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This is What You Came For : My Interpretation

I wrote this accidentally, when i started to respond to someone else’s ask about the lyrics and then it snowballed into a full on essay lol. And i thought I would just post it for myself as well. So this is my interpretation of “This is What You Came For” (I apologize in advance for the horrible run on sentences and poor grammar. This was a early morning, stream of consciousness kind of post)

I think it’s for sure about tayvin and their relationship. Or at least their relationship was the inspiration. To me the song is about having intense chemistry with someone and sort of that cliche “lightning strike” moment. Of seeing someone and connecting with them and having an intense relationship from the beginning. And it’s also a little bit of awe and wonder - all these people want you and you want me.

If you want to break it down by lines, my interpretation is :

“Baby this is what you came for. Lightning strikes every time she moves” - simply means this is why you’re here (whether specifically the place they met or in a more meta way), everything about her is connecting with you. You’re having that intense connection and attraction to her.

“And everybody’s watching her, but she’s looking at you” - there’s always a wonder and sort of awe when you’re really into someone and they are into you just as much. With Taylor specifically in mind, I think we can all realize this would be intensified. Literally everyone usually is looking at her (and wanting her) and her attention is on him. She wants him.

“We go fast with the game we play”- this I think means the relationship moved fast. (10 days hello!) They connected quickly and intensely and there was no slowing down. But I also think this could be a sly reference to Taylor’s line from Blank Space, “Love’s a game, wanna play?”. Which just, to me at least, reinforces the idea of them falling quickly and seriously for each other. They went “fast” with the “game” (love) they’re playing. They fell in love quickly.

“Who knows why it’s gotta be this way?” I think it was well documented that Taylor at least had no interest in a relationship and Calvin had just gotten out of one. And timing wise, right before a tour starting, isn’t great. So an intense relationship where you fall in love quickly was probably not on either of their wish lists. But you can’t help when or why or how you fall in love. It just is. It just happens.

“We say nothing more than we need” - this to me is the most ambiguous of the lyrics. It could mean several different things. To me, at first glance It speaks of that intense passion again. You just go with the “need” of someone else. The passion of it all. There’s no need for more than that. You don’t rationalize it or talk it out. You just go with the passion and need taking over. It doesn’t make sense. Its not the rational or smart thing. It’s Heart over Mind. And then on a more personal basis, I think it could also represent the way they’ve lived out their relationship in public. They keep it to themselves. They don’t say or do anything more than they have to. I also think it could mean that they’re not putting pressure or labels on things. They’re just riding the waves as they come. They are in the moment.

And finally,

“I say ‘your place’ when we leave”- ok there’s the obvious passion centered explanation of meeting someone and having that intense connection and going home with them, which the phrase 'your place’ implies. However I also think, specifically to tayvin, this might be Calvin giving control a bit to Taylor when they met. Not in a sexual way. But in an ok, you hold the reins, the ball is in your court with where this is going sort of way. We have this connection, you decide what we’re gonna do with it. You control the pace. Because she was probably more wary of starting a relationship than he was. (Also notice the change from “we” of the line before to “I”. It’s one person taking control by giving it to the other.

So there are my thoughts. What do you think? What are your interpretations?