nothing to do besides take selfies

In regards to Our last post:

^ We were not trying to rag on the fans, as there were indeed people who did wish Shada & his new niece happiness & left nice comments.

We were instead trying to point out the entitlement & general atmosphere of all that sea of “OMG that’s so Lance!” or “Klance lovechild is canon!”.

Frankly, the VAs probably don’t care about all the harassment or comments they get (Josh Keaton for example, who had his toddler-aged kids THREATENED by a fan online & was called a bad father repeatedly, tweeted that more than 99.99% of the fandom is nice to him), but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to constantly spam Shada. (And they DO have breaking points. They’re still human.)

Shada is NOT Lance.

His niece has nothing to do with Lance or Klance. She is a newborn infant.

(Plus it’s not even his baby? How does Shada’s sibling having a kid have ANYTHING to do with Klance having a kid??)

Remember that up until now Shada has received the following comments, besides Klance/Lance spam daily, from his fans:

-suicide threats if Klance is not made canon (deleted now)

-assault threats if Klance is not made canon (deleted now)

-comparing he & his girlfriend to Klance & saying that Klance is cuter

-”oppa” (even on a photo of him taking a selfie with a JAPANESE celeb)

-”papi” x 1000

-”daddy” & other sexual comments from underaged teen girls on photos where he is literally just dressed in casual clothing & posing normally

Voice actors are people, not Playboy centerfolds.

The batgirls like to troll
  • Tim: Okay, mission plan. We get in, we get out, we keep it simple. Got it?
  • Stephanie: Yeah, we know how this goes. *points to Tim* You're the brains and *points to Cass* she's the brawn.
  • Cassandra: *nods*
  • Tim: Then what are you?
  • Steph: The BEAUTY, duh! Not to mention a great personality. *poses*
  • Tim: ...What are you doing?
  • Steph: Even the corners have eyes. Pretend there's cameras.
  • Cass: *poses beside her*
  • Steph: Ooh, selfie! *takes out cell and snaps a shot together*
  • Cass: *looks at photo* We look bomb-diggity hot.
  • Steph: I know, your ass looks fantastic.
  • Cass: Well, they don't call it gor-ge-ass for nothing.
  • Tim: This is why I hate teaming up with you.
Flower Crown



“Pretty please?”


“Pretty please with a cherry on top?”


“Pretty please with a cherry on top and a kiss to finish it off?”

“For the last time, NO!”

She huffed, crossing her arms and looking down at the flower crown in her hands. For the past 30 minutes, she had been trying again and again to get Damian to wear the garden accessory. She had tried various bribes including chocolate cake and a variety of adoring compliments about him and his mad fighting skills, but to no avail. The raven haired teenager remained stubborn to her plights and continued to read the Art of War.


Kid of a millionaire who dresses up as a bat and a psychotic assassin lady and look how they turn out, am I right?

(Y/N) sighed through her nose quietly and nudged her boyfriend’s shoulder. Damian didn’t move. She tried again. Nothing.

Fine. Another tactic.

“Well, then I suppose I’ll go find someone else to take funny selfies with me.” She stood to her feet, faking cheerfulness and putting a spring to her step.

(Y/N) heard him put the book down but didn’t turn around and continued making her way towards the stairs. “Where do you think you’re going?”

She smirked for a split second. Victory.

Whirling around, flower crown in hand, she held it up and shook it once or twice. “Well, you won’t wear it. Might as well find someone else who will. Besides, I wouldn’t want to interrupt you while you’re reading. It seems incredibly interesting.”

Damian rolled his eyes and met her eyes lazily. “And who in the world would be willing to put that stupid hat on and take pictures with you?”

(Y/N) blinked innocently and tapped her chin. Now throw the bone. “Oh, I think Tim would be up for it.”

The reaction was immediate and worth it. Her boyfriend’s eyes flared with anger and was that… possessiveness? She would have to continue her experiment to find out.

Damian narrowed his eyes dangerously and stood up, stomping over to her and snatching the flower crown out of her grasp without a second thought. He then placed it on his head and swooped down to press a kiss to her cheek. “No.”

(Y/N) giggled, cheeks dusting with a blush. “I love you too, Bird Brains.”


