nothing over their brother

I’ve lived in this house for 6 years and still don’t know any of my neighbors names

BTS demon au! reaction to you trying to run away


His laughs followed you everywhere. That sick. demonic. laugh. You ran down the dark hall desperately trying to find some sort of light in this dark hell that you were in.  

“you know you can’t run (y/n)…”

You held your ears and closed your eyes. Make it stop, make it stop, make it stop. You begged him. You opened your eyes to animal skeletons mounted on the wall. Your heart stopped. This is it. You were going to die at the hands of a demon or worse satan himself. 

“what’s wrong (y/n)…why don’t you stay a while.”

Kim seok-jin/ Jin:

“No get back!”

you cowered back as the man you thought you had loved morphed into an un-godly like creature. You reached for the door behind you, but it was locked. You cried and turned back to see “Jin” standing there with smile. You prayed for god to save you but not even the lord himself could save you now. He bent down and slowy clasped onto your face with his hand.

“Shhh…don’t be scared my little dove…no one can hurt you now.”

Park Jimin/ Jimin:

In his eyes he did nothing wrong. Even as he stood over the lifeless body of your brother. You screamed and yelled and begged him not to kill you. 

“please jimin!…don’t do this!” you cried.

He laughed and stepped over your brothers body. His blood covered hands slowly pushed your hair out of your face.

“I wouldn’t kill you…besides…I have some friends I want you to meet.”

Jung Ho-seok/ J-Hope:

All you remembered was reaching for the door. And then it went black. And now as you opened your eyes you meet the dark orbs of the orange haired demon you had once loved. 

“ah your awake.” 

he snickered. the sound of his voice mad you sick to your stomach, but at the same time it pulled you closer into the world that was Hoseok.

“now…I think we have somethings we need to…discuss.”

Kim Taehyung/ V:

You knew. You knew he was a liar. But you always told yourself that he’d never lie to you. But that didn’t seem to be the case as you laid on the ground struggling to breath.

“I’m s-so sorry (y/n) I c-can’t con-control it!”

He yelled trying to keep his composer under the all the stress. But it was out. All his lies finally being laid out right in front of him. He was unraveling by the second. 


You tried to say. Taehyung let out a sound of utter pain and you knew he wasn’t the same. His once sweet brown eyes were a teal blue.

“ah (y/n)…it’s good to be back.”

Min yoongi/ Suga:

You watched as your world literally burned around you. smoke filled your lungs as you struggled to breathe. You feel to the floor inches from the door. Yoongi emerged from the smoke and pulled you into his lap. And as you felt your last breathes coming upon you he leaned down to your ear. 

“oh (y/n)…I told you im capable of so many things…If only you hadn’t tried to run away.” 

Jeon Jungkook/Jungkook:

He sang to himself as he walked around the mansion. To him it was a game, but to you it was life or death. 

“oh your so good at this game (y/n).” 

Your breath hitched. He was in the room. You curled your body under the bed and prayed that you could survive this. Suddenly the bed was lifted up. 

“found you”


Hey guys I know ive been gone but I really wanted to do a demo au. Tell me if you like it or want to see more and as always 

Love you guys~

Guys I’m pretty sure that after Lup was violently against the destruction of the civilization on year 17 and argued with literally everyone about it, ESPECIALLY her brother, that when Taako was still on the ‘destroy the crystal’ train and said “Not a great sales pitch Lulu” that she? Probably wasn’t saying no to the nickname that she hadn’t said anything about up until that point and was saying she was fed up and over with him being down to destroy the crystal.

It’s cool if you do or don’t want to call her that nickname, I don’t even like using it myself, personally, but don’t bash other people for it it’s all good.

anonymous asked:

I know people like to imagine Auguste and Damen being besties (it's one of my fav things too) but please, for a moment, imagine overprotective Auguste distrusting and disliking Damen when Laurent first brings him home (bc of Damen's reputation, Auguste is just worried about Laurent getting hurt/being used) but then slowly letting himself relax and open up to Damen and the two becoming friends by bonding over their mutual love of Laurent.

I LOVE THIS i know its canon that damen and auguste would be tight but honestly??? auguste would be SO overprotective of laurent, especially being that laurent has likely shown no romantic interest in anyone before damen.

asdfghk just imagine laurent trying to convince auguste to just give him a chance oh my GOD 

rt if u wanna scream


Is faceapp sexist, or is it just that society’s beauty standards are much higher for women than for men?

