nothing to be sorry about between friends

for you pt 4 [M]

Pairing: Reader x Taehyung

Genre: badboy!au, smut, angst,

Word Count: 5.5k

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

“Are you okay?” you asked nervously as you slipped into the passenger seat next to Taehyung. He was chewing the cuticles on one hand while drumming the fingertips of the other onto his steering wheel. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost”

He turned his head to stare at you and you tried your best not to laugh, “How would you feel if you were to go to dinner with your girlfriend’s best friends who want nothing more than to gut him like a tuna?” He stuttered over the g word, unsure of if it was something he should call your or not. The two of you hadn’t really talked about what was going on between the two of you.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to call you that” he blushed.

You tried your best not to laugh, but you couldn’t hold it in. Taehyung, the king of leather jackets and muscle cars was scared. Granted, you would be scared too if you had to sit down for dinner with Mina after everything that had happened. You were nervous too, things had barely been patched up between the two of you after the night of the party.

Your hand found its way to the back of his neck, rubbing the knots that formed when he was stressed. Taehyung closed his eyes and leaned into your touch, “It’s okay, Taehyung. Everything will be okay” you assured him.

He opened one of his eyes and gave you a look, “That’s because your name isn’t Kim Taehyung”

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A/N: Someone requested this to me and I forgot to save their message. I’m so sorry to that other person!

Pairing: Reader/Dan

Scale rating: Much Fluffy

Summary: Dan and Y/N reveal their relationship to subscribers. It gets mixed feelings.

You really didn’t understand. You understood that there were lots of Phan shippers out there. You knew Dan and Phil didn’t care about it. You honestly didn’t care either. You knew nothing was going on between the two friends. That was mostly because you and Dan started dating ages ago. You both tried keeping it a secret because you worried about reactions. Every video you did together, every time you hung out, it remained a secret. You felt back lying to your subscribers when they’d done so much for you. Yet, you didn’t know whether they’d accept it or not. Phil said that you two shouldn’t hide your relationship. The dark-haired boy understood the hesitancy, yet thought it was stupid to keep it.

‘It’s like diving into a pool. You won’t know if it’s cold unless you jump in. That’s what my mum says anyways.’

That’s when you both made “Secrets w/ Y/N”. Dan disguised it as a ‘telling secrets’ video. He talked about how he’d broken a vase and blamed it on the family dog. You told people how you’d secretly stolen your teacher’s answer book so you could cheat on a test. The video was filled with embarrassing stories and funny reactions. Then, Dan ended the video with a bombshell. He said he’s secretly dating someone. You acted as if you didn’t know and asked who she was.

“Well, she’s this really amazing girl with (your hair color) and pretty (your eye color). She and I have a lot in common. We hang out a lot and do stuff together all the time. I feel so different when I’m around her. She makes me feel good about myself. I spend less time in the black void that is an existential crisis and more around her. I can tell her anything and she doesn’t judge me,” he said. “I’m pretty happy with her.”

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Summary: Confessions are scary, especially when they are made to your best friend.

Genre: Angst

Length: 246

Part 2

“I like you.” Your words came out like honey, sweet and soothing. You had held back your feelings for so long now, and even though your heart was beating like the wings of a hummingbird with the fear that always accompanied a confession, you felt relieved that the words were finally out of your head and into the open.

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The other day I told my friend and his boyfriend that they make a cute couple and they got hella pissed at me because apparently I was fetishizing their relationship? But literally all I said was "hey I think you guys make a cute couple, I'm happy for you" like I would've said that to literally any couple if i thought it about them like a gay, straight, lesbian or anything in between couple! My comment had nothing to Do with their sexuality but now my friend is mad at me! I needed to rant sorry!

That’s clearly a misunderstanding, I hope your friend can come to see that. There’s a big difference between supporting a friend and fetishizing their relationship. Sorry you’re going through that sweetie!

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imma put this on anon bc it's a lil personal aND yea. So basically I rlly miss my old friend I made on here and Ik they hate me now and want nothing to do w/ me but it was just so easy to be myself w/ them and talk freely and not regret it later on and now I'm emo about it & don't know what to do or if I should try and fix it or not

im so sorry to hear that, anon. i’ve been there before too w irl friends and it’s a very hard situation to be in.

it sounds like there might possibly be some unresolved tension between the two of you? i think it would be good for you both to attempt to communicate in a way that’s constructive and positive. if there is something that is bothering them, it might be good to try and find a way to work it out. perhaps the two of you could find a compromise (but nothing that infringes upon your own comfort).  perhaps there are apologies that need to be made? just remember to listen and express, give and take. if the friendship was true, then it should be reconcilable. 

if none of that is possible, maybe it would be healthier to move on and seek new friendships. find people more willing to accept you for who you are.

i wish you the best, nonny. ♥

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The Best Friend (Part Three)

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Prompt/Summary: The Reader and Sam are forced to deal with the result of what happened between them.  The Reader learns things about Sam she had never known before.
Reader Gender: female
Word Count: 2,301
Warnings: fluff, smut, light swearing, (nothing is really a big deal)
Hope y’all like this! Um, I have never written anything like this, so… I’M SORRY if it’s awkward. Also, italicized is Sam’s POV, kind of. And then it picks up right where Part 2 ended once your POV takes over.

