nothing you do is ever good enough

I just want to tell you that I love you. I know I pretend like I don’t but I do. And I’m sorry it took me so long to say it but I couldn’t risk having my heart broken until I realized I was breaking your heart instead. So, this is it. This is my profession of love for you. My frozen-in-time, all-or-nothing, embarrassing confession that I am in love with you and that I have been for years. Ever since that trip we took to the farm on halloween, the one where you got scared and I laughed, but what I never told you was that all I wanted to do was hold you and keep you safe. That was the moment I realized that I needed you and I’ve just been scared that if I ever said any of this you’d leave. That maybe I wouldn’t be good enough because you’re amazing and I’m just me. But now I see it. You look at me the same way I look at you. I was too blind to see it before but it’s not just me. We’re in this together. So please, just tell me I’m not crazy. Say you love me too.
—  All I ever wanted.

Tell your kids you’re proud of them. I hardly ever heard “I’m proud of you.” I hardly ever heard that growing up. Instead of “I’m proud of you for working hard and doing as well as you did,” I got “Why didn’t you work harder and do better?” It left me feeling like nothing I ever did would be good enough and that the hard work I did put forth meant nothing.

So when your kid has done their best, tell them you’re proud of them.


“Pack your bags Percy, you’re always to blame”

“I’m good for nothing at all”

“I swear that I’m a good kid… yeah Percy that’s a good one”

“All I ever do is take the fall”

“I never meant to hurt anyone, I swear that I’m a good kid who’s had a bad run”

“All I need is one last chance to prove I’m good enough for someone”

YO¬?!?!?!??!?!!?!!!!! CHARACTERIZATION?!?!!?!?!?!!! SO EXCITED?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FULL CAST RECORDING PLEASE???!!!!!! 

Do you ever just feel the urge to pack a bag in the middle of the night and just leave? Like no goodbyes to a single person, no contact, no phone, just leave a note on the table. And go somewhere far away. Because you feel like a burden to everyone around you. Like you feel like you should let go, because your friends and family and everyone would just be happier without you, nothing you do is good enough, and you can’t make them happy or proud like you wish you could and you just need someone to tell you that, that isn’t how it is, because it runs through your head every. single. Night.

We were skin to skin when I let my hands wander to find every crease and curve of your body. You were art to me, and no amount of love was more than the love I had for you. I saw passion in your eyes, and I didn’t realize you saw nothing in mine until the day there was no hesitation in your voice when you told me I could walk away if I wanted to. I finally understood how little I meant to you and it demolished what was left of my heart, because you were home to me. I was convinced what we had was love, but love isn’t a harsh voice that tells you nothing you’ll ever do will be good enough. Your tone became heavy and your glances no longer had meaning, and instead had an emptiness that lingered everywhere we went. I loved the thick and thin parts of your broken soul, yet you trampled over everything I had left in mine, shattering more than just the inside, but crumbling the surface with it. I would have given you all the stars in the sky if I could have, but you would have asked for the moon, too.
—  I no longer find comfort in your voice

My smile is no longer for you! But for myself! Something that was supposed to last for ever and ever, came crashing down unexpectedly.. You broke promise after promise! Me, believing in you, trusting you whole heartedly, and having faith in us… I just wanted so bad for this to work! But it won’t and never will! I did everything I could, and yet it wasn’t good enough! I’m too insecure and jealous? You’re too pig headed and stubborn to open your damn eyes to a beautiful woman who did everything you ever wanted her to.. I wanted to fight for us, for you and you want nothing to do with it! With your text messages of “ you can do better than this, you deserve better this emotional roller coaster I’m putting you through ”. Well, you’re right! I do! I do deserve better!

My favorite text, you’ve sent me…
“ And if it happens that I want to pick up the dice again and you’ve walked away from the table to play the game with somebody else that would really suck for me. But they are the consequences I will have to live with ” This wasn’t a game! It was our lives, relationship and love!

I’m not saying I’m completely over you, but I’m over wanting to be with you, I’m over you being my daddy, my boyfriend, believing you’re my soulmate, and most importantly I’m done believing in you and trusting you!

Thanks so much for showing me this world/life style! I was destined to be a little girl, just not yours!

The Types of Monster Hunters

Type #1 - The Strategist

  • Always plans out every possible detail prior to a hunt
  • Never seen wearing a matching set of armor
  • “Guys we can’t have three Great Sword users we need balance”

Type #2 - The Rambo

  • Only ever uses their strongest weapon, even if its not the element needed
  • Has done armorless hunts against virtually every monster
  • Is often the guy who carts and fails the quest trying to do something really stupid on a dare

Type #3 - The Quest Hog

  • Joins server and doesn’t say hello back, then immediately selects their own quest, even if there is already one posted
  • Gets pissy when no one else joins their quest
  • Almost always first to be kicked out

Type #4 - The Fashionista

  • Specializes in looking good, and nothing else
  • That’s it
  • God help you

Type #5 - The Wanna-Be Anime Protag

  • Wears horribly revealing outfits
  • Uses really cringy emoticons in chat
  • Guild Card has enough pink to make your eyes bleed
  • Is probably really lonely in real life

Type #6 - The Capture Addict

  • Only ever wants to capture monsters
  • Will not help you with your boring Elder Dragon hunting
  • Ragequits if even one monster is killed, even on accident

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Can you do 12 "please stay" for elucien? Pretty please?

