nothing much i can do to edit the video


So my best friend forced me to do this video and I couldn’t say no.

The idea is that Blaine realizes his love for Kurt and imagine all his life for him from the moment they mey, until they become fathers.

And nothing is just my second video ever and I don’t like so much, so be nice lol.

Hope you can enjoy it.

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Hi! This isn’t sherlock related, but I’m like really insecure about my writing even though other people seem to enjoy it and I find myself starting pieces and never finishing them bc I end up laughing at how ridiculous they sound, but I want to finish a long fic for once, and I just don’t know how?? :(( I’m also a pretty big perfectionist and always try to craft the perfect sentences and snippets of dialogue and perfect plot and get really frustrated when I can’t. I have no idea what to do😢😣

Hi Nonny!

Oh wow, do I ever feel you here on this; I too have SO MANY IDEAS for long stories, and a tonne of snippets written but no idea how to put them into a full cohesive story. I am also a perfectionist as well, so yeah, I feel you so hard on this.

My advice: Just let go and write whatever comes to mind. Seriously, just keep writing, and go back to it later. I know other people plot out their writing and such, and maybe that might be the way for you to do it and it may help with your perfectionist tendencies, but for me, I’ve always found if I just write, start to finish, without editing, and then going back and adding and removing content as I do various “drafts”, it’s always seemed to flow better for me, since this way I don’t forget to add something I really wanted to write.

It’s not the best way, but it’s the way that works for me. 

And you know what? If all you can think of is little scenes, or smaller fics, who cares? I LOVE “slice of life” fics, where we just see a scene of an event of what’s happening! I find writing these types of fics really helps my creativity, and sometimes they’re just all you really need to write. Don’t think of yourself any less an author just because you find you can’t write a “full fic”, Lovely. Honestly, you’re still an author if you write short prose and poetry, right? And still a writer if you write news articles, right? Or a scribe if you write a 200 word children’s book, correct? There’s no such thing as “the best word count”; there is “an audience who loves to read content, and a writer who loves to write”.

Stop being so hard on yourself, Lovely. Some of our best work happens if we just let go and don’t think too hard about it. I’m not saying to stop being a perfectionist, but we perfectionists are often harder on ourselves than any audience ever would be. And writing should be ENJOYABLE, not a chore, and honestly, if you’re finding you are getting frustrated, put it away, and come back to it later. Go out for a walk, and compose in your head; I do that ALL THE TIME, and make sure I always have a “Notepad” app open on my phone so I can jot down ideas and phrases quickly so I don’t forget them. It’s amazing what a walk will do, honestly. Also – and this sounds cheesy – but video game or movie soundtracks and “epic music” (search on youtube) help me write as well; they make you feel like you can take over the goddamned world, and depending upon what genre you write, they can help immerse you into the world you’re writing! Some of my faves: Skyrim Soundtrack, Tron Legacy Soundtrack, Lost Eden Soundtrack, Sherlock Soundtracks, Kingdom Hearts Complete Soundtrack, The Hobbit Soundtrack, and anything compiled by Pandora Journey OR “30 minute” edits of my favourite songs from video games (I LOVE these so much, and they’re very common on youtube. Just search “[[song name]] 30 minutes”). Seriously, nothing makes you feel more creative than having an epic soundtrack make you feel like a writing god!

But anyway, Lovely, don’t feel like you HAVE to write a long story; forcing yourself to do it will only make it NOT happen. Keep writing your snippets; for all you know, one of those will turn into a fully fleshed-out story!

If you’re still having a hard time, I found this amazing resource for writers, so maybe something on there may help you out <3 Don’t stop writing, don’t be hard on yourself, and as a fellow perfectionist, I can assure you that just stepping away for a bit is sometimes the best thing. Also, I find surrounding yourself with things you like (I have pics of Ben C, good music, and good food :D) to also be very rewarding as you write as well :)

I’m open to any authors sharing their tricks to help them cope with writer’s block!

