold, we can go out for those noodles you like, the ones at the little shop that opened last month.“

"I–”  Spock glanced down at his hands, which remained slightly green tinged from the brisk air outside.  He had not taken the opportunity to consider the impact of the lowered temperatures on his person during his walk home.  

“Hey,” Jim said softly.  He let his own bag fall to the floor, apparently heedless of its contents.  He reached out, laying a warm hand on Spock’s shoulder.  "You okay?“

Spock barely paused before he gave a small nod.  Learning a cadet had decided to depart from Starfleet Academy before their graduation happened only infrequently.  Finding out that one such student had declared he was leaving because Spock specifically had discouraged his ambitions had never occurred until now.  

Spock did not recollect delivering any harsh admonitions to the cadet.  There was certainly no need for such reproaches; the young man had performed reasonably well in all of his classes, including Spock’s.  Spock himself had completed a review of the cadet’s efforts using the words "shows promise.”  But for whatever reason, Cadet Levine had felt he should communicate that his attempts to continue his training had been hindered by Spock in some way.  

“Probably trying to pin down a cause for general dissatisfaction,” Commander Barakat had guessed when she informed Spock of the issue that afternoon.  "Some of them just aren’t cut out to serve for whatever reason, and they need to find someone to blame.“  She had elected not to investigate the matter further, citing Spock’s generally highly positive instructor evaluations and his success in advising numerous cadets.

"Want to talk about it?” Jim now asked gently.

Spock exhaled.  It would do no real good to rehearse the petty happenings of the day.  Jim would obviously reassure Spock that he had little to do with the cadet’s decision, a conclusion Spock himself understood he should accept.  "Ultimately, there is nothing of substance to discuss.“  

Jim searched Spock’s face, his hazel eyes intent.  After a moment, he lifted his other hand so that he could squeeze both of Spock’s shoulders.  "You know what I think?” he asked in a soft voice.  "Tonight’s a night for staying in.  We’ll heat up that stew, maybe pull out some of that sourdough bread I have stashed in the freezer.  Any teaching tasks you have to get done tonight?“

"There is nothing pressing,” Spock allowed.  "But –“

"Then it’s settled,” Jim said firmly.  "You, me, a bottle of wine, and relaxing.  And anything stressful, we’ll leave that behind for the night.  Sound good?“  He touched Spock’s cheek, brushing his thumb over Spock’s temple tenderly.  

Spock held back a smile and said softly, "Indeed.”


Pairing: John Laurens x reader

Prompt: John Laurens X reader modern au where the reader is a total night owl and one night John stays up with her but he gets all no filter when he’s tired and he accidentally tells her that he likes her?

TW: None

Word count: 1007


You had a project due in twelve hours. Currently, it was ten pm. You were prepared to pull an all-nighter, prepared with snacks, soda, and your laptop, as this was a very important project that you had to finish, since it was a very big chunk of your grade as a whole. You were just sitting down to write, when there was a knock on your door. Rather disgruntled, you pulled yourself up, and moved to the door.

“What do you- oh! John!” You brightened at the sight of your friend waiting in the doorway, poised with more soda, and a bag of chips. “What are you doing here? Don’t you have class in the morning?”

“Actually, no. It got cancelled because of the possibility of inclement weather, so I decided I’d come over here, and keep you company on this project kick you’ve got.” He smiled, inviting himself in as you stepped aside. He set his contributions to the party down on the table, and plopped onto the couch beside your blanket nest with a grin.

“Really? Well, thanks. I’m a night-owl anyway, so some company would be nice.” You laughed a little, making yourself comfortable again while you pulled your computer back onto your lap, and continued typing. John made idle chatter for a while, just generally keeping you company while you worked.

You always found you worked faster with him around. You weren’t sure what it was, but you finished quicker. It felt that way, anyway. About an hour in, John was turning on Zootopia to watch, because it was his favorite, and really, if you put him to the test, he could probably quote you all of Nick Wilde’s lines. You didn’t mind. You’d heard background noise was good for creativity, and really, that was what you needed right now.

By the end of the movie, it was past midnight. He was starting to look like he was dozing off, but he had come here to pull an all nighter with you, and that’s what he was going to do. You popped the tab on one of the sodas he’d brought, and shoved it into his hand.

“Here, you need caffeine. You promised to stay up, and by god, I am finishing this paper with you keeping me company.” He only laughed in reply, but started chugging a moment later.

You smiled at him over your laptop, watching as he leaned back against the arm of the couch. He gave a shiver, and proceeded in stealing one of your blankets from the cocoon you were creating. You gave him a firm kick, but his response was only a small ‘worth it.’

He was fading fast now, you could see that. Damn these morning people and their inability to stay up past seven. You gave him a kick now and then, and he would snap awake crying ‘I’m up! I’m up!’ You both knew that was a dirty lie.

Finally, you gave up. It was three in the morning, and, finally, you were starting to get tired. But you were almost done. Just a little bit more.

“(Y/N)…” You stopped. Was John a sleeptalker? You never pegged him as the type, but you figured it wasn’t too far out of the realm of possibility. You halted your typing in order to listen, but nothing came.

You resumed, and so did he.

“(Y/N), I wanna…” ‘wanna’ what? Normally, you probably wouldn’t care, just nudge him awake and tell him to stop, or something, but your name was thrown in the mix, and dammit, you were curious.

“What do you want to do, John?” You cooed, making your voice soft and lulling, keeping him asleep. You hoped he responded.

“Wanna…wanna kiss you…in your face…it’s a pretty face…” You lit up. Ooooh, thank you subconscious!! Making people admit their undying love for one another since three AM on a thursday.

“Ooh, my face is pretty?” You wanted to see just how much further you could get.

“Yeah…wanna hold it…and..and hold you…” He turned over, and you paused, wondering if you woke him up.

God you were so tired too…It seemed, however, he would no longer be answering you, as he dropped off to a sleep cycle. You huffed a small sigh, and shut your laptop. You could do the last of it tomorrow. That was horrible of you to say, but it was true. Nothing else would get done tonight.

You also, however, didn’t want to dwell too much on the fact that you were changing into your pajamas, and leaving the comfort and privacy of your bedroom, in order to curl up in the arms of your best friend, on the couch. You dragged all of your blankets behind you, like a chunky cloak, and crawled into the space between him and the back of the couch, smiling at how his arms so easily fit around you. It was almost effortless…You cuddled up to him, resting your head on his upper arm. This was perfect…

You wrapped your blankets around the both of you, letting him cradle you. This must be what heaven was like, you were sure of it!

The next morning, you awoke with a start, realizing it was WAAAAAY past ten am. You started scrambling to get ready, stopping only when you heard the sound of bacon, sizzling in the kitchen. Poking your head in, you found your morning person friend…best friend? Boyfriend? Cooking for you. He smiled when he say you, and gave your cheek a kiss.

“Lay back down if you want, baby. Your class got cancelled because of the snow. All of them did, actually.”

Oh shit, he was right. A glance out the window proved that the both of you were snowed in.

Oooooh noooo…what a terrible turn of events! Not only do you have more time to work on your paper, but you’re trapped in your warm home, with your significant other.

Whatever shall you do?

I apologize that this is kinda short, but I liked writing it! What isn’t shown here, however, is John and you talking it out, sorry. I don’t want to bore everyone with the nitty gritty details of starting a relationship out of the blue like this.

Either way, thank you!!

Love, Rosalie