nothing wrong in appreciating them ;)


Floriana Lima is beautiful
Chyler Leigh is beautiful
Melissa Benoist is beautiful
Katie McGrath is beautiful
Jenna Dewan is beautiful
Calista flockhart is beautiful
Sharon Leal is beautiful
Helen Slater is beautiful

And Jeremy Jordan,Mehcad Brooks,Chris Wood,David Harewood,Peter Facinelli,Dean Cain are too

​I don’t care if you have a problem with the character but please no more insults they are just portraying the character,there’s absolutely NOTHING WRONG with that.(Yes I know some of them don’t have insults directed to them but still,appreciate them,all of them)

“Don’t romanticize SangwooxYoonbum!!!”

Listen…buddy…my guy….I fully respect and appreciate what you’re trying to say here, believe me I am, don’t get the wrong idea, but…idk if you’ve realized this yet…the series itself romanticizes it

Unless someone is being crazy and posting “Sangwoo did nothing wrong!” or “Relationship goals!!!” or “I want them to move to Milwaukee and adopt 5 cats!!” I think we’re cool. Most everyone has decided this isn’t cool irl. We don’t need to set hard lines for acceptability, otherwise you’re not gonna have like any fanworks (because as a fanartist i’ve been 100% terrified to post art out of fear of someone seeing it as romanticizing/normalization.) 

Just saying i’m pretty sure the entire point of the series is “Check out these 2 immensely messed up people have the single most unhealthy relationship in modern history, aren’t you horrified?”  

Coffee. Black. No Sugar.


Request; Can you do a bucky x reader one where she writes his name wrong and writes stupid nicknames on his starbucks? like can it end in them arranging a date please! thanks!

Summary; You hold a grudge against Bucky so when he starts making regular visits to the coffee shop you work at you decide to tease him a little.

Warnings; Swearing (duh), sexual innuendo, nothing else I think.

ALSO BUCK IS AN AVENGER OKAY (in this fic anyway)

Originally posted by monstacookies

7:00AM. You were late for work, again. But you didn’t walk any faster. If you were late, you were late so why not take time to appreciate the strangely warm Manhattan weather this morning?

The streets weren’t too busy but there were still people out shopping early for sales and such. You strolled down the pavement, admiring the clothing in the stores you walked past before passing by a Superhero merch shop. The windows were lined with posters, small ones featuring Captain America and a single huge one with the face of the Winter Soldier printed on it. The faces of the two men that you still held a little grudge with.

A while back there was a mutant that decided to recklessly attack hell’s kitchen, where you lived, long story short the two that were sent out to take care of the problem managed to collapse three different buildings in the process. One of the buildings being your apartment block. And the two asshats they sent being Steve and Bucky. It took you months to find a new place and in the meantime you were stuck living with your parents. You were in your twenties! And living with your parents! All because of the bloody Avengers and their inability to not destroy half the city every week.


 The coffee shop was busy, it usually was at 8:00AM, most were getting coffee to-go before work and others just wanting a morning cup. You were behind the counter like usual and waiting for the next customer. A guy eventually walked up, short hair and tall, he shot you a small smile.

 “Hey can I get a coffee, milk and sugar please”

 “Sure” You smiled back “Name?”

 “Uh yeah, Barry” With that you grabbed your maker from the pocket in your jeans and a cup, making quick work of writing his name and brewing his drink. Once ready you passed it over and took the money he offered. The morning went on like this only with different people and different drinks. Every so often you’d turn and check the clock on the wall, hoping you were closer to your lunch break. Damn that clock went slow.

By time 11AM rolled around more tables were empty and the chatter was much quieter. You were bored and so leant against the counter, fiddling with the marker in your hand in an attempt to entertain yourself.

Your eyes flickered up from watching your hands to the coffee shop’s door when you heard the faint bell signalling someone had come in. You were slightly excited, a customer to distract from your boredom and to talk to. That was until you eyes locked with the customer himself, The Winter bloody Soldier.