Try as he might, Lucien has never been good with flowers; and for every flower that blooms in the Autumn Court, he smiles, thinking of Elain and her tender care.

But as he adjusts the flowers on Darla’s grave he can’t help but feel that those flowers aren’t enough, that no flower will ever be enough.

Her grave is new, with a beautiful tombstone with her name on it and lovely engravings designed by Feyre, but not even a sentence, nothing of the love he felt for her, nothing of how he wishes to see her again-and he doubts she would see him, even if she could.

Lucien’s eyes get lost in the sharp contrast of the green of the leaves and the stark white of the marble and he looks at the ground, at the empty coffin lying just beneath him; Lucien doesn’t know what his family did to her, after, and a part of him really doesn’t want to know.

He likes to pretend she’s in a restful sleep or flying high in the sky with those wings she loved so much.

And for every time he kneels in front of her grave he feels unworthy because it doesn’t matter what he does, how much he cries or screams, it doesn’t matter how many flowers he brings her, he let her die, he stood there and watched and was so utterly useless in the moment she needed him more, he could just watch as his brothers, his own father, theyand he remembers their laughter everyday, her screams-

Lucien closes his eyes, trying to breathe, trying to push the sadness and guilt away but he hears them, tiny, tentative steps coming toward him, the smell of honey and sunflowers.

He turns to look at Elain, at the smile upon her beautiful face, two adorable dimples showing on her cheeks as her smile widens, at the way she laces her fngers together, just a few feet away from him, She looks right back at him “I can go away if you want, if you-if you want to be alone.”

His eyes widen and the words go out of his mouth before he can even think of shutting up, “No! If you want- Stay. Please, stay.”

Her smile widens even more and his heart soars but-but he can’t but feel wrong, how dare he be so happy here, in front of her, how dare he be happy when this is all his fault- and Elain, sweet Elain, his mate, giving him more joy with a smile than centuries of life ever gave him.

Elain kneels close to him, her pink dress pooling around her and his throat closes painfully as she places her hand on the cold marble, right on Darla’s name.

“Hello Darla, I’m Elain. I’m very honored to meet you.” Lucien looks at her, as a garland of flowers spurs from her hand and encircles the little monument, making it come alive, making it seem like a place of happiness, of a joyous past and not a place for guilt and mourning.

He bites his lip, trying to rein himself in but he Elain arms are suddenly around him and he does what he had to do centuries ago: he cries, but not tears of guilt and loneliness, but of something akin to closure, of letting go of the guilt of moving on, tears of joy and sadness perhaps, for what they had and was so brutally torn away, tears for the love they had, for a love that was engraved in his very heart, but a love he will learn to look fondly upon, without being crushed by the way it ended.

He hears the faint sound of wings as Elain kisses his temple and says “She would be proud of you.”


Little Things the Types Do That May Annoy Others

1- They may unintentionally cause those around them to feel hyper criticized, those close to them may feel that “nothing is ever good enough for them”  but for them it’s just under the guise of, “I’m making it better, I’m just helping point out the flaws in this so you can improve it.” While others can see it as, “I’m excessively targeting your weak points and always nagging you on them.”

What people should understand: They’re just as critical of themselves as they are of you. You may feel that you’re always being forced to meet expectations that are way too high. Truth is, you don’t even need to try to meet the expectations, it’s nothing to do with you, they’re not targeting you, it’s just their style- so you can relax, and every time they point something out, you don’t need to rush to meet that expectation, cause chances are, the second you complete it, they’re going to have something else to say, and it’s not that they’re criticizing you, it’s just the way they’re ingrained, strive to be good. 

2-  They may cause others to feel they’re overbearing, too sensitive, overwhelming, smothering, blatantly needy. It may feel very invasive to others. They’re helpful, but when they feel that people don’t need them, they’ll do the opposite of back off and kind of throw themselves at them, waiting at their beck and call, making themselves feel worse and worse but the worse they feel the more they’ll do, which is very opposite and it may cause confusion from others and annoyance. 

What people should understand: It doesn’t take much to satisfy the 2. Although it may seem like it, the two throwing themselves at them to help, lingering around, it seems like they’d want something back, something big, although they may not be able to figure this out because the more they withdraw the more the 2 approaches as if there’s a huge debt lingering for their help. Truly, all you need to do is acknowledge them. A thanks, a smile, a hug, be open to them, don’t be closed off or cold, don’t be curt and dismissive, this causes the opposite. The two wants to connect, so let them. Emotionally engage them, chat for a bit, and the two has their acknowledgement and appreciation for what they’ve done, the throwing themselves at you thing is just, the more you back away the more they’ll approach because you seem distant, and they just want you to acknowledge their help, so they feel appreciated. 