I can’t believe Chanyeol mastered skiing, bowling, basketball and video editing all in the span of 7 months, while having to hold concerts, practice and shooting videos. Like what kind of wow. I can bearly finish a book while doing university. Chan is such an inspiration honestly makes me want to challenge myself.

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I am just gonna come off anon because all my friends who follow me know that I am a horny Kid that wants jhope to fuck me till I cant see straight 😂 but I just remebered that kookies birthday is tomorrow and I have done no fan art no video edits nothing plus I have school tomorrow FML ;-; also dont you think that jungkook should do a cover to attention by charlie p beacause that is all I can think about when I hear the song

Ugh same I wanted to make a special post for his birthday but ever since I started college I’ve been so busy and I don’t have time, that’s why I barely post reactions that much. AND YES I literally think about that every time I hear that song. Plus he loves Charlie Puths music so I wouldn’t be surprised if he made a cover

For my first ever post on this blog, I decided to do a shitty FrostIron vid. It’s a bit NSFW BUT there’s nothing graphic. The idea is as follows:

After New York, Tony feels like Loki is haunting him. He just can’t get him out of his head.

A bit dark with themes but not too much. I hope you like it and can appreciate the cringe. (I’m learning to edit okay!)


How did you get into YouTube? Did the robots come first or did it all happen together?

I’ve unlisted those videos now, which I kind of regret, but I’ve had my YouTube channel for three or four years. It was very under the radar for the first three and a half years. I was publishing comedy sketches and skits in Swedish. When I started doing shitty robots I remember thinking about which platform I should publish it on. I was considering doing a blog, but I just realized video format was the best way, so I after I had finished my first project — the toothbrush helmet — I just uploaded it there. Now my channel is only about robots, but it’s been around from before all the Queen of Shitty Robots stuff started happening.

You’re a naturally funny person. Do you have a background in comedy?

I did a one-week stand-up course when I was like 16 and bored for a summer, but nothing else really. I think it’s just my natural approach to stuff in life. As for making video comedy, pretty much anyone can do it. When I got started, I just filmed it with my webcam and used iMovie to edit the video, which I still use. You don’t really need any training, as long as you know how to get around Google.

In a space like YouTube where everyone seems to fit into a specific category, like beauty vloggers and comedians, you’ve carved out a space for yourself where it feels like you created an entirely new genre. Where do you see yourself fitting into those YouTube categories?

I do Science and Technology for all of my YouTube videos, but it’s an interesting question since I’m kind of in between categories. I think I’ve kind of carved out a sweet spot for myself by combining science and comedy. To me, it’s like putting syrup in your medicine. Everything just goes down easier if you add humor to it, and you can reach a lot more people if you manage to do it in an entertaining way.

You have a lot of videos that go viral with each one of the robots that you put out. It feels like every time that happens, you’d get a new wave of fans and audiences. So who exactly is your audience?

It varies a lot. In the beginning it was like 90 percent men, and now it’s more like 80 / 20. The biggest category is men between 25–34, and it’s mainly engineers and people who are interested in tech in general. But it’s getting more and more diverse and I really hope to reach more people who are outside of the whole tech bubble.

What’s your greatest ambition in life?

Right now, it’s avoiding winning a Darwin Award. But maybe when I’m older, it’d be fun to go out with a bang.

I have a very long bucket list, and it’s gotten a lot longer since all the Queen of Shitty Robots stuff started happening. Going to space is at the top of that list right now. I’m giving it 10 years. On a smaller scale I want to learn how to weld, and also get a driver’s license! That’s on my “feel bad about not doing it” bucket list. That’s at the top of my bucket list. I also really want to buy a submarine.

Career wise, I’m looking into different opportunities to do a TV show, but in some way that’s not a goal in itself. To me, the goal is creating content and doing fun stuff that I’m proud to show. I don’t want to do a TV show for the sake of doing it.

Do you ever have nightmares that your robots will rise up and gang up against you?

I actually have never had that, which is kind of weird, maybe.