The Best Friend Masterlist

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SasuNaruSasu – Analysing Their Love (Chpt. 1–8)

I’m going to analyse a couple of moments between Naruto and Sasuke. Online translations are used, so I’m sorry if something doesn’t add up. Furthermore, since Naruto doesn’t interact with Sasuke in certain chapters (or better to say, since nothing really special happens between them in certain chapters), I’ll leave some details out. 

Anyway, let’s get started!

Prologue – Land of Waves

Chapter 1: Naruto Uzumaki!!

The fox demon stuff happens, Naruto causes trouble, Mizuki tries to fool him, Naruto masters the Shadow Clone Technique, his bond with Iruka is showcased, yada yada yada. 

Chapter 2: Konohamaru!!

The second chapter is about him and Konohamaru. They become more or less friends, Konohamaru admires him, they talk about the whole Hokage thing and so on. The Harem Technique is introduced, blah blah blah.

Chapter 3: Sasuke Uchiha!!

Okay, this is basically their first on-screen interaction. We know that they thought about each other before their first on-screen interaction, but that fact is revealed later, therefore, I’m not focusing on that—for now. 

Naruto is at school, sits down, sees his crush (spoiler alert, it’s Sakura), and assumes that she’s going to sit next to him. Nope, instead, she behaves rudely towards him (what a surprise), and says he should move because she wants to sit next to Sasuke. Then, it happens. Naruto and Sasuke are talking for the first time with each other on-screen, da da dam! Sasuke is introduced as this cool emo kid. Naruto apparently hates him.

Of course, Naruto stares at him with anger, and Sasuke notices it. They start bickering and shit, and yes, it comes off as a pretty generic rival dynamic. Naruto thinks stuff like “Oh, what’s so cool about him anyway?” and whatever. He suddenly jumps on the desk, and leans into Sasuke (who the fuck does that? Do you jump on desks, and lean into your… never mind).  

And now comes the infamous moment. A dude, everybody mistook for Shikamaru at one point in their life (his name is Tobio by the way), pushes Naruto accidentally. 

Heh, Naruto falls, and kisses Sasuke on the lips. (Please bless Tobio, my brother from another mother!) 

Okay, I’ll give the haters that: Yes, both look disgusted, and shocked, and nervous. And yes, what they are saying isn’t that… um… you know… They definitely aren’t aroused. 

But what’s so significant about that scene? Why are we SNS shippers always mentioning this? 

Sasuke thinks about the kiss before he’s about to die:

Like, seriously? That’s what you do when you’re kissing a guy without having feelings for him?

There is even a filler where Naruto blushes, and says that he had his first kiss (with Sasuke), but I’m ignoring this info since I don’t count fillers as a source. 


Made by Kishimoto, that’s an official statement.

Anyway, Iruka divides the class into groups, Team 7 happens. Summed up they react like this:

Naruto ➜ “Yeees, I’m on a team with Sakura-chan! Ugh, but there’s Sasuke… I hate this asshole! I’m too good for him!”

Sasuke ➜ ”Fuck… humans.” 

Sakura ➜ “Sasuke ♡! And also, ewww, Naruto!”

Later that day, Naruto… is stalking Sasuke? He’s still mad because Sasuke didn’t take him serious before.

That guy seems obsessed with Sasuke. 

How many times did he stalked him to know that? 

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For all the new people in the Gorillaz fandom...

And some casual fans too; if you wanna know the storyline or refreshen your memories about it; Wikipedia is your friend, seriously; at least as a first step.
I know it’s nothing like actually having gazed and explored Kong Studios back in the day, but you can still go to plastic beach and get a little bit of an idea of how it was to be there.
I remember the time between phase 2 and 3; wikipedia helped a lot.
For an insight into the creative IRL side of how the band got to be, the documentary Bananaz is for you. Remember, youtube is your friend too ;)


“For what it’s worth, i’m sorry. ” Rahne hadn’t taken part in the siege on attlian but had shored up one of the  many inhuman strongholds… and felt horrible about it, only doing so because Emma guilted her into it with talk of all of her friends who’d die. And it all turned out to be for nothing… sovled in seconds nad leaving lasting wounds between both sides. And before that she’d agreed to the cloud assault wholeheartdly.. only for it to go badly. To say Rahne had a lot of regrets was an understatment.

