nothing stood out for me as much as that 'psychopaths are not crazy' line

Liberty and Justice (NSFW)

Eggsy Unwin x Reader x Bucky Barnes

Summary: Kingsman/Avengers AU - The Avengers are a branch of the Statesmen located in New York, Eggsy and Merlin have come to the states in search of Harry and you have been assigned to work with Eggsy to help find the man who may have kidnapped him causing Bucky (Sergeant) to get a little jealous.

Warnings: Smut

A/N: DONE! If there are any glaring grammatical errors just let me know and I’ll fix it in the morning. I’m too tired right now. I pulled these images off google to make this gif so I don’t know who the original artists are. If you do let me know and I’ll credit them. Glad I finally managed to write this because I honestly wasn’t sure how I was going to do it at first but I’m (sort of) pleased with the result. Also, this is still a reader fic but because everyone in Kingsmen and Statesmen going by code names the reader and the Avengers go by code names. Just trust me on this.

“Are you fucking serious? I have to go back there?” Eggsy groaned, throwing a small tantrum.

“Yes Eggsy, you and I have to go back to see the Statesmen, they are the only ones who can help us find Harry.” Merlin sighed. “But don’t worry, we are going to see the New Yorkers this time, not the mid-westerners.”

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Bloodlines - Part 4

A/N: Based off of the song “Heathens” by Twenty One Pilots, this will be a multichapter fic with either a lyric being a chapter title, or the headers to break down the thought process of the chapter. None of the lyrics are mine, and they are all in bold - Again, I do not claim to own them, all credit where credit is due.

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.

Word Count: 2,025 (Not including lyrics.)

Warnings: None that I know of. Mild language?

Beautiful people who helped me when I came to them with this crazy idea and said to run with it: @wheresthekillswitch @obsessed-withthe-hales @aworldmadeforme @life-what-life-i-dont-have-one @xteenwolfwritingsx

Coming back to Beacon Hills was supposed to be uneventful. Yet somehow, you are now stuck in the middle of two worlds you didn’t even know existed yesterday. Now between both worlds, but not belonging to either, you try to forge your own way, finding out that some ties are stronger than bloodlines.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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The Queen

Hi! So this is my first fan fiction! It’s between Negan and reader! 

Some things to note before reading:
It may take a while to get to the smut, but when it does, it’s going to be rough, dirty, and have a massive daddy kink, because its JDM and how could you not?
Glen did not die in this AU (BC HE IS TOO PRECIOUS)
And anything else worth noting I’ll mention as I go!

Chapter one

Originally posted by wildling-heart

 It was like falling asleep in the Garden of Eden and waking up in Hell. 

  As you made your rounds around the camp last night, you couldn’t help but smile at the beauty. Small, hand built huts lined the trees. Staying above ground was how you tribe had made it this far. Candles flickered in through the cracks of their foundations. It wasn’t perfect, but for more than a year, it had been home to a dozen people you had met since this whole shit show started. You owned a greenhouse before the virus struck, and used those skills in your community. Three of the suspended huts were green houses, and while you would occasionally send out two or three people to hunt small game, your community was quite self sustaining.

  Your name was widely known through out the apocalyptic world. You were a kind leader to your tribe, and always welcoming to new people. Your strategic, quick thinking allowed you to not only survive, but thrive. However, your enemies knew you under an entirely different light. To them, you were an insane, sneaky, and evil force to be reckoned with. Most of them chose to stand clear. However, Negan wasn’t like the most.

  Over a year ago, your tribe, at the time consisting of over twenty people, crossed roads with his entourage. Demanding an immediate surrender, you obviously fought back. Without warning three of your people were shot from behind. The man you always had trailing the group, Gabriel, sniped all three before your people even hit the ground. Five more of your people were then attacked, however, you all quickly gathered yourselves, and of his thirty some people, you had taken down twelve. Negan called for a retreat, but Gabriel rounded from a distance and cut him off. They were then gunned down, and we had them in a circle. 

 You walked through the thin wall the remaining people of your tribe had formed around the group of roughly fifteen. You could see Negan’s slight discomfort, he wasn’t used to being on his knees like this, but he wasn’t about to give you the satisfaction of thinking you were winning this.

  “Negan,” you grinned, “I liked this shirt,” you shook your head, acknowledging that you were now covered in blood, “And then you went a fucked it up. You and all these little shit heads.”

  “I’d offer you mine, but I feel like the moment we start taking off our clothes we’ll forget what’s really going on here,” he winked at you, you felt yourself blush. Douche bag or not, he was devilishly handsome, and it’s not like you were a saint.

  “You’re misreading my generosity,” you replied, a flirtacious smile dripped from your lips as you sternly responded, you looked over at the pile of weapons your people had removed from them, and there she was. Very top of the pile. You licked your lips and winked at him, “Is that her?” I nodded at the bat, “The real legend?”

  “Don’t go playing with things that aren’t yours,” Negan warned.

  You ignored him, and walked over to the pile. Delicately picking up the bat, dripping with the blood of god knows who. You smiled and returned to the circle, squatting inches away from him, you could hear the guns cocking behind you, you couldn’t be safer.  “Now,” you leaned on the bat, Negan’s frustration growing as he let out a low snarl, “How cute would it be, if I finished the whole dance with your special little lady?”

  “If you think this is over once you leave me behind dollface, you couldn’t be more wrong,” he growled.

