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day 63647283: when will mikael speak?


I need you to talk to Ellie, and to Morgan and my friends, and-and-and – and tell ‘em… I don’t know, I– Look, if I’m supposed to be dead just say something… that will make it okay, that will make ‘em feel alright.

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reflecting on the other seasons that clearly didn't get the same advisement and outside help, can you imagine s3 without all the experts who said they panicked and stepped in when they heard about isak's season? good lord lmao. i don't mean to undercut julie in any way but sometimes i wonder if we give her too much of the credit. there's a clear discrepancy between the way queer issues are treated in s3 to 1 2 and even 4.

How did you know I’ve wanted to talk about this, anon? Caveat: I can’t remember where the idea came from that people “stepped in”, I don’t want to assume to know what happened there especially without reading(/rereading) a source. 

That said, something I’ve been thinking about for a while is that her writing process may be pretty dependent on the sources she’s pulling from and getting plenty of research and development time to brew them into a story. If she gets a really good idea and taps interesting sources, she great at putting it all down and figuring how to turn that into a season of television. What makes the show so strong is when she gets into the psychological underpinings of the character; we’ve heard before that she did so much research for the roots of the show when establishing the characters and the concerns of teenagers for s1. I have felt for a long time that the sources behind s3 in particular deserve more credit because it wasn’t something she was familiar with (whereas she was a teenage girl growing in Norway once, even if it was another era) and she must have pulled pretty directly from what they said about the pressures of being a gay teen and let them shape the characters too. It led to a great result; I think it’s for the benefit of the work that she lifted the coming out scene between Isak and Jonas from a real experience, for example. The power of that scene is due to the truth of the source material but also to her integration and writing of it.

Looking at s2… I think it’s the story closest to her which might be part of why it isn’t as strong? It might be that this season required less pulling back because it’s the story she always felt she knew and wanted to tell. From what I understand, she’s pulled from real people in her life for a number of characters and she says she identifies with all the characters equally but with Noora… I do think there is a bias there. Which you really saw evidenced later by the unnecessary glut of Noora and Noorhelm hijacking so much of the last ‘real’ episode in s4, imho. Season two is at its best for me when its dealing with its biggest and most serious issues, which I would think required outside consideration and research based on the real experiences of women who lived this. Though I ultimately think s2 doesn’t work for me based on the story it chose to tell with Noora and William which doesn’t really have to do with the process.

Then with s4, we know that it was decided relatively last minute that this was the last season and there was clearly a lot going on behind-the-scenes. She was juggling a lot of concerns and it appears her research and development process was interrupted and curtailed this time. She wound up pulling from a very limited Muslim experience, I got the feeling that Julie Andem saw what that small circle of “shameless” Muslim girls were saying and wrote only from that. It’s not that they didn’t have a valid perspective but the picture painted from it wasn’t a very full story. I don’t think she ever really figured out how to integrate a wider perspective: it started off strong in the first ep (the subtle way she was othered and that first use of prayer as a visual motif) but as time went on, there was a lack of detail when it comes to faith in Sana’s home and daily life (I don’t want to pretend to be an authority, see this post for more). Religion didn’t need to be the focus of her season but to be honest, I expected better for both how it would be addressed and how it would subtly be shown in the background. I’m still taken aback by the lack of lead in to Ramadan and how negative the stereotypes presented by the entitled Ramadan clip were (as well as the numerous implications caused and let sit with the fight). I think s4 shows the pitfalls of what could have happened to s3 without the time to consider and integrate the minority perspectives that the author just doesn’t have.

I don’t like to go too far in either direction though? I feel like this is a case where sometimes people want to discredit someone for the good things just because they also showed some serious flaws. Ultimately, I think she’s largely responsible for both. It can be hard to reconcile but she did have a heavy hand in creating both s3 and s4, both s1 and s2: she created, wrote and directed and all the actors and fellow crew talk about her perfectionism and meticulous dedication to this project. I just sometimes think that’s for both good and for ill. I think you can see a lack of the same awareness and sensitivity to queer issues in s1, s2, and s4 when s3 delivered in spades and I agree that’s because she only had advisement during that one season. Without that, there can be some not-great attitudes perpetuated incidentally which I think can be said of various things in the course of Skam (e.g. mental illness in s4). For example, I got the feeling she had more personal experience with knowing gay men and so wrote to that, without really considering that the work was ending with a variety of mlm and no wlw at all. (I’ve personally been pretty uncertain whether or not Vilde was intentionally coded to be a lesbian, which would significantly change how I view scenes overall, but in the work we definitely never got there.) I think Julie Andem cares about presenting important issues and tries to do her homework but she does bring a lot of her own experience and viewpoint to the show. To me, there’s been times when Skam has truly rubbed me the wrong way because I feel like the characters are presenting an agenda, that they become mouthpieces of their writer and occasionally come off defensive. 