 “Hey there” He smirked “Coffee. Black. No sugar. Thanks, Doll”

 “Name?” You sighed, holding in your need to snap at him.

 “You don’t know it?”

“Actually I wish I didn’t” You mumbled, he heard you but answered anyway.

 “Bucky” His elbows were rested on the counter in front, the metal one making a slight ‘clink’ when it hit the marble. He watched you pull the marker from your pocket and collect a cup from the stack they were in. You hesitated for a moment, if you weren’t allowed to yell at the man in the middle of the shop you were at least going to taunt him a little. So instead of scribbling ‘Bucky’ across the cardboard cup you wrote something else.

Finishing the drink and taking the dollar notes from his metal hand you gave him the steaming cup, he took a quick glance at the scribble and chuckled.

 “The Wiener Solder, really?” He looked at you, amused.

 “Did I spell it wrong?” You asked innocently “Oops, my bad. But Sir you’re going to have to move, I have more people to serve”

 “Before I go, darlin’, mind telling why you’re trying to mock me?, unless it’s because you’ve taken a fancy to-”

 “Don’t flatter yourself, old man. Your dumb showdown with a mutant a while back trashed my apartment building so I had to move. Still a little pissed” You huffed and rolled your eyes.

 “My bad, Doll” He chuckled and you retorted with a sarcastic smile.

 He made his way out the store and passing the open window, laughing to himself and shooting you a smile. A damn cute smile, wait no, the guys a destructive ass. Keep it together y/n.


 The next day was just as much of a drag as the previous one. You managed to make it on time however and the coffee shop was again busy in the early hours and more quiet by lunch time. You pondered over yesterday’s encounter with the Avenger, he looked real good in the morning, messy long hair, not dressed in his ‘Superhero’ attire and instead wore sweatpants and a vest, letting you see his beauti- wait no, pull yourself together y/n. This guy is the reason you now pay twice as much for a smaller apartment. Damn economy, damn Superhero’s, Damn Bucky Bar-


The coffee shops bell again caught your attention, opening to reveal the seductive asshole himself, James Barnes. His eyes met yours instantly, he was wearing a sly smirk while you rolled your eyes and sarcastically grinned back. He waltzed over, again wearing grey sweatpants but now his torso was tightly clad in a black T-shirt, boy did he look better, if that’s even possible.

 “Morning again…” His eyes wandered to the name tag pinned to your shirt “y/n”

 “What’ll it be, fossil?”

 “Fossil? That’s hilarious, Doll. Another black coffee please, no sugar”

You turned to the machine and pressed a few buttons, making the coffee cup fill then you picked it up but not without adding three sugars just to spite the soldier. You grabbed your trusty marker and quickly wrote ‘Tin Man’ across the side and then placed it on the counter where his money was sat.

 “Metal arm joke?” He smiled, clearly amused by your creativity “You’re quite the funny one, sweetheart”

 “Isn’t it obvious?” You smiled watching him sip at the coffee.

 “This is a little too sweet”

 “What? I thought you’d like a taste of something sweet” You watched his jaw clench at your words but he still flashed his winning smile. You added a wink for good measure and waved him goodbye, he took it as his cue to make his way out the shop and back to the tower. Again giving you a glance as he walked past the window.


 Lunch was much more busy the next day, it was saturday so more people were out in Manhattan, shopping and doing whatever else. A lot had decided to get drinks at the coffee shop, some parents had brought kids, annoying 8 year old kids in fact. They were running around, in and out of tables while almost knocking people’s dinks out of their hands, squealing and laughing. You scoffed at their Captain America and Iron Man costumes. Little Iron Man had taken it upon himself to hide from little Cap behind the counter you were serving people at.

 You looked down at the kid and snapped “Hey mini Tony, move it, no hobbits allowed” he wasted no time scurrying away.

 “Little harsh don’t you think?” Came a voice from the other side of the counter, Bucky’s voice. You looked up, ready to make a joke about him stalking you when you noticed he wasn’t alone “This is Sam” He said pointing to the man beside him.