  “Easy daddy,” you clicked your teeth, you watched his Adam’s apple bob in confusion, he was torn between wanting to fuck you, and wanting to murder you, a line you loved to dance on, “Who said anything about letting you go?”

  “Everyone knows about the lamb,” his low voice responded, “You, being the lamb. You go about, killing and stomping and throwing your little bitch fit, but you also know how to keep your people safe. You wouldn’t do anything to put them at risk. And, I know you’re smart. You know I have more than a hundred people at my camp. It would only be a matter of time before they sniffed out the rose gardener. These people mean nothing to me, but I mean everything to them. And you know that.”

  You giggled, “You think I give a shit about your little gang? We can handle ourselves. However, you are right about one thing. I’m getting a bit of a reputation. The last thing I want is for people to think I’m going soft. How the fuck am I supposed to build an empire with that type of name following me around. And since you’ve basically given me permission,” you stood, pointing the bat at five people you watched take shots at you and, take down two people, “Gabriel, line them up for me, wont you? It’s been a while since I’ve played ball.”

  “You put that fucking bat down.” Negan demanded, his tone a bit more stern that you would have preferred.

  “I went to school, before this whole thing,” you sighed, leaning on the bat as the five people were being arranged, “I was an anthropology major, but I took a course in psychology, specifically the psychology of psychopaths. Psychopaths like you, Negan. Madmen have always kind of turned me on, so I wanted to know more about them. The most interesting thing I learned, was how some had these priorities that were just,” you let out a loud laugh, “well, psychotic. Listen, daddy,” you smiled at Negan again, “I’m about to fucking murder five of your little babies. Here they are, all lined up. I can’t guarantee it’ll be painless, or quick, or how I want to even go about it. And you’re over there shitting your pants over this?” you bounced Lucille up from the ground and suggestively ran your hand down the handle, “You’re a fucking psycho.”

  You shot four of them, quick and easy. Despite the speech, you liked to avoid inflicting pain where you could. The fifth one was one you watched shoot two of your people, so for him you used Lucille. Negan watching with an expression you’d never seen before.

  “Still got the swing,” you giggled, “I used to play, years ago. Boys, tie them up and knock em cold. Whatever happens after that is their own damn fault for being so damn easy,” Negan’s hands were bound behind him, his salt and pepper hair in his face as he watched your every move.

  “This isn’t over,” he snarled, god, you were so turned on by him.  “Well, I sure as hell hope not,” you smile, blowing him a kiss and tossing Lucille onto the ground near him, “Thanks for playing.”

Back to present 
The smell of smoke burned your nose. You sat cross legged in the same spot you had come to in. You knew they were still here. You fought tears as you took in the total destruction, refusing to give them the satisfaction.

  “Not a sound?” a voice laughed from the trees, you could hear guns point at you, “You really are a fucking heartless little bitch.”

  The voice came around, along with six other men, all armed.  You let out a small laugh, “Seven armed men, just for me?” you stood, spinning around ensuring that was it, you took a step towards the one doing the talking and their guns all shot up, pointing right at you. You smiled and put your hands up in a mocking way, “Easy boys. Just wanted to check who these flowers are from, but I’m gonna guess that I already know the answer.”

  "You’re fucking crazy,“ one of the men, much younger sounding, expressed.  You smiled and stuck out your hand, "Nice to meet you.”

  "Ben, grab her,“ the ‘leader’ commanded, a big man approached you. Right as he grabbed you you pulled your dagger out of your Jean’s side pocket and dug it into his neck, his blood coating you before he collapsed. Two other men stormed you, you took down one and brutally sliced the face of the second one, but he managed to punch you in the face and knock the dagger out of your hand.

  "Come on boys,” you dabbed your nose with your finger, blood pouring from it, “I was unconscious and you didn’t think to pat me down? Didn’t wanna touch any of this?”

  Suddenly it was dark. 

  When you came to, you were in a small cement room. Your arms were handcuffed so tightly that thin droplets of blood ran down your hand. Your legs were tied together by what looked like a T-shirt, you effortlessly shimmied the ties off.  Suddenly, the door opened. Blocking most of the light was a man’s figure, you didn’t need to guess who’s.

Chapter two will probably be out either tonight or tomorrow!

Welcome to the Family

This is part two to the Winchester sister imagine series.

Winchesters x Sister!Reader

Read the first part here.

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Warnings: language, reader off meds

Word count: 616

A/N: The next part to this series will be called Typical Siblings. You’ll noticed I used a line or two from Suicide Squad, yes I know it’s not mine but I’m not acting like it is…sue me. Just kidding I have nothing to give please don’t.

Forever tag list: @cambriacaneatnoodles @thewinhunter

This series tag list: @crazynerdandproud @storyofawinchester


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A good six months had passed by since you’d been taken out of the mental hospital and began living with your newly found brothers and Cas at the bunker. Everything was going better than everyone had expected, meaning it wasn’t nearly as bad to watch out for you as they thought. Well…sometimes. You had days where you would be reckless, more than they would. Days when you couldn’t focus because certain voices lingered deep inside of your mind. It was the moments like those they had to stay at the bunker or keep you inside so you wouldn’t be a danger to yourself or others. Pretty much 24/7 supervision was need at times like that.

“Y/n! Get your ass out of the tree, you little psychopath,” Dean was down below you a good fifteen or so feet scolding you as your swung from a branch upside down, waving your arms around like a ‘little weird’ as Crowley called you.

“I prefer the term mentally creative,” you ignored his demands to get out and continued swinging…it took five hours to get you down…

On some days when they were dealing with demons or Crowley, they really didn’t care what you did.