3- People close to the 3 may feel that they have an all or nothing attitude. “You’re only worth something if you are something.” They may place a lot of worth on anything, academic achievement, athletic achievement, etc. There’s no place for the regular people here, you’re either a winner, or you’re with the loser. This may put a strain on those close to them, and they may accidentally cause those around them to feel that they are worthless, or that the 3 views them as underachievers when really, they just have no interest in achieving those same things the 3 has.

What people should understand: The 3 has a focused viewpoint, and the 3 should also understand that not everyone is going to share this viewpoint. Their friends or family aren’t “lazy” or “underachievers” because they don’t place the same value and importance on recognition and achievement as the 3. The 3 may feel that they are motivating those close to them, calling them to action! Motivational speeches, get off your bottom and get up and become something! To the 3, it’s motivational. To others, it may have the opposite affect, people may feel that the 3 is saying you’re worthless until you are something, or you’re not trying hard enough, or you want to be just average, you could be great, when someone truly could be trying their hardest, or maybe they don’t just place the same value on achievement as the 3. The 3 feels they’re being motivational, trying to drive those around them to action, but to others, it may not feel that way. 

4- Those close to them may feel that they are self absorbed (in a negative light), obsessed with being miserable, “special snowflake syndrome” , loving sadness too much and clinging to it even in the face of possible happiness because of the odd pleasure they draw from their misery. They feel that the 4 blatantly rejects good things, in favor of basking in the melancholy they’ve cultivated. 

What people should understand: The 4 often cultivates emotions, as parts of their personality. Hence, the misery example. To them, the unhappiness, is not a state they can change, it is an ingrained part of their personality. They feel that they are lacking an identity, so to make up for this, they have a large range of emotions going on for them, and they pick and choose those emotions that they decide will make them up. The 4 feels inherently misunderstood, the loner, the reject. They tell themselves that no one will possibly understand them, and they take that perspective, “I am unique, I am difficult to understand and it’s great because I’m one of a kind, but I also feel flawed, because I’m not like the others, I don’t fit in as easily.” They have a great emotional depth, but also feel somewhat empty. Cultivating feelings such as melancholy helps feel that they’ve created an identity. They long for something, but they don’t really know what they long for, in basic, they love the longing itself. They’re not really attempting to cling to unhappiness, they feel that it is a built in construct of their personality and to let go- what will happen? They’ll lose their consistency, their stability- and so they hold onto that because it’s what they’ve created for themselves as an identity.

5- There’s one thing in particular that I’m going to acknowledge, having done it myself, but I’ll throw in a few others as well. People may feel that the 5 is insensitive, closed off, inconsiderate, blatantly doesn’t give a fuck, also self absorbed, cares more about what’s in their head than the people close to them. and also, gets carried away with their little analyzing and “experiments”. I’m actually going to talk about this. We’ll call this, “Mad Scientist Syndrome” and I’ll tell you about it right now. 

What people should understand: The 5 actually is sensitive, deeeeep deeeep down, and insecure, and because of that, they’ve created a barricading wall of information and mastery of whatever particular interest(s) they have, to compensate for them feeling like the world is too much, and it’s like, “ok when I’m done accumulating all this data on the world I’ll go out in the world and I’ll survive bc I know so much now” except they don’t get to the stage of “I’ll go out into the world” they’re stuck at, “Need more data” cause they’re fooling themselves into believing that they’ll only be able to brave the scary world once they know enough but they haven’t learned that you can’t replace direct experience with a mental construct, but they try to, oh we try to. Anyway, basically, behind this huge wall are their emotions and care for you, they’re don’t not care for you, and on the surface they seem oblivious or indifferent to your existence but deep deep down behind that barrier they <3 you with their secretly sensitive souls. If you ask them though, even if you don’t feel like it, it’s rather simple really, if you feel that they don’t care about you at all, it’s blatantly obvious, if we really didn’t give a fuck about you we wouldn’t hang out with you or speak to you, even if we don’t say we love you, why the hell would I associate with you if I don’t give a fuck about you? Like it’s that simple really. They can also seem snappish and inconsiderate, it’s not intentional, they’re just not aware that people will take their brusque personality personally, because of how ‘absent minded professor” they are. 

 Now, the “Mad Scientist Syndrome” (Sorry I know 5 is seeming really long compared to the others, wasn’t intentional, just as a 5, I have a lot to add on.) When a 5 gets invested in analyzing someone, they get impersonal. Very impersonal. Leads to them doing asshole-ish things without knowing. Sort of like how mad scientists start running crazy experiments and get all insensitive and evil and lose all morality. Okay, this is that, on a much tinier scale. Sometimes, analyzing someone’s behavior, while it is objective for you, it’s not objective for the person you’re analyzing, and it’s inconsiderate to turn them into a project. I often forget that. Please remember that, 5′s. Just like on Nemo, Fish are friends, not food. People are friends, not projects :) Please keep in mind. Also, for people, this isn’t personal it’s just this compulsive thing and it’s not intentional it’s an asshole thing to do, but I forget it’s an asshole thing to do, and it’s not a personal target either, it just happens and slips out and I’m like oh shit oops, so keep in mind. 