I played around with everyones newest obsession, Faceapp, yesterday and tried it out on both myself and my family. I had a lot of fun with it at first, but then I noticed that it treated my face differently than my brothers face. And thats where you might say “well of course it treated your faces differently, you are two different people”. But the thing is; when I put the female filter over my already feminine features it made me unrecognisable. It made me look younger, it smoothed out my skin, made my face rounder and smaller, my eyes bigger, my hair more voluminous, my eyebrows thinner, my lips plumper, and it even game me a smokey eye. I looked like I was a contestant on “Toddles & Tiaras”! But then when I put the male filter over my brothers face it changed absolutely nothing. He looked exactly the same and it made me feel self-conscious about all the changes it had made to my face.
But instead of deleting the app and wallowing in insecurity the rest of the night I became curious to see if it would do the same to other female faces, so I decided to conduct a little experiment.
I google image searched “female celebrity” and “male celebrity” and downloaded all the best pictures I could find and gave them the same treatment I gave myself and my brother. These are my results.
As you can probably see, the before and after pictures of the male celebrities look almost identical, but every single female I put the filter on looks like a different person. Not to mention that these women are already all done up with expensive hair and makeup. Imagine the changes the app would make to an “average” woman. Because, apparently you don’t look like a woman unless you have flawless skin, big round eyes, and plump lips.
This only goes to show how society treats women and men differently.

What are your thought on this? Do you agree? or am I making it out to be a bigger deal than it is?

Not That Different

Characters – Sam x Reader

Summary – A book brings the reader together with the youngest Winchester

Word Count – 1,858

Warnings – None!

A/N – Request from @nobodygottimeforthisusername: Heyho! I’m a really big fan of your imagines and the series, your style is so unique and amazing! I would be very happy if you could accept my request (please don’t rush, it’s not urgent). Could you do an imagine, where the reader is from an foreign country (preferably Germany - mainly because I’m German lol) and Sam likes her accent so much, that he’s always chatting with her and asking questions so she has to keep on talking and it slowly begins to annoy her? If you have any questions about German words and stuff you can always ask me, I’m a reliable source ;) thank you soooo much and keep up with the amazing work you do! ❤️

Also written for @jared-padaloveme’s Fluffy Birthday Challenge.  My trope was: #20: I’m in a bookshop and I really need that book can you get it for me?  Wait, you’ve read that book?  Let’s have an in depth conversation about it.

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Your name: submit What is this?

The first time Sam saw you, it was at a bookshop in Pennsylvania.  You were trying to reach a book that was on the highest shelf.  After discretely watching you trying various different ways to reach the elusive book - including jumping up and trying to climb the bookcase - he was finally no longer able to hold in a chuckle.  You turned around, your face red.

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Joe let out a small grunt as another body was shoved into his.

The club was packed tonight, making it difficult to maneuver through the crowd without getting a foot stepped on, an elbow to the rib, or a full body slammed against your own. All he was trying to do was make it back to the table him and the boys had managed to grab, having disappeared to the bathroom briefly.

As the crowd shifted and surged with the music, Joe could just see the searching face of his boyfriend, who smiled in relief as their eyes locked on to one another, only interrupted as dancing bodies darted between it.

Seeing a body moving towards him from the corner of his eye, Joe stepped back quickly, trying to avoid the collision, only to have his back connect with a different body, one that shoved him back.

“Watch where you’re going!” An angry voice called over the loud music, and Joe turned around to apologize, shrinking back at the threatening look being sent his way.

“Sorry, mate.” He mumbled, unsure as to if the stranger could even hear.

“What was that?” The man asked, towering over Joe, his shoulders tensing up, two of his friends flanking him on either side.

“It was just an accident!” Joe tried to explain, hands held up in front of him. He wanted to step back, out of the man’s personal space, but the crowd had tightened around him, and the man was stepping closer, clearly sizing Joe up.

“You got this,” The friend said on the right, a sneer on his lips, “He’s tiny.”

“It’ll barely be a fight.” The one of the left said, chuckling darkly, “Just get it over with.”

