nothing you do is ever good enough

Please don’t apologize...

…for what you write. For some people your words will never be enough.

If you write a female Jedi they’ll complain she’s evil. Write a gay Holmes they’ll complain he isn’t black. Write a transgender cop they’ll complain he isn’t the hero.

Here’s the thing about that: You personally can’t write all the wrongs. You can write gay-positive stories, women-motivated tales, or whatever you write that gives voice to people who are often marginalized. What you can’t possibly do is give voice to every one.

And some people will complain about that, and for them nothing you write will ever be enough. So when they tell you your trans cop, your bad ass Jedi, your gay Holmes isn’t good enough—don’t listen. Make the world better in the way you do it. Those people are not living in your skin, you are. They’re not writing, you are. So write what’s inside you, make it beautiful and affirmative, give yourself and others a voice, but please don’t apologize to people who would never, ever apologize to you.

The signs on dating a:

Aries on dating a ☆Libra: A libra’s inability to make a decision will drive you insane when you just want to get things done right away.

Taurus on dating a ☆Leo: A leo will bring out your possessive side a little too often because they can be too flirtatious with everyone.

Gemini on dating a ☆Virgo: A virgo’s tendency to criticize and second-guess won’t mesh well with your desire to look on the bright side.

Cancer on dating an ☆Aries: An aries explosive nature can make you feel like nothing you ever do will be good enough for them.

Leo on dating a ☆Capricorn: You don’t feel they do enough to excite you and the last thing you want to be is the only one making an effort.

Virgo on dating an ☆Aquarius: There will always be that uncertainty surrounding your relationship because of their unpredictable nature.

Libra on dating a ☆Taurus: A taurus need to be right and be practical all the time can annoy you.

Scorpio on dating a ☆Sagittarius: They can be too carefree and not think about how their actions can hurt your feelings.

Sagittarius on dating a ☆Pisces: They can be far too emotional for you and you don’t have time to babysit their feelings.

Capricorn on dating a ☆Scorpio: They can be a bit difficult to deal with because of their controlling and jealous ways.

Aquarius on dating a ☆Cancer: They like to focus on the past when you’re all about moving forward.

Pisces on dating a ☆Gemini: They aren’t very attentive so you don’t know if they’re being serious with you or not.

Do you ever just feel the urge to pack a bag in the middle of the night and just leave? Like no goodbyes to a single person, no contact, no phone, just leave a note on the table. And go somewhere far away. Because you feel like a burden to everyone around you. Like you feel like you should let go, because your friends and family and everyone would just be happier without you, nothing you do is good enough, and you can’t make them happy or proud like you wish you could and you just need someone to tell you that, that isn’t how it is, because it runs through your head every. single. Night.


Little Things the Types Do That May Annoy Others

1- They may unintentionally cause those around them to feel hyper criticized, those close to them may feel that “nothing is ever good enough for them”  but for them it’s just under the guise of, “I’m making it better, I’m just helping point out the flaws in this so you can improve it.” While others can see it as, “I’m excessively targeting your weak points and always nagging you on them.”

What people should understand: They’re just as critical of themselves as they are of you. You may feel that you’re always being forced to meet expectations that are way too high. Truth is, you don’t even need to try to meet the expectations, it’s nothing to do with you, they’re not targeting you, it’s just their style- so you can relax, and every time they point something out, you don’t need to rush to meet that expectation, cause chances are, the second you complete it, they’re going to have something else to say, and it’s not that they’re criticizing you, it’s just the way they’re ingrained, strive to be good. 

2-  They may cause others to feel they’re overbearing, too sensitive, overwhelming, smothering, blatantly needy. It may feel very invasive to others. They’re helpful, but when they feel that people don’t need them, they’ll do the opposite of back off and kind of throw themselves at them, waiting at their beck and call, making themselves feel worse and worse but the worse they feel the more they’ll do, which is very opposite and it may cause confusion from others and annoyance. 

What people should understand: It doesn’t take much to satisfy the 2. Although it may seem like it, the two throwing themselves at them to help, lingering around, it seems like they’d want something back, something big, although they may not be able to figure this out because the more they withdraw the more the 2 approaches as if there’s a huge debt lingering for their help. Truly, all you need to do is acknowledge them. A thanks, a smile, a hug, be open to them, don’t be closed off or cold, don’t be curt and dismissive, this causes the opposite. The two wants to connect, so let them. Emotionally engage them, chat for a bit, and the two has their acknowledgement and appreciation for what they’ve done, the throwing themselves at you thing is just, the more you back away the more they’ll approach because you seem distant, and they just want you to acknowledge their help, so they feel appreciated. 