 “Yeah I know” You sighed “Birdman and the 80 year old virgin”

 “Actually y/n I’m 98 and most definitely not a Vir-”

 Sam interrupted the oversharing with “I’ll have a cappuccino” then elbowed Bucky to give his order too when he hesitated.

 “Black coffee and no sugar” He said, dragging the ‘no’. You smiled and turned back to the machine to make the drinks.

 Once you were out of earshot Sam took the time to ask Buck “Why doesn’t she seem to like us?”

 “I destroyed her building when me and Steve took out that stray mutant”

 “Ah..” Sam sighed in understanding “So i’m not involved”

 “-In the loss of my decently priced and good size apartment?” You interrupted the chatter “So i’m now living in a smaller and more expensive apartment? No Sam your not involved, just Bucky and the patriot” You laughed and put down their cups.

 “Well” Sam huffed, clearly made awkward by yours and Bucky’s bickering “I’m gonna take these” He picked up both their drinks “And go sit down while you two talk it out” Once Sam had found his seat your gaze returned to the man left in front of you.

 “This is the part where you apologise” You said.

 He left out a soft chuckle “Okay okay, y/n, I’m real sorry. It was an accident, promise”

 “I’m still pissed” You mumbled.

 “Any way I could make it up to you, Doll?”

 “Call me sometime and I’ll sort out your repayment” You winked causing a light blush to fill his cheeks. You made The Winter fucking Soldier blush.

 “I don’t have your number!” He called as you walked away to the bathroom door behind the counter.

 “Yes, you do!” You called back. Before he could question your statement Sam came up behind him, holding one coffee cup.

 “Hey Buck, why is there a number written on your coffee?”

A/N - Yes the ‘Barry’ was Barry Allen but can you blame me? This fic was set in a coffee shop

i’m tired of
  • giving so much love and getting nothing in return
  • sacrificing my own happiness for other people’s happiness
  • faking a smile every single day
  • letting the world know i exist
  • loving the wrong person so hard
  • meeting temporary people
  • being always the second choice
  • pretending it doesn’t bother me
  • being judged with the choices i make
  • trying to fit in 
  • crying myself to sleep every night 
  • people who disappear when i need them and only appear when they need me
  • not being appreciated
  • disappointing myself over and over again
  • everything 

Submitted by cottingleyAm I getting this right - you’re asking for drabble ideas, yes? What about “Fight me” for Varlen and Hanin, but the twist is that Varlen wins? And that he doesn’t just win by chance, or by sheer luck, or because he happens to stumble at the exact right moment and then Hanin trips over him. I simply wonder which of them would freak out more - Hanin because he’s been bested, or Varlen because he gave his best and it actually worked?
Disregard this if I got things wrong. It’s my first ever ‘ask’ and I’m really dreadfully nervous.

Hey there! I’m sorry this took me so long to respond to - I just really loved your prompt and wanted time to gather my thoughts properly! And please don’t worry - you got nothing wrong at all! I really appreciate you messaging me with this idea! <3


Hanin Lavellan & Varlen Lavellan. 
Approx. 2700 words, most under the cut.

“Guard up, Varlen.”

“… What?”

Guard. Up.

Around the training ground, the few recruits who had remained for the demonstration snorted, turning to one another with the half-cocked smirks of people who were in on a very specific joke. It was the kind of joke that didn’t have to be told. One that amused simply by existing.

That joke, unfortunately, was Varlen. And he knew it.

A familiar prickle of heat ran from the base of Varlen’s neck up to the tips of his ears, and even though he knew it was impossible, a part of him always felt like everyone could see it. That too visible shame, like a centrepiece unable to hide from the stares of party-goers. Placed there specifically to be stared at.

A low, frustrated sound pulled Varlen back to the moment. Forced him to acknowledge Hanin, standing across the training field, brown dirt coating his normally pristine armour. He had been out there all day, most likely. This was just an afterthought for him. Something to do to pass a few minutes until he retired for the evening. But for Varlen, it was so much more. He hated that.

