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It's not a random throwaway scene. It comes near the end of the show and the scene ends and flips to Zak and Lisa. Classic cliffhanger. If they're going for Aaron not seeing rob there and rob assuming it's proof Aaron moved on (when aaron realizes he hasn't) then yes it's a perfect set up and classic soap. Aaron will try to be friendly as usual after not knowing rob saw it. Rob will spiral down after this.

You all need to realize no matter what Eastie spoils, soaps work on cliffhangers. Aaron kissing Alex and Rob seeing; Debbie kissing Tom and Sarah seeing; explosive secrets at HF and Lachlan overhearing and hiding all works the same way. You either wait till the next episode OR the Aaron scene was set that way to further robron miscommunication & allow rob to sink further by allowing him to believe Aaron is w Alex now. Eastie is a toad but he has nothing to do w it.

Wow, these are so condescending. I know how soaps work. The problem is instead of seeing this in context and in the entire fucking show we have some asshole leaking 8 seconds of it. 8 seconds of a 2 minutes scene. Now that panic has spread he’s apparently hours later going to be like oh yes this is how the scene goes down within the episode. 

How about instead of leaking just part of the fucking scene or talking about it you don’t put it out there so we can judge this all on the full episode? That’s the problem. There is more to this than some 8 seconds and we are only getting half the story from egomaniac who leaks part of the details so people will suck his dick to get more information is the problem. 

I am exhausted by this all. I am so fucking sick of being unable to watch Emmerdale at this point without knowing everything. I don’t want to know all this and I don’t want scenes like this that are out of context. I am so fucking tired of people like you coming into my inbox and defending eastie being this way. 

God, literally this whole message makes me want to scream. It’s great that we don’t know the whole set up or what else happens and just have some dude leaking the worst bits of it all instead of just watching the episode. 

Do not ever come into my inbox again and explain to me how fucking soaps work. I’ve been watching them for most of my life. My problem is that maybe in the context of the full episode and not just a clip I could understand what they are doing. 

It Ain’t Me: Part 8

Jungkook x Reader ft. Yoongi

Request: Can you make a fake text about how bf hears a rumor about y/n and decides to break up without even knowing the true facts

Words: 2.4K

Genre: Angst

Part 7 | Part 9

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Headcanons for losers club meeting in group therapy.

I took this a bit further than I meant to, I hope you like it though because I love addressing mental health
(I based it off my own experiences and knowledge so I’m so so sorry if anything is not accurate)

- They all have the same therapist (she’s called Jackie) but they’ve never met each other

- she takes them all for different things

- Bill has depression from loosing his brother (‘n-n-not dead…j-j-just m-m-missing) and anger issues from getting frustrated with his stutter

- Beverly has depression and PTSD from her father and addiction to smoking

- Ben has social anxiety and topophobia from moving so much and getting bullied

- Mike has insomnia and PTSD from his parents death and having to work on the farm

- Richie has ADHD, bipolar disorder and addiction to smoking just from genetics and how his parents treat him

- Stan has chronic OCD and anxiety from his father being a perfectionist

- Eddie has chronic Mysophobia , anxiety and is the worst hypochondriac she’s ever seen

- She has problems with all of them being closed off for some reason

- Bill doesn’t like talking because when he tries to talk about loosing his brother his stutter gets worse, then he gets frustrated and gets overwhelmed

- Beverly just can’t bring herself to talk about it, talking about her dad sets off her PTSD and she gets super defensive about her smoking

- Ben is actually quite intimidated by Jackie, he knows deep down that she wants to help but can’t help but feel like he’s just putting his problems on someone else’s shoulders

- Mike is the easiest one to open up, he needs to know that someone is there and supporting him but at the same time he can’t talk about his parents without tearing up

- Richie talks about everything that isn’t his problems and wastes their hour pretty much every time, although some days he comes in and pours his little heart out

- Stan has told himself if he lets people know about his problems and says them out loud then it’ll make it all worse

- Eddies the only one who’ll willingly talk about what’s happening although he’s insecure about telling her incase she thinks he’s stupid

- so basically, she has a hard time with all of them but she still wants to help them all so bad

- So she proposes to her team leader that she should have an extra session with them once a week where they’re all together

- once she gets the all clear, she tells them about it

- They all agree sounded slightly worried and unwilling, other than Richie who was having a fantastic day and is ready to meet his new fucking friends

- the first session was…interesting to say the least

- Jackie set the chairs in a circle

- the first to arrive was Stan, he always needed to be early no matter what incase he missed something and took the seat next to Jackie

- Eddie was the second to arrive, he took the seat on the other side of her

- As a therapist, this warmed her heart as she knew they did that to feel safer

- She introduced them and got them talking about why bedrooms should be kept tidy, needless to say they become friends right away

- Bill was the third to arrive, he had gotten the wrong room at first and was kinda upset

- he walked in whispering the paragraph that helped his stutter, looking down

- He didn’t look up until he was sitting down at the furthest seat from Jackie in the circle