3- People close to the 3 may feel that they have an all or nothing attitude. “You’re only worth something if you are something.” They may place a lot of worth on anything, academic achievement, athletic achievement, etc. There’s no place for the regular people here, you’re either a winner, or you’re with the loser. This may put a strain on those close to them, and they may accidentally cause those around them to feel that they are worthless, or that the 3 views them as underachievers when really, they just have no interest in achieving those same things the 3 has.

What people should understand: The 3 has a focused viewpoint, and the 3 should also understand that not everyone is going to share this viewpoint. Their friends or family aren’t “lazy” or “underachievers” because they don’t place the same value and importance on recognition and achievement as the 3. The 3 may feel that they are motivating those close to them, calling them to action! Motivational speeches, get off your bottom and get up and become something! To the 3, it’s motivational. To others, it may have the opposite affect, people may feel that the 3 is saying you’re worthless until you are something, or you’re not trying hard enough, or you want to be just average, you could be great, when someone truly could be trying their hardest, or maybe they don’t just place the same value on achievement as the 3. The 3 feels they’re being motivational, trying to drive those around them to action, but to others, it may not feel that way. 

4- Those close to them may feel that they are self absorbed (in a negative light), obsessed with being miserable, “special snowflake syndrome” , loving sadness too much and clinging to it even in the face of possible happiness because of the odd pleasure they draw from their misery. They feel that the 4 blatantly rejects good things, in favor of basking in the melancholy they’ve cultivated. 

What people should understand: The 4 often cultivates emotions, as parts of their personality. Hence, the misery example. To them, the unhappiness, is not a state they can change, it is an ingrained part of their personality. They feel that they are lacking an identity, so to make up for this, they have a large range of emotions going on for them, and they pick and choose those emotions that they decide will make them up. The 4 feels inherently misunderstood, the loner, the reject. They tell themselves that no one will possibly understand them, and they take that perspective, “I am unique, I am difficult to understand and it’s great because I’m one of a kind, but I also feel flawed, because I’m not like the others, I don’t fit in as easily.” They have a great emotional depth, but also feel somewhat empty. Cultivating feelings such as melancholy helps feel that they’ve created an identity. They long for something, but they don’t really know what they long for, in basic, they love the longing itself. They’re not really attempting to cling to unhappiness, they feel that it is a built in construct of their personality and to let go- what will happen? They’ll lose their consistency, their stability- and so they hold onto that because it’s what they’ve created for themselves as an identity.

5- There’s one thing in particular that I’m going to acknowledge, having done it myself, but I’ll throw in a few others as well. People may feel that the 5 is insensitive, closed off, inconsiderate, blatantly doesn’t give a fuck, also self absorbed, cares more about what’s in their head than the people close to them. and also, gets carried away with their little analyzing and “experiments”. I’m actually going to talk about this. We’ll call this, “Mad Scientist Syndrome” and I’ll tell you about it right now. 

What people should understand: The 5 actually is sensitive, deeeeep deeeep down, and insecure, and because of that, they’ve created a barricading wall of information and mastery of whatever particular interest(s) they have, to compensate for them feeling like the world is too much, and it’s like, “ok when I’m done accumulating all this data on the world I’ll go out in the world and I’ll survive bc I know so much now” except they don’t get to the stage of “I’ll go out into the world” they’re stuck at, “Need more data” cause they’re fooling themselves into believing that they’ll only be able to brave the scary world once they know enough but they haven’t learned that you can’t replace direct experience with a mental construct, but they try to, oh we try to. Anyway, basically, behind this huge wall are their emotions and care for you, they’re don’t not care for you, and on the surface they seem oblivious or indifferent to your existence but deep deep down behind that barrier they <3 you with their secretly sensitive souls. If you ask them though, even if you don’t feel like it, it’s rather simple really, if you feel that they don’t care about you at all, it’s blatantly obvious, if we really didn’t give a fuck about you we wouldn’t hang out with you or speak to you, even if we don’t say we love you, why the hell would I associate with you if I don’t give a fuck about you? Like it’s that simple really. They can also seem snappish and inconsiderate, it’s not intentional, they’re just not aware that people will take their brusque personality personally, because of how ‘absent minded professor” they are. 