Joe swallowed in slight fear, because the man in the middle was very much so larger than him, and obviously ready for a fight, something Joe did not want to be part of. But there was no way out of the situation, not with how packed the crowd was.

“Is there a problem here?” A familiar voice drawled, a warm and comforting hand placed on Joe’s lower back. He turned his head to see Jack standing beside him, his jaw tense as his blue eyes jumped to each man.

“Nothing that concerns you,” The stranger Joe had run into spat at Jack.

“See, that’s where you’re wrong,” The younger man smirked, his hand moving to slip into Joe’s, “Because you’re threatening my boyfriend. So I do believe this concerns me.”

The stranger stared over at Jack, quickly reassessing the situation, before giving a quick shake of his head, “Sod this. Let’s go.”

Joe let out a breath of relief as the three turned and disappeared into the crowd, his body leaning against Jack’s.

“You okay?” The younger man mumbled into his ear, squeezing Joe’s hand.


“Come on then,” Jack said, pulling Joe through the crowd and towards the table, their friends giving them a worried look.

“Everything alright?” Conor asked, leaning across the table to be heard over the music.

“Yup,” Jack nodded towards his brother, “Nothing to worry about.”

“This time,” Josh scoffed, sipping his drink, “Try to not get banned from this club, Jack.”

“No promises.” The younger Maynard grinned before turning his attention to Joe, who smiled over at him.

“You didn’t have to come save me.”

“Yes, I did.”

“I was fine.”

“You were about two seconds away from being punched, Joe.”

“So I still had two seconds.”

Rolling his eyes, Jack shook his head, “Hopeless.”

Joe let out a small laugh, leaning in to press his lips against Jack’s in what was meant to be a quick kiss, but the younger man had other plans, his hand moving to the back of Joe’s neck as he deepened the kiss, the complaints from their friends going ignored.

“Thanks for saving me,” Joe mumbled after they broke apart, his breathing a little heavier.

“I’ll always come save you, babe.” Jack smiled.

“Good to know you’re overprotective.”

“I am not!”

“Yes you are,” Joe chuckled, brushing his lips against Jack’s swiftly, “But that’s okay. Nice knowing I have someone watching over me.”

“Not overprotective,” Jack muttered, pouting lightly.

“Keep denying it, babe,” Joe grinned, “But just know I appreciate it. And anyways, you’re hot when you’re defending me.”

“I’m always hot.”

“I’m trying to thank you!”

“You’re welcome,” Jack laughed, pulling Joe in for another kiss, “You’ll have to make it up to me somehow.”

“I can make you breakfast tomorrow.”

“I was thinking something a little different…” Jack trailed off, his eyes darkening slightly.

“Of course you were,” Joe shook his head, “How about I pay you back when we get home, and then make breakfast in the morning too?”

“I think Joe and I are going to head out!” Jack announced to the table suddenly, pulling Joe out of the booth with him.

“Of course you are,” Conor laughed, “Have a good night boys!”

“Jack!” Joe spluttered as his boyfriend lead him towards the exit, an amused smile on his lips.

“I want to be thanked properly, Joe.” Jack winked over his shoulder.

“You’re horrible!”

“Say what you want, babe,” Jack commented as they emerged into the cool night air, his arm winding around Joe’s waist, “I still saved you. And you owe me.”

“Yes, you did.” Joe reached up to kiss Jack once more, “And I’ll make it up to you as soon as we get home.”


Change - Dean Winchester

Summary ;; in which y/n’s life was lost and dean can’t move on with his life, not without her.

Warnings ;; mentions of character death, sad dean, angst

Words ;; 1.6k

Published ;; 7th may, ‘17


Stay safe + ily🦉

Dean wasn’t always like this. Well, not when you were around to keep him from slipping or to ensure that he was being the best version of himself that he could be.

He used to wake up with the glint of a smile on his lips, the unfamiliar but pleasant feeling of happiness swelling in his chest when you slept soundly by his side. He used to wrap his arms around your dainty waist and bring your body closer to himself, his protective side was always showing - no matter how much he knew that you could look after yourself.

His fingers used to instinctively come up and gently push a stray hair that had fallen from the messy bun on top of your head behind your ear that was peppered with various small piercings. He used to trace random, tender patterns on your skin, the pads of his fingers running over your features ever so faintly.

