nothing will keep me from the avengers

  • Natasha: So how was the restaurant?
  • Natasha: Why are you being weird?
  • Tony: Steve and I kissed.
  • Natasha: WHAT?
  • Steve: To keep our cover from being blown, we didn't have a choice.
  • Natasha: Tell me everything!
  • Tony: Nat, it was just a kiss, okay? It was for work, it was nothing.
  • Clint: Yeah, who cares about a kiss? Call me if you grab each other's asses.
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Steve Rogers

Tony Stark

Bucky Barnes

Clint Barton

Bruce Banner

Sam Wilson

Scott Lang

Wanda Maximoff

Pietro Maximoff

Loki Laufeyson



14. “your hand is on my ass” “I keep telling them were not dating but they keep telling me friends don’t normally make out when drunk”

Implied smut, but nothing to far (glad I participated in this writing challenge)

Bucky x reader (friends with benefits AU)

It was three in the afternoon, you were still suffering from a severe hangover and didn’t bother to change out of last night’s clothes. Neither did Bucky either, but that’s okay because you just sat on the couch and drank coffee in silence.

Eventually you did get bored and turned on the t.v, leaving Fairly Odd Parents to play in the background as you turned to look at the man beside you. “Your hand is on my ass.” You told him “You didn’t seem to mind last night.” “Touché.”

You continued to watch and sympathise with Timmy and his terrible grades but another voice interrupted your train of thought. “I keep telling them were not dating but they keep telling me friends don’t normally make out when drunk.” I didn’t look away from the screen this time “We could try it.” “What? Blindfolds?” “No dating. But we could try blindfolds Bucky.” He paused the show and set the remote down on the armrest.

“(Y/n), are you asking me out?” He grinned from ear to ear, “Sure. If you’re still up for grabs that is.” “You know doll, I wonder why we didn’t decide on this that first night.”

This time it was your turn to grin.

It was probably the most disgusting bar out there, that was true, but it’s not like anyone cared. The whole team went for a night out, well everyone except for Clint that is, he didn’t want to keep his family waiting.

The lighting was dim but the alcohol was strong and it didn’t help that you had a weak tolerance anyways, the only people that weren’t drunk at two in the morning was Bucky, who was starting to get a bit tipsie, and Steve, although with maybe four more shots Bucky would definitely be wasted.

It then became four in the morning and you and Bucky were attempting to get home as fast as possible, the desire woken by the substance, one thing led to another and you were in his bed, under his body, and calling his name as he unraveled you. Bringing you over the edge countless times, it was the first of many pleasurable nights.

Sometimes it would be after training, eying each other like a predator it’s prey and everyone could feel the sexual tension until sparring was over and you could leave, nobody asks you about what happens after training.

Then that one time Tony was renovating your room at the tower, and for whatever reason everyone else’s room was not available and neither was the couch apparently, so you stayed with Bucky. Tony also decided to add sound proof walls to the tower as well.

You also had the times when the soilder had a rough mission. He’d walk into the kitchen where you’d be baking cookies and pin you to the wall, kissing you hard and desperately, then carrying you bridle style to his room. Tony has also had to get a new oven. But still, you were “just friends”.

The team had tried to set you up together but it never seemed to work out, just those hungry yet loving feelings laying out on a table.

You two also had a tendency to leave Starks galas early, no longer able to hold back, sometimes you couldn’t even wait to get back to your rooms and you’d just sort everything out in a janitors closet.

You could recall the time you went out as a team and another woman caught Buckys eye, though she only made it as far as the parking lot and you made it to his bed.

You couldn’t believe how blind you had been, thinking you were just friends, each time he made you scream his name not changing the label and each kiss not seeming to make a difference until now.

You weren’t friends, you weren’t friends with benefits either, for a time you were just two people trying to sort out what would become a future relationship. That knew everything there was to know about the other. It wasn’t just the pleasure that kept them inseparable but the fact that they could simply look in each others eyes and know how they were feeling, understanding them so well and not a single word would have to be said.

“You know what Buck? This might be the best idea I’ve ever had.”


Top of the World (reader x Tony Oneshot)

Characters: reader x Tony Stark

Summary: You take the reins at planning your own special day, to which Tony protests at times. Adding a few surprises and spending it with the man you love, it’s exactly what you had hoped for. 

Warnings: none. Just straight-up fluff! Tiny mention of sexy times I guess?

Count: 1470

Tags are at the bottom

Y/N: This was written in honor of the lovely @beccaanne814-blog !! Happy Birthday, my darling Becca!! I’m so happy to know you and I really hope you enjoy this fic. I love you!! Any feedback is appreciated, as always. It’s been a heck of a week, but I’m heading out of town in a few days for a much-needed break. There might be writing? Hopefully? I appreciate you all!! 



Originally posted by theperkybuttofrdj

Consciousness slowly seeped into the edges of your mind, taking its sweet time. You loved mornings like this: waking with no jarring alarm or rude phone calls. You had turned your phone off last night just for this purpose. Parting your lashes to test the brightness of day, you stretched lazily and felt a happy flutter when your hand brushed against the warm, solid body beside you. He must have slipped into bed in the early hours, never one to believe that nighttime meant sleep time.

You rolled onto your side to face him, taking in his handsome features in their relaxed state. He looked younger when he slept, more vulnerable. Part of you thought you should let him sleep, but then you decided against it. This was your day. You got to do whatever you wanted.

With a devilish smile, you began to trace the patterns of his unique facial hair. He was meticulous about it and you swore he either shaved once every hour or had invented some way to keep selective areas from growing whiskers. Even in these early hours, it was perfect. As he registered your light but noticeable touch on his skin, his brow furrowed in dislike.

“Mm. Quit it,” he mumbled sleepily.

“Nope,” you grinned.

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#1 Why are we at a strip club?

Night missions will go smoothly and without any problems, right? 

Word count: 856

Author: @chrixa

Thank you for the request, @ashleykh! I hope you’ll like it. 