 Now, the “Mad Scientist Syndrome” (Sorry I know 5 is seeming really long compared to the others, wasn’t intentional, just as a 5, I have a lot to add on.) When a 5 gets invested in analyzing someone, they get impersonal. Very impersonal. Leads to them doing asshole-ish things without knowing. Sort of like how mad scientists start running crazy experiments and get all insensitive and evil and lose all morality. Okay, this is that, on a much tinier scale. Sometimes, analyzing someone’s behavior, while it is objective for you, it’s not objective for the person you’re analyzing, and it’s inconsiderate to turn them into a project. I often forget that. Please remember that, 5′s. Just like on Nemo, Fish are friends, not food. People are friends, not projects :) Please keep in mind. Also, for people, this isn’t personal it’s just this compulsive thing and it’s not intentional it’s an asshole thing to do, but I forget it’s an asshole thing to do, and it’s not a personal target either, it just happens and slips out and I’m like oh shit oops, so keep in mind. 

6- People close to 6 may feel that they are suspicious, convoluted, distrustful, accusatory, pushing people away, overall complicated. Extremely indecisive, anxious, and explosive. 6′s are the picture of, “feeling an emotion vs. acting on that emotion.” Type 6 really portrays the difference, because there could be a hair trigger, and they act on an emotion, which can be frustrating for others, sometimes acting on it before they even decipher if it’s “normal” (I would’ve said rational for the emotions except emotions aren’t rational at all, but usually an emotion correlates to a situation and some emotions are abnormal to situations, take anger at someone buying you a cake or something like that, although that’s vastly exaggerated.) Basically, before they decipher the emotion they’ll act on it which can cause people to want to bash their skull into a wall. 

What people should understand: 6′s have somewhat of an inherent inner turmoil, this broiling anxiety and feeling of instability. They seek outer sources to quell this anxiety and bring stability to balance out the instability they feel inside. They often “test” loyalty, to see if you’re really going to support them and this is very important for them. They may act on an emotion before actually realizing what it is exactly they’re feeling, and it’s not intentional, and they’re not attempting to start an argument, while it may seem that they’re consistently seeking out conflict, they’re actually consistently seeking out your reassurance that you’ll be there for them even in their worst moments, although it’s definitely an odd way of showing it. They know they can be difficult, and they want to trust that you’ll remain in difficult times, and because of that, they often test you, grating on your patience, and when you get fed up of this behavior, they see it as you proving that you really won’t support them. They react, and they don’t want you to react back, they want to trust that you’ll be there, in spite of their reactions. 

7- People may feel that 7s never focus or refuse to focus, have a lack of direction, refuse to meet their potential, are too busy chasing fun instead of applying themselves, and disorganized, and running from any obligation or responsibility at all times. 

What people should understand: 7′s are versatile. While you may believe your 7 is lacking direction, and should focus, a 7 forced to focus on one thing for a long time wilts. They get bored, and antsy. 7s may seem scattered, but truly, they thrive when they’re allowed to explore, and as they’re moving, they can definitely be successful on the go. Different things at once are exciting for a 7, they’re new, and they’ll keep on pursuing new experiences. A 7 can actually, be responsible, while still being exploratory. They’re quite smart and they’ve got quick minds, which makes them excellent at navigating and jumping from situation to situation with ease. Just because they don’t focus on one thing at once doesn’t make them less successful or intellectual- their minds are very quick, while they wouldn’t prefer to pore over a text book, if they hear a few interesting facts here or there, they’re sure to remember them and spit them out. Although, I feel that 7s may have difficulty in school, and not necessarily school itself, but schoolwork, such as homework, in school it’s a structured environment which gives them no choice but to focus, but on their free time they’re likely to procrastinate away instead of focusing on writing an essay they find boring. 

8- People may find 8′s overbearing, insensitive, overtly aggressive, abrasive, confrontational, and controlling and for females they might find them “overly masculine” and I dare you to say that because a female is a type 8, or just in general because she’s tough and stands up for herself, that it’s “off putting” and I’ll fuck u up myself m8. Anyway, they may come off a bit, strong, and intimidate others.