After a particularly bad hunt or a haunting anniversary from your rough past, you used to twist and turn under the covers, pained whimpers of terror falling from your agape mouth. Dean was always there, shaking you lightly and calling your name from where he leant worryingly over your sleeping figure.

You used to shoot up, gasping pants escaping past your lips and hot, heavy tears making their trek down your rosy cheeks. He used to hold you tightly in his arms as you cried. “I’m here; I’ve got you.” He hated how plagued your mind was; you didn’t deserve the shit that you had been through. But, he stuck by you, nevertheless. Just like you had done to him.

And when you were able to sleep dreamlessly, he used to feel so glad. He thought you were beautiful when you slept. Well, he thought you were beautiful whenever and wherever - without a shadow of a doubt. But, when you slept without the burden of your night terrors, he couldn’t help but fall in love with you all over again.

The way your eyelashes rested delicately on the tops of your flushed cheeks, soft breaths falling from your smooth lips and your arm casually slung over his waist as you nestled your face in the solace and safety of his chest or the crook of his neck. The way that your body cuddled up to his despite Dean’s incessant growling that “Dean Winchester does not cuddle.” You and him both knew that was a lie - Dean Winchester loved to cuddle as much as the next guy, especially when it was you that he was cuddling.

However, he thought that the best part was always when your eyes slowly fluttered open, exposing the deep (y/e/c) colour that he used to often find himself getting lost in whenever your eyes met. “Good morning,” His breath getting caught in his throat as you would gaze up at him with your big, doe eyes, a soft smile appearing on your lips even at the brink of the early morning.

You said it more often that Dean did, but you didn’t mind. Those three words that Dean was so scared to say were shown through his actions and his words. Like the way that he would always have you with him whenever you, him and Sam had to split up on a hunt.

“(Y/N), you stay with me.”

Or the way that he would always have his eyes on you and only you - even before the two of you had gotten together, he wasn’t interested in any other woman; it was always you.

“I think I’ll stay in tonight - do research with (Y/N/N) instead.”

It was shown in the way that the two of you argued, when he was adamant to throw himself in the line of fire to save either you or Sam, or when you had gotten hurt on a hunt. In the end, you both knew that those arguments happened because you both care. Because you both love each other.

“You need to be more careful, dammit! I could’ve lost you tonight and I can’t- I just can’t… I can’t lose you, (Y/N). Not you.”

And even though he knew that you knew he loved you, he now knows that he should have said those three words more often than not.

Because you had been taken from this harsh world. One, simple hunt gone horribly wrong. You’d been snatched from life too early and no one had been ready for it – Dean especially; he had lain with you when you choked out the words “I love you.” He’d kept shaking his head, burning tears tumbling down his cheeks and denial running through his veins as he stared at the girl he loved with his whole being. “It’s okay,” You had told him, your voice a broken whisper. Then, your shaking hold on his hand loosened and your body fell limp in his shaking arms.

He hadn’t been the same since.

Now, he wakes up and is immediately reminded that he’s lost you as he stares solemnly at the empty side of the bed that you once slept in; the void of your presence is always haunting him. Cas, Sam, Jody, anybody they had made acquaintances with had phoned or had come and gone through the bunker - repeatedly telling him they’re sorry, that you shouldn’t have died, that you were an amazing hunter and person in general. Dean didn’t need to be told this. He knew this; he knew this better than anyone.

His green iris’ settle on the photograph that he pulled from its permanent place, tucked nicely in his wallet; it was a picture of the two of you, leaning against the Impala which was parked in a layby on the side of some dusty road, the sun shining down and illuminating the both of you with its warm rays.

Your hair was up in a messy ponytail and you were clumsily holding a beer bottle in your hand as you laughed at something that Dean couldn’t even remember. Your head was thrown back with joy and the happiness was radiating from you and him. Dean’s eyes were focused on you, a wide, elated smile instead of his usual, cocky smirk on his lips as he peered down at you lovingly.

There had been many photos taken that day; Sam had found a disposable camera and had been snapping shots at any opportunity given, but, Dean liked that one the most and so he asked for it to be developed. He thought you looked absolutely and breathtakingly beautiful. He’d never told you that he had done it, though, or that he kept it safely hidden in his wallet at all times.