So, here’s what I have on the situation. We were on a night mission in which my partners are Peter Parker, Tony Stark (because he insists that he needs to keep an eye on both of his beloved and lovely “Avengers in training”) and Natasha Romanoff. But for some annoying reason which is mainly Hydra agents, we got separated so now I’m stuck with Peter. 

“Uh, Mr. Stark? Nat? Anyone on comms?” Peter pressed his finger to his right ear and grunts when he heard nothing but static. “Great, comms are down,” he sighs and sits across from me in the dark. 

I’m already sitting down since we got stuck in this dark and mysterious alley because somehow I got my left thigh grazed by a bullet. It’s not that bad, but it’s nothing pleasant either. 

“I’m sorry, Y/N, it’s my fault we got separated.”

“It’s fine, Parker,” I manage to say before wincing when I tried to move my position. 

“Are you hurt?” He scoots beside me and search for a wound in the dark, yet he managed to find it. I didn’t even ask how. 

“I’ll be okay.”

“Do you need anything?” He’s really worried I almost feel bad for him. Almost. 

“Beside getting out of here? Uh, pizza?” I attempt to get a small laugh from him and I did. 

“Right, pizza,” he chuckles. 

“Can’t you find some way out with your enhanced eyesight? Try some heat sensors maybe?” 

“Why didn’t I think about it before?” He mumbles under his breath and stands up, looking around. “Okay, suit lady, activate heat sensors? Woah, awesome!”

“What’s awesome?” I try to stand up with the help of the brick wall. Thanks, brick wall. 

“There are a lot of heat signatures down this alley! I’m gonna go check it out, stay here, Y/N!” He says, full of excitement.

“Yeah and leave me alone in the dark, wounded? I don’t think so, Parker.” 

“But you’re hurt.”

“I can walk, I’m fine. Let’s go.” He stands next to me and swings my arm around his shoulder. “Thanks,” I smile although I’m not sure he can see it. 

We walk silently in the dark, with the exception of my grunting and wincing and Peter’s ‘it’s okay’s and ‘I got you’s. Well, probably not that silent of a walk. Anyway. 

“Is there a door?” I unwrap my arm from him and lean against the wall while he checks for some kind of door. “It’s really loud in there, huh?” 

“Yeah, some kind of bar maybe?” He shrugs. “Oh, here’s the door. C’mon, Y/N, after you.” 

“Uh, Parker?” No answer. “Peter?”

“What’s wro- Okay…”

“Why are we at a strip club?” I can’t bring myself to look a him because I don’t even know what to do. 

“I- I, uh, I’m- Let’s just get outside.”

“I can’t believe we’re at a strip club,” I say only loud enough for him to hear. He’s now carrying me bridal style because apparently I planted myself on the ground and was unable to move. 

“Me neither,” he says as he pushes us in between topless bodies and skin tight dresses because holy cow is this place crowded as hell. He keeps on saying ‘excuse me’s and ‘sorry’s even though I know people won’t even hear us over the deafening music. 

“Okay, we’re outside now, we’re alive.” He places me down on the pavement but still holds on to me. “Are you all right, Y/N? I’m sorry you had to go through that I had no idea what that place was and I panicked and I-”

“Hey, Peter, I’m fine, okay?” I place my hands on the either side of his head and smile. “Calm down, alright? We’re gonna be fine.” 

He takes a deep breath and sigh, “Alright, okay, sorry.” 

“Let’s just get back to the tower.” 

“Okay,” he picks me back up again.

“And, Peter?”


“Let’s not mention this to anyone.”

He laughs and before shooting his web I heard him agree.

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It All Comes Down To You (Part 2)

Bucky Barnes x reader / Avengers x reader Two Part Series - Part 1 Part 2

When the love of your life suddenly dies in your arms, you don’t think of having children anytime soon. But in your case, the universe (or rather your uterus) decided for you. [~2500 words]

warnings: language, mentiones of death, conflics (I’m not sure if that’s an actual warning but Iget triggered by that sometimes so)

A/N: thanks so much on the feedback on the first part. that really inspired me to write the next one pretty quickly. it’s not as long but I hope you still like it

Originally posted by allthisherostuff

Everyone says it about their child but James really was the cutest baby alive. Clint argued with you on that but he couldn’t stand a chance against your better judgment, even though his children were pretty cute, too.

Although he was adorable and you couldn’t stop staring at him, once it got to the sleeping part, you sort of wanted to strangle him. Not enough to kill him, of course, but enough to make him sleep for at least a minute.

It wasn’t actually that bad but your sleep-deprived brain had sort of unusual ideas.

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That Should Be Me

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader // Steve Rogers x Peter Parker

Warning: Nothing, swearing I guess?

When Peter calls it off to keep you safe, he takes it hard and when Steve drags him from the Tower to give him a pep talk into moving on they had no clue they would run into you while on a date. Peter can’t let go, he has to know how it goes, even if that means following from a distance with Steve telling him how bad this is.

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Originally posted by softtroublemaker

“You know you can’t stay in the tower forever.” Steve chuckles. “You do not live in a Disney movie.” He shakes his head sipping his coffee.

“I see her everywhere though.” Peter grumbles kicking an empty cup on the sidewalk.

“Figuratively.” Steve looks at him.

“Yeah figuratively.” Peter sulks as they continue down the sidewalk.

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Iron Man & Mrs. King (19/20)

Pairing: Tony x Reader
Word Count: 1,249
Warnings: Domestic Abuse, fluff, some swearing. JARVIS is still an AI, Bucky is part of the team.
Chapters post on Mondays and Thursdays.

Originally posted by dating-with-clint

7pm, Friday evening, Stark Tower

Y/N watched Wayne through the one way mirror as he paced the small room Loki had deposited him in. Whatever Loki had hit him with must have been strong because Wayne stayed unconscious most of the day. When he was finally awake, a medic went in just to check him out, left him a glass of water which Wayne swiftly smashed against the wall, and since then no one had entered the room or spoken with Wayne. They were waiting on Tony’s lawyer to finish his work.