You stood in front of Crowley, pretending to shoot him with your invisible shotgun. It had taken him a few occasions to get used to you being random, or being totally normal. He learned to either ignore it or just try to twist your mind even more.

“Seems like somebody is having a good time tonight,” neither of your brothers liked when Crowley did this, egged you on.

“My gun, your head. Click-boom! You’re dead,” you had walked over to him and pointed your finger gun directly on his forehead and laughed like an idiot on drugs once you finished your little rhyme

“I’m really not the poetic type love, we’ve been over this. Put up or shut up,” did I also mention the boys hated when he tried to dig around in your mind like this on a bad day? Because they did. Really really hate it.

Then there was the whole thing with the Darkness being released. Oh fun times for the three of you, four if you included Cas- which he was always included. Sam had just had the mark removed from Dean, while your oldest brother- who swore you were the one that was crazy, had just killed fucking Death. Yeah- the Horsemann. With his own personal item too, talk about irony. Being killed by your own possession. Then again, cursed objects. But we’re getting off topic. The three of you ran outside, being greeted by a sky filled with dark smoke rising up out of the ground.

“You guys seeing all this?” your eyes were wide as you slid into the back seat of Baby in a hurried manner.

“'Yeah, why?” Dean turned the key starting her up, but still spoke.

“I’m off my meds,” this got them both to turn around and give you their undivided, pissed off attention.

“You’re what now?” uh- maybe you shouldn’t have said that, but crazy is as crazy does…right? Dean was clearly very pissed off at the fact you had been skipping out on taking your pills.

“I told you she couldn’t be trusted to take them without supervision,” he gave an 'I told ya so’ look to Sam. “How long have you been not taking them,” had he forgotten about Hell being unleashed in the sky?

“Maybe we should talk about this later…” later that night he learned you’d been straight coo-coo for coco puffs for about two and a half months now…which didn’t go over well.

12. JokerXReader part 2!

Hey :) if it’s not any trouble, could you write an imagine where the Joker gets possessive/jealous when the reader hangs out with other people besides him? Love both of your blogs btw.

kayelle101: Can you do a part 2 for joker obsessed with reader!!?? I loved it

So here it is, I thought those requests would match really good together, hope you two like it! <3

As soon as you woke up this morning, you just furrowed your brows about the dream you had last night.

You and Maggie were in a club and some strange dude in a suit offered you to his boss, who was no one less than the Joker himself.

And the most curios part of all was, that he seemed to have a thing for you, he kissed you and had sex with you in the club, while your best friend was on the dancefloor with all the „normal“ people.

You shook your head, what a fucked up dream.

Trying to clear your mind you forgot about what you were going through in your sleep, as your phone vibrates on your nightstand.

Rubbing your eyes you saw that nearly a million people called you or left messages.

The first who texted you was Maggie, with: 

Where are you? 

Are you alright? 


Hey, come on this isn’t funny, please call me. 

(Y/N), okay you scare me, please tell me that you are alright! 

Answer me, if you read this, I’m worried.


Didn’t you drove home with her?

And as your head suddenly started aching, you released you didn’t even remembered what happened last night, there was just this crazy dream about the Joker and you in the … club …

Oh shit …


This can’t be true.

You scrolled through all of your messages in shock, there also was a number you didn’t even know and you gulped, because you could just divine, to whom this number belongs.

Really enjoyed our little ride, last night. Call me when you’re up. J.

So it’s true.

You were out with Maggie and instead of having fun, like normal people you fucked with the Joker in his club.

Your head sank back into your big white pillow.

„Perfect (Y/N). So this is what happens, when you are going out with a friend, you let Gotham City’s most notorious criminal fuck you in his club … This is a new nadir, even for you“, you murmured to yourself, while starring at Joker’s message.

You never hooked up with a man in a club, you found that disgusting, all those guys who were just out for quick sex or something, and now you got yourself in so damn trouble just because this clown messed up with your head last night.

And how the hell did he get your phone number?

Okay, relax (Y/N), first of all you should call Maggie, before she tries to call the police or something, you thought.

„(Y/N)! Where the hell have you been? I thought someone kidnapped you or worse killed you! Could you please tell me where you have been last night, after I left you with this suit guy?“

She was totaly hysterical.

„Hey Maggie, I’m sorry listen, I didn’t even know what happened until I got all your messages. I am home and I’m fine, no one kidnapped or killed me. I just had a huge hangover, after last night, I can’t even remember how I came home“, you said with a week voice.

You felt tired and the aftermaths from last night seem to finally grow in your body now, like a bad drug.

„Thanks god, I really thought you ended up dead in a corner or something“, she sighed in relief.

„But, besides that you are okay, what was about this guy you should met?“, she asked now more interested and calm.

„Oh well, what can I say … he was … very intense and …“

„And?“, Maggie asked, while you were starring at your display.

He was calling you.

„He calls me“, you said more to yourself than to Maggie.

„What are you waiting for? Pick up!“

„Um … I call you back, okay?“, you said not sure what to do now.


Maggie hung up the phone and you took Joker’s call instead.

„Hello?“, you said, still unsure about this.

What does he want from you?

He was a psychopath, a master mind, succesful in every kind of illegal business and you were just a girl.

But wasn’t he like a little obsessed with you?

He told you he was looking out for you, everytime you were in his club.

„(Y/N)! Thought you would leave me in the lurch of your line, doll“, Joker’s gravelly but still amused voice sounded at the other end of the phone.