Palms frustratingly clammy – why did it never get easier? - Varlen swallowed and adjusted his footing, mirroring Hanin’s. Feet wide, heels to the ground, knees bent. It was a strong stance, designed to deliver and withstand heavy blows. Creators knew Varlen would need it soon. The sword Hanin used was a training weapon, but it mimicked a greatsword in both size and shape. It simply lacked the edge, blunted purposefully, checked religiously to ensure there were no ‘accidents’ on the training field. Soldiers, if nothing else, were competitive. Some even bitter enough to remove a rival by dishonourable means.

In Varlen’s hands there were two smaller weapons, designed to replace his daggers. The weight was off, but that was to be expected. It would never be perfect, but he could assume Hanin was operating under a similar handicap. Meeting the other elf’s eye, Varlen nodded. The signal that he was ready. It was always a lie. He was never ready. Not for this. Not for humiliation, over and over again. Not for people who stayed behind to watch not as a show of support, but as a way to make themselves feel better about their own shortcomings.

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i hate hate hate that people think that those who post lots of selfies are arrogant, self absorbed, shallow, etc. like let people enjoy themselves?? i literally spent so many years hating myself, putting myself down, abusing myself mentally and physically that this is a huge milestone for me. i’m at a point where i can appreciate my looks sometimes (i still struggle a lot) like i have days where i put on make up and get ready and i’m just like fuck!!!! i feel so confident rn!! ofc i wanna document that! and there’s also nothing wrong with appreciating and enjoying compliments?? like who doesn’t like that!? let people enjoy themselves, let them post all the selfies they want, you don’t know what it took for them to get to this point. knowing you look good is not a crime.

How to Give a Critique

The Studioblr Collective | April 2nd, 2016


There are multiple ways to give critiques, but I like and prefer this method! There’s also general tips included!

Keep These Things in Mind Throughout the Whole Critique:

  1. Keep it fairly positive and do not attack the artist. They worked on a piece and need feedback or constructive criticism and not destructive or hurtful/offensive criticism.
  2. Feelings could get hurt because they’ve worked on something and no one wants to be told that they’re “wrong”, but it happens. The artist should know that nothing is perfect, but if you sound like you’re attacking them or “just nit-picking” or acting very negatively the critique could take a very awkward and negative tone. Please be aware of how you say things and always try to stay positive! They’ll appreciate the feedback more if it’s more heartfelt advice and less “you’re wrong”.
  3. Of course, stay honest! Don’t say something just because the professor wants you to say something. The artist will most likely take your word seriously, so if you lie then they’ll be worrying about something they shouldn’t worry about and it may hurt their project more than help it.
  4. Let them defend themselves and show you understand their points and respond to those points. If they think something that you said doesn’t apply and they explain why then you can continue to fight your point addressing what they said, or you can agree that it’s not applicable anymore and retract your statement. Either of you or both of you can be wrong and that’s okay. Just talk it out and see what the best solution is.
  5. Always remember that in the end it’s up to the artist what they do with your feedback. If they choose to ignore it then that’s their decision and it should be respected.

Always Know the Specifications!

  1. Medium: If it’s a poster then know that it’s seen from a distance rather than close up like an editorial piece or book.
  2. Size: If it’s small then keep that in mind when thinking if you can read it or not. Does that help or hurt the message, and is it okay to be hard to read or see?
  3. Etc: Be able to point out anything that doesn’t match the specifications that may be applied (mostly applies to school projects) such as size, color limitations, missing content, and so on.

State Your First Impressions

  1. What’s something you notice right away? (wow, that is HUGE, etc.)
  2. Positive things that are initially noticed are usually here. (oooh, that contrast! It grabs my eye really well! How interesting! etc.)