- She started to introduce them but he honestly wasn’t listening, he was too busy staring at the cute boy with curly hair in front of him

- Stan catches him staring but that doesn’t stop him, he just watches as Stan’s cheeks redden

- next to arrive is Ben and Mike, they weren’t really friends yet but they helped each other find the room

- And finally, Bev and Richie walked in taking as if they had been friends for years (slightly late)

- apparently Richie’s lighter had given up on him so Bev offered hers up, they became friends pretty quickly

- Ben is awestruck by Bev

- They both sat in the remaining two seats left

- As soon as Richie sat down he noticed the small boy next to Jackie and ended up doing the exact thing Bill did with Stan

- Jackie goes around the circle, asking everyone to introduce themselves and their problem and also say how they’re feeling today

- When it comes to Richie, he’s still looking at Eddie

- ‘I’m Richie, I have ADHD and I’m so fucking gay right now’

- Everyone (including Jackie) laughs, they like Richie already

- The session went okay, nothing too interesting happened and they just talked about stuff

- Jackie definitely noticed how they became more open as the hour passed by

- Although Richie spends most the time flirting with Eddie

- Stan leaves last, Bill waits for him by the front door and Stan swears he didn’t tear up a little

- Bill does this and walks Stan home after every session, after the sixth time they start holding hands

- Eddie eventually grows super fond of Richie so one day when said boy walks in and doesn’t talk or even really look up the whole hour, Eddie is pretty worried

- after the session, Jackie asks to talk to Richie privately and Eddie waits by the front of the building even though it’s raining

- Richie comes out after ten minutes, sniffling with red tearful eyes

- ‘Oh hey, Eddie spaghetti….isn’t your mom worried you’re not home yet?’

- 'I’m more concerned about you than my mom right now’

- Richie offers to walk Eddie home, giving Eddie his black denim jacket littered with patches somewhere along the way

- Richie also uses this time to explain his ADHD and bipolar disorder to Eddie

- 'Is there any chance I could get my jacket back? I’ll probably stay out for a bit’

- 'Sure…why are you staying out if it’s raining?’

- 'Just, parents and stuff yanno’

- with that, Eddie demands Richie stay over until his mum comes back or the rain stops

- Ben starts writing little notes and poems which he puts on Bev’s seat before every session and are signed anonymously

- Bev thinks it’s Bill at first but she sees Stan and Bill holding hands on the way home so she crosses him off the list

- one day, whilst she’s out smoking to get away from her dad she bumps into Richie

- she decides he’s a good smoking buddy and they become close, sneaking out pretty much every night to smoke together

- Richie saw Ben putting a note on Bev’s seat one day and honestly he just can’t keep it to himself

- 'Why don’t you ask Ben if he’s your secret admirer?’

- 'I might just do that’

- She leaves a note on his seat one day, with her number and the words 'my heart burns there too’

- To say Jackie is pleased with them and her decision to make their group is an understatement

You know what to do (add more) - xo

your love could start a war

billy hargrove x reader

words: 1303 (this one got long idk i love dacre’s face)

warnings: language, fighting

request:  Could you do an Imagine where Billy flirts with the reader and he’s like a dick to everyone else but her and he even kicks someone’s ass because the person tried to flirt with the reader. Like not as aggressively as his fight with Steve at the end. Thanks if you do it :)

Billy Hargrove had a reputation. It wasn’t a good one, as most saw him as kind of a dick. His ‘fuck you’ attitude and disregard for what people thought of him, most of Hawkins wasn’t quite sure how to feel about him. Most were intimidated, trying to fly under his radar. But you never really understood why.

You’d only ever seen him as caring and kind since the first day you met him. He was always more concerned of you than himself. He gave you a sea of compliments, no matter how many times you told him to stop, and was the first person you called when you just needed something. From the first day you met him, he was nothing but the most amazing guy in the world, it was hard to think of him as otherwise. He always sat with you at lunch on the same bench every day, even though it wasn’t his lunch period. You sat on the bench now, basking in the sunlight and waiting for him.

“How’s my favorite girl?”

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Beg For It

Originally posted by nodenyingheisgolden

This is multiple requests in one. This is… dirty, to say the least. Love you all very much. Enjoy. xx - L

Harry sees what can make you feel better- toys or him.

Warnings: SMUT

Word Count: 1,381

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The Free! Take Your Marks pamphlet comes with special side story dialogues that tie into events that happen in the movie! The Sousuke & Rin side story is about what happens before they watch the movie together in the theaters in Episode 4, Eternal Blue Departure! Enjoy~

Free! Take Your Marks Pamphlet: Side Stories
Rin & Sousuke

Sousuke: Hey Rin, you wanna go watch this?

Rin: What? Movie tickets?

Sousuke: “The Life of a Rat 2” is the name of the movie. I got tickets from Minami.

