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Your love is valid, your religion is valid. Happy pride month & Ramadan Kareem ❤️💛💚💙💜🕋

Kiss for Luck

Because fair is fair in magical healthy poly pb&j AU land.
And Look. In this universe in the inevitable future where the Aces and the Falconers play each other for the Stanley Cup, regardless of who wins, everybody wins. Because either way Bitty gets to figure out some sort of creative food for everyone to eat out of it.

(I drew this because I had a fierce need for playoff beards and hockey gear and flow!Jack and stuff.)

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“Nobody wants me, so they can all just die.”
Then what is your hand for?
“Nobody cares whether I live or die. Nothing will change… So they can all just die.”
Then what is your heart for?
“It would be better if I never existed. I should just die too.”
Then why are you here?

“…Is it okay for me to be here?”

  Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion (1997)              


Sometimes it makes things hard, but Kuroo doesn’t really mind

  • Person A: Honey, you would never stop loving me right?
  • Person B: What?? Of course I wouldn't! Nothing could ever change that!
  • Person A: ……
  • Person A: I picked out all the marshmallows in the Lucky Charms and left all the brown stuff.
  • Person B:
  • Person B: YoU. LiTtle. ShiT.

Okay but consider this: lil bby Tobio always getting ignored during play time, whether it was during recess or at the park. 

He never got picked for teams, wasn’t approached during tag, the ball not passed to him in soccer, and not even looked for during hide and seek. 

That’s why he wanted to become a setter: his team had to give him the ball if he was in that position, and then he could finally play with them and befriend them like he’s been wanting to. 

What he didn’t realize was that being able to play with them didn’t mean they liked him. 

What he didn’t realize was that even if he got sent the ball 

they could still reject him 

Cocky (Jungkook College AU) Part 2

Originally posted by donewithjeon

Jungkook x Reader AU

a/n: holy shit i never expected the first part to get so much love and to be accepted back in so fast (202 notes in one day ?????) ???? the fact that I hadn’t posted in literal months and it’s like nothing has changed literally warms my heart. thank you for all the support and lovely messages ily all and I hope u enjoy !!!! this is probably the 2nd and final part to this, as I don’t want to drag it along like I do with all the rest of my stories lol, but tbh i’ll prob write one more knowing me lmao

type: college/university au, fluffy !!!, light/suggestive smut (THE NASTY SHIT IS IN THE NEXT PART JUST HOLD YA HORSES)

word count: 1.8K

Chapter 1 | Masterlist

Your breath caught in your throat as the words he just said settled in. Your weary eyes scanned over to the door of her office slowly, where sure enough, she emerged quietly. Your suspicions were confirmed. Her hair was ruffled up a little, and the buttons on her blouse were done up ever so slightly wrong, now untucked from her pencil skirt. You met Jungkook’s stare with wide eyes.

It sent a shudder down your spine. How could she even let that happen? “I see.” Was all you said.

But that wasn’t enough for Jungkook. He leant into you again, his palm coming into contact with you clothed thigh and he squeezed lightly. He whispered into your ear. “Am I going to have to shut you up too?”

You choked on the saliva that was in your mouth as he seductively uttered those words into your ear. Holy shit.

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When will they be safe and happy? Probably never.