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anonymous asked:

I'm trying to get into your run of Young Avengers but the fact most if not all the protagonists look like reworks of older Marvel heroes is keeping me from being invested. It's obviously more my personal taste than a Marvel problem but it made me curious as to why doesn't Marvel come up with more original heroes that have nothing to do with the Avengers?

You’re missing the unique history of the Young Avengers. What you describe - young heroes with no connection to any given pre-exiting hero - is what Marvel has historically tended to do. From a similar period you’ve got people like the (wonderful) Runaways, for example.

Heroes with a connection to a pre-existing hero (i.e. Legacy Heroes) is very much more of a DC thing. When Heinberg and Cheung came up with Young Avengers, doing a take on legacy heroes in the Marvel Universe was very much its core idea.

(Which they then spun out in unexpected ways, suffice to say.)

Anyway - what I’m saying is that YA’s primary theme was legacy, so that’s what’s tripping you up. An interrogation of Legacy as a concept still sits in the heart of the book in our run.

Speaking more generally, after YA more legacy heroes popped up in the MU and continued to blossom through the shared universe. There’s lots of reasons for it, but at least part of it is “In shared universes, people are more likely to invest in something connected to something they already love.” (i.e. they sell better.)

Of course, the smartest non-legacy legacy-book was always X-men, who built into its conceptual engineering i) a way to introduce new unique characters and ii) have them already by their shared origin wove into the fabric of the book.

anonymous asked:

Imagine an au where that's how Thor met the avengers tho, they crash landed on asgard or an uninhabitable planet close by and asgardians were just so amazed by wat such petty and tiny beings can do




Thor watches, smiling. He doesn’t understand what’s going on, but these tiny creatures are yelling at each other and one has actually tackled another and started trying to strangle them so clearly they’re a warrior race as well.

“I’m so sorry about this, sir,” one of the creatures says, fidgeting. “But do you perhaps have a communicator we could borrow?”

“Aye,” Thor replies, clapping him on the back, and frowns when the creature topples over. “Oh. I thought you a sturdier fellow.”

“Me too,” the creature mumbles.


The creature, Steve apparently, squawks and rushes to save his companion from being injured. “Tony! Natasha, Clint, quit it! Tony did nothing wrong!”


Thor grins. Yes. He is keeping them.

Breathe ~ An Avenger’s Story  (9/15)

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

AU Summary: Y/N’s powers had a reaction to the Hulk which resulted in Dr. Banner’s resurfacing. 

Notes: brucetasha is real on this fic. just a heads up ok. if you don’t ship it, well then. i dont know what to tell you, bud. this crap works in my fic so yeah. im a huge shipper for buckynat but im sucking it up for this series. ok cool

Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10



Y/N called out as she ran up to the top of the tower where Steve, Tony and Natasha were. All three pairs of eyes looked at her and they knew that something was wrong. Tony dropped the iron man arm he was working on and the smiles in Steve and Nat’s faces disappeared.

“We found him.”

“What?” Tony asked as Natasha froze in place.

Y/N nodded. “We found Banner.”

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A Furry Little Problem

Parring: Young!Remus Lupin X Reader

Word: 815

Warnings: Nah

Summary: Remus is keeping a secret from his girlfriend, Y/N (what could it be?)

A/N: Another Marauders imagine? what can i say, i love them! I’m working on a big Christmas-Avengers project, which is why i don’t really post that much. But enjoy this piece of shit art, and tell me what you thought about it!

Maybe the reader is acting kind of bitchy, but i guess it’s just that time of the month;)

Originally posted by peterandygarfield

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Bucky Reacting to Your Death Would Include


[pairing]: Bucky x Reader

[warnings]: character death obviously, swearing, angst, v v sad Bucky

Originally posted by stanxstan

Bucky reacting to your death would include…

  • He would be out with Steve and Sam at the time.
  • He would get a text from Natasha saying that he needed to get back to the Tower immediately.
  • He never gets texts like that from Nat so he would rush back to the Tower and Natasha would just be a mess and he would hear your name in Nat’s muddled speech so he wouldn’t even listen to the rest of what she had to say, he would just nervously rush to the room that you two share.
  • And boy oh boy he would not be able to handle what he saw. 
  • Your lifeless body was on the ground, lying in the pool of the blood that you had spilled.
  • Hail Hydra smeared on the wall beside your body. 
  • He wouldn’t even cry at first he would just stare, eyes completely empty. 
  • Steve, already crying upon seeing the tragic sight, would put a comforting hand on Bucky’s shoulder, concerned at his silence. 
  • And Bucky would just collapse, his legs would just give out from underneath him and he would fall to the ground in defeat. 
  • Then the crying would begin.
  • And everyone who heard it would get chills because they had never heard something so heartbroken and defeated and devastated. 
  • The sobs would travel down the empty halls of the Avengers Compound and occupy Bucky’s entire being. 
  • He would grab your hand and just cry a little bit harder because feeling your previously warm and soft skin so cold made your death all the more real to him.
  • Not even paying attention to the blood that would stain his clothes later, he pulled your body close to him, hoping, in his shocked daze, that he could warm you up and that you’d come back to him.
  • Rocking you back and forth on his lap, sobs echoing from his mouth, he would stroke your hair and beg for you to come back.
  • You promised that you wouldn’t leave me baby, you promised.
  • Come on [y/n], get up baby girl, get up.
  • I’m so sorry [y/n], God, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for them to hurt you.
  • When they take away the body, Bucky would throw a fucking tantrum.
  • N-No you can’t take her. She needs to stay with me, she needs me.”
  • Because the idea of not seeing you ever again was suddenly realistic and he never wanted that. 
  • That man would kick and yell and do anything in his power to keep them from taking your body away until Steve convinced him that you were gone and it was was just your body. 
  • Steve would get concerned when Bucky stopped talking like he did when he arrived at the Avengers Compound for the first time.
  • Therapists would try to help him, but nothing helped. 
  • He tried to speak at your funeral, he really did, but he just couldn’t.
  • Oh boy, the guys at Hydra had better watch their backs because Bucky was out for blood.
  • He would dream about you a lot. Nice, sweet dreams about holding you again and talking to you again and feeling your lips on his skin again.
  • And every morning was so painful because when he woke up, it was like you were being ripped from him over and over again.
  • He would laugh sadly at the silly selfies that you took with him. 
  • He held a death grip on every fucking memory that he had with you because if he lost that, then he’d totally be lost.
  • Every Hydra mission that was assigned, he was on because he wanted every opportunity he could get to make them feel the pain that he’s felt. 
  • He looked forward to every night where he could fall asleep, your pillow secured tightly in his arms, and could get you back for just a little bit in his dreams.

phoenixyfriend  asked:

I've got a hankering for fics in two wildly differing directions right now: Tony Stark gen fic and Voltron crossovers. I was wondering if you've got any recs for either of those?