If you think of them as your babies, I guess you wouldn’t be threatened by them. Is that how you feel about your robots?

No, some of them are pretty terrifying. Sometimes I feel like “what the heck have I created,” especially with projects like the chopping machine.

Do you keep them all in one room, and it’s like a room full of knives and severed hands?

Yeah, I keep them all! Sometimes I borrow parts from them, but then I put them back together. I often bring them to parties. [laughs] No, but I do bring them to events and TV shows. I have them at the office but my desk is getting pretty cluttered. I would want to start a mini-museum. They look kind of weird, especially all of them together, it’s a very funky collection.

But no, I’m not really scared of them, I feel more that other people should be scared of them because I’m the person holding the joystick.

JC Caylen-The Perfect Collab (FLUFF-ISH)

Request by twilightsummerandrockandroll: Hi!!. Love your tumber so can you please do A Jc Caylen collaboration video for me? A little smut after it?

(Please don’t request anymore oneshots. I’m trying to finish the requests I have. I’ll announce soon when they are open again.)


The red light came on and Jc and you were ready to go. You had been waiting to film this collab video for awhile, and your schedules finally allowed you guys to meet up today. You were sitting on your couch with a table, pulled up, ready to go.

“Hello!” you said to the camera, both you and JC giving the same wave at the same time, causing you to both to erupt in giggles.

“Wow, we’re already acting like twins haha,” JC finally got out. You tried to recompose yourself to continue the video, as JC just kept laughing.

“Today,” you tried to say as JC just kept giggling.

“What’s so funny?” you asked him.

“Just keep going,” he said as he put a hand over his mouth to silence himself.

“Today we are going to attempt to draw other YouTubers. And by attempt we truly mean attempt. We both have no artistic ability whatsoever,” I said.

“I can’t even draw a decent looking tree,” JC added. “Half of the time it looks like a penis.” You started giggling.

“God, I’m so immature,” you thought. “Well let’s start this thing. We each have 30 seconds to draw a YouTuber. JC would you like to start?”

“It would be my pleasure,” JC said, getting his whiteboard and marker ready.


“It would also be my pleasure to take you too,” I thought. Y/N was just so beautiful, her laugh was contagious and her personality was a gem. She was everything I wanted. I wanted to tell her this but I didn’t know how to. That’s why I’m going to keep putting sexual innuendoes into this, maybe she’ll notice.

“Got the timer ready? Cuz……..” I drew out a pause, draw Anthony Padilla!”

We both tried our best to draw Anthony. The timer blew and we looked at each other’s drawings.

“Really?” I said, giggling at her. “That nose is phallic shaped, not a nose.”

“Shut up! He has a button nose!” she said, slapping me on the shoulder with her white board.

“A button and some fabric should cover that in public,” I said, trying to get as many jokes in as I could.

“Gosh you are something,” she said. “Shall we try to draw Connor Franta?”

The video continued and we drew about 5 more YouTubers. I kept cracking innuendoes, making her blush. Throughout the video, we kept getting more comfortable and moving towards each other, till we were sitting side by side. We eventually signed off, still giggling after the last picture.

“So all those innuendoes, really? How much am I going to have to edit out?” she asked, looking at me with those beautiful eyes I loved so much.

“In my opinion, nothing. Who knows? Maybe we’ll start some rumors,” I said, trying to be as serious as I can.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“This,” I replied as I leaned in, bringing her lips to mine. She kissed me back, wrapping her arms around my shoulders. I put my hands around waist, which eventually traveled up her shirt, playing with her bra straps. She pushed herself up against me, making me hard against her, making me thankful for this collab. Nothing could be better.

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Reposting is not such a bad behavior as you describe it. As long as the source is set properly it's not stealing, t's not owning anyone's art either, it's sharing. You're on tumblr to share not minding about your fucking stats if it is what it is all about.

Um. Hmm. You know? It actually is. Reposting actually is as bad a behaviour as I have described it. And it has nothing to do with “minding about your fucking stats”. 