Rin: “The Life of a Rat”…So it’s a sequel? Seems to be pretty popular but is it good?

Sousuke: Not too sure. It apparently comes with some special movie goods.

Rin: Special movie goods?

Sousuke: Yeah, a “super adorable rat strap” or something.

Rin (mumbling): It feels weird for you to say “adorable rat.”

Sousuke: Eh? Did you say something?

Rin: Uh..uh! Nothing! Anyway, let’s go watch it next Sunday!

Sousuke: Wait, but I haven’t watched the first movie yet. Rin, have you watched it before?

Rin: Now that you metnion it, I think I might have that DVD back in my house. Do you want to come over to watch it?

Sousuke: That’s fine but uh…you’ll probably cry right?

Rin: What the- of course I won’t cry! All right, come over to my place so we can watch the movie to prepare us for the sequel. Apparently the movie has a first press, director’s cut, spin off, as well as books about it…

Sousuke: Seems like it’s going to be a long one…

Rin: Fufufu, you won’t be sleeping tonight!

Sousuke: Okay, then don’t forget your towel.

Rin: Like I said, I WON’T CRY!

Sousuke: Wait, how about tomorrow’s driving lesson? You’re going with Haru, right?

Rin: Oh yeah, that’s right. I’ll call Makoto to tell them we’ll do the lesson in the afternoon!



So Taylor’s been following me for over 2 years now and she’s showed up for me somewhat regularly ever since she followed me which I’m incredibly grateful for (like INCREDIBLY). When she did secret sessions last era, I didn’t even have a fan account for anything and I got all the news off insta and my best friends in real life @thislove-brittany and @thosegeorgiastars13 when we would come into school and talk about how some extremely lucky fans got to go into her home and hang with her for hours on end. At that point we all almost had to laugh because we live in Australia and we weren’t known AT ALL by Taylor and we just told ourselves it was such a far fetched dream it was ridiculous… Fast forward a few months later that next year in 2015, when Taylor followed me – I believe to this day she saw a photo of B, G and I posing as Bad Blood characters, and she followed me from that. So basically the first memory I have of Taylor acknowledging my existence was shared with my 2 best friends, but let me now continue with the story….

 On the 1st of January this year, I wrote this post: 

About 4 weeks ago, things at uni went downhill and I had quite literally hit rock bottom in terms of my stress and my future regarding uni. At the same sort of time Taylor had started joining people’s livestreams but she would do so between the hours of 3-7am Australian time so I just kept waking up to her lurking people and watching their lives while I had zero chances in the first place and it was there and then that I thought to myself ‘I’m never meeting her, I have negative hope that I’ll ever meet Taylor” and basically I spent a few days not logging in very much because I was so upset about everything and just didn’t want to bother. But then I started having so many fun events like friends and family birthday parties over those next few weekends and life felt a bit better. During one of those weeks, Taylor had seen 2 or 3 of my tumblr posts where I complimented people’s selfies and it hit me then that good things were still coming and that she still probably maybe had her eye on me (but it was still just wishful thinking). Then London SS happened and my best friend from England, Katy aka @ethereal-swiftness ended up meeting T and I’d sent her an ask about keeping the secret and Taylor saw that a day later and once again I really started to feel things again and it was almost as if right then I knew something was coming for me – like I just knew.

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The Problem [m]

Genre : smut
summary : Listen, you really hadn’t meant to think of your friend whilst you got off, but it happened.

“Just tell me. I promise I won’t tell anyone else - it’s not me is it?”


You said it far too quick. Damn.

 You could feel him moving closer. “Oh … that’s a twist.”

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Unexpected Guests Chapter Three: End!

First / Previous / Chapter Four

Undyne might literally do a flip. But that’s the next chapter!

Tangentially related, the fic Unexpected Guests is based on is finally complete! I might add a couple sections if I think of them, but the story is all worked out, which means from now on it’s just a matter of drawing comic pages. Stay tuned! ^^

I had an idea recently for a pretty big project I’d like to undertake. Unsurprisingly enough, my first thought was “I can’t do this idea justice right now, I should wait a few years until I’m a better artist”. 

It took me a couple of days to realize how pathetic that was.

Life is too short to be putting ideas off, on the off-chance you could make something better out of them later. Not only that, but that idea is not going to wait for me. It will either leave and find someone else to nurture it, or I’m just going to forget about it.

I’ve always told myself that whatever I produce today is going to be technically worse than I what I produce tomorrow… But there’s always going to be a tomorrow. So do I just not create, until there are no tomorrows left? 


I do the thing. I do the ugly thing. I do the overly ambitious thing. Maybe I do the failure thing. Because all of that is better than doing nothing. 