Tony fics:

A.I.s and Lullabies


The Butterfingers G. D. I. Stark Guide to Problem Solving

The Last Archangel

honey, you’re keeping me afloat

The Invisible Iron Man

The Soldier And The Hurricane

The Judgement of Bucky Barnes

Not That There’s Anything Wrong with That

Apropos Of Nothing

there’s a michael jackson song about this

Black and Blue; Red and Gold

potato guns and repulsers

Stellar Forge: From the Ashes

Thank God For Peter Parker

And for Voltron crossovers:

Family First

The Super Sentai Formula

Sun of Hope

Go Not Softly

anonymous asked:

Headcanon Evil Tony Stark he kills team cap one by one

Kind of OOC Tony, Also kind of not evil, because I can’t write Tony as evil.  Obviously there’s some Character Death here. So Warning for that. 

Falling Idols

The situation was tense, and Tony was holding back. He isn’t an expert on hostage situations after all. He’s only here to work as back up, although it’s clear the rogue Avengers didn’t get the memo. 

They storm into the warehouse, and Tony can hear gunshots. He’s out of his seat and moving immediately. The idiots probably just got a hostage killed, but Tony might still be able to save the others. 

“Tony?” Clint asks, when he swoops past the archer, blocking a hostage, a child, from the fight. “What they fuck? You were here and did nothing?” Clint practically screeches drawing the criminals attention. Gun shots ping off of the armor as Tony huddles over the child keeping him as hidden as possible. 

“Clint get me some cover.” Tony grits out between his teeth. He needs to get this kid out of here. Clint laughs.

“You’re not my Captain Tony. I don’t take orders from you.” He shoots a few arrows into the fray, but doesn’t do enough damage to allow Tony or the kid to escape.

A bullet grazes the armor, ricocheting at just the wrong angle. The kid dies in his arms, and suddenly the apathy and sadness Tony had felt when it came to his old teammates is gone. Replaced by rage. 

“Friday, targeting systems online?” He asks. Crosshairs appear over both the terrorists, and Clint’s face. “Fire.” There’s a soft sound as the bullet pierces skin, and Tony is walking further into the building before his body can hit the floor. 

“I have an announcement. Anyone currently in this building who is not working with the United Nations will be killed.” He says, and Friday amplifies his voice. He turns the corner to find Wanda, red light dancing around her. He fires an innocuous looking bullet, and she stops it with her powers right before it reaches her. 

“Ha, you can’t kill me Stark. I’m too powerful.” She smirks at him, and he smiles. 

“Friday, detonate.” The bullet explodes the shrapnel piercing her skull, even if she survives she won’t be using her powers ever again. “Goodbye witch.” He says, and then he fires on the terrorists. 

“Tony what are you doing?” Sam asks, making a grab for him. Tony steps out of the way, making a grab for Sam’s wings. This causes Sam to careen into a pillar. “We’re just trying to help.” Sam defends, rolling back to his feet. 

“You are killing innocent people, because you decided you were right about everything. You’ve become villains. Iron Man kills villains.” Tony says, and then the Iron Man suit is barreling towards him, with enough force to push 
Sam through a wall. The force is enough to shatter his ribs, and without immediate medical attention, he’ll die. Tony leaves him on the ground. 

“Tony, why are you doing this?” Steve asks, throwing what appears to be a new shield at Tony from behind. Tony catches it in his hand, testing the strength of the metal. It dents under his grip.

“I’m killing Supervillians.” Tony explains, and then his hands are around Steve’s neck, dragging the both of them into the air. Steve gasps for breath trying to pry Tony’s fingers off his neck as they gain altitude. 

“We’re not the bad guys Tony.” He gasps, and Tony’s grip tightens slightly. Steve’s legs kick against the suit.

“You are the reason those hostages are dead. You’re no better than Doom.” Tony hisses, and he’s reached icing altitude if the frozen water in Steve’s hair is anything to go by. 

“Stop, Tony. Let go.” Steve pleads, his vision is starting to go black. Tony smiles like a shark, and obeys.

“Of course Captain.” He drops the man, and Steve goes down too out of breath to scream. “I’m a team player after all.” Tony says.

Nothing like Home: Chapter 11 (Steve x reader)

Chapter 11 (Nothing Like Home)

Steve x Reader x (Angsty Steve Rogers!)

Summary: Steve has found Bucky, but the relationship between the reader and Steve has now gone sideways. There isn’t a happy ending here.

 A/N: Please drop me some feedback :) Much appreciated.

 Word Count: 3566

 Warnings: swearing?

 Steve barged into the conference room that they were holding you in, and he looked at you. He was angry beyond angry in fact he was fuming you could tell, but you didn’t say anything.

“How long?” He asked,

You sighed and held your head in your hands,

“How long Y/N?” Steve demanded,

“A year,” you mutter, bracing yourself for Steve’s wrath.