„No, I … I just didn’t thought you would call me back“, you said.

„Really? And why is that?“, he asked a little more sirious.

„Um … maybe because I’m just a one night stand for you … I don’t know …“, you murmured.

„Oh baby you’re not just a one night stand, believe me“, he said, his voice sounded a little more dangerous this time.

„Would you be so kind and open the door for me?“, he suddenly asked.

Hell no, he was stalking you!

„Oh … um wait …“, you said totaly confused and jumped out of the bed.

Your head was spinning in circles.

This was all too much.

It was just quick sex, nothing more and now the Joker was stalking you.

You opened the door and still couldn’t believe it.

He stood up in front of you, as if it was the most normal thing in life, to show up at your apartment after this totaly crazy first meeting.

He grinned wickedly at you, as he saw what you were wearing.

You blushed and closed your eyes for a second, you were so in a hurry because of him that you nearly forgot to dress up, so you stood here in just a bra and panties, and they were not the opaqued ones.

Fuck life …, you thought even if there was nothing he hadn’t seen before, what made you even more uncomfortable after thinking about it again.

„Why so embarrassed?“, he asked taking a step towards you, grabbing you harshly by your waist and closing the door with a loud bang.

„Have ya already forgot how much fun we had last night?“

His voice all husky as he whispered into your ear.

Your heart was bumping hard against your chest, just like a few hours ago, as you two first met.

„Maybe I have to refresh your memory“, he said before kissing you rough.

„Why are you here?“, you asked in a sigh, as his tongue was sliding up your neck.

„Because you were a bad girl and didn’t called daddy back“, he purred as he dragged you to your bedroom.

„But I just woke up-“

He didn’t let you continue, instead of that he pushed you on the bed and undressed both of you …


One month later

„Hey, already thought you won’t make it“, Luce said as you arrived at the coffee shop three streets away from your apartment.

„I’m sorry, I was busy, I got Maggie on the phone, she didn’t wanted to hang up“, you answered your best friend.

Besides Maggie, Luce was your second best friend, you two had known each other since pre-school and you had a two years relationship in High School,so he was the one who had known you better than anyone else.

„Typical. How’s life? I heared you’re in a new relationship“, he smirked.

You blushed a little.

One month now, you had managed to hide him from your friends, ‘cause you knew they would’ve been shocked if they found out your club flirt was the one and only infamous Joker.

„Well, yeah …“, you said.

„So you found someone better after me and … what was his name?“

„Dick, and that was three years ago“, you laughed.

Luce didn’t really liked your last boyfriend, not because he wasn’t good to you, he was, definitely but he always said that he never really suited you and in the end he was right.

You don’t wanted to imagine what he would’ve said to Mr J.

„Yes, I found someone“, you said, trying to escape this issue as soon as you could.

„And? Don’t you wanna tell me his name? Or what he is like?“, Luce grinned.

No, not really.

„Um, he’s special“, you said.

„(Y/N), what’s wrong?“, he asked now watchful.

„Nothing, I just think you wouldn’t like him … or anyone in our group, he’s hard to describe. But he’s good to me, you don’t have to be worried about me, really I promise“, you said slightly panicking.

„That doesn’t sounds very confidence-inspiring“, Luce answered.

„I know. It’s just I never thought I could love someone like him, and now that I do, I feel like I’m crazy.“

„So you’re dating someone dangerous?“, Luce asked siriously.

„He’s not … well, yes … but-“

You were cut off from your words, as you heared the familiar sound of a sports car rushing through the streets.

Oh please, don’t …

But it was already too late, the purple lamborghini you assuemed behind that sound, stopped in front of the coffee shop and a tall man with green slicked back hair made his way to your table.

Luce just starred at you in disbelief.

„No … (Y/N), are you fucking kidding me?!“, he hissed.

You bite your bottom lip and looked at J.

„You weren’t home, when I came back from the last heist, so I decided to look after you“, J said still this eerie grin on his face, as he pulled you into his arms and kissed you harshly.

„Who’s that?“, he snarled and now payed attention to Luce, before letting go off you and circling your best friend in his chair.

„That’s Luce, he’s my best friend, since pre-school. J please don’t do something to him“, you said a little worried about the look in your boyfriend’s eyes.

He always looked like this when he saw another man paying attention to you.

„Oh, I won’t don’t worry …“, he said with this sinister voice that always send shivers down your spine.

„Hey, listen I’m really okay with the fact that you two are together, I mean-“

„Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah“, J interrupted Luce and you got even more nervous as he touched his shoulders like he was about to break his neck.

„All of that chit chat’s gonna get ya hurt.“

He bashed his hands at Luce’s shoulders and you gulped, as J was circling him again, this time with a dangerous purring sound, while looking him in the eyes.

„J please, he-“

„Sh, don’t be scared I just wanna talk to him“, he said.

„So listen, kid. I know who you are, I did my research about you and I don’t like what I read about you, like you wouldn’t like what you could read about me. So first of all I don’t want you to touch her, I don’t want you to come closer to her than let’s say, ten centimetres and I don’t want you to stare at her like the last twenty minutes. I know that you still like her and I’m not good with that, I would’ve killed you if lovely little (Y/N) wouldn’t care about you so much, so here are the rules. Don’t look, don’t touch, don’t stare. If you observe this rules, we will be totaly fine with each other, but if you break only one rule, I will kill you and not in the kind way. So what'ya say?“, J asked.

His look was murderous.