The thing is, art – of all kinds – is an undervalued profession. People think that artists do their stuff for fun and that it’s easy, and often don’t understand how much work actually goes into producing a good piece of art. Oh, you can draw? Can you design some background art for my website? I can’t pay you but it shouldn’t take you long. You make videos? Would you mind coming by to this event and shooting it for me and editing it together? Oh, payment … uh … how does 20 bucks sound? You’re a writer? Can you write up a couple of entertainment reviews by tonight and send them over for publication? We only take volunteers here, but it’ll look good on your CV!

That’s the life of an artist. It takes a lot of time and effort to create something, and people constantly disregard that effort. How hard can it be to write 500 words, sketch a few character designs? But art is important, and just because it’s fun (and in fact it’s not always fun) doesn’t mean it’s not worth paying for. 

So what does this have to do with reposting fan art on tumblr? Quite a lot, actually. A lot of artists on this website, particularly the ones making art in fandoms – like korrasami – are young. They’re in high school or college, just starting out their potential career as an artist. A lot of them are on patreon or doing commissions. A lot of them are hoping to work as animators or illustrators. The art you are looking at could belong to the next Bryan Konietzko or Noelle Stevenson. 

These artists use tumblr as a way to gain an audience. And no, that’s not about “stats”. It’s about finding people who like what you do, are willing to support you, and can help you grow and get better at what you do. A lot of these artists are creating original characters and stories on their blogs alongside their fan art posts. They gain followers for posting korrasami or whatever other fandom, and then those followers see the new thing they are creating as well. As a follower and supporter of their art, you are now first in line seeing this cool new thing as it’s finding its feet. That’s how people like Noelle Stevenson got started. By a group of young people on a website appreciating what she did and wanting to share it. Not sharing it by reposting it, but being part of the community that she was building. 

Reposting isn’t going to send you to hell. If you have permission from the artist and you write “posted with permission from ____” and link back to their original blog or website, go for your life. If you are on an artist’s tumblr and you copy their image directly from their blog and repost it, watermark and all, that’s a shitty thing to do.

You can call that “sharing” if you want, but I call it stealing. It’s stealing potential dollars from the artist’s patreon. It’s stealing support. And it’s stealing an opportunity. It’s stamping on the hard work of a young person trying to build their name as an upcoming artist, and in the 21st century of digital art that’s a fucking hard thing to try and do. If the artist has already shared their art on tumblr, why wouldn’t you reblog the original? Why would you dim their spotlight? 

I’m still sharing their art, you say. In fact, by reposting it’s going in the tags so more people might even see my post. The fact is, this isn’t about sharing the singular piece of art that you are reposting. Really, you’re right, sharing one piece of art from an artist doing hundreds of pieces probably isn’t that bad. But it’s not about a singular work. When you share art from the original source by reblogging, you are sharing the artist. You are encouraging people to check out this person’s entire blog and, like I mentioned before, see not just their fan art but their original work as well. It’s showing that you care about the artist as an artist, and not just “omg-my-OTP-cuuuuutteeee”.

And really, if you appreciated the piece of art so much in the first place, why wouldn’t you want to do that? 

Damn I woke up and suddenly was over 50k I feel like I need to do something for all of my amazing followers, I love you all so much and if I wasn’t broke as hell I’d do a giveaway or something and if I wasn’t so busy with school I’d do some kind of shout outs or rates or some shit or whatever it is I should be doing…but anyway, I have never promo’d my blog or any of that so it means a lot that you guys actually follow me because you want to and not because I asked you to or did something for you to do it, I never expected to have more than a few followers and even if I only had 5 or none I would still be editing pics and making gifs and videos because I fucking love doing it. I’m fucking obsessed with Supernatural and Dean and just everything about the show, so I will always post as much as I can.