We’ve seen Julie Andem’s writing soar when she gets a spark of an idea and spends the next number of months interviewing and researching and consulting and letting it germinate. But I think she needs that spark, she needs that time to gather those outside sources and pull them together into a work. I think the times Skam has fallen down has been when she least knows where she’s going, which comes down to both vision and preparation. But I also think there’s way more variables: there’s isn’t any one reason a season worked or didn’t work, there were many either way.

Caffine Challege

This is an older challenge that I wanted to do but didn’t get a chance to start till now.

Prompt: “You sign the contract in crayon and pray that you haven’t already made a mess of things.”

You sign the contract in crayon and pray that you haven’t already made a mess of things.

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Sooooo you said in your tags that chris wouldn't know what to do if yuuri said yes to his advances... could we maybe get a drabble about that, if you're still taking requests? :)

Anonymous said:I think we need some drunk drabble! Take your pick on who’s gonna be

It had been a day.  A horrible day and the only thing that made it better was that it wasn’t a competition day, so maybe, just maybe, Yuuri could turn it around and make it a not bad day.  How he didn’t know, but hopefully, something would just click.

“Yuuri!  How was practice?”

Yuuri gave Chris a look but moved his bag off the seat next to him.

“That bad?”

“Just a series of not quite horrible things that culminated in my lace snapping on a triple axel during practice so I fell hard on the landing.  All told it just sucked.”

Chris signalled to the wait staff that he was ready to order.  “That’s unfortunate, but there are things we can do to fix that!  Have some fun!”


“Hmm.”  At the server’s approach, Chris grinned.  “I have just the thing.”  He smiled and turned to the young woman.  “Two vespers.”  She nodded and headed off to the bar.  “Time to teach you about martinis.  And there is no better way than with Bond’s.”

“This is because you’re skating to the Bond soundtrack, isn’t it?”

Chris just shrugged.  “Doesn’t matter!  First martinis and then something that will make you laugh.”


Two and a half martinis later and Yuuri was slightly stumbling into Chris’s room and the only thing that made it better was that Chris was no better off than he was.

“Martinis learned.  Now you said you’d make me laugh?”  Yuuri groaned.  “But my coach can never hear of this.  He’ll kill me!”

Chris snickered.  “Mine too.  Secret musketeer pact!”

Yuuri giggled and fell down into the chair while Chris fell down onto his bed and reached for the controller.

“I bet there’s something on TV.”

“I don’t speak French.”

Chris paused.  “That… makes it more difficult. Oh, wait, I know!”  He rolled to his side and pulled out his phone.  “I, uh, I have just the thing that will make you laugh!”  Chris started messing around and Yuuri let his head tilt back up to look at the ceiling.

Yuuri’s head was just a little buzzy, like he was floating.  He wasn’t completely an innocent when it came to drinking, it just wasn’t something that he allowed himself to do often, though this point, where he was still all there but just kind of loose was the best.  Didn’t think it would only take two and a half martinis though.  Didn’t know that martinis tasted like that.  Not bad.

Chris’s voice broke Yuuri’s chain of thought.  

“Chris laughs as he approaches the pool.  “And here I wanted to go skinny dipping,” he says as he slides down to sit on the side of the pool letting his legs dangle in the water. “What are you two doing here?”

““Nothing much,” Viktor says.  He’s floating in the pool, his hair looking like a silver halo around his head.

““Waiting for you.”  Yuuri lifts himself out of the water next to him and Chis catches his breath as the rivulets of water run down his well-toned stomach and arms.”

“STOP!  Chris, oh my god, please stop.  What is that?”

Chris tossed Yuuri his phone and laughed.  “It’s one of the Explicit Three Musketeer fics.  It’s not too bad.”

Yuuri dropped the phone like it was cursed or poisoned.  “Why would you read one of them?!  Don’t do that!”

“But they’re funny and sometimes even hot.  Seriously, skinny dipping in December?”

