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The Guardians

     Blessed  are  those  filled  with  wonder,  who  remember  both  the  good  times  &.  the  bad,  who  glean  hope,  from  memories,  allow  their  dreams  to  be  filled  with  much  celebration,  for  their  hearts  to  be  bursting  with  joy.    Let  them  have  their  fun.

+ Bonus Pitch

     You  can’t  have  light,  without  a  little  darkness.

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Hasn't done anything yandere? He just tried to nerf or nothing me with his bow and arrow. (Hi it's the anon you tried to shoot btw. How ya doin?)

Alfred : ‘Tried’ to shoot? I guess this is the follow up to that ‘to be continued’ post.

[ I’d reply with a pic but it’s 3am lmao. Also hello, I’m doing pretty good, would u like some tea- ]

Did you missed me? - A Sirius Black Imagine

Hi there! I haven’t posted in a while, mostly because I worked A LOT before leaving for the UK. It still feels unreal, those past 10 days spent in Edinburgh and London were so amazing. To be honest, I’ve been home for two days now and I still cry now and then. But, anyway, here’s something I’ve written in the plane on my way back. It’s quite short, but I had that in mind. 

Warnings: given to the GIF, you probably guessed, a bit of smut.


You were exhausted, yet you had done nothing productive today. You remembered waking up, Sirius was long gone for the day now. He left a kiss on your forehead, you could still feel the warm sensation on your skin. You felt uncomfortable in your body. There was this heavy sensation in your stomach and you felt like if somebody stepped and jumped on your bones. That’s when you figured what was wrong. You couldn’t believe it. But a little trip down the street confirmed it. You rolled up in your bed and fell asleep. You slept all day and didn’t care much. It was night time now and you were still feeling sleepy. It wasn’t the typical you. You’d be mad at yourself for staying in all day long. But you really couldn’t help it. You heard the door of your flat opening and listened to Sirius putting his keys on the little table next to the door entrance. Soon, he’d be opening the fridge. He would stare at it a whole minute before closing it without taking anything from it. He was humming now. Ready to open the door of your bedroom. A dim light covered your face. 

He shut the door behind him and you felt him leaning towards you. You knew he was staring at you. He could do it for hours. He slid his index on your face, pushing a lock of your hair behind your ear. You opened an eye. His gentle smile made you feel overwhelmed. 

 'Already asleep, love?‘ 

You nodded. 

 'Did you miss me?’ he asked, laughing lightly. 

 You shook your head. 


His eyes widened. 

 'What? You didn’t miss me?’ he replied, exaggerating his voice tone. 

'You barely left for hours, Black!’ you said, laughing warmly. 

He pinned you down the mattress and kissed you. 

'Well, as a matter of fact, I missed you’ he said, putting his gentle lips on yours again. You slid your hands into his dark locks. He started pulling your shirt upwards. 

'Sirius…’ you mumbled. 

But he started sliding down your panties. You felt weak by his touch. You needed him like he needed you. It was visceral. Both of you were always in need of each other. He started rubbing your sex gently and you expired lightly, feeling liberated by his touch. 

'Did you miss me?’ he repeated, sliding slowly his fingers between your folds, driving you insane. 

 'Mmm, maybe’ you replied, moaning at the same time. 

You craved him so bad, yet, you needed to talk to him. You felt his hard sex against your thighs and it made you forget everything else. You invited him into yourself gladly, knowing that you were whole again at this very moment, both your bodies forming only one. He started pounding into you and you gasped. 'You are so beautiful’ he said, staring with his grey eyes, grabbing one breast into his palm. 

And you knew he was telling the truth. You could sense it with your whole soul. You were slowly driven into the edge while he made sure you had pleasure. 

'I love you’ he breathed while moving back and forth faster. 

You reached your max and grabbed tightly the sheets underneath, moaned louder while your whole body was tensing up with spasms. You looked at him, excited as ever by the look of you reaching your orgasm. But you couldn’t hold it anymore, you had to tell him. Sirius growled as he was about to cum and while you felt suddenly his warm fluids into you, you shouted it. 

'Sirius, I’m pregnant!' 

He was still unfinished but you felt his whole body tense. His intense moan transformed into complete silence. 

‘I’m pregnant’ you repeated, trying to read his blank expression. 

think about james and lily fighting voldemort that first time and riddle being all threatening like, ‘you think i should be afraid of you, potter?’ and james laughing in his face like, 'not of me, you should be afraid of her’ and then because he’s distracted and confused he doesn’t notice Lily fire 'everte statum’ at him and basically she knocks him out and james is just standing there,

'told you’

Disabled people deserve to eat.

If you are disabled and did nothing ‘productive’ today, you deserve to eat.
If you are unemployed because of your disability, you deserve to eat.
If you are unable to partake in any physical activity because of your disability, you deserve to eat.
If you are disabled and fat, you deserve to eat.
If you are disabled and need government help to pay for food, you deserve to eat.
If you are disabled and have to rely on friends or community because the government won’t help you pay for food, you deserve to eat.
If your disability keeps you from cooking, you deserve to eat.
If you are reliant on others to prepare your food or help to you eat because of your disability, you deserve to eat.
If you are disabled and really don’t like kale, you deserve to eat whatever your body is actually asking for.
If your disabled body has more specific nutritional needs than an abled person, you deserve to eat the foods your body requires.

The idea that disabled people are a useless waste of food had its basis in eugenics, but it is perpetuated in more subtle ways, all the time.  Please don’t internalize that bullshit.  You are a living being and you have the right to nourish yourself.