“Steve, I ..” you began but he cut you off,

“You know, I trusted you and let you in, I vouched for you when you left us. I told Tony you just needed time away from it all. I told them to give you your space, that you were good, you just needed time.” He said, “But now I see that I was wrong,”

“Let me explain it Steve!”  you exclaim,

“There is nothing to explain Y/N, you betrayed me, you broke my trust. How can I ever trust you again?! How many other secrets are you keeping?!”  He demanded, “You don’t deserve the right to call yourself an Avenger, you’re nothing but a narcissistic bitch,”

Your mouth flew open in surprise at Steve, you had never heard him cuss at anyone for as long as you had known him, never mind a woman.  

Suddenly your rage kicked in, and you wanted to lunge at him and rip his throat out. But you kept yourself in check. “I am glad I never told you where Bucky was,” you say coldly, “Because now you have the lives of all those people you just hurt out there trying to protect him, on your hand Captain Rogers”

Steve’s anger faded, he seemed defeated as he sat down on one of the chairs covering his face with his hands. “What have we done Y/N…” he said more of a statement than a question,

You took a seat opposite Steve at the table, and were quiet. You anger had been getting the best of you, and you knew how to hurt Steve and vice versa. You had to stop responding in anger to him but You didn’t know how to answer him, you had fucked up by keeping Bucky from him for a year and lying to him there was no excusing what you had done, but Steve didn’t handle it well when he did find Bucky and it had turned into a catastrophe.

“Steve, you can’t protect Bucky forever…” You say softly,

Steve looked up at you, the sadness in his eyes broke you heart. “He is the last piece of home Y/N, I can’t just stop fighting for him.” He paused, “I could have, but you kept him from me! I could have prevented all of this if it weren’t for you!”

“This isn’t all on me Steve!” you shot back, “You had every chance to let the task force bring Bucky in, but you fucked it all up by rampaging across half of Bucharest!”

“Why can’t you see what you did was wrong?!” he yelled back,

“I know it was wrong Steve! Believe me I knew, I knew the moment I found him, the moment I kept it a secret, I KNEW! I had sleepless nights over this, why do you think I pulled away?!” You say desperately, “

“Then why didn’t you come to me, why did you run?” he replied quietly,

“Because, when you said you loved me it changed something Steve, it changed everything.”

Steve sighed deeply, and sat back. So much had happened in these past few years, so much had been said, that the rift between you two was beginning to feel like an ocean.

“Are they charging you?” He asks

“No,” you shake your head,


“Yeah, he got the charges dropped, said I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but I’d have to get clearance to be an Avenger again” you reply,

Steve sat back, crossed his arms and looked at you. “Do you remember the night Ultron was created?” he said,

You nod.

But before Steve could finish, Tony walked into the room. “Hey, wanna see something cool?” he said, “I pulled something from dad’s archive.” He held up a small black case.

You both turn to look at him, “Felt timely” Tony said, placing his suit jacket on one of the chairs, he walked up to the conference table and opened the black case he had in his hand. It contained two pens, “FDR signed the Lend-Lease bill with these in 1941, provided support to the allies when they needed it most.”

Steve looked at the pens, “Some would say it brought our country closer to war.” He replied,

“See, if not for these you wouldn’t be here.” Tony remarked “I’m trying to. What do you call it?” he looked at you,

You shrugged, “An olive branch?” you offer,

“Yes! that’s an olive branch” Said Tony more to Steve,

Steve changed the subject, “Is Pepper here? I didn’t see her,”

“We’re kinda…” Tony mused looking for the right words

“Pregnant?” Steve offered,

“No. No definitely not. We’re taking a break” replied Tony, “It’s no body’s fault,”

“I am so sorry Tony, I didn’t know,” Steve said sincerely,

“Few years ago, I almost lost her, so I trashed all my suits. Then we had to mop up HYDRA and then Ultron, my fault. And then, and then, and then, I never stopped because the truth is I don’t want to stop, I don’t want to lose her. I thought maybe the Accords could split the difference” Said Tony,

He paused for a moment then stood up, “In here defense, I am a handful. Yet, dad was a pain in the ass, but he and mom always made it work.” Tony considered

“I am glad Howard got married,” Steve said, “I only knew him when he was young and single,”

“Oh, really you two knew each other? He never mentioned that. maybe only a thousand times! God, I hated you” Tony replied,

You couldn’t help it, you scoffed with laughter and they both looked at you.

“You,” Tony pointed at you, “Have caused me a great deal of trouble, so don’t sit there all smug.”

Then he turned back to Steve,

“I don’t mean to make things difficult.” Steve said,

“I know because you are a very polite person” said Tony sarcastically,

“If I see a situation pointed south, I can’t ignore it” Steve trying to explain his point, “Sometimes, I wish I could.”

“No you don’t,” both you and Tony say at the same time,

Steve smiles a little, “No I don’t, Sometimes…”

But Tony cut him off, “Sometimes I want to punch you in your perfect teeth, but I don’t want to see you gone, we need you cap” He says, “So far, nothing’s happened that can’t be undone, if you sigh. Both of you” he looks at you too. “We can make the last 24 hours legit.”

You and Steve look at each other, you can see he is contemplating it. You didn’t have the heart to tell him that you were going to betray him again by signing the Accords.

“Barnes gets to an American Psyche-center instead of a Wakandan prison.” Continued Tony,

Steve looks down at the pens and picks one up, he looks at it intently you can see him thinking hard. He stands up and then looks at Tony, “I am not saying its impossible, but there would have to be safeguards,”

“Sure.” Tony agrees instantly, “Once, we put out the PR fire, those documents can be amended. I’d file a motion to have you, Y/N and Wanda reinstated.”

“Wanda, what about Wanda?” Steve interrupted, you were also confused by the inclusion of Wanda,

“She’s fine, she’s confined to the compound, currently” Tony explained, “Vision’s keeping her company.”

“What the hell Tony?” You exclaim,

“Oh, God, Tony” Steve.

You both showing your evident irritation at his response to locking Wanda up.

“Every time I think you see things the right way” Steve said,

Tony interrupted him, “What? It’s 10 acres with a lap pool1 There’s a screening room! There’s worse ways to protect people!”

“Protection? Is that how you see this?” You say softly,

“This is protection? Its internment Tony.” Steve said angrily,

“She’s not a US Citizen!”