„Yes, sir“, Luce stuttered.

Suddenly J smiled like a total maniac and sat down on Luce’s lap, before laughing wickedly, he grabbed his face and looked him in the eyes: „Ooh, you will be my friend.“

You just shook your head and rolled your eyes.

„J, stop creeping the fuck out of him“, you said now with a raised voice.

Your boyfriend sighed and stood up from your best friend’s lap.

„I just want to go sure, that you are save“, he said sliding his index finger under your chin, starring deep in your (e/c) eyes, before kissing you intensley.

„I am save. You don’t have to scare people to make sure they leave me alone, it suffices that you are in the room with me“, you smiled a little.

„But it’s so much more fun to scare them“, he said putting his tattoed smile on your mouth, the one that he got on his left hand.

„Stop it, I’m sirious“, you laughed.

„You see, way funnier“, he smirked at you.

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Detective's Daughter

Here we go again. Every time you got in trouble, you would be escorted to the police department. Not sent to the principal’s office, but the police department! They knew who your dad was and decided it was the best thing for you.

You walked into the station for what seemed to be the 100th time this year. It must’ve been a busy day, because some of the cops were gone, including your dad and Harvey. You shrugged and went to sit on his desk.

“(f/n)? You’re back!”

“Oh, don’t act so surprised, Eddie.”

“I’m not. You just forgot your book I was going to give you yesterday.” Edward Nygma was one of your closet friends. Most people saw him as annoying, but you saw him as just another person on the planet…who was an absolute dork.

“Thanks. Any new riddles?”

“Oh, yes! So, there’s a-”

Harvey walked up the stairs. “Ed, get away from the poor girl and get back to work.” He said. If he was back, that only meant one thing.

“(f/n)? What did you do this time?” Your dad was back.

You were (f/n) Gordon. Daughter of Detective James “Jim” Gordon. You got the most attention in school. The teachers were harder on you, all the guys wanted to be with you, and almost all of the girls wanted to be you. Your dad was basically famous.

“It wasn’t my fault, dad.”

“It never is, is it?”

You rolled your eyes. “I-”

“Hey. Do not get an additude with me. Your age means nothing. You’re still a kid.”

“I didn’t do anything! I trip over the desk and she says I was disturbing the class. She didn’t even ask if I was okay.”

Jim sighed and looked at you. “This is your 10th time here this month. I don’t know whether to believe you or not.”

“You think I’m lying?” You scoffed. “Ever since you started dating that doctor, you became different. I wish you would’ve stayed with mom.”

“I know, I know, but it had to happen. She…she didn’t care about us. It’s not my fault.”

“Nothing ever is, is it? I’m going home.”

“(f/n), please. I-” The phone rang. “Sorry, I have to answer. Gordon.” He said.

You crossed your arms and waited for him. You saw the expression on his face change. “Who is it?” You mouthed.

“Hi, Barbara. How are you?” Not her again. She used to be nice, but then she went and cheated on Jim, tried to kill Lee, and even tried to strangle you once. You kicked her butt though. You couldn’t hear what she was saying on the phone, but you could tell it wasn’t good.

Just then you heard a laugh. It wasn’t on the phone, couldn’t have been. Jim looked to the left of him and his eyes widened.

There she was. Barbara was standing right there. How did none of the other cops recognize her?

“How do I look?” She asked Jim, before walking off.

(f/n), stay here I’ll be back!“ Jim told you before running after her. You didn’t want him to go, something didn’t feel right. However, he was a cop. It was his duty.

”(f/n)! Why don’t you come in here for a minute?“ Commissioner Essen called.

A few cops entered the building. They had guns, but you paid no attention. “Coming!” You smiled. “Hi, Sarah.”

“Haven’t you grown a lot since I saw you last!” She hugged you. “Still getting into trouble?”

“Always!” You laughed.

There was a knock on the window to her office. “Yo. Come in?” The officer asked.

“Yeah…” The office lifted his head. It was Jerome Valeska. One of the Arkham escapees. The commissioner reached for her gun, but Jerome pulled one out before she could.

“Heard you were looking for us.”

A smoke bomb went off in the background and gun shots fired throughout the place. Jerome smiled and laughed as the screams of other officers could be heard. His attention was turned towards you.

“Well hello, beautiful!” He winked. “What’s your name?”

“Leave her alone.” Commissioner Essen stepped in front of you.

“Oi. Boys! Tie this one to a chair. She’s a mood killer, I tell ya.” Her motioned to Essen.

The two men came in and took Essen away. You were so focused on her, you didn’t realize how close Jerome got to you.

“I believe I asked you a question.”

You swallowed. “It’s (f/n) Gordon.”

“Gordon? Gordon! No way.” He smiled sinisterly, making your heart skip a beat. “You’re Gordon’s daughter? Y'know, I never knew he had a daughter. Just pulling your leg! Course I knew. Got a boyfriend?”


“Great. Now, where were we? Oh, yes! Come with me.” Jerome grabbed you by your arm and dragged you along with him. “Stand there and don’t move.”

The commissioner looked at you and you looked at her. She was scared too, even though she acted like she wasn’t. It was written all over her face.

“Hell of a first week you’re having, Commissioner. I wish I could tell you that things were going to get better for you. They’re not.” Jerome took of his police jacket.

You looked around the building and all of the cops were dead. Everything was quiet, except for Jerome’s voice. You were worried about your dad. He should’ve been back by now, but he wasn’t. What if he’s hurt, or worse? The pace of your heart sped up, basically beating out of your chest. If he did die, he died knowing that you were still angry at him and you weren’t. Tears burned at the brim of your eyes.