It just hit me – I now own an album that is all Harry. Singing. Solo. And I can listen to it as much as I want for all eternity. It’s great to be a Harrie! How hlessed can one person be?

a meta about one of the best yet most underappreciated character development scenes in the bnha manga.

this is very long, but i also think it’s very important. please take the time to read, and enjoy this long piece o’ work

ok, here we go.

i’ve been re-reading the manga and this scene is so emotionally charged and so underrated. i’m going to be salty for a bit but stick with me here.

ok, first of all, let’s talk about the details: the baku(rescue)squad’s expressions.

todoroki looks alarmed, shocked to an extent, but mostly confused. the question that todoroki should ask in this situation is “why midoriya?” because technically it’s todoroki’s fault along with kirishima. even though it’s understandable why he’s upset at midoriya, being upset to the point of punching him (despite the fact that midoriya isn’t responsible for the initiation of the mission) is placing too much of the responsibility on midoriya’s shoulders, and it’s unfair. but, we don’t see any of that in todoroki’s expression. todoroki and iida went through so much together and so did iida and midoriya, which is why it’s uncharacteristic for him to just punch him out of the blue. not to mention that midoriya just got out of the hospital, and everyone was worried, so why would he do that? do we see that in todoroki’s face? the answer is no. his expression isn’t accusing at the slightest.

todoroki is alarmed but he’s waiting. he’s waiting for the explanation. todoroki gets his own panel so we can focus on his reaction, but there isn’t much to it, and that’s exactly the point. todoroki is the only one that gives iida the benefit of the doubt, and that’s a good way of showing how much their relationship progressed without touching on the subject at all.

on to yaomomo, who looks shocked to her core. she looks terrified, and i feel so sorry for her in this situation, especially because she’s the one they’re going thanks to. she just wants everyone to be okay. she’s helping with this because she wants bakugou to come back safe, and she’s accompanying them because she can’t send them off somewhere dangerous without knowing what might happen to them. she wants kirishima to be safe and also todoroki and midoriya and iida, and she’s willing to break the rules to do so. seeing iida acting this way and injuring midoriya must be horrible (especially with her kind of thinking… in the todoroki/aizawa fight she was thinking about her every move, regardless if it was her losing confidence or executing the final plan. she had to ask herself and todoroki if what she’s doing is okay).

now, and this is the interesting one: kirishima. the other two’s expressions can be explained in a way that ties them to the act: momo looks shocked because she has no idea why iida would act up when midoriya has nothing to do with the decision (and because she’s subconsciously taking the blame for herself), todoroki looks alarmed– because why would iida take out his anger on midoriya? (but is waiting for the rest, because he knows him too well), but kirishima has no idea who iida is beneath the initial impression of a strict class president, and would have no clue as to what’s iida’s reason for punching someone (and especially when that someone is his best friend).

kirishima, bless his soul, looks disgusted. he looks confused but his brows are pinched in a way that tells us that he’s not okay with this. and why would he be? he wouldn’t, because kirishima is all around a boy that has a strong sense of justice. kirishima is definitely blaming himself for having to rescue bakugou in the first place, and is going against the rules because he feels guilty and thinks he can do something. he wouldn’t endanger his classmates, ask momo for a favor and secrecy, go against the police and the pro’s orders and spend money on this ordeal if he didn’t think he has a shot at succeeding.

from his point of view, i can only imagine that he thinks iida is being dramatic and violent. kirishima wouldn’t suggest an idea like that without having confidence that they can fix this (he had all of that confidence even when it was just him and todoroki), and he knows that (as a person that was there when it happened) it bugs midoriya the most. so he asks midoriya from the good of his heart  if he wants to come along. kirishima doesn’t know iida that well at all (well momo doesn’t either but kiri is mentally stronger than her, so he thinks about the wrong in the situation instead of overthinking what he did wrong) and it makes all of the sense in the world for him to be mad. iida is supposed to be a role model, and that’s why it’s so alarming to see him randomly punching his best friend, but kirishima is the only one that shows clear disapproval for his actions. idk i just think it’s neat.

ok, getting to the point now: iida.

iida is a very underrated character, and his development is especially underrated and looked down upon, but this scene is where he grabbed our attention again ever since he lost it after the stain arc. you see, if you don’t stan iida, i doubt you pay attention to him. people appreciate his extremely well-written character only when the focus shifts to him, which is not often at all.

now that i’m done being salty, think about the betrayal you’d feel if your best friend went under your nose to do something you specifically asked them not to go do. think about how hurt you’d feel when your friend ignores people who cares about him completely to do something reckless that might get him killed. midoriya didn’t take iida’s emotions into consideration at all.