* Dance with you.
* Kiss you everyday.
* Play video games at the middle of the night.
* Crack jokes with you.
* Laugh hardly.
* Tell stupid and silly jokes in serious moment.
* Draw something on your face.
* Get mad at you.
* Forgive you.
* Cuddle with you.
* Play childhood games at the park.
* Tickle you back.
* Have a pillow fight.
* Movie marathon, mostly horror movies.
* Do nothing at my room.
* Sleep beside you.
* Hug you when you don’t notice me.
* Surprise you on your birthdays.
* Make a gift for you.
* Eat unlimited pizza with you.
* Ignore you when you pissed me off.
* Smile, sign that I forgive you.
* Hold your hand always.
* Look at your face, then memorize it.
* Tell that your handsome.
* Take selfies with you.
* Eat different fruits and vegetables that we both don’t like.
* Have a dinner date.
* Go to a mall and just walk around.
* Get to know your family.
* Eat ice cream while waiting.
* Travel together with our family.
* List why we love each other.
* Keep our promises.
* Stay loyal.
* Be happy.
* Midnight conversations.
* Text me always.
* Call you baby in public.
* Celebrate monthsarries.
* Celebrate anniversaries.
* Get engaged.
* Get married.
* Have many kids.
* Work for us.
* Take care each other.
* Love our kids.
* Love you.
* Love you always..
* Love you forever.
* Grow old with you.
* Die in your arms.
* Love you until our next life.


Alex at the Brazil premiere of The Legend of Tarzan - 07/18/16.

Photo credit:  lhegal instagram

A video posted by Julio Tavares (@juliotavares.82) on Jul 18, 2016 at 6:56pm PDT

A video posted by Fabio Ziccardi 🇧🇷🇮🇹🇵🇹 (@fabioziccardi) on Jul 18, 2016 at 4:30pm PDT

Credit:  _julianacamacho instagram

A video posted by Doug Martins (@dougpelomundo) on Jul 18, 2016 at 4:29pm PDT

A video posted by Jéssica Tuffengdjian ( on Jul 18, 2016 at 5:12pm PDT

A video posted by Felipe Dos Santos (@felipe_eeu) on Jul 18, 2016 at 9:46pm PDT

Pic credit:   lee_fsanches instagram

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#5 - You Take Something of His

Requests are open bruh lol sorry if this sucks ass im in a pissy mood- yoo I know I haven’t posted in a few days but bruh my wifi was down for like 3 days and like yea 4g on my phone but not for typing lol no way ill try to post a few times tonight k


Luke: “(Y/N), babe, where’s my blue flannel?” Luke called, looking through the hamper in the laundry room to see if it was there. Giggling from upstairs, you posed in the mirror on your closet door, clad in Luke’s blue flannel, the one that was missing. You continued to pose and make different faces, waving around like you were out somewhere or a red carpet. You were wearing your torn light blue skinny jeans and a black tank top, Luke’s flannel complimenting your outfit nicely. You, Luke, and the boys were going to lunch, and you wanted to wear his flannel, even if it looked fantastic on him. You held up two pairs of shoes in the mirror, white Converse in one hand, black flats in the other. Deciding on Converse, you sat down, pulling them on and tying them. You stood back up, posing in the mirror again. You could hear Luke’s frustration from downstairs, and you giggled once more. “You took my flannel, you little shit,” Luke said, opening the door to your room and walking over, wrapping his arms around your waist. “Oops,” you giggled, and Luke shook his head, beginning to leave soft, lingering kisses on your neck. “You look great in it,” he told you and you bit your lip, he was in the mood. “Luke, the boys’ll be here in five minutes,” you mumbled, squirming a bit, not wanting to get turned on. Luke brought his left hand up to your breasts, beginning to massage the left one in his hand, smirking. “They can wait.” He stated, beginning to tease the flannel off your arms, pushing you back toward your bed.

Ashton: Ashton was in the shower, and it couldn’t be a more perfect time to steal his phone. No, not in the omg-who-the-hell-have-you-been-texting-what-pictures-to-do-you-have-on-your-phone-why-the-fuck-did-you-change-your-passcode bitchy, crazy, overprotective girlfriend way, more like the yaaaahaaaaas selfie time way. It was a little ongoing thing you and Ashton had, that whenever someone left their phone unguarded, it was fair war, that the current holder of the phone was able to go to town on it, taking hundreds of selfies, to check whatever app or texts they wanted. Besides, you or Ashton had nothing to hide from each other. Your relationship was 110% honest. Giggling, you opened the bathroom door just a crack, looking in and seeing Ashton’s figure behind the foggy glass, and then there, Ashton’s iPhone on the granite countertop. You reached in just a bit to grab it, slinking back out the door and quickly running down the hall into the living room, sliding up the lockscreen and getting access to the camera, starting to selfie after selfie. Smiles, pouts, weird faces, you name it, all in a multitude of different filters, lightings, angles, and positions. You must have been on selfie 3948, when Ashton walked in, wearing only basketball shorts, which hung loosely on his hips as he ran his hand through his messy hair. “Miss Selfie Queen, yeah?” He grinned, you giggling as you got up from your position on the couch, where you had been hanging off the side, upside down. “Yeeeess,” you giggled, sashaying over to where he stood, holding his phone out. He chuckled and took it from you, unlocking his phone and scrolling up through his photos as he got to look at all the additions to his gallery. “I hope you know you look adorable in all of these,” he told you sincerely, starting to swipe through them one by one. You gave a shy smile, most of them were shit, blurry, random, and only of part of your face. Ashton saw your smile, and gave you a big grin. You raised your eyebrows, as if to say, what? Ashton booped your nose. “You’re absolutely adorable,” he said, and you gave him a wistful look, a small smile on your lips.