This fandom is amazing and I love you all, and keep the requests coming I will get to them as soon as I can thanks for being patient and giving me ideas for amazing things to make because I love nothing better than making a picture or gif while watching an episode of supernatural for the trillionth time. It really fucking sucks that tumblr limits the amount of blogs you can follow but I am trying to unfollow inactive blogs when I can so I can follow you guys back

and just…thanks for following me Ily! <3

Pie’s 400 Follower Giveaway!

So this is it, Home Slices! I finally reached 400 followers and I can’t stop smiling! I remember when I was doing my drawing for the 300 followers milestone and MamaShelle said I’d be at 400 in no time and I just scoffed, never believing that it could actually happen. I’ve had my blog for 7 months now, and I must say, it’s been a blast! I want to quickly thank some people for their support and friendship. I’m not going to write too much, because I have other things to discuss, and also because these people already know how much they mean to me. @mamashelle80, @jouyasha, @blog-ask-april-o-neil, @leonardo-hamato80, @mirth-and-muscle, @turtle-super-genius, @sparkle-hunting, @donatellotmnt, @belatedbeliever1127, @sunderstruck, @larytello, @sadorkable, @apritello4everfanboy, @fear-the-antiverse, @drummergirl231, @adrenalinerush247, @southernblossoms, @laced-up-and-honor-bound, @tmnt-spread-the-love. Also a special mention to @faithfulwhispers for helping me make this post.

 So without further ado, here is my special giveaway for my milestone!


●     Enter via a reblog or a like. Only one reblog will count, and I will be checking. So reblog + like = 2 chances.

●     There will only be a single winner.

●     You don’t have to be a follower to participate.

●     I will put everyone’s URL into a jar, then draw out the winner.

●     I will leave this up for one week (date and time details below)

●     Once a winner has been selected, I will PM the winner through the messaging system.

●     The winner will have 2 days to respond, or else a new winner will be picked.

●     This is a TMNT only contest, so prizes will be TMNT 2012 related.


 The winner may receive either a drawing or a video edit; it’s their pick.

 ●     Video Edit: @carapace-crust-creations

For video edits, the winner can have a music video made. However, I’m limited on what I can do (I will not animate), but it’ll be from the show. They’ll be able to pick the song and what they want for content with the guidelines below:

 ●     Will Do:

○     Up to four characters.

○     Most shipping/pairings.

○     Action

○     Fluff is fine, up to kissing. (nothing saucy)

○     Winner can choose specific moments from the show if they wish.

○     Most things, provided we talk and discuss them.

  ●     Will Not Do:

○     Excessive violence.

○     No gore of any kind

○     T-cest

○     NSFW material.

 ●     Artwork: @pie-does-art

For drawings, it’ll be traditional only. I will be willing to draw the winner whatever they want within the guidelines below:

 ●     Will Do:

○     Up to two characters.

○     Most shipping/pairings.

○     Fluff, cuteness, and such.

○     Action, dynamics.

○     TMNT OCs

○     Pretty much most things, and can work out anything given if it’s not on the Will Not Do list.

○     Backgrounds. (we will discuss)

 ●     Will Not Do:

○     NSFW (I can do kissing and some romance, but nothing steamy)

○     Excessive violence.

○     Gore (guts, dismemberment, graphical details)

○     T-cest

○     Crowds.

 You have one week to reblog and like :) You can reblog as many times as you like, but bear in mind it will still only count as one entry.

Also, remember that drawing and video editing do take time, but I will update the winner regularly and let them know how I’m getting on :)

I will announce the winner on Saturday 19th December at 5pm (GMT).

Good luck ^_^

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Harley said he gets more hate than you and you are lazy on Youtube. Thoughts?

😂that kid doesn’t know what hate is! 🙊There are far more videos out there about me than Harley because he is small time as far as views goes hence less hate naturally comes his way. Mostly he just creates the hate himself & exaggerates situations to feel important hehe ☺️ I’m not lazy on YouTube but I do have a LIFE outside YouTube which I also like to enjoy! I’m also just not interested in vomiting loads of repetitive content on my viewers. 😷 When I address different celebrities I do my best to make every video a little different and cut in unique footage as I want it to be stimulating every time. That’s because I DO care about my viewers and the message.