Yuuri just raised an eyebrow.  “Didn’t someone start something a couple of years ago during the Olympics… something involving swimsuits.”

Chris laughed.  “All right, you got me, but really, it is funny, and there’s this position and sometimes I wonder if they know the limits of the human body.”

The bad thing about alcohol – and Yuuri could admit this to himself only because he was a little tipsy – is that it made him curious.  Or rather, it let him give in to his curiosity.  So he picked the phone back up and skimmed, his face getting more and more red as he read.

He swallowed.  “That’s totally possible, if you stretch before trying it.”

Chris just stared at him for a minute.  “No.  Really?  You want to try?”  His voice was teasing and obviously not serious.

“Sure.  Why not.”  Yuuri stood up, his fingers playing with the hem of his shirt.  “I’m still pretty limber from practice.”

He’d never seen Chris move so far so fast when he wasn’t on the ice.  Chris was always languid. Like liquid sex.  Or what Yuuri thought liquid sex would look like as a person, but the deer in headlights look on his face was as far from sexy as Chris could get.

Yuuri fell back into his chair with a laugh.  “Bit off more than you could handle, Chris?”

“You… you weren’t serious.”

Yuuri shook his head.  “No, but I wanted to see what you’d do.  You’re right, you did find a way to make me laugh.  Thanks.” 

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What's your opinion on the interpretation that Lady Macbeth is a young girl? I've always been under that impression based on her deep-set ambition and her possible psychosis after the implied death of a child or loss of an unborn child. Of course it's known that girls had little to no power, and were viewed only as objects for men and mothers, nothing more. It may just be my interpretation of her character, but I would like to know a more... academic stance on it.

I’ve never actually seen that interpretation, but as far as I know there’s nothing in the text to dictate specifically how old they are. The Macbeths are often depicted as childless and middle-aged, which I (personally) think makes a certain amount of sense, because it makes their desperate power-grabbing that much easier to understand: they have no children and they’re looking to leave a legacy. Why else is Macbeth so horrified at the idea of Banquo’s offspring taking the place of his own? Dynastic inheritance is not something you usually see anxiety about among Shakespeare’s younger characters, because they have plenty of time to make babies. Similarly, Macbeth spends a lot of time in the play drawing attention to his superior age and rank (notice how many times he calls Malcolm and other, younger soldiers “boy”), which would imply that he, at least, is not that young. Of course, sometimes there was a wide gap in ages between wife and husband, but personally I don’t see anything to suggest that here. I have a hard time reading Lady M as a young girl simply because she is so strong-willed and ruthless, and because she’s clearly been in this position of power (i.e., Macbeth’s wife) long enough to know exactly what her role as wife, hostess, etc., should look like. She also knows exactly how to manipulate him, which implies that they’ve been married a while, and if she’s oh-so-young you’re going to run into a wobbly timeline with that. However, the great thing about Shakespeare is that so much of it is open to interpretation. So, there’s nothing here saying my personal reading is the right reading or the only right reading, and if you find Lady M more convincing as a young wife with a lot to prove, that’s totally okay.

I Need Your Help Part 3

Summary: Bucky gets an invitation to a family friends wedding and it turns out that his ex girlfriend will be attending as well. Panicked at the thought of seeing her, he asks you, his best friend to attend the wedding with him as his girlfriend in attempts to show his ex that he’s moved on.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: 40′s Bucky, what’s new

A/N: nothing much to say, here’s part 3!

Originally posted by 107th-infantry

“We’re here!” Bucky exclaimed as he pulls up to a nice two story house. You inhale sharply, the nervousness finding its way to you. Bucky notices you tense up and his hand lands on your thigh, giving it a soft squeeze.

“Hey,” he murmurs, “It’ll be fine. You’ll do great.”

You take deep breaths in and out as you try to calm yourself down. You don’t understand why you were so nervous. You two aren’t even really dating and you’re worried about Bucky’s parents not liking you.

“I’m going to flop.” you say, causing Bucky to laugh.

“If you’re going to flop then I’ll flop with you.” he smiles and you look over at him. One more deep breath and you nod your head.

“Okay, I’m ready.” you tell him. Bucky nods and you both get out of the car, meeting at the front of it.

“Smile and let me do all of the talking. The day should go by pretty fast after that.” he whispers in your ear as he laces your fingers together. Before you two even reach the set of stairs to get up on the porch the door swings open and a lady stands there with her hand over her mouth.