“Oh, come on Tony,” scoffed Steve,

“I have to agree with Cap on this Tony,” you interject,

Tony turned to you, “Shut up,” he said then to Steve, “They don’t grant visas to weapons of mass destruction” he snapped,

“She’s a kid!” exclaimed Steve,

“Give me a break!” Yelled Tony, their tempers were flaring, and you knew that at this point Steve was passed signing the Accords, they were just going to disagree further.

“Okay, let’s all calm down.” You say trying to cool the situation.  

“I’m doing what has to be done, to stave of something worse” Tony said quietly,

You could see on Steve’s face he wasn’t listening anymore, he just nodded. “You keep telling yourself that,” he placed the pen back into the case, “I’d hate to break up the set.” He said then he walked towards the door, he paused before exiting, and back looked at you,

“Tony…Whatever happens, promise me you will keep her safe” he said quietly his face still looking at you,

Tony sighed, “Of course Cap, I promise”

Then he walked out, leaving you and Tony in the conference room.


You were standing near one of the camera screens watching the psychiatrist question Bucky, behind you Steve, Sam and Sharon were in the conference room intently watching the screens. You looked around for Tony and Natasha, they were a few feet away sitting on one of the couches talking quietly to each other.

Steve glanced at you and your eyes met for a moment, then you quickly looked away back to the screen. There was something about the psychiatrist, you couldn’t quite place your finger on it. There was some familiarity and it was gnawing at the back of your mind, yet the answer kept escaping you.

Suddenly the electricity cut, all the screens turned off and the building alarm went off. it was a mad scramble, you heard Everett Ross head of the task force yelling to get him eyes on Bucky, you look back at the conference room and see Steve and Sam running out of it towards the stair, you immediately follow in pursuit. Whatever was going on, Steve and Sam were probably at the center of it.

As soon as your feet hit the landing, you saw the bodies and heard the fighting. You run towards the sounds of the fighting and hear Steve yelling at Bucky to stop. You rounded the corner and saw Bucky toss Sam through the air knocking him out.

“Bucky!” you yell at him “Stop!”, he whips his head in your direction a viciously angry look on his face and he storms toward you, metal arm at the ready. You immediately back away knowing Bucky was gone and the Winter Soldier was now in control.

Steve stepped in quickly, swinging at Bucky who easily deflected his blow, kicking Steve in the stomach.

“Buck!” you yelled again, he ignored you and you charged at Bucky with the hopes of knocking him his balance. As you collided with Bucky, you felt as if you had just run into a brick wall, he barely moved an inch. He tossed you aside, your body slamming into the wall winding you and went back to attacking Steve. He kicked him into the elevator door, denting it deeply, they struggled as Bucky used his bionic arm to punch Steve into the door again sending him toppling through the dark elevator doors.

“Steve!” you scream and rush towards the elevator. Bucky looks back at you and hesitates for a moment then he walks out. You let Bucky leave knowing that the team upstairs will handle him, and run to the edge of the elevator. Steve lay in the dark elevator shaft, unconscious. “Come on, come on,” you whisper as you grabbed your phone and immediately emergency dial Tony,

“Y/N” Tony’s voice sounded on the other side,

“Tony! It’s Bucky, he escaped, Steve and Sam are down!” you exclaim,

“Y/N get out of there, Now!” Tony orders, then there was glass breaking and gunfire and you hear Tony over the phone yell “Shit!” and then the line went dead.

“Fuck!” you curse loudly, putting your phone away and running up the stairs, you had to find Tony and Nat. as you reach the department floor, you see Bucky running rampant across the floor. Agent’s attacking him. You watch as Tony tries to disarm Bucky but fails, Sharon attempts to take Bucky down and fails miserably then Natasha attacks him. All of them failing, you finally unfroze and charged up to Bucky,

He looks at you, rage in his eyes. you circle each other, your fists raised ready for his attack.

“Whoa big guy,” you say quietly, but he swings at you and you jump at him, gracefully you wrap your legs around his neck balancing your weight on his shoulders and turn around attempting to drop him to the ground with you. Bucky fights against your efforts violents and you whisper in his ear “Soldat, Uspokoysya” . Knowing the Russian would make him pause long enough for someone else to help you restrain him.

Bucky pauses for a moment and you feel his body relax beneath you but T’Challa came charging at the two of you, bringing Bucky out of his calm state. He threw you half way across the building, but you landed on all fours smoothly enough.

“T’Challa! DON’T!” You scream at the Prince, but it was too late, Bucky was on a rampage again. Him and T’Challa punching their way through each other, T’Challa without his suit though could not best Bucky, not bare-knuckled.

Bucky managed to escape T’Challa and you saw him head to the roof, you immediately gave chase with Steve following closely behind you.

You burst through the door seconds after Bucky did, “Bucky! Bucky Listen to me!” you call out to him. The Winter Soldier pauses but doesn’t turn around, “Remember who you are.” You pleaded slowly walking towards him, “You are James Buchanan Barnes, and you’re…” but before you could finish Bucky whirled around and his cold metal hand closed around your throat, chocking the air out of you. You struggled against Bucky’s vice grip but as luck would have it he sees Steve rushing up the stairs behind you and he tosses you to the ground.

You make a mental note to stay far away from Bucky before he made it a habit of tossing you around like a piece of paper. You watch, out of breath, as Bucky climbs into the helicopter and starts it up.

(Helicopter Scene from Civil War)

As soon as Steve goes over the edge of the building along with the entire wrecked helicopter and Bucky your heart feels like it’s about to explode.

You screamed out Steve’s name in utter terror and without hesitating jumped off the edge of the helipad after him. Regret hit you instantly the second you landed in the water, but you had to help Steve and Bucky, there was no question about it. You surface quickly, out of breath and see Steve pulling Bucky to the surface, and you swim after them.

A few hours later,

Steve, Sam and your sit in an abandoned warehouse, waiting for Bucky to wake up after being knocked out during their fall of the helipad.