Looking at the slightly crumpled and discoloured photo, he’s struck with the dreaded realisation that he should’ve said those three words that seemed to always bring him bad luck and anguish. He should’ve allowed himself to love you further. You gave your full self to him and he only ever gave a little back, and that’s his greatest regret of all time.

He was scared to admit his love for you, even though he adored the absolute crap out of you and you were the best thing to ever waltz into his damaged and deranged life, but you were now void of life, nevertheless. His often declaration of love to you or his decision to never speak those words instead wouldn’t have changed the dreaded outcome.

This fucking sucks, he concludes sadly to himself. He wants to see that smile again as you sing obnoxiously loudly to the blaring rock music playing from Baby’s radio.

“Your singing is shit - don’t stop.”

He wants to hear your laugh again as you watch the brothers bicker stupidly over nothing in particular or when you catch Dean watching Dr Sexy MD on the motel’s tv.

“What the hell are you watching?!”

He wants to hold you in his arms again like how he used to when you or him were having a bad day.

“C’mere, baby.”

He wants to feel you again like before, when Sam left to do research and you had the bunker or the motel room to yourselves.

“Don’t smirk at me like that, Winchester.”

He wants you back here, with him.

You wouldn’t have wanted him to stay inside all day and sit with his toxic thoughts, he knows that. But as he continues to peer at the photograph that’s held in his shaky hands, memories whirling around in his messy mind; his throat starts to burn and he feels the tears settling on his waterline, ready to cascade. His head pounds profusely as he chokes out a sob.

People say that change is good, Sam had told him that multiple times; he said that a little change is always needed. But, he couldn’t disagree more as he sits in your shared bed, his heart feeling heavier than ever. The bunker is eerily silent; the sound of your contagious and joyous laughter is missing.

And yet again, he’s reminded; you’re gone.




mexican bill cipher!!!

he’s actually Xólotl, aztec god of twins, deformities and misfortunes. Ford stumbles upon him in an undiscovered pyramid, deep in the jungles of Southern Mexico.

And because i’m a same coin theory advocate, Stan is the reincarnation of Nanahuatzin, an avatar of Xolotl that sacrificed himself by stepping into a fire

(Ford himself is nothing special – he’s just Stan’s nerdy twin brother, in over his head lmao)

Clingy - Part 1 (Edmund x Reader)

Part 2 / Part 3

Word Count: 1318.

Warning: Angst and feels.

Request: No.

Summary: The reader spends a lot of time with Edmund. Oneday she went to the Pevensie’s house just to hang out as usual, when she heard Peter and Lucy teasing Edmund. Then she heard her name.

The Story:

“Mom I’m leaving! Will be back by an hour!” Y/n yelled as she got out of her house.

It was not much of a big deal to meet up so often as they are together now. No, hold on, together in the sense of ‘living in the same neighbourhood’ together.

Y/n usually didn’t talk with the Pevensives much. But when she started going to the Saint Finbar’s boarding school, she quickly became friends with Lucy and Susan Pevensie. The girls introduced her to the boys–Edmund and Peter Pevensie. Things would have been the same until the incident–when they were catching train oneday and got teleported to a place named 'Narnia’.

Being the head of the knights was hard and Y/N didn’t expect to be trained this hard. Edmund being the best swordsmen, started personally training her.

Slowly, awkward talking changed to comfortable silence and opening up to each other. She found herself to be slowly getting attached to him. Not the see-eachother-everyday attachment but the other ones. The ones where he looked at her and her heart beat fastened, where whenever he gave her that precious smile she felt butterflies in her stomach, where he looks at her in the eyes and holds her hand, she feels out of this world. The only reason why she likes to be around him so much.

Y/n tried. She really tried to tell this to him about a hundred times. She rehearsed this over and over again in her mind but never got the courage to tell him the truth. The truth about her feelings. The fear of Edmund not liking her back stopped her everytime.

And so here she was. Once again, visiting her friends in the hope that he would feel the same way she does. Just a few glances, having a laugh and some touches here and there made her happy and she was content with that love. But the hope..the greed to get some more love, never went away.

Y/n crossed the street and started walking towards the Pevensie’s house. She noticed at the corner of the street Dean was turning back his bicycle. He was a nice guy. A good neighbour to be honest. His family was always there during the times of distress for her.

“Hey Y/n!”

“Hey ya Dean.”