Try to Describe the Piece Objectively (what it literally looks like, can’t really be argued)

  1. What do you see? (That geometric pattern makes it seem more modern)
  2. Can Color Theory be applied? (The atmospheric perspective with the cooler desaturated colors in the back makes it seem more realistic and harmonious…)
  3. Composition? (I like/dislike the focus on the ___ since it has strong hierarchy/in the front/emphasized)
  4. Typography elements? (widows, whispering headlines, bad rag, etc.)
  5. Very technical things.

Then Describe the Piece Subjectively (what it feels like and opinions)

  1. How does it make you feel? (It has a calmer sense to it since you’re using analogous colors and nothing is really popping up into my face)
  2. Does it connotate what it’s supposed to connotate? (Oh, I didn’t read that as a metaphor for a hand… I actually didn’t know what that was.)
  3. Can you “read” it like the artist wanted you to? (Since it’s so blue and calm I’m thinking it’s more on the “sad” side?)

Finally, Give your Overall Statement

  1. Positive things are good to add here at the end as well after some discussion.
  2. An overall statement is good for recapturing the essence of the conversation so that the artist can remember what was said. (Overall, I like the calm feeling of the analogous colors, the geometric pattern, and overall composition, but I’d probably work on that hand because I didn’t know it was a hand… and so on)

I hope this helped! Go out there and give some feedback! :)

Written by @allydsgn  
Graphic by @allydsgn

yourlocalhufflepvff  asked:

Hey, just a follow-up! I sent you a message a long while ago about how to tell whether I WANT to believe in something or if I DO believe in something... I followed your advice and realised that the religion I was interested in was really nothing more than just an interest, and am now on a quest to continue hunting for my faith while also indulging my passions for the others by learning all I can, even if I don't have those faiths myself. Thank you for your help!

I’m glad that I could help you.

I think it’s really beautiful when we are able to truly appreciate a faith that isn’t our own.

I wish our community were more encouraging of people actively choosing to learn about other religions without implying they then have to practice them. There’s nothing wrong with learning about other people’s beliefs. The only thing that can come of it is better understanding, and greater appreciation.

It’s really a very good thing, and I’m really happy you’re able to enjoy doing so.

anonymous asked:

I came out to my mom as ftm months ago, and she said she supported me, but she still hasn't used my right name and pronouns. She says it's too much work to use them because my brother is very sick. I want to push it, but now I feel too guilty.

Your brother being sick is just an excuse by your mom to not have to call you by your new name and pronouns. I would encourage you to slowly correct your mom when she does these things and say I know it is difficult with my brother being sick but I am happy to correct you whenever you get them wrong. Be persistent but respectful, maybe even sit her down and say I really appreciate your support and everything you do  for the family but could you please try a little bit to respect my pronouns and my name, it defeats the purpose if nothing changes.

Do not feel guilty. Your brother isn’t sick because your trans and changing a name and two small words won’t break a back.

I hope your brother feels better soon


@adorkable-phil replied to your post “@lesterstans replied to your post “I think ‘The Internet is here’…”

I often think about how different Phil’s content used to be, and what kind of stuff he could be making now if he wasn’t so aware of his audience. And Dan’s thoughts in his live shows are so deep and thoughtful. I wish both of them felt more freedom to be themselves in their videos.

yeah I think about that too sometimes… I mean, phil was younger there’s also that, i think his content would have changed either way, even if he didn’t get this popular, just because growing up he would have been different over time regardless, but being aware of your audience surely makes you more cautious and, don’t get me wrong, I love whatever phil posts on his channel, i always appreciate him and his videos, but there’s nothing quite his own comfortable self when he’s doing a liveshow and not thinking about everything too much, same goes with dan. I’d be the same though if I knew i had millions of people subscribed and seeing me of course, and I’d want to edit my videos to make them more accessible so i do understand they can’t be the same unabridged selves that they are on younow. The only thing i wish is that if they have thoughts and stuff that they want to share and talk about and make videos about, that they didn’t decide not to just because they know part of their audience wouldn’t enjoy it ;-; Like, sometimes dan is talking about a topic he’s passionate about, politics for example, and he stops mid-sentence and says “none of you care this is boring” and it breaks my heart because I really enjoy hearing about what he’s passionate of and his opinions, he has such good positive and thoughtful opinions !!!! I WANT TO HEAR THEM!!!!! and ughghghgh my hope is that they get past this and don’t feel like they can’t do different types of contents simply because people would rather them doing sketches or other stuff. idk. I’m behind them on whatever they choose to upload but I’d honestly would very much enjoy a 3 hour video of phil with messy hair talking about his favorite candles or dan talking about some issues that matter to him I HOPE THEY KNOW THAT ((it’s promising that dan just started putting his liveshows on danisnotinteresting though and the anime recommendations kind of video as well, that’s cool, that’s nice))