Steve is silent, obviously still angry. Sam is standing near Bucky keeping a watch over him, so you decide to go and talk to Steve while you have a quiet moment.

“Hey,” you say walking up to him, Steve looks at you then away not replying.

“Steve, I am sorry for what happened,” you said, “I can’t begin to excuse what I did, because I have no excuse.”

“Just stop.” Steve snapped “Do you ever get tired of lying, Y/N?”

You remain quiet.

“I trusted you, we all did. I thought you understood what Bucky meant to me, after everything I told you, you chose to keep this monumental piece of information to yourself and now look at what has happened!” Steve continued, “I don’t know if I could ever forgive you for this,”

“You cannot force the world to see Bucky as you do, Steve” You said, “And I can’t force you to forgive me but please know that I went to Bucharest for Bucky to protect him, that is all I wanted to do. To warn him and help him get away. Bucky had asked me when I found him, to give him time and space before I revealed where he was, and I kept my promise to him. I have no regrets in honoring that promise, however I do regret that the promise I made caused this ocean of error and anger between us and I wish I could repair it but I am too far gone” You pause and look into Steve’s perfect blue eyes, “When you said you loved me, I desperately wanted to believe it and say it back but in my life love isn’t a luxury I was ever afforded, and therein lies our downfall.”

Steve didn’t say anything he just looked at you for a moment then stepped closer toward you, closing the distance between you two. “Y/N…” Steve began to say, but Sam interrupted him, “Hey Cap!” and called them over. You sigh, every time, every damn time there was a moment between you and Steve someone was ruining it.

You jog over to where Sam and Bucky are and see that Bucky is awake, you immediately go towards him but Steve grabs your arm and holds you back.

“Which Bucky am I talking to?” He asks,

Bucky looks up at Steve, “Your mom’s name is Sarah and you used to wear newspaper in your shoes,” he lets out a small laugh,

Steve smiles, “You can’t read that in a museum,” he says

“So just like that, we are supposed to be cool?” Sam says sarcastically,

“What did I do?” Bucky asks,

“Enough,” Steve responds,

“You don’t remember?” You say,

Bucky observes at you, “Are you okay? Did I hurt you” he asks you,

“I’m fine” you reply, shifting uncomfortably as Steve and Sam both look at you,

“God, I knew this would happen” he Sighs “everything HYDRA out inside me is still there, All he had to do was say the goddamn words.”

“Who was he?” Steve asks,

“I don’t know,”

“A lot of people are dead. The bombing, the setup, the doctor did all that just to get 10 minutes with you. I need you to do better than I don’t know,” said Steve,

“He wanted to know about Siberia, where I was kept. He wanted to know exactly where.” Bucky said,

“Why would he need to know that?” You chime in,

“Because I’m not the only Winter Soldier,” Bucky replied,  

“Who were they?” Steve.

“Their most elite death squad, more kills than anyone else in HYDRA history and that was before the serum.” Said Bucky,

“They all turn out like you?” Sam Asked,

“Worse” you and Bucky say at the same time, Bucky looked at you in surprise

“You know of them?” he asked you,

You nod “It’s a long story, I’ll tell you later.”

Steve and Sam asked a few more questions and then spoke quietly to each other, you go over to Bucky

‘Hey guys, can we get him out of this grip?” you asked them, Bucky’s arm had been jammed between a hydraulic press as a safety measure.

Steve and Sam ignore you, so you go ahead and let Bucky’s metal arm out of the grip. He sits back rolling his shoulders, “How mad is he?” Bucky asks you quietly,

You look over at Steve and sigh, “Very..”

“I’ll talk to him,” Bucky said,

“No. No don’t do that,” You say, “Last thing we need is you taking my side over Steve’s, he hates me enough already.”

Bucky stayed quiet, just observing you as you sat next to him.

“What’s the plan of action?” You ask Steve and Sam,

They exchanged a glance, then Sam spoke. “Y/N, I don’t think you should be a part of this,” he said softly, “It’s for your own safety.”

“Sam, just stop.” You say annoyed, “I am as much a part of this as the rest of you, fuck my safety, stop treating me like a fragile flower because I sure as shit am not.”

They were all silent, “Now what is the fucking plan of action, or so help me god I will literally beat the shit out of all three of you.”

Bucky looked like he was about to start laughing, he looked at Steve and Sam “I like her, we should keep her.” He said.

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i'm getting annoyed at the fandom for acting like T'challa is gonna be the secret avengers suggar daddy, just because they all hate Tony. But it gave me an idea for a hc: When they are all reunited for Infinity War threat, Tony overhears a conversation between team cap members - "We don't have to put up with Stark anymore" "yeah, it's not like we need his money or tech any longer, we don't have to play nice". And Tony just dies inside a little bit more, because of course they always despised him

I really really like that thought, but to be honest the only thing I can think about is ‘T’Challa is of course Tony’s sugar daddy’.

Because let’s be real here, T’Challa might give them shelter but I headcanon that that is the extend of it. No funding, no gadgets. Yes, T’Challa feels guilty for attacking Bucky like he did, but I figure with the shelter and cryo sleep he provides for Bucky he feels like his debt is paid.

And since I also headcanon that T’Challa and Tony are kinda in a one-upmanship to buy the other out of course T’Challa is his sugar daddy.

Maybe Tony really overhears the Avengers’ saying that, but a second later T’Challa charges in and says “I think you misunderstood you get nothing from me, you are ungrateful and Tony deserves better” and then he goes to Tony who was hiding behind the corner and is all like “Come, love, I have some vibranium for your suit, I’ll show you how to use it” and Tony and the team is just stunned.

And it doesn’t even stop there, T’Challa just keeps buying things for Tony whenever he looks at something a second longer and he and Tony work on the suit(s) together, making sure that they are at the peak of technology and the Avengers’ are still waiting for one of them to provide them with some new toys but it never happens.

Tony probably tries at some point, because he loves to please and he feels like he kinda has to, but as soon as T’Challa realizes what he is doing he shuts it down. He will not let Tony make things for the people who hurt him and he tells the Avengers’ as much too.


