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Some Tips On Hiding Your Craft

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So you are a broom closet witch. You hide your craft and for very good reason - you live or in contact with people who will harm you [emotionally and otherwise] for being a witch. 

Aside from the obvious of stay strong and witch on, here is what you can do if horrors of horrors: someone discovers you are a witch

First off: DO NOT PANIC. Panicking only draws attention to you and makes you look suspicious. All advice below can only be executed with calm and confidence that you are innocent and done nothing wrong. 

The best all over way to deal is to say that it’s a crafts project. Witchy things are pretty indistinguishable from crafting. hell, my room looked more witchy when I was into Slime than it does when I got into witchcraft. Crystals? Pretty rocks. Sigils? Cool doodles. Herbs and Incense? You want to try getting into a different kind of cooking and incense is better to burn to get creative than weed. Your excuse is that you saw a cool thing on pinterest and want to try it out. <=== That works 80% of the time. 

What if someone finds something obviously witchy you have like a pentacle or a book that literally says WITCHCRAFT 101? The Witchcraft book one you can, as much as it pains me to say, say is a work of fiction. You saw it at the bookstore and thought to check it out since the blurb was interesting. Pffft, witchcraft isn’t real! [ow ow ow I know it hurts but do what you have to!]

For a pentacle, you can say you saw it in a store and thought it looked cool. You were thinking of going goth [not the whole devil worshiping thing obv] and it looked like a cool thing to have. You didn’t know what it meant, OMG WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT MEANS YOU ARE A WITCH? IT’S JUST A CUTE STAR!!!

Ye, get ready to bullshit your ass off. Luckily, most muggles don’t think magic exists so it’s not super hard. 

Now, a special note to those living somewhere or with someone super religious, playing the innocent card and getting scolded for naivety is far far better than being subjected to a literal witch hunt. Don’t say you don’t know how something wound up in your closet or under your bed, say that you were working on a crafts project [FULL CIRCLE] as a gift for mom/sister/dad/grandma/insert judgemental relative here and you didn’t want them to find out. Innocently blink and ask why having candles is a sin. They smell so pretty! 

That’s what I got so far and I may do a second part to this if I think of more ideas. 

Happy Witching!

@misterbunni  Oh, there’s certainly nothing wrong with analyzing media.  The problem comes from those who approach all media from the beginning with the mindset that it absolutely has to meet even the most unrealistic expectations.

Those people will always be disappointed, and that may lead to feelings of bitterness against the material.  This bitterness casts a blinding bias on how they henceforth view that material.

Basically, if you’re going into everything with any kind of social/political/moral checklist, very few things in life are going to qualify.  That doesn’t mean the material has committed some form of transgression for not fitting the ideals of a small group of people that aren’t even representative of the entire population.

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If dark!Shiro and clone!Shiro concepts can get fanon names (Kuro/Kuron), then it’s only fair that we collectively decide and give a name to langsty/klantifeverdream/everyterriblestereotype!Lance. That way we can end the non-stop “you hate Lance! No, actually I hate this other guy, the DreadGoogleTranslateBlackPaladin4LifeLance!” Flance? Lonce? Flonce? Fanlance? I’m terrible at names, someone help me out here :D

HAHAHAHA i mean fanon lance is so different he might as well have a different name. i’d probably just go for flance because i’m uncreative and also terrible at names so i can’t help you there. nothing wrong with fanon lance in itself, have fun with that all you want, but there’s something to be said when fanon interpretations of a character become more widely accepted than the actual canon characteristics of that character. even worse when writers/creators of the shows themselves get attacked for not ascribing the popular fanon characteristics to that character. i.e. lance is not being ooc when he flirts with women and other female characters. the people who created him wrote him that way. if you think that’s ooc, your interpretation might be ooc. and that’s fine but stop taking it out on others.

i got my consultation booked with a neuropsychologist. :’)

i’m set to go on feb. 1st and I honestly just feel really… like relieved? it’s just hard to try to explain to people or doctors that there’s something about you that no one’s been able to fix and don’t even seem to see. but the receptionist explained to me that I would have about an hour long sort of interview that day and then depending what the doctor thinks, we’ll apply to my insurance to see if they’ll cover the testing. if they will, we set a date and book it.

i’m kind of nervous that i’ll walk in there and they’ll tell me there’s nothing wrong with me. that it’s all just in my head. or that the insurance won’t cover it; i’ve read about how expensive it is out of pocket. I just really, really need an answer to whatever this is whether it’s asd or adhd or something i haven’t even considered.

It’s so sad how stale music has gotten. Warped Tour really was the only big break for smaller bands to reach a mass audience and now even that couldn’t sustain itself any longer. So many kids are apart of bandom yet they don’t branch out or try to look for local bands or even smaller bands which in turn makes it so there isn’t as many local bands and they’re not able to become bigger. A lot of you dream of being in bands (like myself) which should get you excited to listen to local bands and support fellow young people with a dream but it’s not. I go to arena shows jam packed with young people but clubs with next to none. If you take anything away from this little rant, try to seek out local/smaller bands because you might find one you really like. Try looking for local facebook groups or checking the smaller venues lineups in your area. Try to do what you can for the local scene because just about everywhere it’s dying.

What Taylor did for Jimmy Fallon warms my heart. Simple, but very meaningful gesture. And to the people saying “she talks about herself too much”, you’re never been so wrong. One thing special about her songwriting, is that even if she’s talking about her experiences, it feels like she got into your mind and wrote a song about your life, and suddenly her stories becomes your stories. That’s why it’s beautiful to see Taylor singing the “squeeze my hand 3 times” line right after Jimmy told that story about his mom, because despite what you think, she writes lyrics anyone can relate to, in one way or another.

y’all are hating on end game but if it started playing right this second you’d turn into nicki minaj and flawlessly rap every verse because you learnt that shit off by heart the MINUTE your ears made contact with the song don’t lie you fakes

Millie: *says el and max being friends is her ultimate goal*

Millie: *ships Byeler*

@ the Duffers just let her write season 3

you know what i’ve been seeing a lot lately?? people making keith like, a little too “”soft uwuwuwu” ….don’t get me wrong, that boy can be gentle and have his sweet moments, especially in private, intimate settings— but we can’t completely eradicate his hardness and make him a Soft Sad Boy™️ 24/7. keith is, more often than not, sharp. he is impulsive, easily angered, guarded, a fighter, a survivor, can be rash— these are key elements to his character that i think a lot of people in the fandom lately tend to neglect. they like to play up the fact that he has suffered a bit too much, and just….dull his sharp edges until he’s palatable enough to them (esp for purposes of shipping). there is nothing wrong at all with being soft, and keith has his moments, but you can’t love keith without loving his fire, too. that’s not how it works kiddos

JJ Abrams on TFA:  Director, writer, producer

JJ Abrams on TLJ:  Executive producer

All the ants who see he’s directing Episode IX:  JJ will save us from Reylo!!

In other words, sorry, ant parade, he ain’t coming to save you from us, he INVENTED US