consider this…. clary and izzy watch freaky friday

  • clary is still getting used to her rune powers, so she’s like, “izzy do u think i could make a bodyswap rune” and izzy sees literally no problem w this bc it’s late at night
  • so clary draws it on both of them. they wait a couple of minutes, and nothing seems to be happening? so they just fall asleep
  • izzy wakes up the next morning…. on the wrong side of the bed? when she and clary have sleepovers she always sleeps on the right, but she’s on the left for some reason….. but that doesn’t mean anything, maybe they moved around a ton in their sleep
  • also she’s 99% sure her hair was down last night but it seems to be up in a bun? so she reaches up to take out the hair tie, and her hair is…. orange??
  • anyway the body swap rune worked while they were asleep. izzy wakes up clary and they both freak out really hard for like 5 minutes
  • clary’s not exactly sure how to un-do this? and izzy has a feeling clary might get in trouble for experimenting with her rune powers like this, so they decide to try and masquerade as each other until later that day when they’ll have more time to try and switch back
  • clary-as-isabelle is whisked off to do some strategy planning with jace and alec, and izzy-as-clary is supposed to go see simon
  • imitating clary is not too bad, but when simon asks if she’s had enough courage yet to tell izzy how she feels, it takes a colossal effort not to let the shock register on her face
  • at the end of the day they finally go to the library and figure out how to switch back. clary apologizes a lot bc she ended up doing training w alec and jace and she had to take a shower afterwards, there was no avoiding it. izzy laughs
  • clary asks izzy how her day was and she’s like, “i learned some pretty interesting things from simon….” and clary is v embarrassed and apologizing before izzy says “i’m surprised you didn’t hear the same thing from jace and alec”
  • whenever anyone asks clary and izzy how they got together they say “it was pretty freaky” and nothing else
Things That Make INFPs Sad And How They Cope

INFPs often become sad when they witness injustices in the world. They hate feeling like people are being wronged and there is nothing they can do to change it. They want things to be right and fair in the world. INFPs also become sad if they feel like they have hurt or offended someone else. They are very caring individuals and hate feeling like they have wronged someone. They want to be a positive impact on the world, not a negative one. They become sad when they feel like they are trapped in a downward and destructive cycle in their lives and do not know how to break out of it. Feeling like someone they care for doesn’t understand or appreciate them for who they are is upsetting for them as well. One of the saddest things for an INFP is witnessing untapped potential in people, and feeling as if it will never be utilized.

INFPs often will withdraw when they are feeling sad. After some time experiencing and working to understand their own sadness, the INFP might reach out to people very close to them. They are not afraid of sadness and are willing to experience it if they have to. They may become expressive to certain people, as a means of opening up about how they are feeling.

The best way for an INFP to overcome their sadness, is by trying to attach meaning to their experience. If the INFP realizes that they can use their sadness to help and connect with others, it will make them feel much better. Knowing that they felt that pain for a reason, is a good way for them to see the positive side of it. Sharing how they are feeling with someone close to them can help them feel understood and realize that what they are going through is okay. It might also help the INFP to write down what they are experiencing.


anonymous asked:

Hi Zaza and everyone who is reading this! I just want to say I'm sorry everyone and specifically people who have been queerbaited before and it was hard for them to believe that Sherlock is not queerbaiting and now this shit is happening to them again. I'm so sorry.

you’ve got nothing to be sorry about turtledove! i appreciate the sentiment tho, the queerbaiting does feel like a slap in the face for many of us who thought there was a grand plan. we were wrong, but they lied constantly, telling us conflicting information so i don’t think anyone but Moffatis’ is to blame.

on the bright side, i’ve seen lots of ppl say this was push they needed to spur them into creating more queer media. tht’s the best thing tht could come out of all this mess. fandom is brilliant and i love everyone in this bar!