Calum: “(Y/N)!” Calum called, running after you through the grass as you ran up the hill in the park, pulling down on Calum’s beanie on your head, so it would stay on as you ran. You had taken it right off his head as he was leaning over off the bench to pick up a pebble from the ground, you breaking into a sprint up the grass, full of giggles, as Calum gave a, hey!, running after you. You yanked the gray knit beanie down on your head, messing up your already windblown hair. You looked back quickly, to find a sprinting Calum pushing himself up the hill you were already at the top of. Giggling with your quick thinking, you laid on the ground and crossed your arms across your chest-beanie now clutched in your fist-as you began to roll down the grassy hill, closing your eyes tight as you gained speed. You finally got to the bottom off the hill, and just as you were about to sit up, another body came rolling down and rolled over you, laughing. You let out an oof and looked over at the laughing figure. Just as you assumed, it was Calum, who was full of giggles as he plucked the beanie from your hands and put it back on his head, covering up his messy hair. You gave a pout. “First you roll over me, then steal the beanie?” You gave a over-exaggerated whine. Calum chuckled, pondering a few seconds. He took the beanie off his head, putting it back on yours. “There you go.” He gave a big grin, kissing your temple. You gave him a happy, winning smile and clapped, cheering. “I win!” You squealed, and he laughed, scooping you up from the waist and setting you down on his lap, attacking your face in kisses, tickling your sides as well. You squealed in laughter and tried to push him off, a big smile on your face and happiness sparkling brightly in your eyes, Calum’s happy face even bigger.

Michael: “Everybody stop moving!” The yell came from your boyfriend, Michael, and you, and all the 5sos boys, stopped and turned look at him, eyebrows raised. “Mate, what the hell is it?” That came from Ashton, who was already in a bit of a grumpy mood at the fact we didn’t have enough eggs for omelettes for breakfast an hour before. “Daniel’s missing!” Your boyfriend wailed. Ashton sputtered out a sarcastic chortle, Calum grumbled under his breath and flipped Michael off for the scare, and Luke sighed. You gave a quiet little snicker under your breath. You had hidden Daniel early in the morning when the boys where still asleep. You were all staying at the 5sos house, and this morning you had the idea to give Michael a little scare. You didn’t know why-no one did-on how much that one boy could love a stuffed lion so damn much. It was safely tucked away in the back of your shirts drawer, a drawer Michael wouldn’t think to look. You went back to looking into the lovely warm liquid that was the tea in your mug, giggling a bit as Michael made the boys begin to search up and down for Daniel. You took a sip, watching as Michael pulled the cushions off the couch, starting to look a bit distressed. You wouldn’t, and couldn’t crack yet. The boys started to come from their assigned searching areas empty-handed, and you were beginning to feel a little more compelled to confess as Michael began to look more distressed as time went on. “What if a fan took him?” Luke chimed in, and Michael bit his lip. “I haven’t taken him anywhere recently,” he sighed, and you chewed on your bottom lip, sipping more tea and feeling more and more guilty as the boys continued to rack their brains for answers on why Daniel just disappeared. It finally seemed to cross Michael’s mind that you were here, and he turned toward you, where you were sitting at counter, sipping tea with a half-eaten blueberry muffin on a napkin, crumbs on the corners of your mouth. “Did you take Daniel?” He asked. He didn’t seem angry, or serious. Just like it was any normal day question, like, do we have milk? or what time does the mailman come today? You nodded, taking another sip of tea. All the boys groaned. “(Y/N),” whined Calum, “you could’ve saved us fifteen minutes by telling us that from the start. You giggled a bit, slipping off your chair as you broke off a piece of muffin and popping it in your mouth before jogging upstairs and grabbing Daniel out of your drawer, running back down and presenting it to Michael, who squealed happily and took the stuffed lion from you, a big smile on his face. You and the boys couldn’t help but smile too.