“My baby’s here!” she exclaims before rushing down the steps, throwing herself at Bucky. He drops your hand to wrap both arms around the woman. “I’ve missed you so much, James.”

“Now, now, don’t smother him to death, Winifred.” a man says from the top of the steps. Bucky lets go of the lady and smiles up at the man.

“Dad.” was all he says before striding up the steps to engulf him in a hug.

“It’s good to see you, James.” his father pats his back as they step away from their hug. Bucky turns around, making eye contact with you and smiles.

“C’mere.” he holds his hand out for you to take. You walk up the steps, placing your hand in his as you stand side by side in front of his father and who you presume to be his mother. “Mom, dad, this is my girlfriend Y/N.”

Bucky’s mothers eyes widen and a smile spreads across her face at his words.

“Girlfriend? You have a girlfriend? Oh, my baby boys’ got a girlfriend!” his mother exclaims before pulling you into a hug.

“It’s so nice to meet you! I’m so happy James has found someone.” she grins, pulling away slightly to look at you. “You’re so beautiful! She’s a keeper, James.” your cheeks heat up at her words as do Bucky’s.

“Oh! Where are my manners? I’m Winifred, James’ mother and this is George, his father.” she steps aside, allowing you to see his father.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Barnes, I’m Y/N.” you shake both their hands before standing next to Bucky again.

“Oh please, call me Winifred.” she waves her hand with a slight smile causing you to smile as well. “So how’d you two meet? How long have you been dating?”

Bucky looks down at you with an ‘I told you so’ look and you smile even more.

“We’ve been dating for a year now, almost two and well um, she bumped into me while moving into her apartment and I offered to help her and in return I got to take her out on a date.” Bucky explains and you nod, holding his hand tightly.

“How adorable!” his mother gushes before she snaps her fingers as if she remembered something important. “You two must be tired after that long drive here.”

“It was an hour, mom. Not that long.” Bucky chuckles but she waves him off.

“How about you and your father take down your bags while I show Y/N up to your room?” Bucky’s mother suggests

“Will do, sweetheart.” George places a soft kiss on her cheek before draping an arm around Bucky. “So, what have you been up to?”

As they walk towards the car, Bucky’s mom links arms with you, guiding you inside the house.

“The family is going to adore you!” she gushes, leading you up the stairs. You walk down the hallway and make a right, stopping in front of a large wooden door. “This is James’ room. We haven’t really changed it.”

You look around, noticing the bed that could fit about two people on it and some things hung up on the wall, making you smile. So this was Bucky’s childhood room. Cute.

“Awe mom, you haven’t changed a thing.” Bucky’s voice startles you. Him and his father enter the room, placing the bags down on the floor. Bucky takes a look around and smiles big. “It feels good to be home.”

Winifred smiles at her son before tugging her husband out of the room with her.

“Why don’t you two take a little nap, the family will be here for dinner later on tonight. I’ll come by and wake you two up when they get here.” she says and Bucky nods.

“Sure thing mom.” he replies, pulling you close.

“See you two later.” she smiles before closing the door. Bucky turns around and throws himself on his bed, letting out a loud groan.

“Oh how I’ve missed this bed.” he nearly shouts, causing you to giggle. Bucky kicks off his shoes along with his shirt and pants, leaving him in just his briefs. He pulls the blanket over his body and looks at you with one eye open.

“C’mon, it’s nice and cozy.” he says as he lifts the blanket up. You playfully roll your eyes but take your shoes off as well before laying next to Bucky.

“No touching.” you murmur, getting comfortable.

“Got it.” he responds, turning around so that his back was facing you. You let out a sigh, snuggling up to the pillow before you felt yourself getting sleepy. So far everything was going great.

A/N: I hope you guys are liking this!


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Pretty Doll

 Pairing: Joker X Reader

 Word count: 707

 He keeps following you, leaving notes around in your house. It was way too creepy, and it’s starting to scare the hell out of you. A friend told you to find the Joker, the worst villain you know, and pay him a small fortune in order to kill the stalker. A very good idea, you think.

 After days of trying to find out a good way to approach him, you gather courage and bravely walk into one of his many clubs. It’s almost midnight and the party is just starting. No one tries to stop you, so you just keep walking until you reach empty corridors. A laugh comes to your ears, so you follow the sound and knock on a dark blue door. The Joker is right behind this door and it makes you shiver. Suddenly, a tall man opens the door, and the room is filled with silence.

