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Now would be an excellent time for Louis to really officially announce the date of the release of Miss You. Post a pic of him performing today, like his bandmate posted with 'Honoured to have performed Miss You at the Royal Variety. Song will be out on x day, can't wait for you guys to hear it!' or something like that. I think promo leading up to a release is super important and there has been none on his sm so far, and I really dont get it. So they should start now!!

good pointers! get on it, louis’ team

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do you have any tips when making good male sims?

oh boy, good question. I struggled with that a very long time but I think I got a little better. I’ll try to summarize what I feel like helps me when I’m in CaS :)

the science of making good looking male sims explained by a noob

  • Make the eyes a bit smaller than what you would do for a female sim (as much the shape of the eye as the iris)
  • I lower the eyebrows towards the eyes with a less pronounced arch
  • A wider nose (bridge, nostrils)
  • A wider jaw! a longer face and a more pronounced chin as well. Give them a more “square” face (instead of an oval/heart shape like we usually do for females) 
  • I often add face hair like a beard or something, it always helps!

I hope it helped! ❤️