“Hmm..let me guess…here to see Ed again?”

“Oh shut up don’t know anything!” Y/n blushed.

“Atleast I am not blind to see your love for him.” He laughed.

“If you have some other things to tell, you can.” She rolled her eyes.

“Yes. Care to join me on a bicycle ride tomorrow afternoon? We can go to different areas you know. It will be fun.”

The Pevensives invited her to a picnic tomorrow. She couldn’t cancel that. But Dean was a dear friend too. Maybe she can adjust some time for him.

“Uhh…not sure but I’ll inform you if I do.”

“Okay, good. See ya.”


She smiled and turned left to the Pevensie’s house while Dean turned around and left. *Sigh* Here goes to nothing. But I can atleast hope that he likes me back right? There’s no problem with that. I mean, we spend a lot of time together so it’s not like he hates me. He probably, just maayyybe likes me back. Y/n blushed with the thought without realizing a smile that has formed on her face.

Y/n entered through the door without knocking, literally barging in like she owns the place. Susan was on the sofa reading a book.

“Hey Y/n.” She said, her head buried in the book.

“Oh. Hi!!” Y/n walked towards the table, grabbed an apple and asked, “Which book?”


“Ew.” She said with a disgusted face. She took a bite of the apple when Susan said, “You don’t have to give me company just because I’m sitting alone. Besides, Edmund’s in the study room.”

“I-I didn’t even ask about Ed!” Y/n said blushing. “And where’s Lucy?! And-And Peter?”

“In the study room…with EDMUND.”

“Oh my god. CAN YOU STOOOP.” She said blushing and proceeded to the study room.

We hang out so much these days. I mean, he DOES like to hang out with me right? Or else he would have told me by now.

Just when she was going to enter the room, she stooped. There were lots of voices coming from inside, especially laughs. They are such a happy family. She held the door lock and turned it..but then she heard her name.

Oh. I think I heard my name. I know it’s a cruel to listen like this but..I can listen as they mentioned my name.

“Hahahaaa…I am telling you, she will enter this room some time after and brighten up your day.” Lucy said. She blushed.

“Oh yeah, and then you both are gonna get touchy-touchy and blushy-blushy like 3 year olds.” Peter laughed.

Omg what?! Seriously Peter? They are obviously teasing Ed. Does that means he feels for me? He likes me? Or am I just overthinking things? Ed is not would be kind of clear if he starts talki– And Edmund’s voice interrupted you.

“That was really gross Peter. And that’s enough. ENOUGH. You two have no other work to do besides teasing me? Let’s make this very clear. I don’t know if you have noticed but I don’t really go that much in her house, or invite her over or in fact touch her without her consent.”

Y/n’s smile Ed continued turning to a disturbed and sad face.

“Seriously? Have you seen her? I NEVER get close to her when I sit. It was always her calling me. She comes to meet me almost everyday. She is the one inviting herself to our house everyday. Just because I keep quiet doesn’t mean I can’t say anything. She is really annoying if I keep this clear…and she is really clingy.”

“Edmund!! That’s very harsh!” Lucy gasped.

“Yes. I know. Now I hope you won’t talk garbage about this thing again.”

Clingy. Yes, that’s what he thinks about me. Ofcourse, how was I so blind to see this? He obviously doesn’t like me. Obviously I am just an annoying girl. It was always me running behind him. He never, NEVER gave any signs of annoyance because he was polite. Why didn’t I think about this? Why? Just why? And here I thought about how he..he likes me.

Tears threatened to come out of her eyes. Her all hopes crushed by those words. The only little ray of hope she had was now nowhere to be seen.

She turned back and ran. She ran before she got weak and dropped down on her knees and cried her eyes out.

Susan was coming towards the room. On the way, she bumped on her but then ran away.

“what just happened?”

Susan entered the room and asked, “WHat happened?”

“What? Nothing. Just was teasing my little brother over here. And he got shy.” Peter laughed.

“Shy? Why don’t you guys ever stop? It is really enough.”

“No. That can’t be the reason why Y/n ran away?”

“Oh no. She..she heard everything you said.” Lucy said frowning.

A silence spread in the atmosphere. Edmund just sat there uncomfortably. He just went back to stare at the fireplace and whispered, “Well, she…she needed to is fine. She knows now. She deserved it.”