 “I’m here to talk with the Joker.” Your voice sounds powerful like you know exactly what you’re doing.

 “Let the girl come in. I bet that whatever made her brave or mad enough to come look for me… ” You can see him getting up from behind his huge desk. “… will be interesting.”

 “Yes, it may be.”

 The man allows you to come in, and you sit on one of the chairs in the corner. Joker finishes his talk with two very old men and shoots one of them right there. You pretend not to be shocked, looking down at your own hands, while the men move the body. When he calls you, you immediately get up and head to the huge desk, sitting in front of him.

 “I’d never imagined you in a place like this.” You mutter to him.

 “I just come here when I have business to do. Now tell me what you want.”  Joker doesn’t even look at you, he’s cleaning the golden gun he had used to kill that man.

 “Well, they told me you’re the guy to see.”

 “For what?”

 “Murder.” Now he’s looking at you, wide eyes and a smile slowly coming to his lips. Joker puts the gun down, drumming his fingers on the table.

 “Why a girl like you, who seems to be so carefree, needs someone dead?”

 “He’s an ex-boyfriend who’s stalking me. He sneaks into my house to leave weird love notes. I’m scared, and I want him dead.” You’re surprised to sound so strong. He keeps staring at you with that smile. There’s something about that smile that’s making you feel a bit stronger.

 “A bad idea to mess with you.” He singsonged, standing up and walking around the desk and leaning on it, right in front of you. “But you came to the right man.”

 “How much?”



 “Nothing.“ He says, “Just need you to stay here for tonight while I take care of your little problem. ” Offering you his hand, he helps you to your feet.

 “You can’t help but smile at him. A mad man like him could never make you fall, that’s for sure. So, there’s no problem to stay here for one night.

 Joker guides you to a very large room, with purple sheets and golden furniture. You don’t say anything, but everything looks… well, all this gold looks, to you, a little too much. You thank him and get ready to sleep. Hopefully, tomorrow nobody will bother or stalk you.

 A loud noise wakes you up. You sit up quickly, your eyes immediately spotting a Joker, covered in dirt and blood. He murmurs something that you can’t understand.


 “Your love is dead.”

 “He’s not my love. I hated him, that’s why I came here.” 

 “You can go if you don’t need someone to fill the vacancy he left.” That same smile, that one that sent shivers down your spine earlier.

 “Vacancy? ”

 “Yes. You seem to be fragile, delicate.” J sits beside you on the bed, his eyes locked on yours “Like a pretty doll I want.”

 “You’re crazy.” You whisper, feeling the will to stay for more than only one night.

 “Yes. And I think…” He leans closer. “…you’re completely insane as well.”

 “Y-yes, I am…” You stutter, finally crashing your lips into his.

Darkness Is Your Friend Now (PART 10)

Nothing much to really say here. But thank you for sticking by this story!

Song(s): Neon rainbow and I’m the one(this one will be good to listen to for the violent part, gets me pumped) from the RWBY volume 3 soundtrack, Landslide by Oh Wonder, Satellite By Nickelback, and Let me try by Natewantstobattle.

Warning: Violent (like super violent)



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Murray Gold

Doctor Who - 10 20 favorite tracks per Series 
the s7 soundtrack is as long as the s5 and s6 ones so deal with it

Series 7: Clara? [11/20]
All rights reserved to their respective owners, which are not me. 

Clara: Are you guarding me? 
The Doctor: Well, yes. Yes, I am.

I am your god!”
“And I am my me.
—  Om and Brutha, Small Gods
Kakavege week - Space Travel

AN: Takes place in an AU where when Raditz came to Earth, Goku regained his Saiyan memories after they both were killed by Piccolo. Out of a sense duty to his race he went with Nappa, Raditz and Vegeta after the brothers were brought back with the Dragon Balls. Nappa and Raditz later die at the hands of Freeza in glorious battle on Namek and choose not to be brought back. The rest follows the basic timeline of Dragon Ball Z except Goku and Vegeta still have their space pods and use them to go to other worlds as either defenders of planets in need or in search of remnants of the Cold’s Empire.