6- People close to 6 may feel that they are suspicious, convoluted, distrustful, accusatory, pushing people away, overall complicated. Extremely indecisive, anxious, and explosive. 6′s are the picture of, “feeling an emotion vs. acting on that emotion.” Type 6 really portrays the difference, because there could be a hair trigger, and they act on an emotion, which can be frustrating for others, sometimes acting on it before they even decipher if it’s “normal” (I would’ve said rational for the emotions except emotions aren’t rational at all, but usually an emotion correlates to a situation and some emotions are abnormal to situations, take anger at someone buying you a cake or something like that, although that’s vastly exaggerated.) Basically, before they decipher the emotion they’ll act on it which can cause people to want to bash their skull into a wall. 

What people should understand: 6′s have somewhat of an inherent inner turmoil, this broiling anxiety and feeling of instability. They seek outer sources to quell this anxiety and bring stability to balance out the instability they feel inside. They often “test” loyalty, to see if you’re really going to support them and this is very important for them. They may act on an emotion before actually realizing what it is exactly they’re feeling, and it’s not intentional, and they’re not attempting to start an argument, while it may seem that they’re consistently seeking out conflict, they’re actually consistently seeking out your reassurance that you’ll be there for them even in their worst moments, although it’s definitely an odd way of showing it. They know they can be difficult, and they want to trust that you’ll remain in difficult times, and because of that, they often test you, grating on your patience, and when you get fed up of this behavior, they see it as you proving that you really won’t support them. They react, and they don’t want you to react back, they want to trust that you’ll be there, in spite of their reactions. 

7- People may feel that 7s never focus or refuse to focus, have a lack of direction, refuse to meet their potential, are too busy chasing fun instead of applying themselves, and disorganized, and running from any obligation or responsibility at all times. 

What people should understand: 7′s are versatile. While you may believe your 7 is lacking direction, and should focus, a 7 forced to focus on one thing for a long time wilts. They get bored, and antsy. 7s may seem scattered, but truly, they thrive when they’re allowed to explore, and as they’re moving, they can definitely be successful on the go. Different things at once are exciting for a 7, they’re new, and they’ll keep on pursuing new experiences. A 7 can actually, be responsible, while still being exploratory. They’re quite smart and they’ve got quick minds, which makes them excellent at navigating and jumping from situation to situation with ease. Just because they don’t focus on one thing at once doesn’t make them less successful or intellectual- their minds are very quick, while they wouldn’t prefer to pore over a text book, if they hear a few interesting facts here or there, they’re sure to remember them and spit them out. Although, I feel that 7s may have difficulty in school, and not necessarily school itself, but schoolwork, such as homework, in school it’s a structured environment which gives them no choice but to focus, but on their free time they’re likely to procrastinate away instead of focusing on writing an essay they find boring. 

8- People may find 8′s overbearing, insensitive, overtly aggressive, abrasive, confrontational, and controlling and for females they might find them “overly masculine” and I dare you to say that because a female is a type 8, or just in general because she’s tough and stands up for herself, that it’s “off putting” and I’ll fuck u up myself m8. Anyway, they may come off a bit, strong, and intimidate others.

What people should understand: The 8 intimidating others is almost a challenge, and when you stand up for yourself, it’s like an unspoken truce of respect. They’re aggressive so they don’t get taken advantage of first. Offense instead of defense. “I’ll intimidate you first so that you can’t intimidate me cause you;ll be too intimidated.” It’s an unspoken show of power and dominance, I rule, don’t try to take advantage of me. They also don’t want to show any weakness, so the show of dominance and yadayadayada, so that you can’t see their weak spots. Underneath it all, they are very vulnerable, which they’ve covered with a facade, the 5 covers their vulnerability by disconnecting, the 8 covers their vulnerability by creating a facade of toughness over it. They reject others before they reject them, and go about with the tough loner attitude, and in attempting to cover up their vulnerability they become distanced from their emotional connections to others, which can lead to controlling behavior, blatant obliviousness to the emotional states of others, and insensitivity. 

9- People may find 9s procrastinating, a bit too relaxed and passive, not speaking up even when something obviously isn’t okay or just letting it slide (An example, a kid does something bad in school, calls home, mom says nothing about it, and just lets it slide, dad comes home, gets angry that mom didn’t react, yadayadayada)  Not voicing their opinions until later, holding things in until it explodes in 50 years worth of anger, yeah.