Y/n ran out of the house and slowed down. She now started walking towards her house, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Just when I thought my wait is over, I am gonna get my answer, it is all going to end. It really did.

A/N - This is my first Narnia imagine. Hope you like it!


Chained (Part 4)

Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1466

Warnings: smut, embarrassment (for reader).  

Chained Master List

(Not my GIF)

You and Sam sprawled out on the hood of the Impala, having satisfied Dean with his pie. You both glanced up at the twinkling night sky. Sam held you against him, his hand resting gently on the small of your back. One of your legs was wrapped over his.

His heart thumped in his chest as you slipped your hand under his thin t-shirt. He was obviously replaying what happened on the side of the road earlier in his mid. It’s all you had been able to think about since you pulled back onto the road. He promised you he would make it all up to you.

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Request: A fic where the reader is a healer witch who was taken in by the hale pack when she was really young to work for/protect/heal them. She grew up with Derek & loved him, but then he started seeing Paige & she was heart broken so she didn’t confess her feelings. Years later she becomes close with Isaac & eventually decides that Derek will never reciprocate her feelings and so says she is leaving with Isaac for France. But Derek panics and gets jealous because he loves her and can’t lose her thanks!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Warning:None!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Note:I hope that this is what you wanted and that you’re going to like it,so if you do let me know.:))                                                                                                                                                                                                          I come from a family where they were all doctors so l started loving that job too.Unfortunately my parents died when l was 15 years old in a car crush and after that one family decided to adopt me as their own.And sure they gave me all the love,but l was different from them.I wasn’t a werewolf. After year with them l started developing feelings for Derek Hale,the most beautiful boy in this family,but on my bad luck he was in love with someone else and seeing him everyday with her was so hard for me,especially when we went in the same school.Seeing him happy made me happy somehow and l decided to never talk about my feelings for him.                                                                                                                                                                                                           So here we are 10 years later and l still love him and yes there’s no Paige to stop me from telling him that,but l guess that l’m somehow used to be just a sister to him that l’m scared to live that spot in his life.He has the pack to care about and l’m gladly helping him so that’s how l grove closer with lsaac,but l only see him as a brother nothing more.He needed help to get over Allison’s death so l helped him.He and Argent asked me if l wanted to go with them in France,but l wasn’t sure.I didn’t want to leave my job here,but he took care of everything.I walked into Derek loft and he saw me ‘Hey Y/N,What’s up?’ I walked into the living room ‘I came to say goodbye.’ Instantly he looked at me confused with arms crossed over his chest ‘Say goodbye?Where are you going?’ I came closer ‘I’m going to France with lsaac and Argent.’ l saw how his jaw clenched ‘But why?’ I put a hand on his crossed arms ‘I have to,l feels like l don’t belong here anymore.Nothing’s holding me here,l lost my family.’ He looked at me with sad eyes which is rare for Derek ‘But you have me,what l’m going to do without you Y/N?’ I kissed him on the cheek ‘You’ll be just fine Derek,you always are.’ I walked past him to go but he hugged me ‘I love you Derek,please remember that.’We pulled away and l tried to hold back tears putting a fake smile on my lips ‘I love you too Y/N,you were perfect sister to me.’ I nodded my head ‘Yeah and you were the brother l never had.’ We hugged again and then l left.Heartbroken!                                                                                                                                                                                         I was at the airport when Isaac handed me a cup of coffee.’Here you go Y/N.’I smiled and took the cup from him ‘Mmm thank you,l needed it.’He sat down next to me and took a sip ‘So did you tell him?’ I looked at him confused ‘Tell who what?’ He smiled softly ‘Did you tell Derek that you love him?’                     ‘Oh that?Well no.’ He looked at me with his eyebrows raised ‘And why not?’ l let out a sigh ‘Because there’s no point,he does love me but just like his sister.’ ‘And why are you so sure?” I looked at him ‘Because it’s true,he told me.’  He just nodded his head and took another sip.                               “Last call for a flight 225 for France.’Well l  believe that this is ours.’We stood up and started walking toward our gate when suddenly l heard someone calling my name l turned around and saw Derek running toward me.When he was finally in front of me l looked at him confused ‘Derek what are you doing?’ I was trying to catch his breath ‘Something l should’ve done a long time ago.’ And before l could even register what was happening,l felt his lips on mine and instantly kissed him back.We separated and he leaned his forhead on mine ‘Please Y/N,don’t go.’ I looked at him ‘But l thought that you see me just like a sister.’ He smiled softly ‘That was huge lie l had to live with for the past 10 years of my life.I love you more than that and l need you back in my life.’ I smiled widely at him ‘Well the good thing is that l love you too and you’ll always have me.Always.’                        