What people should understand: The 8 intimidating others is almost a challenge, and when you stand up for yourself, it’s like an unspoken truce of respect. They’re aggressive so they don’t get taken advantage of first. Offense instead of defense. “I’ll intimidate you first so that you can’t intimidate me cause you;ll be too intimidated.” It’s an unspoken show of power and dominance, I rule, don’t try to take advantage of me. They also don’t want to show any weakness, so the show of dominance and yadayadayada, so that you can’t see their weak spots. Underneath it all, they are very vulnerable, which they’ve covered with a facade, the 5 covers their vulnerability by disconnecting, the 8 covers their vulnerability by creating a facade of toughness over it. They reject others before they reject them, and go about with the tough loner attitude, and in attempting to cover up their vulnerability they become distanced from their emotional connections to others, which can lead to controlling behavior, blatant obliviousness to the emotional states of others, and insensitivity. 

9- People may find 9s procrastinating, a bit too relaxed and passive, not speaking up even when something obviously isn’t okay or just letting it slide (An example, a kid does something bad in school, calls home, mom says nothing about it, and just lets it slide, dad comes home, gets angry that mom didn’t react, yadayadayada)  Not voicing their opinions until later, holding things in until it explodes in 50 years worth of anger, yeah.

What people should understand: 9 wants to avoid conflicts at all costs. They don’t want to disturb harmony or cause inner turmoil, and they won’t take the slightest risk of disrupting harmony in favor of keeping the peace even in unfavorable situations, causing them to remain very passive and perceived as lackadaisical. They’ll also refuse to make a choice that they feel might disrupt the order until they absolutely have to- procrastinating and putting it off until they have to deal with it. With their other problems, they shove them in the corner, because they never really have to deal with them, so they’ll keep procrastinating on them until they’re forced into action. The 9 isn’t lazy, they just don’t want to take even the slightest risk of disrupting the harmony and everyone’s peace of mind, so they’ll avoid it painfully unless they’re forced to acknowledge the elephant in the room. 


“Pack your bags Percy, you’re always to blame”

“I’m good for nothing at all”

“I swear that I’m a good kid… yeah Percy that’s a good one”

“All I ever do is take the fall”

“I never meant to hurt anyone, I swear that I’m a good kid who’s had a bad run”

“All I need is one last chance to prove I’m good enough for someone”

YO¬?!?!?!??!?!!?!!!!! CHARACTERIZATION?!?!!?!?!?!!! SO EXCITED?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FULL CAST RECORDING PLEASE???!!!!!! 

I can’t make you happy. And I don’t know why it took me so long to figure that out. Maybe I’m just as stupid as you always said I was. It doesn’t matter. I did figure it out eventually. You will never be proud of me. No matter what I do. I tried so hard, for so long, hoping that someday you would look at me like I was something. I tried doing everything that you did. I tried being your opposite in every way. Nothing I can do will ever be good enough for you. So I’m done trying.
—  from an unfinished story #654
I just want to tell you that I love you. I know I pretend like I don’t but I do. And I’m sorry it took me so long to say it but I couldn’t risk having my heart broken until I realized I was breaking your heart instead. So, this is it. This is my profession of love for you. My frozen-in-time, all-or-nothing, embarrassing confession that I am in love with you and that I have been for years. Ever since that trip we took to the farm on halloween, the one where you got scared and I laughed, but what I never told you was that all I wanted to do was hold you and keep you safe. That was the moment I realized that I needed you and I’ve just been scared that if I ever said any of this you’d leave. That maybe I wouldn’t be good enough because you’re amazing and I’m just me. But now I see it. You look at me the same way I look at you. I was too blind to see it before but it’s not just me. We’re in this together. So please, just tell me I’m not crazy. Say you love me too.
—  All I ever wanted.

Tell your kids you’re proud of them. I hardly ever heard “I’m proud of you.” I hardly ever heard that growing up. Instead of “I’m proud of you for working hard and doing as well as you did,” I got “Why didn’t you work harder and do better?” It left me feeling like nothing I ever did would be good enough and that the hard work I did put forth meant nothing.

So when your kid has done their best, tell them you’re proud of them.