in the stain arc, iida feels bad for midoriya and todoroki’s involvement. they got hurt for him, and almost died for him. not only that, but he caused major trouble to the pro hero he was working with at the time by doing something on his own accord. he knows better than anyone how acting on your feelings can affect everyone else. you’d think that midoriya learned that as well, right? but here he goes again, going under the pro’s noses to do something extremely dangerous. not only that, but thanks to yaomomo the police had a lead and the pro heroes had the situation under control for once lmao. the students shouldn’t have gotten involved because the police already planned out how to approach the situation–it wasn’t being ignored and they had a plan. kirishima and todoroki’s decision to save bakugou was selfish, and it was selfish of them to ask midoriya to join especially because he’s injured (even though midoriya did want to help), and it was selfish of them to ask for yaomomo’s help (and also keep that information from the pros. just to recap: they asked her to give them the location of the villains so they can do something dangerous and reckless when the police had a way to solve the situation, they asked her to not tell anyone and then they asked her to stay put. that’s the worst position a person could be in; knowing they’re out there, getting hurt, while not being able to say or do anything about it–that’s so difficult. todo and kiri are my faves but they were asking for so much, and it was so unfair to momo. no wonder that she joined them). it was selfish of them to do all of that, and tsuyu (+plus uraraka) made that very clear when she confronted them about it later on. 

but to iida, the most selfish thing that happened was midoriya actually going with them. he was going to get himself and other people in trouble. he was going to risk his life doing something pointless. iida knows how much that hurts people. he experienced it first-hand.

iida knows midoriya is frustrated, and he knows how it feels better than anyone else. the difference between the stain arc and the hideout raid arc is that the outside forces could do something about it, which is exactly why he has the right to get mad. he knows frustration; it drove him to do something reckless and selfish too. he risked his classmates’ life too, he ran off on his own too. he felt like he was cornered, he had no one to turn to, he was angry and endangered someone else selfishly, and he acted in the most non-heroic way an aspiring hero could act as. after all of that wrong he did, he realized his mistakes after seeing the damage his actions bared with them, and dealt with the consequences the best he could– by changing his attitude and learning from his mistakes.

iida moved on. midoriya was present for all of that; which is why iida is frustrated with him. midoriya acted selfishly too, and caused trouble for others too, and iida thought they learned that lesson together. midoriya said it himself: we were both wrong. let’s make up for it together.

… yet. even though he said all of that, he still repeats the same mistake iida did. the way midoriya planned to go with kirishima and todoroki despite what iida told him is a stab in the back. midoriya didn’t consider iida’s emotions at all. ever since the stain incident passed, iida made sure the class got their act together. he made safer choices and took other people into consideration, and he continued being the best class president a class could ask for. he was trying to make up for his mistakes. he grew and fixed his wrong doings, and midoriya was supposed to do the same. here he clearly goes against what he said to iida in the panels above. what he said back then changed so much for iida, but it seems like he’s throwing all of that away to go after bakugou in the hideout raid arc. that’s so unfair. that hurts. midoriya went back on his own word (the same words that changed so so much) to do something irresponsible again. in the first panel i showed you, iida says that he worries over everyone, not just bakugou. bakugou didn’t do anything outstanding/likable/rescue worthy, and yet iida worries about him. of course he would. iida cares for everyone in class a1, but he didn’t plan to do something reckless (and technically, illegal) for one of them, because it’s not his place. but midoriya did. iida still worried and cared and wanted to do something but didn’t. by totally ignoring iida’s request to step down (and the warning from the other classmates) he disrespected iida’s emotions and incredible self-restraint. iida and the rest of a1 made it clear that it was a bad and selfish idea, but the group still planned to go. that’s so cruel to the rest of the students who worried but restrained themselves. that’s so cruel to iida. midoriya’s supposed to be iida’s best friend but he can’t even understand that.

midoriya, as the person who encouraged iida’s new path when he lost his way, did something very wrong and heartless. midoriya was so selfish in this arc, it’s honestly amazing. the hideout raid arc is so well-written, and it gives midoriya such a flaw that made me like him so much more as a protagonist. it shows us that despite all of the things he went through, he has so much place to develop. iida is being completely fair in this scene, and midoriya kinda deserves the punch he got. i don’t think he realized how much he hurt iida by sneaking out of the hospital that night.

regardless of  that, iida still joined the group so he can keep an eye on them.

that only shows how much he developed. this conflict is truly one of the best in the entire manga.

Smutty Smutty Smutty. Carry on! 

“I’ve been thinking about you.” 

Or Harry calls you in the middle of the night because he wants to touch you and ends up touching himself. 

You just catch the final few bars of your ringtone as you get an eye of the time, it’s 2:45 in the morning and you’re not the happiest person on the planet because one, you worked today and two, you work tomorrow and three, you like to sleep. But it’s his ringtone, so with a reluctant sigh into the darkness you grab the too-bright phone, dialing the number, H’s number. Not even a ring later, the line connects.

“Hi, bean.” He whispers quietly halfway around the world. He’s tucked away into a five-star hotel, laid back on the king sized bed with this smile on his face. This smile that reveals the deepest dimple because he knows that he’s woken you up and you’re going to be grumpy, but you’re there and you’re alone and you’re probably wearing his t-shirt and nothing else. With a grin he presses the phone to his ear, holding it in place with his shoulder. “Miss my girl,” he acknowledges as his right hand snakes down, landing in the small curly patch of dark hair nuzzled under his bellybutton. “I know you’re sleepin’, just couldn’t stop thinkin’ about you.”