What people should understand: 9 wants to avoid conflicts at all costs. They don’t want to disturb harmony or cause inner turmoil, and they won’t take the slightest risk of disrupting harmony in favor of keeping the peace even in unfavorable situations, causing them to remain very passive and perceived as lackadaisical. They’ll also refuse to make a choice that they feel might disrupt the order until they absolutely have to- procrastinating and putting it off until they have to deal with it. With their other problems, they shove them in the corner, because they never really have to deal with them, so they’ll keep procrastinating on them until they’re forced into action. The 9 isn’t lazy, they just don’t want to take even the slightest risk of disrupting the harmony and everyone’s peace of mind, so they’ll avoid it painfully unless they’re forced to acknowledge the elephant in the room. 

Seventeen Reaction To Their GF Thinking She Is Not Good Enough And Distancing Herself

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Seungcheol: Jagi, you mean so much to me please never think otherwise! *So upset that she would ever think of herself as less that perfect*

Jeonghan: Jagi, you are my sun and my moon. nothing is the same without you my love!

Joshua: Jagi I love you so much please never leave me!

Jun: Baobi I love you so much so please don’t think you aren’t perfect!

Soonyoung: *Listens to her concerns and is super supportive and tells her how much he loves her&

Wonwoo: I don’t know what I can say to make you believe it jagi but you are so beautiful… *Honestly can’t put his love for her into words*

Jihoon: How do I put this Jagi? you are amazing…. *Doesn’t know how to put it but he loves her so much*

Seokmin: *whenever he has the chance Seokmin would bring her up and how amazing she is to prove that he loves her and only her*

Mingyu: *Listens to her even though he hates the fact she is so hard on herself*

Minghao: *gives her the ‘no’ look whenever she says something bad about herself*

Seungkwan: *sings a song about her beauty* and you’re talented and I love you~

Vernon: I only want you! *kisses her on the head*

Dino: Jagi please! you are so beautiful please don’t tell yourself otherwise!

Holidays & #Aspergers #Autism:  Surviving That One Relative

Holidays are stressful enough but many of us on the #Autism spectrum have at least one family member who is bitterly disappointed with us. I have one. My best friend has one.  And they’re nearly impossible to please - nothing you do ever seems to be good enough.  If you have a job, it’s not a good enough job.  If you live in an apartment, it’s not a house.  (And heaven forbid if you don’t have a job or a house!)  There are times you suspect you could have a mansion and a BMW and they’d just complain that you don’t have a Porsche.

They always seem to pick on us during dinner, when we feel trapped and they have an audience.  What have you been doing lately?  It’s almost always a challenge, never a question delivered in genuine curiosity.

A lot of us prepare for this ahead of time by creating a list that I cheekily called the “Sod-Off” list.  This was a list of everything I’d accomplished in the past year.  It doesn’t have to be a big accomplishment, just something you’re proud of.  Did you finish a knitting project?  Finish a NaNoWriMo?  Start a NaNoWriMo?  Win a battle with a government agency?  Take a course?  Sure, there are “big” things like buying cars and earning degrees, but make no mistake, those “little” accomplishments count.

Here’s the thing:  The Sod-Off list is not for them - it’s for you.  If we try to list these accomplishments, they’ll just challenge their validity, tell us why they’re not satisfactory, and strip away everything that made us feel good.  No, this list is for you to keep in your mind, when you’re put under the spotlight.  It’s to remind you of when you felt proud of yourself, so that when that person asks you “What have you been doing lately,” you can shrug and say “A bunch of things here and there,” then turn to someone else and ask them, “What about you, what’ve you been up to?”  You might add “I’ve heard you’ve been doing X, what got you interested in that?”  This deflects attention away from you without sending the ball back to the challenging person.

The list is also for friends and family members who are genuinely curious about our activities and aren’t out to find reasons to be disappointed with us.  If possible, try to converse when the challenging relative isn’t around, so they aren’t tempted to interrupt with disparaging comments.

If possible, try to buddy up with a sympathetic relative or friend.  I have an aunt and a cousin whom I buddy up with.  My aunt is also trying to avoid our challenging relative, so whenever one of us sees that person trying to move in, we glide in and lead each other away with a “hey, come try some of this” or “hey come look at this game” or a “let’s go to the corner store, I’m craving buttertarts.”  We even have a text code for ‘challenging relative alert, come get me.’

That’s another thing, try to arrange an escape so you don’t have to spend a lot of time at the function.  Whether it’s going out with friends, an appointment in the morning, work in the morning, whatever gives you the excuse to leave.  We know that the challenging relative doesn’t give up easily, they’ll keep trying to corner us so they can grill us.  They seem to delight in being disappointed with us, so escaping the situation is our best defence.  If you have to live with the challenging relative, then it’s a temporary escape, but that can be enough to give your self-esteem a breather.  Look at your Sod-Off list and remember when you felt proud of yourself.  Because you deserve to.

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Omg, I love this mermaid au! Could you do some headcanons for Kageyama with a fem human s/o pretty please?