Wishlist for the GG Revival
  • A scene between Jess and Gypsy please just let me have this
  • Rory either gets with Jess or none of her exes do NOT play with my emotions like this
  • Luke and Lorelai finally get married (like c’mon)
  • A really emotional scene between Emily and Lorelai about Richard (RIP)
  • I hope Dean’s appearance is just one scene and that his life sucks (Sorry Jared Padalecki; it’s nothing personal)
  • D a v e  R e g a l s k y ??
  • A scene between Paris and Jess
  • And multiple scenes with Paris/Rory/Lane
  • Maybe even a Paris/Lane solo scene
  • I mean if Rory only has two friends, can’t those friends at least also be friends?
Call Him pt. 2

Alright, you asked for it and… I tried lol. So, here’s part 2! Hope you like it!

Part 1

I had deleted Val’s number from my phone 2 months after we broke up. Of course, it was useless because Val’s number is literally the only one I know by heart. But it was more of a symbolic gesture. Once I start dialing, my hands get shaky and I get teary eyed. I haven’t talked to him in 3 months. It’s been 3 months of agony, 3 months of not talking to my best friend.

The phone starts ringing and that’s when the tears come. All of a sudden I’m overwhelmed with the thought of talking to him. I’m about to hang up when I hear his voice.


“H—Hey, Val.” I manage in between tears.

“Z? Is everything okay? What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing. Sorry. I’m sorry I shouldn’t have called you.” I say with a shaky voice, trying to calm myself down.

“No, no. Tell me what’s wrong, are you alright? Do you need help?”

“No, I’m fine… I’m actually in Oakland right now. I–I had a few days off.”

“Oh, that’s a surprise.” He chuckles, but I can hear the bitterness in his voice.

“Yeah.” There’s an awkward pause, where neither of us know what to say. “Anyway, Jasmin was asking me about you. I didn’t know how to explain it to her. It feels so odd being here without you. Jas says you owe her a few hours of your time so you can watch Tangled with her.”

“Yeah. Yeah, I guess I do, huh?”

There’s silence again, and I just know Val isn’t going to break it. He always leaves those silences alone until he feels I have my thoughts together.



“Do you—do you ever miss us?”


I hesitate. “Yeah.”

“Every day.”

I can’t help but smile at that. One thing that always stayed at the back of my mind was whether or not Val took the breakup as hard as I did. I had no way of knowing how he was doing. Sometimes I got paranoid and thought that Val was over me a long time ago.

“Listen Daya, when you get back to LA, do you want to meet up? It’s been a while since we ended things and I think maybe we should talk. We never really talked it out.”

“Yeah….yeah, I think I can do that. I get back tomorrow night. We can meet up the following morning.”


“Yeah, I’ll text you.”

“Okay, I’ll see you then. Daya?”


“Take care of yourself, okay? And try to enjoy your time in Oakland, you deserve that.”

“Thanks, Val. I’ll see you…”

I don’t know what I expected out of the call. I didn’t really want to talk things over on the phone, but it’s also nerve wracking knowing we’ll be meeting up when I get back to LA.


The next day went a lot better than the day before. I tried to take Val’s advice and enjoy my last day in Oakland. It was easier now that I had talked to him; it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

When the day came, I was an anxious mess. Mom had to give me at least 3 pep talks while I was getting ready. Before I stepped out the door, I looked at mom. She had this look of hopefulness in her eyes. She smiled and nodded at me, silently telling me that regardless of how the talk went I would be okay.


As I make my way into the café, I look in through one of the windows and see him already sitting there. He had ordered his coffee as well as mine. He knew exactly how I took it. When I finally get inside, we immediately make eye contact. It’s awkward, the eye contact, the walk over. Am I supposed to smile? Hug him? He answers that last one by getting up and giving me a hug.

“So, how have you been?”

“Good, just preparing to go on tour. I wrapped up my last episode of KC Undercover last week.”

“Yeah, I heard. I ran into Dom about 2 weeks ago, said she’s joining you again?”

“Yeah, she and Deja are dancing for me again. And you? How are you?”

“I’ve been okay. Just doing the show right now, I’ve decided it’s going to be my last season. I’m doing the tour and that’s it. Maks and Tony want to open up a few more Dance with Me studios in Southern California so I told them I would stay here while they stayed on the east coast.”

“Oh…No New York?”

“Nah, Los Angeles feels more like home sometimes. And I can take care of Wear Valentin from here while Nicole does most of the New York meetings.”

It’s quiet for a second before I decide to just stop the small talk.