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If you guys thought that Sirius didn't use the map to become the biggest gossip queen you're wrong.
  • Remus: What is it, what's wrong?
  • Sirius: Emmeline and Fabian have been in the fourth corridor broom closet for at least ten minutes now.
  • Remus: Sirius that isn't an emergency.
  • Sirus: It will be when Gideon finds out.
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Sirius: Oh ho ho, what's happening here?
  • James: What now, Padfoot?
  • Sirius: Oh nothing. It just looks like Evans and McKinnon are taking a long walk around the lake together. What do you think they're talking about?
  • James: Sirius-
  • Sirius: Boys, perhaps? Come on.
  • James: Where are you going??
  • Sirius: To LISTEN, obviously! The map can only do so much, Prongs.
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Remus: Pads, can I see your potions essay? I want to make sure I'm doing this right.
  • Sirius: Oh, I'm not going to write that. Longbottom is going to write it for me.
  • Remus: What - when did he say that?
  • Sirius: He doesn't know yet.
  • Remus: He's not going to write your essay for you, Sirius.
  • Sirius: He will if he doesn't want anyone to find out that he skipped on Quidditch practice to spend half an hour in the empty dorm with Alice.
  • Remus: ...We didn't make the map for blackmail!
  • Sirius: I know, who thought it would be as useful as it actually is??

“It’s nearly three o'clock, do you think Harry forgot about having tea with us?” Narcissa looked out of the small kitchen window. The farm house she lived in now was nothing compared to the manor, but after everything that had taken place there nothing like the manor sounded just right to her.

“He might have, but his secretary most certainly hasn’t.” Her son answered lightly. Now that he was nearing his thirties he’d become a more quiet, less dramatic man. Less like her ex-husband and more like herself. She loved that development.

“Well then I’d better put the kettle on.” Narcissa smiled as she made a move, knowing that she only had to wait a second or two before…

“I’ll do that, if you really want to do something you can check if Teddy’s room is dust free for his arrival from Hogwarts tomorrow.” Her sister pushed her away from the stove, sounding mad but looking blissfully happy. “You know how sensitive his asthma is.”

“I think there won’t be time for that.” Narcissa looked around to see her son had wandered back into the living room, where he was now looking out of the window. “Harry took the back door.”

And indeed an indian-looking man with hair modeled like a bird’s nest was very busy climbing over the garden fence as he balanced a large cake tin in his arms.

“I told him not to bring anything.” She sighed, shaking her head as the chickens in the garden noticed the newcomer and ran towards him.

“But we all know he never listens to anyone.” Draco chuckled as he watched Harry spot the chickens.

“We do. Now get a move on and give that poor man a hand before the chickens eat him.” Narcissa nudged her son towards the garden door and eyed his happy complexion with bliss. She loved seeing her son so happy. It almost made her forget her own terrible experiences with love.

“Stop following me!” Harry yelled at the chickens outside, who were now flocked around his feet. “Go away!”

“Don’t move Harry!” Her son yelled from the garden door, his voice scared and his face a mask of fear. “They might eat you!”

“They might what?!” Harry yelled shocked as he froze in place.

“Eat you, they’re flesh eating chickens.” Draco replied worriedly as he slipped into the rubber boots standing next to the garden door. The he took a deep breath as if he was bracing himself before charging into battle.

“Are you fucking seri-” but Harry was cut off by Draco charging at him, sweeping him off his feet and running back inside with him. At the last moment Narcissa prevented Harry’s baked goods from falling on the floor with a quick floatation charm.

“Draco put me down!” Harry yelled when he’d overcome the shock of seeing Draco in rubber boots.

“Not until I’ve saved you from the blood thirsty chickens!” Her son answered as he started laughing, letting Harry in on the fact that there was nothing to fear.

Narcissa chuckled and decided that, since the wedding day was coming closer, she might as well have some fun with her soon to be son in law. “Well well well, the great Harry Potter scared of a bunch of chickens.” She drawled in the best Draco imitation voice she could manage as her son carried Harry inside bridal style. “Wait till my father hears about this.”

“Lay off him cousin dear.” Sirius chuckled from where he lay in his husband’s lap. “Your poultry is bloody terrifying. They should all be killed if you asked me.”

“Oh just give up already Siri,” Remus rolled his eyes. “You know she’ll never let you chase the chickens.”

Her cousin pouted and buried his face in Remus’ soft stomach. “Ahgh! Pads that tickles!” Remus yelled, pushing Sirius off the couch.

“Whatever happened to the sophisticated pureblood family I’m about to marry into?” Harry shook his head as Draco came to a standstill. Narcissa, feeling uncharacteristically giddy, let Harry’s cake crash into her son so hard he and his fiance toppled onto the floor, joining Sirius on the carpet.

“Oh! I love this idea!” Tonks exclaimed when she entered the room through the front door. “I’ve always thought furniture is just a complot to let people fall on their faces.”

