eurovision winners according to justin timberlake

(who knows nothing about eurovision)

- jambalaya
- manly zoomarine
- coccheatah wurks
- emmyline in da forest
- lorry
- hell & knickers
- leenur
- alexander why-back
- dona beeland
- marinara serif font
- the lords
- hill in a papa
- rustylana
- sir dab airener
- marzipan n
- tanning pedal & dang benditon
- the olsen sisters

katzen-kinder replied to your post “Send me topics you want Shiro headcanons about!”

How does Shiro usually spend the day when he has downtime?

Shiro tries to keep himself busy during downtime.

–Shiro has to run away from his thoughts, a little. Since The Sendak Incident, he’s realized that Sendak couldn’t have been talking to him - it was just his own terrible, PTSD-driven brain faking him out.  Alarmed by the hallucination and the fact it drove him so far as to almost definitely kill a helpless hostage (no matter how evil), he tries to keep himself from getting trapped in a degenerative thought process like that by keeping active.

–Physically exhausting himself is helpful for falling asleep! And while Shiro still doesn’t recall where he got all this new muscle mass, but he figures he should maintain it anyway.  When team practice isn’t enough, he does pushups, situps, laps, and sometimes fights the combat drones in the practice room.  Keith joins him for the laps and the combat more often than not.

–Shiro tries to fit in as much extra time as he can working with the Black Lion, actively working on his bond with her. He’s not letting Zarkon take her out from under his nose ever again - not without a fight.

–Battle tactics aren’t actually his strong point, so he also works on combat scenarios with Allura and Coran when they’re available, and Keith and Pidge when they’re not.  Allura and Coran have experience with real battles, and Keith and Pidge are both more logically-minded than he is.  Being a good leader means making snap decisions sometimes, and he wants to get better at it.

–There’s always stuff that needs fixing or cleaning around the castle.  Sometimes Shiro gets stuck assisting Coran. Sometimes he gets stuck assisting Coran alongside Lance.  Shiro says it builds character but actually he hates cleaning.  He doesn’t let Lance know.

–He gets cooking lessons from Hunk. It started out as something Shiro asked for to help him bond with Hunk over something other than Voltron, but honestly, Shiro can barely boil water without screwing up. Hunk is patient. Shiro needs it.

some good dr3 things

- monoca went to fucking space
- does juzo sakakura is gay
- komaeda is loved and accepted and looks like he is overall Feeling Better
- seiko kimura
- remember komaeda and his bird friend? haha yea
- mitarai/impostor relationship
- kamukura said memes like twice
- the fucken dub
- komaru and touko!!!
- taylor swift and justin bieber
- sonia appreciating souda
- byakuya
- komaeda made a Big Dog

“Don’t get in my way.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”

I tried coloring it a couple times, but it just wasn’t coming out right, so I’ll just post the messy lineart lol

Hopefully the first in a series of outlaw queen pictures to celebrate the possibility of seeing more of these two together this season! First up is “first meeting”, and although I adore missing year oq, their “first” meeting in storybrooke is my fav :)