The Signs As "Nothing Personal" Lyrics

Aries: Take off your shirt, your shoes, those skinny jeans I bought for you. We’re diving in, there’s nothing left to lose. - Walls

Taurus: She’s trouble in a tank top pretty little time bomb Blowing up I’ll take you down Living in the radio lost in the stereo sound – Lost In Stereo.

Gemini: Dancing in the alley with the street rat nightlife Can’t keep living with a feeling that I’m giving up everything for you – Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)

Cancer: Give me therapy. I’m a walking travesty but I’m smiling at everything. Therapy… You were never a friend to me and you can keep all your misery. - Therapy

Leo: Maybe it’s not my weekend But it’s gonna be my year And I’m so sick of watching while the minutes pass as I go nowhere And this is my reaction To everything I fear Cause I’ve been going crazy I don’t want to waste another minute here – Weightless.

Virgo: 3 pm on my feet and staggering through misplaced words and a sinking feeling I got carried away Sick, Sick of sleeping on the floor Another night another score I’m jaded, bottles breaking – Stella.

Libra: Fell in love, she was the friend of a sister, of somebody famous - at least for a day. Expensive habits and a taste for the town had me chasing down red carpets, and watching all my friends slip away. – Sick Little Games

Scorpio: I’m walking, who’s laughing now? I’m wasted, wasting time you talk for hours but you’re wasting lines A pretty face but the chase ain’t worth the prize – Break your little heart.

Sagittarius: What a waste, where did the time go? Where did our minds go? I don’t know. What’s this place? Where did our home go? We won’t know, I don’t know. – Too Much

Capricorn: Mixed drinks, mixed feelings of elation, I should have known it was a one-night invitation. – A Party Song.

Aquarius: I’ve got a watch but I don’t have time I’ve got a road and it leads to decadence But a dead end sign waits down the line I leave my footprints for the evidence – Poison

Pisces: This city was your city Heels on the sidewalk beggin’ for a backbeat Don’t worry I fight dirty Tonight’s like a right hook knock you off your feet – Hello Brooklyn


#LastYoungRenegade past references | PSNDDF

Put Up Or Shut Up - The striped background.
So Wrong, It’s Right - The birds.
Nothing Personal - The skeleton.
Dirty Work - The bottle being popped open.
Don’t Panic - The monsters.
Future Hearts - ‘Driving in a car with broken tail-lights’ + Back To The Future Hearts Tour poster

  • Put Up Or Shut Up: idk what Alex is saying but i love it.
  • So Wrong It's Right: Vague idea as to what Alex is saying also REMEMBERING SUNDAY.
  • Nothing Personal: literally was just an excuse to insult people and say,"Nothing Personal" 11/10
  • Dirty Work: Super underrated y'all failed. so,,,so good plz listen to it thx.
  • Don't Panic: we're all here for,"For Baltimore" don't lie.
  • 11/10
  • Future Hearts: Screaming lots of screaming. Somethings Gotta Give cured everyone's depression don't even @ me.
  • Last Young Renegade: YES????y ES??? y e s?????