“Because only you are clumsy enough to trip over a ten feet long chaise lounge.” Fleur shook her head as she eyed her wife, who was now lying on the floor next to Sirius.

“It was dark!” The now blue haired woman yelled in defence.

“The couch was neon pink Tonks!” Fleur shouted back. “Fluorescent neon pink!”

“Where did you find a neon pink couch?” Harry asked surprised as he managed to free himself from underneath Draco, who had refused to get up, claiming that Harry was quite comfy to lie on.

“Please don’t tell him.” Narcissa’s son begged. “He’ll want one for our new appartment.”

“Are you two finally moving out of that tiny closet?” Andromeda asked as she entered the living room with a large tea tray.

“Yes Harry, Draco, when are the two of you finally coming out of the closet?” Sirius smirked, before Remus hit him over the head with the book he’d been trying to read.

“You’re terrible Pads.”

“But you still love me, don’t you Moony?” Sirius got up to his knees and looked at his husband with puppy eyes. Remus just sighed, muttered I do but Merlin knows why and pushed Sirius away with his foot so he landed on his back on the floor again.

“Are we going to buy Harry and Draco a neon pink couch?” Andromeda whispered conspiratorially in Narcissa’s ear.

“Where do you think Tonks was when she tripped over it?” Narcissa asked her sister with a smirk.

“You didn’t!” Andromeda whispered back, eyes wide in shock.

“Just ask Ted if you don’t believe me.” Narcissa winked and then moved to sit next to Remus. After all there was only so much silliness she could bear on one day.

And this, she thought contentedly, before starting a conversation about Remus’ DADA classes, really is silly. But it’s silly in the most wonderful way in the world.

So I was chased by my own chickens today, and this one shot was supposed to be about that and nothing else but my brain refused to listen. Anyhow I hope you enjoyed it! 

And I hereby dedicate it to @nachodiablo bc she’s awesome and also she made me ship flonks, @princess-ikol because she’s my wife and I love her and @macremme and @secretlycrazyhummingbird bc they’re super nice people and I love talking to them.

anonymous asked:

feelings on neil growing comfortable with his sexuality? like at first he thought he was gonna die so he said "fuck it", but now a future isn't out of the question and being a real person is hard and letting go of mary's warnings is hard. what do you think his journey with finding out things he likes and can have with andrew is like? do u think he and andrew ever discuss the imprint mary left on him? this is a mess of question, so if u answer just answer whatever u feel like talkin about!

YO my time has come (and wow so does neil! in various tender, consenting, sensitive, embarrassing experiments that feel so good that he cries because he’s disobeying a decade old instruction, and andrew can see all of his body and mind and it’s not bad like he thought it would be)

he absolutely goes through a period of self discovery and un-learning and tight, transformative, quiet discussions with andrew

- he doesn’t learn the word demisexual for many years, so he doesn’t have the vocabulary for the indifference and fear that step wherever he steps for all of his developmental years

- he isn’t indifferent or afraid of andrew though, he feels a whole host of hot, personal, kicking things for him, and he thinks they must be unusual in general because they’re so strange for him

- he starts to understand his own wants when he jerks off

- he doesn’t understand why andrew wants him to touch himself so badly until he comes on his own and realizes that his sexuality exists, on its own, separate from andrew

- (I mean like.. he still thinks about Andrew whenever he does it….. his sense of desire is clipped to his memory of andrew’s fast hands and wet kisses and dark eyes)

- he thinks a lot about what love is and about how it isn’t the bruising, hissing thing he thought it was (was told and shown it was)

- trust in a person that he loves and wants saved Neil’s life, and so he puts his fingers in the seam of an envelope that his mother told him not to open, and he finds love letters inside

- andrew is ruffled and topless and touching Neil’s back so lightly in the late-evening sun, and neil confesses that his pendulum rocked into the middle when he was fifteen, and didn’t move until he met andrew

- andrew says that neil had his impending death to worry about, that sex and love are only important to people who have the time to wish for them

- neil shakes his head and tells him that it’s not that, that his body completely stopped being curious, that he thought about bubblegum lipgloss and his face ached, right at his cheekbone where his mother’s hand hadn’t quite made direct contact

- andrew gets up and paces, restless, but neil still doesn’t fully understand this particular anger. he can’t focus on his mother’s abuse directly, it’s like a poison that he’d been drinking for years because he thought it was cough medicine

- he watches the sunset-whittled hollow of andrew’s sternum and his broad freckled shoulders and his rage on neil’s behalf and he wants him without anything hurting at all

- slowly, he understands that he stopped exploring his sexuality because his mother slapped down a caution sign and he hadn’t dared cross it

- slowly, andrew folds up his mothers warnings and puts them aside. He doesn’t shred them or kick them down because he know that they still mean something to neil, that Mary saved his life over and over again by crushing his life into pieces that were too small to find

