nothing works out for anyone


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Salam I posted on the weekend Today I found out the brother I liked is interested in my good friend. Do you know of any help to get over the heartbreak?

I really feel for you sis that’s so difficult 💔 Honestly all I can say is to make dua and over time the wounds will heal. Try to distract yourself by spending time with loved ones and investing yourself into studies, hobbies etc. I find it’s not good to give yourself too much free time where you can obsess and think about it constantly which will only upset you more. Inshallah with time the pain will ease, ill pray for you 💜 and of course remember that inshallah the person who is written for you in your qadr is out there and when you meet them you’ll understand why nothing ever worked out with anyone else x

Whisper 》C.G. imagine

“Come on, Carl,” You shouted over the groans of walkers approaching you from the distance. “we need to go. Now!”

“Shut up, y/n. You just go.” He replied, running closer and closer to the herd. Although it was small, any amount of walkers were dangerous enough to kill you both.

You rolled your eyes at his reply, used to how rude he was to you. You and Carl had never liked eachother, and being hormonal teenagers didn’t help, but now for the first time, you were alone together- not by choice, in a situation where quarrelling could result in fatality.

“Please, Carl.” You wined, walking closer to him. You could feel your heart beat faster each time you took a step closer to the walkers.

He flapped his arm towards you as a sign for you to go away. You ignored it, and carried on running at a short distance behind him.
You watched as he lifted up his plaid overshirt to reach for his gun. “Don’t be an ass, Carl! You’ll attract even more walkers!”

“Don’t be an ass, Carl.” He turned to you quickly while running, mimicking you. “Shut up, y/n. You aren’t my mom. You’re younger than me so why don’t you do what I say and go. away.”

You ran faster so as to catch up with him. Once you reached his side, you stopped and grabbed his sleeve, stopping him. “What got up your ass?” You said as he looked down at you with disgust.

“I. Need. To kill. Them.” He said in a patronising tone, shaking the gun over to the still oncoming herd.

You rolled your eyes again, clenching your jaw. “As much as I would love to not be with you right now, I don’t want to see you die. Yet. So can we please just get away from the walkers and go?”

He looked at you again. But this time, as your eyes met, his glare softened. Your faces, unbeknownst to you, were slowly moving closer towards eachother, but you stopped as Carl turned his head towards the floor, and you turned towards the walkers. Awkward.

He looked at you again, and pushed your hand off of his sleeve. “Over there. That hill. Go and sit over the other side, and I promise I’ll meet you there in a minute.”


“One. minute.”

He ran towards the walkers with his gun in his hand as you just stood. You couldn’t run and hide and leave him to do all the hard work.

With no time to cover your ears, the first bangs of the gun went off and two of the eight or so walkers dropped to the ground.

You glanced over to the hill he was talking about, and then back to him shooting at walkers.

Oh, what the hell you thought, and ran at the herd, pulling out the knife from your holster and raising it high so that you could plunge it into the skulls of the undead.

You stuck the blade of the knife into the smallest walker and watched it drop to the floor, dead. As you lunged for the next one, you lost your footing and fell forwards, onto the ground, cutting your hand on a stone.

You fumbled around for the knife which you had dropped, but were stopped as a walker grabbed onto your ankle. You knew not to scream, so you kept your mouth shut as you tried shaking it off of you and reaching for the knife at the same time.

“Shit” you seethed, as the foot of another walker dragged the knife even further from you.

As you continued struggling, all of a sudden the walker with its foot over the knife fell to the ground, making you look up. At the same time, the grip on your ankle loosened, and you realised the creature had been killed.

You scrambled to your feet as everything became calm. “What the hell, Y/n?! I told you to go! Not freaking join me.” Carl shouted in your face, as you were both surrounded by the dead bodies of walkers. “You could have be-” he stopped and looked to the side. Your eyes followed.

“Shit.” You said, simultaneously. A large herd of walkers were heading your way. At least twenty of them.

Without hesitation, Carl grabbed the sleeve of your shirt and tugged you along to the other side of the hill.
He almost pushed you against a large tree.

“You could have been killed.” He whispered loudly.

“So what?! You could have, too! Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I can’t do what you can.” You huff in reply, feeling the urge to slap his face.

“Shut up! You have to whisper! And no. It isn’t because you’re a girl.” He said, quieter, averting his gaze to the ground, folding his arms.

“Well why is it?”

No reply

“Carl. You need to stop trying to be the hero all of the time. You’re a show off. And it’s fucking annoying.”

Still no reply

“Are you going to talk to me or-”

“You know what?” He butted in, stopping your speech. “I might as well say this now, because otherwise who knows when I’ll get to. I’m not trying to be a hero, I just don’t want you getting hurt. You don’t deserve to die, and I…I don’t want you to.”

You looked at the ground as he spoke, kicking gently at the dry mud with your boots.

“I..I think you’re special, Y/n, but I never wanted to tell you because…well-”

“You couldn’t?” You said, looking into his eyes. He blinked quickly several times, before taking a step closer to you.

“I guess so.” He whispered. “And I don’t want to risk anything like a relationship with anyone. Something could happen…and nothing works out for us.”


“I’m about to do something which i’ve wanted to do for some time now. When I’ve done it, you can do whatever you want…just…nothing stupid.”

With that, he leaned towards you, pressing one hand against the tree, and the other swept hair away from your eye. He moved his face towards yours, and slowly connected his lips.

Your eyes remained wide open as his were closed. You had no idea what was going on…everything was spinning out of control and you didn’t know how to react. Eventually he pulled away, and settled his hat, unable to look at you in the eyes.

“Damnit…I…I uh…sor-mph!” You cut him off by almost jumping up to him, wrapping your arms around his neck and pressing your lips to his. They moved together as if they were made to connect. As you gave a small tug on his hair, he moaned slightly, and you pulled away, resting your forehead on his.

“I guess I can let you be the hero just this once.” You smirked.