I am so loving this Mermaid AU right now like you guys don’t know. Not only am I enjoying writing scenarios/headcanons, but people are also sending me fanart and it’s wonderful. I really love you guys! <3

  • Trying to befriend Kageyama was a real challenge, but dating him was an entirely different story. At first he wanted nothing to do with any humans ever since he saw one of his own captured by a human. However, after meeting you, you were able to convince him that not all humans were cruel.
  • He’s really shy when it comes to this, but he has an amazing voice. You were surprised to know that he was a merman instead of a siren. If he’s in a good enough mood or you’re feeling upset, he’ll sing to make you feel better. His voice never ceases to amaze you.
  • Sometimes it’s hard dating a merman seeing as how you can’t go on regular dates which led to an argument; Either you turn into a mermaid or he becomes human. Well, there’s a way to make both of you happy. He ended up convincing the Sea Witch, Lana, to work her magic in aiding you in your problem. Whether you became a mermaid or he became human is up to you.
  • When he comes to visit you sometimes he returns with a little trinket that reminded him of you. Usually it’s a rare shell or something from a ship wreckage that you can’t find anywhere else.
  • One time you got into a huge argument over something trivial and didn’t talk for days. Kageyama couldn’t take it anymore and had to make it up to you. After telling you to meet him by the docks, he showed up with a dolphin for you to ride. You easily forgave him because it’s not everyday you can say that you’ve ridden a dolphin.
  • One time Kageyama decided to come up on leg using his legs for the first time which was certainly a sight to see. He was like a baby deer learning how to walk. You certainly did not record him what are you talking about.
  • When you join him in the water for a spin, underwater kisses happen more often than not. It’s like a scene out of a Disney movie.
  • Was horrified when he saw you eating fish one day and made you vow not to ever do it again. Fish are friends.

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Drunk Jotaro and Rohan headcanons? (Separately of course)

I had a lot of fun writing this one

- He doesn’t drink that often despite some people’s (Joseph’s) insistence. When he does drink it’s normally pretty moderate, enough to get him tipsy but not drunk
-However if he ever does consume enough alcohol to get drunk there are some visible changes in his behavior. Nothing too drastic that would cause a huge scene as he has pretty good self control but he definetly acts differently
- He will be unusually affectionate, even if it’s out in public, doing things like holding your hand and stroking your thumb with his or pulling your head down to lean against his shoulder when you sit in a booth
- He’s also more likely to be jealous and openly express it if he sees anyone interacting with you in a way he deems too friendly. He’ll be casual about walking up and putting his arm over your shoulders as he stares the person down and coldly asks who they are and what they think their doing, keeping his eyes on them until they back off
- He actually really likes fruity alcoholic beverages and will unironically drink them with a crazy straw. Once he’s drunk you and anyone else who tagged along start tucking tiny umbrellas into his hat, thinking that he won’t notice. He does but he’s too drunk to really care
- Even drunk Jotaro isn’t really fond of large crowds of loud people so once he’s had enough he hauls you out of the bar and calls a cab to take the both of you home. Once you get home he only takes enough time to slip his shoes, hat, and coat off before collapsing onto the bed face first

- Rohan goes out to a bar and gets drunk (which doesn’t take much honestly) for the sake of authenticity in his manga, you’re just there to make sure he doesn’t get into any trouble
- He’s a very clingy drunk, draping himself all over you and demanding your attention, complaining whenever he thinks your focus has drifted away from him
- Typically Rohan acts as if physical affection is beneath him, meaning you have to be the one to initiate it though there are rare exceptions, but when he’s drunk he has no qualms with doing things like holding your hand in his as he traces the lines of your palm, hugging you tightly as he buries his face into your hair, or with placing clumsy kisses on your cheek
- He’ll be struck by inspiration and hastily pull out a pen and start scribbling on napkins he found laying around. After a few minutes of him frantically drawing he proudly presents to you the completed project, the thing is though that whatever it is he drew makes absolutely no sense it’s just a bunch of random lines and sound effects that he added. You have to just nod and smile telling him that his art is amazing as usual and he’ll get smug, talking about how his art is always top notch
- His normally pristine outfit is wrinkled and there’s a 50% chance that he spilled something on it at some point without noticing not to mention the fact that his headband has slid down and is now wrapped around his neck like a choker leaving his hair to flop down into his eyes
- After a long struggle you finally manage to get him home but when you try to get him to go to bed he argues back claiming tha he needs to start drawing the next chapter for Pink Dark Boy right now even though he’s already turned in the manuscript to his editor. After even more arguing you finally get him to change into pajamas (which suprise suprise are silk) and go to bed and even though he’s pouting the whole time the second his head hits the pillow he passes out

Bonus! because I couldn’t get it out of my head
“Well boys it was fun but I’ll be taking off now”, you said grinning as you slipped Jotaro’s jacket on. A pained groan was Rohan’s only response as he slumped over, the shot glasses surrounding him being pushed dangerously close to the edge of the table. Jotaro ignored you, tugging his cap down over his eyes, already regretting the fact that he had bet his white coat as he felt strange without it on. “Y'know I thought you two of all people, or at least you Jotaro, would have been able to hold your liquor”, you commented brightly, tugging Rohan’s headband into place on your head. You called out that you’d be happy to drink them under the table again if they ever felt like challenging you before disappearing out the door. “Yare yare” Jotaro muttered as Rohan slid out of his seat hitting the ground with an audible thud.