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What they want: Pietro, adult mutant, “anti-hero actually.”

Today they had another mission, a hydra base had been kidnapping people off of the streets to experiment on them. Right now Pietro and his twin sister Wanda along side of Stve were fighting their way through a rather large group of agents. Wanda was tossing and throwing many of them out of her and her brothers way while Pietro would speed passed them and punch them and Steve through his shield at people sometimes punching and kicking them away.
“Pietro go get the the prisoner me and Wanda will finish up here.” Steve had said throwing his shield at an hydra agents face knocking them out. Pietro have Steve a look only for Wanda to place her hand on her twins arms. “Listen to him brother.”
Pietro nodded his head and jogged off down the hallways were he was given directions to earlier just as he turned the corner he bumped into a female with (long/short) hair. She had a group of people behind her who looked exactly like the prisoners before he could question her she snapped her gun off of saftley and shot out a bullet.
It has glazed past his arm leaving a small hole and cut in his suit and in his arm. But when he went down to check his down he hadn’t seen any bullet marks that’s until he heard a dumping noise behind him he turned around and saw a dead hydra agent on the ground a bullet hole in his chest.
‘So that’s where she had been aiming at.’ He thought to himself.
“Follow me or get killed speedy.” She said pushing past his injured arm causing a grunt to ecaspe his lips, but he followed behind her and the prisoners anyways. Just when they reached the common room of tge hydra base pietro could see the avenger fighting with the agents he was about to go and help when he heard the women speak up. “Stay back!” She shouted out just as a large amount of fire bursted from out of her hands and circled around the room burning the agents making sure to keep away from the avengers.
Once she was sure they all were burned and left of nothing but ash pietro spoke up.
“You are just like me and my sister, a mutant.”
The (h/c) haired female turned around “I am nothing like you and your sister you are super hero’s where I am an anti-hero actually.” and with those words spoken she was gone along with her flames which surrounded the room.

We Start Over (Part 11)


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: None
Notes: Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. Part 7. Part 8. Part 9. Part 10. So… here it is. The ending to We Start Over! Writing this series has made me super happy, and the reaction from you guys has been so great. So I just wanted to say thankyou! If you guys want an epilogue filled with fluff then let me know! Masterlist. 

“Oh, my god…” You murmured, mouth gaping open slightly as your mind began to race. “I… I need to be somewhere else.” You said, a small smile tugging at your lips as you turned to leave. “Y/N?” Steve said, confusion clear in his voice as his hand wrapped around your wrist, “What’s going on?” He asked, his brow furrowing as he held you back. “I realised that…the person I’ve been looking for, the person I thought I saw in you… was standing right in front of me the entire time.” You smiled, tugging your hand free before turning back in the direction you came. “I’d say I’m sorry, but I think this makes us even.” You called back to Steve, barely sparing a glance back in his direction as you hurried down the hall.

As your feet pounded against the hardwood floors of the tower, you felt your heart beat out of your chest. Memories played through your head like a film, every single hug, every time he comforted you as you cried, every movie night and every longing look that you brushed off for some reason or another. How could you have been so blind this entire time? Part of you, had always known, the joy you felt when you saw him safe and sound after a mission, the comfort it brought you to be wrapped up in his arms and the pain that tore away at your gut anytime you saw him scared or upset. The other part of you, just hadn’t wanted to admit, that you were head over heels in love with Bucky Barnes.

Reaching the glass doors, your eyes locked onto the broad figure standing in the dim light, hands clenched on the metal railings as their head ducked down towards their chest. The sound of you throwing open the door, caused the figure to whip his gaze in your direction. “Y/N?” Bucky murmured, eyebrows creased in confusion. “Were you gonna kiss me?” You blurted, not being able to control your mouth in the moment. “I… what… I… I don’t know what you’re talking about…” Bucky spluttered, a bright crimson colouring his cheeks as he averted his gaze from your direction. “You were trying to kiss me.” You grinned, “Why?” You asked, needing to know that it wasn’t just the Asgardian alcohol that he had been sipping all night. Still not meeting your gaze, you saw the many emotions flicker over Bucky’s expression, fear, doubt, sadness and finally resignation. “Okay…” Bucky sighed, rubbing the back of his neck, “I did try to kiss you… and I’m so so sorry… I just, I really like you Y/N, and I don’t want this to fuck up our friendship so…” He rambled, getting cut off as you launched yourself into his arms and pulled his face down to yours. “I like you too, ya big idiot.” You murmured, smiling at the look of shock on his face before crashing your lips against his. Making a small sound of surprise, Bucky quickly spun you round so your back was up against the rails. As the two of you pulled away to catch your breath, both with stupid smiles on your faces, you could still feel the doubt radiating off Bucky in waves. “Penny for your thoughts?” You murmured, brushing your hand up his back gently. “I just…” Bucky exhaled, tipping his head back slightly. “I didn’t think you’d ever like me like that, you were always so adamant with people that we were just friends, and then there’s Steve…” Bucky frowned, licking his lips nervously.

“I think, a part of me has always felt this way for you, it just took me a little while to catch up-” You smiled, raising a hand to fiddle idly with the baby hairs at the back of his neck “-and as for Steve, I… well I don’t know. I know that I don’t love him now, or that if I ever did really. But I understand if you don’t want whatever this is to jeopardise your friendship, I’m a big girl.” You murmured, trying to mask the sadness that clouded your eyes. Cupping your chin in his fingers, Bucky tilted your face back up to his. “I want to give this a shot, whatever this is…” Bucky smirked, chuckling slightly as you prodded him in the stomach for the small jab at you. “Steve’s my best friend, but you’re my best girl… nothing in the world would keep me from you.” Bucky murmured, pressing his lips against your once again as you hand reached up to caress his stubbled cheek. “Best girl, huh?” You murmured against his lips, feeling them lift into a smile in response. “Always Doll.” Bucky replied, before ducking in for another kiss.


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