“Val… did you mean what you said the other day on the phone?”

He looks me in the eyes, there’s tenderness in his expression that immediately puts me at ease. “Yeah, I did.”

“I’ve been thinking… and I’m sorry for prioritizing my career over my family and loved ones. When we broke up, I never apologized to you for that and I just need to get it off my chest. It wasn’t fair to you. I learned that now.”

“No Daya, I’m sorry too. I did the same thing to you. I was overworking myself and not spending enough time with you. That’s one of the reasons I decided to leave the show. It was taking up so much of my time with no reward, just a bunch of manufactured drama. I needed to learn how to prioritize again…. I’m sorry I never made you enough of a priority.”

That tender expression he had before is long gone and all that remains is a broken man. I can see the regret in his eyes, the way he can probably see it in my eyes as well. I try to hold back my tears.

“Do you—do you think that maybe we could spend more time together now? I’m not asking you to be my boyfriend again, or for things to immediately go back to how they were but…I just miss my best friend.”

“I miss you too, Z. I would love that.” He says with that smile I fell in love with when I was 16.

“Okay.” That’s the only response I can muster up, and I can’t help but return the smile.

“Maybe we should start with something small though, how about we watch a movie?”

“Oh… sure, I have Friday and Saturday free, how about then?”

“Hmmm, that works. I can pick you up around 6 am on Friday, the drive to Oakland is pretty long.” He said it so nonchalantly. I was pretty sure he was going crazy.

“Wait, what? Oakland? I literally just got back, why are we going to Oakland just to watch a movie?”

“Ummm, because I told Jasmine I would watch Tangled with her and I should probably go do that before the Coleman clan up in Oakland turns on me.”

I can’t help but laugh at that. “You’re unbelievable, you know that?”

“I’ve heard that before.” He says with a chuckle.

I shake my head; it’s the same old Val. “Soooo, Oakland for the weekend?”

“Yeah. Come on, we can still watch a movie now if you want. Star Wars?”

“Let’s do it.”

okay so i might be late to the party but… stiles fucking sucks, seriously i officially hate him, like:


2. SOMEONE PLEASE TELL SCOTT MCCALL TO TAKE CARE OF HIMSELF. THESE FRIENDS, SPECIALLY STILES, SUCK NOT EVEN ONE SAID SOMETHING LIKE “i’m sorry you died, you are a great friend, person and alpha, scott i should’ve been there for you”




(sorry for the language, i am so angry right now and scott deserves better)

It makes me so happy that I’ve heard nothing but good things about Adam Hann. He is such a kind, gentle, and genuine person. He cares so much about the music, his bandmates, crew, family, friends, fans, animals, and everything in between. Not only is he talented, but he is driven and enthusiastic about his work. He is such a good and he deserves nothing but the best.

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EXO OT12 reaction to them being your boyfriend and having your best friend confessing their love to you please!^^

Xiumin: “K thanks for sharing bye :)“

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Luhan: “yOU WHAT?! I hate to tell you but nothing is going to happen between you two right now.”

Kris: *self explanatory*

Suho: *doesn’t say anything but is v jealous; gives your friend this look for the rest of the day/night*

Lay: “WHoa, I did not see that coming.”

Baekhyun: “That’s nice :)”

Chen: “You still like me more, right?”

Chanyeol: *you just told him that your best friend is in love with you* ”…..what did you just say?“

D.O: *you just told him about your best friend being in love with you* “Uh, since when…..?”


Kai: “Well…uhm…I guess I can’t really blame them for liking you.“ *isn’t really jealous or anything*

Sehun: “Out of all the people on the earth they just HAD to choose you, don’t they know you’re mine?” *is also v jealous*

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Why I Will Never Ship Demara...

I REFUSE to ship something where one of the two partners is under mind control/coercion/etc. There is nothing consensual about what is happening between Dean and Amara. If you ship this, I am sorry, but you are shipping what amounts to psychological/emotional abuse. Also, if there is a sex scene between the two, its rape- plain and simple. Also, do not argue with me by saying it isn’t because Dean has to get aroused for it to happen–an erection is a physiological response that the body has no control over. Also, many rape victims experience orgasm despite saying no and/or not wanting to have sex. It still qualifies as rape. A friend I love dearly was raped, and I refuse to ever be okay with sex or relationships that are in any way abusive, coerced, or resulted in rape. Also, if you would rather see the Demara pairing then Destiel paring, then frankly, I will judge you for it. This is one of the few times I will judge you for a ship, and I do not apologize for it. So any hate msgs/mails/asks will be suitably ignored and the person blocked so don’t waste your energy trying to argue with me because I am sure as hell not wasting my precious time arguing with you.