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BELLAMY WANTED HIM AND CLARKE TO JUST GO AWAY, TOGETHER, JUST THEM!!....I'm screamkng righ now!! Why do you think they decided to not act this out and the part with Clarke takong Bellamy's face into her hands?:)

They must have decided to go with the long game and I’m betting they realized that it’s not realistic for endgame to get together so quick…especially in the world of The 100 where nothing is easy. They went for realism in that relationship, which is why I appreciate it so deeply.

I mean, I could be totally wrong. I just know that if I were one of the writers, that’s what my decision would have been based on.

I really hate that we boycott every lgbt film that comes out. From Stonewall to About Ray to The Danish Girl. I’m not saying there’s nothing wrong with these films, far from it, but we’re judging them solely on the trailers, none of these films are even out yet. Can we just stop for one second and appreciate that Hollywood is trying, however inaccurately, to tell these stories. Just 10 years ago lgbt people were barely represented in mainstream movies and if they were they were usually for comic relief. Just this year alone we have three major films focused on an important lgbt storyline, we also have a couple that come to mind from last year, Pride and The Imitation Game. These films may deserve to be boycotted but just stop for a moment and think about how far we’ve come to see Hollywood lgbt films and how far we still have to go. The future may not be perfect, but it is bright.

If you tell a boy whose hair is curly and wild and who dresses in faded holey t-shirts that smell like worn cotton and home that he should comb his hair down for you and dress up nicer for you, then you are slowly killing him and replacing him with what you think he should have to be…for you. Do me a favor. Dont. This world needs more boys with wild hair and worn cotton shirts and if you cant appreciate him, let him go, because he does not need to be told that his comfort and style is wrong. He should be loved by someone who thinks that wild hair is beautiful, and that he is stunning in a suit or worn cotton or nothing at all, because that is what love is. Healthy love is accepting them as they came, with all their flaws and problems and quirks. You should not have to “fix” someone you love at all, if they are right for you, you will be able to grow together into better people. They might adapt around you as time goes on, and that is normal, growth and change is good and natural, but forcing change is brutal and mean. He deserves to be loved just the way he came to you, because someone thinks he is beautiful, and if you can’t do that, let him love someone who will.
—  Thoughts of things 


I think there’s like different perspectives behind it but I think people in general need to be especially careful about cultural appropriation. The difference between appropriation and appreciation is one obviously doesn’t show respect of ones culture or other other. Now I wasn’t there with you so idk if those girls were showing appropriation or appreciation but I guess you need to be careful when people really start to be racist. I think especially with depicting stereotypes like the slanted eyes in asians. 

But anyway, there’s nothing wrong with learning a new language like Japanese and Korean and also appreciating and learning more about their culture. It’s just the different ways of approaching it and definitely do it in a respectful manner. And I know you have that so don’t worry about it <3

Sobs thank you Kisa! I appreciate your input, honestly, I don’t know what they were up to, Jack had a better view of them since they were behind me and he was in front of me so I wasn’t watching what they were doing. ;v; I definitely will do my best to work hard and show lots of respect!! 