She was the one that taught me life wasn’t meant to be lived with materialistic things. Nothing could ever make you feel as good as love would- not even all the money in the world. She was the one who always kept me grounded, always kept me humble.. she never told me that my dreams were too high or too low. She just wanted the best for me, that would be the best for us. But as a man, in society.. it’s like this pressure that was placed on my shoulders that just felt like I was never doing enough. That one day she’d leave me because I never could make her happy, buy her rings, necklaces.. all the things a man could buy a woman to make her feel a little extra special. But hell, she was different. She didn’t care for materialistic things. She’d frown at the thought of a ring, yet place a hula hoop on her ring finger with a grin that spread from cheek to cheek. It was that moment where I realised that all that glitters isn’t gold, we live for the moments that’ll never get old.
—  hvmz.h | An excerpt of a story that I’ll never write #1
Dany x Reader x Drogo...

Word Count: 1,673

Warning: SMUT, NSFW, Incest

((Mmm I like this well enough, threesomes aren’t something I’m very good at but I did my best! Haha I hope you all enjoy))

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To the person who left me behind,
To the person who broke my heart,

It is hard to deny how you crushed me and how I was deeply hurt.

I believed you. I believed everything you have told me: that you would never lie or do anything that would destroy what we have. I believed you and allowed you to enter my life. I willingly opened my heart to you because I thought you were someone who is worth to keep.

But you don’t deserve it and you will never deserve it.

I thought trust is enough to make everything work but that is where you failed in our relationship. You shattered my trust. You shattered me. You were a cheater and nothing that I did or did not do could ever change that fact. It was not me not being good enough for you – it was you not being good enough for me and I am glad it only took me a short time to realize everything.

I deserve better than this distorted perception of love.
I deserve better than being manipulated.
I deserve better than being ignored and rejected.
I deserve someone who is willing to reserve his heart for me exclusively.

I deserve someone better than you.

The day I decided to leave is the day I will never ever forget not because of so much pain but because I finally felt free: free from all the pain and sufferings you put me through.

I want to thank you for showing me that not everyone is who I think they are. I realized what I deserve when I was hurting so bad because of you and I know it is not you because I deserve the best and you are the worst. I know I will find my happiness again and this time, it will be a more profound happiness than I what I had experienced with you. Maybe not now, but I know I eventually will.

Thank you for teaching me to value my worth. Thank you for helping me become even stronger as a person.

The Types of Monster Hunters

Type #1 - The Strategist

  • Always plans out every possible detail prior to a hunt
  • Never seen wearing a matching set of armor
  • “Guys we can’t have three Great Sword users we need balance”

Type #2 - The Rambo

  • Only ever uses their strongest weapon, even if its not the element needed
  • Has done armorless hunts against virtually every monster
  • Is often the guy who carts and fails the quest trying to do something really stupid on a dare

Type #3 - The Quest Hog

  • Joins server and doesn’t say hello back, then immediately selects their own quest, even if there is already one posted
  • Gets pissy when no one else joins their quest
  • Almost always first to be kicked out

Type #4 - The Fashionista

  • Specializes in looking good, and nothing else
  • That’s it
  • God help you

Type #5 - The Wanna-Be Anime Protag

  • Wears horribly revealing outfits
  • Uses really cringy emoticons in chat
  • Guild Card has enough pink to make your eyes bleed
  • Is probably really lonely in real life

Type #6 - The Capture Addict

  • Only ever wants to capture monsters
  • Will not help you with your boring Elder Dragon hunting
  • Ragequits if even one monster is killed, even on accident

Imagine bringing Woozi food after he’s been working hard all day in the production room.

We were skin to skin when I let my hands wander to find every crease and curve of your body. You were art to me, and no amount of love was more than the love I had for you. I saw passion in your eyes, and I didn’t realize you saw nothing in mine until the day there was no hesitation in your voice when you told me I could walk away if I wanted to. I finally understood how little I meant to you and it demolished what was left of my heart, because you were home to me. I was convinced what we had was love, but love isn’t a harsh voice that tells you nothing you’ll ever do will be good enough. Your tone became heavy and your glances no longer had meaning, and instead had an emptiness that lingered everywhere we went. I loved the thick and thin parts of your broken soul, yet you trampled over everything I had left in mine, shattering more than just the inside, but crumbling the surface with it. I would have given you all the stars in the sky if I could have, but you would have asked for the moon, too.
—  I no longer find comfort in your voice