- slowly, he listens to andrew describing the way he kissed boys at juvie, in the locker room after exy, the smell and steam keeping him present. He found people like Roland to jerk off and respond to and keep down, testing a hypothesis over and over again, understanding that he was gay and that consent was the thing that would make that okay

- neil asks him if he has to know who he is when he wants andrew and nothing else, and andrew tells him, jaw locked, that he can follow his curiosity and find his own way of swinging, and that he’ll be at home, waiting

- (neil knows what it costs him to say this)

- but he realizes he doesn’t want to experiment, that the idea of slinking into other people’s beds and kissing other mouths isn’t just empty now, it’s sickly, it’s letting himself into the wrong apartment when all he wants to do is go home

- demisexual, he realizes, hand in andrew’s, window open, King belly-up in front of their heater, completely in love with their life

- versatile, overcome, often submissive, often completely transfigured by praise, he realizes, gradually, in beds and bathrooms and shower stalls

- the spectre of his mother double checks his locks and burns his heels and retreats when faced with andrew, who deals with Neil’s grief by taking whatever he’d holding, sitting him down, and letting him feel it, start to finish

- when nicky laughs and tells a disappointed girl that Neil swings a different way – Neil knows that he never started swinging, he’s just stopped walking backwards away from the things that he wants

Ok so I’ve cooled down a bit from the initial shock and anger from the episode and have formed a coherent post so lets go.

Riverdale is smart. Just go with me here. The writers are smart, we may not like them right now but they are, why? Because they write these characters and let them live and breath and act like they would if they were real people. (I can’t tell you how many shows I’ve watched where plot dictates the characters actions.)

Jughead: he is a self loathing 16 year old with LARGE abandonment issues, his mother left him, his dad for the better part of his life was not a very good father. He has always been looked down upon, bullied, treated like he didn’t matter and never thought he could ever matter. And THAT influences his decisions. He is told BY Archie that Betty does not love him and sees the dark turn he is taking and does not like it so she wants nothing to do with him. Now a person with severe abandonment and trust issues is inclined to believe his BEST friend. He is self deprecating and was honestly just waiting for this moment to happen in the back of his mind. And it hurts it hurts SO MUCH more coming from a guy who is like a brother to him. He doesn’t believe Archie would lie to him what does he have to gain from that, so he believes him.

Betty: She is a 16 year old girl who tries to appease everyone, a person who tries to protect everyone and will do anything for the ones she loves even if that mean it brings harm to herself. And these character traits influence her actions. she can’t hurt Jughead she can’t even bring herself to end things with him because it hurst so damn much she is being put in an impossible situation and she asks for help from someone who has been with her since day one someone she can trust. This kills her but she believes she can fix it she’s Betty Cooper she can solve anything she’s Nancy Drew meets girl with the dragon tattoo, but really she is just a broken girl trying to do her best to keep the people she loves safe.

-now these are traits that influence the choice these characters are making, its natural, its real, its painful, and heartbreaking… but its honest.-

Now on to that pesky kiss… its a strategical move on Toni’s part 100% she saw Jughead in a vulnerable place and took advantage of that. And going back to Jughead’s personality traits and personal issues it makes logical sense that he would succumb to this very human (and also tv dramatics but whatever) reaction. He hates himself more than anyone ever could and he is being show affection in a vulnerable and heartbreaking moment so he gives into his self hatred to feel connected and to quite the voices telling him he is not good enough not worthy. So many people make the wrong choices in moments of self doubt and loathing its what he does after that that shows who he really is and whats worth it to him.  

so lets not demonize these kids until we have the full story and let the traits of these characters infilucen their choices becasue trust me its better that the ooc bull I’ve seen on other tv shows.

Hurry Home (Smut)

 A/N: This is kinda procrastination because I’m having a hard time finishing Redemption, but it’s coming along. I found this is my drafts so this is my “please don’t kill me Redemption is coming” phone sex. Also, I’d like to dedicate this to my lovely friend @sippingchai . Thank you for being as thirsty as I am lol. Enjoy ;)

You stretch your legs out as you sprawl across the bed making the most obnoxious noise. Opening your eyes, you look over and see an empty place in the bed where Shawn should be. The studio maybe? Who knows. You stand up and make your way downstairs to the living room to sit on the couch. You turn on Netflix to watch the next season of Dexter. You and Shawn usually watch it together, but you just can’t help yourself.

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Remember I’m Here For You -- Billy Hargrove

Written By: @rune-of-a-writer

Requested: Can I request a billy x reader fanfiction where the reader is dealing with depression and feels lonely but then billy starts to care for her and he’s really cute and fluffy and tries to make her happy.

Warnings: Depression, angst, self-doubt, cuss words

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader

Summary: Things hadn’t been going so great for you lately, and your boyfriend Billy has been picking up on it. So he decides to try his best to make you feel better.

Listen To: Teen Idle by Mariana and the Diamonds

Gif Creds: @elevnns

Words: 2,504

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