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Elizabeth to Darcy: 

your arrogance, your conceit, and your selfish disdain of the feelings of others

Mrs Reynolds, Darcy’s housekeeper of 24 years, to Elizabeth:

He is the best landlord, and the best master that ever lived; not like the wild young men nowadays, who think of nothing but themselves. There is not one of his tenants or servants but what will give him a good name. Some people call him proud; but I am sure I never saw anything of it.

Elizabeth to Mr Collins:

I do assure you that I am not one of those young ladies (if such young ladies there are) who are so daring as to risk their happiness on the chance of being asked a second time.

Elizabeth to Elizabeth:

A man who has once been refused! How could I ever be foolish enough to expect a renewal of his love

Elizabeth to Jane:

If you were to give me forty such men, I never could be so happy as you. Till I have your disposition, your goodness, I never can have your happiness.

Elizabeth to Mrs Gardiner:

I am the happiest creature in the world. Perhaps other people have said so before, but not one with such justice. I am happier even than Jane; she only smiles, I laugh.

Elizabeth about the Gardiners/Pemberley:

And of this place I might have been mistress! With these rooms I might now have been familiarly acquainted! Instead of viewing them as a stranger, I might have rejoiced in them as my own, and welcomed to them as visitors my uncle and aunt. – But no, that could never be: my uncle and aunt would have been lost to me: I should not have been allowed to invite them.

Elizabeth to Mrs Gardiner:

Mr Darcy sends you all the love in the world that he can spare from me. You are all to come to Pemberley at Christmas.

Darcy about Jane and Elizabeth’s connection to the Gardiners:

[I]t must very materially lessen their chance of marrying men of any consideration in the world.

Darcy and Elizabeth’s connection to the Gardiners:

With the Gardiners, they were always on the most intimate terms. Darcy, as well as Elizabeth, really loved them; and they were both ever sensible of the warmest gratitude towards the persons who, by bringing her into Derbyshire, had been the means of uniting them.

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Day 15: Magnus + Smiling 

Magnus was pretty fond of silences. The way he could say so many things without uttering saying a word. The way he could make a person squirm by simply staring at them whilst refusing to say a single word.

He lived for silences like that.

Except when he was the recipient of said silence and the person pulling it off is an old friend who was well aware of how the act grated.



“But if you just let me.”

“Still not going to change anything Magnus.”

“But I have a good enough reason for it,” he pointed out.

Catarina finally deigned to look at him and the impish glint in her eyes had mentally taking a couple of steps back.

Nothing good ever came from Cat looking at him like that.

“Raphael,” Cat crooned so sweetly that even Raphael’s eyes widened.

Shit. Even less good came when she was being that sweet to him.

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“What do you want from me?!”

I love this line. I know everyone’s like ‘but malec angst!’ but I’m so so excited because this line is so in character. Alec’s always been expected to act a certain way and do certain things and it seems like no matter how hard he tries, nothing is ever good enough. [ie: ‘maybe Maryse was right and your best isn’t good enough’] Why would he expect things with Magnus to be different? As far as Alec is concerned, anytime someone gets stressed, upset, or frustrated (especially about something Alec is unsure about) he’s going to think it’s his fault. It’s been drilled into his head non-stop. Alec is missing his parabatai, he feels helpless, and on top of that he’s blaming himself for everything. Of course he’s going to not understand that Magnus doesn’t want him to do a certain thin or be a certain way. I’m so so excited to see this. 


As usual your father had to bring up touchy subjects, asks questions that he knew made you uncomfortable, etc. As soon as your father begun his usual spill of remarks with the underlying message that you’re not good enough, you noticed Dean clenching his jaw across the table from you. You looked down at your food, as usual but kept eying Dean. Finally he stood up, sliding the chair back loudly.

“You listen to me, that is your daughter your speaking to. She does everything she can to be simply happy, but nothing she does or says is ever good enough for you. I suggest you start being a good father to her, because she doesn’t deserve how you’re treating her!”

“Dean sit down,” you pleaded.

“No you know what? I can’t do this. I’ll be outside,” he said, storming out of the house.

The absolute worst shit in the world is being screamed at by a customer for something you have no control over. If you’re a barely-scraping-by retail worker like myself, you get that feeling. You can’t even really say “I’m sorry, I’m just a cashier/front manager/regular person, there’s nothing I can do.” because that’s just not good enough of an excuse for some people.