A gunshot pulled you out of your thoughts.

“My line. There’s nothing more contagious than laughter. HA! HA-” Essen spit in his mouth.

“That was strangely pleasant, do it again.”

This time, she head butted him. “That’s gonna leave a mark!”

Jerome groaned and then laughed right in her face. “You got me! My turn!” He pulled out the gun from earlier. “(f/n)…I have a job for you.”

You already knew what he was going to ask, so you tried to run. He grabbed you and pulled you to him.

“Don’t be an idiot. Now you’re going to take this gun and shoot her, or I kill your daddy.”

“(f/n), don’t please.” Essen begged.

“Do it! Now!” You lifted the gun towards her, your finger on the trigger. You were shaking. How could you kill her? She was one of the only people that understood you. You shook your head no. “For crying out loud!” Jerome snatched the gun from you and shot her.

“No!” You cried.

“Alright, wrap it up!” Jerome shouted putting the gun back in the hilt. “Come on, sweet cheeks. We have places to be.” He smiled, pulling you along with him. All of you were outside and he pushed you in the car.

Jerome took a deep breath and sighed. “It is so great to be out of there. Smelled a lot like death. Don’t know why though.” He laughed. “Cheer up, doll face. It all went according to plan and you didn’t even have to get your hands dirty.”

“Don’t call me doll face or sweet cheeks or ANYTHING for that matter.”

“The Commissioner had to die, okay? It was necessary.”

“Why don’t you just kill me already?”

“No can do! I have a little surprise for you, so sit tight.”

You rolled your eyes, tired of crying and feeling sorry for yourself. At least you weren’t going to die…yet. Jerome didn’t seem like he wanted to hurt you. He was a psychopath. However, the way he smiled made you melt. The insanity behind his eyes didn’t frighten you, but made you attracted to him. You stopped yourself there. You couldn’t fall for a murderer. It would be crazy! That didn’t stop your heart from beating every time he talked to you.

Whatever this surprise was, you hoped it didn’t involve more killing.


“More killing?!” You screamed at him.

“I know! Thrilling isn’t it?!”

“No! No it’s not! I’m not killing my teacher.”

“Come onnnn. It’ll be fun.”

“I’m not a murderer.”

“No, but I am. Now, you either get out of the car or I tell them to kill your dad. Your choice.”

Did you really have a choice? Not likely. Jim was all you had left in your life. If he died, no one would look for you anymore. You’d just be gone, forever.

“Okay. I’ll go.” You sighed. As you walked towards the entrance you could see Miss Landing’s shadow in the classroom window.


Jerome knocked on the door and then pulled it open. “Sorry to disturb you Miss…Landing is it?”

“Y-you’re that guy from the TV!”

Jerome pretended to blush. “Thanks for noticing. I’m told I put on quite the show!”

“I have nothing here I promise. You can take my money a-and my car! Take anything you want, just please don’t kill me!” She begged.

“What? Kill you? Me? Ha! Nonono. I’m not killing you.”

“Thank you so m-”

“(f/n) is. I heard you two don’t have a great history. (f/n)! That was your cue.”

You stood outside of the classroom, shaking in your shoes. As much as you hated Miss Landing, you didn’t want to kill her. The only other option was to run, but you were pretty sure Jerome would shoot you in the back.

You slowly walked into the classroom. Miss L was on the floor pleading for her life, until her eyes met yours.

“(f/n)! I am so sorry I haven’t been the best teacher to you. If you’d accept my apology, I promise I’ll tell all the teachers to give you straights A’s for the next three years! Please, please forgive me!”

“I’m not killing her! I won’t.” You said. “Let’s just go. You can find someone else to kill.”

Jerome rolled his eyes. “Listen here, (f/n)-” He started, placing the knife on the table. “When I set my mind on killing someone, I’d really like to accomplish it and I do. This woman has been torturing you for years, failing you on purpose, setting dates up with your father…”

“Wait, what?”

“What I’m trying to say is that you need to-”

“You little bitch!” Miss Landing stabbed you in the arm and you let out a scream. “The police are on their way. You and your psychopathic boyfriend are going to jail. You’re going to rot there forever. Just like your slut of a mother.”

It was as if the world stopped. Everything went silent. You turned your attention to her and she was all you saw. Your mother was in jail? How did she know? You didn’t even know that. He lied to you. Your father lied to you. He said she left to go live in California.

You pulled the knife out of your arm, flinching at the pain that it caused you.

“My. Mother. Was. No. Slut.” You took the knife and stabbed her over and over and over again.

Blood splattered on the walls, the windows, the desks, and on your clothes.

You pushed her so she fell. She was still breathing, but that’s what you wanted. You wanted her to suffer.

Grabbing Jerome by the tie, you pulled him in for a kiss you made sure he wasn’t going to forget. He started at you with his mouth open.

“What? You wanted me to kill her, I did. Come on, Mr Hamilton is next.” You shrugged, grabbing her the keys to her car and walking out of the classroom.

Jerome straightened out his clothes and put on his police hat. “Thank you for pissing her off.” He nodded at Miss Landing, following you out of the classroom.


“What do we got, Harvey?” Jim said, walking in.

“Her name’s Lucille Landing. 45 years old, school teacher. Stabbed multiple times in the abdomen. She’s lost a lot of blood.”

“Landing? That’s (f/n)’s teacher.” Jim ran over to her body.