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If you think about it, the more time passes, the more people are pissed off with Sam and think that Cait is a good friend who tried to help him with the mess he has created... wow! She should give Sam some PR's advice! She's coming off all of this almost clear

Like I’ve said before, this benefits Cait as much as Sam, she was not just doing him a favor.

What should have happened, in 2014/15 Cait should have made Tony’s relationship to her known unequivocally (a pic like the one yesterday would have done it) and then never spoken about him again, keeping things private as she has.

Sam could have done the same with MM a year ago.

As an example I will use Sam’s friend Amy, she got so much hate, such abuse, over nothing. Why couldn’t Amy tweet Sam a happy birthday Big Brother message 3 years ago making it clear she’s was just a friend. Why didn’t Sam clarify that point? Why wait 3 years to clarify she was just a friend?

Yes, Sam and Cait definitley helped turn this into the shit show it is.

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The gang and feelings of family/brotherhood/sisterhood/siblinghood.

The gang IS a family. No doubt about it.

- The twins have got a bro thing going on with everyone, and since they’re all jocks it’s intensified. They’re the kinds of people who do fist bumps with everyone over nothing.

- Hiccup is forever the little brother, even though he’s canonically older than Fishlegs and the twins. He’s still the youngest because the rest of the gang has to look out for him. He’s the one they’re constantly fussing over.

- And that makes Astrid and/or Fishlegs the oldest. Astrid because she’s obviously more mature, but Fishlegs is the most fussy. They could be Mom™ and Dad™ of the Edge.

- Snotlout is the most conflicting on the age scale because he’s wildly immature at times and very mature at others. Definitely a teenager. Plus, them mood swings in The Longest Day confirms that. He’s constantly making Little Brother Hiccup feel smol.

- (Oh my gosh and his hormones are crazy too. Snotlout is definitely a teenager at heart. Frick.)

- Ruffnut and Astrid after, like, a week of staying on the Edge immediately realize that if they don’t spend some time together, they’ll both go crazy after being with the boys 24/7. They have a sis code. It doesn’t have rules, because both girls do what they want and they don’t really care what the other says about it.

- Times like Snoggletog or someone’s birthday is when you’ll see the gang actually sneaking loving glances towards each other, especially Hiccup, because gods, they’ve come so far.

- (I may have been watching RoB yesterday and getting emotional because the gang was not even close to how close they are in RTTE.)

Headcanon requests are closed!

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I'd really love to read what you'd do with 38, please <3!

38. Please, just let me show you

Aaron folds his arms, leans back a little further in his chair and shakes his head again. “We’re not here enough, it’s cruel.”

“You can take him to the yard with you,” Liv protests. “He’d make a great little guard dog.”

“It’s not safe for a dog up there. It’s barely safe for us.”

“Also, it’s a poodle,” Robert points out mildly. He’s over by the window putting the kettle on, Liv and Aaron squaring off across the kitchen table.

“He’s not a poodle,” Liv says, for approximately the fortieth time. “He’s a cockapoo and he’s adorable. Something you’d know nothing about.”

Robert scoffs over his shoulder. “That’s not a thing. And your brother happens to think I’m pretty adorable. Don’t you honey bunch?”

Aaron rolls his eyes when Liv opens her mouth to argue back. “Put a sock in it, both of you,” he fixes Robert with a dark look, “I think you’re a pillock,” he turns to Liv again, tries to look apologetic, “But the answer’s still no. We haven’t got time for a dog.”

“Please,” Liv says, “Just let me show you. His last owner died, it says he’s heartbroken.”

She waves her phone at him, bats her eyelashes until Aaron cracks, holds his hand out for it.

Robert groans. “Here we go.”

Aaron ignores him, ignores the triumphant grin Liv’s throwing across the room as well.

The dog is pretty cute.

let alec lightwood cry in season two