As I’ve said to harls he has so much more potential than he is showing as far as quality content goes, tbh I find his content these days quite repetitive, lazy & rarely focused on animals. Yeh ‘Worlds biggest zit’ is good for views I guess…. I actually respect my viewers enough to give them more quality viewing with unique footage even if that sometimes takes a little longer. Ive got videos that have taken days to make. When did Harley last put some animal slaughter or educational footage in his vids?? I can’t remember. I want to see one quality video from Harley a day with reasonable editing & more love. 💪Ironic thing is his views would go way up if he did this but there’s no telling the King!😂

It’s cool to throw some relaxed vids in there for sure (which I do) but I think aiming to maintain a reasonable quality is nothing to be ashamed of esp if you still manage several videos a week. It’s also much more effective vegan activism. Hope the boy can step some quality up!

i really want dan and phil to utilize all aspects of the potential of their gaming channel and take the opportunity to make some less heavily edited videos in which they play games that actually provoke thought and deep discussion so that they can connect with their audience more but i don’t know if they’ll ever really do that and it makes me kind of sad

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Ok, you probably won't read this, but I wanted to say one thing: When I see you, when I see this blog, I see a person- a very kind person- who is capable of so many things that I know I'm trash copmared to you. I see an amazing individual and it pains me that you think that this whole experience was a mistake. Because I honestly can't think of a single reason. You made friends. You inspired me and many other people. And the same goes for PJ. Don't just cut him off. Don't give up. Stay strong. <3


YEAH I kinda went on a ranting spree so I apologize to everyone about that. I was emotional…I wasn’t thinking fully straight.

((AND ALSO NO YOU ARE NOT TRASH SHHHHHh you are not trash!))

But here’s the thing. What I listed was a worst possible scenario. My brain loves to produce any kind of worst case scenario when I feel down. And after thinking about it… it is a possible last resort. I”m just gonna repeat that last set of words… it would be a LAST RESORT.

OH GOSH GUYS I’m not gonna give up on something like that THAT easily! Paper Jam has been the character I put the most time into and…. GOSH I have him integrated as his own being in Mediplane! However… there are people that do not see consequences when they do actions online. That and people just don’t bother to look up characters and ‘rules’ for those characters when they think of an idea. While I am fine with people making AUs with him without my permission (cause gosh… if my characters somehow fit in your AU idea then GO FOR IT!), but when people see one version of a character and spread that around where people assume that THAT is the official version of them… without going farther into where they came from… yeah. That kinda hurts a little. Not as much so for me as with others but yeah… it still stings. 

I don’t know why I am pretty chill with my own characters on the ‘misinterpretation’ topic… maybe it’s due to people always thinking that my characters were someone else’s from the beginning? Probably…

But yeah… that same thing applies for other stuff… like the sin. Something about google searching ‘paper jam tumblr’ …

oh wait…


*actually does that search *

….well dang that doesn’t really pull up me…


OH GOSH he has a wiki article on him!

Oh…ok… what does it say for abili..

PaperJam Sans can both destroy and create, an ability inherited from both of his parents. He can summon special Gaster Blasters, which can bring objects to life. Anything he creates he can corrupt and kill it then bring it back to life if he so wishes. He is more powerful than both Error!Sans and Ink!Sans. Paperjam is also able to see into the void and other Au’s as a effect of being born from Ink!Sans and Error!Sans. It is not confirmed but Paperjam may be able to create/edit au’s



Well then lets see the comm…


OH gosh… wait… no wait…

*laughs so much*




It’s… actually hilarious. 

Wait… does this count as my first anon hate? OH GOSH I DID IT GUYS I MADE IT TO ANON HATE LEVEL!

I’m not gonna give up that easily! 
I’ll still stay strong here with PJ as long as I can!

SO yeah…

(oh gosh I just need to laugh for a little bit now ooooh goodness)