advice for the signs
  • aries: You have such a potential for greatness, the only thing standing in your way is you. Focus all of your energy forward and absolutely nothing can stand in your way. Just remember all of the little people when you make it to the top; there's nothing wrong with taking pride in your work, but you can isolate yourself if you become too self-obsessed.
  • taurus: I don't know if I could find a more loyal friend if I tried, but you have to stop killing yourself for the sake of others. Just because one little piece of your life is out of place doesn't mean your entire world is falling apart; focus on the positive and appreciate the people who would do anything for you. There are so many of them.
  • gemini: You take on a million things at once and half of them don't matter, they're just a way to make yourself feel more important. People are not projects, you can't just drop them without a word. Life is always going to be hard and there's never going to be a "right time," so you need to figure out how to make it work.
  • cancer: We're drawn to you because you wear your heart on your sleeve. There are no doubts, no secrets, no false pretenses, and your honesty is rare and refreshing. But words can hurt if they're not treated with care, and precision is important when it comes to the truth. Think carefully. Speak the truth, but only if it's exactly what you want to say.
  • leo: Everyone tells you that you're a force of nature and it's a nice compliment, but it leaves you with a sense that all of this may end soon. Trust me, we're laughing with you, not at you. We would no sooner leave you than we'd hide away from the sun. Believe that you deserve every ounce of love and affection you receive. It's not an act; you are truly radiant.
  • virgo: Your drive is admirable, but your intentions are easy to misconstrue when you shut out the rest of the world. Do not balk at those who choose not to move mountains for you when you refuse to lift a finger for them.
  • libra: Sometimes it's like you're the only one who knows that everything will be okay in the long run, but you can't take responsibility for everyone else's happiness. Please don't be angry when it's hard for some to hear your optimism. Let them get a little scuffed up from time to time. You are the reassuring arms that they fall into when the world is too cruel, but nothing seems to grow inside a safe space.
  • scorpio: You put on a mask of stone, but you're really just as lost as the rest of us. It's okay to feel things. It's okay not to be the best or the strongest. No one will know you're hurting if you can't even admit it to yourself. Say what's on your mind and don't be afraid; we'll be there to catch you if you fall.
  • sagittarius: You're a tough nut to crack and even those who are closest to you might have trouble reading you from time to time. It's not your fault that you see life just so, but you often end up two steps ahead of everyone else. Give us a chance to catch up with you; it's a pain to make pit stops, but we just want to be by your side.
  • capricorn: You speak of tragedy as if it's just another piece in the puzzle you've designed for yourself because it makes you feel better to act as if you have all the answers. Life is not a 12 step plan. The plans you make for yourself will eventually fall through, but it doesn't make you any less worthy. Give yourself some room for spontaneity and see what grows from the unexpected.
  • aquarius: You brighten up a room like no one else and it's hard not to be starstruck by your very presence. But you're so afraid of things falling apart on you that you're willing to destroy them yourself if it means it'll save you pain in the long run. Be brave. Let yourself live.
  • pisces: You build walls to protect yourself from being hurt, but we both know they're only cardboard. It's okay to be optimistic and expect the best after experiencing the worst. That's what makes you special. That dream world is a nice place to visit, but make sure you don't let yourself get trapped there. I promise you'll find your happiness someday.

anonymous asked:

LMFAOOOO IM LAUGHING SO HARD! Did someone say your gifs are? poorly? made? WOW!!! They're literally perfect, there's nothing wrong with them. some people's false entitlement get to their head sometimes. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU'RE DOING🖤 |-/

There are better accounts (like @21pgifs or other gif accounts) who are more skilled than me so I don’t really strive to make perfect gifs, I just make ones which I want to share with you guys. But thank you so much! I appreciate this and you a whole lot x

@strawberriesandshotgunshells​ continued (x):

The next movement was planned carefully and executed with a speed Victor hadn’t seen from the curvy blonde before. In a flash she was straddling his waist and had his wrists pinned above his head and tied to the headboard. Though Alana had zero experience roping cattle, she did however have quite a bit experience chasing the twins down and hog-tying them. And they were faster than any calf.

“Nope, nothings wrong at all.” The blonde breathed against his throat as her fingers leisurely undid the buttons of his shirt.

Oh he was very much awake now, and beet red. “A-A-Alana? N-not that I don’t appreciate you, ah, there, but ah… what are you doing?” 

He trusted her, sure, but this was a new experience for the man, and he wasn’t sure how he felt about it yet.