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Nothing reaches you without Allah’s (God) will. From every rain drop that falls on your face to every hardship that you endure has been willed for you specifically.


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Squirrel Girl is a great all-ages book with non-sexualized art style and that actually expands the character and cast to be more than a one-off joke or target of creepy gags involving Wolverine. Honestly the impression I get from people criticizing it (mostly men) tend to be: “this is not sexually attractive to me” or “this does not feel targeted to me like several other Marvel books, and thus is terrible”.

Same, honestly. I stay away from comic book fandom discourse as a rule, so I can’t say for sure, but if this book and the character are getting indeed getting a pushback from fandom, I think we know why. We all know why. It’s not a new pattern.

Good For You pt. 3

a/n: my ears are fucking prickling bro why is this trashy ass fic getting attention lmao. anyways here’s part 3 cuz im trash all the way and im gonna go through with this fuck shit **edit: i dont think id be doing tags cuz i always fuck them up (im just putting this here cus i tried replying through comments and i didnt fuckin know it would show the main blog’s name i had to learn the hard way fuck fuck duck)

Summary: He needed you as some sort of stability, you needed him as some form of rebellion.
Word Count: 2.2k+
Pairing: Lance Tucker x Reader
Warning(s): smut, oral (f receiving), language as usual and fucked up tenses

“Hey, at least they packed your bags for ya,”

Your head shot up from your formerly crouched position, narrowing your eyes at Lance who was leaning against the doorframe.

“They did?”

“Yeah.” He gestured outside the bedroom with an oustretched hand. “All the while yelling prayers and holding a rosary up at me as if I’m some demon.” He started laughing again, clutching his stomach.

You pursed your lips to fight the smile that’s trying to make its way up your face. That is so like your mother.

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::starts response to post about ‘problematic’ media::

::realises life is too short for this shit::

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oh my god. i would follow you to the ends of the earth, no one can RANT like you. You're so fucking salty and full of fucking SASS, it's honestly fucking inspiring. Tell me who to kill my king

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I will tell you when the time is right. 



The sun and the moon

I will explain the reasons why many people relate the sun and the moon to Lauren and Camila.

It all started when Lauren reblogged this:

And then Camila posted on Instagram:

“And the universe said I love you”

Well, after that they started the moon and the sun history.

Why so intense?

Lauren even has two pendants. A sun and a moon.

And an instagram account posted pictures like this:

Then posted a picture of the sun and moon, tagging Lauren and Camila.

Camila liked.

Now a history of the moon and the sun. Something like impossible love…

“When the sun and moon met for the first time, they fell in love madly and then began to live a great love. God decided that the sun would brighten the day and the moon illuminate the night and for that reason they would be forced to live apart. Both live that way… Separated. The sun pretends to be happy and the moon can’t hide her sadness. Men constantly try to conquer her, as if it were possible. Some have even gone to her, but coming back alone. 
The moon and the sun go their ways. He is lonely but strong, she is accompanied by stars but weak. Today, the sun and the moon live waiting for this moment, the moment where they can be together and love without nothing else matters.Then God decided that no love in this world is impossible, even the Moon and the Sun… It was then that he created the eclipse.”

They are also blamed for all the fans going crazy every time they talk about it. Both are a little obsessed with this story. It’s true that often we relate things to Camren that has nothing to do but in this case, there are several reasons why many believe that it’s about them. And this was the last thing that happened:

Make your own conclusions.


Congratulations to the Shia community for the birth of the Greatest Man(a.s) known to man kind after the Prophet(S).

The Prince of believers,
the Lion of God,
the most just man,
the most kind man,
the greatest of Warriors,
the fairest of leaders,
the wisest of scholars,
the kindest of fathers,
the most gentle human,
the most firm man,
the one whom which lions bowed to in respect,
the one whom mountains are embarrassed when held in comparison to his strength,
the bravest man whom served the Prophet(S),
the closet to the man whom God loves most,
the most loving husband,
the king of patience,
the bearer of the Flag of justice, the flag of Islam, the flag of the Prophet; the flag of God,
the man whom water would gush when he spoke to it,
the man whom the monsters of the wild would give up to,
the man whom held strength unrivalled to in all of man kind,
the man whom lived the humblest whilst being able to turn the dust to gold,
Praise is given to the man whom God was pleased by his pleasure,
the man whom truth follows,
the man whom God allowed Islam to be formally established by the raise of his arm,
Praise be upon whose love is the divider between Heaven and Hell,
Praise be to the man whom followed the Prophet(S) like a baby camel follows its mother,
Praise be upon the man whom lay instead of the Prophet ready to give up himself,
Praise be to the man whom God had chosen his name,
Praise be to the man whom the angels would feel honoured to speak to,
Praise be upon the Husband of Fatima, the most beloved to the Prophet, the one whom God places His happiness with hers,
Praise be on the Father of the two Princes of Heaven, whom showed nothing but patience and honour,
Praise be upon the Father of Zeinab, who proved to be the epitome of eloquence and bearer of calamities, the viewer of beauty
Praise be upon the man whom constantly laid his soul under the feet of the Prophet, the man whom held the Prophet; the entire weight of the Prophecy upon his shoulders, praise be on the man whom sacrificed all to the Only One,
Praise be to the man whom sacrificed his self to Allah(swt),
Praise be to the man whom sacrificed his family for the sake of the Lord,
With which words do I Praise the personality that shook the entire universe with his existence, his justice, his love, his honour,
Praise be upon whom we would require eternity to count the blessings God had manifested within him.

Praise be upon whom served no one other than God;
Praise be upon your blessed soul O Ali Ibn Abi Taleb!

Dear God... (Magi 327 spoilers)

Well, I cannot stop laughing at how pathetic Sinbad has become (well, IMO, anyway). It is not enough for him to force people to join him, but he wants them to be personally devoted to and adore him as well.

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