Royal Catalog:
Recorded transmissions between King Vegeta IV and King Consort Kakarot between the Ages 761 and 784 (as told by the King Consort’s log dates after pod is repaired by Royal Scientist and Royal Mother Bulma Briefs).
Year of Catalog:
13 PGR*, may King Vegeta IV and King Consort Kakarot’s glory live on forever. 4582 TMC** and Galacdate 397412.47.

Age 761

‘Hey, you awake?’

'Kakarot, regardless of there only being four of us left, I am still your Prince and I demand you show me the respect due to me.’

'Right! Sorry, sir. Your Highness! Sir.’

'Moon above, I know Raditz found you on a backwater planet but honestly…’

'I’m sorry Prince Vegeta! I’ll try to be better!’

Transmission enhanced and remastered 'Not like it really matters, a prince of three isn’t much of anything.’

'Whatya say? Sir!’

'Nothing Kakarot.’

'Okay your Highness. Ya'know, I’m here so if you ever wanna talk or something at some point.’



'Shut up.’

'Yes sir.’


Age 763

'Hey, Vegeta!’

'Yes Kakarot?’

'Whatya think we’d be doin’ right now if Freeza hadn’t blown up the planet?’

'You’d be an infantry level soldier with dreams of maybe making Lieutenant and I’d be living in lap of luxury with beautiful women seeing to my every whim, the planet magically running itself without me having to life a finger.’

'C'mon Vegeta, that’s no fun. We’d still be friends!’

'How would we be friends Kakarot? The only reason we met was because we are literally the last of our species and I decided to disobey Freeza and go somewhere I wasn’t supposed to.’

'Yeah, but can’t ya feel it? It’s like, when I first saw ya I knew we were meant to, I dunno, fight together and stuff. Even if Freeza didn’t destroy our planet, we’d have to be together.’

'If you say so Kakarot.’


Age 765

'Ya ever wonder what everyone would think if they saw us now?’

'Like Raditz and Nappa?’

'Well, yeah them too, but mainly everyone else. I mean, two Super Saiyans in a generation, crossbreeding with another species, ya know? Like, we’re kinda breaking all the rules of normalcy and without anyone to reign us in, we’re like making up a new definition of what being Saiyan is and-’

'Kakarot how much sleep have you been getting?’

'Not much, my chest has been kinda hurting lately.’

'Our next mission can wait a bit, we’ll go to Earth and see if that woman can find what’s wrong with it.’

'Oh really! Thanks Vegeta!’

'Can’t very well have you watch my back if you’re distracted now can I?’


Age 774

'You think if I started teaching him our culture younger, Gohan would be out here with us instead of running around Earth in that costume?’

'Hard to say, I don’t think it would take much for you to do something similar, I mean, when we met you were a fashion designer and a strong sense of morality away from being a superhero.’

'I was not-’

'Mysterious/unknown background: check. Unnaturally strong: check. Overthrow despotic and/or militaristic government: check. Magic bullshit, archenemy and Deus Ex Machina devices: check, check and hell yes check.’

'C'mon, it’s not my fault we had Dragon Balls-’

'Deus Ex Machina devices.’


'Deus Ex Machina devices. It’s a literature thing. It’s like out of nowhere, for seemingly no reason other than god caused it, something happens that just fixes whatever it was that went wrong.’

'Huh, yeah, the Dragon Balls’ll fix just about anything you could dream of…’



Age 779

'If you could have any wish, what would it be?’

'That you’d stop interrupting the knock out gas in these pods with questions.’

'C'mon, what would you really wish for?’

'…I don’t know, I honestly haven’t thought about it much. I wanted immortality for so long it’s hard to think of anything else. And since all your Earth friends agreed that after seeing what a hassle Garlic Jr. is that no one else is allowed to wish for immortality, regardless of their intentions towards Earth.’

'I guess that’s fair, I can’t think of anything I want either after I bring King Kai and the rest of them back, but that’s only fixing my mess, not getting something that I want.’

'That reminds me, I’ve been wanting to ask for ages: why didn’t you Instant Transmission Cell into space? I know we’ve set up beacons for you to use.’

'I panicked. Piccolo had just finished giving me the dressing down of my life about how I was sending my son to die and then Cell was a sore loser and was gonna blow up everyone and King Kai’s place was the furthest place I could think of where no one would get hurt. Besides, the only beacons we had set up at that point were in the lower atmosphere and maybe one on the moon, we were still testing my reach and our ability to make beacons at that point. Hey, ya think if we still had our tails and we went to the moon, we’d turn Oozaru?’