Lee looked at him and shook her head. She wasn’t going to make it.

“Lucille, it’s me. Can you tell me who did this to you?”

She coughed up some blood. “Your…your.”

“My what?”

“Your daughter.” Miss Landing mumbled with her last breath.

“Is she talking about, (f/n)?” Harvey asked.

Jim shook his head, denying every possible idea that it was you. “No. It can’t be. (f/n) would never kill anyone. It’s not her.”

“You think someone made her do it?”

“There’s only one way to find out. We find her.”

Lee ran towards both Jim and Harvey. “There’s an incoming video message. It might be her.”

Jim thanked Lee and ran to the monitor. He accepted the video call and prayed it was you who was on the other side of it.


“(f/n)! Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. I promise.”

“Where are you, baby? I’m coming to get you.”

“Do you really care, dad?”

“Of course I care!”

“I don’t think you do. Right before the massacre, you were yelling at me. Saying it was my fault. Saying you didn’t believe me. Then you blamed mom. I know where she is. She’s in jail. Mom didn’t leave us. You made it seem like she did.

”(f/n), I’m sorry. I was trying to protect you.“

“From what? Finding out that she tried to kill me? That she didn’t want me? Well, I did.”

“(f/n) listen-”

“No, Dad! You listen. All my life I tried figuring out where and who my mom was and come to find out you hid it from me. But now, I found someone who was willing to do anything for me, no matter the cost. He’s made me feel so alive. I feel like a whole new person. I’m finally free…from you. Soon dad, you’ll end up just like mother, blood pooling around your head.”

“What? No, (f/n)! You didn’t!”

“Yes WE did. Jerome, come say goodbye to my father, we have places to be.”


“Yessss. Hi, detective. I was wondering when I was gonna see you again.”

“You son of a b*tch!”

“True, true. She really was a b*tch and a whore, but besides that.”

“Don’t you hurt her or I will kill you!”

“Why would I do that? I love her.”

Jim’s face dropped. How could he have been so clueless? “(f/n), don’t go with him! He’ll get you killed!”

You laughed. “You underestimate me. After we finish shooting up the bank, and maybe stopping by a few houses, I’m coming for that doctor of yours. Bye dad, see you soon!”

“And don’t worry, Jim. I’ll take great care of her.”

With a click of a button the video disconnected.

“We have to get her back. Who knows what that psycho might do to her?” Harvey said.

“I know, but we don’t know where they are.” Jim groaned.

“I might have an idea where they are.” A voice from behind them said.

“Ed? What are you doing here?” Lee asked.

“Uh, well I’m forensics. I take a look at all the bodies.”


“Look, what do you mean you might have an idea where they are?”

“I put a tracking device in (f/n)’s phone just in case something were to happen. Right now…it seems they’re leaving an old warehouse.”

“Great job, Ed.” Jim smiled in relief.

“Uh oh.”


“I-I lost the signal!” Edward fidgeted with his glasses.

“And that means what?”

“She found the tracker.”


You threw your phone to the ground, stepping on it. “Sorry, Eddie. Maybe another time.”

“Hey, gorgeous. You coming?”

“Of course I am.”

“Next stop, the circus. I think it’s time for a little payback.”

“Don’t want to miss the opening act drop dead, so step on it.”

You felt amazing! Excitement pumping through your veins, people coward at you in fear. How come you’ve never thought to do this before? This was the best thing that ever happened to you in your entire life time.

(f/n) Gordon, 17 years old. Daughter of Detective Jim Gordon. Murderer.

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Do you think that if Barristan hadn't been banned from the Kingsguard he would have beat Sansa when Joffrey ordered him? I'm conflicted about it, because I like Barristan, but I do believe that he would. Just like he didn't do anything with Aerys, I think he wouldn't do anything with Joffrey either. Maybe he would have protested initially, but eventually he would have obeyed his king.

I’m conflicted about this as well. Barristan is the epitome of what a proper knight of the kingsguard should be. Always loyal to the king and to his oaths, he does what he is commanded, he knows it’s not his place to question the king’s orders, but to serve and protect him. Which we know is an inherently flawed mindset. The institutionalized system of honor, oaths and chivalric ideals is rotten to the bone, but Barristan is no Jaime Lannister, he lacks that kind of blind arrogance to actually remove himself from that system that shaped his whole career as a knight. And he probably even lacks the intellectual lucidity to see those flaws critically and be proactive about it. Just like Ned, even if deep inside he knows that the system is corrupt, he just doesn’t have the fiber to openly rebel against it.

But… he is a deeply honorable, just, honest man, and I believe the years spent serving Aerys and being unwillingly complicit in his atrocities left a mark on him, and after his death he promised himself (or at least prayed) he would not serve another tyrant. Robert Baratheon came in; he was a horrible husband and a mostly inept king but hardly a tyrant. Then it’s Joffrey’s turn and he has written ‘psychopath’ all over him. In addition, Joff (and Cersei) show an utter lack of respect for the kingsguard as an institution and a lifetime sacred duty and go as far as humiliating Barristan in front of the whole court because he’s apparently too old to serve as Joff’s royal guard: 

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Hysteria part 4

[This is going somewhere.]

Warnings: more violence, beginnings of Smut.

Your head is spinning. What in the hell just happened? You mentally shake yourself before realizing you were just standing there surrounded by this mayhem, still holding the Joker’s personal pistol tightly in your hands. You look up to see him leaning against his Lamborghini smiling at you with a knowing look. He was completely shirtless and barefoot, only wearing his twin holsters and some loose fitting sweat pants that looked like a uniform for an insane asylum.