I live in a city that has implemented a city-wide ban on plastic and paper grocery bags. According to information provided by city hall (and yes, I checked it myself so that I knew what was what), the ban was passed in an effort to cut plastic waste, and because paper bags are costly to make and rarely ever make it into recycling anyways, they included those too. Stores that don’t abide by the ban have to pay an extra fee to the city to fund safe disposal and environmental conservation efforts.
The grocery store I currently work at now has two options: we sell recyclable plastic bags for 25 cents apiece, or we have a vast number of cloth bags made from recycled material ranging from 50 cents to $2 depending on the size and design. And yeah, your cloth bag with Olaf from Frozen is gonna cost more than one of our plain bags, things with popular characters or designs always cost more, even when they’re smaller or made with weaker materials. That’s what you pay to get your kid a bag with a snowman on it. That’s your choice.

AND YET. It’s been almost a year since the bag ban was put into place, and EVERY DAY I have to talk down a customer who gets angry because we don’t have plastic or paper anymore. I am a smol young lady with crazy bad social anxiety just trying to work day to day to pay bills, and yet EVERY DAY I have to step away from my register for a couple of minutes to calm myself because people think it’s okay to act shitty to the person scanning their hummus and pita chips.

“But you used to have them!” YES, we USED TO. And now we DON’T. And we haven’t for a while.

“You’re lying! You must have some in the back.” Yes, let me just visit our magical back room portal and pull some plastic bags out JUST FOR YOU. I don’t know who told people that stores just keep everything they sell in surplus in the back , but I promise you, our warehouse is not overflowing with product that we’re keeping from the general public. That’s not how it works. And we sure as shit aren’t hiding plastic bags from you because WE DON’T HAVE ANY. THEY ARE BANNED. WE GOT RID OF THEM.

“You’re a liar, this is just your company being greedy!” Yeah? Go tell the people in charge of running this entire chain of grocery stores. You’re not getting anywhere telling me. All I’m gonna do about it is smile and nod and pretend like I’m interested in your woes over having to pay 50 cents to buy the bags to carry your Raisin Bran and organic whole milk. You think I have any sort of clout with this company? Like you yelling at me is going to magically lift this bag ban? I can’t even get a recycling bin under my check stand for trashed receipts and coupons, they don’t give a shit about me OR you, so calm your ass down and pay for your sandwich meat so everyone else can get through the line.

It came up again just this past weekend, and honestly it was the worst of all the times it’s ever happened before. An older lady and her husband came through with a cart full of groceries. As I’m scanning them, she stopped me to ask for some plastic to hold her tiny potted plants she just bought so they don’t shatter. My immediate reaction was to tell her that a flimsy plastic bag wouldn’t protect her pottery from shit, but as we don’t have any plastic anyways, it wouldn’t have been an effective argument.
I told this lady in my best Customer Voice that “I’m so terribly sorry, but we do not carry paper or plastic bags any more.” So she started in on “what do you mean?” “That’s ridiculous!” “You had them before!” “Where are they?!”
I politely directed her to the sign I have taped to my register, which is coincidentally taped to EVERY register and has been for a year, which states that the city passed a law banning paper and plastic bags from retailers. It had a number on it that one could call to reach the city council and everything. This lady looked at the sign for a good ten seconds, looked up at me and sneered, “This is just a bunch of bullshit! Your company is tricking us! I want to see your manager!”
So I called my manager over, with this woman mumbling under her breath the entire time about how stupid this was and how I was cheating her. My manager came over and she listened to this woman redo her rant again, going on and on about how our company must be so corrupt to profit off of bags, cheating everyone out of their money.
My manager told this woman the exact same thing I told her; that the city passed a bag ban, that we are abiding by that ban and have stopped supplying palliative and paper bags, that we have recyclable bags for 25 cents. This woman wouldn’t stand for it, she kept interrupting my manager, trying to talk over her. Her voice kept getting louder and louder as she got angrier and angrier. She started waving her hands around, pointing her fingers at us, calling us both nasty names and getting WAY too close for a customer speaking across a counter to an employee. Then, quite suddenly, she reared back,

And she SPAT on my manager’s face.

This fucking woman reared her face back, hocked a wad of saliva and SPAT it in my manager’s face as she was speaking. I didn’t even know what to do, I was so dumbfounded. My manager just stood there in shock. This woman’s husband, who had been standing sheepishly by their cart the entire time, looked like he was about to explode in shame.
Finally, my manager flat-faced wiped her eyes and said, as calmly as I think she could have, “Ma'am, you need to leave this store right now.”

All hell broke loose after that. The general manager came over with a bunch of the lower-level managers to diffuse the situation but this woman was already in a tizzy. She started howling about unfair treatment, how they shouldn’t treat an elderly disabled woman this way, how she was going to call the police and tell them how she was being abused by our people. Not a single person laid a hand on her, they were just trying to move her away so that she wouldn’t lash out at me or the first manager again. I was allowed to step away to take a short break, because at this point I was about to start hyperventilating from how wound-up I was, and I have no idea what happened to that lady or her husband after that. I hope they at least got their groceries. Maybe placed inside some of our nice recyclable plastic bags.