'No, the Blutz waves would be too weak if we were standing on the source. I don’t know what it is about a planet’s atmosphere, but it amplifies the Blutz waves to make them strong enough for us to transform. It’s why we never had to worry about transforming in space and making sure our ships could survive its crew suddenly becoming at least twenty times larger.’

'Huh. I never even thought about that. It’s like our biology wanted us to travel the stars.’

'I guess you could say that. Anything else you wanted to talk about? I’m exhausted from our last mission and was really looking forward to the forced sleep.’

'Oh, no, that’s it. Goodnight my Prince.’

'Goodnight Kakarot.’


Age 784

'Where are we going?’

'C'mon Geets, you know if I tell you it won’t be a surprise anymore.’

'You know I hate that nickname.’

'You’ve yet to offer a proper one to replace it and before you say it, no: Your Highness and Prince are not proper nicknames if I want to call you something while we’re cuddling. If we’re having sex, they’re fine since I know what they do for your ego, but otherwise no. And besides, we’re almost at our destination.’

'What do you mean we’re almost there, there’s nothing here since Freeza- Moon above you did not Kakarot.’

'Maybe I did.’

'You wished back our planet?’

'And our people. You would not believe the hassle and promises I had to make to everyone in Otherworld from King Yemma to Supreme and Elder Kai. And that’s not even counting actually summoning the dragon without anyone knowing and trying to make their own wishes. I had to fly to the south pole and even then our sons were about halfway there by the time I summoned Shenron. Those poor penguins, they had no idea-’

'Yeah yeah yeah, back to the part where you wished back our entire planet, race and culture without telling me.’

'Well I wanted it to be a surprise. Oh, also I wished for our tails to grow back after a week living on Planet Vegeta. I remember one time you said that having your tail cut off meant you were exiled but at the same time I didn’t want to grow them back before we got there 'cuz you might guess something was up and I didn’t want them to grow back in the middle of you seeing your dad again or something so…’

'You wished our planet, race, culture and tails back. It- I- I didn’t know I wanted this. Kakarot you- I- I can’t thank you enough, you- you’re perfect.’

'Love you too, my Prince, now come on, let’s go meet our future.’

End of Transmissions.
Continuation of Transmissions between King Vegeta IV and King Consort Kakarot are filed under:
“Recorded transmissions between King Vegeta IV and King Consort Kakarot between the Ages 785 and 803 (as told by the King Consort’s log dates after pod is repaired by Royal Scientist and Royal Mother Bulma Briefs).”

*PGR - Post Grand Resurrection
**TMC - Traditional Method of Counting

anonymous asked:

Loved your imagine! Can you write one where they had a pretty heated fight and she leaves to get some air and it gets very late and she isn't home so harry loses his shit. He gets scared bc he thinks something happened to her. So right before he is going to search for her she comes home and like harry is pretty angry and like scolds her and stuffs. Bossy or stern harry does things to me :))) It ends with fluff. Would mean a lot if you wrote this one ! Love you

Love you too darling thanks for requesting, sorry for the delay #examsweek

Rating: PG
Warnings: legit lost on the prompt but…
Category: fluff ending tho
Word Count: 1,185
Request:  YES, thanks a million times over

Note: Don’t know how I feel about Stern Harry, bossy harry, but I hope I did a good job. I imagine it’s like angry harry sort of overpowering, other than like a Dad scolding a child but… here goes nothing, enjoy.

06. Bossy much?

To say you knew what happened would be a lie. You remembered that you where both yelling, but the why was completely lost to you by now. It scared you that Harry was shouting, and it scared him that you were shouting back, but there was no sign of calming it down. You started feeling a little suffocated in all the screaming, and the moment there was silence, you turned around and left. He would have ran after you, endlessly, but in between the anger, the suffocation he felt himself and your face screaming “not now”, he got the message. Even in the midst of a fight, he was looking out for what you wanted, even if it didn’t feel that way.

Your walk for air turned to be longer than you expected, but you pressed on, walking around the neighbourhood Harry and you had lived in for two years now. It was dark out but thankfully not as dangerous as other neighbourhoods. You took in the sounds of the night and counted how many lights where on, on your street. It had been around 50 minutes when you decided to turn back around and get back to the house where hopefully a calmer Harry was waiting for you.

Yet that wasn’t the case. 

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