You spot the word Arkham running down the side of the legs in big, black, block letters. Well that makes sense. His hair wasn’t the slicked back mane it had been when you had seen him during the hold up. It was messy, wind tossed, several strands falling into his face highlighting the huge contrast between his bright green hair, pale skin and hypnotic blue eyes. You hated to admit it but this psychopath was ridiculously attractive. Your eyes meet and you feel shivers shoot up your spine, warming your core. He looks at you, a childlike amusement in his eyes as he takes in the sight before him.

———————–Joker’s POV————————-

She was captivating. All 5’ 3" of her. As she stood there amidst the bodies of the dead goons, gun still tight in her grip he couldn’t help but think she looked like an angel of death. A wild fever in her eyes, her body starting to relax from the built tension. She stood there just staring at him. He couldn’t figure out if he should be worried that she was still gripping the pistol so tight. Was she gonna to try to shoot him? The thought was slightly amusing. If she even tried he would drop her before she even got a chance to straighten her posture with her pistol’s twin still resting in its holster. But she just stood there, staring. So he decides to make the first move.

“Nice shootin’ there Baby Doll.” He coos slowly approaching her. “It almost looked like you knew what you were doing.”

The shock finally setting in for her the pistol slips from her hand and she starts to buckle. The Joker closed the distance with enough time to catch both her and his pistol.

“Oh no no no Angel. You’re not blacking out on me that easily now are you?” He says more a matter-o-factly then as a question. Cradling her in one arm and smacking her cheek with the other trying to get her to focus, in an attempt to break her out of the obvious shock she was going through about taking someone’s life for the first time. Scumbag or not.

Just then a Batarang shoot in front of The Joker drawing a thin line of blood across his cheek where it made contact. His eyes narrow as he starts to seeth. Stupid Bat. Always ruining his good times.

Batman drops from the sky taking in the sight before him. The Joker standing in the middle of three very large, very dead men, holding a petite young woman in his arms.

“What have you done to her Joker?” Batman demands in his usual raspy tone.

“ Oh Batsy, Batsy, Batsy. I’ve done nothing. I just stopped to help a poor and defenseless young woman escape a couple of would be rapists.” The Joker says with a fake coat of innocents in his voice grinning from ear to ear. He slowly pulls a smoke bomb out of his sweats as he continues to talk to Batman in hopes of distracting him. “You would have been proud Batsy, big bad ol Joker coming to the aid of a helpless civilian.”

The Joker’s signature cackle ripping from his lips echoing threw the emptiness of the Gotham street. Tightening his grip on her shoulders he tosses the smoke bomb at Batman’s feet laughing maniacally as he backs his way to the waiting Lamborghini shooting into the smoke as he goes.

“Guess your coming with me Baby Doll.” He says half looking down at your still dazed face before literally throwing you into his car and speeding off. The life you knew fading in the rear view mirror of the King of Crime’s sports car. As you speed off to the outskirts of Gotham and the Joker’s personal palace. Still dazed, not fully understanding your current situation.

— An Indeterminate Amount of Time Later—

You wake up in a luxurious King size bed, the events of the night before hazy in your head, almost like you had been watching to many mobster movies before bed and had a way to vivid dream. And you almost let yourself believe it till you strech, arching your back and noticing the giant ‘J’ carved into the custom headboard of the four post bed you found yourself on.

‘J…. Mister J…. THE JOKER!’ The fog lifting from your memory. You killed someone, shot them in cold blood. Why? Because he told you too? No that wasn’t it. You wanted to do it. You couldn’t stand the thought of scum like that taking advantage of other young women so you shot him. The Joker just gave you that small push needed to pull the trigger.

The memory of him touching your skin almost overshadows the blood fest of the night. Just thinking about how his breath felt against the nap of your neck caused you to shiver. You throw yourself back onto the bed figuring the door to this posh bedroom was most definitely locked. If you truly were at the Joker’s place you highly doubt he was gonna want you idly wandering around his hideout.

Closing your eyes you notice the sound of rushing water as it shuts off but you don’t pay it much mind. That is until a stark naked Joker comes waltzing out of the bathroom hair dripping wet and nothing but a towel haphazardly wrapped around his hips dipping excitingly low on his pelvis. You couldn’t help it, the sight of him elicits a moan from you before you can choke it down.

His eyes turn to you glinting as they catch sight of you biting your lip in a feeble attempt to hide your attraction to him. At this point the rational side of your brain that would be telling you that this is a horrible idea, your an idiot and hes a psychopath keeps quite. It must have signed in a resignation letter and completely left because in that moment, crazy sounded extremely sexy. Laughing erupts in the room as the Joker stares at you from the bathroom door way. Pulling the towl from his waist and ruffling it through his hair to dry it.

“Like what you see Baby Doll?” He jests.

Your eyes can’t help but travel down his chest to his now exposed hips where you catch sight of the growing erection infront of you. You quickly avert your eyes, cheeks flushing bring crimson as you hear the Joker approach the bed. You fall sideways your face smacking straight onto his bare, tattooed chest as the bed sinks under his weight sitting on the edge of the bed closest to you. Your hand reaching out as you fall sideways ‘accidentally’ finds itself on his bare lap the hardness of him pressing against the palm of your hand. Your eyes meet and a evil, knowing grin spreads across his face.

—————— To Be Continued———————

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